Rogue Aces PS4 Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on the PS4 version of Rogue Aces by Infinite State Games and Curve Digital.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game from the publisher for review purposes. Like all of my reviews, this had no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

Rogue Aces is an arcade style dogfighting game with a World War II theme. The game has 3 different campaign modes to play through including a normal campaign and frontline campaign. Many of the game’s modes are locked at the start of the game but will unlock as you play the game.

When you start a game, you’ll be able to select a pilot (Male or Female) and then a bonus medal which affects gameplay. Medals include increased fire rate, increased speed or better airplane armor. You obtain medals by defeating enemy airplanes in battle and picking up the cargo that drops. Once this is done the game will begin and you’ll be able to fight some enemies.

Gameplay depends on the game mode that you’ve chosen. In a normal campaign you’re given orders to destroy certain buildings or enemies and then report back to base. In frontline campaign you travel to different islands to destroy specific enemies to defend them.

The game also features 2 different control modes as well including Alternate and Classic. I’ve actually found the classic controls easier to use than the alternate ones but I’m more used to classic arcade games.

Overall, Rogue Aces is a very fun and often addicting game. It’s gameplay feels fluid and it can also provide a pretty nice challenge depending on the game mode you’re playing. If you’re a fan of arcade style games then Rogue Aces is one you won’t want to miss. it’s also great for those with little free time because it’s very easy to pick up and then drop at anytime.

Thanks for taking the time to read this short review folks and I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers out!

Rogue Aces


Replay Value








Game Quality


Features of Interest

  • Great/Fun Gameplay
  • Tons of Replay Value
  • Great, Colorful Artwork
  • Great Soundtrack

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