The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer Audiobooks Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on the audiobooks for The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer. I listened to both books in my free time on a website called Hoopla. It’s a library run website where you can read eBooks, listen to Audiobooks, or watch TV Series/Movies. You can find links to the audiobooks below.

I listened to The Fitzgerald Translated version of the stories which are read by Dan Stevens. The audiobooks were released in 2014 and are 14 hours long each. Dan Stevens’ reading of both books was highly enjoyable. He put a lot of life into the book. His voice fit the setting and character’s perfectly. You could tell he had a passion for Mythology from his reading as well.

The Iliad

The Iliad is a mythological story that focuses on the great Trojan War between the Achaean’s and the Trojans. It primarily focuses on the battle for the city of Ilion and the treacherous battle between the two armies. The Achaeans land on the shores of Ilion in the hopes of sacking the city but a powerful Trojan warrior named Hector prevents many of their advancements. Hector is favored by not only Appolo but also Zeus for much of the battles that take place.

The battle goes back and forth between the two armies frequently but it’s only after a favored Achaean warrior dies that a powerful warrior named Achilles enters the battle to turn the tides. The battles are incredibly bloody and the story doesn’t shy away from the gory details. The battles become more heated near the end when many of the Gods and Goddesses join the battle to aid their respective armies. The Iliad is an incredibly exciting war story and it’s an absolute joy to listen to.

The story often made me think of how epic the battle must have been. From the early stages of the battle with the Achaean ships sailing into Troy to the ground battles that beset the city. It must have been a truly epic battle to witness. At the same time, it sounded like it was an incredibly brutal war for both sides with comrades in arms dying all the time and often in brutal fashion. The story didn’t shy away from the gruesome details and you can easily picture the death blows in your head.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey picks up after the events of The Iliad and mostly focuses on Odysseus’ perilous journey home. After angering the gods of Olympus, the Achaean ships are struck down as they attempt to leave troy. Everyone who participated in the battles winds up perishing in the murky depths of the sea, save for Odysseus. Odysseus is captured by a Nyad and is imprisoned by her as she attempts to gain his favor. He is later set free and begins a long and arduous journey home.

The gods are set on making his journey a difficult one and he encounters many dangers along the way. While he is on this journey his rule is threatened by a large group of suitors who attempt to take his throne by marrying his wife Penelope. His ultimate goal throughout the story is to make it home to his wife and son and to ultimately destroy the suitors. He isn’t alone in his travels though. He’s still favored by the Goddess Athena who aids him in many ways along his journey.


I’m a pretty humongous fan of mythology and epic poems and The Iliad is easily one of the best that I’ve ever listened to. It’s an action packed and highly enjoyable book, made better by Dan Stevens’ superb reading. If you’re a fan of mythology like myself then I highly recommend both The Iliad and The Odyssey. Both books are amazing. If you can I highly recommend this audiobook version as well. Being epic poems, they’re meant to be listened to, instead of read so, they’re well suited for audiobooks.

If you’d like to listen to The Iliad, you can listen to it for free here: and if you’d like to listen to The Odyssey, you can also listen to it for free, here:

Thanks for taking the time to read my short review folks. I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks.

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

The Iliad and The Odyssey




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Features of Interest

  • Incredibly Well Written
  • Very Well Read By Dan Stevens
  • Doesn't Shy Away From the Bloody Details
  • Excellent Characters
  • Highly Enjoyable To Listen To

Worth Mentioning

  • Hoopla Audio Quality Isn't The Greatest

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