Townsmen Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on my experience with Townsmen by Handy Games and Headup Games. I received a copy of the game from our friends at Headup Games but like always, this had no effect on my feelings towards the game or my experience.

Townsmen is a casual, city building, simulation game set in the medieval era. The game features a bunch of scenarios to complete, each varying in difficulty and map size. There’s also a sandbox mode where you can play infinitely without quests or worry of the game ending. There are 18 scenarios and 16 sandbox maps in total.

You may also recognize the developer for this game from one of our other more recent reviews for Clouds & Sheep 2. I know what you’re thinking though, “Why do you review casual games?” I play games to have fun and I feel that not everything needs to be overly complex or huge so, casual games like this one can be fun to play too.

I enjoyed the game’s art style which is simple and colorful. It’s not overly complex but it still looked pretty nice regardless. Gameplay wise Townsmen is a pretty simple game designed for mobile devices. You move around buildings by clicking and dragging them to a location and they “snap” to a spot on the map. There’s also a bunch of different types of buildings that you can build but many of them are locked until you build other buildings. For example, building a sheep pasture allows you to build a weaving mill and the weaving mill allows you to build a tailor’s shop. The game may not have an immense amount of buildings like more complex city builders but it has enough to make the game enjoyable to play.

One plus side to the game is the lack of micro-transactions which have been removed in the PC release. You can acquire instant build points by performing in-game actions and completing quests. The instant build points also carry over to new games as well so you can utilize them as long as you have some.

Overall, Townsmen may not be a very groundbreaking or game changing game, even in the casual game genre, but it has enough to make it an enjoyable play. It probably won’t be for everybody but for someone looking for a casual city builder that’s easy to get into then Townsmen is a good choice.

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Features of Interest

  • Simple to Play
  • Lots of Buildings
  • Lots of Scenarios
  • Has a Sandbox Mode

Worth Mentioning

  • Too Much Like a Free to Play Game
  • Could Use More Maps
  • Not A lot of Replay Value

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