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Fox n Forests PS4 Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on the PS4 version of Fox n Forests by Bonus Level Entertainment, Independent Arts and EuroVideo Medien.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game from the developers for review purposes. Like all of my reviews, however, this had no effect on my thoughts and experiences.

Fox n Forests is a 16-bit platformer that follows a wily fox who is tasked with saving a forest. The game features a unique ability to change seasons at the press of a button. Changing the seasons effects gameplay in many different ways and often opens up new paths for you to take.

Each level in the game is based on a specific season. You start in the season of spring and work your way through all 5. The levels are quite large and take at least 10 minutes to complete. The time to completion depends on how much exploration you do and exploration is mandatory in this game.

As you progress through each level the game will introduce new hazards and enemies that you’ll have to contend with. The changing of the seasons also has an effect on enemies as well. For example, a baby enemy will grow into an adult by changing seasons.

Your main objective in each level is to acquire 5 magic seeds, 2 grind stones and 1 mana ore. All of them are hidden in different parts of each level, often in hard to reach areas. While exploring you’ll eventually come upon targets. These targets require a magic bolt for the fox’s crossbow. Magic bolts come in a variety of different colors including red, green and blue. Once you’ve acquired them you can shoot the target and a new path will be revealed.

In the hub area there are quite a few different shops available. There’s a magic shop, upgrade shop and an armory. The magic shop allows you to purchase attack magic to keep in an empty jar. The upgrade shop allows you to increase your health and mana reserves. Upgrading mana requires mana ore. The armory allows you to purchase upgraded melee attacks and new abilities. New abilities require grindstones in order to purchase.

The main item that you’ll need to acquire as you progress is magic bark. This allows you to restore the great tree’s magic abilities. You’ll also acquire new magic bolts to use during gameplay. Magic bark can only be acquired by defeating a season’s boss.

The game also features a bonus level for each season. To be able to play through it you’ll need to find all the magic seeds for the season in question

Overall, Fox n Forests is a great 16-bit platformer. The artwork is quite gorgeous and the music fits the game very well too. I will admit that there are times that the controls feel a little clunky. There’s a slight delay between attacks and it can sometimes prove deadly. There’s no real way to block incoming attacks either so it can be difficult to avoid enemy attacks. The game isn’t incredibly difficult but it does provide a challenge so if you aren’t careful, you’ll die a lot. I will say that I did like the season changing ability, that was really cool.

If you’re a fan of 16-bit action platformers and want something pretty unique to play then Fox n Forests is a good option.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review folks! I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers out!

Fox n Forests








Entertainment Value




Features of Interest

  • Gorgeous 16-Bit Pixel Art
  • Unique Ability to Change the Seasons
  • Good Gameplay For The Most Part
  • Good Soundtrack
  • Pretty Entertaining Throughout

Worth Mentioning

  • Controls Felt A Little Clunky At Times

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