Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls by Compile Heart and Idea Factory.

Superdimension is the latest addition to the long-running Hyperdimension Neptunia series and acts as a spin-off to the main games. This time around you’re following IF and a new character named Segami on their journey through time to find out why parts of history have been deleted and to, hopefully, prevent the events from occurring again.

IF’s timeline is a desolate wasteland due to the conflict between the CPU Goddessses and the Sega Hard Girls. The hard girls are humanoid versions of the classic SEGA consoles and include Mega Drive, Game Gear, Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. There are also a bunch of minor character’s based on all of SEGA’s other consoles and have names based on them. Each of the main hard girls and the goddesses have their own unique era which you’ll visit as you progress through the story. You do this by using IF’s modified motorcycle to travel between IF’s era and the other era.

The story still retains it’s 4th wall breaking sense of humor and there were many times where I cracked up laughing. It’s sense of humor is one reason why I enjoy this series so much and it’s top-notch in this game as well.

There have been many changes to the way you play Superdimension compared to the past games in this series and it makes for a very refreshing experience. IF is an adventurer so she has certain abilities that Neptune didn’t. She can climb, dash, crawl and use a tight rope to get to out of reach areas. She also has the ability to jump but what makes this one so different is you can jump during a battle.

The combat system has seen a bit of an upgrade as well. Instead of utilizing a combo system, this one utilizes a fever system. Whenever you attack an enemy your fever meter increases and once you hit a certain point on your meter you’ll be unable to perform actions and you’ll have to end your turn. There’s also a fever count as well and when it reaches 100 a rainbow gem will appear. If you jump and activate it it’ll activate fever time which makes your attacks that much stronger and it makes enemies unable to attack you. I usually save this for when I’m facing a powerful enemy. There are also other gems that have various benefits as well. Some heal HP while others heal SP. It’s a good idea to utilize them to your advantage.

During combat you have the ability to perform a charge attack if you hold down the A button on your controller. This unleashes a powerful combination or single attack, based on the character in use. Skills and items are performed/used in the same fashion as the previous games so if you’re familiar with the series, you won’t have any issues there. IF, and the other character’s in the game all have the ability to transform, an ability that is new for IF. Each character’s transformation is unique and boosts their abilities further.

There are also a bunch of dungeons that you’ll delve into as you progress through the game. Some of them are returning dungeons but renamed after SEGA games but many of them are new to the series. Some of the dungeons also change in appearance based on which era you’re currently visiting as well.

I had a ton of fun playing Superdimension and it’s quickly become one of my favorites in the series due to the changes in gameplay. It’s a breath of fresh air in the series and it’s so well done that it feels like a game in the mainline series. If you’re a fan of the franchise and have been aching for a new take on the old gameplay then this one is a great option. It’s trademark humor is still intact and it’s incredibly fun to play. My only complaint with the game was the fact that you need to travel back and forth between era’s frequently to turn in/take quests. Definitely one to check out folks.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review folks and I’ll be back with my next one soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls












Features of Interest

  • Hilarious Story
  • Excellent Gameplay Changes
  • Neptune is A Talking Motorcycle
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Entertaining Characters

Worth Mentioning

  • Lots of Tedious Loading While Turning in Quests After Every Mission

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