Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Walkthrough Part 2: The Heart of Winter

Walkthrough Credit: Haeravon

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| Heart of Winter |
| |
| Lonelywood |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK024}
1) Hjollder’s Quest
2) Whining Rawleigh
3) House-Broken Hailee
4) Emmerich Hawk’s House
5) Purvis’s House (aka Ring of Free Action dispenser)
6) Tybald Dunn’s House
7) Trading Secrets with Hailee
8) Recovering Roald Tunnelfist
9) A Mysterious Halfling Man…
10) Easily Done Ambere Dunn
11) Moaning Murdaugh
12) Kieran Nye the Magic Guy
13) Looting the Upper Level
14) Sending Hailee Home
15) Temple of Waukeen
16) Healing the Dunn Family
17) Bullshit Baldemar
18) The Three D’s
19) Boring Boat Men

Lonelywood, Exterior (AR9100)
1) You’ll appear in the town of Lonelywood, and have to suffer through a
conversation with the barbarian Hjollder. You might remember his bit-
role in Kuldahar. He’ll tell you that Jerrod has returned… or rather,
he’s inhabiting the body of Wylfdene, who was-and is again-a tribal
king. This revenant is apparently inciting a war between the barbarians
and Ten-Towns, but Hjollder, being the priestly sort that he is, has
found no justification from Tempus. And without some violent space ghost
telling you to kill people, war is just honorless butchery with no
higher purpose. Point of the conversation: you need to travel to
Hengorot in an attempt to stop the impending war. What, do you think,
are the odds that you’ll be able to do this without crawling through
dungeons and engaging in some honorless butchery of your own? None, I

Note: Once you begin Heart of Winter, you’ll notice that most of your
gold is gone. I ended the main game with 327,743 gold, and started the
expansion with 15,979 gold. Don’t worry, we’ll earn more.

Note from Lee:
You also lose any Bags of Holding, Potion Cases, and Spell Cases you
had, including all the items that may have been therein contained.
2) The first steps in this expansion should be pretty obvious-brand new
town around us, we might as well explore it, right? Head east into a
small corral to find find Rawleigh Gallaway, who will bitch about being
stuck due to the barbarian threat. Chat him up and he’ll tell you where
the barbarians are, updating your world map.
3) Head north to find Hailee Dunn (x=1770, y=2200), who complains that
her brother fell down the well. She’s too afraid to be lowered down to
get him, so you’ll have to get some rope from her dad. Eh… Don’t
worry, there’s no rush.

Note: If you’re evil-aligned, you can show some tough love and refuse
to play along with Hailee’s little game (pick any dialogue option, then
#3 and #3).

Emmerich Hawk’s House (AR9104)
4) From the well, head to the east to find Emmerich Hawk’s house
(x=3000, y=2250). Inside, you can talk to Mr. Hawk, who will tell you
where the barbarians are, relate a story about his falling out of favor
with the ‘Forest Father’, Silvanus, due to his inability to stop three
brothers who are over-hunting, his encounter with a rather unfriendly
sounding wolf, and he’ll sell you bows and ammunition… although
nothing better than what you should already have (the few interesting
things he sells are listed below). The most interesting thing about
Emmerich, however, is that he has some very interesting gear on his
person-none of which you can steal. If you try to attack him, however,
he’ll hide in shadows and vanish-so you need to kill him quickly (Haste
works wonders). If you kill him, he’ll drop a Finest Longsword,
Confusion Arrows x20, Arrows of Piercing x20, Inferno Arrows x20, a
Shadowed Cloak, Bracers of Archery, a Long Bow +4: Hammer, and 100 gold.
This is, however, an inopportune time to kill him (unless you just
started the expansion to get these items). These characters have quests
for us to do, and all that. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you before the
expansion is over to come back and kill them.

Ammo Belt
Storage items don’t export with you, so you’ll need to pick up another
one of these.

Storm Bow +3
A +3 damage, +2 THAC0 bow that allows the user to cast Storm Shell once
per day. We found better back in the Temple of the Forgotten God.

Gravedigger’s Shack (AR9110)
5) Leave Emmerick’s house and backtrack to the west. Ignore the Temple
of Waukeen (the building north-east of Emmerich Hawk’s house) and the
Whistling Gallows Inn (north-east of the temple), and instead enter
Purvis’ House (x3350, y=1300) north of Emmerich Hawk’s house. Inside,
you will, of course, find Purvis. If you talk to him, he’ll just dully
ask if you need a hole dug for a latrine. Yeah… I remind myself to
remain suspicious of him-a dumb character in town who looks like a
rogue, and carries a Ring of Free Action on him? I don’t buy it. Oh! By
the way, Purvis has all kinds of other good gear on him, but killing
him for it might be a bit of a spoiler. You can, however, nab a Ring
of Free Action from him now, if you don’t want to wait.

Purvis used to be somewhat of a Ring of Free Action dispenser. At
various points throughout the Heart of Winter expansion, you could rob
him for another Ring of Free Action-for a total of four of them. Now
he has only one.

Tybald Dunn’s House (AR9105)
6) Leave Purvis’ house and head north to find Tybald Dunn’s house
(x=2800, y=400). I guess we better pull that kid out of the well, right?
Head inside and talk to him. Surprise! He has no son. His daughter is a
lying sack of crap. He also doesn’t seem too fond of this Baldemar
character-Lonelywood’s council representative (as close to a mayor as
you’ll find around here). Apparently Baldemar’s the one to see around
here… but first, let’s help Tybald get his life on track, shall we?

(x=750, y=250) Boots of the North*1

*1: I’d keep these in your inventory if you plan to make a Heart of
Fury run. There are a few occassions where reducing the cold damage
you take will be more useful than the extra point of Armor Class given
by the Boots of the Fox… like when we’re fighting hordes of Cold
Wights, or Frost Salamanders and Winter Wolves…
7) Armed with the knowledge needed to thwart little Hailee’s tale, head
back to the well and confront the little girl. She throws a tantrum at
being exposed, but at least you get some experience from the whole
affair. You can talk to her some more and find out that Purvis has only
been in town a couple of weeks… suspicious enough timing… and that
the owner of the inn bought it for some ‘magic mirror’ which he can
walk through. Trading Hailee a secret for a secret can lead to some
rather amusing dialogue. Anyhow, now that we have a secret, let’s go to
the tavern we ignored earlier-since we have an excuse and all.

(For exposing Hailee’s tale)
EXP 15000

(For learning a secret)
EXP 15000

Whistling Gallows Inn, Downstairs (AR9101)
8) Head north from the well to find the Whistling Gallows Inn
(x=2250, y=1150). Lovely name. At (x=980, y=420) you’ll find a Dwarf
named Roald Tunnelfist, who had a run-in with the barbarians we’re
intersted in. He, too, will update your map, if it wasn’t updated
9) At (x=830, y=430) you’ll find a ‘Halfling Man’ named Hobart
Stubbletoes, who seems to know who you are already. Experienced gamers
know that’s never a good sign. If you agree to go with him, he’ll take
you away to start the Trials of the Luremaster expansion-which I do not
intend to do at the moment.
10) Wandering around is the drunkard Ambere Dunn, wife of Tybald and
mother of Hailee-neither of which she is fond of. You can sleep with her
for a reputation loss by promising to take her away from here… and/or
you can convince her to quit taking her family for granted by repeatedly
selecting dialogue option #1-you’ll need 13+ Charisma to get the right
dialogue option to appear, but a humble Friends spell takes care of that
for my pretty-challenged party.

(For bringing the Dunn family closer again)
EXP 15000
11) Now that we’re done with that… let’s continue chatting up the
drunkards in this tavern. At (x=750, y=420) you can find Murdaugh, who
you can-with a little gold-coerce into singing a tale about love lost
and his abandoned quest for the Glacier Rose. I’m sure this will NEVER
turn up. He’s another guy from Auckney, too. If the game puts another
character from that town here, it’ll constitute a massive depopulation
of the place. He will also ramble on about nearly everything remotely
interesting, as Bards tend to do.
12) Finally, there’s the owner of this inn. Kieran Nye wanders behind
the bar. Ask Nye what the deal is about the mirror, and he’ll ask you to
keep quiet, revealing that he’s a former Hosttower Mage from Luskan-not
the friendliest bunch of people. He’ll offer you access to premium
magical gear to keep your mouth shut, too. Take him up on his offer and
peruse his wares. Considering that I’m playing a party full of Mages,
it would be a good idea for me to buy as many spells as possible, when
I have the coin… Lastly, you can steal a Ring of Greater Resistance*1
from Kieran. Once you’re done shopping, loot the rooms to the south-west
for some of Kiernan’s gear. Make sure to go through the secret door
‘mirror’ at (x=350, y=600).

Dagger of Safe Harbor +3
This +3 Dagger casts Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere on the caster once per
day. Honestly, you’re better off with Stoneskin.

Jamison’s Sling +4
A simple +4 Sling-a definite improvement over anything in the main game.

Scarlet/Blue Ioun Stone
An Ioun Stone that gives a +1 bonus to Intelligence. If you don’t have
an Intelligence-boosting item, and you’ve got a lot of Mages that could
benefit (for scribing purposes) by having a higher Intelligence… well,
this might be a useful item. I wouldn’t wear it in combat, though.

Thrym Extract
When consumed, the imbiber must save vs death at -4. If successful,
their Cold Resistence is set to 100% for four rounds; if they fail to
save, they take 8d6 damage. Somehow this just doesn’t seem worth the
gamble… Thrym Extract Roulette anyone?

Zilzanzer’s Magnificent Dart +1
1d3+2 damage per dart, wielder can throw up to 5 darts/round. Useless.

Xainlaphar’s Flying Skull
Exploding skulls cause 4d8 damage to all within 5′ (save for half)

|Mage Spells|
1st-Chromatic Orb
1st-Expeditious Retreat
1st-Find Familar
1st-Magic Missile
1st-Magic Missile
1st-Reflected Image

2nd-Know Alignment
2nd-Melf’s Acid Arrow
2nd-Melf’s Acid Arrow
2nd-Stinking Cloud

3rd-Detect Illusion
3rd-Dispel Magic
3rd-Invisibility 10′ Radius
3rd-Lance of Disruption
3rd-Lance of Disruption
3rd-Lighnting Bolt
3rd-Melf’s Minute Meteors
3rd-Minor Spell Deflection
3rd-Protection from Normal Missiles
3rd-Remove Magic
3rd-Spell Thrust

4th-Enchanted Weapon
4th-Fireshield (Blue)
4th-Fireshield (Red)
4th-Lower Resistance
4th-Lower Resistance
4th-Minor Globe of Invulnerability
4th-Minor Sequencer
4th-Secret Word
4th-Teleport Field
4th-Wizard Eye

5th-Conjure Air Elemental
5th-Conjure Earth Elemental
5th-Conjure Fire Elemental
5th-Conjure Water Elemental
5th-Contact Other Plane
5th-Lower Resistance
5th-Phantom Blade
5th-Protection From Normal Weapons
5th-Shadow Door

6th-Pierce Magic
6th-Protection From Magic Energy
6th-Trollish Fortitude
6th-True Sight

7th-Control Undead
7th-Delayed Blast Fireball
7th-Protection From The Elements
7th-Ruby Ray of Reversal
7th-Seven Eyes
7th-Seven Eyes
7th-Spell Sequencer*2
7th-Sphere of Chaos
7th-Warding Whip

8th-Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting
8th-Bigby’s Clenched Fist
8th-Symbol, Death
8th-Symbol, Fear
8th-Symbol, Stun

(x=300, y=600) Robe of the Neutral Archmagi*3
(x=450, y=480) Scroll of Seven Eyes

*1: If you thought its lesser versions were good, feast your eyes on
this beauty. With an Armor Class bonus of two, +25% Crushing Resistance,
and +3 saves vs. spells, it’s a truly potent defensive measure for any
character. Unfortunately, it can’t be worn with other defensive
measures, but it sure gives the Ring of Protection +2 a run for its
money. At the end of the day, however, I’d rather have +2 all saves than
+3 save vs. spells and 25% Crushing Resistance-Stoneskin gives me all
the physical defenses I really need, but spells… I could stand to
improve against them.

*2: Our earlier dream has come true! What? You remember, when I wished
there was a superior version of Minor Spell Sequencer? It was all
melodramatic, and stuff. Whatever. This spell is superior to Minor
Spell Sequencer in every way. 7th level spells suck, so you don’t have
to worry about using up a spell slot for this spell. Also, this allows
you to sequence three spells of 4th level or lower. The uses are many,
but here are some suggestions: Sequencer some area buffs, like Haste,
Emotion, Courage, and Emotion, Hope. Or personal buffs-Stoneskin, Blur,
and Mirror Image. The offensive potential is vastly expanded, too.
Three Flame Arrows or Mordenkainen’s Force Missiles can be absolutely
devastating, if cast by a high level Mage. It’s good stuff, but on a
normal playthrough, you’ll probably never need it.

*3: Like the evil robes we’ve found, but for more flakey characters.
I have no use for this one, either.

Kieran now sells alot more scrolls, too many for me to bother

Whistling Gallows Inn, Upstairs (AR9102)
13) Now head up the stairs at (x=1100, y=200). Here you can find
yourself a bit of loot if you look around. If nothing else the Rogue
Stone will sell for a good bit of coin. Once you’re done here, leave
the tavern.

(x=1100, y=970) Rogue Stone, Translocation Arrows x5
(x=480, y=480) 1 gold
(x=600, y=750) Traveler’s Robe
(x=350, y=550) Tainted Oil of Speed
14) Our next stop is the Temple of Waukeen (x=2300 y=1850), but first,
find Hailee by the well again and talk to her. Tell her to go home,
and convince her… using one of any numerous means. If you told her the
bear, fish, or barbarian story earlier, you can use those to get her to
go home. If she told you her secret, you can tell her that Kieran is
looking for her. If you’re evil you can just threat to throw her down
the well. Finally, if you convinced her mother to go home, you can get
Hailee to head back, too. Anyways, once the brat is gone you’ll gain
some experience. Now, onward, to the Temple of Waukeen!

(For convincing Hailee to go home)
EXP 15000

Temple of Waukeen (AR9103)
15) Inside the temple you’ll find a Halfling named Quinn Silverfinger
(x=330, y=480). Quinn apparently doesn’t like Baldemar, either. Sure.
Mention Tybald Dunn and his business woes to get some good news for
Tybald. Go through the two curtains to reach the back room and open a
secret door at (x=800, y=200) to get at a trapped treasure chest beyond.
Note that you can also buy some pretty premium gear-if you’ve got a lot
of gold on you. Quinn buys everything-if you need to do some selling-
this is the place to do it. Also note that although you can’t steal
anything from Quinn, he does have a Morning Star +4: Defender in his

Amaunator’s Legacy +3
This +3 Bastard Sword deals an additional 2d4+3 Fire Damage versus
Undead, has a 5% chance to cast Beltyn’s Burning Blood per hit, and
casts Sunray once per day. Not a bad weapon, I just have no use for it.

Flail of Mae
A +4 Flail that has a 5% chance of casting Flesh to Stone on targets.
Not as important as Three White Doves, but if you have the gold…
well, I certainly know that I have several characters that would view
this as an upgrade, even if only a relatively short-term one.

Inconsequence +3
A +3 War Hammer that acts as +4 versus Good and Evil creatures. Because
neutrality is cool.

Kinetic Spear +2
This +2 Spear has a 5% chance of casting Lance of Disruption on the

Three White Doves +3
A wonderful Mace, it’s a +3 weapon that deals double damage against
outsiders and undead… which is a fair number of foes in this game.
Not only that, it has a chance to destroy undead each hit (depending on
their hit dice) and a flat 5% chance to destroy outsiders. It would be
a good idea to grab this weapon if you ever plan to tackle Heart of
Fury mode-or better yet, grab five. In fact, it’s a big reason why I
suggested that you specialize in Maces. Of course… we could always
use Invisosmite instead. I still stand by Maces, however-you know how
badass the Morning Star +4: Defender is.

Waukeen’s Defender +2
The second best shield in the game, right behind The Argent Shield-or
the best you can do if you’re not an Elf or Half-Elf. It gives a +3
bonus to Armor Class (but only +2 vs. missiles), +10% Magic Resistance,
and +2 to all saves. The only reason I put the Argent shield above this
is pure math. Each number on a d20 is equal to about 5%-and saves roll
a d20. Ergo, +2 saves is equal to about 10% Magic Resistance. 20% Magic
Resistance on Waukeen’s Defender < 25% Magic Resistance on The Argent
Shield. Also, my saves are pretty good already (especially after spell
buffing), and they’ll only get better as I level up more. I’d rather
have a good Magic Resistance AND very low saves, rather than just very,
very low saves. Two lines of defense, and all that, and you can always
roll a one on saves.

Sarutobi’s Stone Breakers
More Monk bracers… it’s been a while since we found our last ones,
hasn’t it? These armguards give a much needed +1 bonus to Strength
(if your Monk had an 18 Strength, you now have a 19, which is a HUGE
boost), a +2 bonus to damage (on top of that Strength boost) and +2d6
damage when you score a critical hit. The fire damage is nice for
trolls, but otherwise… these are a clear improvement. Unless, of
course, they don’t bump you from 18 to 19 Strength.

(x=800, y=200) 1500 gold, Diamond x3, Emerald x2, Quinn’s Fancy Sling*1

(x=800, y=200)

*1: Fresh into the game and we’re already finding weapons that put the
ones in the original game to shame. Let’s hope this keeps up. This is a
+3 damage, +5 THAC0 sling.

Sarutobi’s Stone Breakers are new to Icewind Dale.
16) Now, we’ve managed to get Tybald’s wife and daughter to return home,
and we scouted out some new business opportunities for him… so let’s
return to his house to give him the good news. Good news for every one,
in fact. More business for Tybald, moving somewhere else for Ambere,
and the prospects of an unbroken family for Hailee-and all it took was
six nosey strangers talking to people!

(For changing Tyblad’s fortunes)
EXP 20000

Baldemar’s House (AR9106)/(AR9107)
17) From Tybald’s house head west to Baldemar’s house (x=1550, y=700).
Inside you can find his irritable wife, Arden Thurlow, who has a rather
low opinion of her husband, and the house she lives in. When you’re done
messing around downstairs, head up the stairs at (x=500, y=500). You’ll
find Baldemar at (x=700, y=350), he doesn’t have much to say, and what
he does say is riddled with holes. Grab his letter and leave.

***ITEMS*** (AR9106)
(x=530, y=200) Elixir of Health x4

***ITEMS*** (AR9107)
(x=400, y=270) Council Letter*1

*1: Correspondance from one ‘KT’ in Targos-sounds like the ‘civilized’
folks of Ten Towns were up to no good…

Three D’s House (AR9108)
18) Exit Baldemar’s House and continue west to find the abode of the
three D’s (x=350, y=400)-Digby, Dolan, and Doogal, to be exact. These
three hunters/trappers are the boys who have been angering Emmerich
Hawk. As one might expect, they’re none too bright. Nothing we can do
about them now, I’m sure they’ll be alright in a little while.

Thom Farold’s House (AR9109)
19) Along the western end of the map, by some boats, you’ll find Young
Ned. Nephew of Old Jed. He’ll tell you about the nearby boat, and about
the ‘three D’s’ who are causing trouble for Emmerich. Well… that was
fun, now for something more interesting-if only slightly. Head east and
head up a ladder at (x=1070, y=1550) to reach Thom Farold’s house.
Speaking of whom, talk to Thom (x=500, y=350) and he’ll talk about…
his boats, and the barbarian threat. Bleh. at least there’s some loot
to score here. Anyhow, leave the house (x=400, y=600) after you’re done
looting. Yay. Now that you’ve played around in Lonelywood, it’s time to
leave. Exit the town on its eastern side. (x=3800, y=1400) will do.

(x=400, y=270) Bottle of Wine
(x=480, y=180) Pearl, Light Crossbow, Bolt +2 x40

| |
| The Burial Isle |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK025}
1) Barbarian Camp
2) Angaar’s Assassination Avoidance
3) Baldemar’s Confession
4) Digby Bites the Dust
5) Barrow Wight Burial Isle Welcom
6) Undead Mashing and a Mysterious Tower
7) Terminal Necromancer Edion
8) Skaldar’s the Spirit Shaman
9) The Polar Bear Spirit
10) Barrow Break-in
11) Barrow Lootin’
12) Vexing Thoughts
13) Drowned Dead and Wailing Virgins
14) Bunch of Bad-Ass Battle Axes
15) Desecration Displayed
16) One More Barrow Battle
17) Helping Hjollder
18) Werewolf Attack!
19) werewolf Identified
20) Shopping Before the Gloomfrost

Barbarian Camp (AR9200)
1) Once you reach the barbarian camp a barbarian named Angaar will
speak to you. Ask him for an audience with Wylfdene and one will be
granted… eventually. When you’re done being escorted over to Hengorot,
talk to Wylfdene and ask about him being blessed and guided by Jerrod
for some experience. If you stick to your guns and try and press for
peace, you’ll be further rewarded. It’s all for nothing, however, as
Wylfdene suspects you of being an assassin-like the last “delegate” from
Ten Towns was. Insist you know nothing of an assassin, and Wylfdene
settles for calling you a spy, instead. Just as Wylfdene is preparing to
make a very big mistake by attacking a party of well-armed folks such as
ourselves, Hjollder steps in. He doesn’t do much good, but he does get
you out of Hengorot without a fight.

(For learning of Wylfdene’s bonding with the spirit of Jerrod)
EXP 84000

(For trying to reason with Wylfdene)
EXP 84000

(For learning of an assassination plot against Wylfdene)
EXP 84000
2) Not much further, however. Once you’re back outside, Angaar tells
you that he was ordered to kill you. Ask about Hjollder for some
experience, and avoid a fight for yet more experience (you’ll need a
Charisma score of 14 or higher to pull this off-again, Friends will do
the trick). Well, that leaves us with one thing to do, I guess. Time to
head for this cheerily-named Burial Isle. Talk to Angaar again and ask
him some questions to get more information out of him. Note that as a
party we’ve gained a total of 416,000 experience, or 69,000~ experience
per member without doing a bit of fighting. It seems that-despite the
warning at the beginning of the expansion-the designers wanted to buff
your party up before throwing anything at you. Still not enough, you
say? Very well. Head back to Baldemar’s House (AR9106)/(AR9107) in

(For gaining information from Angaar about Hjollder’s banishment)
EXP 42000

(For convincing Angaar not to do battle with you)
EXP 42000

(For gaining information from Angaar about the assassination attempt)
EXP 42000

(For gaining information from Angaar about Wylfdene)
EXP 42000
3) Confront Baldemar about the assassination plot and threaten to
expose him. Keep pressuring him until he admits to it, and details the
plot. Threaten him into going straight for a rather ridiculous
experience reward.

(For uncovering the plot and convincing Baldemar to come clean)
EXP 420000
4) Now go talk to Purvis outside at (x=3550, y=1700), who will reveal he
just buried Digby. Hmm… Go talk to Emmerich and he’ll tell you that
Digby was probably killed by the same wolf that attacked him earlier. Oh
well, there’s not much we can do for poor Digby right now. The remaining
two D’s blame Emmerich, of course, for not letting them trap. Head over
to Young Ned and ask him to take you to Burial Isle.

Burial Isle (AR9300)
5) The two most prevelant foes here are Barrow Wights and Ghost Shaman.
The former are melee meat shields with a decent Armor Class and
medicore Hit Points and THAC0. They move quite fast (as if they were
always Hasted), and they’ll use this speed to harass party members you
really wish they wouldn’t (archers and Mages, for example.) While their
THAC0 isn’t too great, it’s not bad enough that they won’t hit Armor
Classes in the -5~ range too often to sustain. Against your better
Armor Clases, however, they’ll need very high rolls, indeed. The latter
can cast a few spells and aren’t too shabby in melee, either. As spell
casters, they should always be your first targets. A number of these
creatures lie in wait to the north of you-relatively spread out. This
means that wherever you go, you’ll likely suffer attacks from the flank.
In all honesty, my multi-class party chugs a bit against these things.
Their Hit Points and Armor Classes are decent, where they suffer is on
offense. They have about six fewer Fighter levels than a single-classed
Fighter would have… which means fewer attacks per round and a six
point difference in THAC0. This is quite a slow-down, so to even the
odds, we have to rely on the strengths of our party-which means spell-
buffing. This is not a low-level adventure, so we’ll need to spell-buff
at nearly every opportunity. On the plus side, however, the single-
classers only have a few more levels of dominance before they hit the
level twenty power plateau (after which Fighters will gain no more
THAC0), whereas the multi-classers will only continue to close the gap.

Keep Haste up at all times and don’t draw in more enemies than you can
handle-same rules as always, really. Again, this is another instance in
which Three White Doves shines, as it’ll greatly hasten the smiting
process. In fact, in some of the larger fights, I can’t imagine
winning without Three White Doves. It’s an immense help to outright
destroy enemies when they’re this stong, and even with a small chance
to work, I’d say half the undead here fall to instant-death, rather than
outright damage. In this inital fight, there will be another Ghost
Shaman and more Barrow Wights.
6) After the initial batch of undead are redead, you may be able to loot
them for junk arms and armor (the Broken Armor can sell pretty well, if
you sell it in bulk), and Winter Wolf Pelts, which also should be sold
in bulk. Now, there’s an entrance to the barrows that tunnel beneath the
island at (x=3050, y=1900), but since it’s where we are supposed to
go… yeah, we’ll be ignoring it for now. Continue west along the
southern edge of the map and dispatch another group of deaders. Continue
west until You find a tower at (x=550, y=2300). Mysterious! let’s
explore, shall we?

Note from Lee:
I expend no special effort to re-endeaden (who are you to tell me it’s
not a real word?) the Wights and Shaman – missile fire when I first
encounter them, and melee after they close on the party. I do not move
up to engage, but rather let them come to me, which they will do quite

Edion’s Tower (AR9301)
7) The only thing of note within this tower is the wizard Edion Caradoc
(x=300, y=320). He’ll say he’s dying, but seeing as he still has some
time left, he might as well do business with you. As he’s a wizard, you
can expect him to sell objects of the magey variety. The armor that the
Barrow Wights drop will sell for a bit-especially if you sell in bulk.
The items of interest will be discussed below. He also sells an
impressive selection of Mage spells. When you’re done ‘shopping’, as it
were, head back out into the island.

Bracers of Blasting
Allows the wearer to cast Shout and Great Shout once per day, but has a
10% chance to explode when using Great Shout, doing 4-40 damage to the
wearer. Great Shout sucks, and so do these bracers.

Sure, it allows you to cast Whirlwind, but the best thing it does is it
gives you a +1 bonus to Armor Class-and it stacks with other items. Of
course, if you have other gear from the original game (Rogue’s Cowl or
Blessed Helm of Lathander) you can safely skip on this item.

Cynicism +4
A +4 Long Sword that can cast Find Traps and Knock once per day. If you
don’t have a Thief… shame on you. This sword isn’t capable of
replacing one. There are better swords we’ll find later, for free.

Edion’s Ring of Wizardry
Doubling 5th level spells sounds like a good idea, and really, you can
never have enough Chaos spells, and Hold Monster and Lower Resistance
are good, too. Still… I wish it were 3rd or 4th level spells instead.
Most enemies so far have been undead, and 5th level spells aren’t really

Girdle of Ogre Blood
You’d think that this item would give you Strength… like Gauntlets of
Ogre Power, but no, it makes you regenerate. Maybe they got Ogres and
Trolls confused? Anyways, if you haven’t made multiple play-throughs of
the main game, you can still make use of this belt. Just give it to a
front-liner. The ability to summon Ogres is a small perk.

The Shield of the Revenant +2
By now you’ve likely found better shields. If not, it’s a potential
upgrade from a Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles.

Ulcaster Academy Ring
The spells this ring grants aren’t all that useful, and +2 Save vs.
Spells isn’t a huge benefit. Oh, and the fact that it can only be worn
by single-classed Mages only makes it completely useless. Of course,
everybody who played the first Baldur’s Gate knows what Ulcaster was…
a low level dungeon where we all learned how to be frustrated at game
mechanics and shitty path-finding. And then we went to the Firewine

|Mage Spells|

2nd-Agannazar’s Scorcher
2nd-Cat’s Grace
2nd-Mirror Image
2nd-Ray of Enfeeblement

3rd-Hold Undead
3rd-Minor Spell Deflection
3rd-Protection From Cold
3rd-Protection From Fire

4th-Dimension Door
4th-Mordenkainen’s Force Missiles
4th-Polymorph Other
4th-Polymorph Self
4th-Spider Spawn
4th-Vitrolic Sphere

5th-Cone of Cold
5th-Protection From Acid
5th-Protection From Cold
5th-Minor Spell Turning
5th-Spell Shield

6th-Carrion Summons
6th-Darts of Bone
6th-Improved Haste
6th-Soul Eater
6th-Spell Deflection
6th-Summon Nishruu
6th-Wyvern Call

7th-Project Image
7th-Summon Djinni
7th-Summon Efreeti
7th-Summon Hakeashar

8th-Great Shout
8th-Iron Body
8th-Pierce Shield
8th-Power Word, Blind
8th-Protection From Energy
8th-Spell Trigger*1

9th-Bigby’s Crushing Hand
9th-Black Blade of Disaster
9th-Energy Drain
9th-Meteor Swarm
9th-Monster Summoning VII
9th-Power Word, Kill
9th-Wail of the Banshee

*1: The king of sequencer spells, Spell Trigger allows you to chain
three spells of 6th level or lower. The uses for it are even more
varied than Spell Sequencer. Mix and match Breach, Pierce Magic, and
Lower Resistance to strip foes of buffs and leave them vulnerable to
further spell assaults, or combine ever more powerful offensive spells,
like Chain Lightning or Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere. Possibly the best
of all, however, is the ability to create a ‘super buff’ trigger,
consisting of Stoneskin, Tenser’s Transformation, and, say, Fireshield
or Improved Invisibility.

Edion’s selection of spells has been considerably expanded, too.
8) From the tower back-track to the east, then head north along the
western edge of the map. Find another entrance to the barrows at
(x=1550, y=1750) and from them head west to encounter some Drowned Dead.
They’ve got a good bit more Hit Points than the Barrow Wights we’ve been
slaying. Continue to the north along the shore and cross a bridge to
find an undead Shaman named Skaldar. You can ask him about Edion-who the
spirit claims is more dead than alive, and Hjollder-whose location is
unknown to the Skaldar, but he mentions another ‘tainted outsider to the
north-east’. He will also talk about some ‘foreign spirit’ which
possessed one of their chieftans. Certainly these barbarians wouldn’t
view Jerrod as a ‘foreign spirit’, right? If you promise to leave, you
can avoid a fight-but these critters only exist to die. Avoid a fight,
initially, then spell-buff and line up your party members so that each
one of them is facing one of the Ghost Shaman. Each one of my
characters-when spell-buffed-should be able to go one-on-one with these
creatures and prevent them from casting spells. They should all falter
within a few rounds.

Note from Lee:
I had a Shaman and three Wights attack from the south-east while I was
engaged in this fight. Not totally surprised by this, but thought it
was worth mentioning… Again, I used no special tactics here, and I
didn’t even bother to spell-buff.
9) Now head north-east across the wooden platform where we smote the
Shaman, then cross another bridge to the north. Afterwards, head west
to find another tower-this one abandoned-guarded by some Drowned Dead.
Kill them and head back east. Over at (x=2800, y=850) you’ll find a
Polar Bear Spirit, who demands that you leave the island, as you
apparently upset the dead. As long as you agree to leave it’ll leave you
alone. Whether or not you actually leave is another story. If you openly
defy the bear, he’ll summon some Wolf Spirits and Black Bear Spirits.
Be sure to cast Remove Fear before provoking it, as the enemy can use
fear effects. Other than that, however, just be sure to pay especial
attention to the Polar Bear Spirit, as it’s rather strong, actually.
Still, a cautious, spell-buffed party should be able to take it down
without too much trouble.

I didn’t find this fight too much more difficult in Heart of Fury mode,
just keep on eye on characters as they engage the Polar Bear Spirit, as
he can whittle them to near-death in two or three hits.

Note from Lee:
Haste + Resist Fear and this fight was over before it started.
10) Continue south beneath a ruined gate, where you’ll find more Barrow
Wights, Ghost Shaman, and Drowned Dead. It should be a simple enough
matter to spell-buff and smite them. Once they’re dead, rest up and
head into the nearby barrow at (x=1950, y=1100).

Barrows (AR9400)
11) As soon as you enter you’ll be harassed by some Barrow Wights and
other assorted undead. Wailing Virgins are new-they can use War Cry to
Haste Barrow Wights (as if they weren’t fast enough already), Lament-
which will deal a good bit of magic damage in an area of effect, and
Mournful Wail, which acts like a Symbol of Hopelessness (with a much
shorter duration than the spell as cast by the Greater Mummies had,
thankfully). Needless to say, make them dead first-although this task
is made more difficult by the fact that they are 50% resistant to
crushing damage. After everything near where you entered is dead, loot
the nearby urns and sarcophagi, which are both east and west of you. Be
wary of traps.

(x=2450, y=780) Horn Coral Gem x12, 153 gold
(x=2550, y=750) Svian’s Club*1, 525 gold
(x=2580, y=820) Broken Armor, Elixer of Health,
Scroll of Protection from Cold
(x=1700, y=750) Blood Iron*2, 318 gold
(x=1680, y=850) Cloak of Displacement*3, Winter Wolf Pelt
(x=1870, y=750) Battle Axe +1, Chain Mail +1, Arrows +2 x21,
Water Opal x4

(x=2450, y=780)
(x=2550, y=750)
(x=1700, y=750)

*1: Ah, a rare +5 weapon. It would be a consideration for nearly any of
my Fighter/Mage/Clerics, save one minor detail-I have no proficiencies
in Clubs. Yeah, it’s a shame, but I long since hedged my bets on Maces,
Flails, and Hammers, which are much more abudant and of higher quality
throughout most of the game.

*2: A +4 Short Sword that heals the wielder for three Hit Points every
hit. Not bad, but I have no use for it.

*3: One of the best items you can put in your cloak slot in the entire
game. The saves and Armor Class bonus versus missiles are just
wonderful. My party leader will get this one, and pass it down when we
find better.
12) From where you entered head east (by this, you can guess that our
objective is to the west). If you cross a bridge you’ll find an exit
out to the surface (x=3700, y=700), which will take us north of where
our Polar Bear Spirit was. That’s no fun, so instead, head down some
stairs to the south before the bridge, then head east to find Vexing
Thoughts (x=3070, y=1150). Vexing Thoughts will claim to be a Glabrezu
commander of the si… yeah, a demon. You can try to dominate it by
saying “I shall command you, Vexing Thoughts!”, which will get you Vexed
Armor*1. Of course, the demon gave up a little too easily, didn’t it?
If you put the armor on now, the character wearing it will die and turn
into the Demon ‘Chalimandren’, which will attack. Not so fun. There is
a way to outwit this demon, however. Talk to it, but do NOT try to
dominate it. Once you’re done and know who Vexing Thoughts is, you can
cast ‘Contact Other Plane’ and ask the Planar Spirit what the true name
of the demon that calls itself Vexing Thoughts is. The spirit will tell
you the name and vanish. Talk to Vexing Thoughts again and the unhappy
demon will be bound to serve you, and you’ll get the Vexed Armor*2.
Finally, there’s a third option. Talk to it, then say farwell without
trying to dominate it. Talk to it again and it’ll ask if you want to
enter into its service. Question it about this, and it’ll tell you that
you will need to kill an innocent to gain its powers. There are a number
of villagers in Lonelywood that have really good gear (Emmerich, Quinn,
and Kieran come to mind). It’s worth killing them just for that gear,
but if you can also appease Vexing Thoughts… why not? Of course, we’ll
need to wait a while to do this, as there are still some rather
lucrative quests involved with some of those characters, and I still
have to do some shopping before this expansion is over. Still, for the
sake of organization, I’ll finish this option up here. Once you’ve
killed your innocents, return to Vexing Thoughts and he’ll turn into
the Vexed Armor*3. Do whatever suits you best, but this armor really
isn’t that great for a party full of Mages. I get the 2nd version of
the armor, which I fully intend to sell.

*1: With an Armor Class of one, 100% cold resistance, and a +2 bonus to
Constitution, this armor is pretty enticing. Of course, when you put it
on and die it’ll seem somewhat less useful.

*2: Same stats as above… but all Chalimandren’s base are belong to us.
Bound by his name, he can’t hurt us and the armor functions the way it
should-uncursed, wearable, non-fatal protective gear. Coolies. Also, it
can be used to cast Fire Storm 1/day, and it can summon Chalimdandren
one time-and one time only.

*3: Like the suit above, except tainted by your vile misdeeds.
13) From where Vexing Thoughts is/was, head south down some more stairs
until you cannot go south any further. To your east you’ll find an exit
out of the barrow at (x=3730, y=1900). Head west from this exit and
scatter any undead you find until you find some stairs leading south.
At the bottom of these stairs you’ll find a new combo-Wailing Virgins
and Drowned Dead. Smite them and head west along the bottom of the
map until you find another, larger, more diverse group of undead in
need of dismantling. Once they’re no longer a threat, continue west to
find some loot.

(x=1730, y=1950) Jade Ring, High Quality Battle Axe, Small Shield +1,
(x=1530, y=1980) High Quality Bastard Sword, 309 gold
14) To the west is another bridge, beyond which… more of the same
undead we’ve been smashing. Try not to let them bottleneck you on the
bridge and you’ll be fine. Kill them, and any stragglers near the
stairs to the west, then loot another sarcophagus and urns just north
of the western edge of the bridge.

(x=1270, y=2000) Scroll of Heal x2, Yeti Pelt, Inferno Arrows +2 x12
(x=1250, y=1950) Young Rage*1, 740 gold
(x=1180, y=1900) Battle Axe +3: Fatigue*2, Fire Darts +2 x20

(x=1270, y=2000)
(x=1250, y=1950)

*1: This +5 weapon is nerfed by the fact that it has a 5% chance per
hit of causing the wielder to go berserk.

*2: Yup, another one. Been a while since we’ve had a shot at one of
15) Now head up the stairs to the west to reach the western edge of the
map, where you’ll find the tomb of Wylfdene. It’s guarded by a spirit
named Mebdinga (x=550, y=1920), who will initiate dialogue when you
approach. You already know what she’s going to say, though. Some tainted
thing infested Wylfdene’s body, and this desecration threw all the
undead here into a state. She wants you to leave, and if you don’t (or
ask too many questions) she’ll attack, along with three other Wailing
Virgins. Pretend like you’re leaving to get your party into better
position, then talk to her again to provoke her. Once they’re no more,
loot Wyldene’s Tribal Insignia from his sarcophagus. This MIGHT just
come in handy sooner or later.

(x=450, y=1800) Wylfdene’s Tribal Insignia*1, 735 gold

*1: Certainly a quest item, you should probably hold onto it.
16) Backtrack to the east, cross the bridge, and continue east until
you find some stairs leading north at (x=2400, y=2100). They’re not the
stairs we took down here originally, but they’re pretty close. Once up
the stairs, turn north-west and head up a long wooden ramp. To the west
is yet another bridge, with some Drowned Dead guarding the other side.
Rush the bridge and try to take down the Wailing Virgin up some stairs
beyond the bridge, as she’ll just make life miserable for you if you
don’t. West of the bridge you’ll find another sarcophagus and urn combo
for you to loot (both of which are trapped).

(x=200, y=1350) 325 gold
(x=270, y=1370) Scroll of Holy Smite, Scroll of Blade Barrier,
Moonbar Gem x6, 169 gold

(x=200, y=1350)
(x=270, y=1370)

Note from Lee:
I found a Wailing Virgin on the near side of the bridge as well, at
about (x=1700, y=1400)… Bitch!
17) Once you’re done looting, head up the nearby stairs to the north,
then exit the barrows at (x=300, y=600). Up top, on this isolated little
island you’ll find Hjollder. You’ll get a huge quest reward for finding
him… which is fine, considering it actually feels like we’ve done
something for it this time. Tell him that you suspect that Wylfdene is
not a nice guy, and Hjollder will tell you to find proof. Good news!
We already have it! Show him Wylfdene’s Tribal Insignia and you’ll get
another huge experience reward. He’ll tell you to go find the Gloomfrost
Seer and then whisk himself away. Huzzah! We’re done on this stupid
island. Make your way back through the barrow (you’ll probably have to
fight some respawns on the way back) and sell or buy any junk from Edion
you might wish to be rid of (or possess), then talk to Young Ned
(x=2830, y=2440) to return to Lonelywood.

(For finding Hjollder)
EXP 280000

(For giving Wylfdene’s insignia to Hjollder as proof)
EXP 420000
18) Now, there are some more things to do back in Lonelywood before we
rush off to the Gloomfrost. Find Purvis again (x=3680, y=1720) and talk
to him to discover that another of the three D’s is d-d-down. This time
it’s Dolan. It’s time to finish off this murder mystery, and that means
we should go talk to the sole survivor of the three D’s.

Note: I’ve had this quest glitch out on me before, where Kieran simply
would not have the dialogue option pertaining to Emmerich’s cure. It
sucks, because that’s a lot of experience to lose out on, but it’s not
a significant loss otherwise. Also note, however, that after you tell
Emmerich about the curse he will not sell you anything until the quest
has been resolved. I can only think of one possible reason why this
occured… if you wander around outside of the Whistling Gallows Inn at
night you’ll be attacked by a Greater Werewolf. If you kill it (instead
of just injuring it and driving it off) the quest will hang. At least,
that’s my hypothesis. If you avoid wandering around at night and hence
avoid the Greater Werewolf entirely, the quest should proceed normally.

Note from Lee:
If you do encounter the Greater Werewolf, simply engage until the point
where it turns back into a regular wolf, then let it run away. This will
also allow the rest of the quest to continue normally.
19) Head to the three… er… Doogal’s house and talk to the sole
survivor. He’ll tell you about the attack, most interestingly pointing
out that the ‘wolf’ that attacked him was immune to his non-magical
weapon. Now head to Emmerich’s house (x=3000, y=2250) and talk to him.
First, tell him about Doogal’s story, and he’ll counter by telling you
that Doogal apparently tried to buy an enchanted blade from Kieran.
Return to the inn (x=2250, y=1150) and pay Kieran a visit. He’ll tell
you that he sent Doogal away, since he didn’t have any such item. Well,
that was a waste of time. Talk to Emmerich again and tell him what
Kieran told you. Reason with him that he *MIGHT* be the Werewolf that’s
killing the three D’s. He’ll come to the painfully obvious realization
that he’s probably the murderer. Do not attack him afterwards, instead,
offer to help him remove his curse. So… back to Kieran again. Ask for
a way to cure Emmerich and he’ll give you an amulet ‘Selune’s Caress’
which will prevent Emmerich from transforming or spreading the curse.
Give it to Emmerich and you’ll get another huge experience reward. Whew.

(For discovering Emmerich is the Werewolf)
EXP 420000

(For halting Emmerich’s lycanthropy)
EXP 420000
20) Now sell of anything and everything that Edion wouldn’t buy, which
gets me enough money to purchase Three White Doves, Waukeen’s Defender,
and the Flail of Mae. I’m not well-equipped enough to use Three White
Doves exclusively as an alternate weapon (after several playthroughs,
I’ll use the Morning Star +4: Defender as my main weapon, and switch to
Three White Doves whenever undead show up), but it does let me retire
any and all weapons with less than a +3 enhancement. Once the shopping
is out of the way, it’s time to move on to Gloomfrost.

| |
| Gloomfrost |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK026}
1) Gloomfrost Campsite
2) Tiernan’s Sundered Shield
3) Face-Eating Canines
4) Glacier Yeti Ambush
5) An Ambush of Our Own!
6) Snow Troll Smackdown
7) Out of the Snow, Into the Ice
8) Bugs in the Ice
9) Winding Through Remorhazes
10) Blind Smith, Black Mirror
11) The Singing Blade of Aihonen
12) The Sundered Shield of Tiernon
13) The Ice Rose
14) Tiernon’s Master Craft
15) Last Minute Shopping
16) Ice Golem Sentry Smiting
17) Luring and Ambushes
18) Forks and Traps
19) Final Golem Resistance
20) Seeking the Seer
21) Wylfdene’s Reflection
22) Wasting the Wyrm Tribe
23) Kieran’s Old Accomplices
24) Putting Down Purvis
25) Final Preparations

Gloomfrost, Glacier (AR9500)
1) The exterior of Gloomfrost is a pretty big step backwards in terms
of challenge. You’ll be fighting the same enemies you fought back in
Wyrm’s Tooth, for the most part. Polar Bears, Glacial Yetis, Snow
Trolls, Frost Salamanders, winter Wolves, and the odd Frost Giant…
none of which really warrant any explanation anymore, do they? From
where you appear head north and kill some Polar Bears. Continue north
until you come to a fork in the path-you can either go south-west, or up
to the north a bit you’ll find a larger path to the west. It’s a non-
choice, however. Both paths lead to the same area. Crush some Frost
Salamanders and search a campsite for some useless treasure.

(x=2400, y=820) Flaming Oil x3
2) From the campsite, head south along the western-most path (the
eastern path is a dead end that has a pair of Frost Salamanders waiting
to die). Along the path you’ll find some Snow Trolls-you know how these
stupid things work. By now, I’ve found enough copies of Melf’s Acid
Arrow that any of my four-light armor wearing characters can take them
down. Continue south until there’s another fork-the smaller path to the
north-east looks deceptively like a dead end, but it’s not. It’s just
hiding behind other terrain. Stupid fixed-camera isometric view-point!
Anyways, you’ll find Tiernon’s Sundered Shield*1 at (x=3200, y=1595).

(x=3200, y=1595) Tiernon’s Sundered Shield*1

*1: This odd shield gives an Armor Class bonus of two versus all
physical attacks except crushing attacks… and a 3% resistance to all
physical damage save crushing attacks. As it stands, is not a very
useful item, but you should keep it anyway.
3) Backtrack to the fork and head down a path to the south-west. Follow
the winding trail west, then north, then back south again. On this
larger, southern-running track you’ll find quite a few Winter Wolves,
apparently the pets of a nearby Frost Giant. And by pets, I mean like
Pit Bulls, because they’re doing their best to eat the Frost Giant’s
face. I honestly don’t know why people keep those stupid things as pets.
It’s like keeping a Tiger Shark in your swimming pool. This is not a
debate, if you have vicious animals like that in your house, you are
stupid, and I read Dreaming Demon and laugh every time somebody gets
mauled by those animals.
4) Backtrack to the north again, and head west along a smaller,
elevated path parallel to the Frost Giant/Winter Wolf path. Follow it
south and kill some Glacier Yetis who will show up when you reach a
north/south split in the path. They try to overcome their suck by
flanking you, but you can either not be a wuss and smack them around
with your superior badness, or just backtrack and fight them head-on.
The northern-path is a dead-end, so follow the southern-path, which
splits again into a southern dead-end, and a viable path to the south-
5) Now, the south-western path will turn west, then split near a Frost
Giant. This is yet another illusion of choice, the path to the west
just turns north, and loops back to where the first path to the north
leads… but it DOES provide us the chance to bottleneck our foes for
once. Kill the Frost Giant here and send half you party west, then
north, and leave them where the path bends east. Take the other half of
your party and head up the first, more eastern northern path to find a
group of Winter Wolves. Lure them with your eastern party down to the
path, then flank them with your western party. Or, just kill them, it
really doesn’t matter.
6) Once they’re dead, continue north-west from where the Winter Wolves
were to find yet another split, and it’s yet another bogus choice. To
the west are some Snow Trolls hovering around a dead Polar Bear, to the
north you’ll find an even larger collection of Snow Trolls. There are
several false caves around, but after you’ve dispatched the Trolls, your
path lies to the east.
7) They’re running out of places on this map, so don’t worry, it’s
almost over. From the winding paths where you smote nearly a dozen Snow
Trolls head east, then north, then west a bit to find some more Frost
Salamanders at another freakin’ fork. Never fear, however, it’s a truly
phony fork. The west is a dead-end, so head north, then east. Kill some
Glacier Yetis, continue east, switch-back west, then north-east to find
the entrance to the next area (x=1250, y=350), finally.

Gloomfrost, Ice Caves (AR9501)
8) Once inside, head east until the path turns south-east, then south.
Notice the holes in the ice? Looks like it was melted, not mined, right?
You’ll find out why soon enough, when you’re attacked by a Remorhaz,
a Dungeons and Dragon’s staple. Essentially, it’s a big ass bug-like
creature with a really hot ass. They’ve got plenty of Hit Points, but
their Armor Class is some of the worst we’ve seen amongst new foes in
this expansion, and their THAC0 is rather mediocre. If they hit,
however, it can hurt a lot (they deal 6d6 Crushing Damage and have a
5% chance to deal a whopping 10d10 fire damage on each hit-which can
instantly kill any of my characters), so try to bring them down as
quickly as possible. If you face multiple Remorhazes at once, focus on
bringing them down one at a time. Remorhazes are the only foes in this
level, and I really can’t recommend wasting offensive spells on them-
they are 75% resistant to magic. Just spell-buff and chop them down.
It’s blunt tactics at its worst, but it’s what works. The only trick
they have is to ambush you, so take it slow, and consider keeping a
sneaking character behind the party to make sure you don’t have any
Remorhazes sneaking up on you.

I must admit, I thought Remorhazes would be much more trouble in Heart
of Fury mode than they actually are. That is, I expected them to nearly
kill one of my fighters in one hit, instead they take two or three, and
that’s hardly anything new, is it?
9) From where you first encountered some Remorhazes, turn west, killing
bugs as you go. Then head south and follow the next tunnel to the east,
where two Remorhazes will ambush you from behind, and another will come
up the tunnel in an attempt to flank you. Continue east, then kill some
more Remorhazes to the south. Turn west, and… yeah, you get it. Ignore
the false cave at the end of this tunnel, but spell-buff here before you
head south. Once buffed, go south and lure the Remorhazes to the north.
They’re big, you’re small, you can bottleneck them easily before they
can enter the chamber with the false cave-it’s a better option than
running into their chamber and getting flanked. When all the immediately
visible Remorhazes have been lured north and slain, head into the
southern room they were occupying-with the spiral ice formation and the
Remorhaz egg clutch. Another Remorhaz will show up and attack from the
northern room we vacated-but on its own, it’s no match for us. Find a
tunnel heading east out of the the south-eastern edge of this room and
follow it. Smite two Remorhazes insolently blocking your path, then
continue along the path as it turns north and destroy another four bugs.
10) From the last four Remorhazes, head north, then follow the tunnel
as it turns east, then north, then west. There are now two paths open
before you-an area transition to the north (x=2600, y=50), or the forge
of the ‘Blind Dwarven Smith’ (x=3280, y=620). He’ll warn you not to harm
the Seer, and tell you that she forsaw her death due to you. Pick
whatever dialogue options you want, and he’ll offer to craft a mirror
for you, which will allow you to gain access to the Seer… of course,
being blind and all, he’ll need your help with the project. Since it’s
necessary to continue on with the game, agree to help him and you’ll get
a ‘Mirror of Black Ice*1’. Score. There’s more he can do for you,
however, which we’ll discuss in the next several steps.

Note: If you talk to him with a Dwarven character, you’ll have heard of
Tiernon before-a famous Dwarven smith of the Hearthstone clan. Likewise,
if you’re a Bard you’ll also be able to identify him. Either way, you’ll
earn a small experience reward for it.

(For identifying Tiernon)
EXP 26250

*1: Nobody should have an attention span this short, but really, keep
this in your inventory. You’ll be needing it soon.
11) If you have it in your inventory, Tiernon will sniff out the Blade
of Aihonen when you try to end the conversation. He’ll inform you that
its singing is off-apparently he hears something we don’t. Must be that
whole sensory compensation due to sensory deprevation thing. He’ll beat
it back into shape and you’ll obtain the Singing Blade of Aihonen*1.

*1: This blade still is +1, +5 anytime you’re anywhere in the game, but
it now provides +30% resistance to fire and cold, +10 to maximum Hit
Points, and it allows the user to cast Cure Critical Wounds three times
per day and can grant a +3 bonus to Strength once per day. The best
sword we’ve found so far is now even better.
12) Now, this next item should be obvious-we found the old guy’s shield
out in the snow! Talk to him and ask about the dented shield you found
and he’ll repair it for you, giving you back the Sundered Shield of
Tiernon*1 when he’s done… although it’s a good bit less sundered…
Isn’t it odd how the name changes from Tiernon’s Sundered Shield to
Sundered Shield of Tiernon? Continuity issues, Black Isle?

*1: Now this is better. It gives an Armor Class bonus of three and +10%
resistance to all physical attacks. Also, it allows the wielder to
give themselves a +2 Armor Class bonus and +15% resistance to physical
attacks once per day. I’d rather have the permanent magic resistance
from the Argent Shield, however, as Stoneskin is superior physical
resistance to whatever this shield provides. Still, I daresay it is
superior to the Reinforced Large Shield +2.
13) The next request is pretty obvious-if he can make a mirror, why not
a rose? Because one is a flat plane and the other is a complicated,
multi-layered, delicate flower! Nah, seriously, he’s fine with it, just
lend him your eyes and he’ll give you ‘The Ice Rose*1’.

*1: Murdaugh will absolutely love to get his hands on this, don’t you
think? Of course, if you don’t get your hands on it, you’ll never be
able to give it to him right?
14) One more item left to get-you can now ask about his eyes, and ask
what he’s doing in the Gloomfrost. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn
that they’re taking another play from the R.A. Salvatore playbook.
According to him, Dwarven smiths eventually have a ‘calling’ in their
career, a quasi-religious experience where they hit the pinnacle of
their craft. For R.A. Salvatore’s purpose, this was when Bruenor made
Aegis-Fang for Wulfgar, and luckily enough for us, with our help Tiernon
will hit his apex by making us a weapon of our choice. You can make one
of the following five weapons:

Hand of the Gloomfrost
A +4 Two Handed Sword that gives its wielder +10% Fire Resistance,
+10% Cold Resistance, allows the wielder to cast Storm Shell once per
day and has a 5% chance to cast Suffocate on foes (as the 7th-level Mage
spell). This is the best Two Handed Sword in the game.

Kiss of the Gloomfrost
A +4 Long Sword that gives its wielder +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Cold
Resistance, allows the wielder to cast Storm Shell once per day and has
a 5% chance to deal 2-12 Cold Damage. There are several superior Long
Swords in the game.

Fist of the Gloomfrost
A +4 Mace that gives its wielder +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Cold
Resistance, allows the wielder to cast Storm Shell once per day and has
a 5% chance to deal an additional 1-10 Bludgeoning Damage. It’s not the
best Mace in the game, but it’s better than many of the weapons my poor
Fighter/Mage/Clerics are still stuck with. I replace the Flail of Mae
with this weapon, as its petrifaction effect is making me rather
uncomfortable. Nobody wants to lose loot due to it.

Fang of the Gloomfrost
A +4 Dagger that gives its wielder +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Cold
Resistance, and it allows the wielder to cast Storm Shell and Anti-Magic
Shell each once per day. I’d stick with the Mage Dagger +4.

Tongue of the Gloomfrost
A +4 Halberd that gives its wielder +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Cold
Resistance, allows the wielder to cast Storm Shell once per day and has
a 3% chance to cast Cone of Cold on the target. All things considered,
I’d rather have the Hand of the Gloomfrost-it’s random spell doesn’t
have any potential for friendly fire.

If you are a Dwarf, you can make all the weapons above, plus the
additional weapon:

Blood of the Gloomfrost
A +4 War Hammer that gives its wielder +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Cold
Resistance, allows the wielder to cast Storm Shell once per day and has
a 5% chance of healing the user for 2-12 damage. It’s a decent weapon
for my party… but I don’t have any Dwarves, and Fist of the
Gloomfrost is superior.

Finally, if you are a Druid, you can make the following weapon:

Talon of the Gloomfrost
A +4 Scimitar that gives its wielder +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Cold
Resistance, allows the wielder to cast Storm Shell once per day and has
a 15% chance of entangling the target.

(For aiding Tiernon in creating his life’s work)
EXP 80000
Item Gloomfrost Weapon
15) Finally, you can make purchases from Tiernon. The more interesting
items he sells are listed below. Once you’re done shopping, exit via
the northern boundary at (x=2600, y=50).

2H Axe of Greater Phasing +2
Nobody likes Two Handed Axes, and this +2 version is painfully mediocre
by now, even with its +15% chance of phasing targets and +25% chance to
deal +1d4 Cold Damage.

Battle Axe +2: Defender
We found one of these in the Dragon’s Eye-and now we have access to
another. Of course, we’ve outgrown this by now, right?

Boots of the North
We might want six pairs of these for Heart of Fury mode… of course,
if you plan to play through things six times, you’ll get all of these
boots you need for free… but having them now will give some of your
characters extra things to wear for the initial playthroughs.

Full Plate Mail +1
Another great suit of armor, we found one earlier, but a suit of armor
with a base Armor Class of 0 should always be worth mentioning. My
party, however, has no use for it.

Guantlets of Valor
These Guantlets come with a handful (pun intended) of immunities, and
have a 12% chance to stun your foes can cause them to take 3d6 extra

Scimitar +3: Frostbrand
Yeah, another repeat, he’s got alot of these… maybe for players who
imported characters into the game without playing through the main game?
In any event, if you need Scimitars, this is one of the better ones in
the game.

Short Sword +2: ‘The Whistling Sword’
Another Baldur’s Gate cross-over! It’s just a crappy nostalgic weapon.

Throwing Axe +2
Another weapon we’ve previously found (and probably sold), it’s still
a decent ranged weapon with infinite ammo for single-classed Fighter-

Varscona +2
Don’t look now, it’s another Baldur’s Gate 1 weapon! In fact, it’s the
best sword from that game-our old friend carried by Grey Wolf. You know,
“None cross Grey Wolf and live!”? He was picking on a Bard, who was
carving an image of Ellesime, the Elven queen from Baldur’s Gate 2?
Ah, I’m just showing off my gaming knowledge. This weapon is ass, save
for the nostalgia.

War Hammer of Phasing +3
Perhaps the only weapon worthy of purchasing for my party-it’s a +3
War Hammer that has a 15% chance to phase the target and a 25% chance
to deal +1d4 Cold Damage. It’s possibly a successor weapon to Misery’s

Winter King’s Plate
An interesting suit of armor that has a base Armor Class of three, it
also gives a +25% resistance bonus to cold and fire. It can also be worn
in tandem with other magical protections! Unfortunately, it doesn’t
allow Mage spells, so it’s not really worth a long-term investment.

Note from Lee:
You can pickpocket Tiernon for an item called ‘Tiernon’s Hearthstone’,
which, if you’re a Dwarf, allows you to Resist Fire and Cold 1x/day,
cast Burning Hands 1/day, and nullify the effects of fatigue 3x/day. If
you do this, and then talk to him again, he’ll call you out for
pickpocketing him, but allow you to keep the Hearthstone anyway.

Seer’s Domain (AR9502)
16) Here you’ll find Ice Golem Sentries, which aren’t as lethal as they
might seem. They have a better Armor Class and THAC0 than Remorhazes,
but less Hit Points and they deal considerably less damage (a mere
1d10+9 damage, which is nothing compared to the absurd damage of a
Remorhaz). Their only saving graces are the fact that they can attack
faster and have a 10% chance to stun when they hit-which can be very
problematic… unless you’re sporting Rings of Free Action. Anyways,
from where you appear head east, then turn south, then south-west.
Disarm a trap at (x=1300, y=1150) and continue south-west to find your
first trio of Ice Golem Sentries. Smite them, get your feet wet, this
level will be like the last-lots of walking and killing and little

The Ice Golem Sentries are still a pain. They take more abuse than the
Remorhazes did, and if they stun you, things can go bad quickly. I’d
suggest not getting involved in fights with more than three of them at
once, and if you get into a situation where you have to-spell buff. My
characters-when fully buffed-have an Armor Class of -23. It makes a

Note from Lee:
This is an awesome place to grind for experience – at 14000 each, the
Ice Golem Sentries will respawn 2-3 at a time seemingly forever…

(x=1300, y=1150)
17) Ignore the lame and empty room to the south and continue to the
west. When the path turns south again, cautiously head into the room,
as there are a number of Ice Golem Sentries around that would love to
swarm you if you give them the chance. Try to lure them back north and
smite them. When done, continue south and disarm the trap at
(x=450, y=2000). Just south of the trap there’s another ambush waiting.
We can pull off tricks we’ve abandoned since the Severed Hand again-
namely sneaking forward, triggering ambushes, and luring baddies back
to the party to be destroyed on our own terms.

(x=450, y=2000)
18) Once the ice is inanimate again, turn east and explore until the
tunnel forks. First, let’s deal with the northern fork. Disarm a trap at
(x=1100, y=2500) and lure two Ice Golem Sentries down from the northern
room and smite them. Now continue east to find… another fork! Don’t
worry, it’s a phoney fork, as both paths lead up the same way. There
are traps in both, and an Ice Golem Sentry in the eastern path. Either
(or both) way(s) you go, disarm, destroy and you’ll wind up in a
larger chamber to the north, where three more Ice Golem Sentries

(x=1100, y=2500)
(x=1800, y=2180)
(x=2550, y=1750)
(x=2400, y=2050)
(x=2300, y=1500)
19) Once this room is safe, spell-buff and head to the south-east,
where you’ll find another large chamber, inside of which are several
Ice Golem Sentries. There’s another perfect bottle-neck opportunity
that you should take advantage of, and with spell-buffs you should
wipe the floor with this host of Golems. Once they’re dismantled, enter
the room in force. You’ll find a rather out-of-place Remorhaz in a
cubby. Smite it, disarm a trap (x=3580, y=2080), and head north along
the eastern side of the area, follow the tunnel north-west, disarm
another trap (x=3150, y=1300), and continue along, killing the last
few Golems in the level.

Note from Lee:
The Remorhaz dropped an amulet called ‘Kossuth’s Blood’, which reduces
spell casting time by 2 and increases damage from fire attacks by a
whopping 20%. Not bad for killing a Remorhaz that can’t defend itself.
I replace the Amulet of Metaspell Influence that my main Mage was still
wearing; at level 16, he has more than enough low level spells, and the
ability to cast faster far outweighs the extra spells.

(x=3580, y=2080)
(x=3150, y=1300)
20) At (x=2700, y=200) you’ll find your way blocked by some ice. Of
course, with the Mirror of Black Ice handy a doorway will reveal itself.
Continue past and find the Seer (x=3250, y=320). She will initiate
dialogue, and tell you a bit of what you already know-she’s been here
hiding from you, as you are the harbinger of her imminent demise. Of
course, that makes no sense. If fate is really fate, it’s immutable,
and it would have been just as pointless hiding here as it would be
living a full, comfortable life of her choosing. Or better yet, if you
could forsee your own death, why not jump into a volcano, just to test
it out? I know, there’s lots of bad things that can happen to one short
of death… but still. There’s bound to be better places to wait for it
than a freakin’ bug-and-golem infested glacier. Anyways, enough ranting!
She’ll also tell you that the mirror you used to get here will force
whatever is possessing Wylfdene to assume her true form. Yeah, I know
she said she hid here to prevent the thing possessing Wylfdene from
finding her, but she knows WE herald her doom, so hiding serves no
purpose-this natural fortress is nothing but a self-inflicted prison.
She’ll then to proceed to babble about the bogus special sense women
don’t have (if you talked to her with a female protagonist, anyways).
It’s all just a weak analogy to express that there’s no reasoning with
the creature behind Wylfdene, which we know by now is (or was) dead,
is proud (vain), is female, and very, very angry. After she has given
you the mirror (and you gained the first experience reward listed below)
try to reason her into overcoming her fear (dialogue options #1, #1, and
#1) to get another, equally awesome experience reward. Afterwards, you
can test out her visions by questioning her further, whereupon she’ll
vaguely talk about female characters from the main game, and will make
another rare Planescape: Torment reference (if you don’t own the game,
buy it. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re an incomplete human being.
You have an awesome RPG-shaped hole in your heart, and only Planescape:
Torment can fill it.) When she’s done babbling, she’ll teleport you out
of this level and back to the Gloomfrost exterior, which saves some
time… or she can take you to Tiernon, if you must talk to him again.

(For learning Wylfdene’s weakness)
EXP 280000

(For trying to reason with the Seer)
EXP 280000

Hengerot (AR9201)
21) Fight the urge to return to Lonelywood right now-there’s nothing new
going on there. Instead, head to the Barbarian Camp again and talk to
Angaar (x=650, y=420). It’s not too hard to convince him to grant you a
second audience with Wylfdene. Get the possessor of Wylfdene to look
into the mirror for some quest experience. The Seer shows up and gets
herself killed, (note that Wylfdene curses Aihonen… if you are astute,
you’ll remember that Aihonen died fighting a Dragon) after which all
hell breaks loose, as the Wyrm Tribe Warriors go hostile and attack.
Never fear, however, as the Elk Tribe and Bear Tribe will help you fight
off the Wyrm Tribe. Kill the Wyrm Tribe Warriors and loot the Seer for
a cloak*1.

(For exposing Wylfdene and revealing the dragon queen Icasaracht)
EXP 84000

*1: The Wailing of Virgins is the best cloak in the game, bar none. It
gives a +4 bonus to Armor Class versus Crushing, Piercing, and Missile
attacks, and a +2 bonus versus Slashing attacks. It also makes the
wearer immune to fear-based effects, Emotion: Hopelessness and Symbol
of Hopelessness-wretched spells that come up later on in the main game,
as I’m sure we all remember. It also lets the wearer cast Cloak of Fear
once per day… which is… who cares? Still, the Armor Class bonus and
spell immunities make it the best thing to wear in Heart of Fury mode.
It’s a cursed item, but why would you ever want to take it off anyways?

Barbarian Camp (AR9200)
22) When you’re done in Hengorot, head outside (x=750, y=900) to
continue the fight. Once all the Wyrm Tribe Warriors are dead you’ll
get some experience for helping the Elk tribe win out. Outside of
Hengorot you can find Beornen (x=3220, y=620), who will tell you about
this wyrm-of course earning you some juicy experience-and will offer to
take you wherever the Wyrm went. Decline for now, and loot the area,
instead, as it has plenty of decent loot just waiting to be claimed.
Hjollder is over at (x=1150, y=550), and he’ll tell you were he thinks
the wyrm’s spirit fled. Always with the virgins, isn’t it? One would
think they’d just put out to avoid this sacrifice nonsense. Anyways
decline his offer to go after the Dragon, too. We need to return to
Lonelywood, first. In fact, head over to Lonelywood now!

(x=3400, y=1000) Halberd of Sparks +1*1
(x=3290, y=1290) ~Ogrien’s Scale*2
(7th Play: Cloak of Invisibility*3)
(EE-x Play: Belt of Bones*4)
(x=700, y=2450) Reinforced Large Shield +1, Studded Leather Armor
(x=360, y=1570) Potion of Regeneration, Ring of Protection +2
(x=320, y=1180) Warhammer +2, Studded Leather Armor +2,
Potion of Extra Healing, High Quality Long Sword
(x=420, y=800) Potion of Healing, Elixer of Health
(x=1900, y=900) Potion of Strength
(x=1940, y=900) Potion of Magic Shielding, Potion of Fortitude

(For learning the identity of Icasaracht, the Dragon matriarch)
EXP 120000

(For helping the tribe of the Elk prevail)
EXP 300000

*1: Didn’t we find one of these at the beginning of the game? Garbage!
Why am I commenting on it? One of life’s great mysteries…

*2: Another suit of armor that is deceptively lack-luster. With an
Armor Class of two, it’s nearly as good as the Black Swan armor. Of
course, it’s ability-Animal Rage 3/day-is pretty lame, but it can be
worn along with protective items. At the end of the day, if you were
intrigued by the Winter King’s Plate, you might be intrigued by this
armor. It’s one point of Armor Class versus 25% resistance to cold and

*3: It lets you use Invisibility three times per day. Frankly, however,
it’s more a novelty item than a constant defensive item. I have a
Fighter/Mage/Thief who can sneak just fine, and six Mages, all of whom
will be able to just cast Invisibility. I have no need of this cloak.

*4: This belt casts two spells that have long-since stopped being
useful-Circle of Bones and Animate Dead. Both can be cast once per
23) Go visit the Whistling Gallows Inn one last time. Give Murdaugh the
Glacier Rose you found for a whopping experience reward. What nice folks
we are! Once that’s done, talk to Kieran, rest, and spell-buff heavily
before you leave in the inn. Once outside, you’ll be bothered by a
wizard named Vaarglan, who will ask if you seen a former collegue of
his. If you rat Kieran out, some mercs will Dimension Door in and go
assault the inn-although things won’t turn out in their favor. If you
play dumb or outright provoke them, you’ll get the pleasure of killing
them yourself. More importantly, you’ll get all their loot if you kill
them yourself… and they will give you the best single-battle drop of
loot in the game, as you can see below. How do I deal with them? Besides
spell-buffing to the max before leaving, once I’m outside and I’ve
picked a fight, I have Syrenil cast Chaos, Ilnathias casts Slow, and
my other four Fighter/Mage/Clerics all cast Silence 15′ Radius. After
that, I target Vaarglan, then Alpheus. After those two are dead, I
simple step on the remaining mercs. Enjoy the great haul of loot, and if
that’s not good enough, go talk to Kieran, who will thank you for
standing up for him.

Mercenary Warrior: Full Plate +1, Large Shield +1, Long Sword of
Action +4*1, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise*2, 74 gold.

Mercenary Warrior: Full Plate +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Power*3, Battle
Axe +3: Fatigue +3*4, 32 gold.

Priestess of Shar: Shadowed Plate Mail Armor*5, Fast Flail +2*6,
42 gold.

Mercenary Thief: Short Sword of Backstabbing*7, Boots of Stealth*8,
Studded Leather +4: Shadowed*9, 99 gold.

Vaarglan: Robe of the Neutral Archmagi, Ring of Free Action*10,
Golden Girdle*11, Ring of Protection +2, Barrier Amulet*12, Wand of
Paralyzation, Scroll of Emotion: Hope, 113 gold.

Alpheus: Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, Bracers of Defense A.C. 6, Amulet
of Metaspell Influence*13, Staff of Besieging +2*14, Potion of Magic
Shielding, Potion of Extra Healing x2.

Another battle that didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it might. I
spell-buffed in the tavern, and on the first round shot out five
Symbols of Hopelessness.

(For giving Murdaugh a Glacier Rose)
EXP 630000

(For protecting Kieran from Hosttower assassins)
EXP 630000

*1: The best Long Sword in the game. This sword is a +4 weapon that
grants an extra attack per round, a +1 Armor Class bonus, and 15%
slashing resistance.

*2: +1 THAC0 and +2 damage is pretty damn awesome. In fact, they’re the
best gauntlets in the game, as their bonus is patently superior to the
+1 THAC0, +1 damage I’ll get from the Gauntlets of Ogre Power (see
below). There IS an alternative setup to my equipment, more offensively-
oriented. Instead of using the Shimmering Sash and these gauntlets
(which gives me +1 THAC0, +2 damage, +3 Armor Class, and +1 to all
Saves), you can use these paired with the Girdle of Stromnos (which
would give you +2 THAC0, +4 damage). I prefer the defensive route,

*3: Gauntlets that raise your strength 18/00. If you’re lucky (or
patient) you can just roll a character with a natural 18/00 Strength…
but my patience has its limits, and I could only be bothered to spend
so many hours generating these characters. As it stands, they all have
Strength scores of 18/91+, so they’ll only get a +1 THAC0, +1 damage
bonus from these gauntlets… inferior to the Gauntlets of Weapon
Expertise, above. Still, I have lots of Fighters to equip, so these
will certainly find themselves a home.

*4: A third one! This game loves Battle Axes… but not as much as
Icewind Dale 2 does…

*5: If you didn’t find one in the Severed Hand, or if you just want
another, it’s never a bad thing to have 0 Armor Class armor with a +3
bonus Armor Class modifier against missiles.

*6: We had a chance to score this much, much earlier in the game. It’s
a +2 weapon, so it’s undesirable now, but it’s still almost enticing,
since it gives an extra attack per round.

*7: It’s really just a +3 Short Sword with a speed factor of 0. By now
I’ve sold better weapons.

*8: The Shadowed Boots are better, but we were really hoping for better
drops than that. These are still decent to put on your Thief, if they’ve
been getting cold feet.

*9: It has a better Armor Class bonus than the Black Dragon Scale,
+30% Stealth, and 20% resistance to piercing, slashing, fire, and
electricity… it doesn’t look as cool, nor does it have the +2 Saves
versus Spells, but I still dub this the ultimate Thief armor.

*10: The fourth such ring you could have found by now.

*11: Certainly you can find somebody to put this on?

*12: It might seem useful at first glance-an amulet that allows its
wearer to cast Stoneskin and Minor Globe of Invulnerability, but since
it can only be used by a Mage (who can just cast the spells themselves)
it’s really not worth using.

*13: Again, I have plenty of empty amulet slots, so this can certainly
find a home somewhere.

*14: A +2 Quarterstaff that allows the user to cast Dispel Magic and
Lower Resistance once per day. It’s a nice enough weapon, I just don’t
have any use for it, even just for its once-per-day abilities.

They drop a few new items-namely the Staff of Besieging +2 and the
Scroll of Emotion: Hope, but otherwise, they are unchanged. Same
strategy worked, too.
24) One more loose end to tie up-you should have noticed that Purvis is
gone. Where oh where could he have gone… why not look in Baldemar’s
house (x=1550, y=700) for no particular reason? Inside, you’ll notice
that Arden Thurlow-Baldemar’s wife-is dead. Yikes! Head upstairs and
enter Baldemar’s room. You’ll discover that Baldemar is equally dead-no,
wait, maybe even a little bit MORE dead than his wife. Dead isn’t an
absolute, there are levels. Anyways, Purvis will appear in the corner
and monologue the tiresome way all would-be villians in this game do.
They just love their expose. Anyways, apparently Purvis was the REAL
assassin sent to take care of Wylfdene, but Baldemare is a moron and
sent some random stranger, instead. Once the one-eyed dolt botched the
job, the barbarians got wise to potential assassination attempts and
increased security… making the job all but impossible for him. Once
we got rid of Wylfdene, however, his job was done-the only thing left to
do was get rid of everybody who might know better-Baldemar, for
instance… and you. He’ll promise you’ll meet again and run off. Hmm…
Leave Baldemar’s house, and once you’re back outside Purvis will show
up and attack. He wasn’t joking, eh? No special tactics apply, Purvis
is a push-over. Kill him and loot him for some Boots of Stealth, a
Cloak of Non-Detection, a Ring of Free Action (if you didn’t steal it
off him earlier), a Short Sword of Backstabbing, an Oil of Speed, and
87 gold. None of his gear is terribly great anymore, but it’ll sell
25) Last chance to do whatever else you care to do in this expansion;
this typically means-shopping! Sell whatever items you want to get rid
of, buy anything and everything you want (and can afford)… or, just
keep all that loot you have stashed. If you start a second playthrough
of the game, it’s going to waste all your money-but not your loot. If
you want to have plenty of cash at the beginning of your second run-just
sell off accumulated loot at the beginning of the next game. Finally,
before you go, one more thing of interest. You’re now done questing in
this expansion, there’s no returning to town after you leave… so if
you want some of that awesome loot the NPCs in Lonelywood have, now’s
the time to kill them and take it. Don’t worry about the reputation hit,
because it doesn’t really matter too much at this point in the game,
does it?. The interesting NPCs are as follows, in case you forgot when
I mentioned this earlier:

Emmerich Hawk (AR9104): He’s troublesome to kill, as he’ll hide on you
and vanish, and he can be pretty brutal with that bow of his (especially
on harder difficulties!) surround him with as many melee Fighters as
possible, spell-buff to the max, then attack him. He’s not terribly
well-protected by Hit Points or Armor Class, you just have to finish
him off quickly before he runs. With any luck, he’ll drop almost
immediately. When he dies he’ll leave behind a Finest Long Sword,
Confusion Arrows x20, Arrows of Piercing x20, Inferno Arrows x20, a
Shadowed Cloak*1, Bracers of Archery*2, a Long Bow +4: Hammer*3, and 100
gold. Yeah… it’s all about that bow.

Quinn Silverfinger (AR9103): Quinn is much easier to smite, just walk up
and smash him. Once he’s dead, help yourself to his Bullets +2 x40,
Sling +1, Morning Star +4: Defender*4, and 100 gold.

Kieran Nye (AR9101): The only trouble with him is that you’ll have to
decimate the entire bar to get his loot-which isn’t too much trouble,
considering some of the other characters also have drops worth getting.
Just go after Kieran, first, as his spells make him the top threat. When
he falls, loot him for a Ring of Greater Resistance (if you didn’t
steal it, earlier), a Mage Dagger +4*5, a Potion of Extra Healing, and
54 gold. I really don’t suggest looting him, as the gains are relatively
minor. Plus, if you kill Hobart (a consequence of starting a fight with
Kieran or the other patrons) you won’t be able to start the Trials of
the Luremaster dungeon pack this playthrough.

Murdaugh (AR9101): You’ll have to dispatch him along with Kieran, in the
Whistline Gallows Inn. He drops a Long Sword of Action +2.

Roald Tunnelfist (AR9101): Another bar patron, he drops a Battle Axe +2:
Defender, Chain Mail +2, and 16 gold.

Hobart Stubbletoes (AR9101): The fourth and final barfly that you must
swat, the instigator of the ‘Trials of the Luremaster’ dungeon pack. He
will drop a Light Crossbow of Speed*6, Leather Armor +1, Gauntlets of
Dexterity*7, and a Short Sword +2: ‘The Whistling Sword’.

*1: We could have found one of these in the Severed Hand. It gives a
+15% bonus to stealth.

*2: Bracers that give a +2 bonus to THAC0 with ranged weapons. Syrenil
will gleefully strap these.

*3: By far the best bow in the game-it’s a +4 bow (with +5 THAC0),
gives the user four attacks per round, and an Armor Class bonus of

*4: We need five of these wonderful, wonderful weapons-and we can get
two per game. This is the second such item we had a chance to get to
get, and I must whole-heartedly insist that you grab it. Amirule will
happily wield this weapon, making my two front-liners truly fearsome

*5: Another Mage Dagger +4. It’s a pretty awesome weapon, but really,
Syrenil has since found a supreme Long Bow and Long Sword, along with
an upgraded Blade of Aihonen… this seems somewhat less special now.

*6: A +1 damage, +3 THAC0 Light Crossbow that gives an extra attack
per round. It’s nothing compared to the Repeating Heavy Crossbow we
could have found earlier.

*7: One of the most wonderful defensive items in the Baldur’s Gate
games… in Icewind Dale, all my characters already have an 18
Dexterity, ergo, this item is just a novelty.

Anyways, kill who you want to kill, loot what you want to loot. When
you’re ready, return to the Barbarian Camp and talk to Hjollder or
Beornen and go to the Sea of Moving Ice.

We still have a whole dungeon pack to deal with-Trials of the
Luremaster, which can be started by talking to Hobart. If you head off
to the Sea of Moving Ice, you won’t get a chance to start it this
expansion. I struggled for a bit as to where to put this expansion in
the guide, as chronologically now is the ideal time to start it. On the
other hand, it involves a significant detour from the Heart of Winter
expansion, and worse yet, it’s not a terribly common expansion, as far
as I know. The first time I encountered it was when I purchased the
Dungeons and Dragons Anthology released by Atari, and it was certainly
released after Heart of Winter. Since it breaks up the Heart of Winter
expansion, and since some gamers may not even have the game, I’ve
decided to simply finish up the Heart of Winter expansion, export my
party at the end of it, restart Heart of Winter, and immediately talk to
Hobart. If you want to start it now, go ahead and skip to [WLK028], if
not, you can just do what I did and come back after Heart of Winter.
There’s not much significant loot at the end of Heart of Winter, so
players finishing off that expansion won’t really have an edge over
those who don’t. On the other hand, Trials of Luremaster is brimming
with loot, and it was certainly designed as a greater challenge than
Heart of Winter… probably due to the chronology of their release
dates. You wouldn’t release a lower-level expansion AFTER a higher one,
right? Anyways, continuity, challenge, and convenience for the common
gamer are the reasons I’m citing for putting the Trials of the
Luremaster expansion later in the guide.

| |
| Sea of Moving Ice |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK027}
1) Barbarian Camp on the Ice
2) Troll Horde Tactics
3) Wrecked Ship Rewards
4) Bergclaw Bears and Golem Guards
5) Wasting the Wintery Welcoming Party
6) More Switchback Fun
7) Loot, and the Next Level
8) Into the Field of Bones
9) Troll Finale
10) Bone Scavenger Nest
11) More Bone Bastards
12) One Big Dead Wyrm…
13) Xactile’s Shrine
14) Teamwork Tandem
15) Traps, Traps, Traps, and the Southern Rooms
16) Picking a Fight
17) Slaying the Stragglers
18) Pulverizing the Prince
19) The Great Big Spell-Buff
20) Showdown with Icasaracht

Tribe of the Great Wyrm Island (AR9600)
1) You’ll arrive in a humble camp set up on an island-I hope you weren’t
expecting civilization or anything. You can talk to Beornen
(x=520, y=2230). He’ll tell you a bit of useless information about
Icasaracht, and will refuse to take you back to the mainland or heal
you, if you ask. What a useless prick. Jorn is at (x=750, y=1820),
although he’s hardly any more useful. He will, at least, heal you if
you ask (for a price, of course)… but if you come back to camp with
boo-boos, he’ll start healing you for free if you just stand around.
I guess you have to pay for the pleasure of talking to him, then?
Whatever, lots of useless, greedy barbarians, little information, no
way back. Sounds fun. Loot the camp and take the stock of Flaming Oil
as a sign-there’s Trolls ahead.

Note from Lee:
I still carry the Flaming Long Sword +2 to deal with Trolls. At this
point in the game they aren’t much of a threat, and this thing, while
all but useless in other battles, really does the job versus Trolls.

(x=600, y=1900) Flaming Oil x4
(x=580, y=1950) Flaming Oil x5
2) Head north, then east, and as soon as you make your way through a
narrow pass you’ll be harrassed by Trolls-Greater Ice Trolls and more
obnoxiously, Greater Snow Trolls. The latter, of course, take fire to
keep down. My prefered tactic here is just to use Melf’s Acid Arrow-as
many of them as it takes. I have plenty of Mages. They drop minor
garbage-Winter Wolf Pelts, gems… skulls? You have no way to sell
anything anymore, so why bother picking anything up unless you plan to
sell in during another playthrough-the implication here, of course, is
that it should be expensive. There are plenty more Trolls to the east-
including Scrags, which are aquatic Trolls that fortunately do not
require special tactics to keep down. I suggest luring them all back
through the natural bottleneck to the west, as there really are quite a
few, and they can get out of hand if you let them swarm you. I use
Syrenil for this purpose-running around throughout the level-alone-and
leading Trolls back to the party. Once I’ve got a sizeable horde in the
bottleneck I hit them with Slow, which makes melee easier and, again,
Trolls affected with movement-affecting effects like Slow or Web tend
to stay down if you kill them in melee, regardless of whether they
normally require fire or acid or not.

The bottle-neck lure is, in Heart of Fury, somewhat more essential.
Of course, with higher level characters I have no qualms about throwing
around Incendiary Clouds to make sure Trolls that fall stay dead, and
Trolls that are waiting in the bottleneck suffer for it.
3) Once you’ve exterminated as many Trolls via bottleneck as you care
to, explore to the eastern edge of the level, then turn south and follow
the path around to a wrecked ship guarded by Scrags. They take no
special action to destroy, so smite them and loot the ship.

(x=1800, y=1700) Namji’s Robe*1

*1: A robe with an Armor Class of five and surprisingly fast
regeneration of one Hit Point per round. Since it’s not as protective
as the Robe of the Watcher, and it can only be worn by single-classed
Mages, it’s useless to me.
4) Backtrack to the bottleneck and from it head north, staying as far
west as you are able. Eventually you’ll find a ramp to the south, where
you’ll encounter several Bergclaws-uh… bear-like critters. Return back
up the ramp and continue up some stairs to the north-east, where you’ll
find a door guarded by two Ice Golem Sentries. When you get near the
door, they’ll attack, so set your party up in a favorable way before
provoking them. Once they’re dead, enter the doorway at (x=1100, y=400).
I spell-buff before entering… just in case there’s a mob of bad guys
on the other side.

From here on out, you might as well ditch the Boots of the Fox and wear
Boots of the North, instead. Many, many creatures from this point on
until the end of the expansion will be doing cold damage, and cutting
that in half will help a lot. Or, again, there’s always Resist Fire/Cold
and Entropy Shield.

Arctic Caverns (AR9601)
5) As soon as you enter you’ll be attacked by a vertiable menagerie of
arctic enemies. This encounter will pretty much set the tone for the
rest of the level… everything icey and lame lives here, including
Greater Snow Trolls, Greater Ice Trolls. New-comers include Bone
Scavangers (Wyvern-like foes) and Berg Yetis… which are like normal
Yetis, except tougher and they have a cold breath weapon.

Note from Lee:
Once again, I don’t bother buffing or applying an special tactics. My
party is simply too powerful for these foes, and I take them all out in
straight melee.
6) Once you’ve wasted the wintery welcoming party, continue to the
west. My strategy for this place is really quite simple-I spell-buff
with my longest-lasting, non-fatiguing spells, and proceed to walk
through the level crushing everything in my path. These buffs include
Prayer, Draw Upon Holy Might, Recitation, Protection from Evil 10′
Radius, Emotion: Hope and Emotion: Courage. If a large number of foes
present themselves, I use Slow to help out… and of course to cheaply
kill Snow Trolls. Round a corner to the south and smite another large
collection of baddies.
7) Continue east, kill another group of arctic misfits, then turn
south again-this is the expansion where the developers coil the levels
as much as possible to waste your time and fit plenty of lame encounters
into each map. At this second turn, however, you’ll find a corpse you
can loot. Huzzah! Loot, continue west, cross a bridge, and exit to the
next level at (x=200, y=1100). Again, spell-buff before you enter the
next level, in case-against all odds-the inhabitants of the next area
turn out to be uninterested in tea and cookies.

(x=1370, y=920) Cloak of Invisibilty*1, Flaming Oil x7
(7th-Play: Ogrien’s Scale)

*1: Yeah… this container pretty much has the same stuff in it as one
we found in the Barbarian Camp. Two shots at the same loot-if only any
of it were any good.

Note from Lee:
I rested here just before entering the next area (one of my multi-class
Mages gained a level and need to memorize spells), and was attacked by
four Sahuagin. They died so easily they almost aren’t worth mentioning,
but what’s the point of a FAQ if you don’t tell people what can happen?

Field of Bones (AR9602)
8) You’ll face some pretty stiff resistance once you enter the level.
Spell buffing will make this fight easier, but the real annoying
elements, again, are the Snow Trolls interspersed amongst the foes,
which require especial fire-or-acid attention in order to keep down.
Then there are the Water Kin Elementals, which you’ll have to kill with
spells or missiles, as you can’t approach them in melee. As far as new
enemies are concerned… they’re not too bad. They can do a good bit of
damage if they hit (cold damage, by the way), but they’re otherwise
unimpressive. My advice? Keep a leash on your characters, don’t let
them advance freely through the level-drawing the attention of every
critter they can. Kill what’s in front of you, then advance, and let the
enemies come to you-luring a mob of Greater Snow Trolls will just cause
you grief.
9) After the initial baddies are dead-including the Water Kin Elemental
in the pool to the west, head south to find… more freakin’ Trolls.
Further south are more Scrags and another pool with a Water Kin
Elemental within. Waste them, then continue east and head onto a narrow
ledge crossing a chasm. Some Trolls will harass you from the south-
eliminate them and continue east, across the chasm. I suggest leading
with one well-protected character wearing Boots of the North and leaving
the rest of your party on the western side of the void.
10) On the eastern side of the crevice you’ll encounter a few new foes-
Cold Bones, which are just normal get-in-the way skeletons, and Frozen
Bones/Iced Bones, which can be pains in the ass. They can cast a variety
of cold spells-Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm, Icelance, and Ice Storm. If you
haven’t guessed already, the sole goal of this place is to pummel you
into submission with as much cold elemental damage as possible, and at
this, they excel. Take their initial spells (you really don’t have much
of a choice in it), lure them across the bridge spanning the hole, and
eliminate them. Once all is still head across the gap with your party
and destroy any Bone Scavengers around. Once they’re all dead-good
news! There’s plenty of goodies to loot amongst the remains in their

The undead here can be obnoxious, what with their constant use of cold
spells. Anything that hurts you without having to make a ‘to hit’ roll
is not healthy for you. Fortunately there’s relatively few of them
around, and Three White Doves helps to make them fewer. Also, cold
spells are easily negated with our Clerical buffs.

(x=3150, y=1100) 524 gold
(x=2700, y=900) Wand of Lightning, Scroll of Absolute Immunity,
Scroll of Spell Trap
(x=3150, y=700) Chain Mail +2, Amulet of Protection +1, 1000 gold
(x=3400, y=1020) King’s Tears, Emerald

The Scrolls of Absolute Immunity and Spell Trap are new to Icewind Dale.
11) From the Bone Scavenger nest, head south to find-more undead. Deal
with them in whichever way you find the least painful, but keep your
looting glasses on, as there are more goodies hidden amongst the remains
nearby. In the south-eastern corner of the map you’ll find the third-
and final-Water Kin Elemental in this level.

(x=3250, y=1710) Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Potion of Heroism,
Ancient Armor
(x=2900, y=1600) Potion of Magic Blocking, Ring of Protection +2,
Ring of Infravision

*1: Gives the wearer Infravision… which makes things glow orange. This
is not a dark game, so I can’t see why you’d ever need this.
12) From the final Water Kin Elemental’s pond, head south-west and
destroy another collection of Cold Bones and Frozen Bones. Cross a
narrow path to the north-west to find the remains of a very large, and
hopefully very dead dragon. Explore to the north of the dragon’s head
first and smite some Bone Scavengers. Once they’re dead, search the
rib-cage to score some premium loot.

(x=1600, y=1700) Mithral Field Plate Armor +2, Cloak of Protection +2,
Gauntlets of Ogre Power*1, Large Shield +1, Bastard
Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters*2

*1: A second pair of these gauntlets. Ilnathias has the superior
Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, Amirule is still using the Guantlets of
Elven Might/Girdle of Stromnos combo, and Kaelinalia has the first pair.
So, surprisingly, these get passed all the way down to Nauzhir.

*2: How many Werewolves and Dopplegangers are there in this game? Yeah,
like one. How many superior +4/+5 swords have we found? More than one.
How many characters do we have that can use them? One. By process of
elmination, this is identified as a hunk of crap. Scientifically, even.
13) Now explore south of the dragon skull to find a Sahuagin priestss
named Xactile wandering around, guarded by some Boneguard Skeletons.
Wonder of wonders, she’s not hostile! Talk to her and she’ll identify
this place as the ‘Field of Bones’, where the dead are laid to rest.
She claims to be a priestss of Sekolah, but he seems more on the Myrkul
side of things… She’ll tell you were Icasarcht is, and ask you not to
pursue her-not for the dragon’s sake, but for the sake of her former
people, who guard Icasaracht. Well, at least it’s not more damned
Trolls. She won’t force the issue, however, and will actually heal you;
for a price. At least this makes sense, though, unlike those asshole
barbarians. Loot her (trapped) altar and head bravely onward to the next
level (x=600, y=2100).

(x=1000, y=2220) ~Ring of the Will-o-Wisp*1
(7th-Play: Mourner’s Armor*2)

(x=1000, y=2220)

*1: This unimpressive ring allows you to shoot out ‘a spray of
electrical motes’ that deals 4-16 damage to ‘everything in their path’.
I can honestly say I never even bothered to use this stupid ring.

*2: I love Lamellar armor… Chain Mail, Plate Mail, even the Lorica
Segmentata (Roman-style Banded Armor) are all staples of the fantasy
genre, poor Lamellar labors in anonymity, even though it was vastly
superior to Scale Mail and even Chain Mail in terms of protectivity,
maintenance, and affordablity. Anyways, this armor it interesting, if
not useful-it’s got a base Armor Class of four-which is hardly passable
for Fighter armor anymore (if indeed it ever was). Also, it’s cursed,
but it’s one of those ‘Wailing of virgins’ type deals-if you’re wearing
it, you probably want to be wearing it-it’s not a ‘gotcha!’ curse. while
equipped, it gives the wearer +25 Hit Points… but it also hides your
Hit Point total. It also gives a +75% resistance to Missile weapons and
immunity to pain. It can be worn by Thieves (albeit, at a -25% penalty
to their Thief abilities, but at this point in the game, you probably
have enough points to survive it), but you do not retain your Mage
spells with this armor. Even if you retained your spells, the hidden Hit
Points are a killer. I simply refuse to micro-manage that much.

Sahuagin Lair (AR9603)
14) As soon as you enter this level you’ll be attacked by some hulking
Umber Hulk-like critters known as Vodyanoi-fish people. They’re nothing
special. A Sahuagin behind them will shoot at you while you melee the
Vodyanoi, and another Sahuagin will cast low level Clerical spells-do
not give in to your violent urges and attack them, as they are protected
by traps. Disarm them, THEN let violence reign. There is a similar
encounter in the room to the north-a trap lurks at the arches to the
north, and a Water Kin Elemental in a pool beyond, so don’t rush on in.
Ilnathias presents himself as a target just south of the arches, while
Syrenil shoots down the Sahuagin, the elemental, then disarms the trap.
Teamwork! Continue north through another room and you’ll get yet another
similar encounter-traps at the arches, Vodyanoi lead in melee, a
Sahuagin hangs back and casts spells/shoots at you. This time, however,
you can loot some objects to the north-east which seem to be where the
Sahuagin process their fiery bolts. On that note, Sahuagin will drop
their mundane weapons, Bolts, Bolts of Sekolah’s Fire (3d6 fire damage
for three rounds), and possibly some gems or jewelry-all garbage that
serves only to clutter up your inventory.

(x=1700, y=630) Bolt of Sekolah’s Fire x2
(x=1870, y=680) Bolt of Sekolah’s Fire x3
(x=1980, y=720) Bolt of Sekolah’s Fire x2

(x=1650, y=1420)
(x=1750, y=1240)
(x=1700, y=940)
15) The only way we can go now are through the arches to the west-each
arch is trapped, of course, so do yourself a favor and disarm the traps
under each arch… you know, while you’re not being harassed and all.
Once done, head to the west, where the level opens up a bit. Running
north-west are three paths, each guarded by Ice Golem Sentries and
trapped. The Golems are, for now, non-hostile, so we’ll ignore them
for the moment. To the south-west are two more rooms set up like
the first three chambers we cleared-Vodyanoi, Sahuagin, another Water
Kin Elemental, and traps in the arches, of course. You know how to deal
with these by now. Once those rooms are cleared, disarm the traps
under the Golems… or at least all the ones you can reach.

(x=1450, y=1260)
(x=1520, y=1100)
(x=1400, y=920)
(x=1300, y=1000)
(x=1220, y=930)
(x=1200, y=1345)
(x=1150, y=1100)
(x=1000, y=1220)
(x=920, y=1260)
(x=900, y=1180)
16) Time to evict these stupid, lazy, fat Golems, for the dire offense
of being in our way! It’s one of the rare instances in an Infnity
Engine game where you have to start a fight with a neutral foe in order
to proceed. Since the ball’s in our court, we might as well spell-buff
up. I then have Syrenil take some pot-shots at the middle Golem, while
she and the rest of my party stand back in the room where we entered.
The Golems, predictably, attack, as well as a host of Sahuagin hidden
behind them in the north-western part of the level. They try to come
through the arch and naturally bottleneck themselves in front of the
room. I show off my party’s might a bit here by hitting them with
multiple Greater Commands, Chaos, and Slow. A few Sahuagin will break
off and enter the room from the room to the north, but by the time they
reach my party most of the Sahuagin are incapacitated. I slaughter the
few who miraculously managed to save, then tend to those who didn’t.
Once done scraping scales off your boots, there are some more Water
Kin Elementals that manifested since you provoked the Golems. I deal
with them the traditional way-Ilnathias standing around dumbly getting
attacked to no avail, with Syrenil behind him shooting the critters

Note from Lee:
Instead of the room where we entered, I move into the room just went of
that (as there is only one entrance) and bottleneck the golii, etc, in
the archway to (x=1200, y=1300). This prevents them from flanking me,
and allows me to simply kill them one at a time…

A funny little bug can occur in the Enhanced Edition… these Water Kin
Elementals can now move through the floor, instead of being confined
to their pools. Kind of silly, but at least when it happens my melee
characters can get at them.
17) You’re not done yet-chances are you didn’t lure everything in the
level eastward in the last Step. After taking care of the two Water
Kin Elementals near the northern and southern Golem-guarded paths I
advance with Ilnathias up the center path (after disarming the trap,
of course) where he’ll encounter a batch of Sahuagin Elite Guards and
another Water Kin Elemental. They’ll shoot uselessly at him, he
retreats and lures the Sahuagin Elite Guards back to the first room,
where we dismantle them in detail-I don’t get bottlenecked, I am the
bottlenecker! Once done, it’s a simple issue to shoot down the Water
Kin Elemental. Sahuagin Elite Guards drop Shark Skin Armor*1 and
Spears +1, in addition to the typical Sahuagin crap.

*1: Base Armor Class of eight, +10% Fire and Acid Resistance, -1 penalty
to Dexterity.
18) One more encounter awaits. There are three more traps behind where
the Golems were, and north-west of the pool/paths the Golems were
guarding is a semi-circular ring of Sahuagin, Sahuagin Elite Guards,
and a Sahuagin Prince. They WANT us to come to them, and while we
could avoid bottlenecking ourselves by splitting the party up and
taking different paths, I prefer to simply hit them with a pre-emptive
spell-barrage. First, Syrenil makes herself Invisible and disarms the
traps impeding our progress. Once that’s done, I sneak up with Syrenil,
mark the locations of the enemies, and target the ground in front of
them with Greater Command and Chaos spells, then I charge in and
massacre them gleefully. All but two of them fall asleep, which makes
the process of elimination that much easier. Once they’re dead, loot
them for some goodies, especially their prince, who will drop Coral
Plate Armor*1, a Cloak of Protection +1, a Plain Key*2, and a Spear.
Loot the urns along the wall and enjoy that oh-so-pointless bit of
end-game loot.

(x=1000, y=550) Debian’s Rod of Smiting*3
(x=820, y=520) The Icon of Power*4
(x=720, y=600) Lover*5
(x=630, y=570) Pestilent Dawn*6
(x=470, y=670) Sceptre of Tyranny*7
(x=360, y=850) The Unstrung Harp*8
(x=1050, y=550) Scroll of Spellstrike, Scroll of Wish,
Scroll of Time Stop*9

(x=1100, y=900)
(x=900, y=900)
(x=850, y=1100)

*1: Armor Class three, +15% Fire and Acid Resistance, -2 to Dexterity.
It’s a good bit inferior to normal Plate Mail, much less the enchanted
gear on most of my characters.

*2: Another quest item. You might want to hold onto it for a few
moments, yes?

*3: A +3 Club that deals extra damage against Golems and outsiders.
Golems aren’t too troublesome, and the fact that you only have a 5%
chance to deal extra damage makes it less useful than other weapons
we’ve already found… like Three White Doves, which has a 5% chance
of destroying such foes outright!

*4: A +3 Halberd with the ability to cast Symbol of Pain 3/day. There
are better Halberds out there, and I don’t care about them, either.

*5: Lover is a +4 Dagger that returns to the wielder’s hand. Fair
enough, we found a Battle Axe that does the same thing a long time
ago… but this is a +4 ranged weapon, not a mere +2 weapon. The biggest
problem with ranged weapons was, of course, the limited ammo. The Long
Bow +4: Hammer is far, far superior in most every category, but to its
credit, Lover does Piercing damage, while bows do Missile damage, which
is more frequently resisted. I used to keep the Long Bow +4: Hammer as
my primary ranged weapon, but not having to worry about ammo, and being
able to strike with a +4 weapon every shot is just too great of a bonus,
upon later consideration. Sure, it slows me down and deals less damage,
but on the plus side, I can now strap a shield on Syrenil.

*6: Pestilent Dawn is a +4 Morning Star that has a 25% chance to inflict
disease and makes the wielder immune to disease. It could have
potentially found a home in my party, but alas, good characters cannot
use it. Just as well, Three White Doves is better anyways.

*7: Sceptre of Tyranny is a pretty neat Club. Its +4 enchantment bonus
is powerful, and being immune to fear is always good. Unfortunately I
don’t have any club-users in my party.

*8: Bards are pretty useless, and this forces you to have a good-aligned
Bard with 13+ Wisdom. What do you get in return? The ability to cast
Heal once per day. By now, my Clerics can do this more often, and many
other things besides.

*9: The king of all 9th level spells, Time Stop is an incredibly potent
cast. It gives the caster three rounds to do whatever they wish-land
some cheap attacks, spell buff, or launch some offensive spells. Three
free rounds can see you cause alot of mischief… especially if you
combine this spell with pre-prepared Spell Triggers/Sequencers. It’s
not of much use to us now, but it’ll make my triple-class party even
more absurdly over-powered for Heart of Fury mode.

The scrolls in the vase at (x=1050, y=550) are new to the Icewind Dale.
Mmm… Time Stop…
19 The doors to Icasaracht’s lair are at (x=1400, y=450), but before we
enter, activate the object at (x=1200, y=750)-which will explode in a
Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm effect. Apparently this was a preservation
ward that kept a young dragon body fresh. There was another one on the
other side of the level, but it’s curiously already been deactivated…
Oh well, no time to think. Now it’s time for the most intense spell-
buffing session yet. I cast the following spells-Resist Fire/Cold and
Entropy Shield, and Draw Upon Holy Might on all my Clerics and Prayer,
Recitation, Emotion: Hope and Emotion: Courage, Protection from Evil 10′
Radius, Haste, and Righteous Wrath of the Faithful on the rest of the
party. In addition, Ilnathias takes his place as a super-phenom by using
my oft-mention by as-of-yet seldom-seen super-combo. He’ll cast
Stoneskin and Tenser’s Transformation. Unfortunately, he’s the only
character I have that’s equipped to do it… still, it only takes one.
Once I’m fully buffed, Head through the doors to get this over with.

(For destroying the preservation ward)
EXP 10000

Icasaracht’s Lair (AR9604)
20) You’ll be confronted by Icasaracht the dragon-certainly getting
big dragons on the Infinity Engine was the crowning glory of Bioware.
Unlike in Baldur’s Gate 2, however, here they take the role here they
deserve: the end boss. The dragon will talk about its motives if you
let it, but a fight is inevitable. Now for some notes about dragon-
fighting. Unlike in Baldur’s Gate 2, Icasaracht doesn’t have dragon
fear, so you don’t need to buff with Remove Fear. Also unlike Baldur’s
Gate 2, Wing Buffet here isn’t quite as annoying-it’ll deal a bit of
damage and can stun you briefly, but it’s far less effective here. Then,
of course, there’s the dragon breath, which can do some pretty brutal
damage in an area-of-effect. By now we have items and buffs to protect
us from cold, and her breath weapon is, of course, cold damage. Most
of all, however, dragons are brutal in combat, and can whittle down a
single character somewhat quickly. If, however, you spell-buffed as I
advised earlier, her breath weapon will do marginal damage, and with
the Armor Class of my party ranging from -12 to -24, there was only so
much she could do in melee… especially since Ilnathias for the first
time in the game saw fit to break out the almighty Tenser’s, and was
protected by Stoneskin. There’s only one hair in the ointment-she’ll
be assisted by a number of Sahuagin-paltry, on their own, but if any of
them cast Dispel Magic, Icasaracht will become much more dangerous.
Still, on the normal difficulty it’s simple enough to just run up and
smite her with my fully-buffed party. When she dies, pat yourself on the
back and… well, you’re not quite done yet.

She’s a sneaky dragon, and if you talked to her, you’ll remember that
she has been trying to play the immortality ticket. If you destroyed
the preservation device in the previous Step, she obviously doesn’t
have a body to go to, but she does has a Soul Gem, where her spirit
retreated to after you smote her physical form-and there are still
Sahuagin milling about. Her Soul Gem needs to be destroyed, but first,
if you’re ambitious, crush the Sahuagin facing you, which include
Sahuagin Royal Guards, Sahuagin Underpriestesses, and a Sahuagin King.
Retreat to the eastern edge of the level (where you entered) so you
can kill them without having to subject yourself to the spells the
Soul Gem will cast. When the King falls, spare a moment to run over
and loot him, as he’ll drop a Cloak of Displacement, Gauntlets of Ogre
Power, Bolts +2 x5, Coral Plate Armor, a Heavy Crossbow +1, a Spear +1,
and a Pearl. The Sahuagin Royal Guards drop Shark Skin and Coral Armor
and normal Sahuagin junk. (This gear isn’t included in my final party
stats, since I recorded it prior to the fight with Icasaracht, but it
will sure be nice to have on the next playthrough (honestly, it doesn’t
make sense to record gear you won’t have before you face the final boss
of the game, does it?) Lastly, be sure to loot Icasaracht’s corpse for
some White Dragon Scales. Anyways, once the Sahuagin are dead focus on
the Soul Gem. Vodyanoi will continue to harass you from time to time,
but they’re really only checking to make sure you haven’t fallen asleep.
Unless you are very unlucky or you barely got past Icasaracht, this is
no fight at all. It’ll cast annoying debuffs on your like Chaos, Horror,
Dire Charm, Blindness, Slow, Stinking Cloud, and Feeblemind, and once
most of those are depleted, it’ll resort to Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm,
Ice Storm, Acid Storm, and Shroud of Flame. After that, it has nothing
else it can throw at you. Once it’s smote, the doors out will open and
you’ll get a nice beefy experience reward (which is also not recorded in
my final stats). If you plan to tackle another playthrough or the Trials
of the Luremaster dungeon pack, now is a good time to export all your
characters. Once you’re done, head out the doors (x=2250, y=1250) and
end the game.

You need to spell-buff to the max before entering the chamber with
Icasaracht-that should be no surprise. Still, even with a titanic party
there’s only one saving grace in this fight-the Tenser’s combo. The fact
that all of our triple-classers can use Improved Invisibility, Mirror
Image, Haste, Stoneskin, and Tenser’s gives them the defenses needed to
survive against Icasaracht, who will kill even the strongest of Fighters
with stunning speed. As soon as the chatter ends, engage Icasarcht. Once
her Sahuagin show up, have all your Clerics hit them with Symbols of
Hopelessness and hope for the best. They are not much of a threat by
themselves, but if they dispel my spell buffs, I’m toast, so I need to
really make sure to get the Underpriestesses down. If they are thwarted,
there should be no problem killing Icasaracht, who just doesn’t have an
answer for the Tenser’s combo. If your spell buffs are stripped, make
sure to get another Stoneskin up at least, and perhaps recast Tenser’s
if things aren’t out of hand. Once the dragon falls head over to the orb
as usual-almost every time I’ve done this fight my Symbols of
Hopelessness dominate the Sahuagin, taking them out of the fight in
short order. Once Icasaracht falls, and the Sahuagin are disabled, it’s
a small matter to run up and destroy Icasaracht’s Soul Stone.

Note from Lee:
Okay, so I spell-buffed this time, pretty much as described above. The
fight itself was disappointing though – after having fought “real”
dragons in the Baldur’s Gate series, this thing was really no more
challenging than anything else in the game. He went down in about four
rounds, and the Soul Gem in another four – really not all that tough.
I simply ignored everything except those two targets, and it was over
before I knew it.

(For saving the northern lands from the threat of Icasaracht)
EXP 500000

Ilnathias ‘Icefang’
Fighter 14/Mage 13/Cleric 14
Experience: 1371279/1371279/1371279
Hit points: 114
Armor Class: -13
Weapon: Morning Star +4: Defender (THAC0: -1)
Armor: Elven Chainmail of the Hand +3
Gloves: Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
Helm: Blessed Helm of Lathander
Amulet: Black Wolf Charm
Shield: The Argent shield
Ring: Ring of the Warrior
Ring of Holiness
Cloak: Wailing of Virgins
Boots: Boots of the Fox
Belt: Shimmering Sash
Amirule Alteslay
Fighter 13/Mage 13/Cleric 14
Experience: 1371264/1371264/1371264
Hit points: 104
Armor Class: -14
Weapon: Morning Star +4: Defender (THAC0: -2)
Armor: Full Plate Mail
Gloves: Gauntlets of Elven Might
Helm: Dead Man’s Face
Amulet: Symbol of Corellon Larethian
Shield: Waukeen’s Defender +2
Ring: Ring of Free Action
Cloak: Cloak of Displacement
Boots: Boots of the Fox
Belt: Girdle of Stromnos
Fighter 13/Mage 13/Cleric 14
Experience: 1371040/1371040/1371040
Hit points: 104
Armor Class: -11
Weapon: Fist of the Gloomfrost +4 (THAC0: 1)
Armor: Robe of Enfusing
Gloves: Silver Bracers of Kedl
Helm: Sune’s Laurel of Favor
Shield: Orrick’s Rhino Beetle Shield +3
Ring: Ring of Protection +2
Ring of Free Action
Cloak: Cloak of Displacement
Boots: Boots of the North
Belt: Golden Girdle
Nauzhir the Red
Fighter 13/Mage 13/Cleric 14
Experience: 1371015/1371015/1371015
Hit points: 104
Armor Class: -9
Weapon: Three White Doves (THAC0: 2)
Helm: Helmet
Armor: Bathed-In-Blood +4
Shield: The Red Knight’s Shield +3
Ring: Ring of Free Action
Boots: Boots of the North
Fighter 13/Mage 13/Cleric 14
Experience: 1370774/1370774/1370774
Hit points: 104
Armor Class: -8
Weapon: Sanctified Morning Star +3 (THAC0: 1)
Armor: Kaylessa’s Armor +3
Gloves: Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Helm: Illian’s Hunting Helm
Amulet: Amulet of Metaspell Influence
Shield: Mystery of the Dead +3
Ring: Ring of Free Action
Cloak: Cloak of the Winter Wolf
Syrenil ‘Softstep’
Fighter 13/Mage 13/Cleric 14
Experience: 1184477/1184477/1184477
Hit points: 104
Armor Class: -8
Weapon: Lover +4 (THAC0: 0)
Long Sword of Action +4 (THAC0: 0)
Armor: Robe of the Watcher
Gloves: Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
Helm: Rogue’s Cowl
Amulet: Symbol of Labelas Enoreth
Shield: Reinforced Large Shield +2
Ring: Kontik’s Ring of Wizardry
Ring of Shadows
Cloak: Cloak of Protection +2
Boots: Boots of Stealth

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