Maigret (1992)

Maigret (1992) Series 1 Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on the 1992 Maigret TV show. I took the series out from my local library so this review is merely for fun.

I imagine that not many of you will know of this TV show. I’ll admit that I wasn’t aware of it’s existence until I found it at the library. This review should shed some light on the series, however.

Maigret (Pronounced May-Grey) is an old British TV show that aired in 1992 through 1993. It follows the exploits of a Parisian detective named Jules Maigret. The show is also based on a long-running series of novels by Georges Simenon. I’ll admit that I wasn’t aware of the existence of the novels either but watching this show has piqued my interest in them.

Maigret is played by Maichael Gambon, who would much more recently play Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter. Gambon does a great job of portraying Maigret with his piercing gaze and smooth, often brutal, questioning of each suspect. He slowly whittles his suspects down with piercing accusations and you can feel the raw power that Gambon emits in his portrayal.

The show is split into two series (Seasons). The first series ran from February 9, 1992 to March 15, 1992 and had 6 episodes in total. Each episode ran for 49-51 minutes in length.

Each episode tells a unique story and is based on a single book. The first episode acts as an introduction to Maigret’s character and focuses on the murder of an old gangster. The second episode has Maigret trying to solve a murder that was found by a burglar. The third focuses on a murder that occurred in a small town after a teacher is blamed for it. The fourth focuses on the murder of an old woman who everyone thought was crazy. The fifth has Maigret returning to his home town to investigate the murder of an old friend and countess. Finally the sixth episode focuses on a serial killer that kills only women, likely inspired by Jack the Ripper.

Out of the six episodes the final one was easily my favorite. It was Maigret’s most difficult challenge, to catch a serial killer who has killed 5 women at the start of the episode. The show featured some really nutty characters and had me going “What the…” quite frequently. Each story was incredibly well down, however, and they provided some rather surprising endings to each of the puzzles it presented. It had me trying to figure out who the murderer was in each episode and it did an excellent job of hiding who they were and who wound up being involved.

I also watched the complete series DVD release from 2012. Because of the show’s age the DVD picture quality was a bit poor. The picture was often very blurry when the camera moved around or if the character’s themselves were moving. The picture clarity wasn’t the greatest unfortunately but it didn’t make the show any less enjoyable to watch. The audio quality was in the same boat as the picture quality. It wasn’t the clearest audio that I’ve ever heard but this was expected.

It says on the back of the DVD that due to it’s age audio and visual problems may occur because they were unable to fix them from the original material. The DVD release is also the only modern version of the show that exists so, no Blu-Ray release as of right now.

Overall, Maigret was a very enjoyable show. I will admit that the show has no action whatsoever so there’s a lot of talking going on throughout. This will likely dissuade many from giving the show a try but if you enjoy a really good mystery as much as I do, I recommend giving this show a watch, Gambon does a superb job of portraying Maigret and you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be reviewing series 2 as soon as I’m able to watch it.

Thanks for reading the review folks and I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming folks!

Shaun Meyers out!

Maigret (1992)




Picture Quality




Audio Quality


Entertainment Value


Features of Interest

  • Great Acting (Especially by Gambon)
  • Entertaining Stories
  • Excellent Puzzles With Surprise Endings
  • High Entertainment Value
  • Interesting Characters

Worth Mentioning

  • Poor Picture Quality
  • Poor Audio Quality
  • Lots of Talking/No Action

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