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Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on The Lost Crown by The Darkling Room and Iceberg Interactive. I received a copy of the game for review purposes a long time ago but like all of my reviews, this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game. This review was originally written by me on my old website, Universal Gaming Reviews. I’ve transferred and upgraded the review using my better writing style.

The Lost Crown follows Nigel Danvers who is fleeing London after stealing documents relating to supernatural experiments done at Hadden Industries (where Nigel works). Nigel finds himself on the edge of the fen lands known as Sedgemarsh where he must venture to reach the town of Saxton where his journey begins. Nigel is a sort of treasure hunter seeking a lost crown from the Anglo-Saxon era and he believes that its hidden somewhere in the area. Unbeknownst to him, there is a darker shadow surrounding the town of Saxton and as the game progresses he is tasked with becoming a ghost hunter in order to find the crown. The story presents many mysteries and questions and not all of them will be answered in the end but a good portion are. The game is setup to be a quadrilogy with three sequels to follow.

The story progresses across 5 days in total and there will be many unique people, places and supernatural occurrences that youll encounter throughout your journey. Many of the people are quite unique and include Nanny Noah, the station master, Alex Spitmoor, Lucy Reubans and many others. There are also a wide variety of locations that youll be venturing through including your home away from home, Harbour Cottage, The Bear, Sedgemarsh, The Fenland Eye, the train station, the saxton museum and the lighthouse diner to name a few places. Every place and scene in the game is a picture from a real world location around Conwall, England and enhances the games quality and uniqueness. Its also worth mentioning that the games atmosphere and sound work is excellent. The game uses real world EVP recordings to enhance the games audio.

The story was inspired by ghost stories the author read as a child including M.R James’ A Warning to the Curious which inspired many elements of the game including the seaside setting. Jonathan also used modern day ghost hunters to do some research for this game, the group is known as This Haunted Land out of Cornwall, England. Many of the scenes within the game are images of areas within Cornwall and its outer lands.

This was my first experience with the game and Ive played all the way through the game for our review and youll find out how the game was in our review today. The game was written and created by Jonathan Boakes creator of the Dark Fall series. Jonathan also voices many characters within the game including our hero Nigel Danvers.

The Lost Crown plays like a traditional point and click adventure game but it features both first person and third person mechanics. There are certain dark areas of the game that youll need to use the night vision camera to progress which puts you in a first person perspective as you move around the game world. The majority of the game is played in the third person however and you’ll be using the mouse to click your way through the scenery, pick up objects and talk to people. There are many items that you’ll acquire throughout the game ranging from pictures, tape recordings, food, ghost hunting tools and many other objects that will often be used to solve puzzles.

Once you acquire your ghost hunting gadgets youll be tasked with hunting ghosts and paranormal activity. Your tools include an EMF reader, a digital recorder, a night vision video recorder and a digital camera. Each object will be used to locate paranormal activity throughout the game world and any evidence will have to be added to the table in Nigels bedroom where you can view them at any time. When theres a really strong presence and its viewed using the night vision camera, youll be able to converse with the ghost to learn a bit about them and how to free their soul. There will be many ghosts that Nigel meets throughout his journey to find the crown and many of the stories behind each ghost are quite sad, especially the girl and her brother. There are also many puzzles that you’ll need to solve throughout the game as well and some of them will require some clever thinking or you can choose to use a walkthrough to help you with the tougher puzzles, like combinations. The game is also quite long for an adventure game, it took me 18 hours in total to complete it and it was an excellent experience throughout.

Overall, The Lost Crown has been one of the best supernatural/ghost based adventure games that I’ve played yet and Im happy to have gotten the opportunity to review it. The game is not only thrilling but eery, demented and excellent. The Darkling Room has done an excellent job on the game and Im eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming sequels.

Thanks for reading our review for The Lost Crown folks. I hope this has shown some insight on the game and its features. Ill be back with my next review for A Wizards Lizard soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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Features of Interest

  • Excellent Story
  • Utilizes Actual Ghost Hunting Tech
  • Excellent Atmosphere
  • Authentic EVP Recordings

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