F.E.A.R. Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on F.E.A.R by Monolith Productions and Sierra Entertainment. I didn’t receive a copy of this game for review this time around. I purchased a boxed copy and then a digital copy ages ago and I wanted to write this review after completing the game.

FEAR was originally released on PC on October 18, 2005 with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions arriving on October 31, 2006 (360) and April 24, 2007 (PS3). For today’s review we’re covering the PC release. The game originally released on CD-Roms (The version I own) but a DVD (Director’s Cut) version was later released which included many bonus features including a Dark Horse comic book, a series of Live Action Vignettes, and a Making of FEAR/Developer’s Commentary documentaries.

In the commentary video Producer Chris Hewitt revealed that there was an entire car chase level which they had worked on for 2 months before removing from the game because it didn’t come out right. He also mentions that there were originally 2 villains; Fettel and Conrad Krieg. The two of them were eventually combined into one enemy with Fettel wearing Krieg’s jacket.

There were two expansion packs titled Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate but these were developed by TimeGate Studios and released on October 24, 2006 and November 2007 respectively. There were also two sequels to the game; FEAR 2: Project Origin and FEAR 3. The game also originally released with multiplayer as well but has since been shut down due to Gamespy’s closure in 2012.

Now that our history lesson is over we can begin talking about the game itself!

FEAR is a psychological, horror, first-person shooter that puts you in control of a new member of the First Encounter Assault and Recon unit that specializes in dealing with supernatural threats. Your mission is to locate a man named Paxton Fettel and kill him at any cost. Over the course of the game you’ll travel to various locations around the city in search of Fettel and to uncover what’s going on. Eventually you begin learning about a research program called Project Origin and it’s none too pretty.

One of my favorite parts of this game is easily the gunplay – which is fast, fluid and a ton of fun. Our unnamed hero has the ability to slow down time (which is really just moving faster than people can register) to take down enemies and escape hairy situations. The game features various types of weapons which are based on real world weapons like assault Rifles and shotguns. There’re also some unique weapons too including one that shoots railway spikes and another that fires particle beams. You can also choose to go full on melee if you so choose and you can unleash some pretty devastating punches and kicks.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the game is the enemy AI which is incredibly smart so long as you’re not playing on easy difficulty. Enemies will hide behind cover, work with their teammates and will often try to flank you in order to kill you. They also have superb melee skills and if they get close to you they’ll unleash the hurt. They’ll also try to use grenades to flush you out from cover as well. The game can get pretty intense.

The game’s graphics have held up incredibly well over the years as well. It still has some absolutely gorgeous lighting/shadowing and the particle effects from ricocheting bullets are still incredibly awesome. Bullets leave deep holes in walls which also increases immersion and shows the destructive power of the weapons. The sound effects hold up pretty well as well and lends to the superb atmosphere.

The horror elements didn’t work on me simply because I don’t find games scary, but there was a pretty good balance between the horror and action. There was also one section of the game that was lacking in horror elements but the rest of it was quite good.

Overall, FEAR has been an incredibly fun experience and one I gladly recommend if you haven’t played it yet. It’s not a very long game by any means (I beat it in 6 hours) but it has some excellent gunplay, a great balance between horror/action and it’s quite gorgeous to boot.

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Features of Interest

  • Fast and Fluid Combat
  • Looks Great
  • Good AI
  • Good Balance Between Horror and Action

Worth Mentioning

  • Decent Story
  • Not Very Long
  • Poor Bullet Time Effects

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