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Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Antihero by Tim Conkling and Versus Evil. I received a copy of the game from my contact at Plan of Attack for preview purposes but like all of my reviews/previews this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences.

Antihero is a thievery themed turn based strategy game with a focus on multiplayer. The game puts you in the role of a master thief and your goal is to collect victory points in any way possible. The first person to collect 5 victory points is declared the winner.

Right now the game is in an early stage of development with a full release scheduled for July 12, 2017. I’ll be writing a full review for the game upon it’s release as well.

For this preview article and video, there were two major game modes to take part in, Online and Skirmish. Online is where the meat and bread of the game is located and where you get the most out of this early development build. Skirmish mode is a single player mode where I spent most of my time practicing against a currently weak AI.

When you’re starting a match you first get to choose the map you wish to play on. There were 4 maps in the build I got to try including the Wharf, Masquerade, Big City, and The Palace. Each map has its own major objectives that will aid you in your acquiring of victory points. The Masquerade map, for example, features a Masquerade Ball in which your lackeys can infiltrate to gain victory points. After selection of the map you’ll be able to choose your master thief from a list of 9. On the map selection screen you can also choose to play in a hotseat game against a local player instead of the AI.

Once a game begins you’ll start on a map that’s filled with smoke, indicating that you don’t know what’s within the town. Your first objective should be to uncover portions of the map and then burgle some houses for gold.

When you’ve used up all your character moves you’ll need to select a skill from the skill tree. There are 3 skill trees and all of the unlockable skills are useful in some way, shape or form during gameplay.

The first skill tree allows you to unlock useful henchmen that allow you to perform various actions in the game world. Urchins allow you to infiltrate buildings for rewards and a thug allows you to block access to an area until it’s defeated by an opponent. Thugs can also be put into Gangs to make them stronger.

The second skill tree focuses on exploration with abilities that allow for more movement points and better items to burgle from houses. The third and final tree focuses on Gangs and combat for your character with daggers being usable upon acquiring the skill.

One thing that I learned during my time with this game was to never allow your opponent to get stronger than you. If you allow this, you’re doomed. It took me a few tries to come up with a good strategy for defeating the AI but facing human opponents is a lot more difficult because everyone has a different strategy you’ll need to adapt to.

One of the most important items in the game, besides gold, are lanterns. The more lanterns you generate the more skills you’ll be able to purchase so it’s a good idea to infiltrate as many lantern generating buildings as possible.

If your opponent is beginning to infiltrate more buildings than you, it’d be a good idea to unlock the Truant Officer. This character allows you to evict urchins from infiltrated buildings outright, unless it has a trap on it. Saboteurs can be used to place traps on buildings which will cause a henchman to become dizzy after triggering it. This leaves the henchman open to attack from your opponent. It’s always a good idea to capitalize on this opening because if they recover, they’ll be able to take your building, which is now trapless.

There are quite a few ways to acquire victory points during a match. You can perform the map’s special requirement, kill assassination targets, capture buildings that grant victory points or purchase bribes with lanterns in the skill menu. The first to reach 5 becomes the winner of the match, as mentioned.

Overall, Antihero is looking to be a pretty interesting game. It’s unique theme and board game style turn based gameplay make it a pretty easy recommendation for those looking for a new multiplayer game to play against a friend. I will admit that it probably won’t be something that will please those wanting a single player experience but that’s not exactly the game’s main focus. Definitely something to keep an eye on if multiplayer is your gig.

Thanks for taking the time to read this preview article folks and I’ll be back with another one soon. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for future gameplay videos folks. Until next time!

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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