Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Walkthrough Part 2 (PS3)

Walkthrough Credit: Haeravon

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| Chapter 4: The Duke’s Directives |
| |
| Aiding the Corps on a Hunting Expedition |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK029}
1) Griffin Hunting
2) Bait and Smite
3) Everything Eats Goblin!
4) Ser Daerio’s Supply Deficiencies
5) The Arisen’s Bond
6) Playing Patsy
7) Meloirean Armor

1) Since we’re already in the castle and all, head over the Chamberlain
Aldous and talk to him. It’s finally time to start doing jobs for the
duke. Right now we have two choices; ‘Aid the Corps on a Hunting
Expedition’ or ‘Gather Evidence for an Important Trial’. These quests
aren’t like the Wyrm Hunt quests-we’ve got two quests to do now, two
quests to do later, and we must finish the first two before we move onto
the next two. To start, pick the obtion to ‘Aid the Corps on a Hunting
Expedition’. A Griffin has been terrorizing the lands, and the local
mercenaries hired by the duke (his own forces being patently useless)
aren’t quite up to the task. That’s where we come in. The leader of
this merry expedition will be waiting for us outside of Gran Soren’s
southern gate. Prepare as you need, this quest will see us just as far
a way from Gran Soren as did the last one, but through more explored
land. Travel as light as you can… but be sure to bring the ‘Ancient
Tablet’ we got back in the depths of the Witchwood… with a weight of
15.80, it makes it hard to ‘travel light’, but we’ll get putting it to
good use soon enough.

Griffin’s Bane

|VIDEO|Griffin’s Bane |{VID042}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFKfmSCRCz4 |
2) Exit out Gran Soren’s southern gate and cross the bridge to find a
squad of soldiers assembled on the road ahead. Talk to the quest-icon
bearing guard-Ser Georg-to get the show started. Listen to him advocate
their piss-poor plan, then follow them uphill towards Manamia Trail.
Watch as they struggle against Goblins, and you might wonder how they
ever hope to match a Griffin? If you didn’t think this was all going to
be up to you already, it should be clear by now. They’ll head into the
eastern-most path south, the one leading to the Moonshower Cliffs.
Follow them until the camera directs your attention to a spot on the
ground. What we need to do now is find ourselves something yummy for the
Griffin to eat and bring it to that spot. This will lure the Griffin to
us. The squad drops into what they obviously think is cover and leave
the baiting up to you.
3) So, head up into the hills to the north and find yourself a Goblin
victim. Smite it, and drag its delicious corpse back to where the
squad is gathering. Stand in the area the cutscene showed you and look
up at the sky to the south-west. Wait a few moments and the Griffin
should appear in air-you may have encountered one already, as they’ve
certainly started stalking Oxen in the Estan Plains by now… but this
is the first time such an encountered has been guaranteed… Still, it’s
not quite time to give them their monster entry. When the Griffin turns
to face you in the sky, drop the snack for it and get out of the way.
The Griffin will land, and your squad will attack. Now, the purpose of
the fight is, on the surface, to vanquish the Griffin… and indeed my
first time through the game I ended up killing the Griffin here. But if
you injure the Griffin enough without killing it, it’ll flee to Bluemoon
Tower, giving us an excuse to chase it there, and what’s more, allowing
us to explore the place in its entirity. It’s not necesssary, but since
many low-level characters are in fact unlikely to defeat the Griffin
here, and since it gives us an excuse to explore more, I’m going to
assume that you force the Griffin to flee here, rather than killing it
outright… which is certainly how this mission is supposed to play
out, anyways. Fight the good fight, but don’t kill the Griffin, and
after a while it’ll fly off. Your mercenaries buddies will condemn the
cowardly creature before deciding to chase it back to its nest.

|VIDEO|Griffin Bait |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjYqjqwB9Yc |
4) The journey to Bluemoon Tower will take us back through the
Northface Forest and give us an excuse to explore the Pastona Cavern,
beyond which Bluemoon Tower lies. There’s also a few quests to see to
along the way… which we’ll do now, since it’s on the way and all.
First stop? Windbluff Tower, the source of so much intrigue in the
realm… Here you’ll find a Gran Soren soldier who happens to have a
quest for us-this is none other than Ser Daerio, whom we’ve recently
heard of… Anyways, hear him out and he’ll give you a task-after giving
a sob story about the hardships of a soldier’s life. Simply put, his
soldiers aren’t getting fed, and hungry soldiers aren’t happy soldiers.
He wants you to head to the capital and speak to somebody in court on
his behalf. He’ll specifically say that his troops are one week in
arrears, and that they need food to boost morale for a new training
exercise coming up. He will also inform you that Lord Julien is
responsible for the supply here.

Supply and Demands

|VIDEO|Supply and Demands |{VID037}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea7ePmZpucw |
5) That’s one little task-but we’ve more to do before we head back to
Gran Soren. Return to Hillfigure Knoll and enter the Dragonforged’s
Sanctum. Talk to the Dragonforged, who will speak crypically about the
cipher you found in the Witchwood before prompting you to hand over the
‘Ancient Tablet’. Gleefully hand over this heavy hunk of stone, and he
will babble more. The tablet is nothing less than a disguised token
that only appears to the Arisen-a bond given form. And what better form
for such a thing to take than a ring? You’ll get the ‘Arisen’s Bond’
ring, whose purpose the Dragonforged will explain. In effect, it’s a
promise ring. Give it to somebody to massively boost their affinity
towards you. It won’t ensure that they’ll be your romantic partner
later in the game… but it does cover significant ground. Anyways,
be sure to loot around here before you leave-no sense in running out
this far without grabbing some goodies.

(For discovering the Arisen’s Bond)
EXP 10,000
Rift Currency 30
Gold 25,000
Item Arisen’s Bond
6) Now, we’ve got a lot of exploration ahead of us still, and we’ll
probably end up running back to town at least once while exploring
Pastona Cavern/Bluemoon Tower to stash loot… but even so, I still
prefer to get done with ‘Supply and Demands’ now, just so we don’t have
to worry about it anymore. So, return to Gran Soren, rest until
morning if it’s night-time, and head back to the castle. There are two
people we can see to complete the quest, a guard named Ser Elmest, or
Julien. Write off the guard, as resolving the quest through him will
lead to a less-than-optimal reward… which is a shame, since Julien
can’t be bothered to drag his lazy ass to the castle until later in the
day (must be all that cultist crap he’s involved in.) Just wait around
until Julien shows up (if you’re tracking this quest, just wait until
there are two objective markers on the mini-map.) when you talk to
Julien he’ll ask how many supplies they need. You have three answers;
‘One week’s supply’, ‘Enough for training exercises, ”Twas left to your
discretion.’ Pick ‘One week’s supply’ and he’ll decide that two more
days worth of supplies are needed, and will give you five pieces of
Ambrosial Meat to take back to Windbluff Tower.
7) Return to Windbluff Tower and talk to Ser Daerio. If you ordered
the wrong number of supplies from either the soldier or Julien, you’ll
get the top reward. If you tell the soldier the right amount of food,
you’ll get the middle reward. If you tell Julien the right amount and
bring the Ambrosial Meat back with you, you’ll get the bottom reward.
From his comments it should become clear that you played the patsy in
some clandestine scheme of theirs. In addition to the quest reward, if
Ser Daerio’s affinity towards you raises enough (which will often happen
if you complete the quest the best way) he’ll have another quest marker
come up over his head. Don’t worry-this isn’t more work, just a token of
appreciation from Ser Daerio. He’ll tell you how awesome you are and
fork over the Windbluff Tower Key, which we can use to open the locked
door along the southern edge of Windbluff Tower, beyond which lie two
rounded chest with very valuable loot in them-some of the best heavy
armor in the game.

If somehow you botched the quest, or his affinity just isn’t there
yet, you can always butter him up with more mundane methods… like
giving him gifts. As a soldier he’s partial to Foreign Knives. Once
he likes you enough, he should hand over the key.

Once we’re done here, we’re free to explore the Pastona Cavern without
any distractions. You’d be well served by grabbing three Skeleton Keys
before you head to Pastona Cavern… you know… just in case some
doors lie around that need to be unlocked…

Note: These chests can only be opened once per game.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Meloirean Helm]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Meloirean Plate]

(For botching Ser Daerio’s request)
EXP 1500
Rift Currency 20
Gold 3000

(For successfully relaying Ser Daerio’s request to a soldier)
EXP 3500
Rift Currency 20
Gold 5000

(For successfully relaying Ser Daerio’s request to Julien)
EXP 6000
Rift Currency 20
Gold 12000

| |
| Exploring Pastona Cavern |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK030}
1) Windworn Valley
2) Through the Wind Once More…
3) undead Ledges
4) Into Pastona Cavern
5) Under Fire From On High
6) Leaping for Loot
7) The Bandit’s Den
8) Bandits On High, Golem Down Low
9) Skeletons and Spiders
10) Smuggler’s Pass
11) To Bluemoon Tower

Windworn Valley
1) Run, run, run, through the Northface Forest, past Windbluff Tower,
Hillfigure Knoll, and the Abandoned Campsite areas, staying on the
road. When the road splits in the north-the northern route heading to
the Blighted Manse and the Healing Spring, take the eastern path to
reach Windworn Valley, a tiny map area not even worth it’s own area.
Ahead of you you’ll spot a hill with a cage on top… you remember the
place, we discussed it way back in [WLK014], Step #19. Snow Harpies,
crappy junk loot, blah, blah, blah. Kill whatever Snow Harpies fly
around, as they’ll only pester you later if you don’t.
2) Bid the road farewell and walk along the eastern side the
cage-bearing hill here, heading north-east. Strong winds will impede
your movement as you progress… walk when you can’t run, but running
is what make headway. When you run out of north-east, turn south-east,
then south as you push your way through the pass. Once the wind is gone
admire the view to the south-west, as you can still see Windbluff Tower
and Gran Soren in the distance.
3) Turn east and, when you can, head up a ramp to the north. Atop the
ramp you’ll find some Warrior Remains, and more to the south-east.
Beyond both of the lie an apple tree. You’re probably going to need some
healing during this mission, so don’t neglect to grab some fruit if you
don’t have any. If you turn west you’ll find a tree surrounded by
plants, if you continue north-east you’ll walk into a dead-end which
terminates near another apple tree. On a rock at the end of this
northern reach you’ll find a Wakestone Shard, making it worth exploring.
There are no foes here during the day, but at night you’ll have to
contend with Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Mages.

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Fine Over-Knee Boots]

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Guardian’s Hood]

Pastona Cavern
4) Backtrack to the top of the ramp and turn south-east until you find
a narrow pass to the east. Continue on to reach Pastona Cavern. Your
trip east is brief, the cavern opens up and turns south, and on an
elevated ledge lurk some of the strongest Bandits in the game-you’ll
not find human foes more dangerous than the Bandits in Pastona Cavern.
They’ve got plenty of versatility, including a rare Magick Archer, but
their Rangers are the most dangerous, in my eyes. Even if you’re
approaching level 100, these Bandits can do wretched damage, so fight
smart, and when that fails, be ready to retreat and heal, as necessary.
Once they’re dead, search the ledge they operated off of to find a
room dug into the rock to the south. Inside is a square chest which
hints at the quality loot that lies in store for us during this journey.
Head back out onto the ledge and spot another room cut into the stone
to the east-on the opposite side of the cavern. A good running jump
might suffice here, but a Double Vault or Levitation will make this-and
other jumps coming up-much easier. In here you won’t find much to loot
save a pile of literature but… uh… at least I mentioned it?

o–Square Chest–o
[Font of Fire]
5) Head back down to the lower part of the cavern and continue south,
but do so quickly-two asswipe archers lurk on ledges above you, and
will take great delight in raining death down upon you. Sprint into
one room cut into the northern wall to score a square chest, and then
run into a second further down the cavern to the south-east. Exterminate
whatever Bandits come to you here, safe from archer fire. When you’re
confident you’ve killed the groundies off, head up some stairs to the
north-west. Ascend three flights of stairs, loot a square chest, and
carefully peek out the door to the south-west and spot the archers to
the west. If you have ranged attacks of your own, killing them shouldn’t
be any trouble. If you’re a Mage or Sorcerer, you’re at a distance
disadvantage, and if you’re a pure melee class… well, life sucks
sometimes. Kill them if you can, endure them if you can’t.

o–Square Chest–o
[Seeker Tights]

o–Square Chest–o
[Assassin’s Mask]
[Iron Headgear]
6) I should note that you can jump onto the platforms of the Bandit
archers-first west to reach the platform on the northern end of the
cavern, then from there to the southern one, and ultimate you can jump
west again to reach a lower ledge to reach another chamber cut into
the cliffs… but there’s no real point in doing so, as there’s nothing
of interest within. From the long, narrow ledge east of the Bandit
archer platforms (the one just outside of the room in which we found the
last square chest) turn south-east to notice another chamber cut into
the rock. The way to reach it is to sprint to the end of the ledge and
make a jump at the last second… a difficult jump that becomes
trivial with Double Vault or Levitate. In the chamber beyond you’ll
find three chests-one ornate chest in the center, two square chests
on either side.

o–Square Chest–o
[Barbed Nails]
[Knight’s Mantle]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Fiery Talon]
[Red Leather Armor]

Bandit’s Den
7) Loot and leave, jumping into the sloped corner between the ledge we
jumped from and the room we jumped to to slide safely down to the
cavern floor again. Continue down the pass to the south, then turn
south-east when you must. Ahead of you the cavern will open up
extensively. To the north sits another chamber cut into the stone,
containing another Square Chest, and outside of this chamber you’ll
find some Warrior Remains. On your map, we are just south of the
‘Bandit’s Den’ marker.

o–Square Chest–o
[Barbed Nails]
[Ring of Purpure]

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Iron Shield]
8) Look into the open part of the cavern lying before you to the
south-east. Any fool can see the dormant Golem sitting just in front
of us. Beyond it is a rock formation where two Snow Harpies roost. To
the south-west of the Golem and Snow Harpies are some elevated ridges
which we can use to bypass the Golem. On the highest ledges to the
south-west rest two ballistae, standing proud and useless on this
high ground. Standing by the ballistae you can look across the cavern to
the north to spot a Bandit camp on the elevated ground there. To reach
that lofty Bandit camp in the distance, kill or bypass the Golem
(keeping a safe distance away) and work your way to the eastern reaches
of this area. Turn north and you’ll see a doorway cut into the rock,
beyond which lie some stairs, which lead to the Bandit’s Den. The
Bandits here aren’t any weaker than the ones elsewhere in Pastona
Cavern… but killing them is a good bit less lucrative. The only loot
to be found here is an Airtight Flask, a Flask of Water hidden atop some
rocks, and a junky rounded chest in a tent. Finally, to finish this
open area up, search the cliffs to the east to find an elevated chamber
cut into them. Fortunately, there are narrow ledges that can be scaled
to reach this room, in which sits a rounded chest. On the cavern floor
itself, all you’ll find are some Warrior Remains south of the Snow
Harpy rocks.

o–Warrior Remains–o

o–Rounded Chests–o
9) Exit this open area by heading south. You’ll move briefly through a
narrow pass before the cavern opens up again. Here you must contend
with Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Warriors if it’s night… or Giant
Spiders during the day. I’m honestly not sure which I find more
annoying. No, wait. I am. Spiders. At least the undead give you
experience. If you scale some stones along the northern cliffs you
can find some loot-worthy Warriore Remains. If you head south-west, all
you’ll reach is a cliff… albeit with a nice view. Nice views aren’t
loot, though, and this isn’t Journey, so head south-east under a large
natural arch. while under the arch, search the northern wall to find yet
another chamber cut into the cliff-face… although these chambers run a
bit deeper than the ones we explored earlier…

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Fine Magick Buckler]

Smuggler’s Pass
10) Despite the name, fear not-there are no smugglers down here… not
any living ones, at least. Head down some stairs to the south-east,
ignore a room to the south-east and turn the corner to find some stairs
to the south-west. Follow the stairs down until you reach the bottom,
a long south-east/south-west running hall with rooms on each side.
Sword-and-shield armed Skeleton Knights prowl these rooms, and their
tendency to block and the narrow confines work together to make them
somewhat annoying here. I’ll spare the details here because they’re
unnecessary, and just paint in broad strokes-there are usually one or
two Skeleton Knights in each room. Some rooms are locked, some are
open. Skeleton Keys will make locked doors not so locked. In most of
the rooms are chests-chests with pretty good loot in them. You need
three Skeleton Keys to open all the locked doors here-and they stay
unlocked the rest of the game, so it’s good sense to bring them… you
know, just in case we come this way again? One thing I will mention is
the north-eastern most chamber, as it has another chamber beyond it to
the east. The square chest in the western room before it contains junk,
but the ornate chest in the eastern room contains goodies. Also, there’s
a Wakestone Shard in the south-eastern corner of this room, so, extra
goodies. with any luck you’ll leave the Smuggler’s Pass much more
weighed-down with loot than you entered.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Bardiche Daggers]
[Lion-Lord’s Helm]
[Scarred Sentinel]

o–Square Chest–o
[Guardian’s Hood]

o–Square Chest–o
[Fine Magick Buckler]
[Scorched Pelta]
[Thunder Kite Shield]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Black Matter]

Cutlass Cape
11) Return to the exterior and continue following the cavern downhill
to the south-east. You’ll pass under another stone arch, and will have
to deal with more skeletal undead and Spiders, depending on the time of
day. Eventually the cavern will turn east and you’ll see the ruins of
stone stairs on the ground you traverse, with toppled arches lining
the path. Ahead of you lies Bluemoon Tower, the remains of what must
have been a once-mighty civilization. As the road turns south again,
you’ll find a square chest along the northern side of the road, and
outside the gates to Bluemoon Tower itself sits a Riftstone. At least
your Pawns can get back up to full strength before venturing on. Be
warned, though, lots of loot still lies ahead. If you’re inventory is
full now, it might be worth a run back to the ‘Traveler’s Rest’ south
of the Blighted Manse. If you’re quick enough (and don’t rest) the
enemies won’t all respawn in such a short time… and neither will all
that tempting treasure…

| |
| Exploring Bluemoon Tower |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK031}
1) Enlishment Corps. < Snow Harpies
2) Auspicious Statues
3) Snow Harpy Snack Time
4) Silver Chestplate (Bra)
5) Ascending Bluemoon Tower
6) Drop-Down Treasure
7) Looting the Broken Tower
8) Precarious Walkways
9) More Tower Treasure
10) The Griffin Awaits
11) A Storm Approaches
12) Breaking Through
13) Fleeing the Griffin
14) A Short Reprieve
15) Searching the southern Stairs
16) Griffin Battle Atop Bluemoon Tower
17) Looting the Summit
18) Searching the Northern Stairs
19) Planting the Portcrystal

Bluemoon Tower: First Floot
1) Bluemoon Tower… if there’s any place in the entire game at this
point that can challenge Soulflayer Canyon in both quantity and quality
of loot, this is it. Head south across the bridge you start on and
score two Warrior Remains before passing under a large arch (the second
set of Warrior Remains can take a bit of time to load… but that might
just be an Xbox 360 thing.) Here you’ll find members of the Enlistment
Corps. fighting a losing battle against a flock of Snow Harpies. Snow
Harpies are normally native to Bluemoon Tower-but the only reason
these ones are here is due to the quest progress of ‘Griffin Bane’.
In subsequent runs, you shouldn’t encounter any Snow Harpies here.
Talk to Ser Arbel and Ser Loren for a flavor update, if you care about
such things.

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Iron Vest]
2) Continue out onto another bridge-this one running east/west. To the
west you’ll find a square chest worth looting. Once done, head east
where you’ll see more soldiers fighting some Skeleton Knights. Again,
these monsters are native to Bluemoon Tower, but you normally wouldn’t
encounter any here. Continue south across another bridge and head up
some stairs to reach a column-lined hall with more Warrior Remains on
it. Before the arch, flanking the stairs, sit two Griffin statues…
fitting, considering our prety. If you climb atop them, you can find a
few things to loot-some Harspud Juice and Secret Softener around the
base of the western one, and a Seeker’s Token near the front left paw
of the eastern one.

o–Square Chest–o
[Bespoke Longbow]
[Chimeric Sabatons]
[Silver Ring]

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Silver Ring]
3) Carry on to the south, under another arch. You’ll spot a pair of
Snow Harpies feasting on carrion, and on an elevated ledge above them
(and you) sits a Skeleton Mage waiting to blast you with Ingle when you
come in range. To the east lurk some slumbering Skeleton Knights and
some stairs-dispatch all your foes, loot a rounded chest near the
carcasses the Snow Harpies were feasting on, and head east.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Iron Bandings]
[Master’s Merle]
4) Reach the stairs and defiantly ignore them for now. At the feet of
the stairs turn north and spot a sliver of intact, uneven floor running
under an arch to the north-east. Use the ruined floor as a bridge of
sorts and walk onto a ledge under some more arches-and-columns and look
down. You’ll see a rounded chest glowing merrily at you, but be
cautious-a Skeleton Knight lurks here as well. This chest can contain
the ultra-cool looking Silver Chestplate, essentially a muscle cuirass
on male characters, and a metal bikini top on females. While it’s
attractive enough… I wish there was a muscle cuirass for both
genders. Why does the guy get a cool, full-frontal piece of chest armor,
and the ladies only get tit-holsters? Come on, Capcom, this isn’t
Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball, I want armor, not swimwear.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Silver Chestplate]
[Trooper Outfit]
5) Return back south to the stairs and follow them up, then up another
flight to the west, grabbing a Light Cure near a torch along the way.
Up some more stairs to the east another Skeleton Mage will do his best
to act as an Ingle-turret… but fortunately there’s a column you can
hide behind, waiting to attack while he’s casting. When you do attack,
however, do so quickly, as a number of Snow Harpies will show up and
attack. Run to the landing the Skeleton Mage was on and hide in the
corner, picking the Snow Harpies off at a range or waiting for them to
come to you-doing this will lessen the odds that they’ll pick you up
and drop you into any of the pits nearby. If it matters at all to you,
there’s an Inverventive to score on the flat ledge under the arch
separating the stairs the Skeleton Mages lurked near from the ones
6) Continue south to find more stairs-which we’ll be ignoring again.
Instead, walk under another arch and look down the ledge it rises over
to spot a rounded chest. Before you jump, grab some Harspud Milk to the
west and a Pickaxe to the east, if you need it. On the ledge under the
next arch to the west you can find a Salubrious Brew. When you jump
down, try to land on top of the rounded chest or one of the several ore
veins to avoid taking damage-a little trick my girlfriend taught me.
Mine the ore, loot the chest, and continue east.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Grand Surcoat]
[Gryphic Gauntlets]
7) When you run out of east, turn north and head up some stairs.
Continue north along some arches-and-columns until the path turns east,
terminating at a collapsed stone walkway leading to a square tower. The
gap can-and should-be jumped. Grab a Light Cure on the other side and
walk the narrow ledge around the elevated platform of the square tower
to score three Bladeleaf and some Harspud Milk. Atop the elevated part
of the tower you’ll find two chests-both ornate, and both very generous.
In the south-eastern corner of the tower you’ll find a Panacea and a
Salubrious Brew, and in the north-western corner you’ll find two Large
Coin Pouches (7000 G).

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Anchor to Heaven]
[Crescending Roar]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Assailant’s Bracers]
[Fluted Bow]
[Hunter’s Bow]
8) Head back west, jump the gap again, and head under the northern-most
arch lining the walkway to the west. Another strip of floor leads to
the intact surfaces of the arches-and-columns below. Continue west to
score a rounded chest, then turn north and walk across some much more
uneven ground to find a square chest… scoring a Dose of Courage
along the way.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Chimeric Half-Plate]
[Sectional Iron Plate]

o–Square Chest–o
[Divine Axis]
[Fiery Talon]
9) Backtrack to the last rounded chest we scored to the south, and from
there continue west along the tops of arches-and-colums before passing
under another arch to the west-scoring another Dose of Courage under
an arch to the north along the way, of course. Cross another ruined
floor to the west, then cross under yet another arch to spot another
square tower-this one with an intact walkway. Stroll around it first
to gather up another two Bladeleaf Plants and a Salubrious Brew, then
ascend to the elevated platform to find a rounded chest. Grab two more
Large Coin Pouches (7000 G) in the north-eastern corner and return to
the walkway. Follow it east, then south. Head up some stairs (another
Interventive hides under the arches east of the stairs) and turn east
to find yet another rounded chest. Once done looting jump off the
eastern side of the ledge (behind the chest) to reach the platform
where the first Skeleton Mage we took down here stood.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Plated Coat]
[Twilight Hood]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Gryphic Helm]
[Violet Ring]
[Vouge Daggers]
10) Head up the stairs to the east again, turn south, and rush up the
stairs to the west here. Skeleton Knights dot the stairs and landing
above, but a Skeleton Mage waits behind them. Rush past the dormant
Skeleton Knights and kill the Mage before his buddies animate to
simplify the fight. Once all the undead lie still, grab a Dose of
Strength and some Harspud Milk on the floor before turning south-east.
On top of a crate near a door sits some Harspude Juice. The caged door
nearby is barred from the other side… something we’ll need to remedy
shortly. The metal door on the opposite wall, however, is open to us due
to the progress of the quest ‘Griffin Bane’. Be in top form before you
head through the door, as the Griffin awaits.
11) Open the door and the weather will turn stormy… not that it
actually rains, mind you, there’s no precipitation of any kind in
Dragon’s Dogma… which is a shame, I think. A game like this could have
only benefited from the atmosphere added by a little weather… anyways,
you’ll see a soldier standing near a ledge to the north gesturing
wildly. Head over to him and the Griffin will make its grand
reappearance and, well… will do bad things to the soldier.
12) To the west Ser Georg will call for aid-they’re attempting to cut
their way through the cross-bar that seals a nearby gate-run up to the
gate and give them a hand. When the bar is destroyed, the gate opens and
you can continue past it. Another gate looms ahead, however, blocking
your path-you can either cut your way through this one, or run up some
stairs to the north-west, cross a bridge (smashing crates that block
your way as you go), and head down some more stairs to get behind the
gate. The Griffin will pick off Ser Cyrus-spare the soldiers some effort
by pulling a lever on the far side of the gate, which will open the way
for them.
13) Once reunited, continue south to the next gate. Ser Westley is the
next victim of the Griffin, who snatches him and flies out of reach to
pick poor Ser Westley to pieces before renewing the assault on you.
Attack the Griffin as you may (but try not to kill it yet) and it’ll
eventually bash through the gate for you… but not before smashing the
walkway back. Once the gate is down, do not hesitate-you must run into
the camera (a cinematic cliche my girlfriend absolutely hates in games),
as the Griffin repeatedly swoops down and destroys the walkway behind
you. Flee the wrath of the Griffin, running counter-clockwise along
the walkway until the walkway ends. When it ends turn north and head
into a hallway, which will provide us sanctuary from the Griffin.
14) Grab some Harspud Juice in a nearby crate, loot some Warrior
Remains beyond them (to the north), further north still lies an
Interventive, and when the hall turns west, search the corner for a
Salubrious Brew. These potions should be sufficient to cure whatever
damage you may have sustained, if any. Head down the hallway to the
west, then south to reach a larger, columned hall running north-west.
To the south-east you can find a rounded chest hidden by crates. Loot
it and continue north-west.

Note: If you return here later you’ll find Phantoms, Skeleton Mages,
Skeleton Knights, and a pair of Ogres in this area.
15) Head under an arch in the western corner of the room and follow
the hallway beyond to the north-east. It will shortly end and you’ll
find yourself standing before a grand staircase running
counter-clockwise. Along the side of the stairs are various platforms
that rise with the stairs, along which various goodies can be found.
On the floor near the stairs to the north you’ll find some Harspud
Milk, and on the level above it sits an Eyedropper. You can also score
some Secret Softener on the stairs itself. Keep and eye to the south
as you ascend the stairs, and when you’ve gained enough elevation,
note that you can leap from the stairs onto the ledge below the
arches-and-columns that surround the stairs to the south. Do so and
follow the ledges counter-clockwise behind (east of) the stairs to
find a rounded chest. Grab your prize and score a pair of Harspud
Juices next to a pillar on your way back to the stairs. Once back on
the stairs, ascend until they terminate, then turn north and head
into what looks an awful lot like a collesium…

Note: Again, if you return later this staircase will be occupied by
Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Mages.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Assassin’s Breeches]
[Gryphic Greaves]

Tower Summit
16) Behold, a large, rounded arena with the eastern side partially
collapsed. Here the Griffin roosts, and here we fight. The Griffin
strategy below is more general than strictly applicable to this fight
which is complicated in several ways-first we’ve got allies besides
Pawns, and although the Gran Soren soldiers aren’t really even good
at drawing the Griffin’s attention, an old friend will come through for
us in a big way… perhaps… If you completed ‘A Troublesome Tome’
Steffen will show up, having studied Saloment’s Grimoire in the
intervening time and put the arcane magic therein to good use. If you
gave him the real grimoire, he’ll arrive and dramatically conjure fire
against the Griffin-setting it ablaze and knocking it from the sky. He
will continue to contribute rather effectively throughout the fight, as
well. If you gave him a forged tome… well, his dramatic entrance
results in nothing, much to his confusion.

This Griffin also doesn’t fight like normal Griffins, who tend to have
a lot more space, and aren’t averse to circling around at great
distances and performing dives or dive-and-grab attacks. This one,
instead, will be much more focused, and will spam a few attacks-a
series of short, diving attacks, a lightning blast, or a lightning
fly-by attack. Sprinting to the side is usually sufficient to dodge
its attacks, and ranged attacks should see you to victory in short
order. If you gave Steffen the forgery and don’t have any ranged
options, however, this could be a tough fight…

Griffins are big, flying, lion-eagles. Strong, swift, and agressive,
they’re dangerous foes, indeed. Characters with ranged attacks will
have a much easier time taking one down than melee character, as usual.
Unlike many large foes, climbing a Griffin is not a good idea, as
they’ll energetically oppose your grapple, and there’s little chance
you’ll actually get the opportunity to strike… and if a Griffin takes
off while you’re on them, it can be a long way down… Setting their
wings on fire will prevent them from flying for a time, but avoid
lightning attacks, as Griffins have an affinity for that element.

Aerial Advantage
The Griffin is a magnificent flying beast-with speed, power, and
maneuverability that put other winged foes to shame. Even Drakes are
nothing more than clunky hoverers compared to Griffins. They will often
fly around their prey before swooping in from a great distance and
trying to snatch up morsels. Those morsels could be Oxen, Goblins,
Bandits… or you. If you’re grabbed in the Griffin’s dive attack,
you’re in trouble-you can break free, but a long fall awaits you.
Sometimes, however, the Griffin isn’t in the mood for such precise
attacks-a hovering Griffin can also resort to a series of clumsy but
powerful swoops against land-based foes, diving in, attacking, and
taking flight again before any counter-attack can occur. Other times,
they’ll fly overhead and perform a lightning attack reminiscent of the
Devil May Cry boss… Griffin. Hmm…

Ground Pound
Once grounded, the Griffin is a much more attractive target-they’re
still big and dangerous, however, and a grounded Griffin will content
itself by stomping at foes in front of it. Often, however, Griffins
won’t remain on the ground for long, so take advantage of them while
they’re in reach, and aim for the head if at all possible.

|VIDEO|Bluemoon Tower Griffin Battle |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt7IlHVAHas |
17) Once the Griffin falters you’ll be instructed to head back to the
capital for your reward. You can talk to the survivors after the fight,
Ser Loren, Ser Georg, and Steffen, at least. Steffen will either boast
a bit (deservedly) or question the integrity of the tome you gave him…
without going so far as to accuse the gentle Arisen of a misdeed, of
course. Anyways, now for the looting. You’ll find two ornate chests
along the western wall, and between them yet another Portcrystal (in
the original game, this was the only Portcrystal you could just find
lying around.) There’s also numerous coin pouches of varying sizes,
worth a total of 46,100 gold. Not bad. There are also several Warrior
Remains lying around, and finally, in the ruins to the east, near
the remains of the southern wall by the ledge you’ll find some Harspud
Milk and a Coin Pouch (1000 G).

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Assassin’s Mask]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Gryphic Armor]

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Silver Ring]
[Summery Cowl]
18) Exit the arena via the north to find another grand staircase, this
time ascending clockwise. Descend the stairs a bit and keep your eye
to the north, as we want to jump onto the ledge under the arches-and-
columns there. Once done, grab some Throat Drops and an Interventive
near a column, then turn and walk clockwise, heading behind (east of)
the stairs to find a rounded chest on the ledge under the arches-and-
columns. Head back west and jump back onto the stairs and walk off them
to the south, aiming to land on the highest platform next to the stairs,
on which sits another rounded chest.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Red Leather Armor]
[Rex Lion Padding]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Gryphic Cloak]
[Harpy Cloak]
19) Continue down the stairs to reach the bottom-it should be noted that
on subsequent visits both this grand staircase and the one we ascended
earlier will be crawling with Skeleton Mages and Skeleton Knights. At
the bottom of the stairs, continue clockwise until you can turn
north-west, then head counter-clockwise up a hallway, at the end of
which lies a rounded chest. Loot it and turn north to find the caged
doorway we couldn’t get through earlier-smash the beam on it to open
the way back to the rest of Bluemoon Tower, which we now have explored
every inch of. It’s time to head back to town and proclaim our success
to Aldous… but first, leave Bluemoon Tower on foot and place the
Portcrystal we just found outside. We’ll be back here soon enough, and
dropping a Portcrystal here now will will save us a good bit of time
later. Once done, use a Ferrystone and teleport back to Gran Soren… or
walk, if you must.

Stash loot, rest if necessary, and talk to Aldous for a well-earned
reward. Our next quest is much more mundane and results in much less

(For aiding a hunting expedition)
EXP 25,000
Rift Currency 40
Gold 30,000

| |
| Gathering Evidence for an Important Trial |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK032}
1) A Fair Cop
2) Fedel’s Petition
3) Symone’s Petition
4) Geffrey’s Petition
5) Jasper, Pip, and Sara Speak
6) Incriminating Documents
7) Reynard’s Forgeries
8) Ser Daerio’s Character Witness
9) Ansell’s Testimony
10) Fournival’s Fate

1) Talk to Aldous again and select the task ‘Gather Evidence for an
Important Trial’ to get the details. Apparently Fournival’s misdeeds
have finally caught up with him, and stands trial for a ‘litany of
crimes’ including bribery, fraud, abduction, and the selling of
secrets, and collusion with Salvation… typical merchant crap, but
methinks it’s not what Fournival has been doing, rather who he has been
dealing with. The stakes are high-nothing less than the death penalty
awaits Fournival, and as things stand, the odds are against him. Our
task is to gather ‘evidence’-in this case testimonies pertaining to
Fournival’s character, good and ill. We’ve got several days to gather
whatever ‘facts’ we can. Essentially, we have to talk to various
characters and collect petitions from them… it’s a good old fashioned
popularity contest!

This quest can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. We
gain nothing by seeing Fournival put to death, and very little from
seeing him acquitted. Still, little is more than nothing, last I
checked. You need evidence strongly in favor of Fournival, and to that
end, you can just collect as many petitions as you want and turn only
the good ones in. I won’t go into detail about seeing him found guilty,
for that, all you need to do is rest at the Gran Soren Union Inn for a
few days until the trial is concluded.

Trials and Tribulations

|VIDEO|Trials and Tribulations |{VID044}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjgDJz1E3aU |
2) The first petition can be obtained from right in the castle. Fedel,
our friend of lost letters, makes significant profits by dealing with
Fournival and doesn’t want to lose this income. So… he wants to
believe he’s innocent, and that’s apparently enough for him to give us
‘Fedel’s Petition’. Not really any proof of innocence here, just a
greedy guy trying to keep another greedy guy out of prison so they can
continue to be greedy together… It’s like the government here in
America. Anyways, score one for Fournival.
3) Leave the castle and visit Fournival’s house, around which you’ll
find Symone. She, too, wants her father to remain healthy… you know,
because she’ll be a penniless orphan without him? Oh, and also probably
because of the whole family thing, too. This self-interest causes her
to write up a petition as well. Score two for Fournival. Inside you can
find Fournival, who claims to be innocent. He’ll also promise to sell
to you at cost for the rest of his days if you get him acquitted.
4) Next stop, visit the Gran Soren Cathedral and talk to Geffrey. This
holy man knows too well Fournival’s faults, but still doesn’t think that
he’s bad enough to deserve the punishment in store for him. He’ll hand
you a petition, too. That’s three in favor of Fournival.
5) Now visit the Craftsman’s Quarter where Jasper, Pip, and Sara will
be if you helped Fournival evict them. They have some opinions of
Fournival, and none of them good. Each one of them will hand you a
petition in favor of Fournival getting the axe. Ouch. Three for, three
against, in one swing.
6) For the next bit of evidence that actually might actually count as
evidence, we’ll need to check our stash. If you forged (or simply didn’t
turn in) the Chamberlain’s Affidavit or the Gift Ledger we found in
Fournival’s House earlier (way back when we first entered Gran Soren,
after completing the Pawn Guild, if you remember), both serve as
evidence. The Chamberlain’s Affidavit counts as evidence in favor of
Fournival, the Gift Ledger, against him. Still even at four for, four
7) Honestly, we’ve already done more than enough work to see this trial
play out any way we want it to, but if you just must do everything, we
still have options. Reynard, the wandering merchant we saved immediately
after leaving Cassardis the first time has some tricks up his sleeve.
Find him (if you’re lucky he’ll be in Gran Soren, but he could be in
a variety of places-let thy map marker be thy guide…) and he’ll seem
delighted in the diversion offered by an inquest. He’ll offer to sell
you ‘writs of affidavit’ to influence the trial in any ways you wish.
After you buy one, whether you purchased an affidavit petitioning
innocence or guilt, the next one-again, regardless of the influence,
will cost more, as follows:

| Soiled Affidavit |3000 G |
| Tattered Affidavit |5000 G |
|Sweat-Stained Affidavit|7000 G |
| Blurred Affidavit |9000 G |

After purchasing all you can, or care to, it’s time to move on to the
final means of influencing the trial.
8) Head over to Windbluff Tower and talk to Ser Daerio, who also has
benefited from Fournival’s lack of scruples. The fact that these guys
view Fournival favorably is the best evidence we’ve found so far that
he’s a bad guy… but in any event, he’ll decide to vouch for Fournival.
Sadly, he can’t leave to give testimony, so he’ll send one of his
soldiers-Ser Castor-who is lurking around here somewhere (again, follow
the map-marker) to speak for Fournival in his stead. Talk to Ser Castor
to start the escort mission-traveling from Windbluff Tower to Gran Soren
shouldn’t be too terrible of an ordeal. Take him to Gran Soren and talk
to Aldous, selecting the option ‘Gather Evidence for an Important
Trial’ to complete this escort quest.
9) One escort mission in favor of Fournival, so you know what’s next…
that’s right, one unfavorable one. Why would you even bother doing this
extra work for a conviction that’s so easy to secure is beyond me, but
we’ll cover it anyways. Return to Cassardis, where you’ll find Ansell-
the gardener we rescued from prison a while back. This snooping peasant
overhead Fournival making illegal dealings when he worked back at the
castle, and he’s willing to risk returning in order to testify. Start
his mission and make your way back to Gran Soren, a trip that goes
much quicker if you simply use a Ferrystone. Ansell is an annoying
guest-he’ll whine if you run too far ahead (which means, if you move,
pretty much) and when you make your way halfway through the Estan
Plains he’ll whine about not being able to go on and lose almost all of
his health, so be sure to baby him as you travel. When you reach Gran
Soren, talk to Aldous and he’ll see that Ansell is retained for the
duration of the trial.
10) You now have had more than enough opportunities to gather whatever
‘evidence’ you could have cared to gather. Again, it’s easy as pie to
get him convicted-you merely have to wait. To acquit him, however,
you should hand over three pieces of evidence (or more) in favor of
Fournival… or rather, three pieces of favorable evidence more than
unfavorable evidence. The easiest way to do this is to get petitions
from Fedel, Symone, and Geffrey. After that, turn them into Aldous and
rest four days at the Gran Soren Union Inn. When the time runs out,
you’ll be prompted to inquire after the verdict. Head out into Fountain
Square and a cutscene will trigger, where Fournival’s verdict is read
out loud by some dweeb named Ambrose. After the verdict is read, go
talk to claim you reward and start on the next quest… if he was
acquitted be sure to seek Fournival out, as he’ll now sell the
‘Magnanimous Cloak’ Accountrement. Not a great item, but there’s no
other way to get one.

Anyways, we’re done with this task, and hence, the first two of Aldous’
directives. This allows us to start two more missions-‘Recovering a
Stolen Item’ or ‘Assisting Ser Mercedes’.

(For gathering evidence for an important trial)
EXP 15,000
Rift Currency 30
Gold 20,000

| |
| Recovering a Stolen Item |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK033}
1) The Wyrmking’s Ring
2) Following Quest Markers
3) Suspect: Salomet
4) The Lead
5) Resisting Arrest
6) Brice’s Advice
7) Back to Bluemoon Tower
8) Badass Bandits
9) Showdown with Salomet
10) They’ll Never Know the Difference…

1) Talk to Aldous and pick the task to ‘Recover Stolen Item’. Apparently
an heirloom was stolen from the castle recently-the Wyrmking’s Ring.
It’s no petty trinket, and was stolen under heavy watch-Aldous suspects
it could be an inside job. So, we’ll need to be sneaky, keep our
intentions hidden, and watch who we talk to so they don’t know they’re
being… wait? We just need to go around talking to people? Just flat
out ask potential suspects about the stolen ring? Okay… not very
subtle, I guess. Aldous will finish by exaggerating how important the
ring is before finally leaving you to your own heavy-handed devices.

Note: The next several Steps, while they add flavor to the quest, are
entirely unnecessary. If you want to just get on with things, skip to
Step #5.

The Wyrmking’s Ring

|VIDEO|The Wyrmking’s Ring |{VID045}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LbEL4r0GZo |
2) Okay… let’s begin by talking to the servants around here… this
involves little more than following quest markers, but it’ll be
discussed just so this guide is all complete-like. First, talk to a
pleb named Pering, who merely confirms that, given the super-awesome
layout of the castle, the thief must have been in the know. Now seek out
a guard named Ser Gyles, who will confirm that there was an ‘unfamiliar
man’ seen within the castle’s walls, one with the look of a Sorcerer
about him. An unfamiliar Sorcerer who yet knew the castle well? Hmm…
Finally, find a scribe named Ambrose… hey! It’s the guy who read out
Fournival’s verdict! Anyways, talk to him and he’ll put the pieces
together for you-the only Sorcerer insider who fits the bill is
Salomet… you know? He’s got potions named after him? We gave his book
to Steffen? Anyways, Ambrose suggests that the ring-being magical in
nature, is just the thing that Salomet would covet. Hmm… Time to
report back to Aldous.
3) Aldous knows of Salomet well enough. Back in the day, when the duke
was more ambitious, he had a council of magick scholars who… well,
did the sort of magicky stuff such experts are supposed to do. Salomet
was the boss of this little enterprise, but was apparently only involved
for his own gain. Whatever research the council gain, Salomet made off
with, killing his colleagues in the process.
4) To find the next clue, head into the city and find an aristocrat
named Mellard, who will inform us of a ‘queerly dressed man skulking
about the quarry.’ We now have our lead, time to head out to the
Ancient Quarry. You should have no trouble making your way there on
your own, by now.
5) Enter the Ancient Quarry and, from the entrance, head south until
you trigger a cutscene. Salomet stands ready with a host of bodyguards.
He’ll babble a little before attacking. Kill his pathetically weak
bodyguards before going after Salomet… who is also laughably weak.
Once they’re dead and Salomet is injured, he’ll admit you’re more
competent than the duke’s guard (meagre praise, indeed) then he’ll
teleport away, using a Comestion to cover his escape. Time to report
back to Aldous, but… well… since we’re here, it wouldn’t hurt to
loot the Ancient Quarry again, would it? Whatever, do what you wish.
6) Talk to Aldous again, and select the option ‘Recover Stolen Item’
once more to prompt him to talk. Just running Salomet off was, of
course, not enough-you’ll need to track him down and finish what you
started in the Ancient Quarry. Where could he have gone, though? Leave
the castle and talk to a merchant in the Fountain Square (again, follow
your quest marker) named Brice-the guy whose intriguing about Selene
started the quest ‘Witch Hunt’. He’ll mention Bluemoon Tower; apparently
a merchant friend of his has seen a man coming and going ’round there of
late. He cast spells to drive off the beasts, and, Brice suspects that
this man just might be the sorcerer that stole some bauble from the
duke. Yeah. They’re not being subtle here-they might as well has hit
you on the head and shouted ‘He’s in Bluemoon Tower!’
7) The trip back to Bluemoon Tower is as arduous as you’ve made it on
yourself. If you followed my advice and dropped the Portcrystal there,
it’s just a Ferrystone away… although it wouldn’t hurt to run through
Pastona Cavern again to score extra loot and experience. In any event,
I won’t repeat myself-you know the way there, and you’ll get there
however you wish.
8) Once you make it back to Bluemoon Tower, you’ll discover that Brice’s
information was correct-the old foes have been evicted and replaced
with Bandits. Don’t let Salomet’s petty cronies in the Ancient Quarry
fool you-these are some of the strongest Bandits around-on par with
those out in Pastona Cavern. Groups of asshole Rangers are especially
frustrating, as they’re quite powerful and love knocking you and your
Pawns around with their Longbows. Considering the many pitfalls here,
it’s a recipe for grit teeth, swearing, and flying controllers (this
is one of many times where my Sorcerer-build character shows her
limitations…) Your goal is to head back to the arena where you fought
the Griffin, but the Bandits are even worse along the northern grand
staircase leading to the arena, where archers have positioned themselves
on high ground-unless you can shoot back with a bow, you’re going to be
at a great disadvantage. All things considered, it might just be easier
to take the route you used when we came after the Griffin… and of
course if the loot here has respawned, go out of your way to grab it.
9) Once atop Bluemoon Tower you’ll confront Salomet, who comments on how
much time you waste pursuing him and calls you a coward for chasing
after him rather than the Dragon. Thankfully, he won’t go on much
longer, opting to fight it out. Salomet is far less troublesome than his
Bandit henchmen were, he only really has a few attacks-he’ll summon up
some Skeleton Knights or Skeleton Lords-two at a time, either sword
and shield or longsword-weilding knights, and he’ll replenish them as
you kill them. He’ll also use a rather potent Comestion spell, as well
as High Ingle or High Frazil. If you approach him, he’s fond of
teleporting away. If you have any sort of ranged attacks, killing him
is quite simple-just shoot him to death and ignore everything else.
If not, you must work your way through his minions while dodging his
spells-he can only summon aid so many times, after which point he’ll
stop teleporting around and take the beating he deserves. Once he’s
smote, he’ll fall off the eastern edge of the arena, hopefully to a
watery grave. Head over to where he fell and recover the Wyrmking’s
Ring. Just north if it, along the ledge, is a Ferrystone. The trip back
isn’t going to be so terrible, after all…
10) Make sure you have all the loot you care to grab here (the Bandits,
if any were left, will vanish once Salomet is vanquished) and leave
Bluemoon Tower. Return to Gran Soren, where we’re faced with a bit of a
dilemma… We should probably return the Wyrmking’s Ring to Aldous,
as… well, that’s what our job is, but it’s a fairly potent magical
item. Just having it in your inventory reduces the casting time of
spells-an indispensible accessory for any Mage or Sorcerer.

Once again, Mountebank is our answer-he’ll forge you a copy of the
Wyrmking’s Ring (99,990 G). You can give the forgery to Aldous, which
will fool him well enough, and keep the original for yourself. Doing
this will cost you a reward later, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice.
What, exactly, does this ring do? According to the description, it
‘allows for quicker incanting of spells’, like the Augment ‘Articulacy’.
In fact, it seems to do the exact same thing Articulacy does, and the
two effects stack. I’ve calculated the base casting times of three
spells, their casting times with Articulacy or the Wyrmking’s Ring, and
finally the casting times with both Articulacy and the Wyrmking’s Ring.
At the end of the calculations, it seems that both reducing casting
times by 10%. Shaving a second (or less) off the casting time of most
spells might not be worth an Augment slot for you, but certainly it’s
worth bearing an inventory weight of .75.

Anyways, when you’re good to go speak to Aldous again and give him
the wyrmking’s Ring (or the forgery) and get ready to accept the duke’s
next directive.

(For recovering a stolen item)
EXP 30,000
Rift Currency 40
Gold 35,000

| |
| Assisting Ser Mercedes |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK034}
1) She Took ‘Ur Job!
2) Playing Knight
3) Revolt in the North
4) Mercedes Versus Julien
5) Honor or Victory
6) Ser Daerio’s Doubts
7) A Troubling Trophy
8) More Mundane Tasks

1) Only one task left-talk to Aldous and select the option ‘Assist
Ser Mercedes’. Apparently Mercedes tried to snipe this job from us,
this impetuous daughter of Hearthstone’s lord, trying to play a knight.
Aldous is worried about her lack of competence, too, and asks us to
assist her in the task she was given-a task better suited to a real
warrior-us. Accept the task to baby-sit Mercedes, then head to the
castle gate.

Pride Before a Fall

|VIDEO|Pride Before A Fall |{VID046}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se2wqw8eglw |
2) Here you’ll find Mercedes. She claims responsibility for the task at
hand-wishing to prove herself more than just a sorry moocher of a
foreign lord. She’ll ask you to allow her this shot at glory. Say what
you will, it doesn’t matter. She’ll elaborate about some trouble at
the Stone of the North (Windbluff Tower)-Lord Julien’s domain. He set
out to take care of whatever issue arose there, and hasn’t returned.
It’s our job to go see what’s up. Mercedes will reluctantly accept your
presence, while trying to pretend she’s calling the shots. She intends
to make a name for herself here, and wants you to wait in the shadows.
3) Head to Windbluff Tower-you surely know where it is by now. When you
arrive you’ll see that insurrection-long suspected-has finally erupted.
You can waste your time attacking the enemy soldiers, if you wish, but
they’re more content to fight against the loyal Gran Soren soldiers…
besides, they give crap experience and a few of them are just immortal.
Continue through the courtyard past the fighting to the east. Head up
the stairs to reach the battlements and you’ll get a peek of Mercedes
running into the keep.
4) Follow the foolish girl, where she’ll confront Lord Julien, the
architect of this rebellion. His reasons are simple-if Duke Edmun
were able to defeat a second dragon (even presumably through your
agency) Gransys would become even mightier, something its neighbors
could ill afford. He’ll reveal the stark game of politics to Mercedes,
who refuses to hear any of it-a duel is inevitable.
5) There are two ways to go about this quest-either jump in on the
fight and kill Lord Julien (an easy enough task) or let Mercedes fight
him alone. The latter choice is more honorable, and it’s probably what
Mercedes wants (certainly Julien, as well). It will, however, result in
Mercedes being defeated and humilated, after which Julien suggests that
you, as an Arisen, ignore worldly affairs and focus on the Dragon.
After that, he’ll head into the interior of the keep and vanish from the
game world. If you defeat Julien, he’ll taunt Mercedes before dying.
Either way, Mercedes comments on her own sorry state of affairs. Go to
leave the building and she’ll talk to you again, giving you a reward;
either a Cutlass (if you attacked Julien) or a Silver Rapier (if you let
her earn her beating, but keep her pride.) She’ll also admit she
understood full well why she was sent to Gransys instead of a real
knight, and what little was expected of her. She’s a token gesture of
support-nothing more. Politics prevented any real multi-national effort
against the Dragon from the start. She promises to head home and return
with a real force to aid Gransys, but we should count this as an empty
promise-only the Arisen and their Pawns will lay the Dragon low. In
any event, Mercedes’ futile little errand will take her out of Gransys
following this quest.
6) On your way out you can talk to Ser Daerio, who will explain the full
scheme, how Julien searched the army for ties to Salvation, gathered
rebellious soldiers here, and sparked a rebellion when the time was
right. Ser Daerio is no cultist, however, his ends were more practical;
the Dragon is simply an invincible foe against which all opposition,
both the duke, and you, are doomed to fail. Uplifting. Outside, another
soldier named Ser Francis will offer further commentary.
7) Head back towards Gran Soren, but on the way, stop north of the
bridge connecting the Deos Hills and the Estan Plains and note the body
of a large, black, bird-like creature on a hill north-west of said
bridge. Around the body you’ll find three soldiers-Ser Morrison, Ser
Rustom, and Ser Tulius, who are quite proud of themselves for finding
the body of this monster-a Cockatrice. They’ll point out they didn’t
actually kill such a foe, they merely found its corpse, and eagerly
await the reward they’ll get for presenting such a trophy to the Duke.
This might come up again…
8) Return to Gran Soren and pay Aldous a visit, who is quite relieved
that the rebellion was put down… but not so relieved to see the
extent of Salvation’s influence. He’ll vouch to remain vigilant against
further corruption… certainly, the wise ministers in the duke’s
court will never fall for such deception again… Immediately after
completing the fourth and final of the duke’s directives, a guard will
show up and whisper sweet nothings in Aldous’ ear. One of the duke’s
soldiers showed up at the Mountain Waycastle, gravely wounded. He’s
asked to speak with you, and Aldous wastes no time sending us off on
this frivolous charge, casually dismissing the utter stupidity of the
fact that they sent a messenger to tell us that there’s a message we
need to come recieve. Damn bureaucracy, this is why this duchy is
falling apart.

Note: After completing this quest, Madeline will no longer be at her
shop. There’s a quest involved with that, which we’ll get to later.
Just note that if you need to buy anything from Madeline, do it before
turning this quest in.

Honor and Treachery

|VIDEO|Honor and Treachery |{VID047}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ON5BNZ0AOg |

(For assisting Ser Mercedes)
EXP 18,000
Rift Currency 30
Gold 20,000

| |
| The Cockatrice Conspiracy |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK035}
1) An Amazing Waste of Time
2) Cockatrice on the Loose
3) Chasing Off the Cockatrice
4) Taking Care of the Trophies
5) Finishing the Fight
6) Killing the Cockatrice

1) Before you depart Gran Soren, it might be a good idea to grab some
Secret Softener or ready High Voidspell on a character… or both. Big
freakin’ *hinthint* here. Once ready, head on over to the Mountain
Waycastle-if I have to give you directions, there’s no hope for you at
this point. Once you reach the Mountain Waycastle, cross the bridge from
Moonsbit Pass to Manamia Trail. Along the bridge a soldier named Ser
Ravenn will show up and tell you to return to Aldous with all possible
haste. Well, what an amazing waste of time, eh?
2) Return to Gran Soren. When you reach the Estan Plains and see the
smoke rising from the northern side of the city… yeah, you should
figure that something’s wrong. If you look closely, you can also see
black wings flapping above the walls. If you go to the southern gate
you’ll be turned away by one Ser Rickart, so head through the southern
gate, instead. Ser Laurent will spill the beans-the Cockatrice that was
brought to the duke as a trophy revived inside the walls, and is now
going on a rampage. The people inside the city are safe, for the most
part, but oh goodness, the poor duke might lose some of his other
unearned treasures! He’ll help out by handing over two Secret Softeners
and two doses of Potent Greenwarish. Off on our merry way we go,
protecting the property of the rich.
3) Enter the Craftsman’s Quarter, where the Cockatrice prowls in the
field. A squad of Gran Soren soldiers will help out, but they’re not
likely to manage anything more than getting themselves petrified. A
treacherous soldier named Ser Tolth will cackle about the fruition of
his plan to unleash the Cockatrice on the city… and then there’s the
Cockatrice, itself. This encounter is similar to the Griffin fight on
the Estan Plains during ‘Griffin Bane’-the Cockatrice isn’t here to
stay, and will run away if sufficiently injured… so it’s not a great
place to discuss the beast in detail. In brief, however, it shares a
number of attacks with the Griffin (especially the clumsy, short dive).
The real danger, of course, is its breath, which comes in two forms,
a short-ranged breath attack which it performs in an arc in front of it,
and a series of aerial bursts, which it performs at long-range. Being
hit by these breath attacks will deal a bit of damage, but more fatally
cause Petrification. If you get petrified, use a Secret Softener, or
cast Voidspell before it fully takes effect. The duke’s cargo that you
are supposed to protect is along the road east of the field, but I
wouldn’t worry about it. First, I don’t give a crap if the duke loses
some toys, second, you’ll just get a lesser quest reward, and third, you
can’t control the Cockatrice, so your only active ways of protecting
the cargo is by being overwhelmingly powerful, or by fighting away
from the crates. When the Cockatrice flies away (or dies, if you’re
lucky and powerful enough) Ser Tolth will falter, too.
4) Head over to the Pawn Guild and take the road running alongside it
uphill to the east. Ignore the passage leading to the Urban Quarter-the
way is blocked by a gate. Instead, head up to the Passage Tower at the
end of the eastern road and speak to Ser Camillus, who will take you to
Aldous. Aldous, in turn, will recap events-he’s an idiot, fell for an
obvious trick to send off the duke’s strongest agent (you) while the
Cockatrice was revived and unleashed in a nearly helpless Gran Soren.
He’ll then give you a quest reward based upon how much of the duke’s
cargo you protected-the posted rewards below are the best outcome and
worst outcomes, respectively.

(For protecting all the Duke’s cargo)
EXP 25,000
Rift Currency 40
Gold 60,000


(For failing to protect the Duke’s cargo)
EXP 10,000
Rift Currency 40
Gold 15,000
5) Aldous has yet another quest for us… but I have other plans. That
Cockatrice started something here in Gran Soren, and we’re going to
finish it. It just wouldn’t be right to encounter a foe without shortly
fighting it in a fitting enough fashion to record it in full… besides,
at five Steps this section is woefully short. So, let’s go kill that
Cockatrice, says I. If you remember talking to the idiot soldiers who
chanced upon its corpse earlier, they said they found it along the
western roads. From where they were in the Deos Hills, what’s west of
that? Well… lots of crap, but I’ve done this before, and talking from
cheap experience-our quarry lies in Soulflayer Canyon. It couldn’t hurt
to run there again, so we shall… or, well, you could just ignore this
and skip to the next section, you insubordinate whelp.
6) Trek back to Soulflayer Canyon, collecting whatever loot and killing
whatever monsters you find along the way. Our destination? Leaper’s
Ledge. It did seem kind of arena-y didn’t it? Large, fairly even,
secluded platform. Now it’s got an occupant-our wayward Cockatrice.

Looking like a huge, diseased, black quadrapedal vulture, the Cockatrice
is a nasty foe. It has similar dimensions to-and indeed shares a few
attacks with-the Griffin, the the lightning speed and grace of the
Griffin isn’t possessed by the Cockatrice. No, the Cockatrice is an
ugly, inelegant foe whose most dangerous weapon is its breath.

An Inelegant Attacker
The Cockatrice’s resemblance to the Griffin yeilds similar forms of
attack-it’ll perform a short, flying dive that the Griffin used in
repeated series. It also fond of making lunging bites and an erratic,
awkward, zig-zagging charge where it seeks to deal damage through its
sheer size. What it lacks in grace it makes up for in sheer power. In
this, it far out-classes the Griffin.

Its Breath is Worse than its Bite
Its most dangerous attack, however, is its breath weapon, a noxious
cloud of vapor which can turn those struck to stone. We’ve dealt with
Petrification earlier in Soulflayer Canyon, but the Gargoyle is a much
weaker foe than a Cockatrice. Its breath weapon takes two forms-an
arching horizontal spray in front of it, and a series of aerial blasts.
The former has a fairly short range, while the latter has a much
longer range, yet is more easily dodged as it sacrifices area for
accuracy. Both have significant visual cues that indicate their
imminent deployment. The safest place when fighting a Cockatrice is
beside the beast, especially after it starts using its breath, which
leaves it fairly vulnerable to attack. The strategy is simple-wait for
it to start huffing and puffing, run to its flank and pummel it.

|VIDEO|Cockatrice Takedowns |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPiFYnegekM |

Once you slaughter the Cockatrice, return to Gran Soren and talk to
Aldous again… our final task in service to the duchy is at hand.

| |
| Exploring the Blighted Manse |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK036}
1) Recognition at Last
2) Looting the Treasury
3) Duchess in Distress
4) Infiltrating the Blighted Manse
5) Defiling the Duchess
6) Breaking Out
7) Into the Depths
8) Pampered Nobility
9) Pointless Options
10) Bandit Bridge
11) Not-So-Pointless Options
12) Beyond the Bridge
13) Reunited
14) More Fashion and Function
15) Maiden’s Wear
16) Crashing the Bandit Party
17) Another Bandit Bridge
18) Farewell, Aelinore

1) Aldous will inform you that the duke has taken notice of all your
hard work and is going to honor you with… more work. This time we’re
to lead an expedition, one of great importance to the realm. He’ll warn
us that once we accept, we might be away from Gran Soren for a while…
he’s blowing hot air. Don’t let him scare you. It’s true we’re nearing
the end of our journey, but we’re not in any danger of having our
wanderings restricted. Accept and he’ll lead you to the duke, who wishes
to see us before we depart.

Reward and Responsibility

|VIDEO|Reward and Responsibility |{VID051}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=899ybYDCgZk |

2) Don’t feel confined by Aldous’ pace-just run up to the Duke’s Solar
(upstairs along the western side of the castle). Approach the duke and
he’ll recognize your strength… and ambition. Before we set off, he
means to reward us for our previous work. Follow him through the castle
to the treasury, which he’ll unlock for us now (unlike Aldous you do
need to stay close to the duke-walk too far away and he’ll stop moving,
so be sure to walk beside him as he takes his sweet as time wandering
down to the treasury…) Once he reaches the treasury he’ll go to open
an ornate chest in the back, using his ring-if you gave back the real
Wyrmking’s Ring, the chest will open. If not, not. The chest contains a
Paladin’s Mantle-a unique item, but not a terribly powerful one.
Postpone your looting for a moment and head for the door to trigger a
cutscene-a Gran Soren guard willl bring the news that Salvation has
taken Greatwall. The duke immediately postpones the expedition he
planned to send you on and charges you instead of vanquishing Salvation.
You’ll get a quest reward for the little work you did, and the
achievement/tropy ‘The Message’. Now we’ll get to looting the treasury.
First, there’s quite a bit of gold stashed around the ornate chest the
duke tried to open-53,500 gold by my count. In the square chests
opposite (north of) the ornate chest you’ll find a Golden Bastard (east
chest) and a Badge of Merit (west chest.) In the north-western corner of
the room, search near two urns to score a Grand Surcoat.

Note: The Badge of Merit will-as long as it’s kept in your inventory-
grant you an 8% discount at stores.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Paladin’s Mantle]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Golden Bastard]

[Grand Surcoat]

Deny Salvation

(For recieving the duke’s commendation)
EXP 20,000
Rift Currency 35
3) Greatwall has been attacked, and that’s probably pretty bad, and
stuff… but we’ve another quest we can do, so let’s postpone an urgent
matter to pursue a trivial one. Leave the castle and, just outside of
the castle, along the northern stairs, you’ll find Aelinore’s
hand-maiden, Mirabelle. She orchestrated our last scandal, and seeks
to guide us to another-Aelinore has apparently been banished to the
duke’s northern manse-the Blighted Manse in the Northface Forest. Simply
put, Mirabelle fears for Aelinore’s safety, and given the duke’s
tempestuous disposition, one can’t blame her. She wants us to help
Aelinore escape back to their homeland of Meliore (must be where the
French folk live in Dragon’s Dogma… like Orlais in Dragon Age.) To
affect our infiltration of the Blighted Manse, she’ll give us a ‘Set of
Royal Guard Armor’, with which we can disguise ourselves as a soldier.
Don the armor and head to the Northface Forest. The bridge leading to
the Blighted Manse is north-west of the Traveler’s Rest and south-east\
of the Healing Spring.

Duchess In Distress

|VIDEO|Duchess in Distress |{VID052}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8HATaTc__E |

Blighted Manse: First Floor
4) Cross the bridge and talk to one ‘Ser Whitby’, who won’t bother
examining you too closely-he’s just happy somebody came, he presumes,
to relieve him. Lazy guard! Head past him into the manse, whence you’ll
score the achievement/trophy ‘Into the Manse’. From the entrance head
up some stairs to the west, go through a doorway, and turn south.
Continue until you’re near some stairs to the south-ignore them and
turn east, going up a flight of spiral stairs to reach a guard room.
Here you’ll find no fewer than three Warrior Remains, a square chest,
and various money pouches (one small, three normal, and two Large)
totaling 10,100 gold.

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Rusted Daggers]

Receiving Room
5) Turn south and go up another spiral flight of stairs. When you reach
the room atop the stairs, turn east and go through another doorway to
the south. Ascend more spiral stairs and go down a short hall to the
south, turning east to spot a door, beyond which lies the ‘Receiving
Room’. Enter, and Aelinore will exalt at the appearance of her hero,
salvation, and by the end of this cutscene, lover. For the record (not
that anybody cares) I hate Aelinore. I find her entirely uninteresting
as a character… but this game is nothing if not a wonderful collection
of cliches-both good and bad. If I must endure ‘the princess in the
tower’ to get the epic battles against mythic foes… I will.
6) When you’re done defiling the duchess, search her bed to score more
naughty items. Now all we have to do is escape with our human cargo.
Fear not, Aelinore is rather hardy, although you’ll have to make do
without your Pawns for a while, if you still rely on them. Leave the
Receiving Room, head down the hallway to the north, down the stairs,
and when you reach the lower level turn west. The guards here will
know the gig is up when they see Aelinore, so spare yourself the bother
and just kill any you see. Aelinore will babble about her plans-head
down the stairs to the west, then turn north and descend another flight
of stairs. Kill all the guards you encounter and Aelinore will suggest
an alternate route, as waltzing out the main gate is… probably not

[Silk Lingerie]

Blighted Manse: First Level Underground
7) Go through the barred door to the west after Aelinore unlocks it and
search the room immediately beyond to find two Warrior Remains and a
Square Chest. When done, head down some stairs to the west to reach
the room below, which you should proceed through by heading east.

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Gloaming Boots]

o–Warrior Remains–o
[War Blade]
8) Eventually the paved floor will yield to raw earth, and a stream will
cut the room in half. A feeble bridge makes an abortive attempt to
cross this stream and keep your feet dry. Giant Bats and Giant Rats
lurk about and should be destroyed for Aelinore’s sake. Speaking of
which, she’ll complain like the spoiled noble she is-the water is
cold, the gap in the bridge too far to jump… ignore her. She will
be able to follow you just fine, just focus on clearing the way.
Head into the stream and follow it south to find a gate, along which
you’ll find some Harspud Milk and Does of Strength.
9) Jump the gap in the bridge to reach the eastern side of the chamber,
then go up some stairs. Two passages lie to the east-take whichever you
prefer, both shortly lead to the same area. Drop off a ledge or climb
down a ladder to reach another stream. Follow it south until you reach
an intersection. Continue south and jump on a ledge to score a rounded

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Recluse’s Robe]
10) From the chest turn east and go through a doorway to reach a large
chamber with a wooden bridge crossing it. Below the bridge flows
water, fed by many sources. It’s not deep enough to attract the Brine,
and treasure lies below… but we’d better deal with what lies across
the bridge before we worry about what’s under it. On the stone landing
across the bridge lurk several Bandits, who vary wildly in power-at
the strongest they’re equal to those found in the Pastona Cavern, at
the weakest, to those in Manamia Trail. Don’t be surprised if, while
crossing the bridge, some more appear behind you to the west. Dispatch
all your foes, but spare the bridge as much abuse as possible-it could
collapse if struck too much. Once the Bandits are dead feel free to
loot the waters below. There are stone platforms under the bridge on
each side of the room-on the western side you’ll find a square chest,
while the eastern side is noteworthy only because it has ladders for
Aelinore to climb. Against a spiked fence in the north-western corner
of the chamber you’ll find an Angel’s Periapt, and south of this, on
a mound of dirt, lies a Conquerer’s Periapt. On another mound of dirt
in the south-eastern corner of the room lies a square chest. Finally,
near another spiked fence (the center of three along the southern
end of the room) you’ll find two Harspud Milks and some Harspud Juice,
as well as two Empty Flasks and a Flask of Oil.
11) Once you’re done looting, cross the bridge to the eastern side and
climb to the top platform, where the Bandits lurked. Again, you’ll
find two doors you can explore, but this time, they don’t lead to the
same place. Take the northern-most door first and follow the passage
beyond to find an ornate chest, behind which lie a Coin Pouch (1000 G),
a Large Coin Pouch (3500 G), and a Seeker’s Token.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Lady’s Corset]
[Noblewoman’s Corset]
12) Return to the bridge room and head through the southern door and
down some stairs. Score some Warrior Remains along the eastern wall,
near a ladder. Ignore the ladder, and the water below it, and instead
jump across a bridge to the south to reach another chamber. Some stairs
to the west lead to a water-side patch of dirt with Droughtshrooms
growing off it-not entirely interesting. On the eastern side of the room
sits a rounded chest.
13) Head down some stairs to the south to reach a large chamber with
dry stonework and bridges over a watery floor… you know, the usual.
It’s festering with Bandits of middling strength, but on the plus side,
your Pawns will rejoin you here. First head east to find a rounded
chest behind some crates, then turn west until you reach some wooden
bridges that run most of the length of this room. The bridges are
unreliable, with many gaps in them, and Bandits lurk all about…
although to be fair, they’re only of middling potency. Kill them all to
ensure Aelinore doesn’t get scuffed up, then go treasure hunting. Turn
south and cross a very short wooden bridge to reach some stonework.
Hop up and run to the southern end of the stonework to find a rounded

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Bardiche Daggers]
[Bastard Sword]
[Cast Stone]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Alchemical Hosen]
[Brown Laced Leggings]
14) Return back north, continue past the wooden ramp lead down to the
bridgework in the middle of the area to the northern end of this
stonework. Once there, turn east to find a square chest. Once done, head
across the bridges to the west, staying along the northern part of the
bridge work, and ascend to the stonework on the other side before
turning south to find an ornate chest. From this chest turn south and
climb a ledge to reach a higher part of the stonework. Continue south
across the chamber to reach the southern edge of the stonework here,
where a rounded chest sits.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Striker’s Greaves]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Summery Cowl]
[Summery Pareo]
15) Head back to the northern end of the bridgework and drop down into
the water. In the water, follow the eastern side of the bridgework
while heading south to find a rounded chest under a segment of bridge.
Continue to-and past-the bridges in the south and turn west to spot
another rounded chest on a mound of dirt. Continue along the dirt to
the west to find a Giant Coin Purse (10000 G). Return back to the north,
staying along the western side of the bridgework while keeping your
eyes to the west. When you find passage through (or under) the
stonework to the west, take it. On a mound of dirt you’ll find a
square chest. See the stonework ledge above you, to the south? That’s
your destination, which you can reach by simply crossing the bridges
in the middle of the room.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Plucked Heart]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Maiden’s Camisole]
[Maiden’s Petticoat]
16) Once on the southern ledge, head to the western end and turn south
to find a doorway, which you should head through. Go down some stairs
and through two small rooms (the southern-most of which holds a rounded
chest) and into another, larger, circular room. This room houses a
trio of rather strong Bandits. Dispatch them and loot a table along the
western side of the room for some Harspud Milk, Harspud Juice, a Coin
Pouch (1000 G), two Festival Pies, and some Sconces. There’s also a
square chest nearby.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Red Over-Knee Boots]
17) Turn east and head through yet another doorway, and into another
bridge-over-water room. No Bandits this time, and like the last one of
these rooms, all the loot lies below. There are two stone platforms
under each end of the bridge-there’s an ornate chest on the western end,
and a square chest on the eastern end. There are three other chests,
too-two rounded chests on dirt mounds on either side (east/west) of the
room (both north of the bridge) and a square chest along the western
pylon. Finally, search along the middle fence along the southern side
of the room to score five Apples and a Golden Egg. When you’re done
here, ascend the ladders to reach the eastern side of the room, go
through a doorway to the east, then turn south. You’ll find a rounded
chest further south, and a ladder which leads to the exit.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Raptor Cuisses]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Rooted Gloom]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Free-Spoken Earring]
18) Once outside you’ll encounter Aelinore’s entourage, including her
hand-maiden and some Meloirean guards. Aelinore makes a courtly-and
entirely out of place-exit and cries her ever-lasting love for you
before being taken away by her imposingly protective guards. You’ll get
your quest reward, and Aelinore exits Gransys.

Note: You can now use the ‘Blighted Manse Rear Entrance’ to return to
the Blighted Manse any time you wish. Bandits still lurk within, but
in the more hospitable parts of the manse the guards will be replaced
by Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Specters… albeit creepy, pale-skinned
Goblinoids. Ghost Goblins?

We’ve been chasing off familiar characters left and right lately, and
it’s a trend we’ll continue. Before we pursue Salvation, let’s finally
resolve two quests for two of our oldest merchant contacts-Reynard and

(For rescuing the duchess)
EXP 25,000
Rift Currency 40
Gold 35,000
Item Love-In-The-Rough

| |
| Merchant Matters |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK037}
1) Bartering with Reynard
2) Scrounging for Scrap Iron
3) Handing Over Miasmite
4) Reynard’s Number One Customer
5) Farewell, Reynard
6) Madeline’s Honest Mistake
7) Talk Around Town
8) Ser Raulin’s Manhunt
9) Farewell, Madeline
10) Buying Love

1) You’ll remember that waaay back in the Encampment I mentioned that
Reynard had a quest for us… but he would only give it to use after
we purchased enough from him. Like I said earlier, it’s not how many
items you buy, or how much gold you spend, but rather how many unique
transactions you complete that prompts him to give us this quest. You
may have been buying from him all game by this point, and he may or
may not have started his quest… for the sake of simplicity, we’ll
assume he hasn’t yet given you any quests. To trigger his quest, I
prefer to make multiple one-purchase transactions with him, buying
the various wares he has. Namely, I start out by purchasing Gran Soren
Rubble, as it’s not terribly common, it’ll be the object of a Notice
Board Quest later, and it’s very cheap. Other than that you can buy
Festival Pies (used for raising Julien’s affinity, and cheap, too.)
Silk and Chestnut Branches aren’t cheap, but they’re uncommonly found
and useful for upgrading equipment… Just buy whatever strikes your
fancy. It took me nine purchases before his quest marker popped up.
2) After making enough purchases Reynard will get his quest icon. Talk
to him again and he’ll request a rare item from you-in this case a hunk
of Scrap Iron. Scrap Iron is dropped by Skeleton Knights, and you should
certainly have found a bit of it by now (I personally had 74 peices
by this time)… if not, these undead pollute Pastona Cavern (at night)
and Bluemoon Tower (anytime), along with many other locales. Once you’ve
recovered a piece, hand it over to Reynard and the quest will update.

Search Party
3) Continue selling crap to Reynard, like we did earlier. This time it
only took five purchases-the number of distinct transactions is, to my
memory, fairly variable. The next item he needs? Miasmite. Miasmite is
dropped by Phantasms, which can be found just over the bridge from Gran
Soren in the Deos Hill, or in the Witchwood, both at night. If you only
find a Miasmite Shard you can combine it with a Firefly Stone to
create Miasmite. When you get yourself a piece (I only had ten at this
time) turn it in to Reynard.
4) You know the drill-make more transactions with Reynard to prompt him
to offer up another quest. Ten transactions does it for me this time.
Once the quest marker appears again, Reynard will hail you as his finest
patron, and worthy of his trust. He’ll tell you his backstory… at
least, the part that’s relevent to his travels. His father apparently
was a scoundrel who abandoned Reynard’s mother before he was born, and
the question has haunted him-what could so vex a man that he might
desert his unborn child? Apparently he never considered that the child
itself might be reason enough to get the hell out of there! In any
event, Reynard’s been searching for answers, taking up trade to fund
his travels. I mean, you’re already wandering around, might as well
make good on all that travel, right? Anyways, he’s looking for clues,
a record of his travels, a diary, or… perhaps a journal entry?
Maybe even six of them?
5) That’s right, those Journal Entries we’ve been finding all game
belonged to Reynard’s father-they’re the clues Reynard was searching
for. Now, we’ve had these for a while, so why didn’t we turn them in
earlier? Well, the search for the answers contained herein is the only
thing that’s been keeping Reynard on the road, so it was prudent to
postpone satisfying him at least until Fournival’s trial was over, just
to keep our options open. If you want to raise Reynard’s affinity or
buy anything from him, do it before you give him these journal entries.
Once he has them, he’ll leave the world forever… unless he ends up as
your romantic interest, but there’s no way to know whether he will end
up as such for sure, so just assume he’s gone for good. He’ll at least
be gone for the immediate future, in any event. Anyways, hand off the
Journal Entries when ready and Reynard will thank you, reward you, and
bid a heart-felt farewell.

(For ending Reynard’s search)
EXP 10,000
Rift Currency 35
Gold 10,000
Item Goddess Cameo
Wroth Mask
Decaying Grimoire
6) One down, one to go. You’ll remember back at the end of ‘Pride Before
a Fall’ I pointed out that Madeline will no longer be around? Yeah,
let’s go look into that. Head over to her shop in the ‘Venery’, just
across the street (south-east) of the Black Cat. Inside you’ll find a
woman named Katlyn, who will tell you that Madeline has found a way to
get herself in trouble… enough trouble that she had to flee her shop.
Loot the counter nearby to score Divine Razors-Madeline’s weapons. She
had to run at night, and in such haste that she’s left these behind?
She must be in deep.

Note: The Divine Razors are a palette swap of the strongest daggers
in the game… and this is the only place to get them. If you’re an
item collector, and wish to keep them, stash them before you continue
the quest… or just refuse to give them back when the times comes.

Bad Business

|VIDEO|Bad Business |{VID048}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aw2MT11fzg |
7) Now it’s time to scour Gran Soren for info. Head to Arsmith’s
Alehouse… where else would you go for gossip? Arsmith himself is
useless, but the serving wench-Nettie-will fill us in. She was
apparently dealing in illicit goods, and got caught. You can also talk
to some dork named Guston, who talks more about Madelin’s beauty than
her problems. Anyways, after talking to Nettie the quest will update,
and we’ll be directed to the sewers next.
8) When you approach you’ll be bothered by a guard named ‘Ser Raulin’,
who will ask if you’ve seen Madeline. What you say to him doesn’t
matter in the slightest, although you can lie and say you saw her
heading towards the castle, or out into the countryside. Continue past
him towards the sewers to spot Madeline near the water below. She’ll
bolt to the nearby gate and vanish. We should probably follow her, eh?
9) Head outside and walk onto a wooden bridge. Turn south and walk
along the wall and around a corner to spot Madeline, who has used her
keen self-preservation skills to hunker down behind a rock. Talk to her
and she’ll proclaim her innocence. After the quest ‘The Conspirators’,
where we saw her talking to Julien… well, knowing what he was
involved in, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine how useful a
legitimate business front for Salvation’s dealings in Gran Soren could
be. It’s also not difficult to imagine that Madeline didn’t care who
she was dealing with, as long as there was profit in it, legal or not.
She’ll lament the loss of her daggers… if you have them in your
inventory she’ll notice them and ask for them back. If you return them,
she’ll sing your praises and reminisce on how faithful a friend you’ve
been… or she’ll write the daggers off as fair payment for not turning
her into the guards. Either way, she’ll be interrupted by when she spots
soldiers in the distance and makes a run for it. Shortly thereafter
you’ll be bothered by Ser Marcas, who’ll ask you-like Ser Raulin before
him-where Madeline went. Again, like with Ser Raulin, it doesn’t
matter what you say. Ser Vyctor will show up and lead the guards on a
false trail, which allows Madeline to return and thank you… and mooch
more money off of you. She’s probably aims to get far away from Gran
Soren, and with the loss of all her worldly possessions, suffers from
genuine need. Either give her the money she wants-50,000 gold-or refuse.
This quest is all about raising Madeline’s affinity at the last moment,
really-the nicer you are, the more affinity she’ll gain, the more
likely she’ll be to end up as you romantic interest.

(For helping Madeline escape)
EXP 8,000
Rift Currency 30
Gold 0 or (-50,000)
10) Only one more task to do before we head to Greatwall-and it’s
entirely optional. We’re nearing the end of the game, so you should
consider your romantic interest. You WILL have a romantic partner
whether you like it or not, your only ‘choice’ is who. If you don’t
care who you end up with, skip this Step, if you do… well, there are
a few things we can do to try and influence them. Raising their affinity
is the name of the game here, and the best way to do this is by
giving gifts. Below is a list of gifts you can give and what characters
are particularly fond of them:

Ambrosial Meat –> Cassardi Males
Ancient Ore –> Members of the Faith
Ancient Scroll –> Aldous
Antique Panoply –> Soldiers
Arisen’s Bond –> Everybody
Beast Steak –> Cassardi Males
Capeflower –> Cassardi Females
Cloudwine –> Mercedes
Cursed Carving –> Members of the Faith
Devilwort –> Valmiro
Festival Pie –> Julien
Giant Fish –> Gran Soren Males
Godsthrone Blossom –> Quina
Grandblossom –> Cassardi Females
Harspud Juice –> Travelers
Harspud Sauce –> Travelers
Jasper Blossom –> Symone
Large Fish –> Gran Soren Males
Lava Flower –> Gran Soren Females
Lonefloewr –> Gran Soren Females
Magick Medal –> Madeline
Noonflower –> Quina
Quill –> Maximilian
Reminishroom –> Reynard
Skull –> Bandits
Thornflower –> Symone
Toadstool Sitter –> Selene
White Orchid –> Aelinore
Windmill Flower –> Aelinore

Pick the object of your affection and gift them generously, perhaps
even using the Arisen’s Bond, which will massively increase their
affinity. As their affinity raises you’ll first see blush appear on
their cheeks (accompanied by a chime sound when you talk to them), and
at the highest affinity they’ll be surrounded by a lavender aura when
talking to them. Maxing an NPC’s affinity for you will score you the
achievement/trophy ‘Affinity and Beyond’. Just keep in mind that at
this point in the game we cannot access Valmiro, Reynard, Aelinore,
Madeline, Julien, Mercedes, or Quina, as they’ve all departed due to
quest progession.

Anyways, now that that’s over with, we’ve nothing left to do but go
after Salvation. Rest up and head off to Greatwall. You should have
already placed a Portcrystal in the Greatwall Encampment. If not, head
back there and place one there now. You might need to travel back and
forth a few times over the next few quests.

| |
| Salvation’s Last Stand |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK038}
1) The Doorguard
2) The Greatwall Cemetary
3) Skeleton Knight Intersection
4) Saving Ser Bacell
5) Ser Diggan’s Shortcut
6) Masticating Undead
7) Rescue and Gratitude
8) Stairwell Treasure
9) Chimera are OUTDOOR Pets
10) Saving Ser Faerma
11) Skeleton Lord Smite
12) Face to Face
13) Wisdom of the Elders
14) The Dragonforged’s Gifts

Greatwall: First Floor
1) When you make it to the Greatwall Encampment, rest and stash loot
as necessary, then head through the gate to the Greatwall fort. From
the entrance head north, where you’ll shortly startle two Salvation
members hanging out in the courtyard. They’ll run away and when the
cutscene ends you’ll find that the courtyard is swarming with foes-
two armored Cyclops and all the Snow Harpies you can eat. Downside?
This combination of foes can be really annoying. Upside? The Cyclops
will often hit the Snow Harpies, and you don’t really need to fight
them at all-just run through the gate to the north and you shouldn’t
be followed.

|VIDEO|Deny Salvation |{VID053}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZKxw6fvbio |
2) When you’re done fighting… or if you’re being a coward, leave the
courtyard and head under the northern gate. To the north you’ll find a
citadel, wherein our quarry lies. Ignore the stairs leading to the
citadel for now and explore around the exterior wall to the north-west,
where you’ll find a graveyard with a craggy tree in the middle. You can
score a square chest and some warrior remains here, but your presence
will be contested by some Undead Warriors. Still, it’s worth doing a
bit of light grave-robbing, since you can get some decent potions and,
if you’re lucky, even some items from them.

[Solar Numen]

[Sight Earring]
3) Now head south-east to reach the citadel-there are two gated passages
that lead to the interior, one on the western side of the citadel, and
one on the southern side. Both paths leads to the same four-way
intersection, where a number of Skeleton Knights lie dormant. Dispatch
them and head through a doorway to the south-east-you can ignore the
north-east, as we can’t open the door at the end of the hallway.
4) Walk down a short, narrow hallway to reach a small room. A Salvation
member walks around here, and he’ll shortly be joined by two Skeleton
Knights. They might harass you, or the Gran Soren guard lying prone
on the ground. The Salvation member functions like the Sorcerers
outside Gran Soren… basic elemental spells, and it’ll also cast
Anodyne on its minions if they are hurt. Once the foes are dispatched
the guard-Ser Bacell-will get up and thank you, offering you some
Harspud Milk. That is, of course, if he’s still alive.
5) Take a gander at the south-eastern wall, where you’ll see a barred,
gated door we cannot open, and a damaged section of wall. The latter
will grant us entry to the room beyond if you can destroy it-powerful
attacks like Comestion and Warrior attacks can do it, but if you’re
playing less potent classes, you’ll have to resort to gunpowder barrels.
So, assuming you can’t just knock a hole in the wall, go through the
doorway to the north-east. Ser Diggan will run up to you, thankful for
aid. He’ll tell you the leader of the zealots is upstairs, and will
unlock the door to the north-east. The less impressive stairs beyond
the door Ser Diggan unlocked will bypass the stairs nearby, which are
crawling with Salvation members.
6) Don’t be a wussy-introduce the cultists on the stairs to the death
they embrace so much, then search the landing beyond them to find a
gunpowder barrel. Don’t worry about Ser Diggan’s door, we’ll get there
shortly, but for now, grab the gunpowder barrel and return to the room
south-west of the staircase room. Once there, chuck the barrel into the
damaged portion of the wall to create a passage-how ingenious of you!
Masticate (yes, chew them up) the Undead Warriors in the room beyond,
unbar the door, and search the table for some delicious fruit before
heading down some stairs to the south-east.

Greatwall: First Level Underground
7) When you reach the room at the bottom of the stairs, cross it to
the north-west, stopping only to grab a Dose of Courage on a table.
Go through another doorway and down a small flight of stairs to reach
a room occupied by another member of Salvation and his pet Undead
Warriors, who set upon several helpless Gran Soren guards. Kill the
undead quickly to save the guards, as they’ll gift you if they survive.
Their gifts include Harspud Juice, Harspud Sauce, Dessicated Herbs,
Matured Greenwarish and Ser Cronnel will also open a door to the
north-east, beyond which lies a rounded chest. The treasure in Greatwall
is quite nice-equal or superior to that found in Soulflayer Canyon or
Bluemoon Tower, so it’s worth making the extra effort to get.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Chimeric Sabatons]
[Meloirean Greaves]
[Rex Lion Padding]
[Silver Chestplate]
8) Backtrack to the first floor, returning to the chamber with the
cultist-infested stairs and the door Ser Diggan unlocked. Go through
this door now and head up the smaller stairs beyond until you reach a
small room crammed with loot-two Square chests along the north-western
wall and some fruit and a some Harspud Milk on the table. Loot and
continue up some more stairs to the north-east, grabbing a Dose of
Strength along the way.

o–Square Chest–o
[Chimeric Half Plate]
[Orilux Shield]
[Plated Coat]
[Steel Cuirass]
[Thousand Stings]
[Veteran’s Arc]

o–Square Chest–o
[Chimeric Gauntlets]
[Jade Bangles]
[Meloirean Armguard]
[Red Over-Knee Boots]

Greatwall: Second Floor
9) Unbar a door and continue through it. To the south-west are the
cultist-infested stairs we clear, to the north-east a narrow tunnel
continues deeper into the citadel. Head down the tunnel to the
north-east and grab some Harspud Juice on the floor as you go. When
you exit into a large chamber on the other side of the chamber you’ll
be treated to the scene of a Chimera trying to get at a cowardly Gran
Soren soldier named Ser Estoma, hiding on the other side of a door
from the beast. Being the wuss that he is, he won’t open the door until
the Chimera is dead… if you’ve avoided fighting one this long, well…
this encounter is unavoidable. Best that you learn how to fight it,
you’ll be facing a stronger version very soon. I suspect, however, that
most of you following this guide will have downed a Chimera before,
and although we’re in a civilized setting, that shouldn’t make this
fight any more challenging. There are some ballistae lining the room,
but in my mind making yourself a sitting duck to deal inferior damage
to a Chimera isn’t an ideal strategy. Put the beast down and Ser Estoma
will open the door and gush over how awesome you are. Yeah, yeah, all in
a day’s work. Continue into the room he was locked in (along the
south-western edge of the Chimera-occupied room) and loot two rounded
chests. There’s also a Dose of Strength hidden behind the crates in the
north-eastern corner, if you care.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Animistic Robe]
[Master’s Bracers]
[Scarlet Hand Covers]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Free-Spoken Earring]
[Gryphic Cloak]
[Ring of Sable]
[Sight Earring]
10) Head through a doorway to the south-west and follow the tunnel
beyond until it terminates at a staircase running up to the south-east.
Atop the stairs you’ll find two asswipe Skeleton Sorcerers, their
bodyguard of Undead Warriors, and a Salvation cultist. In front of
the stairs is a small cubby where Ser Faerma is beset by a group of
Undead Warriors. If you aim to save him, you’ll have more luck killing
the critters on the stairs, first, then helping him (he tends to get
grappled by Undead, which limits the damage he takes a good bit.) Once
all the foes on the stairs are dead, aid Ser Faerma, who will tell you
that the leaders of Salvation are above, preparing some dark ritual.
He’ll then unlock a door situation along the south-eastern wall of his
little cubby. Head through that door, up some stairs, and into a small
room with a rounded chest within. There’s also an Interventive on a
crate in the corner. If you failed to protect Ser Faerma, you’re not
out of luck-there’s a weakened section of wall that connects this room
to the landing atop the stairs beyond-either grab a gunpowder barrel
from earlier in the level (there are some in the Chimera room, or atop
the cultist-infested stairs) or destroy the wall with a sufficiently
powerful attack. At the bottom of the stairs you can find some warrior
remains, which are now safe to loot now that there aren’t any Skeleton
Sorcerers blasting you in the face with magic.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Faithful Earring]

Greatwall: Third Floor
11) At the top of the stairs we just cleared you’ll find a doorway to
the south-east. Head through and up the stairs beyond to reach a small
chamber occupied by another Gran Soren guard beset by undead-a Skeleton
Lord this time. Pretty much the same as our other rescue missions, save
we’re fighting one strong foe instead of a bunch of weaker ones. This
could be a bit tough, as the Skeleton Lord can kill our guard-Ser
Gerrick-in three hits. Save him if you can and he’ll inform you the
leader is just beyond, then he’ll unlock the storeroom to the
north-east, beyond which lies an ornate chest full of goodies. In the
room where you fought the Skeleton Lord you’ll find a Salubrious Brew
and an Interventive on a crate in the north-western corner.

The door to the north-west leads onto the roof, where the leader of
Salvation-the Elysion-lurks. Before you head out there though, note
that you will not be able to return to the Greatwall citadel afterwards.
If you want to try to score any of the loot here again, you’ll need to
refrain from confronting the Elysion. Rest up at the Greatwall
Encampment and return when the treasure has respawned. Then again,
the loot it only going to get better as you advance, so it might not
be worth the effort to farm this gear when the best loot in the game
lies on the horizon.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Alchemickal Hosen]
[Algid Bloom]
[Ardent Will]
[Gimble Gyre]
12) Go through the door to the north-west to reach the roof. When you
enter a cutscene will trigger-the Elysion and two other cultists sit
around conjuring purple-badness. The Elysion babbles about how you’ve
no chance against the Dragon… but just in case, they’ll kill you
anyways. After all, a dream deferred is a dream denied. The Elysion
will stab his two accomplices, who rise again as Wights. Once the
cutscene ends, the fight begins; you versus the two Wights and all
the undead minions they can summon, which include Skeleton Knights (3),
Skeleton Sorcerers (2), and Undead Warriors (3). If you’ve got ranged
attacks, you can just shoot down the Wights-they won’t resummon minion
until they’re all dead, so kill everything save an Undead Warrior
(which can be easily ignored and avoided) and focus on the Wights. If
you’re more of a melee persuasion, you’ll have to dispatch the minions,
as the Wights will lower themselves to the ground-and within reach-only
when the summon more fodder. In either event, this fight shouldn’t be
too difficult-Wights are old news, as are all the paltry undead that
guard them.

After the fight the Elysion cackles from a high vantage he managed to
crawl to during the fight. He’ll admit he underestimated you before
going into hysterics about the Dragon… who bothers to show himself.
The Elysion, in a bout of religious fervor, continues preaching about
the glorious doom the Dragon will bring to the world… and the Dragon
obliges him by giving him a sample. Then, for the first time since
Cassardis, we stand face-to-face with the Dragon, who announces that
he will now allow us to confront it, if we dare. But with this
challenge, a warning; When the weak court death-they find it. The Dragon
then demonstrates its power by demolishing Greatwall-the mighty keep
meant to ward against the Dragon is barely even a nuisance to it. We
manage to scramble from the ruins, more or less unharmed. The Dragon
has one more gift for us, if we’ve played our cards right romantically.
The Arisen’s Bond will fall from the sky as the Dragon departs-a final
bit of bait set out for us by the Dragon, in case our heart wasn’t
enough. This will, of course, only occur if a) we gave the Arisen’s
Bond to somebody, and b) the person we gave it to is our romantic
interest… in other words, if they have the highest affinity towards
us. In any event, you’ll score the Achievement/trophy ‘Rough Landing’,
and the Greatwall will now count as ‘civilized’ (Stamina-free)

(For denying Salvation)
EXP 30,000
Rift Currency 50
Gold 40,000
13) When you’re back in control, walk forward to pick up the Arisen’s
Bond, if the Dragon dropped it, then turn north to examine Greatwall.
Only the lower floors still stand-head north to the four-way
intersection and turn south-east to note that the way into the interior
is now blocked by rubble. All the loot in Greatwall is now buried
under debris, but on the plus side, the previously-locked door
north-east of the intersection is now unlocked. It leads to the Tainted
Mountain Temple-the Dragon’s domain. The end is nigh, but before we
confront the beast, we should do a final bit of preparation. Head back
out to the Greatwall Encampment and rest/stash loot as necessary. Our
next stop? The Dragonforged’s Sanctum.

The Final Battle
14) Return to Hillfigure Knoll and visit the Dragonforged, who,
recognizing that you are nearing the final confrontation with the
Dragon will generously aid you in your fight. He tells you to ‘seek
the temple atop the Tainted Mountain, beyond the Greatwall… At its
pinnacle, in the shadow of the wyrm, keeper of the endless ring, you
will make your choice. What you become, only you can decide.’ Cryptic,
but fortunately his aid isn’t limited to mere words-he’ll also give
you ‘Draconian Strategy Vol. I’ and either a ‘Dragonleather Vest’
(torso clothing) or ‘Dragonhide Bracers’ (arm-wear).

Anyways, once you’re done picking up that little trinket, return to
Greatwall-which should just be a Ferrystone away. Time to head into
the ruins of Greatwall and explore the Tainted Mountain Temple… don’t
worry, we’re not yet fighting the Dragon, but there’s plenty of new
foes (and new loot!) up ahead.

| Chapter 5: The World’s Utmost Depths |
| |
| Exploring the Tainted Mountain Temple |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK039}
1) To the Tainted Mountain Temple
2) Where Once Savan Stood…
3) Saurians of Earth and Fire
4) It’s Not a Harpy?
5) Clearing the Columns
6) The Golden Belt
7) Killing More Geo Saurians
8) Loot on Ledges
9) I Love Lamellar Armor
10) To the Temple Antechamber
11) Fighting Infernal Foes
12) Looting the Balcony
13) Looting the Alcoves
14) Gorechimera in the Grand Hall
15) Tattered Mantle
16) Final Preparations

1) Walk through the ruins of Greatwall again and return to the four-way
intersection. From here head north-east to reach the now-unlocked door
at the end of the hallway. Open it up and head on through, dropping
down a short ledge to the north-east (or you could walk around like a
dink) and grabbing a square chest below. Continue north-east until
you reach a door, which leads to the Tainted Mountain Temple.

o–Square Chest–o
[Cleric’s Cap]
[Crowned Hood]

Tainted Mountain Temple
“Thus you tread the path of the true Arisen: To face the Dragon… and
learn the real truth.”

2) The real truth? As opposed to what? The fake truth? As in, a lie?
Sorry… ahem. This area should look familiar to you-it’s where we
started the game as Savan all those hours ago. The layout of the
Tainted Mountain Temple hasn’t changed in all these years, but the loot
and the foes are different, so don’t assume you know the way (you still
need me!). If you’ve been diligent you should score the
Achievement/Trophy ‘The Explorer’ for finding 150 locations. From the
entrance turn north and head under an arch to find an area that’s just
as boring now as it was back when we were playing Savan-save you get
to keep whatever garbage you pick up! Loot a rounded chest and head back

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Meloirean Greaves]
[Steel Sabatons]

|VIDEO|Exploring the Tainted Mountain Temple |{VID054}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nvNAW7KKYg |
3) Back at the entrance again head south-east, head through another
arch, and reach an open-air ledge. No Dragon this time, but that doesn’t
mean it’s safe-in fact, it’s just occupied by smaller, sneakier
reptiles-Geo Saurians, the third tier of the Saurian family. Dispatch
them as you can-there are two in the initial wide portion of this
ledge and one more along the south-easternmost point. On the wider,
north-western part of this ledge you can find some warrior remains near
some debris. From those remains turn north and drop down to a lower
ledge that holds a square chest. Be wary, though-as your Pawns will
undoubtably warn you, a fall here isn’t healthy.

Note: The Tainted Mountain Temple also marks a bit of a change in
policy for the guide. I had previously refrained from mentioning most
gear we’ve found, as… honestly, a lot of it didn’t really matter.
You count the damage and use the highest-powered weapon you had, and
the armor was really more aesthetic than anything else. I know, the
defenses do some good, and the resistances, blah, blah, blah, but
the net effect of the incremental differences between most gear we’ve
previously found wasn’t worth wasting time on-mine or yours. Now,
however, we’re finding gear that aspires to be the best in the game,
so I’ll mention my favorite bits of loot.

The fiery branch of the Saurian family, these black lizards camouflage
themselves as well as Sulfur Saurians, except they spit explosive goo
instead of poisonous goo. They still carry spears, and have the same
attacks with both their polearms and their natural weapons, save Geo
Saurians are far stronger and more sturdy than even Sulfur Saurians.
This resilience makes targeting their tail an even more attractive
option, since they can withstand more punishment in a head-to-head
engagement. They are, as fire-beasts, weak to ice attacks.

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Rusted Greatsword]
[Stalwart Earring]

o–Square Chest–o
[Feral Cape]
[Gryphic Cloak]
[Royal Mantle]

Path to Dragon’s Domain
4) Back on the higher ledge, explore the narrower portion to the
south-east, scoring another square chest and some warrior remains at
the south-eastern end of this ledge, which is guarded by a third Geo
Saurian. North-east of the square chest you’ll find a Small Coin Pouch
(100 G) and a Coin Pouch (1000 G). Once done turn south-west and explore
down the narrow tunnel in that direciton, marked on the map as the
‘Path to Dragon’s Domain’. The path will terminate at a ladder leading
down-the lower chamber beyond contains a new, thoroughly annoying
foe-the third creature in the Harpy family-the Succubus. Kill the two
lurking here and loot around-there’s a new plant to pick, the Lava
Flower some Harspud Juice to the north-west, and to the west, a square

When I hear the word ‘Succubus’ I can’t help but think ‘Diablo’. How
many millions of those busty wenches did my Sorcerer lay low back in
the mid 90s? Not enough. Anyways, these are nothing like that-they’re
just Harpies with bat-wings and an even more foul disposition. They
will still use the typical fly-by attacks the Snow Harpies were fond of,
but they also have a new grapple attack. After screaming, they’ll swoop
down with incredible speed, aiming to latch onto a character, bite a few
times, and force your character to drop melodrmatically to the ground.
It’s beyond annoying. Other than that, expect the same attack as we’ve
seen from Harpies and Snow Harpies… save the frost breath, of course.
Their song, however, doesn’t cause Sleep, instead it afflicts the
‘Cursed’ debilitation, which severely lowers your attributes.

o–Square Chest–o
[Alchemickal Bangles]
[Meloirean Armguard]

o–Square Chest–o
[Gimble Gyre]
[Iron Bandings]
[Orilux Shield]
5) Continue down a narrow passage to the south-east, picking plants as
you desire. When the pass opens up into a large chamber, stop and look
around. You should see a few Geo Saurians clinging-without aid of
camouflage-to some pillars. There are more beyond them, to the east.
Dispatch them however you may, then continue south into the chamber
they occupied. If you turn west and jump over a crumbled wall you can
find some plants, a Light-Cure, some Harspud Juice, and lootable debris
in the mess beyond. Scale the rubble to the south and you can also nab
a Large Coin Pouch (3500 G) near a gunpowder barrel. Oh, and try to
avoid setting yourself on fire, you crazy kid.
6) Return to the Geo-Saurian infested chamber back east, and, well,
head east between two pillars. Jump over the fallen remains of another
column and drop down onto a ledge to score a rounded chest, which always
drops a Golden Belt. It’s not a bad bit of armor-if the aesthetic
doesn’t bother you. It’s got fair defense, a slew of elemental
resistances, and best of all, Petrification resistance. It also adds
a whopping bonus to Strength. Nowhere near as good as a Sultry Pareo,
but if your Arisen is male, it’s not bad.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Golden Belt]
7) Return to the Geo-Saurian chamber back west and this time head
south under an arch to reach a smaller room. Search the bushes to the
west to score some plants and another Large Coin Pouch (3500 G), then
turn east and ascend some stairs-jumping onto the rocks just south
of the arch on top to find another Coin Pouch (1000 G). Beyond this
arch are more Geo Saurians-one clinging to the wall near an arch to
the east and two more on a balcony to the north. Smite them and note
a doorway to the south-we’ll get there soon enough, but for now, turn
your attention to the north.
8) Head north onto the balcony and turn east. Climb the short wall in
that direction and continue east, looking over to a ledge below, where
a square chest sits. Inside are some gloves that appeal to the various
Strider-based classes-not really worthy of note. Backtrack to the
balcony and explore to its western edge, which also has a scalable wall
that leads to treasure. In this case, another square chest (which
contains a Lancer’s Sword, certainly an upgrade for any Warrior) and
some Interventive. If you’re a brave, foolish soul, you’ll jump onto
the pillar nearby (to the north), which contains some Liquid Vim.
Another pillar further north hold a Giant Coin Pouch (10,000 G), as
does the one west of the first gold-bearing pillar top. This, however,
requires a running jump, good timing, and… I find that I rarely
possess the patience to manage it. Double Vault or Levitate are
necessary, with the latter being superior, in this case.

o–Square Chest–o
[Assassin’s Armguards]
[Black Leather Gloves]

o–Square Chest–o
[Lancer’s Sword]
9) From the first (eastern) gold-bearing pillar top turn east and jump
onto a ledge in that direction. Alternatively you can return to the
balcony and jump from the elevated north-eastern corner (on which you’ll
find a Salubrious Brew) to this ledge. If you don’t have Double Vault
or at least Levitate, you may find this ledge out of reach. Upon it sits
an Ornate Chest which can yeild some of the best armor in the game;
either a Sultry Pareo (high Defense and Magick Defense, Fire Resistance,
Petrification Resistance) or a Lamellar Jacket (high Defense, moderate
Magick Defense, Fire/Dark Resistance, and Petrification Resistance when
upgraded.) I really like the stats and look of the latter-it’s black,
it’s snazzy, and it’s pretty protective. Archer’s Culottes might appeal
to some, but as far as I’m concerned, it really can’t compete with the
other two armors in terms of resistances.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Archer’s Culottes]
[Lamellar Jacket]
[Sultry Pareo]
10) Jump back to the balcony to the south and, from there, continue
south through the doorway we neglected earlier. Turn a corner to the
west, then go through a doorway to the south when you get the chance.
In these two small rooms you’ll find some warrior remains to loot,
another Large Coin Pouch (3500 G) and some Liquid Vim sitting on a
rubble-coverd bit of worked stone. Return to the hallway and continue
west, then turn south and head up some stairs to reach the ‘Temple

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Stalwart Earring]

Temple Antechamber
11) Savan encountered Hobgoblins and Snow Harpies here… we get
Hellhounds and Succubi. Sounds fair. Head out onto the northern
balcony and turn west. This room consists of two elevated balconies-one
north, and one shorter, less intact one to the south. In the middle
of the chamber, a bridge connects the two balconies… albeit allowing
for a small gap. The Harpies siutate themselves along the southern
side of the bridge, and the Hellhounds congregate on the lower floor to
the east. It would be unwise to engage both groups at once, so we
won’t-heading west along the northern balcony should provoke the
Succubi, allowing you to dispatch them before turning your attention to
the doggies below. Speaking of which…

The baddest doggies you’ll see in Dragon’s Dogma, Hellhounds are
stronger, more resilient, and… just bad news. Unlike the lesser Wolves
we fought, you’ll never encounter Hellhounds in great numbers-maybe
half a dozen, tops, and often only several. They make up for this lack
of numerical superiority with extreme aggression and fiery breath,
making them the only such beasts with a ranged option… a ranged
option they’re not afraid of spamming repeatedly and which, if it hits,
will likely knock you down, leading to you being dragged off and mauled.
Being stronger and more durable than normal hounds, you should focus on
knock-down strikes, when possible. Lighter attacks will not daunt them
the way it bothered their lessers, and will just leave you open to
retaliation. Ice attacks also work well.
12) Once the foes are dead we can turn our attention to looting. Return
to the northern balcony and explore to its western end. You can loot
the skeletons of fallen soldiers if you really enjoy junk, but we’re
after superior fare. Over a short wall along the southern face of the
balcony lies a narrow ledge, on which you’ll find a Dose of Strength
on a lip along the western end of the balcony, and some Secret Softener
on a lip to the east. Along the eastern edge of the northern balcony
you’ll find a rounded chest. Ignore the shorter southern balcony upon
which the Succubi roosted and climb down some rubble to the east, at the
bottom of which lies a Large Coin Pouch (3500 G).

In the rounded chest you might score some Royal Cuisses. They’re decent
leg-armor, certainly better than anything we’ve found so far (although
Red Over-Knee Boots come close). With moderate Defense, high Magick
Defense, and a boost to both Strength and Magick, you’ll be hard-pressed
finding something better to wear at this point in the game. You also
might find a Veteran’s Arc-easily the strongest Longbow we’ve had the
chance to get our hands on.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Royal Cuisses]
[Veteran’s Arc]
13) Now on the ground floor near where the Hellhounds rested turn west
and explore in that direction. Keep your eye to the north, as alcoves
are built under the northern balcony which contain loot, including two
rounded chests-one along the western end of the chamber, and one along
the eastern end. There’s also a Liberating Brew on a rock near the
eastern chest and in the rubble west of this rock you’ll find a Large
Coin Pouch (3500 G). From the western rounded chest turn south to find
a square chest, near which some Smother Sap sits. Finally, in an alcove
to the south you’ll find some Harspud Juice, and east of there are some
warrior remains.

As for the loot, I personally fancy the Cardinal Surcoat, which is
respectably potent. Once upgraded it’ll also boast some Petrification
resistance, rather high Fire Resistance, and it looks snappy, too.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Algid Bloom]
[Cardinal Surcoat]
[Crimson Robe]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Meloirean Plate]
[Royal Surcoat]

o–Square Chest–o
[Archwizard’s Helm]
[Pleached Limbs]

Grand Hall
14) We’re done looting this chamber. Find a hallway in the south-eastern
corner of the chamber and follow it south, then east down a corpse-
strewn hallway. Reach a small room to the east and search the north-
western corner of the room to score some Harspud Sauce, and in the
south-western corner sits a Panacea. Turn north to reach the Grand Hall,
where a new foe lurks; a Gorechimera. I’d give you a typical boss
strategy, but there’s not really any point-the Gorechimera is a stronger
version of the Chimera, so a normal monster entry will suffice.

Gorechimeras are… well, they’re just palette-swaps of normal Chimeras.
They move the same, attack the same, the Gorechimera just deals more
damage and has six life bars instead of four. If you get too near the
front the lion will lunge at you, the snake spits a rather potent
venom and bites, and the goat can caste a wide range of spells-and
unlike the Chimera’s goat tend to favor healing and debilitative
spells more than elemental ones. In this aspect, the Gorechimera is
far more dangerous than its lesser cousin. The goat head of the
Gorechimera is one of the few foes in the game that can cast a death
spell-if you see a red ring on the ground-avoid it. The strategy is
mostly the same, though-jump on the hind-quarters and detach the snake.
When it falls over, attack the goat, and if that dies, finish off the
lion. One thing to watch out for, however, is the fact that the
Gorechimera is resistant to fire, so use another element to take it
15) After the fighting begins the looting. Note that there are four
pressure plates in the hall that need to be depressed to open the
doors to the east-doors beyond which the Dragon lurks. These plates
are roughly in the four corners… if you were able to trick the
Gorechimera onto one… well, it’ll speed things up a bit. In the
north-western corner of the hall you’ll find a square chest and some
Harspud Juice. In the south-western corner you’ll find a rounded chest
and two Large Coin Pouches (7000 G). Along the eastern side of the
chamber you’ll find an ornate chest. In the north-eastern corner of
the hall, on an elevated ledge east of the north-eastern pressure
plate you’ll find some warrior remains, which always drops a Tattered
Mantle. It starts out pretty weak-beyond weak, actually, it’s outright
detrimental to your elemental resistances (-2%) and debilitation
resistances (-10%), but if it’s upgraded, it’ll become… well, the best
cloak in the game, with +2% to all elemental resistances, and +10%
to eight debilitation resistances. Not bad at all…

o–Square Chest–o
[Galvanic Razors]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Coupled Headgear]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Meloirean Helm]
[Steel Sallet]

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Tattered Mantle]
16) Depress all the pressure plates and the door to the east will open.
Now the only thing standing between us and the Dragon is our own
resolve. So, let’s discuss final preparations. I can’t imagine you
being under level 50 by this point in the game, although if you feel
underpowered, doing a few more loot runs can’t hurt. On that topic, a
few runs through the Tainted Mountain Temple will serve you well in
terms of both experience and treasure.

When you’ve resolved to engage the Dragon, grab a few things from
storage-healing items would serve you well, namely Potent Greenwarish
and Large Mushrooms, both of which can be purchased from Camellia’s
Apothecary in Gran Soren-buy as many as you can carry without being
burdened beyond, say, average encumbrance? Resist the urge to have Pawns
carry your burden, however-they’ll gleefully consume everything
themselves. Also be sure to grab your best gear. I’ve avoided upgrading
anything thus far, and hence, avoided mentioning it much for a few
reasons. First, the gear we’ve obtained up until now is paltry, not
really worth upgrading. Second, our upgrading ability has been limited.
Without wyrmfire, we could only get items up to three stars, but the
Dragon will Dragon-Forge all the gear we have equipped. Dragon-Forging
is the highest tier to which we can upgrage gear. Besides the Dragon,
the only way to Dragon-Forge gear is by killing lesser Draconic
creatures… but we’ll worry about that later, once we’ve found even
better gear. For now, put on your Sunday best for the Dragon. Gear
unworn is a missed opportunity.

Final preparations? Make sure you’re whatever Vocation you chose to
level as-the fight with the Dragon will almost certainly level you up,
unless you’re an extremely high level. Bows and grapples work best,
so Strider/Assassin/Ranger/Magick Archer are the best Vocation for the
fight… but you’ll have to use whatever you can. Pick your weapon
loadout and Vocation carefully, however, as you’ll get a unique weapon
for fighting the Dragon-the same type as you have equipped during the
battle. For some Vocations, this is pretty simple, but, say, an
Assassin, Magick Archer, or Mystic Knight will have quite a few weapons
to choose from. As for the Warrior-yes, there is a difference between
Longswords and Warhammers, as far as this is concerned.

| |
| Showdown with the Dragon |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK040}
1) Abandon All Delusions of Control
2) Vote With Your Feet
3) Cat and Mouse
4) Retaliation
5) Out Into the Open
6) First Broken Bridge Run
7) The Dragon’s Perch
8) Second Broken Bridge Run
9) One Good Shot…
10) Climbing the Dragon
11) Crash Landing
12) Tainted Mountain Peak
13) Reclaim What is Yours
14) Consequences

Tainted Mountain
1) Once you’re ready to confront the Dragon, head to the Great Hall in
the Tainted Mountain Temple and go through the door to the east we
opened by depressing the pressure plates. Continue east up some stairs
to reach an enormous chamber. Upon entering a cutscene triggers, where
the Dragon will hit you with some philosophy as some Goblins tease your
romantic interest. The philosophical ponders lead to one thing-a test
of your will. The Dragon makes you two offers-fight him, and if you
win you will be free, or sacrifice your romantic interest. The key
phrase he uses in the latter is ‘abandon all delusions of control’.
Are you the master of your fate, are you the stronger, will you rise
to the challenge, or will you submit?

|VIDEO|The Final Battle |{VID055}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ruuXsRKQkg |
2) Vote with your feet-if you walk away from the Dragon he’ll ask you
again if you accept the deal-the life of your romantic interest and in
exchange the Dragon leaves Gransys. You get the reputation for killing
the Dragon, and the prestige that goes with it. It’s the same deal the
current duke made with the Dragon, the phony that he is. If you accept
you’ll get a cutscene of your Arisen wearing the duke’s attire, sitting
on the throne, looking fairly miserable. While this nets you the
Achievement/Trophy ‘Solitude’, it also prompts a reload, so it’s not
much of a choice.
3) Step forward, however, and the Dragon’ll force you to confirm your
challenge. Accept and the Dragon will cause a ruckus, knocking huge
chunks of the ceiling down. Your romantic interest takes the opportunity
and runs off, leaving you free to fight the Dragon. When you’re back in
control, run to the north-west as (harmless) rocks fall all around. Head
into a hallway and run into the camera as the Dragon chases you. If it
catches you, you’ll get a big, fat, game-over, so just stay in the
middle and run. Your Stamina doesn’t drain, so, no worries.
4) The chase ends when you enter another huge chamber. The Dragon gets
caught in the tunnel, with only his head and upper body exposed. To
the south are two barriers you can hide behind. The name of the game?
Deal as much damage as possible to the Dragon while it’s stuck. It’s
not helpless, however, it’ll perform two arcing breath attacks, which
you can avoid by hiding behind the barriers. After those two attacks
it’ll free itself and head into the chamber, where it’ll put up a fight
for a while before flying off. In all honesty, it is possible to kill
the Dragon here, but I’ve only ever managed to do it with an Assassin.
5) Once the Dragon flies away, head to the north to continue your
pursuit. Be sure to search a rounded Chest in the north-western corner
of the room before you head up the stairs to the north. Pick your way
through the debris to reach daylight, above. There are three bottles
of Harspud Juice on the stairs as you ascend past the debris, in case
you need some healing.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Molten Boots]
6) Continue onto a long stone bridge running north. Run along it for
a length and the Dragon will drop down behind you, staying only long
enough to cause the bridge to start collapsing before flying off ahead.
Your goal now is to run across the bridge to the north before is
collapses (it’s incredibly generous with the timing, in fact, unless
you’re, say, sitting around writing a FAQ while the game is running,
there’s almost no chance the bridge will drop out from under you.)
While you’re on the move, the Dragon will do a few fly-bys with its
flame breath, which should be pretty easy to avoid. Continue running
along the bridge until you reach a tower at the northern end.
7) Immediately inside the tower you’ll find a square chest to loot,
then head up the stairs. Keep an eye on the western side of the stairs
to find a rounded chest. Continue up to the top of the tower… or at
least as far as we can ascend. Another bridge runs to the east, while
the Dragon sits on a perch to the north-east, from which he’ll blast
at you with his fiery breath. Just before the bridge you’ll find a
standing portion of wall to hide behind. On top of this convenient
barrier is a Light-Cure, while to the north you’ll find two doses of
Smother Sap and some Harspud Juice. There’s also plenty of shelter on
the bridge itself, so don’t be afraid to run out there. Note that
characters with conventional bows can shoot at the Dragon here-if you
deal enough damage it’ll decide to fly off.

o–Square Chest–o
[Flame Skirt]

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Dragon Hide Bracers]
8) Run across the bridge to the east. This bridge is in much worse
shape than the previous one was-it starts out uneven and ready to
collapse. It only gets worse when the Dragon decides to land on this
one, too, after you traverse along it a bit. The Dragon’ll stay long
enough to breath some fire, then fly off to do more fly-by breath
attacks. The Dragon’s attentions causes a general collapse of the
bridge. Again, you’ve got plenty of time, so make your way east-then
north-to another tower.
9) Ascend the tower and peek to the exterior wall as you go. When it
collapses, search near the opening to find some Harspud Juice-there’s
one on either side of the stairs here. Continue to the top of the
tower, as the Dragon flies around like a giant, demented vulture. The
game of cat-and-mouse ends atop this tower. The Dragon’ll encourage
you to fight as you reach the roof-disappoint him for a moment by
searching along the northern end of the roof to score two ornate chests.
Once looted, turn your attention to the Dragon again. He’s going to
continuously perform fly-by attacks. Your goal? Get on a ballistae
and shoot him. Don’t worry, your aim doesn’t have to be perfect… and
you only need to get off one good shot…

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Champion’s Bangles]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Dragon Band]
10) A very good shot, in fact. Your bolt scores a direct hit on the
Dragon. Not a happy camper, the Dragon decides that the fire breath
was too subtle and decides to skim the top of the roof. When the dust
clears, you’re on the Dragon’s back. Your goal here is to climb up
to the glowing spot between its shoulders and give it a good whack or
two. You’ll have to do a feel analog shakes from time to time to keep
your grip-nobody said there wouldn’t be turbulance flying Dragon. The
entire time the Dragon’ll encourage you… silly reptile. Once you
deal enough damage to it (one or two hits is all it should take) the
Dragon’ll dislodge you. Do another analog wobble to avoid becoming a
mid-air meal and you’ll pass perilously close to the Dragon.

Tainted Mountain Peak
11) Creepy chest-lights, the Dragon crashes into the ground, and you
find yourself miraculously unharmed after a fall of seveal thousand
feet. What’s more, your Pawns are here, too, in the oddly arena shaped
depression. The Dragon rises and declares that the final battle is
at hand… and oddly enough still continues to encourage you. The
Dragon will, in all likelihood, fly to a tower to the north-east,
where he’ll sit pretty and pelt you with breath blasts, which gives
us a fine time to survey the battlefield. It’s circular, so we’ll use
our old friendly ‘clock’ aid… or, if you (sensibly) don’t care so
much about the layout, skip to Step #13 for the tactics of the Dragon

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Noble Earring]
12) At about 5:00 you’ll find a collapsing tower you can use to seek
shelter from the Dragon. His breath, at least, he’ll destroy it quite
easily with his body (remember Greatwall?) Inside the tower you’ll find
a rounded chest, an ornate chest, and some Harspud Juice.
Counter-clockwise from the tower (at about 4:00) you’ll find a series of
scalable ledges (running to about 3:00). On the highest level you’ll
find a ballista and some warrior remains to loot. The ballista is your
key to fighting the Dragon while he’s doing fly-bys or sitting pretty
on his tower… that is, if you’re not playing one of the three
Strider-based classes, who have superior ranged attacks. At about
2:00 (past the end of the ledges, anyways) you’ll find some more warrior
remains on the floor of the arena. At about 1:00 you’ll find a ramp
leading up to an elevated ledge that houses a ballista. At about 11:00
you’ll find some warrior remains hidden behind a large rock at the foot
of a ramp that runs counter-clockwise to about 9:00. This ramp leads
to two ledges of differing heigh, both the higher and lower ledges
feature ballistae and cover, making it a good location from which to
shoot down the Dragon. Finally, from about 8:00 to 6:00 are some
walls on the ground level around ballistae, which can serve as cover.
There’s an elevated ramp that runs behind this spot, but it only leads
to a dead-end with some healing items and gunpowder barrels. Other
warrior remains lie scattered around, as do various plants and healing
items, too numerous to detail individually.

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Golden Belt]

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Harmonious Earring]
13) If the Dragon flies out of reach (say, onto the perch at about
2:00?) use a ballista to shoot it down if you don’t have a Bow or
Longbow. It’s pretty easy to tell when it’s planning to use its breath,
as you can see the flames building up in its maw. It might also do
fly-by attacks (typically immediately after being driven from the
tower) which can be stopped with proper use of projectiles. When you
shoot the Dragon down, close and let the real fight begin.

The Dragon is a versatile foe who fights fairly differently depending
on how you engage him. Just remember that the battle is fairly
thematic-the game provides you certain tools and expects you to use
them to take down the Dragon. Hence, if the cheating lizard flies
out of reach you’ve got ballistae to shoot. You can hide from his flame
breath by taking advantage of the copious amount of cover in the level,
but be warned-playing too passive isn’t a great strategy. The Dragon
can smash most any cover in the level with spells and melee attacks,
and many spells will get around your cover entirely.

Lizards With Flame, Fight the Same
First it should be noted that the Dragon has many attack quite similar
to the Drake. If you get near its flank, it’ll swipe at you. Get behind
it and it’ll lash with its tail. Get in front of it, and it’ll bite.
It also has the grab attack we saw the Drake employ, where it’ll try
to possess captured Pawns or slam the Arisen into the ground. It’ll
also hover in air and breath fire repeatedly, backing up as you
approach… easily the most annoying attack for any character with no
ranged option. If you learned these attacks well from the Drake, you
should have no trouble anticipating them from the Dragon… it’s just
on a much larger scale, and if you mess up, it’ll hurt more.

Dragon Magic
Then again… there are some differences. The Dragon will employ a
respectable arsenal of magical attacks against you, usually if you’re
keeping your distance or hiding behind cover. The attacks it can perform
includ High Bolide (which does a nasty job of destroying cover and
ballistae), High Ingle, High Frigor, and a unique holy-element spell
that deals a good bit of damage over a short time over a wide area.
Even if you start running as soon as you see the spell’s indicator
pop up, there’s a good chance you’ll take some damage from it.

Beware the Breath
One of its favorite and most prominent attacks is its breath weapon.
It’ll do fly-by breath attacks (like the ones we saw while on the
bridge), arcing forward breath sweeps (like the ones we saw when it
was stuck in the hallway) and a massive power-up breath attack that
can deal massive damage, knock you down at a long range, and it
accompanied by secondary explosions. If he rears up on his hind legs,
he’s going to do this attack, so put some distance between you. He
also has a somewhat unpredictable and fast breath-blast attack which
he’ll execute while leaping back, typically employed when you’re in
front of the Dragon. He’s also fond of breathing at a stationary point
in front of him while advancing. Finally, of course, he’ll use his
breath weapon when he’s trying to enjoy a height/range advantage. As
mentioned earlier, he’ll perch on a tower and shoot breath blasts at
your, or hover in air and breath gouts of flame.

Reclaim What is Yours
Mages and Sorcerers should use cover well and charge up spells when
possible-his long-distance routine usually ends with him hovering. If
you can knock him out of the air you’ll have a bit of time to deal some
serious damage to him with magic. A fair technique I’ve found was to
charge up Frigor while behind cover-it’s a high damage spell that you
can charge up and move into range, and more importantly, you can aim
it-a good hit at the heart can deal several life bars of damage in one
casting. Most of the time, however, you’ll be better served Despite all
these attacks, the safest place to fight the Dragon is usually up close.
If you can get at his heart, a Strider/Ranger/Assassin can take him
out with disturbing ease (even though he might grab you off and slam
you into the ground once or twice.) For less mobile melee fighters,
hitting him while he’s casting spells can knock him down, giving you
a clear shot at the heart. Point is, if at all possible, use attacks
you can aim, and aim for the heart.
14) Once he falls you’ll get an ending cutscene, which I won’t waste
our time trying to explain in detail, suffice to say that you get your
heart back… as do all the other Arisens in the land. The link to
their immortality now dead, this has some unfortunate consequences for
your fellows. The Dragon’s demise also causes ruin to Gran Soren, but
for us, things are looking up. We’ve defeated the Dragon, reclaimed
our mortality, saved our romantic interest, and in general fought the
good fight and saved the day. Right?

(For taking back what is yours)
EXP 80,000
Rift Currency 60
Gold 65,000

| |
| Wandering Through a Ruined World |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK041}
1) The Dragonslayer’s Reward
2) An Unseemly Sky…
3) A Challenge
4) Grim Goblins
5) New Foes on Seabreeze Trail
6) Secret of Metamorphosis
7) Back Through Manamia Trail
8) Moonsbit Pass
9) Undead in the Cottage and at the Gate
10) The Wyvern Outside of Gran Soren
11) New Foes in the Ruined World
12) Beasts in the Estan Plains

1) You’ll wake up back in your house in Cassardis, along with your
romantic interest. This romantic partner, whoever they may be, will be
making your house here their permanent residence for the rest of the
game… possibly quite annoying if, say, Asalam decided he fancied you.
Talk to your lover and they’ll certainly have something to say about
your epic rescue… at least, if they’re one of the ‘main’ NPCs
(typically characters who have items that specifically increase their
affinity have more to say than generic characters.) Other developments
to be aware of-you now have the Godsbane blade in your inventory
(this gives you the Achievement/Trophy ‘Destiny’), which you need not
keep on hand-it won’t come into play until later. You also have a
Crimson Dragon Scale, a material you only get from killing the Dragon.
Last but certainly not least, you’ll have a new weapon (or weapons)
based upon what weapon(s) you killed the Dragon with. Since these
weapons are bound to be about twice as strong as whatever you had
previously, don’t hesitate to switch to it immediately. So much for the
new gear, all your old gear has been Dragon-Forged… which means it
should be massively more powerful now.

Note: Most of the weapons obtained from fighting the Dragon are
slightly weaker than the best weapons in the Everfall, which can be
obtained shortly… at least when they’re both Dragon-Forged.

A Warm Welcome
2) That’s all fine and good, but the question is… well, what gives?
We killed the Dragon, reclaimed our heart, saved our true love (or
whatever cheap tramp we gave the Arisen’s Bond to)… why is there
still more game? Just free-playing post-game? Well, then why does the
sky look like it had a casual fling with the abyss and forgot to take
a shower afterwards? Something’s not right here-that Dragon seemed too
eager for us to kill it, and, well, the duke and the capital seemed to
be in pretty bad shape after that cutscene. Perhaps we should head back
to Gran Soren and see what’s up?
3) Head into Pablos’ Inn to see two things; 1) the Notice Board has new
quests. In this case the quest should be ‘A Challenge’-apparently
something needs a beating in the Frontier Caverns. I normally wouldn’t
mention Notice Board quests, but… well, this one gives us the
incentive to track down a rare monster, one we wouldn’t encounter
otherwise. It would be bad FAQ-writing not to include it. 2) Madeline
is here (if she wasn’t your romantic interest, of course), and she-like
all the merchants-have a fully-fleshed out inventory including tons of
new loot. New, powerful, and expensive loot. I wouldn’t buy any of it,
however-we’ll be getting the same and better loot for free with a bit of
adventuring. Anyways, the point is; be sure to check all merchants and
Notice Boards from now on-they just might have interesting stuff for us.
While you’re here, stash any excess loot you found while fighting the
Dragon and… well, if you want to talk to folks around Cassardis to
flesh out backstory, now is a good time. Some of the villagers exalt
in your victory, but a few will mention the state of the world, and
mention the ‘fall’ of Gran Soren that went hand-in-hand with the fall
of the Dragon.
4) When you’re done in Cassardis, head outside. Some of you may have
wondered why I didn’t cover the Seabreeze Trail and Manamia Trail as
thoroughly as I did other areas… there are several reasons. First,
there’s precious little loot to cover in those area. Second, we were
trying to get to Gran Soren as soon as possible back then. Third, they
were just boring areas, as far as encounters wents. Wolves, Goblins,
Bandits, the same things we’d be fighting for a while yet. Now,
however, the world is in ruins, and dangerous beasts wander what were
once the safer, more civilized parts of Gransys… it’s almost enough to
make one want to start talking about it!

On that note head west along the road from Cassardis. Shortly you should
find some Goblins along the road… but Goblins unlike any we’ve seen
before. Don’t let their size and the frailty of their less cousins
fool you-these grey-skinned ‘Grim Goblins’ are far stronger than they

Grim Goblins share many features with their lesser counterparts-they
have smaller ‘Goblin’ versions, and larger ‘Hobgoblin’ ones. They can
carry torches, the typical assortment of throwing objects, shields…
and employ all the tactics their weaker counterparts employed. They
will be better armed, however. Instead of clubs and crude swords they’ll
have serrated, black, wing-tipped swords, which they’ll use to great
effect. They’re also much stronger and sturdier than Goblins, or even
Hobgoblins. Harder to kill, harder to knockdown, this makes them more
likely to land hits on you in melee. Pair this with being more
aggressive and you have a foe that should probably not be engaged in
melee lightly-those uncoordinated, flailing Goblinoid attacks we’ve
been ignoring for half a game now take on a new dimension with this kind
of power behind them.

|VIDEO|Return to Gran Soren |{VID056}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_wDiQ8c9IQ |
5) Now for the rest of this area-you might find a few Hellhounds lurking
around the woods to the south, as well as more Grim Goblins… in much
the same places as Goblins were, before. The chests around have the
same crappy loot as they always did, so there’s no need to go looking
for all the treasure here-it’s the monsters that are new, not the loot.
Down by the beach prowls a Gorechimera, which is a bit more potent than
the original inhabitants of the beach. Anyways, when you’re done scoping
out the new foes head into the Encampment.
6) There are a few new things to do here-first head into the ‘Command
Headquarters’ tent and talk to Johnathan in the back. He’s the Pawn
who sells custom objects to you for Rift Currency, but now he has
something that’s really worth buying. Check his ‘Other’ section of
goods and scroll to the bottom to find the ‘Secret of Metamorphosis’
item, which costs 10,000 RC. Steep, but it’ll add an option to the
main menu that allows you to customize your Arisen and you Pawn at
any time, for free. A must-have item for nit-picky games who want to
tweak this or that, or who just want a fresh face every now and again.
Once that’s done, head over to the Notice Board to score whatever new
quests are here.
7) When you’re done, leave the Encampment and head onto Manamia Trail.
Next stop? The Mountain Waycastle. Manamia Trail has been shaken up as
well (but the Verda Woodlands and Vestad Hills are both the same.)
Continue along the road north of the Encampment until, at the fork
that leads up into the Verda Woodlands, you find a new foe-Giant Undead.
They might be new-but they’re not alone. You might well attact some
Succubi, who fly around these parts. The hills west of the road that
were formerly occupied by Bandits are now the playground of Hellhounds.
These will be our companions throughout Manamia Trail, until you hit
the Mountain Waycastle. The only part of Manamia Trail that is, in
fact, not crawling with new foes is the Cobol Coast-mentioned briefly
before but never officially explored. If you follow the coastal cliffs
north you’ll find the Cobol Coast. The only thing of interest here is
a river where two Harpies bathe, and a Cyclops, which we were wise to
avoid on our first trip through. Those three creatures still lurk at
the river, carrying on as if nothing happened.

Strong, slow, and sturdy, Giant Undead aren’t nearly as fearsome as many
of the other new monsters lurking around Gransys these days. They’ll
flail, they’ll lumber about, they’ll grapple… typical undead attacks.
They do more damage than smaller undead, but compared to Hellhounds and
Grim Goblins, they’re a walk in the park. As for new attacks, they’ll
drop the shoulder and perform a rush attack, but even this is nothing
to be feared. Fire hurts them well. but they’re slow enough that most
any attack works fine.
8) Surprisingly there are still a few Gran Soren guards around the
Mountain Waycastle-certainly a far more dangerous posting now than
earlier. Cross the bridge to Moonsbits Pass and make your way through
the mountains. No Harpies here anymore, not even Succubi, the place is
now home to Geo Saurians. Continue north until you reach the split-the
shortcut on the lower ground is now occupied by Grim Goblins instead of
Bandits. If you continue down through the Grim Goblin-occupied lower
pass you’ll have to contend with an Ogre, if you continue up through
the main, larger, higher pass you’ll encounter a Golem near the ledge
where Harpies once roosted in great numbers, so pick your poison. (To
be fair, the Golem is much easier to avoid).
9) Past the Golem-enroute to the Mountain Cottage-lurk more Geo
Saurians. Some will cling to walls, most won’t. When you reach the
Mountain Cottage, search it to discover its new inhabitants-a pair of
Skeleton Lords. Continue past the Mountain Cottage, taking the low
ground, watching out for falling rocks which have certained respawned by
now. At the ledge over-looking the gate to the Estan Plains you’ll find
a mob of Skeletons-who are intially dormant, just waiting for some
fleshy mortal to come near. This group includes another pair of Skeleton
Lords, three Skeleton Knights, and two Skeleton Sorcerers, all hanging
out near the lone tree on the ledge. Fortunately you need not provoke
them all at once.
10) Continue through the gate to the Estan Plains. The Estan Plains
haven’t been spared invasion by the new foes unleashed upon the world,
but oddly enough, the way to Gran Soren should be more or less clear,
provided you stick to the road. As you near the bridge leading to the
southern gate, however, you’ll hear the ominous sound of wing beats
behind you…

Wyverns are visually nothing more than palette-swaps with the Drake,
but the devil is in the strategy. Wyverns are the most nimble of the
three lesser forms of dragonoids, and prefer aerial engagements.

The main attack of the Wyvern is, like most dragons, its breath. In
this case it’s a vortex of wind. Its primary tactic is to hover around
and try to blast you with it-if it’s successful it’ll sweep you into
the air. Although this itself does little damage, the fall won’t be
as gentle. Unfortunately for them, characters with very high Magick
Defense are quite unlikely to suffer from it much. They’ll also perform
this attack during fly-by attacks, similar to those performed by the

Strike it From the Sky!
Wynvers love to fly, and their two main tactics-hovering while using
their breath, or performing fly-by breath attacks both force you to
deal with them at a range. Fortunately Mages, Sorcerers, Striders,
Rangers, Assassins, Magick Archers and staff-bearin Mystic Knights are
all quite capable of hitting them… at least during their hover-attack.
While they’re hovering, just try to shoot them in the head, which will
knock them down and leave them vulnerable for a bit. If they are taking
too much abuse with this tactic, they’ll resort to fly-bys, which
require more aim. Hitting the head and wings are the best way to
knock it from the sky, but any hit is better than nothing.

Back Attack
Then again, it is a large, strong foe, and it will resort to melee
once in a while… but even here it tends to perform aerial manuevers.
It’ll try to terminate fly-by attack routines by landing on you, using
sheer mass to inflict damage. It’ll also do the hover-slam attack the
Drake employed. The former can be dodged by watching it while it flies,
checking for the charge, and simply running out of the way. The latter,
however, can only be avoided by keeping your distance. The vulnerable
spot of the Wyvern is its back-the same spot as on the Dragon when we
were climbing it during its flight after the ballistae-tower. Do not
bother climbing them unless you’re confident in your grip and you have
plenty of Stamina-healing items, as they’ll spin relentlessly to
knock you off, leaving very little opportunity to strike.

|VIDEO|Wyvern Takedown |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz-K4JefdOU |
11) After killing the Wyvern, the way stands clear to Gran Soren… but
let’s finish off the Estan Plains before we head inside, shall we? The
Estan Plains are, as previously mentioned, crawling with infernal foes.
This hasn’t spread to the rest of the world, however. You might find a
few new critters here and there, but for the most part, the strong new
monsters are restricted to Seabreeze Trail, Manamia Trail, Moonsbit
Pass, and the Estan Plains. An odd place to find the most savage of
beasts… perhaps it has something to due with the catastrophe in Gran
Soren? In any event, note that all manner of beasties fly around over
Cape Pactforge-Harpies and Succubi. They’re not flavor, if you manage to
hit them, it will provoke (or kill) them, but they’re so high up in
the sky that they likely won’t come after you if you leave them alone.
They seem quite content to fly around in their stupid little circles,
so let them, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.
12) If you head north along the road outside of Gran Soren and under
the arch in the wall you’ll soon find yourself attacked by a pair of
Gargoyles. Continue north to discover that the Bandits in the ‘Collapsed
Meeting Room’ have been ousted by a pack of Hellhounds-likely the most
numerous bunch of them you’ll encounter all game. North-west of here,
past the western walls, in and around the watery depression that
served as a roost for Harpies earlier you’ll now find Succubi and
Hellhounds-the former can be quite numerous here, but both are rather
spread out. Finally, along the road to the Ancient Quarry (which still
counts as civilized, and is safe) you’ll find a Drake.
13) That’s all the changes between Cassardis and Gran Soren, but there
are a few more, if you care to look for them. I’ll just enumerate them
here, instead of leading you on a scavenger hunt (omiting the encounters
we’ll be dealing with in the next Sequence of Events, to avoid

–> West of Aernst Castle, in the Vestad Hills, you’ll find
a Cockatrice prowling around where the Oxen roam.

–> In the ‘Conquerer’s Sanctuary’, the Cyclops and Goblinoids have
been replaced by a Drake.

–> South of Windbluff Tower, east of the road, lurks a Wyvern.

–> Atop Bluemoon Tower you’ll find a Wyvern.

–> A Gorechimera has replaced the Chimera in the Barta Crags.

–> In the Watergod’s Altar, a Wyrm now lurks in the Offering
Chamber, instead of a Cyclops.

Once you’re done exploring, head into Gran Soren’s southern gate… it
doesn’t matter which gate, really, but we need standards, so, here it
is. During the next sequence of events we’ll deal with some unfinished
business… we’ve got two old friends to hunt down, and we should
probably confront the duke who, while he may have been an Arisen, was
certainly no dragon slayer.

| |
| Unfinished Business |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK042}
1) Gran Soren in Ruins
2) Good Intentions
3) All the Duke’s Men
4) Enemy of the State
5) Into the Everfall
6) Beyond the Rift
7) To the Chamber of Confusion
8) Chamber of Confusion (Hall)
9) The Evil Eye
10) Escaping the Everfall
11) The Exit
12) Hunting the Hydra
13) Tainted Mountain Treasure
14) Preparing for the Everfall

1) Enter Gran Soren and you’ll see a population in misery. Everything
east of Caxton’s Armory has collapsed, a pit now lies where most of the
Urban Quarter and the Venery once stood. Arsmith’s Alehouse still
stands, as well as the Notice Board therein. You’ll also find Mountebank
hiding out here, should you need some forgeries. Caxton sells a bunch
of new gear-including weapons second only to gear you’ll pull out of the
Everfall and Bitterblack Isle… but again, we need not buy anything
now, since we can find it later.
2) Lots of new things in the Craftsman’s Quarter-there are now two
‘Refuge Areas’ north-west and south-east of the Field. In the southern
Refuge Area you’ll find Devyn-the barber, who still provides her
services. In the northern Refuge Area you’ll find Ser Alfonso, from the
Greatwall Encampment, who will perform the same duties here as he did
there-resting, stashing, learning and setting skills, etc., which is
useful since the Gran Soren Union Inn is now gone. Speaking of that,
Asalam has now set up shop in the Pawn Guild (you’ll have to avoid
Ser Gauwyn to get inside at the present, however) where he’ll offer the
same services as usual. If, during the quest ‘Land of Opportunity’ you
helped Fournival evict Jasper and his family, they’ll be alive-their
old home was in part of the city that fell into ruin. If you were kind
and allowed them to keep their home, Pip will be somewhat less happy
now that his parents are dead. Good intentions don’t lead to good
results, it seems.
3) Shop, rest, stash loot, and pick up quests from Notice Boards-most of
them have to do with killing a few of the new foes we’ve encountered
since entering the Tainted Mountain Temple; Grim Goblins, Hellhounds,
Succubi, and so on. When you’re ready to move on, talk to one of the
guards around town-either Ser Gauwyn (outside the Pawn Guild), Ser
Gregor (behind Arsmith’s Alehouse), Ser Camillus (along the remains
of the road that connected the Urban Quarter to the Noble Quarter),
or Ser Raffe and Ser Forden, both on the road south of the Gran Soren
Cathedral. They say different things, but most of them despair about the
state of affairs in Gran Soren, and all of them tell you to see the
Duke. Head up to the Noble Quarter through the Passage Gate, then into
the castle.
4) Head into the castle and through the Audience Hall, where Fedel and
Aldous grimly flank the throne. Make your way to the Duke’s Solar and
head inside the apparently empty room. The duke will-from out of sight-
accuse you of the same cowardice he’s guilty of. In his mind the Dragon
could not possibly be felled by the hand of man. It was certainly a
task beyond him, in any event. His sudden collapse into phsyical
infirmity now makes his body match his diseased mind, which has
concocted a conspiracy against him. In his paranoia he belives you
took the Dragon’s bargain, one life in exchange for peace, power, and
the position of duke. He vows that you won’t get rid of him so
easily, and attacks. The duke is beyond feeble-his attacks are slow
and weak, and he can barely pursue you. While he *tries* to attack you,
he’ll demonize you for the very same things he is guilty of. Smack him
around and watch a cutscene where, long story short, the duke sets his
guard on you.

|VIDEO|A Warm Welcome |{VID057}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCOJEcaDR5Q |
5) Well, our meeting with the duke didn’t go so well. Now we need to
flee the castle, which is pretty simple to do. The duke’s guard will
pursue us without faltering, and they’re somewhat strong. You’re not in
any real danger of dying, but they are annoying and endless, so there’s
no point in fighting. Once out of the castle grounds… it’s more of
the same, really. Ser Maximilian declares you a traitor and he-and his
companions-continue chasing you. Let the guards be your guide-where they
are, you’re not supposed to go. Run into the Passage Gate, down the
tower, through the Craftsman’s Quarter and into the Urban Quarter. When
you approach the huge pit where most of Gran Soren once stood you’ll
get a cutscene-the Gran Soren guards will herd you to the pit, only
for the confrontation to be interrupted when all manner of winged beasts
erupt from the bowels of the earth. You’ll hear the voice of the Dragon
urging you on and, after a moment your Arisen will put it together-this
‘hole’ in the ground is the Everfall-the true Everfall, revealed.
You’ll then be unceremoniously knocked into the abyss.

(For receiving the duke’s hospitality)
EXP 60,000
RIft Currency 80
Gold 80,000

Beyond the Rift
6) You’re now free-falling through the Everfall. Don’t worry, fall
damage is… very limited here, and if you reach the bottom of the
Everfall you’ll just come out the top-hence the name. Lots of ledges
will fly past you as you fall, but for now, there’s no need to worry
about any specifics-just use the right analog stick to direct your
fall and, when you get close to a ledge hit the Right Trigger. when
you climb onto solid ground a voice will challenge you to prove your
worth… seems like we’re getting a lot of that, lately. After peering
around in search of strange voices you’ll be startled by a Pawn with
boundary issues. This Pawn-Quince-will tell you that her mistress was
searching for something in the Everfall, but died before her task was
complete. She’ll then give you one of the objects her mistress searched
for-a Wakestone. You’ll get the Achievement/Trophy ‘Treacherous’ for
this bit of progress.

Fathom Deep
7) It doesn’t matter what ledge you’ve landed on now-all doors currently
lead to the ‘Chamber of Confusion’, the intro chamber to the Everfall,
which the game really wants us to explore. Since all ledges lead to the
same place, and since I can’t be certain which ledge you’ve landed on,
there’s really no point in trying to discuss your surrounding in detail.
One thing is certain, however-there will be a door along the wall,
which you should enter.

The only exceptions to the rules above are if you find yourself on a
ledge with the metal disc we originally saw at the bottom of the
Everfall-the Everfall contained within the Pawn Guild, or if you find
yourself on a narrow bridge running into the edge of the Everfall,
instead of a ramp running along its perimeter. In which case, jump down
and try to catch another ledge, as both these ledges will lead you to
places other than the Chamber of Confusion.

Chamber of Confusion (Hall)
8) Here you’ll find two Pawns-a cheater named Rochelle who somehow can
weild a Longsword and wear an Animistic Robe, and Faircrest. The former
will tell you about corrupt Pawns who will attack all they see, while
the latter will cry about his dead master, and the monsters who lurk in
the Everfall. Head south past some sarcophagi and up some stairs. Atop
the stairs you’ll find two ornate chests-the western one will give us
our first taste of Everfall-quality loot-and some warrior remains.
When you’re ready head through the door to the south.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Crimson Plate]
[Exotic High Boots]
[Grisly Skull]
[Ring of Pearl]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Confusion |{VID058}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiRSHkuRqnQ |

Chamber of Confusion (Arena)
9) You’ll now find yourself in a circular arena, wherein lurks an
Evil Eye-the beast behind the tentacles that assaulted us at the bottom
of the Everfall. There’s not much to say about this area-you’ll find
minor goodies lying around, healing items being the most useful, but
nothing worth our individual attention. That being the case then, let’s
turn our attention to the big, red, tentacle-bearing orb floating
around. It’s time to settle the score with this creature, now that we’ve
got it out in the open, and aren’t weak little novice adventurers.

If you’ve played any Dungeons and Dragons, you certainly know about the
beasts called Beholders. The Evil Eye is the Dragon’s Dogma version of
that creature. It’s got a large, floating orb with a central eye that
also doubles as a mouth. On top of it (if a sphere can be said to have
a top) grow a number of tentacle stalks which can act independantly of
the Evil Eye itself.

Tentacle Trouble
We’re familiar with the tentacles from our previous encounter with them
in the Everfall. They can cast elemental spells independantly (although
the ones atop the Evil Eye will tend to cast the same element in
unison), grapple, and spit goo. At the bottom of the Everfall under the
Pawn Guild they were endless, and killing them was without merit. Here,
however, if you kill the tentacles that are sent to harass you from
the floor, the Evil Eye will suffer the consequences, as it’ll go into
shock if you detach enough of its tentacles, leaving itself open to
your attacks. Remove enough of them and it’ll withdraw its remaining
tentacles into its body, drop its barrier, and attempt to regenerate
them, giving you plenty of time to beat up on it.

More Than Meets the Eye
The central eye of the Evil Eye is more of a threat than its tentacles,
however, as it’s capable of casting two dangerous spells, both of which
take a bit of time to cast. The first is a prismatic cone of light that
inflicts a number of debilitations, including Blindness, Poison, Tarred
and Torpor. It’ll also conjure a field of exploding eyes (notable by the
red aura around it as it casts.) Its eye is retractable and the hole
it’s set in also serves as a mouth. It’s fond of teleporting around,
which it’ll do as a form of misdirection, terminating its spree of
teleportation by appearing near you and attempted to engulf you in its
eye-mouth. If it catches you, you’ll have to wiggle the right analog
stick to escape, during which time it’ll munch on you eagerly. It’ll
also perform a bull-rush attack, if you get close. Sometimes the beast
will content itself with phasing out of the fight for a while and
allowing its tentacles to assault you with spells.

Beating the Barrier
Of all the strategic considerations involved with fighting an Evil Eye,
the most interesting is its barrier, a magical field that surrounds it
and prevents it from coming to harm. While the barrier is up, the beast
is invulnerable, and the barrier cannot be penetrated by force alone.
So, how to hurt the Evil Eye? Well, first, the eye itself is the most
vulnerable part of the creature, obviously. When the beast is
vulnerable, go after the eye. Now for bringing down the barrier. First,
whenever the Evil Eye itself casts a spell, it must lower its barrier to
do so-attacking while it’s casting is the ideal answer for any
character with a ranged attack of any kind. For those without ranged
attacks, however, you’ll just have to keep your eye on the beast and
avoid its attacks, attacking its ground-based tentacles when they rise.
Hack off enough of them and… well, as I said earlier, it’ll fall into
a state of shock, falling on the ground with its eye vulnerable.
Destroy even more and it’ll try to regenerate its eyes, during which
it’s also vulnerable. So… hit it when it casts spells, and attack its
tentacles when they’re around.

|VIDEO|Evil Eye Takedowns |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjhZ7ei10HU |
10) When you kill the Evil Eye you’ll get the Achievement/Trophy ‘Eye
Contact’. Huzzah for you! Loot it and leave the arena to return to the
hall. Our task now is to escape the Everfall… yeah, this whole part
was merely an excuse to fight the Evil Eye. Hey, I didn’t make the game,
I’m just telling you how to play it. Anyways, the easiest way to get
out of the Everfall is to use a Ferrystone. You should be in the habit
of carrying a few around at all times by now… and if you’re not,
get in the habit. If you’re without a Ferrystone, you still have a way
to escape. Leave the Chamber of Confusion entirely and return to the
Everfall, jumping down into the void. Fall to the bottom and appear at
the top. When you do, move your character north (you’ll already be
facing this direction) and grab the highest ledge.

Beyond the Rift: Exit
11) Head across a metal disc-the metal disc that was at the bottom of
the Everfall way back when it was contained in the Pawn Guild. Continue
east down some stairs and turn south to find Akim, another Pawn who
has taken up the role of merchant here, as per the dying wish of his
late mistress. You can buy a variety of status-restoring items, one of
each Jewel, and some Golden Wristbands-potent, yet expensive armwear.
Quince will also be found here, waiting, for when you have collected
enough Wakestones. She’ll be waiting a bit. Head counter-clockwise up
the ramp until you find a tunnel to the north, which leads back to the
Pawn Guild.

Well, we’ve managed to survive this latest ordeal. Our current task is
to gather enough wakestones in the Everfall to… well, to appease the
creepy voices we keep hearing. The duke still isn’t our friend, but
we’ll be fine wandering around Gran Soren so long as we stay out of the
Noble Quarter. There is one more foe who we should seek a reckoning
with, one we encountered early in the game who has thus far eluded us.
12) Our next stop is the Frontier Caverns-you should remember the way.
Head through the Ancient Quarry, to the Shadow Fort, and, well… into
the Frontier Caverns. The Shadow Fort is no longer civilized, and is
occupied by the same foes that originally infested it-Hobgoblins,
Goblins and Cyclopses. Once in the Frontier Caverns make your way to
the Proving Grounds-the Arena where we fought the Cyclops for a Silver
Idol. We won’t find a Cyclops here this time, however. Instead, our
foe is a Hydra.

The Hydra is a massive, four-headed serpent… presumably the same
one we injured back at the Encampment early in our career. It’s an
unsubtle foe, but when you’re that big, you don’t really need much in
the way of tactics.

Off With Its Head!
Everybody knows about Hyrda. You cut off their head and… well, there
seems to be some disagreement with that happens next. It’s either a good
thing or a bad thing. In Dragon’s Dogma, it’s a good thing. The Hydra
will not grow back two extra heads for each one removed. Their heads
take no special skill to cut off-you can shoot them off with bows,
blast them off with spells, or simply climb up on their necks and
decapitate them (don’t be lazy, you have to get up above the body
stalk to easily remove a head.)

Kill it! Kill it With Fire!
If you remove all four of its heads the Hydra will go dormant as it
regenerates. It won’t gain any health back, but its heads will return
in time. Of course, the heads also regenerate individually without
causing the Hydra to go dormant-you only get a period of vulnerability
to take advantage of if you remove all four heads at the same time. So,
not only must you remove them, but you must do so quickly. A high level
Assassin might be able to just shoot them off fast enough, but for most
characters, you’ll need to cauterize the wounds to buy yourself more
time. Yep, use fire-enchanted weapons or spells. This won’t prevent
the heads from growing back-but it will take them long enough to give
you a fighting chance at hacking them all off.

A Real Multi-Tasker
Four heads means four different independent attacks. Like I said earlier
the Hydra isn’t very subtle-it’ll spit acid, slam its heads into the
ground, and attempt to swallow characters (wiggle the right analog to
escape, as usual.) It’ll also sometimes slither around orsweep with its
tail, using its massive body to bludgeon anything in its path. This is
the only place in the game to encounter a Hydra, so it’s not out of
place to point out that it’ll be joined by Goblins, which infinitely
respawn while the Hydra is alive-they’re not the best of friends,
though, so don’t be surprised to see the Hydra chew on a few of them.

|VIDEO|Hydra Takedown |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AOelNwObkc |

Once you’ve gained your vengeance and killed the Hydra you’ll get the
Achievement/Trophy ‘Headshunter’. Search the eastern end of the arena
to find that the small chamber here is now accessible, as the gate is no
longer barring the way. This allows us to score the ornate chest beyond.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Darkened Gloves]
[Harmonious Earring]
[Meloirean Cyclops Veil]
[Noble Earring]
13) only one last bit of ‘unfinished business’ left to do-and it’s not
really unfinished business as much as it is ‘the lazy FAQ-writer wants
to point something out, but can’t find a better place to put it’.
Actually, that’s kind of what this whole Sequence of Events was… but
I digress. If you return to the Tainted Mountain Temple you’ll find
that all the old monsters and loot are still there. If, however, you
head into the Tainted Mountain (past the Gorechimera, to where we
fought the Dragon) you’ll find that the way is blocked-no chance to
score copies of all that sweet loot we found during the Dragon fight,
but as a consolation prize there are two new chests here-one square
chest to the south, and an ornate chest to the north. These chests
contain low-quality Everfall loot… which is still better than most
everything you have, and worth a bit of effort to get. The new weapons,
in particular, would serve you well in the Everfall… until you can
get the far superior ones there.

o–Square Chest–o
[Angel’s Sanctum]
[Dragon Knight’s Helm]
[Dragon’s Den]
[Flame Skirt]
[Herald’s Helix]
[Noble Limbs]
[Stalwart Bow]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Chilling Razors]
[Crossed Cinquedea]
[Cyclop’s Sigil]
[Saving Grace]
[Solar Providence]
[Threaded Cudgel]
14) Well, we’ve thrashed the duke, and smote the Evil Eye and Hydra who
crossed us before. Not bad for twelve walkthrough Steps. Next up is the
Everfall-we’ll thoroughly explore every area, which will see us get the
strongest loot in the game… and fight the strongest foes. Find your
way back to town and make some prepartions for this next adventure.
Grab some healing items-Potent Greenwarish is a life saver, and can
be purchased from Camellia in Gran Soren. Also be sure to bring at
least one Ferrystone… and some Secret Softener couldn’t hurt, either,
just in case. Our stated goal? Gather 20 Wakestones. Our real goal?
Well, gather many more than that and sell off the excess, as well as
some of the best loot in the game.

| |
| Exploring the Everfall |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK043}
1) Everfall Overview
2) Chamber of Anxiety (Hall)
3) Chamber of Absence (Bridge)
4) The Lower Level
5) Chamber of Absence (Hall)
6) Chamber of Hesitation (Hall)
7) Chamber of Hesitation (Arena)
8) Chamber of Apprehension (Arena)
9) Chamber of Remorse (Hall)
10) Chamber of Remorse (Bridge)
11) Chamber of Tragedy (Bridge)
12) Chamber of Lament
13) Chamber of Fate (Arena)
14) Chamber of Fate (Bridge)
15) Chamber of Distress (Bridge)
16) Chamber of Distress (Arena)
17) Chamber of Estrangement (Arena)
18) Chamber of Estrangement (Hall)
19) Chamber of Estrangement (Brigde)
20) Chamber of Woe (Hall)
21) Chamber of Sorrow (Bridge)
22) Chamber of Sorrow (Arena)
23) Chamber of Sorrow (Hall)
24) Chamber of Resolution (Hall)
25) Chamber of Resolution (Arena)
26) Chamber of Inspiration (Bridge)
27) Chamber of Hope (Hall)
28) Chamber of Hope (Bridge)
29) The Lower Level
30) The Truth That Lies Beyond…

1) Head back to the Pawn Guild and return to the Everfall… time to
discuss it in detail. The Everfall used to be a vertical shaft
surrounded by a spiraling ramp. Now the bottom is gone and most of the
ramps have fallen into ruin. On each ramp is a door that leads to a
different chamber-each chamber has different foes and different loot.
I shouldn’t have to explain the exit platform again, nor how to reach
it. Since the Evefall is circular, we will-one final time-rely on the
tired old ‘clock face’ analogy. The table below shows the various
platforms in order of elevation-from highest to lowest. The ‘times’ to
the right very roughly correspond with their circular orientation. It
also might help to keep in mind the directions as well, especially if
you use the mini-map to orient yourself. 12:00 is north, 3:00 is east,
6:00 is south, and 9:00 is west. We will be exploring the chambers in
order of their vertical orientation, from highest to lowest, even
though in practice it’s not possible to reach them all in order.

Note: I will be disregarding low-quality loot in the Everfall-there’s
junk lying around, potions, plants, what have you. I just can’t be
bothered at this point in the game to mark out every little
insignificant item. I will, however, continue my trend of commenting
on the Everfall loot I find the most interesting. The chests in the
Everfall-when they can contain loot-tend to drop a bunch of junk as
well. You’ll have to pick through piles of Red or White Wine, Liquid
Vim, Balmy Incense/Perfume, Thundering Spear Tomes, Fulgerous Lord
Tomes, Wakestone Shards and Giant Coin Pouches (10,000G) to get at any
of the gear, which typically has a very low chance of dropping. Even
when it does, each chest typically holds four or five possible items.
It could take a lot of save/loading to get what you want out of the

|VIDEO|Navigating the Everfall |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjN9HRw4mS8 |

| Everfall Chamber | Location |Chests |
| Exit |12:00 to 3:00 | n/a |
| Chamber of Anxiety | 7:00 to 9:00 | 1 |
| Chamber of Absence | 2:00 to 5:00 | 4 |
| Chamber of Hesitation | 8:00 to 11:00 | 2 |
| Chamber of Apprehension | 4:00 to 6:00 | 0 |
| Chamber of Remorse |11:00 to 1:00 | 2 |
| Chamber of Tragedy | 4:00 to 8:00 | 7 |
| Chamber of Lament | 4:00 | 0 |
| Chamber of Fate | 6:00 to 7:00 | 9 |
| Chamber of Distress |10:00 to 2:00 | 5 |
| Chamber of Estrangement |10:00 to 12:00 | 6 |
| Chamber of Woe | 5:00 to 8:00 | 1 |
| Chamber of Sorrow | 9:00 to 11:00 | 11 |
| Chamber of Resolution |12:00 to 2:00 | 4 |
| Chamber of Inspiration | 5:00 to 9:00 | 1 |
| Chamber of Hope | 2:00 to 5:00 | 11 |

Chamber of Anxiety (Hall)
2) Enter the Chamber of Anxiety to reach the ‘Hall’ area. The Everfall
chambers are pretty lazily done-only several rooms that are repeated
with minor variation. The type you’re in now is what I call the ‘Hall’.
Hall areas consist of one long, central hall area with steps to the
south. There are also two smaller halls east and west of the central
hall… which may or may not be blocked off. In this case, only the
eastern and central halls are open. You’ll start out in the western
hall. Foes lurk in the central hall, including a Wight, Skeleton
Knights, Undead Warriors, and Skeleton Sorcerers. When you dispatch
the wight, you’ll notice that it drops Wakestones and Wakestone Shards,
as well as its normal loot. This is normal in the Everfall-boss-type
monsters will commonly drop Wakestones and Wakestone Shards, from
humble foes like Cyclops, to Drakes. Lesser monsters also have altered
drops, typically healing items. Ferrystones also have an increased
drop rate here… as in, they can be dropped at all. Once you’re done
killing, loot a rounded chest along the southern end of the central
hall for some quality Everfall loot.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Burnished Bracers]
[Dragon’s Presence]
[Meloirean Plate]
[Philosopher’s Robe]
[Steel Gauntlets]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Anxiety |{VID059}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1Rbw9EcWKQ |

Chamber of Absence (Bridge)
3) Now meet the ‘Bridge’ area-it consists of an upper floor with three
rooms (north-east, south-east and south-west) connected with two
balconies outside of these rooms. These two balconies-one north and one
south-are connected by a bridge spanning the middle of the level. Some
of these rooms may be gated off-as the south-eastern one here is. There
is a lower level, as well, which you can reach via some stairs in the
middle of the the northern balcony… but you can also reach the lower
level (safely) by jumping off the western edge of the southern balcony
onto a collapsed section of balcony. This upper part of the bridge area
is occupied by Geo Saurians in the north and Skeleton Sorcerers in the
south. In the south-western room is a rounded chest worth looting.

Shadow Gauntlets are spiffy, dark, plate gauntlets for heavily armed
Vocations-Fighters, Warriors, Mystic Knights. Dragon’s Pain are the
strongest physical damage only Daggers in the Everfall.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Crimson Sabatons]
[Dragon’s Pain]
[Lordly Cloak]
[Shadow Gauntlets]
[Stalwart Bow]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Absence |{VID060}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN2xJTd8G2A |
4) Head down the stairs to the north to reach the lower level of the
bridge area. Immediately at the bottom of the stairs turn west to find
a trio of Hellhounds. Dispatch them and note the layout; there’s are two
large chambers on the bottom floor-a rough chamber to the north and a
man-made chamber to the south, the two are connected in the east. Off
the northern, natural chamber is a small, vaulted chamber to the
north-east, and a larger chamber to the north-west. The north-western
chamber and large southern chamber both hold doors to the west, which
may or may not be blocked. In this case, the northern one is blocked
and the southern one is accessible. There are no more chests down here,
but there are two more groups of three Hellhounds-one in the vaulted
square chamber to the north-east, and another in the large southern
chamber. When you’re ready to move on, exit via the southern door.

Chamber of Absence (Hall)
5) You’ll find yourself in another ‘Hall’ area-you know the layout by
now, it’s exactly the same as the one in the Chamber of Anxiety; you’ll
enter in the west, and the foes-this time the Goblins, Hobgoblins, and
Grim Goblins-lurk in the larger central chamber. Once the foes are
dead search the southern end of the central chamber to find three
rounded chests, all of which contain loot. Now to explain another facet
of Everfall exploration-the loot grind. Three chests, all of which
can contain some top-quality gear. You know the principle of
save/loading by now, I hope. Open the chests, see what’s inside
(without picking anything up) and if you get something you want (for
me, I accept anything that’s equippable) grab it and save. Reload and
try the chests that didn’t give you anything the first time. This is
much easier without Pawns, who will gleefully pick up any garbage.
Save/loading for the best loot in the Everfall is tedious, but much
less tedious if you scour a number of chests in an area all at once.
Instead of only getting one shot at gear each save/load (one load, one
chest search), you’ll be searching multiple chests on each load…
it’s just smart gaming.

o–Rounded Chest–o (east)
[Grisly Bone Armor]
[Laurel Circlet]
[Meloirean Armguard]
[Sage’s Hood]

o–Rounded Chest–o (center)
[Dragon Band]
[Red Dragon Scale]
[Ring of Sable]
[Ring of Sapphire]
[Shadow Gauntlets]

o–Rounded Chest–o (west)
[Dragon Knight’s Cloak]
[Noble Limbs]
[Ring of Amethyst]
[Sable Sentinel]
[Steel Sabatons]

Chamber of Hesitation (Hall)
6) Another ‘Hall’ area, this time it’s occupied by one of the rarest
foes in the game-Saurian Sages. Yep. New critters. They lurk along the
southern end of the central hall and in the eastern hall. This time
it’s the western one that’s blocked off. There’s a door leading to
another at the end of the eastern hall, near which is a rounded chest
worth looting. Head through the door in the eastern hall when you’re

The Dragon Quickening is the best Magick Bow in the Everfall, while
Twilight Manicae are dark arm-wear for Strider-type Vocations.

The fourth palette-swap Saurian type foe. Saurian Sages like camouflage
almost as much as Sulfur Saurians did. They’re the strongest of the
Saurians, capable of taking-and delivering-the most punishment. They
share most of the same attacks, but can cast spells in addition… at
least, Anodyne, which can prolong their lives even longer. Like all
other Saurians, their tails are vulnerable.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Darkened Gloves]
[Dignified Earring]
[Dragon Quickening]
[Steel Sallet]
[Twilight Manicae]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Hesitation |{VID061}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td3rU4n1rG4 |

Chamber of Hesitation (Arena)
7) In this arena area (the same kind of area we fought the Evil Eye in)
you’ll find an Archydra-a most dangerous foe. It is, however, a palette-
swap of the normal Hydra, and shares most of the same attacks, so we
won’t give it the fancy boss treatement. It’s accompanied by Undead
Warriors, who are mostly just here to complicate matters. Whatever you
do, do not stay by the door and try to gain some kind of advantage-the
Archydra can auto-kill you if you hide here. Best to just keep moving.
When it’s done, loot the ornate chest in a cubby to the north and
move on to the next chamber, lower in the Everfall.

The Dark Lorica is potent light defense armor wearable by the Assassin
and Ranger Vocations. Spiffy and dark, it makes for good, cliche,
assassin armor. Fey Whisper is the best Bow in the Everfall.

Besides being white, the Archydra isn’t much different from the normal
Hydra. It’ll try to devour you, ram its nose into you, crush you with
its body, and spit acid. Defeating it by taking off its heads works the
same way-use fire to cauterize the severed heads to buy yourself more
time, and once all four of them are off, attack it while it’s

|VIDEO|Archydra Takedown |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZTivoeq5HY |

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Silver Ring]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Barbarian Chief’s Helm]
[Dark Lorica]
[Fey Whisper]
[Ring of Ruby]
[Sultry Cowl]

Chamber of Apprehension (Arena)
8) One of the least interesting areas-it consists only of a single
Arena area which contains one of two encounters. Either a Gorechimera,
two Wights and a bunch of Undead Warriors or two Cockatrices, some
Vile Eyes and Grim Goblins. All things considered, the second encounter
is probably the most difficult as two Cockatrices are just obnoxious.

A miniature Evil Eye, these tiny little orbs have no tentacles and
aren’t big enough to chew on you. They can, however, ram you, which
they might do if you get close… or they might just teleport away.
They also have spells-basic elemental spells, but they’re fairly strong.
Like their adult forms, they have barriers that only go down when they
cast spells. Get them when they’re casting, and be thankful they don’t
have nearly as much health as Evil Eyes.

|VIDEO|Chamber of Apprehension |{VID062}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwopkS4QHpI |

Chamber of Remorse (Hall)
9) Another ‘Hall’ area-this time you can search both the eastern and
western halls. You start out in the east, and another door lies at the
southern end of the western hall. At the southern end of the central
chamber you’ll find five chests-four rounded, one ornate. Only the
ornate chest has any worthwhile loot inside. Near the door at the end
of the western hall you’ll find another Pawn merchant named Joye. He
sells a number of Materials dropped by powerful foes… a few thousand
gold here is far cheaper than what Mountebank will charge you for
forgeries, and considering their rarity, buying a few Purpure Cystals
here can’t hurt. As for weapons Joye sells a variety of great items-
Carnation, the best physical-damage sword in the game, Wounded Heart,
the best Longsword in the game, Dragon’s Pain, the best physical-damage
Daggers in the game, Sable Sentinel, the best Shield, and Fey Whisper,
the best Bow. The Frigid Finger is a decent Staff… but you can get
your hands on better. He also sells a Diadem, Crimson Plate, Twilight
Manicae, Grisly Greaves, and many rings. Buy what you will… (or what
you can afford) and head through the nearby door.

The Bloody Thistle is the strongest Warhammer in the Everfall.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Bloody Thistle]
[Crimson Armet]
[Golden Wristbands]
[Ring of Argent]
[Superior Cuisses]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Remorse |{VID063}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzxVrv7ArXs |

Chamber of Remorse (Bridge)
10) A ‘Bridge’ level this time, you’ll start in the south-eastern
corner of the upper floor. The only chest worth looting is a rounded
chest in the south-western room. Grim Goblins lurk about up here,
and a Golem guards the bridge. On the lower floor you’ll find more
Grim Goblins and an armored Cyclops.

An Ancient Cape looks snappy, if you like the evil warlock look, but
it’s not a great bit of armor, statistically.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Ancient Cape]
[Chilling Razors]
[Exotic High Boots]
[Golden Lion Helm]

Chamber of Tragedy (Bridge)
11) The Chamber of Tragedy is one of the single most lucrative areas
in the Everfall. You’ll enter into the first floor of a ‘Bridge’ level,
in the north-western corner. Head out into the larger, natural stone
northern room to find it infested with Succubi. An odd Specter lurks
about as well, as well as Gargoyles, which lurk in the north-eastern
room on the ground floor, and in large southern chamber-if you look
closely you can see them clinging to the ceiling. Once the foes are
dead, begin your looting. The chests here are all rounded and numerous.
On the lower floor there is one in the square north-eastern room, and
two in the north-eastern corner of the large southern room. On the
second floor there is one in the south-western room, one on the eastern
end of the southern balcony, and one on each the eastern and western
ends of the northern balcony. Seven chests-not a bad haul for killing
a few aerial beasts. It’s an ideal place to do a save/load run-through.
If you fail to collect at least four pieces of Everfall gear here…
well, you’re just being lazy.

The Diadem is… kind of goofy, a barbaric spiked crown which only the
Sorcerer and Magick Archer Vocations can wear. It’s got poor Defense,
but great Magick Defense, gives a bonus to all elements, and has
Petrification resistance (among others). It does, however, also come
with penalties to Piercing and Striking Resistance. Holy Cuisses are
full leg armor that all but basic Vocations can wear. It gives a bonus
to Strength and Magick and has Petrification resistance, making it
great for… well, everybody, really. Shadow Greaves compliment Shadow
Gauntlets. Golden Lion Padding is the great padded armor, possessing
good Defense and mediocre Magick Defense. Finally, the Dark Buckler is
the strongest Mystic Knight Magick Shield in the Everfall.

o–Rounded Chest–o (1st Floor, north-east)
[Dark Over-Knee Boots]
[Dragon’s Risen]
[Dragonscale Armor]
[Nebula Cape]
[Royal Cuisses]

o–Rounded Chest–o (1st Floor, south duo, southern chest)
[Direwolf Veil]
[Fey Whisper]
[Matte Robe]
[Steel Cuirass]

o–Rounded Chest–o (1st Floor, south duo, northern chest)
[Dark Buckler]
[Gold Lion Padding]
[Golden Belt]
[Ring of Amethyst]
[Superior Cuisses]

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd Floor, north-east)
[Crimson Plate]
[Dragon Hide Bracers]
[Holy Cuisses]
[Meloirean Cyclops Veil]
[Ring of Onyx]

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd Floor, north-west)
[Crimson Gauntlets]
[Indomitable Earring]
[Ring of Pearl]
[Sable Sentinel]
[Steel Sabatons]

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd Floor, south-east)
[Ancient Cape]
[Dragon’s Knight’s Helm]
[Harmonious Earring]
[Shadow Greaves]
[Stalwart Bow]

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd Floor, south-west)
[Autumn Hood]
[Gleaming Bangles]
[Grisly Greaves]
[Sultry Pareo]
[Wounded Heart]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Tragedy |{VID064}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf4vxzsRX1Q |

Chamber of Lament
12) The Chamber of Lament is a unique area in the Everfall-it doesn’t
have one of the old recycled ‘Arena’ ‘Bridge’, ‘Hall’ areas. Instead
it’s an extra dimensional arena reminiscent of the Tainted Mountain
Peak. Here is where you’ll find the single most dangerous foe in the
game-the Ur-Dragon. Before you can lure the Ur-Dragon out, however,
head to the northern end of the arena and kill several corrupted Pawns
that lurk near an elevated, and rather out-of-place bridge. Shortly
after the Ur-Draogn will speak and fly out of the portal in the sky.
As for the arena itself-there are some chests lying around, and some
warrior remains, but the items they drop aren’t worthy of our attention.
Once you descend off the end of the southern ledge into the arena below,
the only way back is to go through the arena and exit via the northern

Ur-Dragon… Ur… Ur… let’s see… ur- or Ur- (oor): Prefix,
original, primitive. Okay. I’ve seen ‘Ur’ creatures a few times in
fantasy games. Ur-priests, for example. The term also seems, in popular
use, to be synonymous with ‘corrupted’, but this might just be from a
root meaning ‘old’… which in a religious context might have become
connotated with ‘pagan’ or ‘heretical’, hence the ambivilence of the
meaning. So, either the Ur-Dragon is the original, ancient being from
which the Dragon was derived, or, more likely, is a degenerate,
corrupted form of it. The original Dragon had a purpose… and
philosophical leanings. The Ur-Dragon, as your Pawns will helpfully
chirp, is made from the hearts of Arisens. Presumably the weak, false
ones-like the duke. Perhaps it’s a form of punishment for those who
showed the most potential and failed? Can you think of anything worse
for an Arisen than to have the heart that was stolen from them forming
a body of a Dragon? In any event, the game itself gives little in the
way of explanation, so it’s really up to us to make up our own
mythology, if you care to.

A Group Effort…. Or Not.
It’s a rather important boss-offline you can tackle the beast by
yourself. Killing it will net you about 20 Wakestones, one unique item;
the Volant White Staff, Ascalon, a Sword, or Heaven’s Key Daggers, all
of which are supremely powerful and imbued with the Holy element.
Online, there’s one global Ur-Dragon boss, which players from all over
the globe can battle the Ur-Dragon cooperatively. Don’t get any
misconceptions, however-you won’t see your buddies running around the
arena, or masses of Arisens and theif Pawns all babbling gleefully about
nothing. You’ll get your own version of the Ur-Dragon, your own arena,
your feats of valor will remain unwitnessed by all but you. It only
shares a global health value, which all online players can work to
diminish. Its health online is much higher than the offline version, and
each time it’s killed, the next ‘generation’ of Ur-Dragon is even
stronger. The rewards for killing the Ur-Dragon online are better than
offline… but I won’t go into specifics, since I’ve never bothered with

Different Dragon, Same Tactics
The Ur-Dragon looks like a whitish-purple palette-swap of the Dragon.
The similarities are more than just skin-deep, however. They share most
of the same attacks-wing buffet, breath weapon attacks, grab-and-slams,
spells… the whole deal. You’re familiar with these by now, or if not,
at the very least I’ve done my due diligence already, and need not
waste time repeating myself. There are some differences, however. The
Ur-Dragon is much, much stronger, and its breath weapon is of the
Darkness element, not fire. Also it’s much more interested in prolonged
ground engagements, instead of flying attacks… although it will
perform them, and even has a perch in the arena from which to retreat
and spew breath-blasts at you.

Death By A Thousand Cuts
While the original Dragon’s vulnerable spot was its heart, the Ur-Dragon
has no one weak spot. Instead, its entire body must be attacked, piece
by piece. After sustaining enough damage in one spot, that part of the
body will turn black, its meat will rot and fall off, and by the end of
the fight you’ll be battling a beast that’s more skeleton than flesh.
You can tell you’re dealing damage if the blood from the wound you
inflict is purple. If it’s brownish and foul, you’re not dealing any
damage. Each time a part of the Ur-Dragon is destroyed it’ll drop
some… bits. Ambrosial Meat-either rotten or sour, and pieces of its
own body, which are all valuable Materials. To destroy the Ur-Dragon
you must keep moving from body part to body part, destroying each area
before moving on. Each wing has two distinct areas, each limb (leg and
arm) have three, the tail has three, there are two spots on its back,
and its gut and chest are both one. Several more parts of the body
remain to be destroyed on the neck and head. I strongly suggest you do
not fight the Ur-Dragon unless you are playing a Vocation that can
grapple well and perform ranged attacks. This pretty much means the
Strider, Ranger, Assassin, and Magick Archer. These Vocations will
perform the best against the Ur-Dragon, being able to dodge attacks
and reach various hard to reach spots better. The Magick Archer really
shines when fighting the Ur-Dragon, as Hunter Bolt, in addition to
dealing Holy damage (which the Ur-Dragon is weak against) will easily
be able to hit multiple parts of the Ur-Dragon’s body each shot. It’s
not unusual for a high-level, well-equipped Magick Archer to be able
to take down half a life bar with a single Hunter Bolt. Another boon
enjoyed by the Magick Archer is the fact that the Magick Bow’s attacks
will only lock-on to parts of the Ur-Dragon that are still alive. You
need never worry about going on a scavenger hunt for that last bit of
undamaged flesh. You probably won’t be able to kill the Ur-Dragon in
one encounter unless you’re a very high-level, well-built character.
After a while the Ur-Dragon will simply fly away. It won’t gain any
health back, but you’ll have to return later to fight it… and by
later, you really can just walk out of the arena, and head back in.

|VIDEO|Ur-Dragon Takedown |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQf2Vl0CHvs |

Once the beast has fallen you’ll get a cutscene showing all your
spiffy new loot, which lies in a room to the north. You’ll also get the
Achievement/Trophy ‘The Messiah’. Climb a ledge along the northern edge
of the arena and explore this room to score your treasure. There’s also
a stone here upon which the names of the Ur-Dragon’s vanquishers are

|VIDEO|Chamber of Lament |{VID065}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBMl6MwLvPU |

Chamber of Fate (Arena)
13) Here is where you’ll find the toughest fight in the game, in my
opinion. It’s been a busy two Steps, eh? In this Arena you’ll either
find a Drake and a flock of Harpies, or a Lich, a Chimera, a
Gorechimera, and several Hellhounds. The latter fight is the one to
fear. All the foes here can attack at a range (with spells or fire
breath). The Hellhounds and Chimeras can perform mid-range lunging
attacks, and deal lots of physical damage. Put them all together and
it’s absolute chaos. Be prepared for lots of running around-kill the
Lich, as it summons the Hellhounds (something you probably can’t
prevent) then focus on the Hellhounds, Once you’re down to two Chimeras,
you can start to try to focus on taking one of them down. Normally you
can just detach the snake and kill the fallen beast, but with two of
them, you’ll have to be ready for the other one to intervene at all
times. If you’re a high-level Assassin with ‘Invisibility’ you might
do alright, but otherwise… this is going to be one hell of a fight.
Once they’re dead you can score two ornate chests near the entrance,
and a door to the east leads deeper into the Chamber of Fate.

|VIDEO|Chamber of Fate |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUEY02YE4R4 |

Discussing the tactics of the Lich is, in essence, discussing the
finer points of strategy for this fight, since the Lich is the prime
mover of all your woes. First be warned-they’re very strong spell
casters. They’ll cast Miasma, Comestion, basic elemental spells and, at
least in this fight, they’ll summon Hellhounds. They also have a magic
missile-type attack, where they’ll shoot a series of red, homing
projectiles at you. Otherwise, they’re like the Wight, they hover and
cast spells.

o–Ornate Chest–o (west)
[Angel’s Sanctum]
[Dark Lorica]
[Dragon Knight’s Cloak]
[Dragon’s Presence]
[Royal Cuisses]

o–Ornate Chest–o (east)
[Barbarian Chief’s Helm]
[Benevolent Earring]
[Frigid Finger]
[Grisly Skull]
[Saving Grace]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Fate |{VID066}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWiS5MXigBY |

Chamber of Fate (Bridge)
14) Deeper doesn’t always have to mean harder. Quit smirking. Anyways,
this ‘Bridge’ level is occupied by Harpies, Succubi and Gargoyles-cake
compared to the last fight. It’s also brimming with treasure-another
seven chests. You start out upstairs, in the south-eastern room. Up here
there are chests inthe south-western room, and one on both the eastern
and western ends of the northern balcony, all rounded. Downstairs there
is an ornate chest in the north-western room, two rounded chests in the
north-western room, and one ornate chest in the north-western corner of
the large southern room. After killing all the pests above, your only
foes down here should be Giant Bats. Loot and leave the Chamber of Fate.

The Dragonblood Ring is easily one of the best pieces of Jewelry in
the game, and certainly the best you can get in the Everfall. It gives
a +25% boost to all debilitation resistances. These resistances are
wonderful to have until you get some of the best armor from Bitterblack
Isle, which come loaded with resistances, at which point you can
consider switching the Dragonblood out. As a side note about this
item that’s entirely irrelevent to anything having to do with actually
playing the game… Last year, when Dragon’s Dogma was new, my
girlfriend got on a forum to ask if there were any items in this game
like the ‘Ribbon’ from Final Fantasy. She was called an idiot by some
forum malcontent who also added that ‘no developer would put such an
item in a game’… except for the fact that she mentioned an example of
such an item. And, of course, the fact that there is in fact such an
item in Dragon’s Dogma, itself. Ah, the internet… where stupid goes
to thrive… Anyways, the Dragon’s Risen is the strongest Archistaff in
the Everfall, while the Savage Fang is the strongest Longbow. The
Unfettered Claw is the strongest non-elemental Staff you can pull out
of the Everfall.

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd Floor, south-west)
[Cyclops Sigil]
[Gold Lion Padding]
[Red Dragon Scale]

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd Floor, north-west)
[Meloirean Helm]
[Molten Boots]
[Philosopher’s Robe]
[Ring of Ruby]
[Twilight Greaves]

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd Floor, north-east)
[Crimson Armet]
[Grisly Bracers]
[Indomitable Earring]
[Meloirean Cyclops Veil]
[Twilight Mask]

o–Ornate Chest–o (1st Floor, north-west)
[Ancient Cape]
[Crossed Cinquedea]
[Royal Surcoat]

o–Rounded Chest–o (1st Floor, north-east duo, eastern chest)
[Carmine Breeches]
[Chilling Razors]
[Dragon’s Den]
[Indomitable Earring]
[Savage Fang]

o–Rounded Chest–o (1st Floor, north-east duo, western chest)
[Crimson Sabatons]
[Direwolf Veil]
[Dragon’s Risen]
[Unfettered Claw]

o–Ornate Chest–o (1st Floor, southern room)
[Dark Buckler]
[Darkened Gloves]
[Lordly Cloak]
[Shadow Gauntlets]

Chamber of Distress (Bridge)
15) Old friends will greet us when we enter this ‘Bridge’ area-Snow
Harpies and Dire Wolves. After so much fire and scale the game must
have thought we needed to cool down again. These monsters are
yesterday’s terrors-we need not discuss them again. The loot here,
however, is more worthy of attention. If only we could have gotten our
hands on some of this stuff back in the Northface Forest, when we were
killing these things by the dozen. On the first floor there’s only one
chest-an ornate chest in the north-eastern room. The higher level is
more generous, holding three rounded chests for us-one in the south-
western room, and one on the eastern end on each the northern and
southern balconies. These are, however, also protected by their own
pack of Direwolves and flock of Snow Harpies. When you’re done looting
head back downstairs and search the north-western room to find a door
leading deeper into the Chamber of Distress.

o–Ornate Chest–o (First Floor)
[Bloody Thistle]
[Exotic High Boots]
[Golden Belt]
[Harmonious Earring]
[Nebula Cape]

o–Rounded Chest–o (Second Floor, north-east)
[Crimson Plate]
[Golden Wristbands]
[Sage’s Hood]
[Unfettered Claw]

o–Rounded Chest–o (Second Floor, south-east)
[Crimson Plate]
[Golden Wristbands]
[Royal Surcoat]
[Sage’s Hood]
[Unfettered Claw]

o–Rounded Chest–o (Second Floor, south-east)
[Dragon’s Pain]
[Feral Cape]
[Golden Lion Helm]
[Grisly Bracers]
[Meloirean Armguard]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Distress |{VID067}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkf_QIywPmU |

Chamber of Distress (Arena)
16) In this arena awaits a new foe-the third, and arguably weakest of
the draconic species, the Wyrm. You won’t find so sturdy a foe here as
you did with the Wyvern or, more importantly, the Drake, and since we’ve
now fought what are essentially three palette-swaps, I can’t really
justify another ‘Enemy Strategy’, so I’ll keep it shorter. Once you’ve
trashed the Wyrm, score an ornate chest to the north.

The Wyrm is the Magick-user of the draconic species, preferring to use
spells instead of melee attacks. Its spell arsenal includes a death
spell (if you see a red ring on the ground-stay out of it), basic
elemental spells, which it’ll cast very quickly and in rapid succession,
High Bolide, Anodyne and debilitative spells. This isn’t to say it won’t
resort to melee if the opportunity presents itself-it’ll use most of
the attacks the Drake used; arm and tail swipes, bites, grabs, wing
buffets, flying slams, and its breath weapon-its native element is
ice. It only has seven health bars, making it the least resilient of
the dragonoids. Its vulnerable spot is on its belly… but who knows
their anatomy? Perhaps that’s where it’s heart is and, like the dumb
ape I am, I’m just horribly anthropocentric?

|VIDEO|Wyrm Takedown |
|LINK |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOr40xbipgI |

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Dignified Earring]
[Dragonscale Arm]
[Noble Limbs]

Chamber of Estrangement (Arena)
17) Enter another ‘Arena’ area with variable encounters. I like to call
this ‘the battle of the bigs’. You’ll end up fighting an Ogre, a
Cyclops, and a Golem (get it? all big things?) or a Metal Golem and a
Lich. Either way, the fight is pretty easy… provided you can take out
a Golem (go home, magick-builds.) Once done smiting, loot an ornate
chest just south of the center of the arena, then exit a door along the
eastern side of the arena to head deeper into the Chamber of

o–Warrior Remains–o
[Silver Ring]

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Barbarian Chief’s Helm]
[Burnished Bracers]
[Dignified Earring]
[Ring of Sapphire]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Estrangement |{VID068}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSpDQ7CY2_Y |

Chamber of Estrangment (Hall)
18) This ‘Hall’ area consists of a central corridor (which you enter
into the northern end of) and an eastern hall, the southern end of
which leads deeper still into the Chamber of Estrangement. The
occupants of this area are some neutral Pawns, most notably the merchant
Pawn Delec. The Materials he sells includes Electrum and Poison Hydra
Fangs, which are somewhat uncommon considering the rarity of the foes
that provide them. As for weaponry, he’s much more generous, selling a
Dragon’s Presence (best Mace in the game), a Bloody Thistle (best
Warhammer), a Dragon’s Risen (Archistaff), a Dark Buckler (Magick
Shield), a Savage Fang (Longbow), a Dragon’s Quickening (Magick Bow).
His armor selection includes a Golden Lion Helm, a Philosopher’s Robe,
a Dragonscale Arm, Exotic High BOots, and a vast selection of
debilitation resistance-boosting rings and earrings. There are four
rounded chests in this area-two at the southern end of the central
hall, near Delec, and two along the northern end of the eastern
hallway. They contain junk.

Chamber of Estrangement (Bridge)
19) You’ll enter into a ‘Bridge’ area, in the large southern room on
the first level. Your playmates will be a batch of Giant Undead,
wandering around aimlessly, just waitng to be destroyed. As you explore
to the north you’ll find assorted undead buried in the western half of
the northern chamber, including Undead, Undead Warriors, and Giant
Undead. A horde of Undead Warriors lies buried in the north-western
room, and some Specters might come meandering around the nothern
chamber. Upstairs lie more Undead along the balconies and the bridge.
As for the loot-it’s all on the first floor, and all contained in
rounded chests. There’s a trio of them in the north-eastern room and
a pair in the north-western one.

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-east trio, east chest)
[Ancient Cape]
[Divine Surcoat]
[Grisly Greaves]
[Meloirean Greaves]
[Wounded Heart]

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-east trio, middle chest)
[Carmine Breeches]
[Crimson Gauntlets]
[Ring of Onyx]
[Stalwart Earring]
[Twilight Mask]

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-east trio, west chest)
[Dragon Band]
[Matte Robe]
[Molten Boots]

o–Rouned Chest–o (north-west duo, southern chest)
[Flame Skirt]
[Gleaming Bangles]
[Ring of Ruby]
[Royal Mantle]
[Savage Fang]

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-west duo, northern chest)
[Angel’s Sanctum]
[Cyclop’s Sigil]
[Dragon Knight’s Helm]
[Dragon’s Presence]
[Holy Cuisses]

Chamber of Woe (Hall)
20) This area is pretty short-you’ll enter into a ‘Hall’ crawling with
undead, including a Lich, Giant Undead, Skeleton Lords, and Hellhounds.
The latter the Lich will summon, the rest will be triggered to rise by
its hostility. If you can kill the Lich before it summons anything…
well, life will be easier. Both of the side halls are blocked off and
there’s only one ornate chest at the southern end of the central hall.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Grisly Bone Armor]
[Lordly Cloak]
[Sable Sentinel]
[Shadow Greaves]
[Threaded Cudgel]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Woe |{VID069}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcmNzjPiNZQ |

Chamber of Sorrow (Bridge)
21) Those aren’t tentacles… they’re gentacles! Anyways, you’ll start
out in a ‘Bridge’ level, in the south-eastern room on the second floor.
This area is, simply put, a treasure trove. Six chests lie around, as
follows; two rounded chests on the first floor, one in the south-western
room and one on the western end of the northern balcony. On the lower
level you’ll find two chests in the north-eastern room-one ornate and
one rounded, and in the large southern room are another pair, again
ornate and rounded. The only complication here is that tentacles will
spawn and harass you repeatedly, which can make save/loading difficult.
It’s still possible, however-if you fight them off, they’ll stop
bothering you for a short while, which will allow you enough time to
save, at least. So… make your rounds, open all the chests, and when
you complete a run with an item worth saving for, fight off whatever
tentacles are around and save. Repeat until wealthy. When you’re done
baiting tentacles, there are two doors you can peruse-on the second
floor in the north-eastern room is a door that leads to a ‘Hall’ area,
and on the first floor in the north-western room is a door that leads
to an ‘Arena’ area. I suggest going through the latter, first.

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd floor, south-west)
[Burnished Bracers]
[Dignified Cape]
[Grisly Bone Armor]
[Savage Fang]

o–Rounded Chest–o (2nd floor, north-west)
[Dragon Knight’s Cloak]
[Golden Wristbands]
[Grisly Bracers]
[Herald’s Helix]
[Twilight Greaves]

o–Rounded Chest–o (1st floor, north-east duo)
[Crimson Sabatons]
[Dark Over-Knee Boots]
[Fey Whisper]
[Grisly Skull]
[Red Dragon Scale]

o–Ornate Chest–o (1st floor, north-east duo)
[Crimson Armet]
[Crimson Robe]
[Exotic High Boots]
[Frigid Finger]

o–Ornate Chest–o (1st floor, south duo)
[Dragon’s Risen]
[Holy Cuisses]
[Laurel Circlet]
[Matte Robe]
[Ring of Onyx]

o–Rounded Chest–o (1st floor, south duo)
[Ring of Amethyst]
[Sage’s Hood]
[Solar Providence]
[Twilight Manicae]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Sorrow |{VID070}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipucyzeyEN8 |

Chamber of Sorrow (Arena)
22) Typical ‘Arena’ area, occupied by an Evil Eye. You know how to fight
them by now-kill it and loot the rounded in the north-western corner.
Can circles even have corners? Whatever-to the north-west, then. Don’t
expect that the tentacles in the other areas will vanish just because
you killed the Evil Eye here-that would just make sense. Anyways, once
you’re done looting and killing, head through a door to the north.

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Crimson Plate]
[Dragon’s Quickening]
[Gleaming Bangles]
[Steel Gauntlets]

Chamber of Sorrow (Hall)
23) The Chamber of Sorrow is just a big place-one of each of the three
staple Everfall chambers. You’ll enter the ‘Hall’ area in the western
hall, which is occupied by Grim Goblins, as is the central hall. In
the eastern hall you’ll find two Vile Eyes-the only place in the game
where they are static spawns. There are two chests in the northern part
of both the eastern and western tunnels, and as in the ‘Bridge’ area,
tentacles will spawn relentlessly. Go through the door along the
southern end of the eastern tunnel when you’re done to return to the
second flor of the ‘Bridge’ area, from which you can easily run back
through tentacle-doom to reach the Everfall.

o–Rounded Chest–o (west duo, west chest)
[Crimson Gauntlets]
[Crossed Cinquedea]
[Grisly Greaves]
[Philosopher’s Robes]

o–Rounded Chest–o (west duo, east chest)
[Crimson Robe]
[Nebula Cape]
[Twilight Mask]

o–Rounded Chest–o (east duo, east chest)
[Autumn Hood]
[Bloody Thistle]
[Carmine Breeches]
[Dark Lorica]
[Ring of Pearl]

o–Rounded Chest–o (east duo, west chest)
[Benevolent Earring]
[Dragonscale Arm]
[Golden Lion Helm]
[Meloirean Greaves]
[Shadow Gauntlets]

Chamber of Resolution (Hall)
24) This place is rather busy, as you’ll see as soon as you enter. It’s
crawling with Undead Warriors and Stout Undead. These weaklings are
bolstered by several Ogres-two in the eastern hall (the one you enter
in) and one in the central hall. As usual there’s a chest to loot at
the southern end of the central hall, and in addition there are two
chests at the northern end of the western hall. At the southern end of
the western hall lies a door which leads deeper into the Chamber of

o–Ornate Chest–o (center hall)
[Dragon Knight’s Helm]
[Dragon’s Pain]
[Ring of Sapphire]
[Stalwart Earring]
[Twilight Manicae]

o–Rounded Chest–o (west duo, east chest)
[Crimson Sabatons]
[Frigid Finger]
[Golden Lion Padding]
[Ring of Amethyst]
[Steel Cuirass]

o–Rounded Chest–o (west duo, west chest)
[Benevolent Earring]
[Grisly Bracers]
[Matte Robe]
[Meloirean Cyclops Veil]
[Shadow Greaves]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Resolution |{VID071}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_RGcfkAYCM |

Chamber of Resolution (Arena)
25) Rather tame for an ‘Arena’ area, your only foe here is a Cockatrice.
Once it’s dead, search an alcove to the north to find a rounded chest.
Note that there are-like most ‘Arena’ areas, two versions of this
place-both are occupied by a Cockatrice and both hold a chest in the
northern alcove. In one, however, the Cockatrice will be joined by
Geo Saurians and Saurian Sages (there will be gunpowder kegs near the
chest) and in the other the Cockatrice will be alone (there will be
plants near the chest.)

o–Rounded Chest–o
[Crimson Gauntlets]
[Steel Sallet]
[Twilight Greaves]
[Wounded Heart]

Chamber of Inspiration
26) More likely than not you’ll enter this ‘Bridge’ area with a
Phantasm in your face, trying to possess you. If you can’t deal
magick damage, this place isn’t going to be your friend. Phantasms lurk
throughout, and along the western end of the natural northern chamber
they’ll be joined by Skeleton Sorcerers. These two undead make up your
foes in this level. For all your trouble, there’s only one bit of loot,
an ornate chest in the south-western room on the second floor.

o–Ornate Chest–o
[Dark Buckler]
[Red Dragon Scale]
[Ring of Ruby]
[Saving Grace]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Inspiration |{VID072}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Ug4_pElu0 |

Chamber of Hope (Hall)
27) From the entrance head south to reach the central hall. Your
opposition here will be several Stout Undead lurking in front of two
Hellhounds, who guard the door at the southern end of the hall. Once
they’re dispatched, search the abortive side halls to find a rounded
chest on either side, next to the gates that prevent us from exploring
the western and eastern hall. Once you’re done looting, go through the
door to the south that the Hellhounds were guarding.

o–Rounded Chest–o (east)
[Crimson Plate]
[Exotic High Boots]
[Grisly Skull]
[Meloirean Helm]
[Ring of Pearl]

o–Rounded Chest–o (west)
[Divine Surcoat]
[Gleaming Bangles]
[Grisly Greaves]
[Twilight Mask]

|VIDEO|Chamber of Hope |{VID073}|
|LINK |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Hb6LeB6a0 |

Chamber of Hope (Bridge)
28) Behold! The final chamber in the Everfall! At least, if you’ve been
strictly following the guide. This area can be tricky, as a Gorechimera
lurks around, and it’ll find its way up to the narrow confines of the
second floor-making it a rather close-quarters engagement. Complicating
matters are the Skeleton Sorcerers who lurk about, eager to blast you
with spells if you neglect them. Readying a High Gicel for when the
omniscient beast detects you is a good way to welcome it to death. This
area doesn’t dissapoint when it comes to loot, either. You’ll find no
fewer than nine chests lying around, desperately in need of some
plundering. Starting with the second floor, where we enter (in the
north-eastern room); you’ll find one chest in the south-western room,
along with two warrior remains. Another sits on the western end of the
northern balcony, and a third awaits your attentions on the eastern end
of the southern balcony.

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-west)
[Dragon’s Presence]
[Grisly Bone Armor]
[Holy Cuisses]
[Meloirean Plate]
[Sage’s Hood]

o–Ornate Chest–o (south-west)
[Dragon Knight’s Helm]
[Dragon’s Quickening]
[Golden Lion Helm]
[Herald’s Helix]
[Ring of Onyx]

o–Rounded Chest–o (south-east)
[Dragonscale Arm]
[Nebula Cape]
[Shadow Greaves]
[Sultry Pareo]
29) Head downstairs where you’ll find even more Skeleton Sorcerers-they
usually lurk around the stairs, moving up and down as they please, so
there’s no telling how many you’ll encounter on either floor. In the
north-western room down here you’ll find two rounded chests-one north,
one south. Three more await you in the north-eastern room, lined up
in a row. A final chest awaits us in the south-western corner of the
southern room.

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-west duo, south chest)
[Dragon Knight’s Helm]
[Fey Whisper]
[Frigid Finger]
[Royal Mantle]
[Solar Providence]

o–Rounded chest–o (north-west duo, north chest)
[Burnished Bracers]
[Dark Lorica]
[Dignified Cape]
[Dragon’s Risen]
[Lordly Cloak]

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-east trio, west chest)
[Bloody Thistle]
[Carmine Breeches]
[Golden Lion Padding]
[Lordly Cloak]
[Sultry Cowl]

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-east trio, middle chest)
[Dark Buckler]
[Grisly Skull]
[Philosopher’s Robe]
[Threaded Cudgel]
[Wounded Heart]

o–Rounded Chest–o (north-east trio, east chest)
[Barbarian Chief’s Helm]
[Dragon’s Pain]
[Feral Cape]
[Savage Fang]
[Twilight Greaves]

o–Rounded Chest–o (south)
[Benevolent Earring]
[Crimson Armet]
[Dragon’s Den]
[Golden Wristbands]
[Sable Sentinel]
30) That’s it for the Everfall-the huge, if shamelessly recycled-late
game dungeon of Dragon’s Dogma. If you remember, we’re trying to score
20 Wakestones to give to Quince-the Pawn who awaits us at the ‘Exit’
level of the Everfall, which can be reach via the Pawn Guild. Of course,
you shouldn’t let this trifling matter of unraveling the inner working
of the cosmos distract you too much from life’s real goal-gathering
sweet loot. The Everfall is full of it, and not only do Wakestones
grant life and reveal mysteries-they sell for a pretty penny, too.
Farm the Everfall as much as your patience allows, and when you’ve
leveled up enough, gathered enough loot, earned as much cash as you
care to earn… well, there are two things left to do: get to the
bottom of the Everfall… Figuratively, of course… or take on
Bitterblack Isle.

This is the earliest I’d suggest trying Bitterblack Isle-after reaching
a high level (100+) and grabbing the best gear in the main game.
Especially important are having good debilitation resistance (a pair of
Dragonbloods should help immensely) and the best Everfall weapons out
there. If your Strength or Magick score isn’t over 1500, Bitterblack
Isle is going to be quite difficult. If you’ve been making use of
Autonomy, might as well drop it now and grab some Pawns, as they’ll
likely be more useful than the meagre bonuses Autonomy gives. Once you
have some of the best weapons Bitterblack Isle has to offer, you can
ditch your Pawns again… but it’ll probably be a while.

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