Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Walkthrough Part 3: Trials of the Luremaster

Walkthrough Credit: Haeravon

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| Trials of the Luremaster |
| |
| Courtyard |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK027}
1) Hobart’s Grand Adventure
2) Halfling Schemes and Harpy Screams
3) Haggling with Hobart
4) Breaking Up the Baddie Battle
5) Riddle of the Luremaster
6) Improving Your Lexicon
7) Beetles and Mirage Stairs
8) The Eastern Walls
9) Killing the Harpy Queen
10) Unfriendly Competition
11) The Western Walls
12) Wyvern Eradication
13) Test of Intelligence
14) Harald the Fallen
15) Test of Strength
16) Test of Perseverence
17) Test of Luck
18) To the Catacombs

1) As I mentioned above, I completed Heart of Winter in its entirity,
exported my part after defeating Icasaracht, and restarted Heart of
Winter. So… if you’re following this guide, you’re either at the end
of Heart of Winter, before going out to the Sea of Moving Ice, or you’ve
already beaten Heart of Winter and restarted (like me!). Either way,
we’re in Lonelywood again, and our goal is now the same-head over to the
Whistling Gallows Inn (x=2250, y=1150) (AR9101) and talk to the
‘Halfling Man’ (x=830, y=430) named Hobart Stubbletoes. He’s got a great
little adventure for you to go on-although he’s sketchy on the details.
Agree to go with him and he’ll cast a ‘Teleport Without Error’ (wish we
had that…) and you’ll be whisked away with magic sauce.

Note: For those of you who are restarting Heart of Winter, as nature
certainly did not intend, there’s no crime against talking to Quinn and
buying some choice items… say, Waukeen’s Defender and another Three
White Doves? This can be done handily by selling off all the gear we
found at the end of Heart of Winter. Stealing another Ring of Greater
Resistance from Kieran, grabbing Quinn’s Fancy Sling, and other quick
stops before visiting the Whistling Gallows Inn are also worthy of
consideration. I did NOT do this, myself, however. It’s some odd
gaming purity thing I have… Despite the fact that I started this
expansion over again, I wanted all my gear and experience to have come
soley from one run through the game. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t
loot up, however.

Castle Maluradek, Courtyard (AR9700)
2) You’ll reappear quite far from the climes of Icewind Dale. Apparently
this castle Hobart wants us to explore is in the Anauroch… a very
large desert. So, from snow to sand we go. No matter what you say, he’ll
end up insulting your intelligence and wandering off. We should follow
him-but before you do, you’ll be attacked by Harpies and Fiendish
Harpies. They’re somewhat potent in melee, but we all know our
mythology, right? Well, apparently Black Isle didn’t want to code Charm
effects into their song, so instead they cause fear. Cast Remove Fear
quickly and smite them. Fiendish Harpies are a bit tougher, but their
combat stats can’t really compare to yours. They also can cause disease,
so keep an eye out for it. Once they’re dead, head into the house at
(x=1450, y=850).

Hobart’s Shack (AR9715)
3) Talk to Hobart (x=260, y=160), who says little of interest. He is,
however, our one and only merchant in this expansion, so let’s see what
he’s got, eh?

Bag of Holding
Once upon a time, the Bag of Holding in Icewind Dale was unique to
the Luremaster expansion. Now that Orrick sells one, it’s less
impressive. It’s still a welcome item in the expansions, however.
I wouldn’t suggest buying it, however… We’ll find one for free soon
enough. But, if you feel like you might just want to horde loot beyond
the capacity of one Bag of Holding, it’s only 6000~ gold.

Bracers of Icelandic Pearl
These bracers are only usable by Mages-which restricts nobody in my
party. Too bad they’re just Bracers of Defense A.C. 6 with a few once-
per-day spells attached (none of which I bother using, by the way). They
also impose a -2 Dexterity penalty, so all things considered, they’re
LESS protective than humble Bracers of Defense A.C. 6.

Cloak of Protection +2
Noteworthy only for being uncommon, I haven’t been able to find a home
for cloaks like this for a long while now.

Gauntlets of Ogre Power
In case you didn’t get enough in Heart of Winter… have another one!
It’ll give me minor bonuses to THAC0 and damage, but it’s better than
nothing. Of course, this would be our fourth pair… so there’s a good
chance you won’t be able to make much use of it.

Golden Girdle
If you don’t have belts on some characters, you might as well buy this.
It’s not a great item, but something is better than nothing.

Short Bow of Ebullience
Remember how I told you that Short Bows suck? I stand by that. This is
one of the very few decent Short Bows in the game, and damn, does it
come late. On my first, niave, uninformed guide party, I had Syrenil
cast as a Thief/Mage dual-class. The best bow she got all game was a
laughable Short Bow +1. Compared to that, this +3 specimen seems
inspired… even with the -2 Constitution penalty and -50% Fire
Resistance penalty. Of course, it also has a 25% chance to deal +2d3
fire damage, makes an extra shot per round, and gives the user +30% Cold
Resistance, so it’s not all bad. It aspires to be a decent Troll-killer,
but by now I’ve discarded all ammo-using weapons and settled for
Lover… or I just stack arrows and use the Long Bow +4: Hammer, which
is vastly superior.

Skullflail +4
One of the few decent items Hobart sells-the Skullflail is a +4 Flail
that always deals +1d4 piercing damage, and has a 10% chance to deal an
additional +1d6 piercing damage. It’s not amazing, but at least it
doesn’t have any gimps.
4) Buy what you will and leave-it’s time to explore the courtyard-which
we’ll explore… almost at random. You’ll find Harpies around, and
Wyverns. The former cause fear, and the latter poison you. With an over-
abundance of Clerics, neither should be much of an issue. Good news!
They are not friends. North-west of Hobart’s shack you’ll find a group
of the two critters fighting it out. Aid them in their attempts to kill
each other. Once they’re dead, talk to the ‘Spectral Figure’ at
(x=800, y=400).
5) ‘Lo and behold, ’tis the Luremaster! Why does he have that name? He
didn’t lure us here. Shouldn’t Hobart be the Luremaster? Whatever, he
melodramatically announces himself as your adversary… freakin’
Bards… Anyways, he tells you that you must enter the ‘lure’ and prove
yourselves worthy of ‘bearing the mantles of heroes’. Oh… I get it-
this place is the lure, and he’s the master of it-hence, the Luremaster.
Oooooh… Anyways, if you succeed, you get to leave, if you fail,
well… Then you can still export and do something else! Loser
Luremaster-game mechanics fail is fail. Anyways, before letting you go
he’ll give you a riddle, which you don’t need to interperate, because
you long since gave up any autonomy by reading this FAQ. Still, to humor
us both:

“North, east, south, and west,
In towers four the purgatives rest.
Feed them where the spirits nest,
Or forever here remain, our guest.

The sun rises, the earth warms,
Four men lie cold, yet no one mourns.
“Leave them be!” the mad lord warns,
and from my work their praise is shorn.”
6) So.. there are four towers around that we need to explore, and deal
with the ‘purgatives’ within. Purgative… hmm…

Purgative: adjective, 1) that purges; purging 2) causing bowel
movements- n. a substance that purges; specif., a cathartic.

Hey! I learned a new word. So, we have to ‘feed’ some purgatives
(clearly the noun form), in some towers ‘where the spirits rest’… a
play on purgatory? Kill some purging agents-guardians-in some towers.
Well, that wasn’t too hard, was it? So let’s get on it.
7) First, I choose to explore the eastern side of the level. Head east
of Hobart’s shack to find some pesky beetles-including some Bombardier
Beetles, Boring Beetles, and a Rhinoceros Beetle-easy prey by now. Smash
them, then head up the stairs. They look broken, but should you stand
near the ruined planks long enough, you’ll see through the illusion and
be allowed to proceed-don’t worry, this kind of thing doesn’t happen
elsewhere in the expansion. Head up the stairs (x=1900, y=600) to reach
the eastern walls.

Castle Maluradek, Eastern Walls (AR9710)
8) Yes, the walls are a seperate area, hence, a location seperator.
I know, it’s lame. Kill a pair of Fiendish Harpies to the south-east,
then note the two towers at either end of the wall, the northern tower
is at (x=100, y=100), and the southern tower is at (x=800, y=900). Head
into the northern tower, first. Cast Remove Fear before you do, however-
you know, just in case.

North-Eastern Tower (AR9706)
9) In this tower you’ll find the Harpy Queen. I wonder how Harpies
reproduce? No, no, I don’t. Anyways, she’ll talk at you, but a fight is
inevitable. My strategy here is quite simple-all five of my Clerics cast
Symbols of Hopelessness in the middle of the room. Once out, I ignore
the affected Harpies and run up to the Harpy Queen. If she’s affected-
great. If not-she’s my target anyways. She knows a variety of Mage
spells (up to 5th level, in fact) and will not hesistate to use them.
Typically she employs Stoneskin, but she’s not above throwing out a
Dispel Magic to ruin your Symbols of Hopelessness (and spell buffs).
Also, her spells are really the most direct threat to us in any
difficulty. Once she’s down, it’s really just a matter of mopping up
any Harpies unaffected by the Symbols, then slaughtering the ones that
were. Once the birds are plucked, loot the Harpy Queen for Chautog’s
Thinker*1, a Ring of Greater Resistance, and three Potions of Extra
Healing. Before leaving, activate the lever at (x=270, y=430).

*1: A fairly interesting helmet, actually. It gives a +1 bonus to
Armor Class, a +1 bonus to Intelligence, and imposes a useless -2
penalty to Charisma. It’s not the Blessed Helm of Lathander, but it is
an alternative to the Dead Man’s Face. Since I have nowhere near enough
good helmets for everybody, it’ll find itself a home. Also, since it’s
a moderately useful item that increases Intelligence, I keep it handy
for when I need to scribe those 19th 2nd-and-4th-level spells.

South-Eastern Tower (AR9708)
10) Now it’s time to explore the south-eastern tower. Again, we might
just find things within that aren’t friendly, so rest up if you’re
injured. Don’t bother spell-buffing, however. Head inside and you’ll
be pestered by one Criek of Bane. Again, the conversation is
inconsequential, since it’ll result in a fight anyways. Criek is a
Cleric, joined by a Djinni, Shelhai, a Fighter with a weapon that can
stun you, and Adaran Runeshadow-a Mage. The first thing Criek will
ALWAYS do is cast Dispel Magic. You cannot stop him-or at least, I’ve
never been able to. So, avoid the buffing, and just take the Dispel
Magic from him. Once it’s cast, I respond with five Symbols of
Hopelessness from my Clerics, and Chaos from Syrenil. Once you’re done
schooling them in matters of magic, cut down any and all foes who aren’t
affected (if any), then massacre the ones who are. Flip the lever at
(x=270, y=440) and loot the dead for a wonderful haul of loot:

Criek of Bane: Ring of Greater Resistance, Fire Flail +3*1, Bag of
Holding*2, 231 gold.

Djinni: Wind of Heaven*3.

Shelhai: Full Plate Mail +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Fire Opal Ring,
Ring of Free Action, Ninjato +1, King’s Tears, Charged Battle
Axe +2, 800 gold.

Adaran Runeshadow: Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Golden Girdle, Boots of
Grounding*4, Cloak of Scintillating Colors*5, Ring
of Fire Resistance*6, Ring of Protection +2, The
Genie’s Flask, Wand of Fire, Staff of the Hanged
Men’s Glee*7, 1230 gold.

(x=440, y=660)

*1: We could have found one of these earlier, if Joril was being nice.
Chances are, however, he wasn’t. This is a guaranteed drop of the best
Troll-killer my Clerics can get their hands on.

*2: Another Bag of Holding! Score! This one comes with some loot inside-
as follows: Potion of Holy Transference, Potion of Invulnerability,
Mummy’s Tea x4, Philter of Purification x2, Wand of Fear, Antidote,
Scroll of Neutralize Poison, Scroll of Raise Dead, Scroll of Symbol of
Pain, Potion of Regeneration, Potion of Explosions, Flaiming Oil x4.

*3: The best Scimitar in the game, Druids rejoice! This is a +4 weapon,
which acts as a +5 versus Elementals. It also makes the wielder immune
to Cloudkill, Death Fog, Stinking Cloud, Cloud of Pestilence, and
Malavon’s Corrosive Fog.

*4: Boots that give +50% resistance to electricity, a rather rare form
of attack. Everard had a pair of these, but it wasn’t worth killing him
to get them, and these aren’t worth wearing, really.

*5: The second-best cloak in the game… after Wailing of Virgins. It
gives a brute +3 bonus to Armor Class and can be worn with any other
form of magical protections. But, let’s go for a direct comparison-there
are four Armor Class categories-crushing, missile, piercing, and
slashing. This cloak gives +3 to them all. Wailing of Virgins gives +4,
+4, +4 and +2. Crunch the numbers and Scintillating Cloak give +12
amongst all the Armor Class types, whereas Wailing of Virgins
gives +14. Also, it protects against fear and Hopelessness, making it
the clear winner. If only the Scintillating Cloak added to saves, I
would marry it…

*6: A humble ring that gives +40% Fire Resistance. There are a number of
foes who use fire in the game, and although they’re not a prevelent as
cold-using foes, it’s still nice to have rings like this around. Once
my triple-classers gain more levels, they really won’t need Kontik’s
Ring of Wizardry or Rings of Holiness anymore, which will make keeping
this ring equipped at all times a interesting idea… that or the Ring
of the Warrior.

*7: Given all the other great loot I had found on these guys, I was
looking at this unidentified staff thinking… Staff of Power!… no
such luck, it’s a simple +1 Quarter Staff that allows you to cast
Animate Dead three times per day, and bestows a -2 Charisma penalty on
its user.

Castle Maluradek, Western Walls (AR9709)
11) Two levers flipped, now it’s time to head back out onto the wall
(x=350, y=300), and down the stairs to the courtyard (x=400, y=800).
Make your way to the western part of the level (your odds of fighting
Wyverns and/or Harpies along the way? Pretty high.) and up some stairs
(x=650, y=1100) to reach the western wall. There are some Wyverns up
here, near the southern tower. Dispose of them, then note the two
towers-the southern tower (x=770, y=1000) and the northern tower
(x=100, y=100).

South-Western Tower (AR9702)
12) I choose to explore the southern tower first this time… why?
Because thar’s fightin’ to be dun! This tower is full of Wyverns led by
a Wyvern Matron. There was a Harpy Queen, why not a Wyvern Matron? A
series of Symbols of Hopelessness can finish this fight before it really
ever starts. Since it’s a straight melee fight, it’s the easiest fight
we’ve… uh… fought. Kill the critters and flip the lever at
(x=570, y=320)… but behold, we’re not done yet. Stairs await at
(x=300, y=500). Possibly because of the levers we flipped earlier? Yeah,
that’s right, we’re going to have to backtrack to the east when we’re
done here… but there was no avoiding it. Anyways, head downstairs.

South-Western Tower Test (AR9701)
13 From where you arrive, head to the north to find the Luremaster
(x=600, y=200). Talk to him and he’ll ask you a riddle, which is so
simple ever *I* figured it out:

“Of the elements I am born,
My gift brings both love and scorn.
My touch can feel either hot or cold,
Yet I am not meant for a man to hold.”

Answer: Wind

Answer correctly and you’ll recieve ‘The Tale of Sir Giles’*1, which…
just seems like one of those questy items you should hold on to, right?
You’ll also get a pretty nice experience reward.

(For answering the Luremaster’s riddle correctly)
EXP 120000

*1: You should probably read this, as it details the feats of Sir Giles
against the dragon Aehirglass. This is kind of important information,
as in, the entire backstory to this place is built on it. Note that Sir
Giles fought with a Mace, and Lord Maluradek was a sissy.

North-Western Tower (AR9704)
14) Head back out onto the western wall and up into the northern tower.
Inside you’ll find Harald wandering about. Before bothering with him,
grab the loot on the ground (x=440, y=450), which just happens to be a
‘Holy Symbol of Helm’*1-another questy-seeming item. Harald isn’t
terribly interesting, and if you talk to him he’ll tell you about his
fall from grace when he and his buddies came here for glory and loot…
or was it when he proved to be a coward? Either way, he wants you to
kill him, since life sucks now. You don’t actually have to kill him-and
doing so costs you reputation. On the other hand, he’s got some rather
exquisite loot… if you kill him you’ll score some Mithral Field Plate
Armor +2, a Golden Girdle, Boots of Grounding*1, Gauntlets of Weapon
Expertise*2, a Ring of Free Action, a Morning Star +4: Defender and
91 gold. Do what you will-he’s not part of any quest or anything. Once
you’re done, flip the lever at (x=300, y=500), then head down the stairs
at (x=580, y=320).

*1: Yes, it is indeed a quest item. Keep it.

*2: These pass Amirule over, since she’s still using the Gauntlets of
Elven Might/Girdle of Stromnos combo (and will for the rest of this
playthrough), and find themselves in the possession of Kaelinalia.
Lucky girl.

*3: Again, Kaelinalia ends up with this one. Amirule already got one
when we killed Quinn in Lonelywood. Funny, how two of these awesome
weapons have required us to shed innocent blood. Oh well.

North-Western Tower Test (AR9703)
15) Here you’ll find the Luremaster skulking in the corner again at
(x=600, y=200). No stupid riddles this time-he’s more direct now. To
prove you’re worthy heroes, you’ll have to prove yourself in the
crucible of combat. He’ll summon some Animated Plate to attack you.
Put them down and the Luremaster will reward you with ‘The Tale of Sir
Erris’*1, and another quest reward. Joy. You can loot the vanquished
Animated Plates for Plate Mail Armor +1 and a variety of +1 weapons.
Now to leave the tower, return to the courtyard, and head to the eastern

(For proving yourself in the crucible of combat)
EXP 120000

*1: The thing to note here is that Sir Erris fought with a ‘mighty axe’.

South-Eastern Tower Test (AR9707)
16) Return to the southern tower on the eastern wall, where we fought
Criek and company. Wonder of wonders, there are now stairs accessible
at (x=660, y=330). Down here you’ll find the Luremaster at
(x=480, y=340). Talk to him and you’ll be rewarded with another damn
combat trial. Endurance is now the name of the game, and you’ll have
to fight a number of plant-critters-Red Myconids, Mustard Jellies, and
a Shambler. Shamblers really, really suck-they’ve got tons of Hit
Points and they’re immune to bludgeoning damage, effectively making
my Clerics incapable of harming them in melee. They take full damage
from acid and cold, which means using Vitrolic Sphere, Melf’s Acid
Arrow, or Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere isn’t a bad idea, but they’re
immune to fire and electricity. Syrenil can also hurt them with Lover
or arrows, against which it generously only resists half damage. The
best option we have against them is to just use death magic-I’ve found
that Finger of Death works well enough, and it’ll do even better when
employed en masse, after the Shambler is perhaps weakened with Greater
Malison. Failing all of that, however, the humble Magic Missile spell
deals damage quite reliably, and since it’s a 1st level spell, you can
afford to prepare quite a few of them on each Mage. Once everything is
dead, the Luremaster shows up again and rewards you with experience and
‘The Tale of Sir Zierkki’*1. Yay. Now leave this tower and explore the
northern tower-the former abode of the Harpy Queen.

Using death spells is just not an option in Heart of Fury mode-due to
the absurdly boosted Saves foes have. Yeah, you can still use
debilitators, but not death spells. Whatever. The best tactic for Heart
of Fury mode? I just use multiple Magic Missile spells, preferably
chained together with Sequencers or even Spell Triggers. Your entire
party blasting a Shambler with Magic Missile spells will take it down
very quickly.

(For persevering against plants)
EXP 120000

*1: Again, the thing to note here is the weapon. This time it’s a spear.

In the vanilla game, Shamblers were weak against electricity. Not so
in the Enhanced Edition. Fortuately, they added all kinds of Sequencer
spells to the game, so we can now dominate these critters with massive
barrages of magic. All in all, tackling Shambers has become easier in
the Enhanced Edition.

North-Eastern Tower Test (AR9705)
17) Go down the stairs at (x=700, y=350) and you’ll be harassed by the
Luremaster. No combat or riddles this time-here it’s a guessing game.
Pick the right chest or get hurt. You can’t disarm the traps on the
chest (indeed, trying will only result in pain), so you’ll just have to
guess. Oh, if only you had a way to know which chest was the right
chest! Eh, I couldn’t find any way of telling, but save-loading works
just fine. The correct chest contains ‘The Tale of Sir Geddian’*1, and
any of the chests can contain a random magic (+1 enchanted) or mundane
blunt weapon of some sort. No quest reward here, but at least we’re done
in these stupid towers.

(x=320, y=520)
(x=370, y=470)
(x=370, y=600)
(x=450, y=450)
(x=530, y=530)
(x=500, y=600)

*1: The weapon this time is a sword.

Temple of Helm (AR9713)
18) Return to the courtyard and enter the building under the stairs that
lead to the eastern wall (x=1750, y=550). Inside you’ll find a number of
Sword Spiders and Phase Spiders. Kill them and loot the books on the
altar at (x=640, y=260) to find the ‘Manuscript of the High Watcher’,
which provides more backstory detailing the fall of Castle Maluradek.
Yeah, it’s all enthralling stuff. Activate the dish on the altar
(x=620, y=240) and put the Holy Symbol of Helm we found earlier in it.
The symbol of Helm will appear on the wall behind you, and stairs will
open up under the altar. Well, since we have no other options, let’s
explore under the chapel! Exit this area at (x=600, y=290).

| |
| Catacombs |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK029}
1) Traps, Secret Doors, and Obnoxious Undead
2) Teleports From the Crypt
3) Sniping the Silver Key
4) Back to the South
5) Eastern Eradication
6) Traps and Treasure
7) Western Wipeout
8) Earning the Electrum Key
9) Operation Corridor Freedom
10) Say Hello to Mister Trappy!
11) Clearing the Junction Room
12) Mummy Massacre
13) Pilfering Platinum and Grabbing Gold
14) Crypt Things in the Center
15) Back to the Beginning
16) Pick a Door, Any Door
17) A Generous Sarcophagus
18) Coffer Caper
19) Traps, Secret Doors, and… Jellies?
20) You Are Not A God
21) Bagging the Bronze Key
22) Abra-Kadabra, A New Passage
23) Putting the Shades to Rest

Catacombs (AR9714)
1) Behold! Catacombs. This place looks more like a Planescape: Torment
level than anywhere else in the game. Also, it’s full of undead. Fun.
Traps and secret doors abound, so this is one of those levels that gives
FAQ-writers headaches. Following me closely will keep you from getting
fouled by traps and ambushes (there’s a particularly obnoxious type of
undead in this level that will wreck havoc on you, strategically), and
it’ll also keep you from walking around this level like an asshole,
looking for secret doors you missed-which is what I had to do the first
time I played this expansion. Anyways, head east, disarm and loot a
sarcophagus, and then head north.

(x=700, y=1850) Broken Armor, Broken Shield, Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy,
Bolts +2 x20
(x=850, y=1720) Sunstone Gem x2
(x=850, y=1670) 87 gold

(x=700, y=1850)
2) The first of our secret doors lie in this room-one on the northern
wall (x=330, y=1500) and one on the eastern wall (x=660, y=1500). Go
north first, dispatch a Boneguard Skeleton, and loot some coffers. Once
done, backtrack and explore beyond the eastern secret door. You’ll find
some new foes, Crypt Things and Revenants, which both bear explaining
in greater detail:

Crypt Things
Crypt Things are dangerous for one ability-they can teleport a character
to a random spot on the level. This is a bad thing for many obvious
reasons, the chief one being that one character on their own is much
more vulnerable than they are in a group. Otherwise, Crypt Things are
pathetic in melee and they aren’t overly well protected by Hit Points or
Armor Class. You can try to rush them-they’ll attempt to teleport foes
on sight. If you survive their attempts (you get a saving throw against
the effect), you should be in the clear. For a more sophisticated
approach, however… you can pull a strategy from the Heart of Fury
playbook. If you’ve been reading the Heart of Fury notes, you’ve seen
the work “Invisosmite!” by now. The strategy is simple: cast
Invisibility on a Cleric, and while invisible, activate your “Turn
Undead” ability. If the Crypt Things can’t see you, they can’t teleport
you, and even one of my 15th level Clerics was able to destroy them with
“Turn Undead”.

Revenants are moderately powerful melee foes who for some reason do not
count as undead. This means you can’t kill them with “Turn Undead”, as,
of course, they’re apparently not undead. You can affect them with mind-
affecting effects, however, including Symbol, Hopelessness and Chaos.
Like Trolls, they can’t be killed conventionally-you can put them down
with brute force, but to keep them down, you’ll have to use fire. Last
of all, they can stun foes when they hit.

Tactics in Heart of Fury mode are pretty much the same as in normal
mode… use Invisosmite! on any undead you see, and kill Revenants
with steel and fire, perhaps softening up groups with a Symbol,

(x=350, y=1250) Scroll of Disintegrate
(x=350, y=1270) 47 gold
(x=350, y=1300) Moonbar Gem x3
(x=550, y=850) Copper Key

*1: Seems kinda questy. You should probably hold onto it.

Oh, the changes… There are quite a few. First off, Crypt Things used
to count as ‘monsters’, not as ‘undead’, meaning Invisosmite! didn’t
work on them. Now that it does, they’re all but helpless, whereas they
used to be supremely dangerous foes. Revenants have seen more changes,
however. Even their sprite is different! They used to look like Cold
Wights, now they look like Ghasts. They can now stun, and like Trolls,
they need the kiss of fire to keep down. In the vanilla game, they
were just kind of glitchy. Fire-or anything else-wouldn’t necessarily
keep them down. Sometimes when you “killed” them, they would die,
sometimes they wouldn’t. If they refused to die, and just fell down into
an unconsious state, you’d just have to run away, save, reload, and try
again. Or use death spells, like Finger of Death. Making your way
through this place has been massively simplified due to the changes in
the Enhanced Edition.
3) Once you’ve put down the threats in this room, head through the door
to the west. If they didn’t bother you earlier, you’ll find a Crypt
Thing here, as well as several Blast Skeletons. Up to the north you’ll
find some Boneguard Skeletons and another Crypt Thing. Dispose of them
and loot the sarcophagus at (x=400, y=450) to score a Silver Key.

(x=400, y=450) Silver Key*1

*1: You know the drill, hold onto this gaudy thing until we find out
where it goes.
4) Now it’s time to explore to the south. Backtrack to the first room
we were in and go through the doorway to the south to find a room with
lootable coffers and a pair of secret doors-one to the south at
(x=950, y=2250), and one to the east at (x=1120, y=2020). Ignore the
secret door to the south for now, as it actually leads somewhere
productive and head east, instead.

(x=900, y=1950) 127 gold
(x=900, y=1970) Ring of Holiness*1
(x=900, y=2000) Katana +2
(x=600, y=2060) Static Darts +3
(x=600, y=2090) Scroll of Improved Mantle
(x=600, y=2120) Boots of Avoidance*2

*1: Yet another one. I’m sure you can find a Cleric with a free finger

*2: These lovely boots were an absolute godsend in Baldur’s Gate…
well, except unlike godsends, they actually exist… albeit on a video
game. Of course, creatures use ranged attacks much less frequently in
Icewind Dale, and we haven’t seriously been threatened by missile
weapons since our first run through the Severed Hand. Put them on if
you have cold feet, but they’re not terribly useful defensive items.

The Katana +2 and Scroll of Improved Mantle are new to Icewind Dale.
5) Beyond the first secret door to the east is a tiny chamber that
houses… yet another secret door (x=1300, y=1950). Beyond this second
door is a room full of undead-six Wights and a Crypt Thing. An invisible
character can Invisosmite most of them, then my party lobs a few mind-
affecting spells-Chaos/Symbol of Hopelessness-to deal with the Crypt
Thing. Once everything is dead, loot some coffers and find another secret
door to the east (x=1730, y=1830). Beyond it lies another group of
undead-two Skeleton Warriors, two Revenants, and a Crypt Thing. Deal
with them in the same fashion we dealt with the last room and you’ll be
fine. Once your opposition lies defeated, note the locked door to the
north-east (x=1950, y=1550). Perhaps its locked state has something to
do with those keys we’ve been finding? Hmmm… But since our FAQ-writer
told us to come here without the key, that can only mean three things…
1) He’s an idiot, 2) Opening that specific door doesn’t matter right
now, or 3) We couldn’t have obtained the key we need for it yet. It’s
a mystery, folks!

(x=1500, y=1760) Girdle of Bluntness*1

*1: Like the Golden Girdle, except this belt grants you a +4 bonus to
Armor Class versus bludgeoning attacks. It’s not a phenomonal item, and
I refuse to waste the time running through the list of monster items to
see how much slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, and missile weapons are
used to determine which of these mediocre girdles is actually better
than the other. If you have an empty belt slot, it’s worth equipping,
but it’s not to be compared with the Shimmering Sash.
6) Backtrack to the west a bit until you return to the room where we
smote the Wights and the Crypt Thing. There’s a not-so-secret doorway to
the south we neglected earlier. Take your Thief, head inside, and Detect
Traps like crazy, as this room is absolutely full of them. As an aside,
it’s one of the many locations where you could have been teleported by a
Crypt Thing, and appearing here without a Thief is just… suckful.
Anyways, disarm the copious collection of traps about, then pick up
the money in the middle of the room… like you still need money
anymore. All in all, you stand to score 4417 gold and a few gems…

(x=1880, y=2270) 239 gold
(x=1900, y=2275) Sunstone Gem x3
(x=1900, y=2275) Iol Gem
(x=1880, y=2290) 149 gold
(x=1880, y=2290) 861 gold
(x=1900, y=2290) 232 gold
(x=1910, y=2290) 171 gold
(x=1910, y=2290) 221 gold
(x=1880, y=2300) Turquoise Gem x4
(x=1900, y=2300) 101 gold
(x=1900, y=2300) Fire Agate Gem x3
(x=1900, y=2300) 63 gold
(x=1910, y=2300) 444 gold
(x=1910, y=2300) 198 gold
(x=1910, y=2300) 279 gold
(x=1910, y=2300) 457 gold
(x=1930, y=2300) 249 gold
(x=1900, y=2310) 123 gold
(x=1910, y=2310) 331 gold
(x=1910, y=2310) 144 gold
(x=1930, y=2310) 155 gold

(x=1820, y=2150)
(x=1770, y=2170)
(x=1870, y=2170)
(x=1770, y=2240)
(x=1770, y=2280)
(x=1920, y=2200)
(x=1970, y=2220)
(x=1850, y=2320)
(x=1970, y=2260)
(x=1880, y=2370)
(x=1880, y=2410)
(x=2000, y=2320)
(x=2050, y=2310)
(x=2050, y=2380)
7) Now, backtrack until you’re back in the room just south-east the
first room in this area (the one with the two secret doors in Step #5),
and go through the secret door at (x=950, y=2250), beyond which you’ll
find another Crypt Thing for your smiting pleasure. Beyond the secret
door you’ll find a passage continuing to south-west, and yet another
secret door on the wall opposite the one we just went through at
(x=1350, y=2400). First, let’s explore to the west, which terminates in
a room occupied by several Blast Skeletons lining the western, northern,
and southern walls, with a Crypt Thing in the north-eastern corner of
the room-making this room a prime target for Invisosmite. Once the
Blast Skeletons are done, either toss some spells at the Crypt Thing, or
rush it an hope for the best. Once done, marvel at the emptiness of the
room and head back to the secret door we ignored earlier.
8) This door can be tricky, as beyond lie a host of undead, including
five Ghosts, two Boneguard Skeletons, and a Crypt Thing. One of the
ghosts in a squealin’ little asswipe situated near the door, who will
immediately tip off his undead buddies unless you’re all sophisticated-
like. What I do is simple-I move my party back into the room to the
north-east, open the door with Syrenil, then immediately use stealth.
With any luck I end up with one open door, and eight undead none the
wiser. Afterwards, deal with the undead beyond as you will.

(x=1200, y=2650) Electrum Key*1

*1: Another key. Yay. What the hell is Electrum? Well, if you are like
me and were weaned on Gold Box Dungeons and Dragons game, you’ll know
Electrum is an alloy of gold and silver. Sounds pretty unappealing, to
9) Another Step, another secret door. This one is at (x=1650, y=2650)
beyond which is a long corridor leading east. This corridor is lined
by Skeleton Warriors, who are no major threat anymore, but the Crypt
Things every so often are somewhat more concerning, especially the two
near the junction where the tunnel turns north-west. There’s another
one where the tunnel shifts to the north. By my counts, there are
fourteen Skeleton Warriors and three Crypt Things, and… I know I sound
like a broken record, but Invisosmite clears this corridor out nicely.
After which, only the Crypt Things remain an issue. These ones are rare
in the fact that they-unlike most of their fellows-aren’t smart enough
to keep their backs to the wall-which means Syrenil can go about
backstabbing them. With any luck you’ll only have to save against one
Teleport attempt. In all honesty, this threat is becoming less and less
acute. The more we explore, the greater the chance that we’ll be
teleported into cleared territory. Also note that each Skeleton Warrior
drops a Long Sword +1-surely something we need not equip, but if you
still need money for some reason, you can put your Bag of Holding to
good use and hawk them in bulk to Hobart. Murder and plunder down the
corridor (or if that sounds too ‘real’ for you, you can just give it a
bullshit happy name-like ‘Operation Corridor Freedom’) until you reach
a dead end. Oh nos!

In Heart of Fury Mode, sneak attacks with Syrenil are not advised-there
is no chance you’ll deal enough damage to kill a Crypt Thing in one hit.
So… debilitators are the order of the day. Just something to keep in
mind-every time you can get away with a one-hit-kill backstab in lesser
difficulties-it’s not the suggested tactic for Heart of Fury.
10) Fortunately, it’s yet another secret door (=x3600, y=1800), beyond
which lies another, somewhat wider, corridor. Instead of undead,
however, we’re rejoined by our old friend Mister Trappy. Hello Mister
Trappy! What’s that? No, I’m not putting my foot on that pressure plate,
no matter how much you smile at me with your sharp, rusty, metal teeth.
Ah, that Mister Trappy, he’s such a kidder…

(x=3600, y=1635)
(x=3480, y=1580)
(x=3640, y=1520)
(x=3570, y=1490)
(x=3470, y=1470)
(x=3500, y=1420)
(x=3580, y=1410)
(x=3660, y=1390)
(x=3420, y=1380)
(x=3560, y=1320)
(x=3380, y=1280)
(x=3510, y=1180)
(x=3430, y=1230)
(x=3340, y=1260)
(x=3340, y=1200)
(x=3260, y=1300)
11) After you’ve disarmed every trap in the free world on your way
north, there’s only one way to go from here-to the south-west. In that
direction you’ll find a junction room of sorts, which splits off to the
north-west, south-east, and back the way you came, of course. It’s not
unoccupied, however-you’ll need to dispatch two Crypt Things and four
Revenants before proceeding. Additionally there are a few Boneguard
Skeletons in the room to the south-east that may feel compelled to get
involved, if you’re unlucky. Since Invisosmite is no good here, I just
sneak in with Syrenil, sneak attack one of the Crypt Things, then
hopefully save against the other’s teleport and retreat, re-hiding and
dispatching the second Crypt Thing, if I’m lucky. Or I could just throw
in a Death Spell, if I’m feeling frisky. Either way, once the Crypt
Things are dealt with, lure the Revenants to the west and kill them
there-which should prevent any reinforcements coming up from the south.
If any of the Revenants are peskily clinging to life, resolve the issue
with Finger of Death. I point, you die. Love that spell.
12) Once the foes in the three-way junction room are destroyed, regroup
your party in the corridor to the north-east of the junction room.
Rushing in is still not a great idea, since there are plenty of undead
in the room to the south-east of the junction room that are just
itching to cause us trouble. The room to the south-east of the junction
room is a smallish room with several Boneguard Skeletons lurking in
alcoves, which aren’t of much concern. What is more concerning,
however, are the forces in the room south-west of it, which include a
Greater Mummy, two Skeleton Warriors, and six Mummies… we’ll
affectionately call it the ‘Mummy Room’. Yeah, I’m creative like that.
North-west of the Mummy room is another densely-crowded room full of
baddies, including four Wights, two Boneguard Skeletons, two Revenants,
and a brutal three Crypt Things, all within easy sight of each other.
See how rushing into the south-eastern room could lure foes from the
Mummy room to the fight, which in turn could lure even more foes from
the north-western room? Yeah, we don’t need to engage a Greater Mummy
and three Crypt Things-it could unneccessarily complicate things. My
tactics for clearing all three rooms should be obvious by now-use the
almighty Invisosmite tactic if you’ve got a high-enough level Cleric at
your disposal. If not, send in whichever character draws the short
straw to lure foes to your party. These tactics should be sufficient to
deal with the Boneguard Skeletons in the first room and clear out the
Mummy room save the Greater Mummy. Once the first two rooms are cleared,
rush the Greater Mummy with your party, eradicate him, and occupy the
Mummy room. If you are for whatever reason incapable of using
Invisosmite, settle for luring, but you’ll likely have to endure
spells hurled by the Greater Mummy. In this case, leading with a
summoned creature will work to absorb some spells. When it falls the
Greater Mummy will drop a Wand of Trap Detection*1.

Note: Just to mention a few peculiarities about these rooms that I’ve
noticed… first, sometimes the Wights in the Crypt Thing room will
become mobile. I’m not sure why, but these foes are all aware of each
other, and if you end up engaging a Wight in combat, you can bet that
his buddies won’t be far behind. The best way to safely Invisosmite
them is to block the door connecting their room to the Mummy room with
an invisible Cleric-this will allow you to take out a few of the Wights
before moving on. Also, note that the Greater Mummy will see through
your invisibility. He won’t spoil your plans by attacking physically or
alerting his allies, but he will throw spells at you, making this a
potentially risky Invisosmite… unless you’re able to turn him, of

*1: Another one, wonder of wonders. This wand allows you to cast the
2nd-level Cleric spell ‘Find Traps’… but it can only be used by a
Mage. Oookay… We already know why that spell is useless, right? Add
to that the fact that this wand has only eight charges and… well, it’s
only so much kindling.
13) In room north-west of the Mummy room, things work differently. Since
the most annoying foes within don’t count as undead, Invisosmite is of
limited use (although still a fine way to clear out the Wights and
Boneguard Skeletons). I launch a vicious spell-assault into the room
without bringing anything into sight-no use holding back, the less Crypt
Things running about, the better. Once my massive one-round bombardment
of status-affecting spells is over, I rush in and kill whatever is left.
Once done, loot the Sarcophagus in the Mummy room and junction room for
more keys.

(x=2930, y=1400) Platinum Key*1
(x=2700, y=2200) Gold Key*2

*1: Another key, another quest item reminder.

*2: It’s goooold, baby. I feel like I’ve used that line in another FAQ
recently… oh well, keep it.
14) Now that we’ve cleared out these rooms, we’ve only got one way to
go… Well, two, really, but since they both lead to the same place…
I’ll take the pressure off myself and give you some options. There are
two doors, one in the Crypt Thing room (x=2250, y=1550) and one in the
junction room (x=2400, y=1370). The former opens with the Copper Key,
while the latter opens with the Silver Key, which will disappear when
you open their corresponding door. Open one (or both) of the doors, but
do not rush on in, as the room is positively crawling with Crypt Things.
Six of them, in fact. Blast the room liberally with spells before
entering and hope for the best. A single Death Spell can go a long way
15) Occupy the circular chamber you just cleared and note that you’re
now in the center of the map. Also note the doors around here-they
all take specific keys to open… but we’ll get back to this shortly.
Before we worry about any of these doors, there’s an passage to the
west we can explore. The room beyond is occupied by four Blast
Skeletons, four Boneguard Skeletons, two Revenants, and a Crypt Thing.
If you can Invisosmite, go for that to thin the herd, after which the
Crypt Thing can be dispatched with a backstab, leaving only two
Revenants to put down-easy as pie. Once they’re dead, notice that if
you continue to the south-west you’ll reach the beginning of the crypts.
Huzzah! We’ve come full circle! Yeah, there was a reason I didn’t
clear this room immediately… it would have just led to the central
circular room, where we wouldn’t have had many keys at our disposal.
Worse than just being a waste of time, however, fighting six Crypt
Things at that point in time would have been a huge pain in the ass-
since nearly every place they could have teleported us would be in
dangerous, unexplored territory.

(x=1100, y=1610) Scroll of Domination
(x=1100, y=1590) Morning Star of Lesser Phasing*1
(x=1100, y=1560) Water Opal
(x=1450, y=1470) Bullet +2 x20
(x=1450, y=1450) Pearl Necklace

*1: Yeah, has this ever been a good weapon? I remember passing one of
these up way back in the Severed Hand, surely it can’t compete with
whatever weapons we’ve obtained in the meantime.
16) Backtrack to the central room-we’ll be returning here quite a bit
for the rest of the level, as you can well imagine. There are several
doors as of yet unopened; (x=1720, y=1250) requires the Platinum Key,
(x=1880, y=1100) requires the Gold Key, and (x=2150, y=1100) requires
the Electrum Key, which we have, as well as the door at (x=1950, y-1550)
which requires the Bronze Key, which we do not have. To proceed to the
conclusion of this area, we must open all the door, no matter how
pointless the area behind them is. My suggestion? Let’s just explore
this area clock-wise, starting with the Platinum Key door.
17) Beyond the Platinum Key door (which you should open carefully, to
avoid alerting the foes beyond, if possible) you’ll find two Crypt
Things, four Ghosts, and a Revenant. It’s not a challenging fight
anymore-Crypt Things have by now lost almost all their potency, so
I’ll leave the messy details up to you. Loot a sarcophagus and find an
old friend of ours, which we haven’t seen a while-a secret door
(x=1250, y=1000).

(x=1020, y=1200) Studded Leather Armor of Resistance +3*1,
Reinforced Large Shield +2*2,
Shocking Flail +4*3

(x=1020, y=1200)

*1: Decent armor, but nowhere near up to snuff anymore.

*2: One of the best shields in the game… the main game, at least.
The many great expansion shields out-compete this shield. I can’t
find a home for it on my party.

*3: What a generous sarcophagus! This is probably the best item that
comes out of it-a +4 Flail that gives a +1 bonus to Armor Class, has a
50% chance of dealing 2d3 electrical damage, and a 10% chance of
stunning the target. Seriously not bad. Of course, by now we could have
found three Morning Star +4: Defenders, which are superior. Also,
elecricity is a lack-luster element, as it won’t put down Trolls, so
it’s not a replacement for the Fire Flail +3, either. Still, it’s
superior to the Fist of the Gloomfrost.
18) Go through the secret door to find another small, relatively lightly
defended room, guarded by a trio of Boneguard Skeletons and a Crypt
Thing. Not a hard fight, you don’t need me to insult you by telling you
how to kill them. Once they’re dead, loot the coffers and behold-another
secret door (x=900, y=550)! Beyond another secret door-another room full
of monsters. This time you’ll find a Boneguard Skeleton, three Wights,
and two Crypt Things-nothing to get worked up over. Once this room is
sacked (there’s nothing in it of interest) return to the circular
central room.

(x=1000, y=910) Static Darts +3 x20
(x=900, y=770) Bastard Sword +3: Incinerator*1
(x=900, y=750) 14 gold
(x=800, y=630) 230 gold
(x=770, y=620) Sphene Gem

*1: A very fine Bastard Sword, indeed-this is a +3 weapon that has a 50%
chance of dealing +1d8 fire damage, and a 10% chance of stunning foes.
Very nice, indeed.
19) Now to explore beyond the Gold Key door. You need not fear monsters
here-but there are a few traps that need to be disarmed before you
investigate the secret doors along the northern wall (x=1440, y=800),
(x=1650, y=700). The western door opens to a small chamber occupied by
a trio of Revenants. The eastern-and more interesting-door opens to a
room full of Ochre Jellies, with a token Boneguard Skeleton to represent
the undead in the level. Smite the foes in both rooms and note yet
another secret door in the eastern room (x=1900, y=550), beyond which is
an insignificant room with several Ghosts inside. Try to stay awake as
you kill them, then return to the circular central chamber.

(x=1700, y=930)
(x=1520, y=870)
(x=1720, y=800)
20) Two down, two to go, only one key left… well, let’s hope this
door actually leads somewhere, eh? Beyond the door is a short tunnel
which terminates in a room occupied by three Ghosts, two Crypt Things,
and a Boneguard Skeleton. I’m sure you’ll devise some masterful
strategy and inflict a crippling defeat upon them. Once you’re done
writing your memoirs and celebrating your triumph (remember, you are not
a god), be surprised at the existence of yet another secret door
(x=2700, y=650). Surprise, dammit!
21) In this room await three Crypt Things and four Revenants-not a
single undead in sight. Adjust accordingly-tossing in a few debilitative
spells can go a long way towards reducing these foes… or a well-placed
Death Spell. Once they’re wrecked, loot a sarcophagus in the middle of
the room for Bronze Key. Huzzah! It was a real nail-biter wondering if
we’d find this key or not, since I haven’t been paying attention. Before
we go, however, there’s another damn secret door to the north at
(x=2950, y=420). Fortunately, it’s empty.

(x=3100, y=500) Bronze Key*1

*1: Bronze-the metal of the ancient Greeks… Keep it, of course.
We’ll be using it soon.
22) Head back to the central circular room, where you can open the final
locked door to the south-west. Once this final door has been unlocked a
passage will open to the north-east. Yes, you need to arbitrarily use up
every key and open up every door to continue on. Silly, isn’t it? In
the room we just opened you’ll find five Skeleton Warriors, two
Revenants, and three Crypt Things… destroy them, and carry on through
a door at (x=2900, y=1000).
23) Beyond this last, silly little door you’ll find a room barren of all
life-and unlife for that matter-occupied by only four sarcophagi. This
is where the game makes sure you’ve been paying attention, as each of
these tombs belongs to one of the four heroic knights who accompanied
cowardly Lord Maluradek on their ill-fated crusade against the wyrm
Aehirglass… remember those four scrolls we got during the tower tests
earlier? Yeah, they talk about this fight, and a little bit of knowledge
will be required to proceed. But first, let’s loot the sarcophagi:

(x=3400, y=700) Long Sword of Action +4*1, Reinforced Large Shield +2*2
(x=3500, y=850) Spear +1
(x=3000, y=850) Two Handed Axe +2: Life Giver*3
(x=3150, y=1000) Mace +1

Wow. These knights were certainly not all created equal, eh? In each
tomb are some arms each knight wielded in combat with Aehirglass… or
at least, there were until we sniped them. What you’re supposed to do is
put the right tale scroll in the right sarcophagus, based on what
weapons were within. Simple, right? Even simpler still, you can just
guess, because when you put the right poem in the right tomb, the scroll
will vanish and the spectral knight indicated by the poem will appear,
thank you, and head off to enjoy their afterlife. So, let’s deploy the
poems, as follows:

(x=3400, y=700) The Tale of Sir Geddian
(x=3500, y=850) The Tale of Sir Zierkki
(x=3000, y=850) The Tale of Sir Erris
(x=3150, y=1000) The Tale of Sir Giles

Once the final shade has come and gone, you’ll get a whopping experience
reward. Plus, you get to keep all their loot. Score! Best of all, we’re
done with this stupid crypt. Exit back to the surface (x=100, y=2100).

(For putting the shades of Aehirglass’ slayers to rest)
EXP 420000

*1: Another copy of perhaps the best sword in the game… I might not
go so far to say it’s the best weapon in the game (I’d put the Long
Bow +4: Hammer and Morning Star +4: Defender is the upper echelon of
badassness this weapon enjoys), but it’s still pretty nice. Of course,
my party can’t make use of another one. Shame.

*2: Sir Geddian was a well-equipped guy, wasn’t he? Unfortunately, like
the Long Sword of Action +4 above, I just don’t have a use for this
shield… not because of class limitations, but because it’s simply

*3: A +2 Two Handed Axe that has a 10% chance to heal the wielder for
2d3 points. If you’ve made it this far into the game where this is
possibly an upgrade for you, I just have one question… how? We were
finding better stuff than this in Dragon’s Eye, way back in Chapter 2.

| |
| Castle Maluradek |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK030}
1) Hobart’s Revelation
2) Luremaster’s Lackluster Riddle
3) Avoiding the Guards
4) Elementals and Little Else
5) Defeating the Door Guards
6) Slaughtering the Stair Guards
7) Half-Man Hobart Hairballs
8) Upstairs Keyhunt
9) Guards and Elementals
10) Beholder Bashing
11) The Rule of Three
12) Looting in the East
13) Lord Maluradek
14) Maluradek’s Memoirs and the Dungeon Key
15) Down to the Dungeons
16) Dungeon Menagerie
17) A Bundle of Beholders
18) Another Freakin’ Riddle!
19) The North-Eastern Tunnels
20) The SOuth-Western Tunnels
21) Another Lame Riddle
22) Slime Ambush!
23) Waltzing to the Exit

Hobart’s Shack (AR9715)
1) First things first, we’d be silly to enter a keep potentially full of
loot without selling off some of our old stuff first, right? Sure we
would. So let’s pay Hobart a visit to sell off our righteously-acquired
junk. No grave-robbing here, nosiree. When you talk to your shifty
little Gnome buddy, however, he’ll let slip the ominous statement that
the Luremaster was ‘right about you’. Interrogate him and he’ll reveal
that he’s been working for the Luremaster for decades now. Long story
short-he’s a wussy, and the Luremaster employed him-with a teleporting
slave ring-to find REAL heroes to test out Castle Maluradek. So, yeah,
Hobart tricked you into coming here and has no way for you-or himself-
to get out, save by completing the Luremaster’s challenges. Eh, we can
just export out, little man… but let’s ignore silly game mechanics for
the sake of story, shall we? Be sure to sell off all the crap you don’t
need/want, and buy as much ammunition as you need… you know, just in
case for some reason you can’t come back.

Castle Maluradek, Downstairs (AR9711)
2) Once you’re done shopping, leave Hobart’s and head north into Castle
Maluradek (x=800, y=300). We’re the first adventurers to ever make it
this far, according to Hobart, so let’s make a good impression, eh? As
soon as we step inside, the Luremaster will bug us, and impart another
stupid riddle before leaving:

“To understand this shameful tale,
Through princely guards you must prevail.
‘Neath unused arms and unstruck mail,
Will you find the coffin’s nail.

‘Round and ’round the sun does fly,
And one man left below will die.
His crime? To make the peasant’s eye
Reflect his lord’s ignoble lie.”

Man, I don’t credit myself with being very smart (that’s a lie, I’m a
genius and everbody knows it)… okay, so I can’t fake humility, but I
tend to suck at puzzles. This one, however is a no brainer. Kill some
guards, and find the ‘nail’-the reason all this happened. If you read
those stupid poems earlier you’ll know that Lord Maluradek is an
inglorious coward who fled from the dragon Aehirglass, while his knights
died fighting it. ‘Neath unused arms and unstruck mail’, indeed. Of
course, he sniped the dragon’s loot and covered up his cowardice, which
is what this is really all about-the perversion of history and stolen
glory. History isn’t written by the losers, or the winners-it’s
ultimately left up to the survivors to interperate. So, we’re clearly
looking for Lord Maluradek.
3) But what of the ‘through princely guards you must prevail’? Well,
simple. Head north-east into a large chamber and you’ll see various
ghostly dorks wandering about. Don’t worry about the ‘Spectral
Courtiers’ wandering about-they have nothing to say to you, and will
admit so if you talk to them. Of more interest are the ‘Spectral Guards’
lurking around-two guarding a door with a pentragram barrier, and
two pair guarding a set of stairs to the north-west and south-east. If
you go near them (say, try to go up the stairs) they’ll turn hostile
and attack. We’ll deal with them later-they work as convenient devices
for guide organization. We’ll deal with all the areas of this level we
can access without provoking the guards, then come back to deal with
them. Don’t worry, this won’t be a lengthy endeavor, there’s not much
to do before we challenge the gaurds. But do we shall!
4) First we’ll note all the pretty doors lying around. The door at
(x=2020, y=1250) is locked and cannot be opened right now, but if you
look at the ruined room on the other side of the entry hallway we can
guess that a staircase lies beyond. Beyond two more doors at
(x=470, y=1100) and (x=250, y=600) you’ll find a ghostly chef who has
nothing interesting to say. Well, that’s two busts. Err… well, in
the south-western corner of the level you’ll find two pools of water,
which spawn two Water Kin Elementals for you to kill. See, this Step
wasn’t a complete waste of time.
5) Now, before you casually sashay up to a guard and pick a fight, you
should know that these guys are pretty damn strong-each one is a
15th-level Fighter with 18 Strength, 16 Dexterity, and 18 Constitution.
In addition, they have have attained the rank of Mastery in Long Swords,
and come equipped with a Helmet of Charm Protection, a Long Sword of
Action +4, and Plate Mail Armor (none of which will drop, of course,
it’s just a way for Black Isle to pad their stats and make them combat-
worthy). So keep in mind that each one will boast 120 Hit Points, a
negative Armor Class, multiple attacks per round, and a very low
THAC0… and that’s on the normal difficulty! On Insane difficulty they
were able to hit a -15 Armor Class on a roll of 8, and reliably did over
20 damage per hit. So, how to deal with them? First, put your party near
the arch that separates the entry corridor from the chamber beyond-the
good old bottleneck is always a good strategy. Pound for pound, I’ll put
my characters up against any two of them, and this ensures that’s the
best odds they’ll get. Second, don’t be fooled by their numbers-more
will appear when you provoke the visible ones (numbers depending, of
course, on what difficulty you’re on). Third, spell-buff. Moderate
spell-buffing is enough for normal mode-a Haste here, Protection From
Evil 10′ Radius there, Righteous Wrath of the Faithful, maybe a
Stoneskin or two to stiffen a few characters defensively… the good
stuff. Finally, consider what type of creature they are-are they undead,
as they should be, or are they monsters? Undead, in this case, which
means no debilitative spells, but… well, if you’ve got a strong enough
Cleric, Invisosmite will work. Once you’re ready, provoke the guards by
the pentagram-sealed door (I use a sneaking Syrenil to accomplish this),
and dispatch them when they come to the party. I counted eight Spectral
Guards in total.

Note: You can provoke another group of guards if you return to the
kitchen-the Spectral Cook will bitch at you and summon some guards.
This is an entirely unneccessary and unrewarding encounter, however.

In Heart of Fury Mode these undead are just too strong for Invisosmite-a
rare occurance, indeed. Even with a 30th-level Cleric, the best you can
do is turn them… which is something, but honestly, even this
impressive amount of melee might simply cannot compete with my uber
triple-class party spell-buffed to the max. I use same tactics as on
normal mode, but I simply spell-buff more.
6) Once all the guards are slaughtered, creep out of the entry corridor.
Guess what’s next? Yeah, more guards. There are plenty of the buggers
throughout the level, so far we’ve only dealt with one of three waves.
The next group I prefer to focus on while my buffs last are the ones by
the stairs to the west. Do not actually run your party up the stairs,
though-no need to give them a good bottleneck. Again, I call on Syrenil,
who sneaks up the stairs while the rest of my party waits out in the
open to kill the gaurds once they get tempermental. Once these guards
are dead, jog on over to the eastern stairs, but this time, run your
whole party up them quickly, then turn to confront the guards as they
follow you up the stiars. Yep, another bottleneck. I’ll stop using it
when it stops working. Once these guards are all dead, take a breather.
It’s time to explore the areas we’ve gained access to by conquest.

Do not feel compelled to keep pace with the normal mode playthrough-if
you’re worried about your buffs running out, feel free to rest and
rebuff. Running out of buffs mid-fight is a good way to get slaughtered,
and it’s just unnecessary, sloppy play.
7) Now that the guards are dead, take a look around-one little three
foot tall anomally should stick out like a sore thumb… Hobart stands
at (x=2180, y=230). Talk to him, and… it doesn’t really matter what
you say. Or rather, I should say the only things you can say provoke a
fight-he wants you to find a key for him, you have no choice but to
refuse, and a fight ensues. Hobart will turn into a Rakshasa and attack.
Not by himself, mind you-he’s got another Rakshasa buddy to the south,
and a third to the north-west. They’ll also be joined by a small horde
of Invisible Stalkers, making this a messy encounter. Of course, like
most fights, sufficient spell-buffing beforehand can make this fight…
more or less a breeze. You may be tempted to gather your party near the
stairs so as to avoid being surrounded, but Rakshasa are the real
threats, and I find it preferable to split my party into three pairs-one
pair for each Rakshasa. Now, since Rakshasa are new foes, it might be
worthwhile to talk about the threat they pose First, they are all
11th-level Fighter/Mage/Clerics, so they’ve got the right idea when it
comes to power combinations. They’re 50% resistant to all phyiscal
damage, and have a decent Armor Class, but they’re still not warriors
of any real potency. They do have plenty of spells, however, including
plenty of offensive spells… they even have the Dispel Magic-the bane
of buffs-but they’ll rarely cast it. Still, with some buffing you should
roll right over them, and the Invisible Stalkers are really just pests,
not true threats. Once they’re dead, loot the Rakshasa for Cloaks of
Non-Detection and some gold. In case you’re wondering, this was not the
real Hobart you just killed. Rakshasa are notoriously power-hungry
shapeshifters, so it makes sense they’d be lurking around here looking
for loot… although taking the form of Hobart and expecting a positive
response from us is just a sad misunderstanding on their part. At least
we can still trade with Hobart, however.

(x=1950, y=50) Scroll of Monster Summoning IV, Scroll of Flesh to Stone,
Scroll of Tenser’s Transformation
Scroll of Spell Immunity*1

The same tactics work for Heart of Fury mode as for the normal
difficulty-the Rakshasa are the most dire threats and each deserve
direct attention from two of my party members. A high-level party,
fully-equipped and fully-buffed are able to massacre these cats. The
clean up against the Invisible Stalkers is a bit tougher, however.
Simply rebuff Stoneskin and Heal as needed and you’ll be fine.

*1: This spell is pretty amazing on its own-cast it, and you become
immune to one spell school. There’s an enemy that’s dead-set on trying
to hit you with Cone of Cold? Cast Spell Immunity and become immune
to Evocation. Pretty cool. But when you cast it in bulk, and stack its
effects, you can virtually become immune to everything an enemy will
cast at you. Even spells like Dispel Magic can be countered by becoming
immune to Abjuration! There aren’t too many fights where this spell is
vital, but on the rare instance where you do face a dangerous spell
caster, this spell is awesome. One of the few spells that deserves a
spot in your 5th level spell book.

Castle Maluradek, Upstairs (AR9712)
8) The false Hobart was eagerly looking for some key-‘upstairs, possibly
within the bedchambers of the late lord’. Now that we were pointlessly
defiant, we might as well look for this key. If some stupid backwards-
palmed cat-man thought it was worth looking for… well, why not? The
stairs up are at (x=250, y=1400), so stroll on over there. Once upstairs
you’ll have to dispatch a few Spectral Guards-you should know what to
expect when it comes to them by now.
9) From the stairs head north, then go into a room to the east, where
you’ll find two more Spectral Guards by a doorway along the eastern
side of the room. In adjacent rooms to the north and south are two
pools, each with two Water Kin Elementals dwelling within them. Given
that, it might be a better idea to lure the Spectral Guards to you,
then deal with the Water Kin Elementals separately. You know, just to
keep things simple.
10) Once all your foes are crushed, continue to the east to enter a room
with a pipe ogran, within which you’ll encounter a Beholder. Anybody who
has played Dungeons and Dragons should know what a Beholder is-a big orb
of eyes that can each cast nasty spells. First, they’ll start off
fights with an “Anti-Magic Ray”, which dispels your buffs. After that,
they’ll bombard you with a variety of eye-rays, each of which casts
a different spell-like effect: Disintegrate, Fear, Death Ray, Sleep,
Cause Serious Wounds, Flesh to Stone, Slow, and Cause Person. Ouch.
Fortunately, there’s a cheap way to render yourself immune to all these
attacks-Anti-Magic Shell, a 6th level spell we found a while back that
we now have a use for. Protect whatever characters you can with that
spell and send them to engage the Beholder while the rest of your party
hides. If you have a single-class Mage… good luck. Syrenil has no
problem disposing of these critters by herself, however.

In the original game, the Beholder’s eye effects didn’t count as spells,
so Anti-Magic Shell didn’t work. You just had to buff, rush the
Beholders, and hope for the best. Now, however, Beholders are all but
helpless in the face of Anti-Magic Shell.
11) Well, that was fun. While we still have buffs in place and Beholders
on the brain, continue into a hallway to the east. The hallway will
shortly turn south and encircle some rooms-which you should ignore for
now and continue down the hallway to the south. As you explore the
hallways you’ll run into another Beholder. Worse still, he’ll be joined
by a buddyholder to the north. That’s twice the evil spell-power… all
for nothing, because of Anti-Magic Shell.
12) Now search the rooms we bypassed in order to harass the Beholders.
They’re generally uninteresting-minor loot, with a few Spectral Guards
that need some death. Once you’re done search the rooms, exit the
hallway formerly occupied by Beholders via its southern exit to reach
a small, completely uninteresting room. From here, you have two ways to
go-either continue south-west, or into a circular room to the south-
east. Do yourself a favor and loot the room to the south-east, as you’ll
score some scrolls and a Tome of Leadership and Influence*1.

(x=1820, y=400) Scroll of Spell Turning, Scroll of Power Word: Stun
(x=2300, y=1400) Scroll of Chain Contingency, Scroll of Summon Fiend,
Scroll of Acid Storm, Scroll of Power Word: Kill,
Scroll of Prismatic Spray
(x=2400, y=1400) Tome of Leadership and Influence

*1: Permanently increases the reader’s Charisma by one-with no downsides
whatsoever. Charisma is a pretty useless attribute, really only
affecting the prices at stores, something that has long since been
moot. Still… it is a free stat boost, and my power-gamey self can’t
help but be a little excited by it, even though I fully acknowledge its

The following spell scrolls are new to Icewind Dale: Spell Turning,
Chain Contingency and Summon Fiend.
13) Enter the larger chamber to the south-west now, where you’ll find
Lord Maluradek to the north-west (x=1400, y=1050). He’ll babble about
you being a traitor, then boast about deeds he never performed before
finally turning hostile. You should know how this is going to go by now-
I’m going to read off some stats, then tell you to simply spell-buff and
everything will go fine. It’s a well-worn system, and it works, so,
yeah, we’ll keep at it. Why didn’t I mention stats that often earlier
in the guide? Because weak monsters are boring. Anyways, here we go-
Lord Maluradek, despite being pegged as a weakling coward throughout the
entire expansion, he’s actually fairly strong. Does this make any sense
whatsoever? Not a bit, but I digress… He’s got 250 Hit Points, and
his THAC0 and Armor Class… well, they’re only mediocre, roughly
comparable to the Spectral Guards we’ve been slaughtering. On the other
hand, he’s 25% resistant to physical damage, and has 75% magic
resistance, is a 9th-level Fighter, 20th-level Mage, and 20th-level
Cleric. Don’t ask how, that’s just what the file says. Despite his
potential spell-power, he’s a rather weak caster. He’s got a fairly
limited spell arsenal consisting of the following spells-Animate Dead,
Detect Invisibility, Dispel Magic, Horror, Power Word: Blind, Power
Word: Kill, Power Word: Stun, Symbol of Pain, Symbol of Hopelessness.
He can also use the ‘Teleport’ not-spell that the Crypt Things used…
but he’ll only send you to adjacent rooms. He’s got unlimited spells,
and frankly, he prefers standing back casting spells… yeah, he thinks
he’s some kind of debilitator/controller caster. Only problem-his
Teleport is an inconvenience, and with the Wailing of Virgins cloak,
you’re immune to fear effects and Symbol of Hopelessness. Also, since
he won’t use any damaging spells, his Power Words are useless. So…
he might be able to annoy you by teleporting you, and he might inflict
short-term blindness or pain, but he’s really not capable of harming
my party leader. So… I engage him with only Ilnathias and dispatch him
shortly. When he falls, I loot him for his sword-the Dead God’s

He’s not really any stronger in Heart of Fury mode-his Animate Dead
spell can summon some weak undead which-in Heart of Fury mode are at
least capable of dealing damage, which in turn could potentially lead
to a character taking enough damage for a Power Word to work. So… my
tactics are the same, save now my whole party can safely gang up on
Lord Maluradek, since they all have Wailing of Virgins cloaks. If the
coward summons some undead, I just turn on my Turn Undead ability and
smite them. Lord Maluradek isn’t a threat to even one of my characters,
much less my entire party.

*1: Fun name, but it’s a crappy sword. This +4 Bastard Sword acts as a
+6 weapon versus good foes. Sadly, most foes in this game are… well,
not good, and a weapon that is merely +4 hasn’t been impressive for a
long while. On the plus side, it can cast Emotion: Fear 3/day, and
Symbol of Pain 1/day. Still not nearly good enough to use… even if I
could use it. On the plus side, it sold for 52000 gold, which should
be more than enough to buy anything you could possible want from
14) Well, Maluradek is dead. I’m sure somebody, somewhere, cares. Loot
the cabinet near the bed (x=1300, y=1000) to score ‘Maluradek’s
Journal’*1. Nothing you read within it will be surprising-greed,
cowardice, politics, a cover-up, paranoia, violence, and finally
madness. That old gem. Still, it’s not a key, so let’s keep looking,
shall we? Head into a room to the east and go through a secret door at
(x=1720, y=900), where you’ll find some loot just… lying
unceremoniously on the ground at (x=1870, y=800). We have our key, now
to find our door… as for the rest of the level, west of where we
encounter Maluradek as little of interest, just two empty rooms which
you might have seen courtesy of Maluradek’s Teleportation spell, and a
circular room to the south, beyond a locked door at (x=1400, y=1700)…
which houses nothing of interest.

(x=1300, y=100) Maluradek’s Journal
(x=1870, y=800) High Quality Bastard Sword, Full Plate Mail +1,
Dungeon Key*1, Great Shield +3*2

*1: We were looking for a key, weren’t we? Yes, yes we were. Keep hold
of this key if you want to proceed.

*2: This shield was… mediocre back in the Severed Hand, it’s downright
bad by now.
15) As it turns out, the way forward lies behind us. Return to the
western side of the level and head back downstairs (x=400, y=1800), then
go through the locked door at (x=2050, y=1250), which we can now open
with the Dungeon Key. Beyond the door are stairs down (x=2450, y=1550).
It would be a good time to visit Hobart and sell off whatever loot you
don’t plan to keep, buy whatever you need to keep going, and so on.
You know, just in case things get complicated.

Castle Maluradek, 1st-Level Dungeons (AR9716)
16) Go through a door at (x=1400, y=1200) to find… another door
(x=1150, y=1050) flanked by two levers (x=1080, y=1120),
(x=1290, y=1040). Despite what common sense might dictate, these two
levers have absolutely nothing to do with the door in front of you.
Instead, beyond the door lies a large chamber ringed by doors, beyond
which a number of monsters lurk. The eastern lever opens all the doors
on the eastern side of the room, and likewise with the west. If you
pull both levers, both sides will open and-providing the monsters
don’t see your party-they will fight each other. If you try to simply
run for the exit on the north-western side of the chamber (x=500, y=200)
all the doors will open and you’ll find yourself in a rather bad
situation. Lastly… an enterprising Thief can simply pick the locks on
the doors and you can tackle the rooms one at a time-which is probably
the easiest way to get through this… aside from simply running through
with an invisible party. I leave it to you to determine how you want to
get through this area-there’s really nothing to be gained by fighting
save experience, however. Below are the doors that can be unlocked,
along with the creatures that lurk behind them. Once you’re done, go
through the door at the north-western end of the large central chamber
(x=500, y=200).

(x=800, y=950) Minotaur x4
(x=620, y=700) Neo Orog Marauder x4
(x=400, y=450) Troll x4
(x=1250, y=800) Umber Hulk x4
(x=1050, y=550) Wyvern x4
(x=850, y=300) Red Myconid x4

Note: If you’re looking at these creatures and thinking… “What’s the
point? Didn’t we fight these things back in Lower Dorn’s Deep?” You’ve
got good reason to be indignant… mostly. Most of these creatures are,
in fact, exact copies of the weaklings we dispatched near the end of
the main game, and not really worthy of being fodder in a high-level
dungeon of an expansion. The exception to this rule are the Minotaurs.
The old Minotaurs and Blind Minotaurs we fought were both called…
‘MINOTAUR’… in their CRE file-they had about 45 Hit Points, and really
weren’t terribly exceptional foes. The ones here, however, have a
different CRE file, and hence, different stats. These ones are ‘MINCAT’,
and have 94 Hit Points, superior THAC0, Armor Class, Saves and attacks
per round, 18 Strength, 16 Dexterity, and 18 Constitution. Far, far
superior specimens. Still inferior to the Spectral Guards we’ve killed,
though, so chin up.

Castle Maluradek, 2nd-Level Dungeons (AR9717)
17) Before you go lurking around, cast Anti-Magic Shell and head through
the door at (x=2300, y=900) with only your protected character, as
behind this door lurks a Beholder-a Beholder who would love to get a
jump on you if you let it. There are more Beholders beyond the doors at
(x=1900, y=1000), (x=2000, y=500) and (x=1590, y=700), but with Anti-
Magic Shell, they’re little more than floating experience orbs.

(x=2230, y=950) Scroll of Gate, Scroll of Monster Summoning VII
(x=1750, y=500) Animals Are Your Friend, Potion of Magic Shielding

The Scroll of Gate and Potion of Magic Shielding were not here in the
vanilla game.
18) North-west of the central chamber surrounded by the four Beholder
chambers is a magical door (x=1500, y=250), which will furnish you with
yet another tiresome riddle:

“Only those who have two heads with no eyes, a pair of mouths, but no
voice may pass beyond this door.”

Oh yay, another riddle. This one, too, is a no-brainer. If you can’t
figure it out… it doesn’t matter, just know that we’ve got to search
this dungeon for the two ‘heads’ this stupid door wants. I suppose it
beats having to go through another useless level like the last one.
Back in the Beholder-bound room are two as of yet unexplored doors,
one to the north-east (x=2250, y=650) and one to the south-west
(x=1650, y=900). Who wants to bet that these objects we need for the
magic door lie at the end of some monster-filled tunnels beyond these
two doors? Of course they do. Let’s start out with the northern door…
just because we have to start somewhere.
19) Go through the door and you’ll immediately be pestered by a pair of
Spectral Guards. Nothing special, smite them and continue on. Another
self-opening door at (x=2700, y=300) will unleash some Neo Orog
Marauders on you. Continue past the door and turn south. More doors
await, which will open as you approach and force you to dispatch more
monsters, as follows:

(x=3150, y=600) Minotaur x2
(x=3270, y=300) Umber Hulks x4
(x=3505, y=550) Wyvern x4

Go through another door to the south at (x=3450, y=750) and enter a
chamber occupied by a quartet of Spectral Guards. Once they’re
dispatched, go through another door (x=3550, y=1100) to find a skeleton
(x=3460, y=1260) which will graciously provide a skull… one head,
two eyes, no voice. If only we had another one…

(x=3550, y=1100) Skull*1

*1: Yes, the answer to the riddle is a skull-the stupid door wants
two of them. This is one. Keep it.
20) Backtrack and head through the south-western door. Again you’ll meet
two Spectral Guards, and beyond a door at (x=1200, y=1200) await four
Umber Hulks. I don’t know about you, but this is becoming pretty
monotonous… More monster doors lie ahead:

(x=600, y=1300) Wyvern x4
(x=750, y=950) Neo Orog Marauder x4
(x=370, y=1000) Minotaur x4

Another door awaits to the north at (x=450, y=800), beyond which are
four more Spectral Guards. Exterminate them, then go through a locked
door at (x=350, y=450), loot another skeleton (x=370, y=250) for another
Skull. Return to the door and it’ll anti-Gandalf at you before opening.
Score some experience, head down to the next level.

(x=350, y=450) Skull*1

(For opening the magic door)
EXP 420000

*1: Ditto above.

Castle Maluradek, 3rd-Level Dungeons (AR9718)
21) You’ll find yourself in an empty room. To the north-west is a gate
you can’t open. Other than that, there’s a lever at (x=1200, y=1100).
Not… not really many opens, eh? Considering casting a Mass
Invisibility spell on the party before you flip the lever as… it’ll
make the next Step easier. Flip the lever and watch a cutscene.
Apparently this is where the Luremaster met his end, and he’ll
challange you with yet another riddle:

“Your host was held unjustly while
The Lord so full of wrath and guild
Demanded that his bard should style
A tale to make his people smile.

Suffer not your host’s cruel doom,
Use your time to flee this room.
Shadowed dogs lurk in the gloom,
And weave escape upon their loom.

If we chance to meet once more,
Your host will have a gift in store.
Defeat our shades in righteous war,
And we shall haunt this place no more.”
22) Another obvious ‘riddle’, he’s challenging you to escape this place,
and by doing so avoid ending up like him. Once he’s done babbling, a
host of Olive Slimes will appear. They’re not indestructable, but most
parties will not be prepared to handle them. Each Olive Slime has 58 Hit
Points and a paltry Armor Class, but they are immune to physical damage
and electricity. Only fire, cold and acid will harm them. Their Hit
Points are just high enough to make killing them with enchanted weapons
a tedious proposition, but for a party like mine, we can always just
handle them with massive spell power. For example, if we buffed ahead
of time with Minor Globe of Invulnerability, we could simply blast them
with Fireballs. But we didn’t buff ahead of time, save Mass
Invisibility, something every party should be able to cast. Why? Because
there’s just no point in fighting all these critters. But I wouldn’t
be a very good FAQ-writer if I didn’t at least talk about the area
you’ll be bypassing. This place very much follows the rule of three-
there are three barrels to loot, three traps on the stonework in the
middle of the room, and three doors-although the two on the sides of
the room (x=300, y=1050) and (x=1200, y=600) just lead to rooms with
more enemies inside (including a Slime Zombie in each one, which isn’t
nearly as troublesome as the Olive Slimes).

Don’t even think about putting up a fight here, with their Heart of Fury
Hit Points, putting down these Olive Slimes with elemental damage is
just a chore. I don’t know about you, but I hate chores!

(x=330, y=630) Antidote
(x=840, y=440) Scroll of Protection From Magical Weapons,
Scroll of Power Word: Stun
(x=1270, y=800) tainted Antidote

(x=700, y=850)
(x=720, y=700)
(x=900, y=750)

The Scroll of Protection From Magical Weapons is new to Icewind Dale.
23) Now that I’ve explained it, where you want to go is through the door
at (x=550, y=440), which is locked (as are the other two doors). Inside
the small room beyond is a secret door (x=550, y=300), beyond which is
a tunnel that ends in a door leading to another area (x=1220, y=150).
I’m sure this was meant to be an exhilirating chase, but if you applied
a Mass Invisibility before confronting the Luremaster, this is more of a
casual stroll. Just as well, I find this place annoying.

Note: As an added benefit to taking the sneaky approach, the Olive
Slimes will not follow you to the exit. This is a good thing, because
you cannot immediately rest in the next area, leaving you with only two
options: 1) fight your way through the next level until you find a place
where you can rest, or 2) return to this area and rest here. Obviously
option #2 isn’t possible if you’ve got a horde of Olive Slimes near the

| |
| Caverns |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK031}
1) Traps and Jackals
2) Through the Spider-Guarded Door
3) Flawed Emerald
4) Lootin’ Rootin’ Tootin’
5) Flawed Skydrop Gem
6) Minotaur Massacre
7) Seasons Change All That We Know
8) Fetch, Doggie!
9) Slaying Summoners
10) Flawed Fire Agate Gem
11) Shocking Shamblers
12) Restful Rikasha
13) Local Superiority
14) Flawed Pearl
15) Eradicating the Jackal Horde
16) Sword Spider Smackdown
17) Flawed Moonbar Gem
18) Opening the Gate
19) An Epic Finale

Caverns (AR9800)
1) New area, new enemies. You’ll likely be bothered by them in short
order, whether you go looking for trouble or not. These new foes are
Jackal Warriors, Greater Jackals, and Jackal Shaman. The first two are
strictly melee foes, and although I could read off stats to you, just
know that they’re not as strong as the Spectral Guards we were fighting
earlier. They do, however, have a gaze attack, which can knock
characters unconscious if they fail a Save… not very friendly,
especially since Chaotic Commands doesn’t block it, for some reason.
Jackal Shaman are 15th-level Clerics with a mediocre selection of
spells… and for some reason, Insect Plague, which they shouldn’t have
access to. All in all… they’re just so much fodder. Kill any Jackals
that show up while you head north, then follow the tunnel east. There
are plenty of traps here to keep you occupied, even if the Jackals fail
to do so.

Note: You cannot rest in this area, so either return to the previous
area if you need to rest, or pace yourself. Buffs like Haste and
Righteous Wrath of the Faithful will fatigue you, so unless you’re
certain you can rest, don’t use them. Of course… since we snuck past
the Olive Slimes in the last area, we can just head back there and
rest. You did sneak past them, right…?

If you get hit by a Jackal Shaman’s Flame Strike spell, you’ll regret
it, so be sure to focus on them first.

(x=350, y=860)
(x=350, y=790)
(x=350, y=700)
(x=350, y=570)
(x=350, y=400)
(x=500, y=250)
(x=690, y=300)
(x=950, y=400)
2) Disarm all the traps ever made (again) and continue east until you
reach a fork. To the south-east are a trio of Phase Spiders gaurding a
doorway at (x=1600, y=300), while the south is… well, we’ll get to the
south shortly. There’s a puzzle we need to solve to advance out of these
caverns, but it’ll be easier to explain it after we uncover some of its
components. So… head through the doorway the Phase Spiders were

Altar of Earth Chamber (AR9801)
3) As soon as you enter you’ll be beset by a bastardly bunch of bad
bugs-three Wraith Spiders, two Sword Spiders, and a pair of Bombardier
Beetles. Exterminate them and head south to enjoy another swarm of
buggy baddies-a Wraith Spider, two Sword Spiders, and two Bombardier
Beetles. This configuration of foes might have been almost a challenge
back in Dragon’s Eye, but by now, it’s cheese. In this second chamber
you’ll find a chest (x=2300, y=850) which contains a Flawed Emerald*1.
What do we do with this little gem, you ask? Well, head east to find a
small side-chamber, in which dwells an altar (x=2660, y=1160). In
Infinity Explorer it’s called the ‘Altar of Earth’, and if you click on
the stone triangle (x=2700, y=1150) north of the altar you’ll get the
following text:

“This inlaid stone has a rune carved upon it. The rune is often
translated as the symbol for Earth.”

The altar is empty right now, so there’s no real need to mess with it
yet. Suppose there’s any connection between the gem we just got and the
altar? You do? Well, aren’t you a smart cookie! Just keep these altars
in mind for a bit-we’ve got more pieces of this puzzle to uncover before
I bother boring you with how this puzzle works in full.

(x=2300, y=850) Flawed Emerald*1

*1: Yes, this is a quest item-we’ll need it to leave these caverns, so
you should probably hold onto it.

In the vanilla game, there were some critters called ‘Stone Nuisances’
that guarded each altar. They were essentially just Magic Missile
turrets that respawned periodically. This area is somewhat less annoying
without them.
4) Leave this area and head back to the Jackal-occupied caverns
(AR9800) by going back out the way you came in (x=2200, y=400).
Backtrack to the west a bit, and take the southern fork we ignored
earlier. Here is where the various Jackals we encountered earlier
were originally positioned-and here they’ll be still if they didn’t
bother you earlier in Step #1. Kill whatever presents itself and loot
a few chests while heading south. Eventually you’ll stumble upon another
doorway-which is our next destination (x=1300, y=1300).

(x=550, y=550) Spear +3: Backbiter*1, Scimitar +3: Frostbrand*2,
Studded Leather +2: Missile Attractor*3
(x=1220, y=800) Hell’s Bane*4
(x=1270, y=900) Potion of Heroism, Elixir of Health, 1800 gold

*1: Ah… the chest at (x=550, y=550) will drop loot with some things
in common. First, it all starts with ‘S’. Second, it’s got those fun
enhancment bonus/colon names. Third, everything in it sucks, but to
varying degrees. The Spear +3: Backbiter isn’t just an underpowered
weapon by now (Slayer is a guaranteed drop, and it’s a +5 weapon), it
also harms its user in combat. What a piece of shit.

*2: Eh, Drizzt’s Scimitar again. This is what, the third one of these
we’ve found by now-all guaranteed drops? By now we’ve found at least
two Scimitars better than it. At least it’s not a cursed butt-biter,

*3: Speaking of butt-biters, this humble, well-outdated suit of… +2
Studded Leather… comes with a price. No, worse than just downgrading
to +2 Studded Leather. It makes your Armor Class count as 15 versus
missile weapons… or in other words, it gives you a +10 Armor Class
penalty. That’s pretty awful, even if ranged attacks are uncommon in
Icewind Dale.

*4: It’s a pretty mediocre weapon, but after the last few nut-butters,
it seems grand, indeed. This is a… normal Long Sword with some Fire
Resistance. Unless you pit it against Baatezu and Tanar’ri-demons and
devils. Then it deals 2d8 damage and acts as a +4 weapon (+4 to hit and
damage rolls.) Not terrible… but by now we’ve got weapons like… oh,
I don’t know… the Long Sword of Action +4? It’s +4 all the time, gives
and extra attack per round, and, well… you know.

Altar of Heaven Chamber (AR9801)
5) No welcoming party this time, just head north-west from where you
spawn and score a chest (x=1800, y=1220) containing a Flawed Skydrop
Gem*1. Two down, and unknown number to go (unknown to you, anyways,
unless you read ahead, you clever critter.) Continue south-west to find
a rather cowardly Minotaur, who’ll beg you not to kill him before
running off. ‘Kay…

(x=1800, y=1220) Flawed Skydrop Gem*1

*1: Durh… quest item much?
6) I suggest you spell-buff now-how much is, of course, up to you, but
the upcoming fight can be rather nasty. Focus on making yourself potent
in a straight melee fight, then position your party in the tunnel just
south-west of the chest with the Flawed Skydrop Gem… you know, that
old bottle-neck trick again. Once done, sneak to the north with an
invisible/sneaking character until you find yourself in a room full of
nasty Minotaurs, Minotaur Elders, and a Minotaur Lord. They will-through
the power of magic and bad coding-‘detect’ your hidden character and
respond with inspired floating text remarks. Since they can’t attack
your hidden character, however, they’ll instead beeline for your party,
who should be ready for them. You can expect about a dozen foes, in
all. The Minotaur Elders are each roughly comparable with the Spectral
Guards we fought earlier, and superior to the ‘MINCAT’ Minotaurs
ecountered earlier (103 Hit Points, 18/50 Strength, better Saves,
slightly better THAC0.) The Minotaur Lord is the real threat, however.
Although its stats are rightfully superior to even the Minotaur
Elder’s (142 Hit Points, 19 Strength, even better Saves and THAC0),
what makes it really dangerous is its weapon, which has a 25% chance
to stun. A stunned character in the middle of this furious melee is
probably a dead once, so keep a Remove Paralysis handy, and hope your
Stoneskin is potent enough to save stunned characters. What’s that?
You say you don’t have an uber-triple class party full of characters
who can apply Stoneskin? Sucks for you. Just to rub it in, throwing out
a few debilitative spells (Chaos, Symbol of Hopelessness, Slow) will go
a long way towards winning this fight. Once they’re all dead, loot the
Minotaur Lord for the Axe of the Minotaur Lord*1, a Ring of Free Action,
and a Cloak of Displacement. A well-equipped beastie, indeed.

This fight can be hellish for an unprepeared or under-powered party,
and I take it fairly seriously. Simply considering the potency and
number of foes you’ll have to fight, you should spell-buff to the max.
I even take the rare step of casting Summon Monster VII in front of my
party, summoning enough Umber Hulks/Boneguard Skeletons to hit the
summon limit. Another special measure I take is to cast Free Action on
all my Clerics-anybody who will be exposed to melee combat should take
the step of rendering themselves immune to that Minotaur Lord’s Axe.
Once done, I simply run up with a character, provoke the Minotaurs,
and run back. I blast them liberally with Symbol of Hopelessness,
Slow, and Chaos, hopefully neutralizing almost all opposition before
I bother to engage with my party-my summons distract the enemies until
I’m tired of throwing spells at them. After such exhaustive
preparations, my party begins cutting down anything with a red circle
under its feet. The amount of time this chore takes-mostly unopposed-
should give you an idea of how dangerous this fight could have been.
In the end, I take absolutely no damage-but before we tout this rout,
just keep in mind that Heart of Fury mode fights tend to go this way-
utter victory, or utter defeat, dependant, of course, on preparation and

*1: If you were to just look at this axe’s statistics, without reading
the descriptive text above, you’d conclude (rightly) that this is a
piece of junk. In reality it’s a +4 one-handed axe that has a 25% chance
of stunning foes for 1d4 rounds each hit… making it the best Axe in
the game, as far as I’m concerned. What’s the next best competition?
Battle Axe +3: Fatigue? Battle Axe +2: Defender? Young Rage? This Axe
has a good enhancement bonus and a useful effect, making it a win in
my book. Compared to the Long Swords, Daggers, and Morning Stars we’ve
found, it’s still an inferior melee weapon, however.
7) Now that we’ve effectively cleared this area out, we’ve got two
paths ahead of us-north or south. It might be more tempting to head
north, to where the bulk of the Minotaurs came from, but we’ve more
important business to the south. Head south, and cross a natural stone
bridge to the north-west to come across a chest (x=750, y=1450),
which has a triangle in front of it bearing the following description:

“Seasons change all that we know.”

Cryptic, eh? Here’s how this works-those stupid flawed gems you’ve been
finding? We need them less flawed. So when you get ahold of them, bring
them to this chest and chuck them in. Good enough? Not on your life…
After we’ve deposited them in this chest, they’ll vanish in a magical
burst of radiance-reappearing in one of the altars strewn about this
area. We might as well just collect all the flawed stones, bring them
to this chest (called the Chest of Seasons, in case anybody else
cares), then go collect them from their altars. We’ll get a chance to
put this into effect immediately-head up the northern tunnel where we
teased the Minotaurs into attacking to find the Altar of Heaven
(x=730, y=430). Search the altar for a Flawless Star Sapphire*1. Our
old Flawed Skydrop Gem got an upgrade, it seems.

(x=730, y=430) Flawless Star Sapphire*1

*1: Quest. Keep.
8) So… yeah, now you get what we’re going to be doing for the next
couple of Steps. Find Flawed gems, drop them all in the Chest of
Seasons, retrieve Flawless gems from the Altars… the very definition
of fetch-quest (and shamelessly padding your game.) Exit this area
(x=2200, y=1500) and return to the Altar of Earth area (x=1600, y=300).
Go to the Altar of Earth (x=2660, y=1160) and collect the Flawless

(x=2660, y=1160) Flawless Diamond*1

*1: An emerald turns into a diamond as part of an upgrade? I take
offense to that! Emeralds are an infinity times better than diamonds-
they’re green! Oh. Right. Quest. Keep. Just… paint it green or
9) Return to (AR9800) and head south, past the doorway to the Altar of
Heaven Chamber. South you’ll find a large chamber occupied by a new
foe-Summoners. They’re at the southern end of a summoning henge, and
are guarded by some Jackal Warriors, Jackal Shaman, and worst of all…
Bats. Yes, Bats. The Summoners will regularly conjure Glabrezu-
moderately powerful demons. They’ll do this indefinitely until you kill
them… whether this is useful, or annoying, is a matter of perspective.
On one hand, they’re each worth 12,000 experience, so you can grind
here, if you wish. Then again, they each have 120 Hit Points, a very
good Armor Class, get many attacks per round (with a low THAC0) and have
22 Strength. The Shaman drop suits of Studded Leather +2 and a Quarter
Staff +1. The Summoners will each cough up a Ring of Protection +2 and
a Robe of the Evil Archmagi. Fortunately, although the Summoners are
troublesome by proxy (via their Glabrezu) they really don’t have much
else to attack you with. Be sure to loot, then spell-buff liberally
before heading through a doorway at (x=300, y=2600).

Although this is a relatively minor engagement, the enemy configuration
can still prove somewhat troublesome-any spell-casters hiding behind
melee meat shields can do that. Yes, even the Bats are resilient enough
to get in your way-and an isolated character surrounded by Bats and a
Glabrezu is in trouble. I suggest some spell-buffing here, and a
debilitator or two wouldn’t hurt. The fact that the Summoners can-and
will-summon up an infinite horde of foes really means you should
endeavor to pay attention to them, and Glabrezu are wretchedly strong
in Heart of Fury mode. I find with sufficient buffing and liberal use
of disabling spells, I can force my way to the Summoners, kill them,
then mop up. It won’t be pretty… but then again, fighting off a half
dozen Glabrezu would get even uglier.

(x=330, y=2130) Scroll*1
(x=470, y=2370) Oil of Fiery Burning, Potion of Absorption,
Potion of Magic Shielding

*1: A note that talks about some ‘device’ around here that will allow
one to escape. It… pretty much spells out the puzzle in this area.
Note the lovely little riddle:

“Heaven above, Earth and Sea below
Sun’s flight, Day turns to Night
Seasons change all that we know
Stones numbered five being the gate alive
To home the passage will flow”

Altar of Day Chamber (AR9801)
10) This area doesn’t mess around-as soon as you enter you’ll be hit by
several ‘gaze’ attacks, which can hinder your offensive outright. With
a little luck (and perhaps some tactical save/loading when luck fails)
you’ll get into the fight… more or less intact. Inside this chamber
are three Greater Jackals, two Jackal Shaman, a Jackal Pack Leader and
ten Jackals… as in, dogs. The reason that this encounter is so
wretched… well, all the Jackals have a gaze effect, so entering pretty
much subjects your party to a barrage of debilatative spells. We’re
supposed to be on the giving side of such effects-not the recieving. In
addition, while the Jackals aren’t terribly strong in melee… they’re
not terribly weak, either. They certainly have enough Hit Points to get
in the way. The Jackal Pack Leader is more or less as strong as the
Glabrezu we fought earlier (125 Hit Points, 20 Strength, comparable
Armor Class, attacks per round and THAC0), and its experience reward
shows it. Still, for a well-buffed party, this fight is only dangerous
if you trip up at the gates. When all opposition has faltered, loot the
chest at (x=800, y=2200) for a Flawed Fire Agate Gem*1. Also note the
altar here (x=520, y=2420):

“This inlaid stone has a rune carved upon it. The
rune is often translated as the symbol for Day.”

A fully-buffed party should have little trouble with this room-the foes
here just aren’t individually dangerous enough to take out one of my
characters before they can retreat, heal, and rebuff… provided you
don’t get knocked unconscious at the beginning. I’m actually somewhat
partial to just skipping this fight, courtesy of Mass Invisibility.
Run in, grab the Flawed Fire Agate, run out. But, that’s just because
I’m lazy.

(x=800, y=2200) Flawed Fire Agate Gem*1

*1: Tseuq. Peek.
11) Now, we’re ready to move on and collect the rest of these stones.
If you want, go drop this Flawed Fire Agate Gem in the Chest of Seasons,
return to the Altar of Day Chamber and collect the Flawless Sunstone
Gem from the Altar of Day. We need not look back… except for when we
drop off the next Flawed Gems, but you know what I mean. Anyways, return
to the doorway leading to the Chamber of Earth (the one guarded by the
Phase Spiders). From there, continue east-the terrain here is a little
vague, but trust me, you can go east from this door-then south-east.
Eventually you’ll reach a more open chamber with a fork. To the east are
some stairs, upon which a pair of Shamblers lurk (and four more buddies
occupy the chamber beyond them). Remember these things? Yeah, they still
suck. Kill the Shamblers-attempt to lure them out one at a time if
possible-you don’t want to fight a half-dozen Shamblers all at once.
Despite this fight, there’s really nothing over here worth your
attention. Ah well…

Again, the trick to taking down Shamblers is dealing the right kind
of damage-cold, acid, or magic. Spell Sequencers are your friend in
this endeavor-chain up several Magic Missile spells with each of your
Mages, and blast the Shamblers as they show up… again, trying to lure
them out one at a time.

(x=520, y=2420) Flawless Sunstone Gem
12) Now head west to find a friendly… or at least, non-hostile
Jackalwere named Rikasha. He’ll tell you about his people’s life on the
surface, their improbable fall, and even more absurd survival.
Essentially, they built a magical teleporter to get back to the
surface… I suppose in a fantasy world it’s easier to build a mass
teleportation device than it is to tunnel out-even through fused rock.
One would think anybody sophisticated enough to create a magical
teleporter could, you know, cast a few disintegrate spells to clear the
way, or conjure some mining tools. But, I digress (it’s what happens
when a story has holes in it.) He’ll also tell you about speaking to
Shaman ‘back the way we came’, and will mention Hobart-explaining the
Luremaster’s game if you somehow hadn’t been paying attention. Best of
all, Rikasha will heal you (as a Cleric-for a price) and will let you
rest for free. Score.
13) From Rikasha, head south-west and follow a narrow tunnel until you
reach a more open chamber. Ahead of you will be one Greater Jackal…
but you can guess he’s got buddies lurking nearby. Don’t bother with the
bottleneck-this time numbers favor you. Rush the Jackal and make sure
your party gets into the open. In total I smote seven Jackal Warriors
or Greater Jackals in this area-but they all didn’t show up at once.
Clear out the chamber to the south, loot, spellbuff (add ‘Remove Fear’
to your usual buffing) then go through a doorway at (x=1600, y=2600).

(x=2140, y=2340) Scroll of Icelance, Scroll of Ice Storm,
Scroll of Stoneskin, Scroll of Emotion: Hopelessness
(x=2500, y=2520) Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Violet Potion,
Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of Agility
(x=2600, y=2540) Oil of Speed, Potion of Absorption, tainted Antidote,
Potion of Genius

Altar of Sea Chamber (AR9801)
14) Why the buffing? Why the Remove Fear? This chamber is occupied by
Harpies-normal, Fiendish, and Infernal. The first two we’ve already
met, but Infernal Harpies? They’ve got fewer Hit Points than their
Fiendish counterparts (113 instead of 120), but their Armor Class and
THAC0 are both exceptionally low, and they boast 19 Strength. They can
also cast spells (Magic Missile, Agannazar’s Scorcher, Flame Arrow, and
Dire Charm) and are completely immune to fire. Even with spell-buffing,
you need to be on your toes, as you start out flanked. The initial foes
will be to the north, but a larger horde will come from the west. I
prefer to try and quickly smite the Infernal Harpies to the north, then
turn to face the western ones… but you can just as easily hold at
the doorway. Once they’re all dead, grab the Flawed Pearl*1 from the
chest at (x=3300, y=2450). The Altar of Sea is at (x=1600, y=1820)…
By now, you should know what to do-dump the Flawed Pearl in the Chest
of Seasons, return and grab the Flawless Waterstar Gem… I shouldn’t
need to guide you around for you to accomplish this task.

This fight is nothing a fully-buffed party can’t handle. If you want to
secure extra safety against the Infernal Harpy’s spells, add Globe of
Invulnerability to your buffs.

(x=3300, y=2450) Flawed Pearl*1
(x=1600, y=1820) Flawless Waterstar Gem

*1: …
15) Return to (AR9800) and head north into the tunnels, leaving the
Jackal-occupied chamber with the stream running through it behind. If
you go north-west, you’ll get back to Rikasha (should you need resting),
if you go north-east… well, new stuff awaits. North-east, then? Yes.
Spell-buffing might be in order, as a small horde of Jackals await you-
Greater Jackals, Jackal Shaman, another Summoner, and the Glabrezu he
summons. I’m generous with my Symbols of Hopelessness, and they’re
generous about dying. Once again, when all is said and done, loot the
Shaman and Summoner if you care to. There’s a container to loot along a
ledge to the south-west, and to the west is a encircled pentagram-the
universal symbol of a magical gate, of course. We’re not ready to mess
with it yet, so just ignore it.

(x=3200, y=2450) Scroll of Summon Shadow, Scroll of Demishadow Monsters,
Scroll of Tenser’s Transformation,
Scroll of Monster Summoning VII
16) Instead of doing any half-measures with the gate, head north of it,
and follow a path as it twists around back west. You’ll find a chest and
a door to loot, and south of here are more tunnels. Explore them, smite
some Sword Spiders (for them, in all), and head through a doorway at
(x=2300, y=1400). You… ah… might want to buff before entering-focus
on making yourself proof against melee.

(x=2900, y=1000) Longbow of Marksmanship, Arrows of Fire x17
(x=2800, y=1080) Ring of Animal Friendship*1, Tranquil Bolt x6

*1: Quest. Keep. Err… sorry, habit. Not a quest item, it’s a piece of
garbage ring imported from Baldur’s Gate. You will never need to use

Altar of Night Chamber (AR9801)
17) A new area, another new foe-Dire Bears. These things really aren’t
screwing around. They have 120 Hit Points, some the of lowest Armor
Class in the game, the lowest base THAC0 possible (1), five attacks per
round, 50% fire resistance, 50% acid resistance, 75% cold resistance,
and 25% resistance to all physical damage. Oh, and 19 Strength, and they
do a base of 1d20 damage a hit. Taking them seriously yet? You should.
If you spell-buffed, they’ll be cheese, it not… it can be a rough
fight, indeed. Once they’ve been tamed, loot the chest at
(x=2900, y=1770) for your final Flawed Gem-a Flawed Moonbar Gem. You
know what to do-dunk it in the Chest of Seasons, return and loot the
Altar of Night (x=2860, y=460) for a Flawless Moonstone Gem. Huzzah!
Now, let’s go check out that gate we ignored earlier…

(x=2900, y=1770) Flawed Moonbar Gem
(x=2860, y=460) Flawless Moonstone Gem
18) This puzzle is mostly done, only a little memory-testing left…
which is a non-issue for you, since you have me to do your remembering
for you. And for free! Man, I’m such a sucker… Anyways, before we go
dropping our gems in these slutty holes, I should mention what happens
if you place your jewels in the wrong… slot… Heh… Defile these
holes and this gate will summon five Cornugons to attack you… remember
these things? Like the buddies Belhifet brings with him in Heart of Fury
mode? No? Just me? Well, anyways, they each have 105 Hit Points, have
an exceptionally low Armor Class, are immune to fire, 50% resistant to
cold, 50% resistant to magic, get three attacks per round, and have a
Strength score of 19. Yeah, they can be pretty bastardly, but there’s
no need to ever bother with them… so… just make sure you don’t put
your gems in the wrong slot and you’ll never have to deal with these
demons. The correct combinations are as follows:

|Symbol | Coordinates | Gem |
|Heaven | (x=3250, y=1970) |Flawless Star Sapphire |
| Day | (x=3360, y=1970) | Flawless Sunstone Gem |
| Earth | (x=3400, y=2050) | Flawless Diamond |
| Sea | (x=3320, y=2090) |Flawless Waterstar Gem |
| Night | (x=3320, y=2050) |Flawless Moonstone Gem |

Once the gems are all in place, the portal will activate, and you’ll
get an experience reward. Go visit Rikasha one last time, rest, and
get ready for this all to be over with. If you plan to do another
playthrough, take all your gear you want to keep out of Bags of Holding,
and above all-spellbuff like you’ve only spellbuffed a few dozen times
before. That’s right, it’s a big fight a-comin’. When you’re ready,
step onto the portal (x=3300, y=2020).

(For activating the ‘Inlaid Star’)
EXP 30000

Castle Maluradek (AR9711)
19) The Luremaster will talk to you as soon as you arrive, and make the
same request Kaylessa did so long ago-he wants you to put the spirits
of this castle to rest… naturally by killing them. Because what’s more
restful than a violent death? He wants a glorious, epic, bardly battle
to end this tale, and we’ve no choice but to give him one. It’s not as
easy as just pummling one stupid Bard, however-the Luremaster (known as
a ‘Spectral Figure’ for this fight) will summon up a host of Spectral
Heroes. Their stats aren’t important-just know that they’re strong
enough to be a bother-and some of the initial heroes are figures we’ve
met before-Hobart, Harald, Criek, Adaran, and Shelhai all return, for
example. The big problem is, of course, Criek, and for the same reason
he was an asshole the first time we fought him. His sole ambition is
to get off a Dispel Magic. If he succeeds… well, this fight isn’t
too rough. Keep your essential buffs (Haste and Stoneskin) active and
ignore the Luremaster for now. He’ll teleport around stupidly often,
to the point where he’ll just waste your time. Kill his heroes-starting
with Criek, then Adaran. Afterwards, it doesn’t matter. Once they’re
all dead, then focus on the Luremaster. He might take a while ot put
down, but he’s got no offense to speak of, so… my Syrenil eventually
puts him down. For all that hassle, the throne will open up
(x=860, y=360), and we’ll be free to claim our prize: a Tarnished Ring.
Grab it, and the door out will open. Equip the ring, use it as an
inventory item (see that little backpack on your GUI?) and you’ll be
transported back to Lonelywood. We’ve completed the Trials of the

This fight plays out pretty much the same way it did in normal mode,
save one important difference-you absolutely MUSt prevent the Spectral
Hero (Criek) (x=1300, y=470) from casting Dispel Magic. As soon as the
fight begins, take your party over to him and smite him. With any luck
you can take him down before he gets his wretched spell off. If you do,
you should be good.

Ilnathias ‘Icefang’
Fighter 15/Mage 15/Cleric 16
Experience: 1912446/1912446/1912446
Hit points: 119
Armor Class: -13
Weapon: Morning Star +4: Defender (THAC0: -3)
Fire Flail +3 (THAC0: -2)
Armor: Elven Chainmail of the Hand +3
Gloves: Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
Helm: Blessed Helm of Lathander
Amulet: Black Wolf Charm
Shield: The Argent shield
Ring: Ring of the Warrior
Ring of Holiness
Cloak: Wailing of Virgins
Boots: Boots of the Fox
Belt: Shimmering Sash
Amirule Alteslay
Fighter 15/Mage 15/Cleric 16
Experience: 1912429/1912429/1912429
Hit points: 109
Armor Class: -16
Weapon: Morning Star +4: Defender (THAC0: -4)
Fire Flail +3 (THAC0: -3)
Armor: Full Plate Mail
Gloves: Gauntlets of Elven Might
Helm: Dead Man’s Face
Amulet: Symbol of Corellon Larethian
Shield: Waukeen’s Defender +2
Ring: Ring of Free Action
Cloak: Cloak of Scintillating Colors
Boots: Boots of the Fox
Belt: Girdle of Stromnos
Fighter 15/Mage 15/Cleric 16
Experience: 1912138/1912138/1912138
Hit points: 109
Armor Class: -13
Weapon: Morning Star +4: Defender (THAC0: -1)
Armor: Robe of Enfusing
Gloves: Silver Bracers of Kedl
Helm: Sune’s Laurel of Favor
Shield: Orrick’s Rhino Beetle Shield +3
Ring: Ring of Protection +2
Ring of Free Action
Cloak: Cloak of Displacement
Boots: Boots of the North
Belt: Golden Girdle
Nauzhir the Red
Fighter 15/Mage 15/Cleric 16
Experience: 1912105/1912105/1912105
Hit points: 109
Armor Class: -9
Weapon: Three White Doves (THAC0: -1)
Armor: Bathed-In-Blood +4
Gloves: Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Helm: Helmet
Shield: The Red Knight’s Shield +3
Ring: Ring of Free Action
Ring of Fire Resistance
Boots: Boots of the North
Fighter 15/Mage 15/Cleric 16
Experience: 1911826/1911826/1911826
Hit points: 109
Armor Class: -9
Weapon: Shocking Flail +4 (THAC0: -2)
Armor: Kaylessa’s Armor +3
Gloves: Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Helm: Illian’s Hunting Helm
Amulet: Amulet of Metaspell Influence
Shield: Mystery of the Dead +3
Ring: Ring of Free Action
Ring of Holiness
Cloak: Cloak of Displacement
Boots: Boots of the North
Syrenil ‘Softstep’
Fighter 15/Mage 15/Cleric 18
Experience: 1911738/1911738/1911738
Hit points: 111
Armor Class: -9
Weapon: Lover +4 (THAC0: -2)
Long Sword of Action +4 (THAC0: -2)
Armor: Robe of the Watcher
Gloves: Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
Helm: Rogue’s Cowl
Amulet: Symbol of Labelas Enoreth
Shield: Reinforced Large Shield +2
Ring: Kontik’s Ring of Wizardry
Ring of Shadows
Cloak: Mithran’s Cloak
Boots: Boots of Stealth

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