The Station PS4 Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on the PS4 version of The Station by The Station Game.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game from the developers for review purposes but like all of my reviews, this had no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

The Station is a sci-fi themed first person adventure game that takes place within a large space station (As the name suggests).

You play as an unnamed character who has been sent to investigate what has happened on the station and why its 3 crew members have stopped reporting in. You also need to figure out why the cloaking field, engines and other systems have been deactivated.

The station has many different rooms to discover including Maintenance, the crew’s rooms, Upper and Lower Science Labs and the Bridge. Most areas have glowing orbs in them which you can activate to get a bit of backstory on what happened between each of the crew members. There are also notes on computers which provide more information on the story and its characters as well. Some rooms also have puzzles you’ll need to solve but none of them are overly difficult and shouldn’t be much trouble in solving them.

Overall, The Station was a pretty enjoyable sci-fi adventure and even though it did feel like a story I’ve experienced numerous times over the years, I still found it pretty fun, if a bit predictable. It’s got some gorgeous graphics, well designed rooms/puzzles, and it kept me entertained for the short period it took me to complete it. So, all in all, I recommend it if you enjoy short adventure games.

Thanks for taking the time to read this short review folks, and I’ll be back with my next review soon.

Happy gaming folks!

The Station










Game Quality


Features of Interest

  • Interesting Story With A Twist Ending
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Well Designed Puzzles
  • Good Audio

Worth Mentioning

  • Puzzles Were Pretty Simple
  • It's Really Short
  • There Were Quite A Few Slow-Downs in Certain Areas

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