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Rogue Islands Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on the full release of Rogue Islands by Big Fat Alien, Blue Sock Studios and Keystone Games. I received a key for review purposes. Like all of my reviews, however, this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences.

Before I begin the review I’d like to let you know something about the game. All of the proceeds from Rogue Island go towards benefiting Life Limited and disabled children. Purchasing it goes towards a great cause, so it’s worth picking it up just to help.

Some of you may remember that I wrote a preview article for Rogue Islands when it first released on Steam Early Access. The game has officially released out of Early Access so, I’ve returned to cover the full game. A lot has changed and improved since my preview too.

One thing that has changed is the difficulty of the game. There are 3 difficulty levels now. Explorer, Nightmare and Permadeath. In explorer mode you take less damage and can craft nightmares easily. In nightmare mode it’s harder to craft nightmares. Finally, in permadeath mode there are no nightmares and no second chances. Another really cool thing that the developers added was scaling difficulty. If you do well during the game, the game will ramp up the difficulty for you. If you do poorly, the game will lower the difficulty so you can still enjoy the game. Another thing that was added was the monsters dropping health orbs. This allows you to easily restore health when you take too much damage.

Don’t let the art style for Rogue Islands fool you, it’s not a mere Minecraft clone. The game is more-so a fast paced first person shooter that simply utilizes the voxel art of Minecraft. To make it easier to understand, think of the game as DoomXDark SoulsXMinecraft. That’s the common description for the game and it fits the game well. The game is also very challenging and can easily destroy you if you’re not careful. Enemies have been bolstered to be much stronger and more plentiful. To come out on top, you’ll need to be quick and accurate.

There are also passive effects that you’ll encounter as well. These can be both positive and negative. The passive effects you’ll find include, hunger, poisoned, traumatized, lightfoot, health shield, and adamant boost, to name a few. There are 10 passive effects in all.

The game also features 9 different spells but you start with only one, spark shot. The 9 spells are split into 3 categories, raw/mana, pyromancy and elemental earth. To unlock new spells you’ll first need to imbue different gems. Mana requires diamonds, nature requires emeralds and pyromancer requires rubies. You can also use these gems to upgrade your current spells. Each spell has 3 levels.

My favorite part about this game is it’s combat system but I’m also a fan of it’s really good procedural generation engine. No two islands feel the same and it’s impressive what the developers managed to achieve with it. I will also say that the game runs incredibly well now too. When I first wrote my preview, the game was quite laggy but with all the optimizations that were done, it’s smooth as butter.

Overall, Rogue Islands is a great game. It’s challenging, fun, and has a lot of replayability. It also keeps you coming back for another attempt at beating the islands. I imagine that many will take one look at the art style and instantly think of minecraft. Don’t let that dissuade you from trying the game, though. You’ll find a superb and very entertaining game underneath it’s voxel art style. If you’re in the market for a new and entertaining roguelike, first person shooter, Rogue Islands is certainly a great option.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review folks. I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

Rogue Islands






Game Quality/Bugginess






Features of Interest

  • Fun, Fast Paced Gameplay
  • Great Graphics
  • Tons of Replayability
  • All Purchases Go Towards Helping Disabled Children
  • Runs Great

Worth Mentioning

  • Hunger Can Get In The Way At Times

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