Meriwether An American Epic Preview

Hello everyone, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Meriwether An American Epic by Sortasoft.

I received a copy of the game for video and review purposes but like all of my reviews, this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

Meriwether is an intriguing survival/adventure/RPG game that follows the journey of famed explorers, Lewis and Clark. For those that are unfamiliar with Lewis and Clark, they were American explorers that mapped out the entire American Midwest after the Louisiana Purchase. They discovered a great number of different plants and animals along the way as well.

This game is a historically accurate game that follows their journey from beginning to end. The developers teamed up with many different scholars and experts on Lewis and Clark to make the game as authentic as possible. The game is currently in active development so you’ll still find a lot of bugs and such but it’s very promising.

The game revolves is played through Lewis’ perspective. His mission is to sketch plants and animals that he encounters as well as keep his men alive for the duration of the trip. This is much harder than it sounds because he’ll have to make difficult decisions regarding their lives. Do you sacrifice one man to save the bunch or do you take them along and hinder your abilities and wasting supplies. Your choices have a big impact on the game and there will be many difficult ones throughout the course of the game.

To sketch different plants and animals you simply need to choose cut up images and create their likeness. It’s pretty simple to do but you’ll need multiple samples of the plant or animal to fully sketch it.

To treat your men of ailments you have to choose a yellow, green or red bottle to figure out which line the correct bottle is in. You only have a small number of guesses to choose the correct bottle. If you don’t correctly guess the medicine it’s better to not administer treatment than it is to give them the wrong medicine which could hurt them more.

During conversations, you’ll sometimes need to make a decision. You can do this in 4 areas, Leadership, Military, Diplomacy and Science. Each time you use an option the melancholy for that option will increase and when it fills completely, you’ll be unable to choose that option in a new conversation. To get rid of the melancholy on the different options, you’ll need to choose the melancholy option at the bottom.

In order to study animals, you’ll need to hunt them. Hunting is pretty challenging in 1804 and you only have a flintlock rifle at your disposal. It’s also authentic in how you reload the weapon too so you’ll have a single shot to take down the animal. Going up against a bear is going to require a really precise shot. Hunting is also essential for keeping your food stockpiled.

You can also give orders to your men as long as you have the perk. This allows you to have them perform various duties such as cooking, hunting, gathering wood, repairing your boat, and other important tasks. At first you’ll only be able to give them one order a day so you’ll need to choose carefully. Some tasks are also dangerous and have the risk of hurting your men so you’ll need to decide if it’s worth injuring them for some food.

Overall, Meriwether An American Epic is a very promising game and I’m impressed with how historically accurate everything is so far. The game still has a lot of bugs but they will get ironed out as the game progresses in its development. If you enjoy history then this one should definitely be one to look out for.

Thanks for taking the time to read the article folks. I’ll be back with my next preview soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers Out!

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