Mr. Donovan Preview

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Mr. Donovan by Swizzle Inc. I received a copy of the game for review purposes, but like all of my reviews, this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

Mr. Donovan is a game that’s creating an entirely new genre called SOBA, Single Player Online Battle Arena. It’s essentially a single player MOBA but I will admit that SPBA would have been a description, remove the Online part since there’s no online in this game. SOBA also makes me think of Soba noodles.

The game follows a man named Donovan who crash lands on a hostile alien planet. His goal in the game is to gain resources to repair his ship. At night he’ll have to defend his ship from enemy attacks. During the day you’ll explore the game world to find resources and defeat enemies. In the ship menu you can teleport to other worlds to gather rarer resources but the danger is increased in these areas.

There are 8 different types of resources that you’ll find in the game right now. These include Dark Matter, Silicon, Selisium, and Oxygenic Shale to name a couple. These resources are used to not only repair your ship but also unlock new abilities as well.

There are 3 different weapons at Donovan’s disposal a sword, a pickaxe and a repulse cannon. The sword is used to fight at close range, the pickaxe is used to mine resources in the ground and the repulse cannon can be used to fight enemies from afar. Each weapon has it’s own unique abilities tied to them as well. Since the game is in early access, not all skills are available but they’ll be added in a future update.

The game also features a wide range of different pets that you can acquire as well. Pets you summon aid you in battle and they come in many different forms ranging from an Octopus to an Electrobot.

The final area of your ship allows you to purchase and equip consumable items that you can use during battle. These too require resources in order to build. Resource gathering is a really big part of this game.

I found this game to be pretty entertaining but right now it’s a bit limited on content since it’s still early development and there’s not really much to do outside of collect resources. Because of this I wound up getting a bit bored. With more content and future updates the game could become really good. I hope that it lives up to the potential of creating an entirely new genre and gives rise to more games in the genre. I also wish the developers luck in this endeavor, they’ve got a lot on their shoulders and I hope everything turns out great in the end.

Thanks for taking the time to read the preview folks and I’ll be back with my next one soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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