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Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on a new early access title called Staxel by Plukit and Humble Bundle.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game from the developers for preview purposes. Like all of my reviews/previews, this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

Staxel is a voxel based game that’s heavily inspired by Harvest Moon. You start your journey by acquiring a run down farm as part of a farming initiative (Sound familiar?). One key difference between this game and Harvest Moon is the fact that you build everything from scratch. It also features online multiplayer so you can build up a town with your friends.

The game begins with a short tutorial which goes over the basics of the game. Your first major building project is to construct your own barn where you’ll be able to house some cows. To do this you must collect wood blocks or purchase them from the building store. You start off with little money so it can be a bit time consuming acquiring the necessary parts. To build the barn you need to build the building itself, construct 2 empty troughs and then add a roof. Future buildings that you’ll get to build will be far more complex in their building requirements.

Once the barn is built you’ll get 2 cows but I wound up deciding to sell one of the cows because you’ll get 9,000 petals which will allow you to purchase a great many useful items that you’ll need later. One item I highly recommend purchasing early is the shipping crate and shipping manifest. These allow you to order any item in the game to have it delivered to your door overnight. This is really handy when you need a specific item and you can use it to buy items in bulk too. You can also use the shipping crate to ship things the old fashioned way but you also have the option to sell things one at a time at a store in town.

There are quite a few different tools available to you including bug catching nets, fishing poles, watering cans, hoes, axes, hammers, scythe’s, sheep shears, milking tools, and many more to discover. Each tool is required to perform the many different tasks available in the game. A hammer, for example, is used to “break” objects such as brick blocks or a crafting station so you can pick them up and move them again.

One unique feature the game has when growing fruits and vegetables is the ability to get golden seeds. These produce golden versions of the plants which sell for a great deal more than their normal counterparts.

You also get to choose a pet at the start of the game, either a cat or dog. If your pet likes you enough, it’ll bring you gifts. This is actually how I got some golden seeds in my game.

There’s also character customization and there’s a shop in town where you can purchase new clothes for your character. When you create a new game, you can also create your own custom character which can be either Human or an Elf as of right now. You can change your character’s clothes at any wardrobe in the game world.

New characters will also want to move into your town every so often but they’ll need a place to live first. This is where your building prowess will come in handy because you’ll be building their house from scratch. It’ll also cost a lot of time and money in order to complete them but it’s worth it to see your creations come to life. Truth be told though, my creations are pretty bland compared to the developer created houses.

You’ll also be contracted by towns people to build new community lots as well. The first two I received were a bakery and a fishing spot. As more people move into town, more people will want places to work.

Overall, Staxel is an incredibly addicting game once you get into it. It offers you a lot of freedom in how you wish to proceed and you’re able to do anything you please. Want to grow a huge field of crops? Go for it! Want to catch every fish and bug in the game? Right on! Want to construct new buildings for your town to get more people to move in? There’s that too! The possibilities are nearly endless but amazingly the game is only just releasing on Steam Early Access to continue its development. 3 Years were spent building the game for Early Access so you’ll find a lot to do in this game already. I’m excited to see what’s in store for this game and if you have any love for Harvest Moon type games or just love to create things, I highly recommend this game.

Thanks for taking the time to read my preview article folks, I’ll be back with my next one soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers Out!

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