Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines by Troika Games and Activision.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game for review purposes. Like all of my reviews, this had no effect on my thoughts and experiences.

VtMB is a game that combines quite a few different genres including action adventure, rpg, first person shooter and beat em up game. The game has a little bit of everything and surprisingly, they all work incredibly well together.

The game is also based on the World of Darkness franchise and you play as a vampire. You can create your own vampire at the start of the game. There’s quite a few different types of vampires including, Toreador, Nosferatu, Gangrel, Malkavian, Bruja, Tremere and Ventrue. Once you’ve chosen your clan, gender and history, you can head to the character sheet to distribute your starting XP.

On your character sheet, you’ll be able to choose to distribute points in 3 different areas, attributes, abilities and disciplines. Your attributes include strength, personality, charisma, wits and perception. Your abilities include melee, firearms, finance, security and investigation. The disciplines you have depends on the clan you’re apart of but these can include, Dementation, Auspex, Animalism and Potence. These are only a few of the areas you can put points into though so there’s a lot of options open to you.

Once you’re finished with character creation the game will begin. You play as a newly created vampire in a world filled with humans, vampires (Kindred) and werewolves. Vampires control just about everything in the human world and are essentially their overlords. You must obey a rule called the Masquerade, however, which states that you can’t use your powers in front of humans or provide info on the existence of vampires. To do so is punishable by death.

Most of the game consists of doing missions for a man named La Croix who decides to let you live at the start of the game. The story is the same no matter which clan/race you choose from and it’s pretty linear even though there are a lot of side quests to complete. The side quests have no impact on the story either and exist to provide XP to obtain skills. One thing to keep in mind about quests is that some of them have multiple outcomes based on the dialogue choices you make. Some can offer XP as a reward while others may offer money, humanity gain, humanity loss and masquerade rep up or down.

The game consists of 4 major areas for you to explore in the city of Los Angeles. You can explore Santa Monica, Downtown, Hollywood and Chinatown. There will also be minor areas that you’ll explore for specific quests but I’ll let you discover them yourself.

Being a vampire, you’ll need to keep a steady supply of blood handy. Blood allows you to use your vampiric disciplines but if you run out, you’ll get a debuff and if it stays empty long enough you’ll succumb to the hunger and will attack anyone in sight. To keep your blood supply full you’ll need to feed on humans. The higher up in society human you feed on, the more blood you’ll be able to extract from them. One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t kill an innocent person or you’ll lose humanity points and if you run out of those, you’ll succumb to the beast inside and become feral.

There are some bugs that I noticed while playing with the majority of the bugs were visual bugs. They consisted of visual banding of water textures, being able to see into areas you shouldn’t be able to, textures disappearing, items such as boxes and crates interacting poorly with each other, having to keep the mouse moving in order for the left mouse button to do anything, a loading bug which refused to load the library, major slow downs in the open areas but full frame rate inside pretty much all indoor areas. and a major crash in the mission to defeat the Sabbat.

Overall, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines may be pretty old by today’s standards and I found my share of bugs while playing, but it’s easily the best vampire themed game that I’ve ever played. Vampire games are incredibly rare and playing this game made me wish that there were more of them because the concept clearly works. If you have any love for vampires and want to play as one in a dark/mature universe then I highly recommend this game. It’s a pretty awesome experience and I also recommend giving it a shot with the invincibility console command on, it doubles the fun and you can roleplay as a vampire god like I did.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review folks. I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers Out!


Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines










Game Quality


Features of Interest

  • Entertaining Quests
  • Great Mix of Different Genres, Play How You Want.
  • Interesting and Unique Characters
  • Great Soundtrack

Worth Mentioning

  • It's On The Linear Side
  • Tons of Bugs Found
  • Not A Lot of Replay Value Due To Linearity And Story Not Changing Much
  • It's Showing Its Age So Sound Effects and Graphics Aren't The Greatest.

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