Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen by Capcom.

Disclaimer: I didn’t receive a copy of this game for free this time. I picked it up on sale instead.

Dragon’s Dogma is an open world RPG that originally released on PS3. For this review I’m covering the remastered PC version of the game. The remaster features high res graphics, full steam support, expanded controller support and 9 new achievements.

The game puts you in control of a custom character known as the Arisen. The arisen has his/her heart stolen by a dragon and whom they must ultimately defeat in battle. The arisen has great strength compared to a normal human and they’re able to summon “people” known as pawns to aid them in battle.

You can have up to 3 pawns in total but your main pawn levels up with you and you can customize their class, weapons and armor. You’re also able to custom create your main pawn as well. The last 2 pawns in your party are pawns that other people have created. You have no control over the upgrades, character appearance or classes of these pawns. Pawns are incredibly important to combat in the game but because the secondary pawns don’t level up with you, you’ll have to frequently change them to coincide with your level. I usually switch them every 5 levels so I don’t have to change them too frequently.

At any time during the game you can change your character and main pawn’s class. There are 3 types of classes with three vocations each. These include fighter, strider, mage, warrior, ranger, sorcerer, mystic knight, assassin and magic archer. Pawns are unable to use the final three in that list, however.

The game features a wide variety of side quests which you can obtain from notice boards within the two major cities. These side quests vary from killing monsters, gathering items or escorting characters to locations. My least favorite missions were definitely the escort missions (Who doesn’t hate escort missions?). After you beat the game and enter new game+ there will be new notice board quests available for you to complete.

The main quests are definitely the best though and each one feels like an actual adventure. You’ll be delving into dungeons to fight various types of monsters (Both big and small). The dungeon design in this game is superb and each one is highly enjoyable to delve into.

The game’s combat is another great feature and the enemies you face are great at reacting to your actions. Wolves for example, are swift and can easily dodge your attacks so swinging blindly at them won’t result in a hit. The giant monsters are the most fun to fight though. These range from ogre’s, cockatrice’s, gryphon’s and even chimera’s. These often require you to take out different parts such as a chimera’s tail, goat head and lion head. Enemies also have weak points on their body which you can exploit to deal more damage. You can also knock them over which leaves them open to heavy damage from you and your team.

The game also features a teleport system using items called ferrystones and port crystals. You obtain port crystals as you complete certain dungeons and you can place them anywhere in the world. There’s also a DLC ferrystone that have infinite uses which is really handy. You can find it in your character’s storage when you start the game. These items cut down the walking time to and from various areas by a lot, depending where you place them. When you play in new game+ you can purchase portcrystals for 200,000 gold a piece which will allow you to teleport anywhere in the world once they’re all setup and will make walking everywhere a thing of the past.

There are also a few things that I noticed while playing the game that I feel could have been a bit better. The first is the fact that the audio was a little low even though they were at maximum. Everything else on my PC was much louder than the game so that definitely could be better. I also would have liked to have more dialogue for the pawns. It got pretty annoying hearing them make the same comments on different areas each time we pass, even if we’d been there a hundred times before. I also kept thinking how much fun the game would have been with a co-op option so you could take down giant enemies with your friends. I would also love to see a sequel based in the mainland of this world. It’s mentioned many times but you never see it in this game.

Overall, Dragon’s Dogma has quickly become one of my favorite RPG’s and I agree with many other reviewers/players in thinking that everyone should definitely play this game at least once if you’re a fan of RPG’s. The game is incredibly entertaining and it had me addicted to it for quite a few days. Fighting the giant monsters was incredibly fun as well. As I leveled up being able to take them down with ease was amazing. Everything in this game culminates into one highly addicting experience and I highly recommend it.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review folks and I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen










Game Quality


Features of Interest

  • Excellent Gameplay
  • Great Story (Surprising End Game)
  • Giant Monsters Are Incredibly Fun To Fight
  • Very Addicting
  • The Quests Agre Great

Worth Mentioning

  • The Companion Characters Repeat The Same Thing, Even After Returning To The Same Locations
  • New Game+ Is A Bit Of A Let Down Since The Monsters, Gold and XP Don't Scale To Your Level

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