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Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on the Early Access build of Rogue Islands by Big Fat Alien. I received a copy of the game for preview and video purposes but like all of my reviews, this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences.

Rogue Islands is an open world roguelike first person shooter. The game takes place across a series of islands on an archipelago world and puts you in the role of a small gnome. This gnome sets out on a journey across the islands to revive ancient trees by meditating on top of them. These trees must be climbed manually by jumping up them. The gnome has the ability to jump much higher than a human so scaling the trees is fairly easy, just don’t fall. Each island is randomly generated upon starting the game and it features an excellent random generator, maybe one of the best that I’ve seen, especially in a 3D open world setting.

Our hero uses a magic wand and to fight enemies. You start off with only one magic attack, Spark Shot, but once you acquire enough spirit dust and a required imbued gem, you’ll be able to learn new spells. There are currently 9 spells in all but to unlock them you’ll need a specific gem in each category. Lightning requires diamonds, nature magic requires, emeralds, and pyromancy requires rubies. You’ll need to use spirit dust to imbue each gemstone and spirit dust is dropped from enemies when they die.

The game’s combat system is inspired by fast paced shooters and requires you to dodge and jump all while shooting your enemies. The combat also changes based on the magic you’re using. For example, Spark Shot is used for long range, it’s a fast shot but it doesn’t pack a lot of firepower. Zap on the other hand is a close range attack but it has the power to one shot lesser enemies, like the zombies you encounter. If you take damage you can heal yourself by eating fruit and vegetables you may come across. The food heals you over time as you digest it and with a recent update food gives you special passive properties as well. For example, a puffed bean has a passive effect that allows you to jump higher and you won’t take fall damage so, it’s ideal for climbing the elder trees .

The game also requires you to do a little mining as well. By mining you’ll obtain useful resources which will allow you to increase your mana pool for each type of magic, fuel your ship so you can leave the island and create gems. Since I first started playing the Early Access build multiple updates have been released in a short amount of time and one of them improved progression so the game is a bit less grindy.

The game also features two game modes, the first is hardcore, and you’re able to die a single time, after that it’s permadeath and you’ll need to start off at the beginning again. The second game is permadeath from the start and is the hardest game mode. There’s no second chances in this mode so if you die, your save game is gone. If you happen to exit the game while on an island it’ll save your game as well but the island you were on won’t exist anymore and you’ll need to regenerate a new island and then you’ll continue from that point.

I’ll end the preview article here, mostly because updates are releasing incredibly quickly and pretty much everything is subject to be improved or changed. I will say that the game shows a lot of promise of being an excellent open world roguelike experience and it has some gorgeous graphics too. The combat is also quite entertaining as well. Keep in mind though, because the game is still in active development, there isn’t much in way of content as of writing this review so it might be a better idea for most players to wait until it’s further along development wise, unless you wish to help the developers.

Thanks for reading this preview article folks and I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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