Midboss Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thought on Midboss by Kitsune Games. I received a copy of the game for review purposes but like all of my reviews, this has no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

Midboss is a dungeon crawling roguelike that puts you in the shoes of a lowly imp who has decided to defeat the dungeon boss, so he can become the new boss. The imp has a unique ability at his disposal that allows them to possess other monsters upon their death which aids him in his quest. Since the game is a roguelike, it features permadeath so if you die, it’s game over. This does make the story elements a bit annoying I’ll admit because it replays every time you die. Thankfully you can skip the dialogue but it does get tiresome after a while, especially if you die a lot.

Midboss has RPG features as well and mostly focuses on dungeon delving. There are many breakable objects in the world which will grant you items. These include crates (With cratefish), piles of yarn, piles of gold, bookshelves, and treasure chests. There are many different items that you’ll find as well, each having different properties and rarity. The potions in the game are labeled only with a symbol so you’ll need to remember them each playthrough so you don’t accidentally take one that hurts you. The black potion with the cicle+cross emblem on it will heal you.

The possession system also allows you to change the imp’s stats and abilities as well. Many enemies are much stronger than you are so it’s not a good idea to start attacking everything all at once. You can’t tell how much health an enemy has before you possess it, so it’s definitely better to play it smart, or you’ll die, a lot. As you use an enemy’s form, you unlock new abilities to use while possessing that enemy. Once you’ve unlocked all 3 abilities you’ll have mastered the creature and you’ll be able to change your form to that enemy at any time.

When you do finally die, the game has death cards which takes a screenshot of your death and then turns it into a playing card. You can also share this card on social media if you so choose. This card has a purpose though, it allows you to take a single item from your previous run with you into your next run. This can be anything from a weapon, a spellbook, armor or a potion. Upon doing this the card will be destroyed and the current run will create another card upon death.

Overall, Midboss is a well designed roguelike that will please both the more advanced players as well as more casual roguelike fans. It’s easy to get into but it’s pretty challenging to come out on top in many cases. Some trial and error may be required to learn the strengths of enemies that you wish to take over but you’ll quickly find your own path through the game. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy roguelikes and dungeon crawling RPG’s.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review folks and I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!













Features of Interest

  • Unique Possession System
  • Unique Death Card System
  • Lots of Replayability
  • Lots of Items and Equipment (Also Cratefish)
  • Good Balance Between Easy and Hard

Worth Mentioning

  • Requires A Bit of Trial and Error
  • Story Gets A Bit Repetitive Seeing The Same Scenes Upon Every Death.

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