Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on my experience with Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition by Stage Clear Studios and Headup Games. I received a copy of the game from Headup Games for review/video purposes but this has no effect on my thoughts/experience.

Super Blackjack is a hybrid game that combines the card game Blackjack with elements from Street Fighter 2. The game is meant to be a fast paced blackjack experience.

The game features 4 game modes including Single Player Battle, Simply Blackjack, Unranked VS. and World Championship. In single player battle you choose a character and play the game with Street Fighter 2 mechanics. Simply Blackjack is as the name suggests, it’s Blackjack without the Street Fighter mechanics. Unranked VS allows you to compete with other players without worrying about your world rank. World Championship allows you to compete with other players in ranked battles. In multiplayer up to 4 players can play against each other. Multiplayer will also be cross-platform when the game is released on other systems.

There are 12 characters for you to choose with 10 of them having their own unique stories to play through. At the start of the game only 10 characters are available with 2 being unlockable by playing the game.

When playing the Single Player Battle game mode you have many features imported from its inspired game. With each battle you fly around the world to each character’s country of origin to fight them.

During a battle the announcer will announce the start of each round. There are 10 rounds in total, at the end of the tenth round the winner with the most HP/$ is declared the winner, unless a player runs out of HP/$ before then.

At the start of each round you’ll need to place your bets by clicking on the chips you wish to use. Chips are split into 50, 100, 200, and 500. Both players start with $1000 which also acts as your character’s health bar. If you run out of $/HP it’s game over, the same applies to your opponent. Unlike normal blackjack the only thing you need to worry about is having enough $/HP at the end of each fight to defeat your opponent. I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to play it safe in most cases. I start off by betting 100 then as I increase my funds I bet more $. In most cases the enemy bets pretty high amounts of money so if you can keep your $/HP at around the same level then you’ll win pretty easily. In the later stages of the game it does get pretty difficult to win so you’ll sometimes need to increase the amount of funds that you bet to be able to win the match.

During a match the game still utilizes blackjack rules. You need to get your cards as close to 21 as possible without going over. You need to tell the dealer to hit you with another card or you can choose to stand at your current hand. You also need to watch for the dealer’s cards because if the dealer beats your hand, you lose.

There will also be times during matches where you’ll be able to take out insurance on or split your current hand. The game lets you choose whether you want to or not in both cases.

One thing I really like about this game is the excellent pixel art style and the gorgeous background artwork. The backgrounds are animated as well so you’ll see lights flash or a boat sailing by. It’s still a pixel art style so the animations aren’t the smoothest but the backgrounds are still great.

I will admit that I’m not a big fan of the soundtrack in the game but it’s not because I think it’s bad, I’m simply not a big fan of chiptune music (I find it rather annoying). So, I’ve been listening to my own music in place of it.

Overall, Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition may have one really long name but it’s a pretty solid blackjack game. You wouldn’t think that Street Fighter 2 elements would work in a blackjack game but they do and they make it fast paced and fun. Keep in mind though that since it’s blackjack sometimes it’s more luck than anything. Regardless, it’s worth checking out if you enjoy blackjack and want something unique in the genre.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review folks and I’ll be back with my next one soon.

Happy gaming folks! – Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition












Features of Interest

  • Unique Mashup Gameplay
  • Decent Amount of Replayability
  • Good Roster of Characters
  • Great Background Art

Worth Mentioning

  • Music Wasn't My Favorite
  • Does Get A Bit Boring After A While
  • Luck Based Gameplay

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