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Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here to bring you our latest review for Toonstruck by Burst and Interplay. I received a copy of the game for review but this has no effect on my experience with the game. I originally wrote this review on my old website Universal Gaming Reviews in May 2015. I’ve updated and corrected the review to meet my new quality standards.

Toonstruck is a FMV (Full Motion Video) adventure game that uses real actors to play out its cutscenes. There are quite a few other well-known actors in the game as well, including Christopher Lloyd as the game’s protagonist, Drew Blanc, Ben Stein. Tim Curry, Dom Deluise, and Dan Castellaneta also lend their voices to this already star studded game.

Toonstruck also had a sequel in the works. Content that was cut from the original release would have made up the sequel. The sequel remains unpublished to this day. There’s a developer by the name of Keith Arem that owns the rights to Toonstruck 2. In 2011 he showed interest in finally releasing the sequel and an HD remaster of the original game. In 2014 the sequel was going to be shown at Comic-Con but copyright issues prevented it. The original game was finally re-released on in 2015 which is the version that we’re covering in this review.


Toonstruck follows Drew Blanc, the creator of a cartoon called The Fluffy Bun Bun Show. His boss wants him to add more bunnies to the show to reinvigorate it for a new audience. Drew is having trouble coming up with ideas for the show, however. While working late on his new ideas, he gets sucked into the world of his creation.

Upon entering the world he learns of an enemy known as Count Nefarious that is turning the people of Cutopia into evil creatures using a device called the Malevolator. Drew is then sent on a journey to collect parts for Cutopia’s own device known as the Cutifier to turn things cute again. The first act of the game focuses on collecting items for the Cutifier by performing quests for the different inhabitants of the world. Act 2 focuses solely on Drew and his escape to his own world all while saving the world of Cutopia.

There are 3 different areas that you’ll venture to, Cutopia, which is filled with cute and happy creatures. Zanydu is filled with lots of crazy and hyper characters and finally, The Malevolands which is a dark and evil area where Count Nefarious resides on his island fortress. Each area of the world is uniquely designed and features many indoor areas and characters to meet.


Like many FMV based adventure games the game uses a point and click interface to control the game. The mouse is used to interact with the game world, move around, talk with characters and solve puzzles. One difference between many FMV adventure games is the minimalist HUD (Heads Up Display) which is pretty much empty besides the bag icon which houses all of your objects. It also took me a little while to realize where the save option was (It’s the F5 button). The game features a wide range of different puzzles to solve, each varying in difficulty, some are fairly easy to figure out while others can be a pain but all of them are quite fun to solve.


Overall, I enjoyed Toonstruck quite a bit, it was a very entertaining and humorous journey and well worth playing. I hope that one day Toonstruck 2 will be able to be officially released. It might be a long time, if ever, until that happens though.

Thanks for reading my review folks and I hope this has shown some insight on the game and its features. I’ll be back with our next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!









Game Quality/Bugginess




Features of Interest

  • Humorous and Entertaining Story
  • Great Cast of Actors/Characters
  • Excellent Voice Acting
  • Great Art Style

Worth Mentioning

  • The Sequel Still Hasn't Released Unfortunately
  • It's Pretty Dated in Sound and Graphical Quality

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  1. As I recall the story was finished neatly wasn’t it? So it’s not like there is a real need for the sequel. So you can’t actually designate that as a con. I wasn’t even aware a sequel was in the works.

    And I think because of the cartoony style the game doesn’t look dated at all. Sound wise perhaps.

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