Hard West Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Hard West by Creative Forge Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game back in 2015 for review purposes. This new review was written because the original no longer exists. This also had no effect on my thoughts and experiences with the game.

Hard West is a tactical based strategy game that takes place in the wild west. The main story follows a character named Warren who had traveled the Oregon Trail with his mother and father. After his mother is killed by outlaws him and his father sought to eek out an existence in the abandoned village. The main story is 4 scenarios long and they tell Warren and his father’s story, which starts off pretty benignly but quickly devolves into the fight between good and evil with the devil behind the majority of what happens.

The game also features a bonus mission as well as a side story. The side story follows a scientist named Solomon DeLear who inherits a laboratory from his business rival and attempts to cure the madness spreading across the west like a plague.

The bonus mission acts as a tie-in to the second scenario in the main story. It follows an adventurer who is in search of the fabled city of gold but he will have to sacrifice much in order to find it.

Each scenario features an overworld map where you explore and progress the story. There are many points on the overworld map that you’ll be able to visit. Some are traders, others are important quest points and some are merely of interest.

Each scenario has it’s own unique parameters and features to play around with as well. In the third scenario where you play as Warren’s father, The Undertaker, there’s a day/night system as well as the need for food. While in the first scenario you must mine gold in order to find your riches. There are other gameplay features but I won’t spoil all of them.

Besides the overworld map there are tactical battles at key points in the story. Some of them are optional while others are required. Before a battle you’ll be taken to the inventory screen where you can equip new weapons and items. You’ll also be able to equip different cards to each of your characters as well which will allow you to improve their stats. Cards unlock as you progress through the scenario and reset when you start a new one, unless you choose the gameplay modifier.

Battles play out much like in the XCOM series where you move your characters around the game world while staying in cover. There’s full cover and half cover. Full cover has the best defense so it’s a good idea to seek this type when in battle. The only thing missing that would have made the game better, combat wise, is overwatch so your characters will fire when an enemy moves near them. Enemies actually have an overwatch feature by default so it’s weird that it isn’t an option for you as well.

Luck plays a big part in battles as well and you can easily run out if you aren’t careful. Luck increases the chances that you’ll hit the enemy but if it runs out this chance drops exponentially and you’ll find it difficult to hit anyone.

Overall, Hard West is a pretty fun tactical strategy game. The different gameplay changes for each scenario kept things pretty interesting. The overall story wasn’t too bad either and the conclusion was pretty satisfying. If you’re in the market for a wild west themed game and don’t mind tactical games, Hard West might be a good choice.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my review folks. I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers Out!

Hard West










Game Quality


Features of Interest

  • Fun Gameplay
  • Each Scenario Has Different Gameplay Features
  • Fairly Interesting Story

Worth Mentioning

  • Could Use An Overwatch Feature
  • I Experienced A Lot of Lag in the Side Missions
  • It's A Pretty Short Game
  • I Never Really Felt Connected To Any of the Characters

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