Raiden V: Director’s Cut Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Raiden V: Director’s Cut by Moss Co Ltd and UFO Interactive Games. Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game for review purposes. Like all of my reviews, however, this had no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

Raiden V: Director’s Cut is the latest game in the long running shoot ‘em up/bullet hell series, Raiden. The director’s cut edition was created to mark the 25th anniversary of the series and features a lot of improvements and features. The new features include Voice Acting, Exclusive Levels, A Cheer Attack feature, 3 Different Ships, and 2 Player Offline Co-Op.

The game features 2 different game modes, Story and Boss Mission. Story mode features a branching storyline that’s based on your performance during a level. The faster and more efficiently you defeat enemies, the better ranked mission you’ll move on to. There are 5 different ranked mission types starting with S being the toughest and C being the weakest. The ending you get at the end is also determined by your performance throughout the entire story.

Boss Mission allows you to take on timed missions to defeat the game’s various bosses. Each mission has it’s own unique parameters and requirements. The difficulty, HP, Bombs, Weapon, Cheer Gauge, Boss Life and Machine are all chosen for you unless specified. There are 5 ranks all together and the missions get harder as you move through them. You will also need to achieve an A-Rank against them during story mode to unlock the missions for each boss.

Gameplay wise if you’ve played any of the multitudes of bullet hell/shmups over the years then you know what to expect from this game. There are a few differences, however. The game has been updated to make use of a health bar instead of lives. There’s also a new cheer system. The cheer system connects you to the game’s built in network and by pressing the cheer button you send bonus power to other players. I will admit that the system does get in the way of playing the game but it can be pretty handy to get a bonus in a pinch. If you get a bonus, you should definitely hit the cheer button in return.

When you start a new game you’ll be able to choose from 3 different ships. They’re all built for different specs including Defense, Mobility and Sub-Weapons. Once your ship is selected, you’ll be able to choose your weapon fire mode for all 3 weapons. Each one is unique and has a different effect during gameplay.

During gameplay, your objective is to rack up as many points as possible without dying. IF you die your score will be reset to 0 and you’ll need to start building your score again. It’s pretty challenging to make it through the entire story without dying, though. The story is split into various scenes which you’re ranked on how well you performed at the end of the scene. IF you did good you’ll move on to a higher rank mission but if you did poorly you’ll get a low rank mission instead. By picking up different colored gems you’ll switch to a different weapon. Picking up gems also level up the corresponding weapon. Weapons have a maximum level of 10.

Overall, I found Raiden V: Director’s Cut to be a decent game but there are some things that I didn’t enjoy very much with it. The first is the voice acting. It could have definitely been a bit better but it was also incredibly annoying having to hear the characters talk non-stop throughout the entire story mode. I definitely recommend turning the voice volume to 0% because the voices are very distracting when they never shut up. I also wasn’t a very big fan of the cheer system in truth. I felt it to be rather distracting as well when you have to keep hitting a button to help other players but they don’t help in return so it kinda defeats the purpose of the system. Gameplay wise the game is a lot of fun but it could definitely use some improvements in other areas. I also noticed some pretty bad slow downs on start up, mostly with the intro movie and developer intros. Once in game it’s fine. In the end I’m a bit mixed on this one, it’s fun but not the greatest bullet hell game that I’ve ever played. With some patches the game could be excellent, however.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review folks. I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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Raiden V: Director's Cut










Features of Interest

  • Fun, Fast Paced Gameplay
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Branching Storyline
  • Decent Selection of Ships/Weapons
  • Challenging At Higher Levels

Worth Mentioning

  • Gameplay Doesn't Sync to Your Refresh Rate (This causes the game to be faster than it normally is so set it to 60hz)
  • Story Wasn't That Interesting
  • The Characters Never Shut Up and They're Very Distracting.
  • Cheer System Can Get In The Way

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