Mass Effect Walkthrough

Mass Effect Walkthrough (XB360)
Walkthrough Credit: Haeravon

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MAIN WALKTHROUGH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

VI. Prologue: Eden Prime {WLK001}
VII. Citadel {WLK002}
VIII. Artemis Tau {WLK003}
IX. More Sidequests on the Citadel {WLK004}
IX. Feros {WLK005}
X. Noveria {WLK006}
XI. Virmire {WLK007}
XII. Even More Sidequests on the Citadel{WLK008}
XIII. Ilos {WLK009}
XIV. Showdown with Saren {WLK010}

>>>>>>>>>>>SIDE QUESTS & MISCELLANEOUS<<<<<<<<<<

XV. Sidequests {SDQ001}
1. Citadel: Family Matter {SDQ002}
2. Citadel: Old, Unhappy, {SDQ003}
Far-off Things
3. Citadel: The Fan {SDQ004}
4. Citadel: The Fourth Estate {SDQ005}
5. Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon {SDQ006}
6. Investigate Facility {SDQ007}
7. Investigate Samples {SDQ008}
8. Tali and the Geth {SDQ009}
9. UNC: Asari Diplomacy {SDQ010}
10. UNC: Besieged Base {SDQ011}
11. UNC: Cerberus {SDQ012}
12. UNC: Colony of the Dead {SDQ013}
13. UNC: Dead Scientists {SDQ014}
14. UNC: Distress Call {SDQ015}
15. UNC: Espionage Probe {SDQ016}
16. UNC: ExoGeni Facility {SDQ017}
17. UNC: Geth Incursions {SDQ018}
18. UNC: Hades’ Dogs {SDQ019}
19. UNC: Hostage {SDQ020}
20. UNC: Hostile Takeover {SDQ021}
21. UNC: Listening Post Alpha {SDQ022}
22. UNC: Listening Post Theta {SDQ023}
23. UNC: Lost Freighter {SDQ024}
24. UNC: Lost Module {SDQ025}
25. UNC: Major Kyle {SDQ026}
26. UNC: Missing Marines {SDQ027}
27. UNC: Missing Survey Team {SDQ028}
28. UNC: Privateers {SDQ029}
29. UNC: Rogue VI {SDQ030}
30. UNC: The Negotiation {SDQ031}
31. Wrex: Family Armor {SDQ032}
XVI. Galactic Locations {GLC001}
1. Argos Rho: Hydra {GLC002}
2. Argos Rho: Phoenix {GLC003}
3. Armstrong Nebula: Gagarin {GLC004}
4. Armstrong Nebula: Grisson {GLC005}
5. Armstrong Nebula: Hong {GLC006}
6. Armstrong Nebula: Tereshkova {GLC007}
7. Armstrong Nebula: Vamshi {GLC008}
8. Artemis Tau: Athens {GLC009}
9. Artemis Tau: Knossos {GLC010}
10. Artemis Tau: Macedon {GLC011}
11. Artemis Tau: Sparta {GLC012}
12. Attican Beta: Hercules {GLC013}
13. Attican Beta: Theseus {GLC014}
14. Exodus Cluster: Utopia {GLC015}
15. Gemini Sigma: Han {GLC016}
16. Gemini Sigma: Ming {GLC017}
17. Hades Gamma: Antaeus {GLC018}
18. Hades Gamma: Cacus {GLC019}
19. Hades Gamma: Dis {GLC020}
20. Hades Gamma: Farinata {GLC021}
21. Hades Gamma: Plutus {GLC022}
22. Hawking Eta: Century {GLC023}
23. Horse Head Nebula: Fortuna {GLC024}
24. Horse Head Nebula: Pax {GLC025}
25. Horse Head Nebula: Strenuus {GLC026}
26. Kepler Verge: Herschel {GLC027}
27. Kepler Verge: Newton {GLC028}
28. Local Cluster: Sol {GLC029}
29. Maroon Sea Cluster: Caspian {GLC030}
30. Maroon Sea Cluster: Matano {GLC031}
31. Maroon Sea Cluster: Vostok {GLC032}
32. Pangaea Expanse: Refuge {GLC033}
33. Sentry Omega: Hoc {GLC034}
34. Sentry Omega: Widow {GLC035}
35. Styx Theta: Acheron {GLC036}
36. Styx Theta: Erebus {GLC037}
37. Voyager Cluster: Amazon {GLC038}
38. Voyager Cluster: Columbia {GLC039}
39. Voyager Cluster: Yangtze {GLC040}
XVII. Miscellaneous {MSC001}
1. Level 21 Shepard {MSC002}
2. Level 37 Shepard {MSC003}
3. Level 43 Shepard {MSC004}
4. Level 48 Shepard {MSC005}
5. Level 50 Shepard {MSC006}
6. Level 60 Shepard {MSC007

| |
| Prologue: Eden Prime |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK001}
1) What About Shepard?
2) Pessimistic Pressly
3) Anxious Jenkins
4) Talk to Nihlus
5) Landing on Eden Prime
6) Red-Shirt Jenkins
7) Rescuing Ashley
8) Duck and Cover
9) Husk Hill
10) Goodnight, Manuel
11) Look at the Size of it!
12) Nihlus, Nevermore
13) Train station
14) Protecting the Spaceport
18) One Hell of a Hangover
19) Chatting with Chakwas
20) Exploring the Vehicle Bay
21) Destination: Citadel

Normandy: Command Deck
1) You start out with a nice little cutscene, after which you’re
immediately put into a conversation with Joker and Kaiden. Pick the top
options for some Paragon, and the low options for some Renegade.
Apparently Joker doesn’t trust Nihlus, a Turian Spectre. The
conversation ends with Shepard being tasked to report to Captain
Anderson in the comm room.

Prologue: Find the Beacon//Speak to the Captain

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Aliens: Council Races//Turians
Primary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Systems Alliance
Secondary- Personal History Summary//Profile
Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Timeline
2) Note the mini-map on the bottom right of the screen. You can use this
to find your objectives. In this case, Captain Anderson is opposite
Joker, so head down the ship away from the cockpit. In the Navigation
Room you’ll hear Navigator Pressly arguing. Chat him up. He doesn’t
trust Turians either, and is suspicious about the pretenses of this
being a shakedown run, considering how the Normandy is staffed. Hmm..

Primary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//First Contact War
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Starship Sensors
3) Continue on until you hear more arguing, this time between Corporal
Jenkins and Doctor Chakwas. Jenkins is playing the gung-ho marine and
Chakwas is arguing for restraint.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Spectres
4) Head into the Communications Room and talk to Nihlus. He’ll grill you
a bit before Captain Anderson shows up, and reveals the truth. Ta-da,
everybody in the back.. front.. was right, it’s not just a shakedown
run. Oh, also you’re a candidate for becoming a Spectre. Not that it’s
a foregone conclusion or anything.. After talking a transmission from
Eden Prime comes in.

Prologue: Find the Beacon//Head to the Dig Site

Primary- Aliens: Extinct Races//Protheans
Primary- Planets and Locations//Region: Terminus Systems

Eden Prime: Surface
5) Now you’re in control of Shepard in a combat situation. First things
first, I head into my inventory and toggle off my helmet with (LB). I
didn’t spend time customizing my Shepard so I could stare at a helmet
all game. Move ahead into the swamp and take a right until you find an
upgrade kit (on your map it’s the alcove north-east of where you
started.) Head back the opposite way and go to head up the path on the
western side of the map.

Secondary- Weapons, Armor, and Equipment//Upgrades
6) A couple of ‘Geth Recon Probes will come out and pop Jenkins. Poor
Red-Shirt Jenkins. Anyway, inspect his body and respond as your
alignment-whim dictates.

Prologue: Find the Beacon//Continue to Dig Site

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Weapons, Armor, and Equipment//Kinetic Barriers (“Shields”)
7) After dealing with Jenkins, continue to head north and deal with any
probes you might find. when you get to the top of the hill loot the
upgrade kit and follow the path right into the forest. Keep going
forward, skirting along the western-most edge of the map to pick up the
medical kit along the wall. Go far enough forward and you’ll get a
cutscene of a marine being chased by some probes. After the cutscene is
done, save her from a pair of Geth Troopers. Initiate dialogue with her.
Regardless of how you play through things, she’ll end up joining your
squad. Pump her for information and continue on.

Paragon +4
Renegade +4

Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Geth
8) Loot the crate and upgrade kit and head down the hill. You’ll get a
little tutorial on taking cover and have several more geth to waste.
Loot the crate by the dig site, then head to the dig site and

Prologue: Find the Beacon//Investigate Research Camp

Primary- Weapons, Armor, and Equipment//Body Armor
9) Head up the hill to the east of the dig site. At the top you’ll
encounter a new variety of geth, the husk. They have some strong
discharge attacks, so don’t let them get too close. Make sure to grab
the upgrade kit behind the geth spikes.

Primary- Aliens: Non-Sapient Creatures//Husks
10) Search the two research trailers, the left one only has a pair of
crates, but the right will introduce you to decryption and everybody’s
favorite mini-game. If you mess up, save/reload, or use up 25 omni-gel
to open the door. Once you get in, the Dr. Warren will initiate
dialogue. If you whack Manuel, you’ll get a significant boost to your
Renegade rating.

Prologue: Find the Beacon//Head to Spaceport

Paragon +2
Renegade +9
11) Continue heading to the spaceport. You’ll get a cutscene which will
introduce you to Saren. Keep going until the terrain starts to head
downhill. There are a new geth troopers and husks about. Kill them and
head over to the trailer to the right. Loot the crate and decrypt the
door. As soon as you do, Cole and his friends will talk with you. After
you go to leave, one of Coles friends will spill the beans on some
smuggled equipment. Get him to give you the gun. Cole also represents
the first chance to use Charm or Intimidate, but since I’m not spending
any points on them, I’ll just have to ignore those options for now.
Inside the trailer you’ll encounter a storage locker that requires
Electronics to open. Open the squad menu, select Kaiden, and level up
Decryption to rank 4 in order to unlock Electronics. Purchase a single
rank in it for now.

If you have 1 rank in either Charm or Intimidate, you can convince
Cole to give you a Combat Sensor.

If you have 2 ranks in either Charm or Intimidate, you can get Cole
to give up Powell as his smuggling contact.

Paragon +2 (Charm Cole once)
Paragon +2 (Charm Cole twice)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate Cole once)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate Cole twice)

Stinger II
Combat Sensor I
12) Head up to the Spaceport now and investigate Nihlus’ body. Powell
will pop up from behind some crates and nearly get shot before initiating
dialogue. He’ll tell you that Saren killed Nihlus. If you found out from
Cole that Powell is his contact at the Spaceport, you can force him to
give you some grenades he was stealing.

Prologue: Find the Beacon//Take the Train

If you have 2 ranks in either Charm or Intimidate, you can get Powell
to give you the experimental High Explosives he was stealing.

Paragon +2 (Charm Powell)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate Powell)

High Explosives I
13) Pick up the medical kit south of Nihlus and the upgrade kit that in
the fire east of where Nihlus died. Some Geth troopers will come up and
harass you from the north. Head down the stairs and onto the train
platform. Watch out for the geth destroyer, as it can shoot a missile
that will do serious damage to you. Head up the platform killing Geth
as you go. If you found any armor-piercing rounds by now, it might be
worth your while to equip them onto a gun. Make sure to pick up the
medical kit on the way. When you’re done slaughtering geth activate the
lift and watch a cutscene.
14) The Geth are planning to bomb the spaceport. Fun. All the bombs are
shown on your mini-map, so finding them all in the five minutes isn’t
terribly stressful. The Geth snipers and storm troopers might be though.
Disarm the bomb directly off the lift and head up the stairs. Follow the
path until you can either go left or right. Take the bridge across to
the right and deal with the Geth nearby. Don’t forget you can hold down
(A) in combat to storm (rush) if you’re taking fire. You can also storm
into an opponent, which will make you deal a powerful melee attack.. but
I wouldn’t suggest making this a common practice. Disarm the bomb in
the corner and move up. There are two storm troopers and two snipers
ahead, but I found that one Overkill from a secure position was enough
for all of them. Be careful though, like the destroyers, storm troopers
can shoot a missile that deals heavy damage. They can also put up
annoying barriers that are easy enough to shoot through. Go up a little
ways and disarm the third bomb, and head all the way to the end of this
side of the station to disarm the fourth.

As an amusing aside, the first time I played this game, I decided the
best option was to sit back and use a sniper rifle to pick off the
enemies. Lets just say that, not only was the computer a better shot
than me, but trying to fire a sniper rifle without being proficient is
like trying to tread a needle while drunk..

Anyway, after you’re done here head to the area to the west. Pick up
a crate on your way and head down some stairs. You’ll have to fight a
pair of troopers and some husks. Once they’re dead, do some looting
(avoid the beacon for now). There’s a storage locker near some stairs,
and another at the far south end of the complex. To the north there’s
a technical kit. Once you’ve looted all those, interact with the
beacon for a cutscene.

Normandy: Quarters
15) After some lengthy dialogue you’re back in control of Shepard.
Before talking to Joker however, there are some things to do. Search the
Medi-gel dispenser before heading out of the room.

Prologue: Find the Beacon//Speak to Joker

Primary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel
Secondary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Station Statistics
Primary- Weapons, Armor, and Equipment//Medi-Gel
16) Head outside and talk to the people in this level.. Dr. Chakwas has
some information on biotics, and you can get a bit of Paragon if you’re
nice to Ashley. If you were an ass to Ashley throughout Eden Prime,
and continue to be so here, you can also score a bit of Renegade for
continuing to harass her. After you’re done head down the elevator to
the vehicle bay.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Technology//Biotics
Secondary- Technology//Biotics: Biotic Amps
17) There are a few things you can do down here. Check the Field
Integrity Monitor in the engine room for a Codec, and the M35 Mako for
another. Next talk to the Requisitions Officer. Most of the stuff he has
is junk, and well out of your price range, but you might want to pick up
the Grenade Upgrade and Medigel Upgrade. Take the elevator back up and
head up to the Command Deck.

Primary- Ships and Vehicles//Vehicles: M35 Mako
Primary- Technology//Mass Effect Fields
Primary- Technology//Omni-tool
18) Go into the comm room and examine the FTL Comm Link. In the
Navigation room examine one of the consoles named NAVMANUAL 1.4.1.
After you’ve found those two Codexes, go talk to Joker.

Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Systems Alliance: Military
Secondary- Technology//Communications

| |
| Citadel |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK002}
1) AmbASSador Udina
2) More Freaky Aliens
3) Reception Area and Avina
4) C-Sec HQ
5) Conversing with the Consort
6) History Lessons from Avina
7) Visit the Emporium
8) Volus at the Bank
9) To the Citadel Tower
10) Scanning keepers
11) Presidium Prophet
12) Talking to Barla Von
13) Scanning more Keepers
14) Flux and Wards Access
15) Talking to Emily Wong
16) Flux
17) The Markets
18) Chora’s Den
19) Recruiting Garrus
20) To Citadel Security
21) Recruiting Wrex
22) Jahleed’s Fears
23) Chatting with Chellick
24) Traffic Control
25) C-Sec Requisitions
26) Talking to Chorban
27) Making the Pickup
28) Jahleed’s Secret
29) Taking Down Fist
30) Saving the Quarian
31) Speaking to Xeltan
32) Homecoming
33) Speaking with Sha’ira
34) Expose Saren
35) Kahoku Missing Men
36) Talk to Garoth
37) Deliver Information
38) More Trouble for Dr. Michel
39) Talking to Morlan
40) Flux Redux
41) Signal Tracking
42) Helena Blake
43) Exploring the Docking Bays
44) Back to the Normandy
45) Shepard’s Speech
46) Command Deck
47) Quarters
48) Engineering

Citadel: Presidium
1) When you’re back in control decrypt the computer console in Udina’s
Office to get the Assignment “Unusual Readings”, and access to the Hydra
System of the Argos Rho cluster.

Citadel: Expose Saren//Go to the Tower

Unusual Readings//Investigate System

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Council
2) Exit Udina’s Office and take a right to the Volus and Elcor Office.
Inside you’ll find Xeltan, a troubled Elcor, Calyn, and Din Korlack.
Talk to the latter two, since you can’t help Xeltan just yet.

Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Racers//Elcor
Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Racers//Volus
3) Exit the Volus and Elcor office and head down the hallway, passing
Udina’s office, and exiting the door to the left. Go down the stairs
and talk to the Embassy Receptionist for some Codexes. Head opposite
the receptionist and talk to Avina for another Codex.

Primary- Aliens: Council Races//Asari
Secondary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Station: Presidium
Primary- Technology//Computers: Virtual Intelligence (VI)
4) Head up the stairs opposite the ones leading to the embassies and go
into the door across the hall. Search the consoles-the Diplomatic
Archives-for a pair of Codexes. Leave the room and continue down the
hallway, entering the C-Sec HQ to the left. Talk to Executor Palin for
another Codex, and be sure to decrypt the computer for the assignment
“Strange Transmission” which gives you access to the Century System in
the Hawking Eta cluster. Exit C-Sec and head back to the reception area.
Go across the bridge to the Consort Chambers.

Strange Transmission//Find the Commune

Secondary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Conventions
Secondary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Treaty of Farixen’
Secondary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Station: Citadel
Security Services (C-Sec)
5) Nelyna will initiate dialogue with you. When you leave, the Consort
decides she wants to meet with you after all. No three months for
Shepard! Go speak with her and she’ll give you the assignment “Citadel:
Asari Consort”.

Citadel: Asari Consort//Speak with General Septimus
6) Leave the Consort’s building and take a left. Keep going until you
find an Avina terminal near a large statue. Talk to Avina and learn
some history.

Primary- Aliens: Extinct Races//Rachni
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Krogan: Krogan Rebellions
7) When your ignorance burden has been lightened a bit head right and
across the way you’ll find the Emporium, run by a Hanar shopkeeper.. a
jellyfish alien. You can buy a number of human and non-human items, but
most of it is out of your price range. You can also pick up the Sitta
Foundation License here.. but it’s really not worth it.

Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Hanar
Secondary- Technology//Credits (“Creds”)
8) Leave and turn left and enter the next door you see. Talk to Barla
Von for some Codexes.

Secondary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Station: Wards
9) Locate on your map the Citadel Tower (on the far western edge) and
head over there. Outside is a third Avina terminal. After talking,
head into the elevator opposite Avina. Head out of the elevator when it
stops and go up some stairs to interrupt a conversation between Palin
and Garrus. Continue in the same direction and go up some more stairs,
where Anderson is waiting. You can’t sway the council here, but you can
say some things to affect your alignment. Be sure to ask Anderson about
his past with Saren after the hearing. You now have two more missions,
“Citadel: Shadow Broker” and “Citadel: Garrus”. Since Barla Von is
closer, lets deal with him first.

Citadel: Shadow Broker//Go See Barla Von
Citadel: Garrus//Speak to Harkin
Citadel: Expose Saren//Investigate Saren

Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Keepers
Primary- Technology//Mass Relays
Primary- Aliens: Council Races//Salarians

Citadel: Tower
10) Now that we have more tasks than we know what to do with, lets get
some more! Head down the stairs and talk to the Salarian named Chorban,
who is tinkering with a Keeper. Agree to help him out to get the
assignment “Citadel: Scan the Keepers.” You have 21 keepers to scan,
each of which will get you some creds and xp. Start with the one right
in front of you. Head right past Rear Admiral Kahoku to scan keeper #2,
turn around and head back up to the council chamber, the third keeper
is in the far south-west corner behind the pillars. Head back down the
stairs and stick to the left, past the pillars, to find keeper #4. Now
head back to the Presidium.

Citadel: Scan the Keepers//Scan the Keepers
11) Scan the keeper right by the Avina terminal, then head left. Before
taking the bridge (right) to Barla Von, there’s a Hanar arguing with
a C-Sec officer. Talk to the C-Sec officer to get the assignment
“Citadel: Presidium Prophet”. Now talk to the Hanar. You can also agree
to help the Hanar. Either way, you have one of three options.. buy the
Hanar its permit, intimidate (either the Hanar or Turian) or charm
(again, either one). If you buy the Hanar off, you’ll get medi-gel, and
10xp. In any case, when you’re done with that situation head off to talk
to Barla Von at the bank.

If you have 7 points of charm, you can convince the C-Sec officer
to lay off.

If you have 4 points of intimidate you can convince the C-Sec
officer to leave the Hanar alone. The Hanar will give you some medi-gel,
and go on preaching.

If you have 4 points of charm you can convince the Hanar to leave
peacefully. He will give you some omni-gel for your effort.

If you have 6 points of intimidate you can convince the Hanar to stop
being a pain in the ass.

Paragon +8 (Charm Hanar/C-Sec Officer)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate Hanar/C-Sec Officer)

Citadel: Presidium Prophet//Talk to Hanar
Citadel: Presidium Prophet//Talk to the Hanar
Citadel: Presidium Prophet//Resolve the Dispute
Citadel: Presidium Prophet//Complete
12) Barla Von will spill the beans on a krogan mercenary who was hired
to deal with Saren, which unlocks the mission “Citadel: Wrex”. You can
get another codex from him, too.

Citadel: Wrex//Speak to Wrex

Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Krogan
13) Any mission you pursue now requires you to head to the wards.. but
before that, lets sweep for keepers to scan. Number seven is in the
emporium, take the stairs to the back and turn left to find the little
guy. Leave the emporium and take a right to find keeper #8. Head to the
front of the consort’s chambers, where you’ll find keeper #9. Head
across the bridge to the embassies. You’ll find a keeper in the Volus
and Elcor office, one in the room across from the C-Sec HQ, and one on
the walkway behind the embassy lounge. I now loop around back to the
elevator near where the Hanar prophet is/was, scan keeper #12, who is
by the stairs leading down, and head down to the wards.

Citadel: Flux and Wards Access
14) Head down the tunnel towards the next elevator. Take a left into the
last room before the elevator and scan the keeper before continuing on
to the Wards.

Citadel: Upper Ward
15) Go straight ahead into the door opposite the elevator to enter into
a large open area. Head to the opposite side of the area (south on map)
to investigate the ‘Scenic View’ for a cutscene. Take your happy bunch
of FNGs to the west and talk to Emily Wong. Agree to help her out for
the assignment “Citadel: Reporter’s Request.” If you turn her down,
she’ll show up again later after you get the data she wants and ask

Citadel: Reporter’s Request//Look for Information
16) North of Emily Wong are some stairs to Flux. Take them and continue
to Flux. Head up to the bar and talk to Rita. Agree to help her with
her sister for the assignment “Citadel: Rita’s Sister.” You can talk
to Doran, but he doesn’t really have anything vital to add. Head
upstairs and scan the keeper. Also investigate the ‘Suspicious Gambling
Machine’ before you go to get the assignment “Citadel: Signal Tracking.”

Citadel: Rita’s Sister//Talk to Jenna
Citadel: Signal Tracking//Track the Signal
17) Leave Flux and head back down to the large open area. Take a right
after the stairs to go to the Upper Markets. There’s a keeper to scan
in the north-western corner, near a ‘Volus Shopper.’ Talk to Expat and
ask about Feros and Noveria for some Codexes. You can also a second
Medigel Upgrade from him, if you have the creds, and the Elkoss
License.. which I don’t suggest. Last thing to do is talk to Conrad
Verner, which starts the assignment “Citadel: The Fan.” Head down the
stairs to the Lower Market. If you’ve got the creds, Morlan is selling
a Grenade Upgrade, and another Medigel Upgrade, as well as the Elanus
License. Head through the market to Chora’s Den.

Citadel: The Fan//Conrad Verner

Primary- Planets and Locations//Planets: Feros
Primary- Planets and Locations//Planets: Noveria

Citadel: Lower Wards
18) On the approach to Chora’s Den you’ll get attacked by two assassins.
They can be rough on a new Shepard, but lift goes a long way towards
neutralizing them. They won’t be here if you have Garrus or Wrex in
your party. Anyway, head on into the Den. Talk to Jenna to progress
that assignment, then talk to Septimus. Keep on his case and you can
resolve this without charm or intimidate. He’ll also offer you the
assignment “Citadel: Xeltan’s Complaint.” Make sure you also talk to
Harkin, which was your point in coming here. He’ll tell you some gossip
about Anderson, and tell you that Garrus is in the Med Clinic. Time to
pay him a visit. On your way out a Turian will bump into you and tell
you to meet him at the C-Sec Academy. All in good time. Note that if
you didn’t talk to Barla Von about Wrex you’ll encounter the Krogan
making threats in the bar.

If you have 4 ranks of charm, you convince Septimus to act like an
officer. Really, the charm/intimidate responses on this guy seem to
be pretty much the same.

If you have 4 ranks of intimidate, you’ll tell General Septimus
to stop whining and act like an officer.

Citadel: Garrus//Go to the Med Clinic

Citadel: Asari Consort//Speak with Sha’ira
Citadel: Rita’s Sister//Return to Rita
Citadel: Rita’s Sister//Talk to Chellick
Citadel: Xeltan’s Complaint//Speak to Xeltan

If you have 4 points of either charm or intimidate, you can get the
general to stop being such a whiner.

Citadel: Upper Wards
19) Leave Chora’s Den and go up the stairs rather than going back through
the market. Run through the Alleyway and scan the keeper on your way
through. Once you get into the large open area, head over to the Med
Clinic area, investigating the ‘View of Nebula’ opposite the door, and
scanning the keeper beyond the Med Clinic-by the Citadel Rapid Transit.
Now enter the Med Clinic. The good doctor is being harassed by a thug,
which Garrus promptly drops, provoking a fire fight. Drop the remaining
thugs and talk to Garrus/Michel. Accept Garrus into your party. It’s now
time to head to the C-Sec Academy and acquire Wrex.

Citadel: Expose Saren//Take Down Fist
Citadel: Garrus//Complete

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Quarian
Secondary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Station: Serpent
20) Head out of the Med Clinic and take a right to go down the stairs
nearby. A Volus and a human nearby will be talking, which should trigger
a Codex. Head down the stairs, investigate the ‘Public Extranet
Terminal’ scan the keeper, and talk to Officer Lang if you wish. Enter
the door and go into the elevator.

Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Starships: Dreadnought
Secondary- Technology//Communications: Administration

Citadel: Security
21) Go up the stairs to the left to trigger a cutscene involving Wrex.
Get Wrex to join your party and then go up the stairs he was standing
near to reach the C-Sec Offices.

Citadel: Wrex//Complete
22) In the first room on the right you’ll find Jahleed talking to a
C-Sec officer. He thinks his business partner-Chorban-is trying to kill
him. Offer to help him and he’ll give you the assignment “Citadel:
Jahleed’s Fears.”

Citadel: Jahleed’s Fears//Talk to Chorban
23) Now go into the last room on the left, before the stairs. Inside
you’ll find your good friend Chellick. You can either charm/intimidate
him into getting Jenna out of the Den, or you can do a little job for
him. Since I don’t have the talents to charm or intimidate him, I deal.
Keep in mind that this mission doesn’t expire any time soon, and if you
turn down Chellick, you can also return when you have more
charm/intimidate if you want to go about it that way. If you
charm/intimidate you’ll get a small boost to your paragon/renegade, and
you can still do his job for him (see Step #7 below), making
charm/intimidate your best option for solving this case. Still, for how
high the requirements are and how low the reward is, it’s not a big
deal if you just do Chellick’s job without the charm/intimidate.

If you have 7 ranks of charm you can convince Chellick to let get
Jenna out of danger.

If you have 6 ranks of intimidate you can tease Chellick, which results
in him cutting Jenna loose.

+2 Paragon (Charm Chellick)
+2 Renegade (Intimidate Chellick)

Citadel: Rita’s Sister and Chellick//Make the Pickup
24) Head up the stairs to Traffic Control. Search the three ‘Tracking
Terminals’, the ‘Weapons Locker’, and scan the keeper.

Primary- Weapons, Armor, and Equipment//Small Arms
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Starships: Cruisers
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Starships: Fighters
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Starships: Frigates
25) Head back down to the Atrium and go down the stairs opposite those
that lead to the C-Sec Offices to reach the Requisitions Office. Scan
the keeper and talk to the Requisitions Officer. He can sell you the
Aldrin License, and later you can get Specter Gear from him.

Citadel: Lower Wards
26) Now it’s time to head back to the markets-you might as well, since
Chora’s Den is right next to it. Taking the rapid transit is as good as
any other way to get there, unless you’re dying for some scenery. You
can now either bother with Jax or Chorban, in whatever order pleases
you. I start with Chorban. Chorban spills the beans without much fuss.
You can agree to stop researching for him, or to keep on going.. If you
stop, you get a large boost to your Paragon. You might as well stop
working for Chorban, seeing as how the rewards are better with Jahleed
if you do, not counting the Paragon. Either way, to finish this
assignment, you need to talk to Jahleed. Note that if you want to finish
scanning the keepers, you must do so BEFORE talking to Chorban, but
AFTER talking to Jahleed. After Jahleed rats out Chorban, scan all the
keepers and come talk to Chorban.

Citadel: Jahleed’s Secret//Talk to Jahleed

Paragon +8

Citadel: Security
27) Now it’s time to deal with Jax. You really only have two choices, go
through with the deal, or leave a few corpses in your wake. Either way,
head back to the C-Sec Academy after you’re done.

If you go through with the deal you get a nice reward from Chellick when
you get back, including omni-gel, grenades, a weapon mod, a large boost
to your Paragon rating, and the standard experience and credits for
completing a quest.

On the other hand, if you waste Jax, you get the multiple joys of
shooting things, and pissing off Chellick. Also, you get a huge Renegade
bonus by doing things this way.

Citadel: Rita’s Sister is Safe//Complete

Paragon +8
Renegade +9
28) Talk to Jahleed. If you agreed to help Chorban, you’re stuck with
helping Jahleed. If you turn him in, the quest ends and you get some
credits and experience. If you get him to bribe you out of turning him
in, you’ll get significantly more credits. You can also get him to bribe
you, and keep scanning for him by choosing the top or middle options
after choosing the ‘Payment’ option. If you charm/intimidate him,
nothing really changes except you get some paragon/renegade points as
well as the reward. As you can see, it’s far more rewarding to charm
him than it is to intimidate him. Note that even though you can agree to
keep scanning for Jahleed, if you stopped scanning earlier with Chorban,
you CANNOT go back and keep scanning. Stupid lying Volus.

Citadel: Jahleed’s Set Free//Complete

If you have 7 ranks of charm you can convince Jahleed into doing his
work legitimately.

If you have 7 ranks of intimidate, you can scare Jahleed into going

Paragon +8 (Charm Jahleed)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate Jahleed)

Citadel: Lower Wards
29) Head down to Chora’s Den to find the place locked down and swarming
with enemies. Take things slowly, as a barrage of shotgun fire at a low
level will put an end to your meddling quick-like. Watch out for the
Krogan Bouncer, as he’s a fairly competent fighter. (I save my Lift for

After they’re dead head into the back, where you’ll be confronted by
two warehouse workers. If you don’t have enough charm/intimidate,
you’ll have to kill them. If you do, you can get them to leave and
nab a few points of paragon/renegade for your trouble. Experience to
kill them, alignment to tell them to take a hike, it’s your call. I
don’t know the exact number of ranks in charm/intimidate it takes, but
I’ll put down my ranks at the time of the encounter (on the second
play through) as a known number that will work, even if they *might*
be higher than you need.

If you have at least 3 ranks in charm Shepard will tell the workers
that this would be a good time to seek employment elsewhere. Their
response is actually fairly humorous, and worth a go.

If you have at least 4 ranks in intimidate, you can point out that you
just wasted fifty guards. They’ll realize that two is fewer than fifty
and decide that they don’t stand a chance against Shepard. My, how
Shepard likes to exaggerate..

Paragon +2 (Charm workers)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate workers)

Rob the weapons locker and go through some more doors to come into
conflict with Fist, who will activate two turrets that pretty much
demand you take cover at lower levels. One Overkill should suffice,
and once you destroy both turrets, or down Fist, the fight ends. If
you’ve played the game a bit, you’ll recognize Fist’s black and red
armor as Colossus Armor, heavy armor at that! Where the hell he got
that is anybody’s guess. It’s a shame he doesn’t drop it though.

Either way, after the fighting Fist surrenders. If Wrex is in your
party, the conversation will only go on so long before Wrex kills Fist.
Otherwise it’s up to you to let him go, or to execute him-Shepard style.
No matter what you choose, you get no goodie points for it, so I shoot
Fist-if Wrex doesn’t do it for me. Make sure to pick up the ‘Optical
Storage Disc’ and loot the wall safe before you leave.

Citadel: Expose Saren//Save the Quarian

Citadel: Reporter’s Request//Deliver Information

Renegade +2
30) You have four minutes to reach the Quarian.. which is actually a
great deal of time, so don’t kill yourself getting there. Remember to
fire in bursts if you’ve got an assault rifle to clear the baddies in
the Den. Head into the Alleyway through the door to the left of the door
that leads to the Lower Market (remember scanning that keeper here?)
Once you trigger the cutscene the timer is off, and you can deal with
the assassins at your leisure.

Once they’re all dead, taking ensues, and you end up back at Udina’s
Office. Turn’s out the Quarian’s evidence is.. overly convenient, but
damning none-the-less. After all the chatter Tali ends up in your party,
and you’ve got a date with the Council..

Citadel: Expose Saren//Return to the Tower

Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Quarian: Pilgrimage

Citadel: Presidium
31) ..But since you’re so close, you might as well finish up that
business with Xeltan (Volus and Elcor Offices) and the Consort. Go into
the office and talk to Xeltan. Pick the top option both times, as the
‘renegade’ responses don’t net you any points. Now head out of the

Citadel: Xeltan Convinced//Complete

Paragon +2
32) As you head down the stairs you’ll find Samesh Bhatia. If you
listened to some of the stuff on the elevator, you might have heard
about his wife.. Anyway, he wants you to try and help him get his
wife’s body back for cremation.

Soo… take a detour to the Embassy Lounge and talk to Clerk Bosker.
You have a number of approaches for this assignment. You can talk to
Bosker and find out they’re using the body for research, then tell the
husband that you cant fix it. There’s no reward for this path
whatsoever, so it’s not even worth doing. Alternatively you can talk to
Bosker and charm/intimidate him into giving the body back. Finally, you
can talk to Bosker, and go back to Bhatia and charm/intimidate him.

Citadel: Homecoming//Talk with Diplomat
Citadel: Homecoming//Make a Decision
Citadel: Homecoming//Complete

If you have 2 points of either charm or intimidate you can convince
Bosker to release the body.

If you have 3 points of either charm or intimidate you can get
Bhatia to come to terms with the military using her body for research.

Paragon +8 (Charm Bhatia/Bosker)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate Bhatia/Bosker)
33) Now go over to the Consort’s Chambers and talk to Sha’ira. If you
dealt with the Xeltan before coming here (you should have) you’ll get
a ‘small trinket’ that will come in handy later. Also, if you choose
all the ‘renegade’ responses, you’ll get an extra little treat as well.
You might have heard about it, it was on FOX News.. anyway.. NOW it’s
time to see the council, so head on to the Tower. You know the way.

Citadel: Asari Consort//Complete

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Citadel: Tower
34) The tune is a little different with the Council this time. Long story
short, the Council concedes Saren’s complicity, while ignoring the
Reapers. You play the maniac who knows the truth but isn’t listened to.
In any case, you become a Spectre (surprise..) and everybody is still
annoyed with everybody else. You now have access to the Spectre
Training talent, which is.. well, worth one rank, anyway. Also you
gain a bonus rank into both Charm and Intimidate. You’ll get this bonus
every time you play through the game, but we shouldn’t need a dozen
play-throughs to max our Charm/Intimidate, should we?

Citadel: Expose Saren//Speak to the Ambassador

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Citadel: Tower
35) Now that you’ve progressed the story a bit, prepare to be burdened
by more assignments. Head down the stairs and take a right to find
Rear Admiral Kahoku. He basically asks you to abuse your newfound
freedom as a Spectre to do work for him. This unlocks the Sparta System
in the Artemis Tau cluster.

UNC: Missing Marines//Find Recon Team
36) Talk to Garoth and accept to look for his brother, unlocking the
assignment “UNC: Privateers” as well as the Strenuus System in the
Horse Head Nebula cluster. If you refuse to help him, you get renegade,
and if you’re super sweet and agree right off the bat, you get paragon.
You can always refuse, then accept, so you don’t really lose anything
either way.

UNC: Privateers//Go to the Strenuus System

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Citadel: Upper Wards
37) Now it’s time to pay Emily Wong a visit. Take the elevators down to
the Wards. You might hear some reports on the elevators that give you
even more assignments. All the better if you do. On the way from the
elevator from the Presidium to the elevator to the Wards, head into
the first room on the left and investigate the ‘Signal Source’-one of
the glowing blue things on the wall-to update the assignment “Citadel:
Signal Tracking.”

When you finally get to the large room in the upper ward, talk to Emily,
who is at the same spot she was originally at. You can choose to decline
your previous deal, which will make Emily none too happy, but more
importantly, yields no reward. You can also make good by delivering
Fist’s OSDs for a monetary reward. Of course, you can charm/intimidate
her into giving you MORE credits, which is even better.

Citadel: Reporter’s Request//Complete
Citadel: Signal Tracking//Follow Signal to the Presidium
UNC: Hostage//Board Freighter
UNC: Missing Survey Team//Find Missing Researchers

If you have 1 measly rank in charm or intimidate, you can convince
Emily to increase your reward. Either way, the reward is the same, plus
some renegade points if you’re mean.

Renegade +2 (Intimidate Emily)
38) Now we should go visit Dr. Michel, who has managed to get herself
into trouble again. Agree to help her for the assignment ‘Citadel:
Doctor Michel. Head to the Lower Market.

Citadel: Doctor Michel//Talk to Morlan

Citadel: Lower Markets
39) Talk to Morlan. He’ll appear confused. A blackmailer will come up,
leaving you with a couple of solutions. You could always kill him, but
this isn’t the best solution this time. I know, I’m saddened too.
Alternatively you can charm/intimidate the blackmailer. Any other
option results in a fight. When the blackmailer is dealt with, report
back to Dr. Michel and ask about Banes.

Citadel: Doctor Michel//Talk to Doctor Michel
Citadel: Doctor Michel is Safe//Complete

If you have at least 6 in charm, you can appeal to the krogan’s sense
of morality. Not surprisingly, it’s harder to appeal to a krogan’s
good side than it is to threaten him.

If you have at least 4 ranks in intimidate you can convince the
blackmailer down an alternate path-one that doesn’t end with a bullets
in him.

Paragon +8 (Charm Blackmailer)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate Blackmailer)

Citadel: Upper Wards
40) Now I go visit Flux. On your way in, a naughty Salarian gets
evicted.. with prejudice. Go talk to him and agree to help him cheat
at Quasar. Go play some games. I’m not going to explain in depth, since
it’s simple odds and arithmetic. Suffice to say you want to get as near
to a score of 20 as possible with going over or you’ll bust. The closer
you get, the more creds you win. Anything less than a 17 nets you a loss
on that round. Win five rounds and you’re good to go. Win seven games
and Doran will confiscate the device. Of course you could always just
give him the device for some creds. If there is honor among thieves,
go talk to Schells when you have the device’s quota. Now head back to
the Presidium to wrap up “Signal Tracking.”

Citadel: Schells the Gambler//Speak to Schells
Citadel: Schells the Gambler//Scan the Machines
Citadel: Schells the Gambler//Speak to Schells
Citadel: Schells has his Data//Complete

Citadel: Presidium
41) Go to the bank and investigate the electronics behind Barla Von. Now
head over to the emporium and head to the back, going right this time.
Investigate the ‘signal source’ to initiate dialogue with a rogue A.I.
Whatever you do, the A.I. is dead-set on self-destructing, and taking
you with it. When it does so, simply enter Y-X-Y-A-X-A-A to disarm it,
and take its stolen credits for yourself.

Citadel: Signal Tracking//Complete

Primary- Technology//Computers: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
42) Between the emporium and the bank you’ll find Helena Blake, who
wants you to eliminate two of her fellow criminals. If you’re noble and
refuse her, you still get the assignment, and a good bit of paragon to
boot. If you choose the renegade option, you get a tid bit of renegade.

Paragon +8
Renegade +2

Citadel: Docking Bay
43) Now head to the Docking Bay, which is directly across from the
elevator connecting C-Sec and the Presidium. You’ll see Anderson and
Udina outside the Normandy. Talk to them to find out Anderson has been
sacked, and you now have control of the Normandy. You’ll be given the
lionshare of missions in the game, and sent upon your merry way to
explore the galaxy.. Finally! After all that, you finally get into the
meat of the game. Talk to Anderson before you head out to get some
more info on Banes, and two Codexes. Following this guide, you should
have been rewarded with the Scholar Achievement at this point. Also
check the exterior of the Normandy in dock for some more Codexes.

Citadel: Expose Saren//Complete
Find Liara T’Soni//Go To Artemis Tau
Noveria: Geth Interest//Go To Noveria
Feros: Geth Attack//Go to Feros

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Batarians
Primary- Planets and Locations//Uncharted Worlds
Primary- Weapons, Armor, and Equipment//Mass Accelerators
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Weapons: Ablative Armor

44) You now have a great bit of space you can explore, and exploring will
invariably only open up more systems and assignments. You can go to
either Feros, Noveria, or the Artemis Tau cluster to continue the story.
To finish up your party, the Artemis Tau cluster is the most obvious
stop, and it is what I will do first (story-wise). Of course, there are
a number of planets to explore, resources to find, and fights to pick.
You can find assignments/exploration information later on in the guide,
if you wish to simply cruise about space. Honestly, after all that
story and leashed gameplay, I can’t wait to go scope out some planets,
and it is what I do next (chronologically). For organizational
purposes, however, I will continue the FAQ with the Artemis Tau cluster.
Regardless, the next step is to head into the Normandy. You get to make
a little speech, and then it’s time to explore a bit.

Paragon +4
Renegade +4
45) Search to the left of Joker and ‘Look Outside’ for a Codex. Talk to
Joker for a few more Codexes. As you head up near the Galaxy Map,
you’ll trigger another Codex.

Primary- Citadel and Galactic Government//Citadel Space
Primary- Ships and Vehicles//Normandy
Secondary- Planets and Locations//Stations: Arcturus Station
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//FTL Drive: Appearance
46) Now head down the stairs into the Quarters and search the computer in
the Captain’s Office for a Codex. Examine one of the Sleeping Pods for
another, and Shepard’s Locker for the final one on this level.

Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Systems Alliance: Military
Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Systems Alliance: N7
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Starships: Crew Considerations
47) Take the elevator down to Engineering. Talk to Wrex, Tali, and
Engineer Adams, all of whom have Codexes for you. Now head up to the
Command Deck, talk to Pressly for another Codex, and activate the
Galaxy Map. You have access to the Serpent Nebula (the Citadel’s
location), the Horse Head Nebula (Noveria), Attican Beta (Feros), and
Artemis Tau (Liara’s Dig Site). Also the following optional areas
should be open to you: Exodus cluster, Argos Rho, Gemini Sigma,
Hades Gamma, Voyager Cluster, Armstrong Nebula, Kepler Verge, and
Hawking Eta. While you’re exploring, you may pick up the following
Codexes: when you scan your first planet, when you get your first
Prothean Data Disk, when you find your first Turian Clan Insignia,
when you find your first League of One Medallion. You’ll also get some
new exploration-based assignments relating to the resources and
artifacts you find. I highly suggest exploring, unless you are renting
the game, or borrowing it, or for some other reason are just too busy to
handle the ‘meat’ of the game. For more information about exploration,
look towards the beginning of the guide in the ‘exploration’ section.

UNC: Asari Writings
UNC: Prothean Data Discs
UNC: Valuable Minerals

Primary- Ships and Vehicles//FTL Drive
Primary- Ships and Vehicles//Military Ship Classifications
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Salarians: League of One
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Turians: The Unification War
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Krogan: Genophage
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Quarian: Economy
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Quarian: Government
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Quarian: Migrant Fleet
Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Human Diplomatic
Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Systems Alliance:
Geological Survey
Secondary- Aliens: Extinct Races//Protheans: Data Disks

| |
| Artemis Tau |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK003}
1) Touching Down on Therum
2) Refinery
3) Enroute to the Ruins
4) Battle at the Ruins
5) One Way Trip
6) Misusing Mining Equipment
7) Escaping the Mine
8) Normandy, Post-Therum
9) Back to the Cidatel

Therum, Surface
1) Head over to the Attican Beta Cluster, Knossos System, and land on
the planet Therum. You’ll do a good bit of the groundwork in the Mako.
Just follow the.. well.. the only path you can take and avoid the lava.
Along the way you’ll hear/see a geth dropship pass overhead and leave
you some company. As always, killing things out of the Mako nets you
more experience. You’ll also get a Codex on geth armatures, which if
you’re like me, you’ve slaughtered by the dozen by now. You’ll have
to fight a pair of armatures initially, which is no big deal, no matter
how you go about killing them.

Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Geth: Armatures
2) After a ways you’ll come across a Refinery, the front gate of which
is guarded by a trio of turrets. The game wants you to head up the wrap
around to the north-which you have to do anyway. If you’re gutsy, you
can kill the turrets anyway, and head around. This path is guarded by
one measly turret. Inside the Refinery grounds you’ll fight numerous
geth troopers and a few destroyers. Kill them all and search the
buildings for loot, and to open the gates to continue on.
3) Once done, get back in the mako and continue north past the Refinery.
A quartet of armatures and some geth ground forces lie ahead of you.
The armatures can effectively snipe at you while being for all intents
and purposes out of your range. Get close to them and eliminate them.
As with most things, I feel being on foot is easier than fighting in
the Mako. It’s just a bigger, less maneuverable target than Shepard
personally. Also by this point in the game, my firepower out-classes
the Mako too, but that might just be me. In any event, I just use
the Mako to get close to the fight, mop up on foot, and drive to the
next skirmish. Even After you reach the ledge the final two of the
four armatures are on you still have a bit of fighting to go. To the
south lie rocket troopers and a geth colossus, which are solely intended
to cause life to be hell for the Mako. They largely succeed, but being
on foot makes you a difficult target for them. Drive through the tunnel
and kill the geth on the other sides. Go into another tunnel,
exterminate the geth, and out the other side, where yet more geth await

Therum: Ruins
4) Immediately up ahead, the path becomes too narrow for your old Mako.
Good riddance. Continue on foot and dispatch a group of geth. Continue
on to find more geth, this time with sniper support. Continue up until
you reach the Mining Camp. When you get to the Mining Camp, you’ll get
a little cutscene introducing geth stalkers.. essentially fast-moving
snipers. Another geth dropship will come and leave you some company,
including an armature. If you’re not up to a full-strength assault,
head to the opposite side of the building from the geth (should be to
your left from where the cutscene ends.) This should get you some cover
from the geth armature, and split them up a bit. When all the geth are
dead, head up into the mine shaft.

Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Geth: Hoppers

Therum: Ruins//Mines
5) Head deeper into the mine, killing the troopers and sniper that lie
in between you an the elevator. On route to the next elevator, you’ll
get attacked by a trio of assault drones. Take the next elevator down,
but keep in mind-it’s a one-way trip.
6) Travel down the ruined walk way until Liara T’soni initiates
dialogue. Talk to her to find out you need to get past the barrier she’s
trapped in to shut it off. Easy as goblin pie. Go the opposite direction
from Liara and exterminate any geth in the way. Go to the ‘Mining Laser
Controls’ and enter the following sequence: A, X, B, Y, to get it to
fire. Now the way to Liara is clear.
7) Go down the ramp you created, operate the lift, and go up to Liara.
She insists in speaking to you again. Set her free and more talking
ensues. Go up the elevator, and when you reach the top, you’ve got some
geth, and a krogan to deal with. Note that if you do not pick the
paragon option the first time he speaks to you, “This ruin’s coming
down”, you will lose out on a fairly sizable chunk of experience. He can
be pretty tough at lower levels, focus on the geth first, and use
whatever biotics/techs you have to disable him. After he’s dead Shepard
and company make a run for it to escape the collapsing mine.

Normandy: Post-Artemis Tau
8) You’ll get to chat it up with the crew for a bit. After that’s done,
Joker will ask if you want to be patched through to the council. None
of your choices here matter to your alignment, which is sort of silly,
so answer however you please.

Secondary- Aliens: Extinct Races//Protheans: Cipher

Anyway, search the terminals near Navigator Pressly to pick up a
Codex, and check the two ‘Heat Load Monitors’ on your way to the
cockpit for more. Inside the cockpit, search the ‘Gunnery Station’
for another Codex.

Primary- Ships and Vehicles//Space Combat
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Space Combat: Combat Endurance
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Starships: Heat Management
Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Weapons: GARDIAN

In the Quarters, you can talk to Liara to learn more about the Asari.
(Mmmm.. Codexes..) Kaiden will also give you a Codex on this level.

Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Asari: Culture
Secondary- Technology//Biotics: Training

Now it’s time to head to Engineering. I’m sure you can access some of
these Codexes earlier, but for the sake of organization, lets just
assume you did it here. Talk to Garrus again to learn more about him,
C-Sec, Spectre candidacy.. blah blah blah, you get two Codexes from it.
If you read up on it.. just as an asides, it’s painfully obvious that
the Turians were based around the idea of the Roman empire-post Marian
reforms. Legions being reconstituted instead of replaced strikes similar
to the Teutoburg Legions destroyed, XVII, XVIII, and XIX. Instead of
being reformed, they were retired, Rome never again had Legions XVII,
XVIII, or XIX. Also, Romans recorded their legion’s histories
individually, like the Turians. They were famously ‘heavy infantry’, and
they-like the Turian Codexes say-relied on others (non-Romans) to
provide auxiliary support, namely in the form of archers, light infantry,
and cavalry. The Marian reforms allowed the recruitment of non-patricians
into the military, serving for a period of time. After non-Roman legions
retired, they were given land, and made Roman citizens. Sounds awfully
close, eh? Now if the Turians had Eagles.. Anyway, you can also get
Garrus to talk about a past incident at C-Sec that needs resolving.
Ashley and Wrex also have a Codexes for you. Go into the engine room and
check out the ‘Core Charge Status’.

Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon

Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Turians: Biology
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Turians: Culture
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Turians: Military Doctrine
Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Terra Firma Party
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Krogan: Culture
Secondary- Aliens: Ships and Vehicles//FTL Drive: Drive Charge
9) Once you’re done pestering folks in the Normandy, it’s time to head
to your next destination. I prefer to tackle Feros next, so if you’re
looking just to get through the story, head there. Before I do any more
story, however, I make a return trip to the Citadel, and take care of
some business there.

| |
| More Sidequests on the Citadel |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK004}
1) Inspection
2) Interview
3) Intercession
4) Investigation
5) Intervention
6) Infatuation
7) Interjection
8) Normandy

1) As soon as you get out of the Normandy, you’ll see Rear Admiral
Mikhailovich standing around, just waiting to cause trouble. He wants
to ‘inspect’ the Normandy, essentially stepping on your toes a bit.
This is a somewhat interesting scenario, if you think about it from a
story-line perspective. The Normandy is an Alliance vessel (created
with help from the council) and therefore is technically under Alliance
jurisdiction. Shepard too is an Alliance officer, and the rank of Rear
Admiral is at least three ranks above Shepard’s (assuming Lieutenant
Commander.) But as a Spectre, you really have some merit for not
allowing Mikhailovich to assert his authority over you. What it comes
down to is whether you consider your Shepard to place more authority
with the Alliance, or with the Council.. or if you’re just a Renegade
for the hell of it, to use this technicality to tell a superior officer
to shove off. Either way, there are a number of paragon/renegade options
here. If you go renegade all the way and decide to not allow the Admiral
to make his inspection, you’ll gain a few points of renegade. If you
allow him to inspect your ship, you’ll get the option to
charm/intimidate him.. always the best course of action.

(about the ‘inefficiency of the Normandy’s design..)
If you have at least 6 ranks in charm you can defend the Turian logic
behind the Normandy’s design.

If you have at least 6 ranks in intimidate you can tell the Admiral that
your crew isn’t inexperienced.

(about the prohibitive cost of the Normandy..)
If you have at least 5 ranks in charm you can point out the Normandy’s

If you have at least 5 ranks in intimidate you can insult the Admiral’s
lack of vision.

(about the aliens onboard your ship..)
If you have at least 7 ranks in charm
If you have at least 7 ranks in intimidate you can defend your right to
choose your crew.

(any final remarks..)
If you have at least 9 ranks in charm you can convince Mikhailovich that
the Normandy is a sign of cooperation with the aliens, and makes the
Alliance look good.

If you have at least 9 ranks in intimidate you can tell Mikhailovich
that the Normandy is another human innovation that will surprise the
alien races.

Paragon +2 (Charm Mikhailovich all four times)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate Mikhailovich all four times)
Renegade +2 (Refuse to let Mikhailovich inspect the Normandy)
2) Head up the elevator to C-Sec. When you get out, you’ll be bothered
by a reporter named Khalisah Al-Jilani, who wants an interview. If you
flat-out turn her down, you get nothing but a journal update. If you
belt the reporter, you’ll get some renegade. In any event, more
charm/intimidate options ahead. She’ll try to sway whatever you say
negatively.. against aliens, anyhow. If you’re renegade, that should
suit you fine. If you walk out of the interview, you’ll get some
paragon. You’ll get more experience and creds if you charm/intimidate,
but you can get those anywhere. Don’t play along with the reporter.

Citadel: The Fourth Estate

(about placing the Citadel’s needs before the needs of Earth..)
If you have at least 2 ranks in charm you can defend the council’s

If you have at least 2 ranks in intimidate you can defend your loyalty
to humanity.

(about the Normandy..)
If you have at least 3 ranks in charm you can mention the Turian’s
involvement in the Normandy’s design.

If you have at least 4 ranks in intimidate you can ignore the input of
the Turians into the Normandy’s design.

(about handing Earth’s most advanced warship over to the citadel..)
If you have at least 6 ranks in charm you can defend that the Normandy
is still commanded and crewed by humans. (This skips the option below.)

If you have at least 5 ranks in intimidate you can assert your-and
the Alliances-command over the Normandy. (This skips the option below.)

(This option pops up only if you answered neutral on the question
(about humanity getting the respect it deserves from the galactic
If you have at least 8 ranks in charm you can say humanity will gain
respect when it earns it.

If you have at least 7 ranks in intimidate you can remark that the way
to gain the respect of the galaxy is to do so through military prowess.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2
3) Head up to the Presidium, near the bank. A man named Michael will be
arguing with a lady named Rebekah (I hate when they spell it with a
‘k’…) Anyway, talk to them. Michael wants the lady to get gene
therapy for her baby to possibly prevent a genetic heart defect the
babies now-deceased father had. Rebe-KAH is worried that the therapy
might hurt the baby. Listen to the argument, and choose either her side
or Michael’s. Do whatever you wish, Michael is easier to charm, Rebe-KAH
is easier to intimidate. Just make sure you get that juicy bonus to
paragon/renegade, whatever you choose.

Citadel: Family Matter

If you have at least 2 ranks in charm you can convince Michael that it
is Rebe-KAH’s decision.

If you have at least 3 ranks in intimidate you can tell Michael that
yelling isn’t solving anything.

If you have at least 3 ranks in charm to convince Rebe-KAH to give the
baby a better chance than the father had.

If you have at least 2 ranks in intimidate you can tell Rebe-KAH to
not endanger the baby.. doesn’t SOUND very renegade, now does it? But,
you do point your finger at Rebe-KAH in a very menacing and overly
aggressive sort of way.. so, I guess.

Paragon +8 (charm Michael or Rebe-KAH)
Renegade +9 (intimidate Michael or Rebe-KAH)

Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Genetic Engineering
4) Now take a trip to the Citadel Tower. Near the stairs leading up to
the council chamber, you’ll find your old friend Emily Wong. This time
she wants you to plant a bug in the Citadel Traffic Control Station,
which you can reach via C-Sec. Agree to help (or not) to start the
assignment. You get nothing for not accepting.. so you might as well.
After you’ve accepted the assignment, you can talk to her again and
decide to charm/intimidate her. Each response will have the benefit of
completing the quest, getting you the reward, and nabbing you a hefty
bit of Paragon/Renegade. It is, as usual, the best choice, but if you
don’t have enough ranks you can always just do the mission for her..

Head back to C-Sec and into the Traffic Control room. You can plant
the bug in the upper-right corner of the room, in an ‘Inconspicuous
Location.’ Go back to Emily and talk to her. Don’t pick the renegade
option and you’ll score some paragon points for your ‘good deed.’

Again, I was informed of this possibility via E-mail, so I could only
test it with my second-run Shepard. Therefore I don’t know the exact
amounts of Charm/Intimidate it took, but I can at least tell you two
scores that work for sure.

If you have at least 7 ranks in charm you can tell Emily there is no
story, and that she’s not trying to help anybody, she’s just fishing for

If you have at least 6 ranks in intimidate you can lie and tell Emily
that you already planted the bug.

Citadel: Planting a Bug

Paragon +2
Paragon +8 (Charm Emily)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate Emily)
5) Take the elevator on the Presidium down to the Wards. In the area
‘Citadel: Flux and Wards Access’ you’ll find a man named Zabaleta.
He’ll hit you up for some money. If you don’t give him any, you’ll
get some renegade points. If you give him the money, you’ll get some
paragon. Either way, this starts up an assignment. Oh boy!

Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things

Paragon +2 (give Zabaleta money)
Renegade +2 (call him a drunk)
6) Our old friend Conrad is back again, if you want to move the
assignment, Citadel: The Fan further. It will be covered in the side
quest section.
7) Since I’ve done every side-quest available up until now, my Shepard
is crazily wealthy, all my characters in play have Spectre weapons, and
I am able to purchase the Kassa Fabrication license from the
Requisitions Officer in C-Sec, and the Geth Armory license from Morlan
in the Lower Market. I do so while on the Citadel and when I head back
to the Normandy. I save in front of the Quarter Master and reload until
he gives me what I want.. a suit of Colossus Heavy Armor. It’s only
Colossus IX, but this is vastly, enormously, even stupidly more powerful
than my Onyx IV. I shell out 600,000 credits and put on what will likely
be the best armor I find in this play through.. Now I have Spectre VII
weapons, and Colossus IX armor.. and I haven’t even gone to Feros or
Noveria, much less Virmire! Needless to say, I shouldn’t have any trouble
from anything from here on out.

Just for kicks, lets compare what I was wearing, to what I will wear for
the rest of this playthrough:

(Previously) (Currently)
Armor Onyx IV Colossus IX
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor
Damage Protection: 39 78
Shields: 126 420
Tech/Biotic Protection 0 16

Yeah.. Taking cover is now optional. You know, for when I want to feel
like I’m playing a shooter. Pew! Pew!
8) Now head back to the Normandy. If you want to continue the
assignment with Zabaleta, go into the comm room to talk to mom. It will
be covered more in the side-quest section. Otherwise, it’s time for

| |
| Feros |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK005}
1) Heading to Zhu’s Hope
2) Clearing the Tower
3) Talking to the Blakes’
4) Food Problem
5) Power Problem
6) Water Problem
7) Talking Around Town
8) To the Tunnels
9) Through the Tunnels
10) Geth in the Tunnels
11) Meating some Varren
12) Ian and Back Again
13) Making Zhu’s Hope Whole
14) To the Weigh Station
15) Upper Weigh Station
16) To ExoGeni
17) ExoGeni Main Level
18) ExoGeni Midden
19) Infiltrating ExoGeni
20) ExoGeni Upper Level
21) Back to the Weigh Station
22) Back to Zhu’s Hope
23) Combating the Thorian
24) Normandy, Post-Feros

1) Head out of the Normandy and talk with a man named David. He’ll tell
you that the colony’s leader, Fai Dan, wants to speak with you. As soon
as he’s done talking, he gets wasted by a geth missile, and it’s time
for some shooting. Waste the largely ineffectual geth ahead of you.
Continue on ahead (there’s really no way to get lost) until you reach
some stairs. You’ll get attack by some geth stalkers. Keep going and
you’ll reach the colony of Zhu’s Hope. Move through the colony until
you reach Fai Dan.. none of the colonists have anything particularly
interesting to say just yet anyway. You’ll find Fai Dan arguing with
a lady named Arcelia Silva Martinez. Talk to him and you’ll be shortly
attacked by more inept Geth.
2) Since nobody will talk further until the geth are gone, head on to
the north and clear the tower of geth. Your destination is marked on
your map with an ‘!’. Go north, up the stairs, and then to the west,
killing geth as you go. When you get to the large open room marked as
your destination, you’ll come under attack from shock troopers, recon
drones, and snipers. After they’re dead, more troopers and a destroyer
will drop in. After that the dropship above leaves, and it’s time to
report back to Fai Dan. Chat Fai Dan up and he’ll reveal a number of
problems in Zhu’s Hope, along with the location of the geth HQ. You can
get some paragon/renegade points depending on how you respond to Fai
Dan. (Saying you don’t care about the colonists is probably not a
paragon response, eh?)

Feros: Geth in the Tunnels

Paragon +2
Renegade +2
3) Now that the initial fighting is done, it’s time to explore Zhu’s
Hope. If you’re expecting to find an interesting city.. well, not so
much, but there are assignments to pick up, and a place to drop off
your loot. We’ll cover everything there is to do in Zhu’s Hope at this
point here. Head east from where Fai Dan is and go into the structure
labeled ‘Zhu’s Hope’. What a crappy city. Go into the room on the right
with the Blakes’ inside (no relation to Helena, I presume.) Talk to
Calantha, how you respond determines whether you get Renegade, Paragon,
or no alignment points. Her husband has little of interest to say.
Search the ‘Public Extranet Terminal’ for a Codex.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Secondary- Technology//Communications: Methodology
4) Head east some more within the structure to find Davin Reynolds.
He’ll tell you about the colony’s food problem, and a somewhat primitive
way to neutralize it.

Feros: Varren Meat

Primary- Aliens: Non-Sapient Creatures//Varren
5) Continue east out of the structure, and head as though you’re going
back to your ship. Talk to May O’Connell, who is tinkering with

Feros: Power Cells
6) Head down a little ways from May to talk to Macha Doyle, who is
monitoring a terminal attached to a pipe. She’ll tell you about the
colony’s water problem.

Feros: Water Restoration
7) Now head back up around the structure. There’s a Salarian merchant
named Ledra that you’ll go past, but he has little of interest to sell.
If you do not already have the top of the line Spectre Gear, some of the
Haliat weaponry can be pretty good.. still, not good enough to buy a
license for it, and in any event, unless you jumped right into the story
you’re probably well on your way to getting to 1,000,000 credits anyhow.

Go up around the structure instead of taking the stairs and going around
to Fai Dan and talk to Hana Murakami. Now go around and talk to Fai Dan
if you want to talk to him about the colonist’s strange behavior. You
know, the focusing single-mindedly on a problem they can’t resolve, or
always referring you to Fai Dan when you ask about the colony. That
stuff. His answer will leaving you wanting, so head off to complete your

Feros: Tunnels
8) If you look at your map, find the yellow arrows furthest north named
‘Stairs down to Tunnels’. That’s where you’re heading. You’ll fight some
geth before you reach the tunnels, nothing you can’t handle though.
9) Head across the bridge and go into the side-tunnel with all the
conveniently placed concrete barriers. Just in case somebody gets into
a fire fight here. Kill the geth and activate the first two Water
Valves, one at the beginning of the tunnel, and the other at the end,
both near the stairs out.
10) Head down the tunnel some more until you get to a bridge on your
right, which you should take. A door is in front of you. Immediately
after the door opens aim up, as two geth snipers are waiting on a ledge
to ruin your day. There is also a trooper ready to shower you with death
directly opposite your position, and there are no good places to take
cover (with the exception of retreating out the door.)

Continue down the hallway and into a room where three Krogans await you.
From now on, there’s a tactic for dealing with Krogan-do not take cover.
Krogan are not stationary fighters, and tend to charge your position.
They are also fond of shotguns, regenerating health, using immunity, and
getting up close to melee, which shields DO NOT AFFECT. Keep moving, and
try to keep your distance. Krogan Battlemasters are just about the only
thing that can kill you in later levels on higher difficulties.. aside
from geth colossi, that is. Once they’re dead, shoot up the geth

Feros: Geth in the Tunnels//Inform Fai Dan
11) Now head back and take the door opposite the bridge (look at your
map, it’s there.) You’ll get a cutscene introducing you to Varren. Take
them all out, and head up the ramp to find and eliminate the Varren
Alpha. Loot the place. The vehicle at the top of the ramp (one of the
two things on fire in this room) has a ‘Fuel Compartment’ you can
scavenge power cells from. Two birds, eh?

Feros: Power Cells//Deliver Cells to May O’Connell
Feros: Varren Meat//Inform Davin Reynolds
12) Go back to the tunnels and head north, into another side-tunnel with
geth friends. This time a sniper and a destroyer join the fun. The last
Water Valve is right next to the stairs, which you’ll probably run past
in your slavering quest to annihilate the geth. Make sure to get it
though. Exit the tunnels, head north, and talk to Ian Newstead. He’s uh,
a little strange. Geth will interrupt your little conversation, and Ian
will resort to babbling from then on out. Now head back, exterminate any
geth you encounter that have taken up residence behind you, and return
to Zhu’s Hope.

Feros: Water Restoration//Inform Macha Doyle
13) Talk to everybody who set you out on a task, leaving Fai Dan for last.
Tell Davin Reynolds the Alpha is dead for some Paragon, and some loot.
Demand more loot for some Renegade, and of course, more loot. Next give
May the power cells for more goodies. Then it’s Macha Doyle’s turn. Now
talk to Fai Dan. That’s a buttload of Paragon you just got (with a
sprinkling of Renegade.) Don’t worry if you’re playing a Renegade
character.. it’s not bad to get some good points if you make money while
doing it, eh? Now it’s time to head up to the Prothean Skyway.. you
know, a highway in the sky? Ugh. It’s the elevator before the stairs to
the Tunnels.

Paragon +8 (Tell Gavin the Alpha is dead)
Paragon +8 (Giving May O’Connell the Power Cells)
Paragon +8 (Talk to Macha Doyle)
Paragon +8 (Tell Fai Dan about the Transmitter)
Renegade +2 (Demanding more loot from Gavin)

Feros: Prothean Skyway
14) As soon as you exit the elevator, there will be trouble. Kill the
paltry geth attacking, and get in your Mako. How it got there is beyond
me.. I personally will do my fighting outside of the Mako, and just use
the old hunk of junk to get from place to place. Oh, and don’t be cute
and drive off the ledge. Apparently plummeting hundreds of feet counts
as a critical mission failure. Who knew? This includes jumping off the
road to land on another road below it. Why the hell would you put a road
you can land on, if it kills you to land on it? Who knows. There will be
all kinds of geth blocking your way. Armatures, rocket troopers, the
usual. There are also tunnels that can be accessed on the sides of the
roads, which contain a few more geth and some loot.

Feros: Upper Weigh Station
15) When you reach the end of the skyway you’ll go through a Mako-sized
door and you will receive some radio chatter that bears investigating.
Exit the Mako and head down a ramp to find some Exo-Geni stragglers. A
lady named Juliana Baynham and a corporate jerk named Ethan Jeong will
converse with you. Juliana wants you to look for her daughter, Lizbeth,
Ethan want to be a jerk. There’s also a man playing by a computer named
Gavin Hossle, who wants you to get some data for him. Agree to help him
if you don’t suck.

Feros: Data Recovery.

Feros: ExoGeni Approach
16) Continue on to the second part of the Skyway and kill the geth
baddies you find. Halfway up the geth will break out some of their
bigger boys, including some juggernauts and an armature. The road
eventually ends near the ExoGeni headquarters.

Feros: ExoGeni Main Level
17) Exit the Mako and head inside, killing geth as you go. Head up a ramp
and go to a decrypted door. Inside is a lootable, and a geth armature,
which is playing possum. If you haven’t been making a practice of
killing these guys outside the mako.. well, just have immunity on, use
lift if it’s high enough of a level, and try to not get hit by its

Feros: ExoGeni Midden
18) Opposite this room is a ledge you can drop down, one of your party
members should chime in that it’s a one-way trip. Kinda annoying. It’s
not so high that any of your party members couldn’t realistically just
reach up and grab the ledge.. but it’s impossible to get back up.
Really, you’re a genetically enhanced elite marine, but if you have to
scale an eight foot obstacle-it’s over. Head down the only route
available. As you enter the larger room, you’ll be shot at by Lizbeth
Baynham. Didn’t expect to find her so soon, didja? Talk to her to find
out there’s a Thorian that the geth are after here, but you can’t go
back.. obviously, there’s a humongous mountain of a wall blocking you-
not like you’re soldiers or something, or you don’t have team-mates who
can hoist you up-so you need to disable the energy barriers the geth
put up, which is being powered by a geth ship. Again, it’s not like you
don’t have your own ship-a state of the art Turian/human designed
frigate which could easily out-class a geth dropship. But alas, you’re
trapped, and there’s no way to contact your crew. Except for radios and
whatnot that you’ve used before.. Okay, enough knifing the plot. Still,
couldn’t they have like, made you fall down a hole, or found some other
excuse to make you run through this building? After the conversation,
some Varren will attack. And where there are Varren, there are bound to
be Krogan. Head south and through a door.

Feros: ExoGeni Main Level
19) You’ll hear a Krogan Commander yelling at a VI as you go up the
stairs. Waste him and talk to the VI, which will reveal a good deal of
information about ExoGeni, Zhu’s Hope, and the Thorian. Head around the
corner, down another tunnel, up some more stairs, and into a room with
a large number of cables in it. You’ll have to drop down a ledge, and
kill some geth. Head into a tunnel and follow it until it opens into a
larger room, where some geth await. After the opposition is dispatched,
you have two paths to follow, either head right, or left form the
passage blocked by the energy field. The path to the right leads up some
stairs to a sleeping area for some Krogan. Kill them, and loot the
storage locker. Also, you’ll find Gavin Hossle’s Console here. Now head
down the path to the left of the energy field.

Feros: ExoGeni Upper Level
20) Go up the stairs and follow the tunnel until you come into a larger
room replete with geth to slaughter. After they’re dead, hack into
the ExoGeni terminal to get some confidential information, which gets
you an assignment. Note that by searching one of the Terminals you can
get information about geth activity in the Armstrong Nebula, if you
haven’t already travelled there and been contancted by Admiral Hackett.

Investigate Facility

Head up the stairs and cross over to the other large room filled with
geth. Seeing a pattern here? Kill them and loot. Investigate a ‘Server
Node’ for a private log, which gets you yet another optional assignment.
Of note, the Cerberus group is involved, which should particularly be
interesting. Now you have to shut the Shuttle Bay Doors to sever one of
the claws keeping the geth ship anchored to the building. If you read
the repair bill, you’ll get explanation enough. You need to get the
doors PSI to between 31 and 34. You then get a number of valves, 5, 7,
17, 11, and 13. Do a little math.. (ouch, my brain.. aches from under
use..) And get the result 17+11+5=33, or 7+11+13=31. They even give you
a little meter near your radar in case you are too moronic to add.

Investigate Samples

You’ll get a little cutscene, and afterwards, a transmission from
Joker. Now head back the way you came and go through where the energy
barrier was. Lizbeth will be waiting for you, waiting to chat. Now there
are geth repopulating the highways. Hey, Bioware might not have created
a whole lot of game, but damned if they don’t get a lot of use out of
what they made.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Feros: Upper Weigh Station
21) On your way back, near the Weigh Station, you’ll get a transmission
from Juliana. Go down and investigate. Jeong seems to be going out of
control, and he starts up a conversation with Shepard that is just
the epitome of friendly. This can end a number of ways. Most gratifying
is responding to Jeong with a bullet-in-the-brain, which is pretty much
any response that isn’t charm or intimidate. How you respond to Jeong
doesn’t matter for alignment, but accepting or refusing the anti-Thorian
grenades does-either way, you end up with the grenades. As usual, you
get much better rewards for using charm/intimidate. The only downside is
that Jeong lives with charm/intimidate.. Oh, and it takes a WHOPPING
number of ranks to sway him.

If you have 12 ranks in charm you can convince him that there are
promotional opportunities in the Feros situation.

If you have at least 10 ranks in intimidate, you can convince Jeong that
he’s better off not risking his life screwing with the first human

Paragon +2 (Accept the grenades)
Renegade +2 (Refuse the grenades)
Paragon +26 (Charm Jeong)
Renegade +27 (Intimidate Jeong)

Feros: Zhu’s Hope
22) Head back towards Zhu’s Hope. You now have a fundamental decision to
make about your alignment.. well, perhaps I’m over-hyping it a bit.
Either disable the citizens of Zhu’s Hope or kill them. This will
greatly increase your Paragon/Renegade meter, so long as you stick to
your guns.. or grenades. To disable the civilians, equip your grenades
with the Anti-Thorian Gas I upgrades. After killing your first Thorian
Creeper, your party members will talk to you. You have an opportunity
here to tell them either to waste everything, or to try and keep the
colonists alive. If you want to save the colonists, tell your party or
you’ll have to worry about them the whole way through the colony.
When you go through the door, you’ll see a number of Thorian Creepers
waiting for you. These baddies work a lot like geth husks, as in they
have to run up to you to do any damage.. Shotguns work nice, needless
to say. By the barriers near the elevator are four colonists for your
saving/slaughtering fun. Go through the colony, killing creepers and
doing whatever with the colonists. Near where Fai Dan was you’ll get
an upgrade kit that will replenish your grenades, so you shouldn’t
have too much of a problem with running out of grenades. Run up to the
creepers to activate them, and then move away from the colonists so you
don’t accidently shoot them. Of course, if you’re trying to kill them
all, this is a lot easier. Head over to the Freighter Crane Controls
and activate it. This will move the ship and give you access to the
Thorian. Fai Dan will come out from hiding and kindly save you the
trouble of shooting him by doing it for you. Head down the stairs to
the left of the terminal you just activated.

Paragon +32 (+2 per colonist alive)
Renegade +32 (+2 per colonist killed)

Feros: Thorian Lair
23) Okay, now that you’ve made your way through the geth and the
colonists it’s time to deal with the colonists. Head down the only path
you can take, down the stairs until you find the Thorian. It’ll shit out
a Thorian Asari for you to chat with-she actually looks pretty imposing,
too. Like, perhaps this is how the Asari should have looked in the first
place.. Anyway, this conversation ends up with gunfire, as all good
ones do. She’s a vanguard with a shotgun, so be prepared to deal with
her, some creepers, and whatever biotics she wants to throw at you.
Once she’s dead, head through a door to the right of the Thorian to find
a Thorian Neural Node. Do the only natural thing and shoot the hell out
of it. The Thorian screams, and you need to continue on. Get used to it.
Head up some stairs and the Thorian will expel another Asari Clone.
How does it keep giving her armor and guns? Oh well. Kill her, go down
a hallway and take a door to the left. Go up a ramp and destroy another
neural node. Another Asari clone comes out to get shot, and go through
another door to the left. Follow the passage and kill a third neural
node protected by a number of creepers which will gradually awaken to
attack you. Just how are they invulnerable while they’re crouching?
Who knows. Magical bullet protection. Go through another doorway to
the left.. the hell is this, NASCAR?.. and go up another ramp over
which the fourth neural node hangs. When it’s dead, a door at the top
of the ramp will open and you’ll get to kill the Asari again.
Immediately head left and in the open doorway is the fifth neural node.
Continue past where the node was and go up some stairs. Kill the Asari
Clone again, go through a tunnel, and find her another time, guarding
the sixth and final node. Once it’s gone, the Thorian plummets, and the
actual Asari escapes from a nasty Thorian pod. Of course she’ll
immediately become chatty. She’ll give you the cipher, and you’ll get a
choice, whether to waste her, or let her go.

Paragon +8 (Let Shiala go)
Renegade +9 (Execute Shiala)

Primary- Ships and Vehicles//Sovereign
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Asari: Military Doctrine

Normandy: Post-Feros
24) Head back to the Normandy, where the crew will have another lovely
sit down. Liara decides to be annoying and express concern for Shepard,
which will end with her playing the damsel in distress again. Really,
she’s always getting woozy for no reason. So cliche.. Anyway, when
that’s done, you’ll get to have another chat with the Council. This
time, there’s actually a point to talking to them. Every time you answer
with a paragon response, you’ll gain paragon points, every time you
answer with a renegade response, you’ll gain renegade points. Answer
renegade the first time, and paragon the next two times for the best
alignment score. (If you disconnect you get nothing.)

Paragon +2, +4, or +6
Renegade +2

Now to do some things about the Normandy. Talk to Liara for a Codex.
If you’ve talked to her enough, she might start seriously talking about
a relationship. Ugh. Same goes for Ashley and Kaiden, but less ugh.
Talk to Kaiden for another Codex. Head down to Engineering and talk
to Wrex, Ashley, and Garrus for more Codexes.

Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Asari: Religion
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Turians: Government
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Krogan: Military Doctrine
Secondary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Systems Alliance: Military
Secondary- Technology//Biotics: Life as a Biotic

After you have all the Codexes you can get, you can either do
sidequests, or head off to Noveria. If this is your 2nd story mission,
nothing new will have happened at the Citadel (provided you did all
the assignments available after Artemis Tau.) If you are skimping on
sidequests, or you are doing story missions in a different order, you
might have new assignments available in the Citadel. As for me, I
decide to tackle the two new assignments you can pick up in Feros, which
are located in the Maroon Sea Cluster. After that, it’s Noveria.

| |
| Noveria |
| |
After I’ve done the ExoGeni quests, I head to Noveria. Once again, you
don’t seem to be welcomed with opened arms. Everybody hates you, get
used to it. Before I leave the Normandy, I visit the quartermaster and
pick up a suit of Silverback X for Garrus.. it’s not the best, but it’s
much better than the Silverback V he DID have. I also sell off my loot.

Noveria: Port Hanshan Docking Bay
Sequence of Events: {WLK006}
1) Rent-a-Cop Shakedown
2) Giana Parasini
3) Merchant Opold
4) Administration
5) Lilihierax
6) Mallene Calis
7) Talking to Rafael
8) Lorik Qui’in
9) Synthetic Insights
10) Obtaining the Garage Pass
11) To the Garage
12) To Peak 15
13) Garage
14) Bugs
15) More Bugs
16) Mira
17) Landline
18) Reactor
19) Decontamination in Progress
20) Security
21) Medical Bay
22) Dr. Zev
23) The Quarantine Labs
24) Damned Asari..
25) No Good Deed..
26) Benezia
27) Genocide
28) The Hot Labs
29) Normandy, Post-Noveria

1) Go to enter Noveria. On the way you’ll be bothered by some rent-a-cop
trying to exert her authority. Any Shepard with balls would bristle at
this. No matter what you do, they’ll try to secure your weapons.
Obviously, this isn’t going to go well. Luckily for them, Giana
Parasini loves them, and saves them a bullet-related death.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2
2) Head inside and go up the stairs, where Giana Parasini will talk to
you. It doesn’t matter what you say-you’ll get information that our
friend Matriarch Benezia is here. You know, blue chick, mother of Liara?
Uh.. you saw her after Eden Prime?.. The only chick in the game with
more than a B-cup? Even if they are scaley and gross.. anyway, if you
don’t have Liara in your party, one of your NPCs will suggest getting
her. Either way, you have to get Anoleis to give you clearance to go
after her. Continue down the stairs to the right and up the elevator.

Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan//Administrator Anoleis
Noveria: Matriarch Benezia//To Peak 15

Noveria: Port Hanshan Plaza
3) Go into the shop to the right and talk to the Hanar shopkeep named
‘Merchant Opold.’ He’ll ask you to bring an item through customs for
him. Unlike some assignments, if you say ‘no’ he’ll leave the offer
open to you. Nice of him, eh? You can buy some crappy licenses here,
which I wouldn’t suggest, and a Medigel upgrade. He can also sell you
some good non-human armors. (Colossus, Predator, for example.) so you
might want to save/load to get him to stock some. Also, if you’re doing
Noveria early and you don’t have any better gear.. his Titan IV armor
for humans is worth considering. Yeah, I know I said not to buy
anything, but it could be a long time before you find better armor, and
ten to twenty thousand credits isn’t a bad price to pay for the decent
damage protection that armor has.

If you accept the assignment, you can ask who the recipient is. You’ll
have to Charm/Intimidate the Hanar to get him to tell you though.
There’s no immediate reward for this, but if you DO Charm/Intimidate
the Hanar, you can go to the Hotel and screw the Hanar over by selling
directly to the buyer.. and then again, you can always turn the
‘evidence’ over to Anoleis, which will be covered last of all the
options below.

If you have at least 6 ranks in Charm you can convince the Hanar that
it would be stupid to help smuggle for a potential enemy.

If you have at least 4 ranks in Intimidate you can threaten to not help
if he doesn’t tell you.

Noveria: Smuggling//Retrieve the Package

If you didn’t Charm/Intimidate, you need to go pick up the package now,
which is in a crate outside the Normandy handily named “Opold’s
Package.” You can turn the package over to Opold now, decide to keep it
for yourself (it’s a random level-based weapon mod, the likes of which
you’ve likely sold by the dozen by now) or if you found out who the
buyer is, you can take it to them (see below.) If you give it to Opold,
he’ll give you a measly 250 credits. You can haggle for more with
Charm/Intimidate.. but even then you only get 500 credits.

If you have at least 5 ranks in Charm you can point out that the Hanar
needed you to make any profit.

If you have at least 6 ranks in Intimidate you can insult the Hanars’

Head over to the Hotel, go up the stairs, and talk to a Krogan named
Inamorda. He’ll ask you to sell the package to him directly, bypassing
Opold and getting more money. Bring the package back, and he’ll offer
you 500 credits. Charm/Intimidate him and he’ll offer more.. up to 750
credits. Any way you cut it, you’ll get some Renegade points for
cutting out Opold.

If you have at least 6 ranks in Charm you can tell him it’s worth more
than 500 credits.

If you have at least 4 ranks in Intimidate you can threaten him with
bodily harm.

Renegade +2

Finally, if you give Anoleis the upgrade, he’ll thank you, and give
you 200 credits, and a pass to leave the port. I prefer to not help him,
since I don’t like him. And he puts conditions on your behavior with
Benezia.. which doesn’t do a damn thing, but still.. cocky little
lizard.. Err.. But this is a way you can go about it. You can also
Charm/Intimidate him into letting you keep the mod.

If you have at least 7 ranks in Charm you can say you’ll impound it..
for safety and stuff.

If you have at least 5 ranks in Intimidate you can say you can’t leave
the mod in the hands of a civilian.
4) Go to the ‘Administration Office’ and ask Giana to let you see
Anoleis. You can also question her about things, if you want. Anoleis
will have some alternative quest options for you after you trigger them
elsewhere. Namely, you can give him Opold’s upgrade instead of various
other alternatives (see above) and you can also bring Lorik’s OSD to
Anoleis instead of Lorik. Both of which are covered in their proper
5) Now go to the elevator near ‘Synthetic Insights’ and talk to
Lilihierax for another missions. When you’re done talking to him go up
to the ‘Hotel’ elevator.

Noveria: Peak 15//Mysterious Rumors

Noveria: Port Hanshan Mezzanine
6) As soon as you enter the large room in front of you, an Asari will
ask for a moment of your time. Fortunately, unlike most NPCs, she’s not
pushy enough to force you into a conversation. How considerate. She
wants you to talk to a man representing Binary Helix named Rafael
Vargas and plant a bug on him. Short story even shorter, she wants you
to keep a conversation going with him long enough for her device to do
its job. If you go all-Paragon, you’ll get a large amount of Paragon

Noveria: Espionage//Keep Him Talking

Paragon +8 (Pick the option “Not this time” to forfeit the assignment.)
Paragon +2 (Take the assignment, then quit, picking the “This is wrong

Up the stairs you can listen to a Salarian Businessman talk about
something fishy going on in Synthetic Insights. Uh. Okay.
7) Now it’s time to talk to Rafael.. if you accepted the assignment. Go
over to him and initiate conversation. You can rat out Mallene. We’ll
cover that first. Go back to Mallene and either tell her the truth. She
will ask why, after which you can either answer with a Paragon or
Renegade response for a few points in either. If you lie to her, you’ll
get a good amount of Renegade, and then get the chance to
Charm/Intimidate her.

If you have at least 3 ranks in Charm you can get Mallene to give you
more money for your dis-service.

If you have at least 4 ranks in Intimidate you can threaten to rat
her out to Vargas.

OR… if you try to go through the conversation with Vargas, you’ll
have to succeed at a number charm/intimidate challenges to keep him
talking long enough to succeed. If you don’t succeed at enough and
he catches on, you’ll fail to accomplish your goal. If you succeed at
two Charm/Intimidates, you can just talk through the rest. Claim your
reward and Charm/Intimidate Mallene for more money.. and some Paragon
and Renegade. Keep in mind that if you keep either Charming him or
Intimidating him, the next Charm/Intimidate will be easier. For
example, if you Charm him the first time, the second question will
require a six Charm, whereas the second Intimidate will require
eight Intimidate. I would like to point out that, no matter how
satisfying it would be, you can’t rat Mellena out AFTER you completed
the assignment.. but then again, I guess there wouldn’t be much point.

About the Citadel having Salarians provide enhancements..
If you have at least 3 ranks in Charm you can tell him you renegotiate
terms yearly.. Blah.

If you have at least 3 ranks in Intimidate you can tell him to stop
wasting your time.

When he’s telling you the specs of the product..
If you have at least 6 ranks in Charm you can say you never heard of a
technique that reduces muscle degeneracy.

If you have at least 6 ranks in Intimidate you can tell him that his
product isn’t good enough.

When he tells you he can work in a sensor enhancement package..
If you have at least 9 ranks in Charm you can ask him about

If you have at least 9 ranks in Intimidate you can tell him not to try
and rip you off.

Renegade +9 (Lie to Mallene about telling Vargas)
Renegade +2 (Complete the assignment and Charm/Intimidate Mallene.)
8) A little ways further in you’ll find a seated Turian named Lorik
Qui’in. He’ll tell you that Anoleis is corrupt, and his goons are
ransacking his offices (Synthetic Insights) for the evidence Qui’in
has on him. Wee. Head back down the elevator and take the elevator to
Synthetic Insights. Note that you can go upstairs and decrypt a
‘Security Control Unit’ and disable the Synthetic Insights Security.

Noveria: Synthetic Insights Offices
9) When you arrive, two ERCS Guards will try and stop you. If you don’t
use Charm/Intimidate, a fight ensues.. which isn’t really a bad thing.
Either way there’s going to be fighting.. this just gives you a chance
to get rid of some of your enemies peacefully.. and to get some
Paragon or Renegade. You’ll want to head upstairs to get to the computer
that has the info you want. It’ll be identified as ‘Lorik Qui’in’s
Computer’. On your way out, Kaira Stirling-one of the hussies who was
giving you trouble earlier-will come out. Answer her with either a
Paragon or a Renegade response to get some alignment points. Wrex in
particular has a good comeback for her.. Ah.. Wrex. Kill her cronies
and leave.

If you have at least 6 ranks in Charm you can call the Guards out on
the fact that Anoleis paid them.

If you have at least 8 ranks in Intimidate you can point out that
you can kill them.

Paragon +2
Paragon +8 (Charm the Guards)
Renegade +2
Renegade +9 (Intimidate the Guards)
10) Now you have some choices.. either give the OSD to Lorik, or to
Anoleis. Considering I just shot up a dozen of his cronies, I’m more
disposed towards Lorik. Gianna will be waiting for you outside of the
elevator. She’ll tell you to talk to her before you give the evidence
to Qui’in.

If you want to help Lorik, go find him. You have two options, get him
to testify (like Gianna wants) or give him his evidence. If you get him
to testify by Charm/Intimidate, you’ll get a whopping amount to either
your paragon or renegade scores, depending. If you just hand the
evidence over you can Charm/Intimidate him into giving you more loot.

(testify against Anoleis)
If you have at least 5 ranks in Charm you can tell Qui’in he’ll be a

If you have at least 5 ranks in Intimidate you can threaten to turn
the evidence over to Anoleis if Qui’in doesn’t testify.

(turn over the evidence)
If you have at least 8 ranks in Charm you can tell him that he owes

If you have at least 7 ranks in Intimidate you can tell Qui’in that
you saved him from a nasty prison shower scene.

Paragon +24 (Charm Qui’in into testifying)
Renegade +25 (Intimidate Qui’in into testifying)

If you decide to be Anoleis’ crony, you can always give him the
OSD for the pass you’re after, and some substantial Renegade points.
You don’t get anything out of Charming him though.. in fact, you
sacrifice what Renegade points you would have otherwise received. If
you Intimidate him you get your pass AND you get to keep the evidence,
which then lets you turn it over to Gianna, and get both the Renegade
and Paragon rewards.

If you have at least 4 ranks in Charm you can tell Anoleis that all
you care about is finding Benezia.

If you have at least 4 ranks in Intimidate you can threaten Anoleis,
and keep the evidence.

Paragon +8 (Give Lorik’s Evidence to Gianna)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate Anoleis)

There is yet ANOTHER option, however. If you go tell Anoleis that
Gianna is investigating him he’ll ‘fire’ his secretary and you’ll get a
whopping bonus to your Renegade score. Go in after the.. firing.. and
obtain Anoleis’ hall pass. You can then go back to Lorik and haggle for
a small reward from him, as well. My favorite solution is to go get
Lorik’s evidence, convince Lorik to testify against Anoleis, and then
go leak Gianna’s identity to Anoleis. It ends with an outstanding
+50 to your Renegade total, two dead corporate assholes, a handful of
credits from Lorik, and a bunch of paperwork for the legitimate
authorities. What’s not to like?

Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan
Noveria: Lorik Qui’in

Renegade +25 (Reveal Gianna’s identity to Anoleis)

Regardless of how you get your pass, who you side with, when you get it
head to the Garage.
11) Shortly after entering you’ll be ambushed by some geth. After they
are slag, Maeko Matsuo will enter. Talk to her and get in the Mako.
Time to go hunting old blue ladies.

Noveria: Aleutsk Valley
12) Okay.. I’m not going to go into detail over this area, really. We’ve
done this too many times, you and I. Your goal: Get from point A to
point B in the Mako, killing Geth as you go. Get out of the Mako to
get more experience, and don’t stay out too long.. Cold Hazard, and all.
As you might expect from Artemis Tau and Feros, you’ll have to deal
with rocket troopers, armatures, turrets.. nothing you haven’t faced
before. You’ll eventually reach a building with conveniently placed
rubble in front of the door, forcing you to hoof it.

Noveria: Peak 15 Garage
13) Once you get inside you’ll be attacked by some geth and Krogans. Kill
them. Once they’re dead, an announcement will broadcast telling you
that the VI interface is offline until the reactor is started up again.
Head up some stairs and through a door. One of your party members will
mention some turrets facing the wrong way. Head into the Security Room.
For some loot, then go up an elevator.

Noveria: Peak 15 Administration
14) Go through a door to the outside and kill some geth. When they’re
dead, you’ll get a cutscene showing off some new foes.. the Rachni. What
sci-fi game would be complete without bug aliens? In one of the rooms
investigate a terminal called ‘Gravitic Weapons Research’ for a Codex.
Go through some more doors and up another elevator.

Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Weapons: Disruptor Torpedoes

Noveria: Peak 15 Mira Core
16) Exit the elevator and blast the little bugs you see. Go further into
the room, run around the round thingy, and access the Mira Core. The
core will lower, giving you access to the memory core, which you can
either repair manually, or by using 100 Omni-gel. To fix it manually,
you have to play a little ‘game’ where you need to move all four of
the blue blocks under the ‘X’ button to the ones under the ‘Y’ and ‘B’

One of my responders to this FAQ, Dragonskye, has given me a much better
solution to this puzzle than my own (at least, she seems to understand
HOW she solved it) so I’ll go with what she said. I was able to use
her solution right from the e-mail without even looking at the game, so
I’d say it’s a solid solution. Here’s what she has for us:

“This is a logic puzzle. The point is to move the blocks from column X
to column B. The problem is that you can ONLY move a block that is
smaller in a column onto a block that is larger than it. The easiest
way is as follows:”

You should see three columns on your screen, two are empty (Y and B)
and one has a bunch of lit-up blocks of varying sizes in it (X).
They are numbered here from smallest to largest (X-1 is the smallest
block, X-4 is the largest, the X on the top is just for reference.)

| X | Y | B |
| X-1 | Y-1 | B-1 |
| X-2 | Y-2 | B-2 |
| X-3 | Y-3 | B-3 |
| X-4 | Y-4 | B-4 |

Move the corresponding block on the left to the location on the right.
(Or just hit the buttons in order from left to right.. the lazy man’s

X,Y,X,B,Y,B,X,Y,B,X,B,Y,X,Y,X,B,Y,B,Y,X,B,X,Y,B,X,Y,X,B,Y,B. Whew!)

X-1 —> Y-1
X-2 —> B-2
Y-1 —> B-1
X-3 —> Y-3
B-1 —> X-1
B-2 —> Y-2
X-1 —> Y-1
X-4 —> B-4
Y-1 —> B-1
Y-2 —> X-2
B-1 —> X-1
Y-3 —> B-3
X-1 —> Y-1
X-2 —> B-2
Y-1 —> B-1

..or just use 100 Omni-gel. It’s not like it’s good for anything else.

Now you get to talk to Mira, a VI. You’ll eventually find out that you
need to reactivate the tram to get over to where Benezia is. To do that,
you’ll need to reactive the reactor and the landlines. Anyway, talk to
the VI all you want, then get to work. Turn around and head through the
door, up some stairs, and into an elevator.

Noveria: Peak 15

Noveria: Peak 15 Roof
17) Leave the elevator and continue until you reach an outdoor area. It’s
swarming with Rachni, so get to exterminating. When that’s done,
head towards the ! on your mini-map and activate the ‘Landline.’ Now
head back to the main room and head into one of the previously-locked
side doors, through some tunnels, and into an elevator. You’ll probably
get attacked by some Rachni on your way, but it’s nothing serious.

Noveria: Reconnect Landlines

Noveria: Peak 15 Reactor Core
18) Head out of the elevator into a small room and do some looting. You
can go down either side tunnel, each takes you to the same place, and
each has a geth destroyer waiting for you. In the more open area are
some geth stalkers. Head to the middle and activate the reactor. Nobody
said powering a Helium-3 reactor had to be hard.. unlike transferring
memory logs for a VI. There is also a side-ramp that leads to a room
up top where you can score some extra loot. Now head back to the main
room again, and go into the formerly locked door across the room. You
can expect another Rachni to pop up.. it almost seems like they were
trying to be scary on Noveria.. I don’t know, keep going until you
reach.. another elevator.

Noveria: Reactor Repair

Noveria: Peak 15 Tram
19) Off the elevator, go to the door on your right and access Mira.
She’ll tell you about some plasma jets that can make short work of the
Rachni in the tunnel ahead. You can also ask about the Hot Labs and Rift
Station. You have a couple of options now. You can open the door
yourself (average decryption), activate the plasma jet failsafes (hard
decryption), or get Mira to open the door for you. The best experience
reward comes from using the failsafe, so I suggest doing that. Once
done, head through decontamination and onto the tram.

Noveria: Contamination

Noveria: Rift Station Lower Level//Main Level
20) Head through this area and find the elevator to the Science Station.
Once there, you’ll come across a security barricade, where a Captain
Ventralis will be waiting. Talk to him, you can score some paragon or
renegade points depending on your responses. When you’re done talking
to him, a pair of Rachni will attack. Dispose of them, and you can
talk to Ventralis some more. When you’re done, head north-east from
the barricade and enter the ‘Medical Bay’. Oh, you can skip the
following parts (2-6) by heading past the area marked ‘Security’. Of
course, this bypasses some side quests, kills some NPCs, and is just
lazy. For shame. You’ll shoot your way through ERCS Guards and
turrets on your way to the Secure Lab, and you can resume following
the FAQ at Sequence #7.

You can ask him about the security of Rift station, which makes him
respond touchily. You can charm/intimidate for information on the
security system, which may come in handy later. Either one you use,
you get the same info, just different dialogue. At least three points
of charm/intimidate should do it.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2
21) There are lots of people you can talk to, including a taciturn
Asari named Alestia Iallis, an Elcor named Petozi (who doubles as a
merchant, should you need to unload some loot), and a Salarian named
Dr. Palon. None of which do much besides add some flavor at this point.
If you go into the ‘Guard Barracks’, you can snag some loot. Head to the
west and go down some stairs.
22) Talk to Dr. Zev Cohen and get him to spill the beans on the sick
folks. He’ll tell you the sickies were exposed to a toxin, and as
usual you can charm/intimidate for more info. Of course, you don’t get
any points for anything, so it really doesn’t matter.. You can also
mess around with the Mira terminal, but she has little information to
offer. After you’re done with that, talk to Captain Ventralis again,
who lets you have access to the Quarantine Lab with little fuss. If you
return to Dr. Zev, you can try and charm/intimidate him to give you his
maintenance pass. If you aren’t able to do so, you’ll just have to go
save his buddies.. which will net you experience, so it’s not all bad.
Head to the elevator marker on your map labeled ‘Elevator to Quarantine

Noveria: Quarantine

If you have at least 8 ranks in Charm or Intimidate, you can get
Zev to spill the beans. For what good it does you.

If you have at least 5 ranks in Charm, you can offer to protect them
in exchange for the card.

If you have at least 4 ranks in Intimidate, you can threaten to shoot
your way into maintenance.
23) You’ll exit into the ‘Scientist Barracks’, within which you can find
Han Olar. He’ll provide more backstory, and tell you how to get into
maintenance if you don’t already know. To the north, you’ll find
maintenance, to the south, you’ll find the Quarantine Lab. If you have
the maintenance pass, you can skip the rest of this section, if not,
go bug the ERCS Guard outside the door to the lab. He’s impolite-to
say the least-especially if you don’t have the captain’s permission to
24) Enter the Quarantine Lab and go into the rooms to the right before
you make the cure to pick up some loot. In the first room, in the
far-left corner is a terminal that will allow you to ‘Make Cure.’ To
make the cure, hit the highlighted button when the bar above fills to
a point in between the two guide triangles. Once that’s done, you’ll be
confronted by the Asari from downstairs. Leave the lab and head back to
Dr. Cohen. Han Olar will chat with you along the way, and tell you the
geth came from maintenance. Give the cure to Dr. Zev, and he’ll thank
you and give you the maintenance pass. You can try to extract more out
of him via charm/intimidate. Either way, you get a whopping amount of
Paragon for being such a nice guy/gal. As a note, this is where I
unlocked the Completionist and Soldier Ally achievements.

If you have at least 4 ranks in Charm, you can convince him to give you
some Medi-gel.

If you have at least 7 ranks in Intimidate, you can.. do the same thing
you could’ve done with Charm, but more meanly.

Paragon +24
25) Now head back up to the Scientist Barracks and go north to reach
the Secure Lab. En route you’ll be attacked by a Rachni in a natural
cave formation. You’ll reach a junction where the route from the
restricted access area and the maintenance tunnels link up, and yes,
you can go back through the restricted area to pick a fight with the
ERCS Guards to milk this place for all its worth. Head to the ‘Secure
Lab’ to move forward.
26) You’ll be confronted by Benezia when you reach the ‘Secure Lab’.
She’ll characteristically tell you that her and Saren were breeding the
Rachni to set them loose on their enemies. There is a bit more dialogue
if you have Liara in your party, but a fight ensues nonetheless. Benezia
is pretty much invulnerable as the fight begins. She’ll use her ‘Power
Level’ to summon bad guys, in multiple rounds. Don’t waste your time
shooting Benezia, instead waste her guards. She’ll hit you with biotics
and pistol fire during, but by this point in the game, it’s more an
annoyance than a threat. First she’ll summon some Asari commandos. Next
it will be some geth troopers, then some geth snipers. After they are
dead, you’ll chat with Benezia a bit more. She’ll give you an OSD with
the location of the Mu relay on it, then attack again. This time, you
can-and should-hurt her. She’ll have some more commandos come out, to
help her, but once they’re dead, the battle is over.
27) Now you get to deal with the Rachni queen. This would be a bit of a
fight, I imagine, if she wasn’t sealed in a containment tube. As it is,
the big bug is at your mercy. It’ll do what all big ugly aliens do in
this game, and take control of an Asari in order to speak to you. It’ll
tell you that the Rachni are rampaging because they were isolated and
trained for warfare-as opposed to all the perfectly sane ones that
nearly overran Citadel space two thousand years ago. The Rachni queen
will ask to be released, but you’re also in the position to eliminate
her, and the Rachni race with her. No matter who you have in your party,
one will always pick each side. Obviously a paragon/renegade choice
here. Do what you will, but I for one, do not think the idea of Rachni
on the loose bodes well for the sequel. Besides, it’s not like you
haven’t-and won’t later-encounter Rachni in space. You’re not quite
done with this place yet. Do some looting and head down the eastern
side of the map, towards the area with two elevators. Take the elevator
that leads to the ‘Hot Lab.’

Noveria: Death of a Matriarch
Noveria: Rift Station

Paragon +24 (release the Rachni Queen)
Renegade +25 (terminate the Rachni Queen)
28) Head into the room opposite the elevator to talk to Yaroslev
Tartakovsky. He’ll fill in more backstory, and tell you about setting
off a neutron purge to destroy the remaining Rachni. Ask him about how
to set off the purge, and a Rachni will waste him. Kill the Rachni and
get the codes off of his body. Go into the room opposite the elevator
and activate the Mira Terminal. Give her the code, which initiates a
two-minute countdown. A horde of Rachni appear between you and the exit,
but most of the bogies on your radar are for show. You can easily
empty the room of Rachni and make it down the elevator in good time.
If you stand in the doorway, you can simply pick them off without
letting the bigger Rachni melee you. Head down the elevator and to the

Noveria: The Hot Labs

Normandy: Post-Noveria
29) Back to the Normandy again, and another chance to wrangle with
the council. Now.. if you happened to be pursuing a romance, you’ll
get encountered by the other two potential members of the love triangle,
either Ashley or Kaiden and Liara. You’ve got to tell one of them off,
so make your pick. This is one part of the game, I’ll concede, is better
if you’re male Shepard. Unfortunately, he still finds a way to come off
acting like a retarded teenager. In any case, make sure you pick the
special friend you want. You won’t get another chance.

Go around talking to folks, you can delve deeper into some of their
histories and get some more Codexes. You’ll get the Codexes listed
below by talking to the following characters, in order: Kaiden,
Garrus, and Wrex. I find Wrex’s new story to be particularly
interesting.. Ah, Wrex. When you’re done head to the galactic map and
head to the Sentry Omega cluster, Hoc System, and land on Virmire.

Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Salarians: Biology
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Turians: Religion
Secondary- Aliens: Non-Council Races//Krogan: Biology

| |
| Virmire |
| |
Now, provided you’ve done two of the following three events: Artemis
Tau, Feros, or Noveria, the next time you go to your galactic map in the
Normandy you’ll get a message from the council, informing you about the
situation on Virmire. After which, you can freely travel to Virmire at
any point in time.. either before or after your last original story
mission. Virmire is a bit more.. climactic than the other missions, so I
save it for last.

Virmire//Go to Virmire
Race Against Time//Find the Conduit

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Primary- Planets and Locations//Planets: Virmire
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Salarians: Special Tasks Group

Virmire: Landing Zone
Sequence of Events: {WLK007}
1) The first Gatehouse
2) Gatehouse 2 and 3
3) The Salarian Camp
4) Disrupt Geth Communications
5) Take down the Satellite Uplink
6) Destroy the Refueling Bay
7) Infiltrate the Base
8a) North Entrance
9a) To the Security Office
8b) South Entrance
9b) To the Security Office
10) Detention Cells
11) The Lab
12) Speaking with Sovereign
13) Special Delivery
14) Martyrdom
15) Scuffle with Saren
16) Normandy, Post-Virmire

1) You’ll start out on the surface of Virmire beside the Mako, with an
initial goal of taking out some AA towers so the Normandy can land.
Sounds simple enough, get in the Mako and blast your way through the
bad guys! Follow your map the only direction you can go, destroying
enemies on the way to the gatehouse. Remember, smite your inorganic
foes on foot for more juicy experience. Most of the enemies will be
drones and troopers. When you reach the gatehouse, leave the Mako and
search it, unless you don’t like experience and loot.
2) Leave the first gatehouse and head towards the next two. They’ll
throw some more serious geth at you en route, like colossi and
armatures. They’ll even be tricky-dicky and split the paths on you!
Oh nos! Make sure you kill all the Geth biggun’s for the experience.
When you get to the gate, disembark and head up the stairs, smashing
geth as you go. Head into a room across from the stairs and shut down
the AA Gun Power Controls and activate the Gate Controls. Get in the
Mako and head to the third gatehouse just down the way. Repeat the
process with the third gatehouse and head to the Salarian Camp. You’ll
get a yummy reward when you reach there. As a progress note, here is
where I officially hit level 50, and unlocked the ‘Power Gamer’
3) You’ll disembark and get into a conversation with a Salarian named
Captain Kirrahe, who will tell you that every AA gun within ten miles
is now gunning for the Normandy. While you’re grounded, you might as
well help Kirrahe with his little problem. It seems Saren found a cure
for the genophage, and is breeding an army of krogan. Needless to say,
Saren can’t have his army, and Wrex isn’t too happy about the idea of
destroying what cure there is. You can buy goodies from Commander
Rentola, who has a Medigel upgrade for sale. When you’re ready to move
on, go talk to Wrex.

Having done the armor quest I was able to save Wrex by just picking the
topmost option every time (I had a measly three points into Charm at
the time.) Hell, so long as you DON’T pick a renegade response, he will
yield to reason. If you did NOT get Wrex’s armor earlier just picking
the Paragon responses will not work, you’ll need to use charm/intimidate
to save him. If you pick renegade responses to the point where the
charm/intimidate option comes up, and shoot Wrex, it’s game over for the
krogan. If you wuss out at this point, Ashley does it for you. The
option where you have three responses-two on the left, and one on the
right-is the pivotal point of the conversation for Wrex’s survival, play
nice here, and you should be fine. Frankly, however, it’s better to just
have gotten his armor for him, and have talked to him after each story
mission. Much better alignment rewards, and you get to keep your krogan.

If you have at least 8 ranks in either Charm or Intimidate, you can
get Wrex to back down.

Paragon +2 (You kill Wrex, and pick the Paragon reposes following)
[This is in addition to the 25 Renegade points]
Paragon +8 (Ashley kills Wrex, you choose Paragon responses following)
Paragon +8 (You Charm Wrex)
Paragon +28 (You talk Wrex out of insubordination)
Renegade +9 (You Intimidate Wrex)
Renegade +25 (You kill Wrex)

when that’s done, talk to Kirrahe. You’ll need to infiltrate Saren’s
base with a small squad while Kirrahe provides a distraction. The goal?
Use the Salarian’s ships’ drive core to function as a crude nuclear
bomb. Translation? You and two other teammates shoot the hell out of
everything you see. You’ll need to send one of you human buddies to
accompany the Salarians, so pick whichever one you’re least attached
to. Talk to the captain to gain some Codexes and continue when you’re
ready. The Salarian gives a little pep talk to his squad, and the
assault commences.

Virmire: Assault

Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe’s Team

Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Salarians: Government
Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Salarians: Military Doctrine

Virmire: Base Approach
4) Now you’re back in control again, head to the north to the
‘Communications Tower’. Kill the geth in the way and disrupt the
‘Triangulation Tower’. This will help Kirrahe’s team, and net you some
paragon points.

Paragon +2
5) Now head west, fighting geth as you go. Your target is the
Satellite Uplink Tower. The Satellite Uplink is on the roof of the
overhang directly across from the ramp you took. Aim up, and shoot it
to score more points for the good guys.

Paragon +2
6) You’ll find yourself on a number of bridges. Head north for the
Refueling Platform. Once there, blow up the fuel tank and the geth
flyers to help out your Salarian buddies.

Paragon +8
7) Head on over to the west, the area marked on your map as the
Research Facility. Kill the paltry defenders outside and head into
the door to the north. Alternatively, there is a locked door you can
enter to the south. Follow the ‘A’ paths if you go through the north
entrance, and the ‘B’ paths if you go through the south. They both link
up, so it doesn’t really matter which you choose.
8a) Go across some bridge until you reach a Security Console. Activate
it and you’ll be able to cut the alarms. You can also trigger the
alarms to draw the bad guys to the Salarian squads. You’ll get paragon
points for leaving the guards in the base, and renegade points for
luring them to the Salarians.

Paragon +8
Renegade +9
9a) Now head into the room marked as Warehouse on your map. Kill the
indoctrinated Salarians and geth inside as you move to Maintenance,
and eventually down a hallway that leads to the Security Office. When
you enter you’ll get a status report from Kirrahe. If you got the base
security on them, they’ll be in trouble, if not, the captain tells
Alenko to lay off so the enemies don’t bunker up. In the Security Office
search the ‘Salarian Intel Report’ for a Codex if you haven’t gotten it
from Kirrahe. You can also shut off the alarm if you lured the bad guys
to the Salarians. You can go through the door that is marked ‘To Labs’
to explore the base area that leads to the south ‘B’ entrance (see
sequence 5b for the back-track information.) Head through the door
marked ‘To Detention Cells’ when you’re ready (Sequence 7.)

Secondary- Aliens: Council Races//Salarians: Military Doctrine
8b) You’ll head through what look like sewers and into the Maintenance
Bay. You’ll wax a couple of indoctrinated Salarians and get to a
Security Console. Activate it and you’ll be able to cut the alarms.
You can also trigger the alarms to draw the bad guys to the Salarian
squads. You’ll get paragon points for leaving the guards in the base,
and renegade points for luring them to the Salarians. Head through the
now-unlocked door and kill two more indoctrinated. Search behind the
stairs for a good bit of loot, then go up them to reach Virmire: Labs.

Paragon +8
Renegade +9

Virmire: Labs
9b) You are in a room called Cell Block B. Talk to one of the Salarian
prisoners, who wants to be let loose. If you do so, all the prisoners
are freed, and you’ll get attacked by the ingrates. Still, it’s paragon
to free them, and renegade to leave them in there. Even though it’s
amusing to see the Salarian bust his face on the glass, paragon gives
more points in this instance. Head down the stairs at the far end of
the room and through a door. You’re now in the Security Office (see
sequence 6a for the back-track information.) Head through the door
marked ‘To Detention Cells’ when you’re ready (Sequence 7.)

Paragon +8
Renegade +2

Virmire: Detainment Level
10) Exit to the outside and take a right and go through the door. Talk
to another captured Salarian. Again, it’s paragon to let him go, and
renegade to leave him inside. Once you decide, search another cell with
four mindless Salarians inside. Again, paragon if you let them go,
renegade to open up the door and put them out of their misery. Pretty
ruthless too. Now, after they are dead, you can go back to the first
cell and let the Salarian out after all. This way, you can net a total
of renegade +20 and paragon +2. Not bad. Now head back and take the
elevator up to ‘The Lab.’ Mind you, not the stairs to ‘The Labs.’ Meh.

Renegade +9
Renegade +11
Paragon +2
Paragon +4

Virmire: Labs
11) In the Genophage Labs are a number of husks in suspended animation.
Go too far in and they’ll be set free, and along with a krogan ‘Dr.
Droyas’ they will attack. That’s right, a krogan scientist found a cure
for the genophage.. with help. Makes you think the Salarians just
weren’t really trying, eh? Head through the door in the room and across
the bridges to reach the Security Office.. err.. the other one. Inside
is an Asari named Rana Thanoptis. What the conversation comes down to..
as usual.. is the decision to either spare her, or fill her head with
bullets. Since you get nothing for being nice.. and since it’s so much
fun.. I introduce her to Shepard’s pistol. Now exit the room, and go
across a bridge. Keep going until you reach an elevator.

Renegade +9

Virmire: Communication Tower
12) Head down the stairs and investigate the ‘Communications Panel’ to
get another creepy flash-memory, like on Eden Prime. On your way out,
you’ll be introduce to Sovereign, public enemy #1. When it’s done
talking, it breaks a bunch of glass to show that it is scary, and the
mission continues. Head back through the Security Room and onto the
bridge, where a new path has been lowered.. just follow the bad guys.

Virmire: Base Main Level
13) Once you reach the ‘Base Main Level’ you can immediately go down
some stairs and grab some loot. Continue until you reach the area marked
Turret Control on your map. Kill the enemies and deactivate the turret
controls. Kill more bad guys when they arrive and go up the elevator.
You’ll come to an open area with water on the ground, kill any get you
see and keep going. The Normandy will land and drop off the nuke. Just
as things seem to be going smoothly, Kaiden/Ashley will tell you they’re
pinned on the AA tower (whomever you weren’t traveling with. The other
will stay behind and set the nuke while you head to rescue the previous.
So pick your two favorite aliens and get going.

Virmire: Krogan Breeding Grounds/Base Main Level
14) Head down the southern ‘Breeding Trench’ to reach the AA tower.
Break through the krogan and geth in your way, and be wary of the krogan
warlord. If he charges, use a biotic like throw, lift, or singularity
to stall him. Get into the elevator and take it up to the Base Main
Level. En route to your stranded squadmate, a geth dropship lands and
reinforcements attack the nuke site, prompting your other squadmate to
activate the nuke. You now have to make a choice, go on to the AA tower
and save whomever is in there, or go back to the nuke site and save
that NPC. You can only save one, so choose well. If you are nice to the
person you condemn, you’ll get paragon points, and if you choose the
renegade response, you’ll get renegade points. Don’t forget to loot
the crate nearby, either way. Because everybody cares, this is where
I found my first suit of Colossus armor on my first playthrough. Of
course, I simply bought it before Feros this time around, but I still
remember the badassness this armor imposed when I first got it.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2
15) In my game, this leaves Kaiden to die, even though he was my Shep’s
romantic interest. Maybe the next game will put forward a male NPC who
is less of a weenie. I head back to the nuke site to rescue Ashley, a
far more interesting and manly character. When you get back to the
Breeding Grounds, you’ll have to dispatch several rather hardy geth.
After that’s done, Saren shows up silver-surfer style and confronts you.
A fight will eventually ensue, just shoot Saren up and dodge the rare
rocket he sends at you. Saren will retreat when he takes enough damage.
You grab your wounded comrade and head aboard the Normandy, which
narrowly escapes the detonation.

If you have at least 7 ranks in either charm or intimidate, you can try
and reason with Saren, although the attempt is ultimately futile at
this point. You’ll net a tiny boost to your Renegade/Paragon score if
you charm/intimidate him.

Paragon +2 (Charm Saren)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate Saren)

Normandy: Post-Virmire
16) The surviving member of your team feels guilty they survived, and
Liara bothers you with more mind-melding, but manages to determine
Saren’s goal: Ilos. You can then access the council, they play the usual
politics-good cop-bad cop-and ultimately don’t believe you about the
reapers. If you’re disobedient with the council, you’ll get some
renegade. If you helped Kirrahe’s team enough, him and some of his
subordinates will be on the Normandy. If you didn’t, Kirrahe will have
died during the mission. By now the Requisitions Officer was selling me
level X Spectre weapons, so I indulged myself. When you go to the
galactic map, you’ll get the good news that the council is sending in a
fleet to Ilos, all you have to do is go back and meet with Udina at the

Renegade +2

| |
| Even More Sidequests on the Citadel |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK008}
1) Grounded
2) Terra Firma
3) Drugged Diplomat
4) Insubordination
5) The Last Ride
6) Virtual Rape

1) You’ll meet with the council one last time, and they’ll reveal their
true colors. Instead of sending you after Saren, they ground the
Normandy. Fortunately Captain Anderson has a plan, all you have to do
is go meet him in the club Flux. If you’re saucy with the council and
Udina, you can score some renegade. As you go through the Citadel,
make sure to complete all side-quests you have left. You won’t get
another chance.

Renegade +2

Citadel: Upper Wards
2) En-route to Flux, you’ll run into a bunch of human protesters led by
Charles Saracino. He’s part of a political organization called the
“Terra Firma” party, and he wants your support. Either accept or
decline. Accepting to support him is a renegade action, denying is a
paragon action.

Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy

Paragon +2
Renegade +2
3) Just outside of flux will be a man named Elias Keeler, who wants you
to fetch some stims for him. If you don’t get him any, nothing happens,
and he waits until you change your mind. Clearly the game wants you to
help him dope himself. If you tell him he’s an addict, you’ll get a
chance to charm/intimidate him, or get him the drugs. If you want to
just go get him the drugs, pay your old friend Dr. Michel a visit. You
can either get him a Depressant, or a Stimulant. While you’re here, you
might as well get her Medigel Upgrade, if you haven’t already. When you
get back to him, you can give him the stimulant he wants, or the
depressant. Since you get some hefty renegade for doping him with a
depressant, I give that to him. Besides, it’s not like I need money

Citadel: Negotiator’s Request

If you have at least 4 ranks in Charm, you can tell him he’s the only
one using drugs to negotiate.. which leads to another, more difficult
charm/intimidate attempt.

If you have at least 3 ranks in Intimidate, you can tell him he’s not
helping by risking arrest.. which leads to another, more difficult
charm/intimidate attempt.

(After charming or intimidating him the first time)

If you have at least 8 ranks in Charm, you can tell him the negotiation
isn’t worth his life.

If you have at least 7 ranks in Intimidate, you can strong arm him into

Paragon +8 (Charm Keeler twice)
Renegade +9 (Give Keeler the Depressant)
Renegade +2 (Intimidate Keeler twice)

Citadel: Flux and Wards Access
4) Now that those distractions are out of the way-two assignments about
human bigotry right after the council bones you-I finally get to Flux.
Captain Anderson is sitting by one of the tables on the lower level.
Talk to him. He knows a way to get you ungrounded, but it involves him
either evading Citadel control, or hacking into Udina’s computer. Once
the decision is made, head down to the Normandy. The big difference as
far as I can tell between the two options? If he goes after Citadel
Control he’ll take a bullet for the cause of good. If he goes after
Udina’s computer, we all get the satisfaction of seeing Udina get what’s
coming to him. Part of what’s coming to him, in any event.

Normandy: The Final Ride
5) Go around and chat with everybody, it’ll be your last time aboard the
Normandy, and your last time talking to some of the NPCs. Make sure you
check out the Styx cluster before you head off, too. There are two
systems you can explore there to wrap up all the sidequests. When you’re
ready, travel to Ilos.
6) Now is when the climatic scene of your romance will trigger, if
you’ve maintained good relations with your significant other, and if
you haven’t nuked them at Virmire. If you don’t turn them down, you’ll
get to see the raunchy, steaming, hardcore sex scene that had Fox News
in a tissy over the alleged ‘sexxbox’. Ah.. conservatives.. Anyway,
when you’re done showing innocent children these scenes of repugnant
rape, pick up your controller and get ready to head into the final
stretch of game. And make sure you pick your squad wisely! You will not
be changing it again.

Ilos: Find the Conduit

Primary- Planets and Locations//Planets: Ilos

| |
| Ilos |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK009}
1) Plaza
2) Courtyard
3) Security Station
4) Vigil
5) Race to the Conduit

Ilos: Upper and Lower Ruins
1) An anti-climatic ending is avoided when Joker makes his impossible
Mako drop practically on Saren’s head. I know, I was surprised too.
Unfortunately, Saren closes a door behind him, and you must open it.
Hoof it to the south on your map towards an area marked ‘Plaza’. Kill
all the geth, and either head around the building towards the
‘Courtyard’ or down a path north-west of the Plaza that leads to a
‘Trench’, inside of which you’ll find more geth, and an Armature Control
console, which you can disable to make life easier.
2) Head around a building south-west from the Plaza to reach the
Courtyard. East of the Courtyard you can enter an elevator to get at
some loot, but your destination is in the south-west corner of the
map. When you get there, take the elevator and endure some intra-party

Ilos: Security Station
3) Your goal here is to head north through the geth, through the
Armature Bay, and to the Security Room. In your way are some tough geth,
although you can activate several Armature Repair Stations to get some
of the dormant armatures on your side. Frankly however, it’s probably
easier to just gun down the existing geth. Head around to the side of
the building marked Security Room and take a ramp up. Inside, you can
activate a ‘Security Panel’ to watch a damaged hologram. Go down to
the front of the building and head through a tunnel in the middle,
which contains an elevator just for you.

Ilos: Archives
4) You’ll find yourself back in the Courtyard. Head over to the Mako
and drive into the bunker Saren fled into. Drive down shooting geth as
you go until you hit a barrier. Get out of the Mako and head through a
doorway to the left. Go down an elevator and talk to Vigil. He’ll spill
the beans about.. well.. pretty much every secret Mass Effect 1 has to
hide. To be brief, the Conduit you’ve been searching for is a back door
into the Citadel, and the Citadel is a trap set by the Reapers. You have
to chase Saren through the Conduit and stop him before he can give
control of the Citadel to Sovereign, who will use it to summon the
Reaper armada. You can get some renegade points if you choose snippy
dialogue options.

Renegade +2

Ilos: Trench Run
There’s a bit of gaming to do here, that’s easy to explain. Drive in the
Mako down the singular path available to you, and slag all the geth you
see en route to the Conduit. When you get close, you’ll see the Conduit
in the distance. A cutscene will play, showing you Sovereign’s assault
on the Citadel. Serves them right. When the game goes back to you, you
will have 40 seconds to reach the Conduit, which is plenty of time
provided you ignore all the geth in your path. Reach the Conduit, and
you’re gold.

| |
| Showdown with Saren |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK011}
1) Invasion
2) The Ascent
3) Saren’s Fall
4) Irony
5) Natural Selection

Citadel: The Presidium
1) You’ll make a dramatic entrance in the Citadel, and the Mako will
prove exactly why it’s an ATV, and not an aircraft of some sort. On that
note, it would probably do just find as a cannon ball, and for Mass
Effect 2, lets hope it is exactly that. Head over to the Avina Terminal
to learn a bit about the situation. Saren is near the council chambers,
which means you’ll have to climb the Citadel Tower to get to him. Head
up to the elevator and get prepared to ride to your final fight.

Citadel Tower: Maintenance Shaft
2) Or not. You really didn’t think you’d get to sit in an elevator
all the way to the top, did you? Your goal is to forge ahead through
Saren’s cronies and reach the top of the tower. You’ll run into some
geth infantry in a tunnel, and some bigger geth and a krogan warlord
when you get back ‘outside’. Head up a ramp and take a right, shooting
as you go. Kill some more geth and you’ll get to an area with some
Citadel Defense Turrets. Activate them, as a geth dropship will show
up with playmates for you, and the more turrets you have shooting at it,
the faster it bites the dust. Continue on, dealing with some bigger geth
and Krogans. You’ll get to another large open area that has plenty of
troopers and geth turrets. Getting hit by a turret is not suggested.
Let your bullets pave the way as you reach the far end of the area,
taking a left down a ramp which leads to a door.

Citadel: Tower
3) You’re now inside the tower again, the council chamber is just a
little ways ahead. Kill the handful of geth in your way and make your
way to Saren. Saren will chat with you for a bit before any bullets
fly. If your charm/intimidate is very high, you can talk Saren out of
a fight here. You’ll have to succeed at three consecutive
charm/intimidate attempts, but they all have the same difficulty. If you
can succeed at one, you can succeed at them all. Doing so will make Saren
spare you a bullet by putting one through his own brain. If you can’t
talk him out of a fight, you’ll have to do the job yourself, and it’s
pretty much the same thing you dealt with on Virmire-but with the added
satisfaction of killing Saren. He’ll throw some techs and rockets at you,
but it’s nothing that warrants any real dread or even the use of any
special tactics. Once he bites the glass, activate the Control Panel.

If you have at least 9 ranks in charm or intimidate you can convince
Saren to redeem himself, break free of Sovereign’s control, and do the
right thing.

Paragon +24 (Charm Saren)
Renegade +25 (Intimidate Saren)
4) Now you get the chance to screw over the council. Normandy and an
Alliance fleet are within range of the Citadel, and you have three
responses to give to Joker. Either save the council at the cost of
Alliance lives, tell them to focus on stopping Sovereign, or to
pointedly ignore the council. You get a whopping amount of Paragon for
saving the council, a whopping amount of renegade for condemning them,
and a bit of both if you’re pragmatic.

Paragon +8
Paragon +28
Renegade +9
Renegade +29
5) After the cutscene, Sovereign will take control of Saren’s inorganic
remains-which as it turns out is quite a bit of Saren, possibly more
than even he knew. Now begins your final fight against Sovereign Saren,
who for all intents and purposes functions like a geth stalker. He’ll
jump around a lot and shoot things at you. Pull out all your abilities
to make this.. rather annoying.. fight go by faster. When you’re done
taking pot-shots at the little frog-bot that Saren became, sit back and
watch the final cutscenes of the game.. and make a few final choices.

| |
| Side Quests |
| {SDQ001} |
After completing three of the four following missions (Feros, Liara’s
Dig Site, Noveria, or Virmire) you should tie up any loose ends.. which
means it’s side-quest time. If you’ve been exploring on your own, you’ve
probably done a good bit of these, but in case you haven’t.. Note that
this listing will NOT include assignments that can be completed entirely
before leaving the Citadel for the first time.. they are part of the
main walkthrough, and you will find them covered in greater depth

Citadel: Family Matter {SDQ002}
After completing one of the post-Citadel missions (Artemis Tau, Feros,
or Noveria) return to the Citadel. Go to the Presidium, near the bank,
and talk to Michael or Rebekah. Use either charm or intimidate to get
the best results. Whose side you pick doesn’t really matter.

If you have at least 2 ranks in charm you can convince Michael that it
is Rebe-KAH’s decision.

If you have at least 3 ranks in intimidate you can tell Michael that
yelling isn’t solving anything.

If you have at least 3 ranks in charm to convince Rebe-KAH to give the
baby a better chance than the father had.

If you have at least 2 ranks in intimidate you can tell Rebe-KAH to
not endanger the baby.

Paragon +8 (charm Michael or Rebe-KAH)
Renegade +9 (intimidate Michael or Rebe-KAH)

Citadel: Old Friends
(Note: This quest only triggers if you have the background ‘Earthborn.’)

After completing one of the post-Citadel missions (Artemis Tau, Feros,
or Noveria) return to the Citadel and go to Chora’s Den. Outside, near
the Citadel Rapid Transit you’ll find a man named Finch, who claims to
be an old buddy of yours from your young days in a gang. He’ll ask you
to get his buddy out of some drug trouble with the Turians.

Head into the bar and talk to the ‘Turian Guard’. If you rat out Finch
you’ll get a small boost to your Paragon and Finch will show up to
threaten you some more. charm intimidate finch!! Or.. if you don’t have
enough ranks in charm/intimidate, you can always pay Finch off, which
makes you look like an utter pansy (a point the Turian Guard will
kindly point out). Then again, you can always shoot him, which is great
fun! It saves you the trouble of bribing him, nets you some nice
renegade points, and gets the Turian’s approval.

If you go try and get Curt freed from prison, you’ll have to convince
the guard by charm/intimidating him.

If you have at least X ranks in charm you can

If you have at least X ranks in intimidate you can

If you have at least X ranks in charm you can

If you have at least X ranks in intimidate you can

Paragon +2 (Tell the Turian about Finch)
Renegade +9 (Shoot Finch)

Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things {SDQ003}
(Note: This quest only triggers if you have the background ‘Spacer’.)

After completing one of the post-Citadel missions (Artemis Tau, Feros,
or Noveria) return to the Citadel and go to the area leading to the
Wards from the Presidium (‘Citadel: Flux and Wards Access’) and talk to
Zabaleta. He’ll try and bum some money off of you.. your good deed or
stinginess will get you some paragon or renegade.

Paragon +2 (give Zabaleta money)
Renegade +2 (call him a drunk)

Go to the Normandy and talk to your mother via the Comm Room and learn
more about this Zalabeta. By the way, your mother’s name in Mass Effect
is Hannah, in case you weren’t looking. Just a bit of trivia I’m sure
will never come up again. Now head back to the Citadel and find
Zalabeta exactly where you left him. You can get some renegade by
telling him off, or a whole lot of paragon by helping him out with
money for food.. of course, there’s always charm/intimidate. Normally
I would intimidate him, but since there not much of a chance of me
getting the required charm/intimidate on the first play through, I
settle with buying him groceries.

If you have at least 4 ranks in charm, you can tell him to go to the
Veteran’s Affairs Office.

If you have at least 5 ranks in intimidate, you can tell him to stop

Paragon +8 (give Zalabeta money for food or charm Zalabeta)
Renegade +9 (intimidate Zalabeta)
Renegade +2

Citadel: The Fan {SDQ004}
You should have begun this assignment earlier (see the Citadel
walkthrough.) Conrad will pop up from time to time (not randomly) after
completing main story missions and spending time exploring. Being nice
to him only encourages him.. but it continues the quest. Telling him off
ends the assignment without any reward or consequence. The first time
you talk to him, he asks for an autograph. After messing around in space
a while, go back to continue the assignment. This time he asks to take a
picture of you. To continue on with the quest, let him take it. I’m sure
it’ll make his ‘wife’ so happy. After Artemis Tau I head back again (if
you didn’t do plenty of sidequests, just check back after each major
story mission for him.) Conrad has a great idea this time. He wants you
to sign him on as a Spectre. Don’t blow him off outright, or things will
end badly for Conrad. Pick either the top or middle option, then
charm/intimidate him. As usual, I find the best option to be
intimidation, which gets you a good bit of renegade, and it teaches
Conrad a lesson. Do whatever you feel is best.. as long as it involves
charming or intimidating him. Either way, this assignment is over.

If you have at least 2 ranks in charm, you can convince Conrad to go

If you have at least 3 ranks in intimidate, you can put a gun to
Conrad’s face and show him the glamour of being a Spectre.

Paragon +8 (charm Conrad)
Renegade +9 (intimidate Conrad)

Citadel: The Fourth Estate {SDQ005}
After completing one of the post-Citadel missions (Artemis Tau, Feros,
or Noveria) return to the Citadel. Head up to C-Sec and talk to Khalisah
Al-Jilani. You can either go through the interview (charming or
intimidating to get the most experience/credits), leave the interview
because of the reporters bias (to gain paragon) or punch the reporter
for her ‘snide insinuations’ (to gain renegade).

(about placing the Citadel’s needs before the needs of Earth..)
If you have at least 2 ranks in charm you can defend the council’s

If you have at least 2 ranks in intimidate you can defend your loyalty
to humanity.

(about the Normandy..)
If you have at least 3 ranks in charm you can mention the Turian’s
involvement in the Normandy’s design.

If you have at least 4 ranks in intimidate you can ignore the input of
the Turians into the Normandy’s design.

(about handing Earth’s most advanced warship over to the citadel..)
If you have at least 6 ranks in charm you can defend that the Normandy
is still commanded and crewed by humans. (This skips the option below.)

If you have at least 5 ranks in intimidate you can assert your-and
the Alliances-command over the Normandy. (This skips the option below.)

(This option pops up only if you answered neutral on the question
(about humanity getting the respect it deserves from the galactic
If you have at least 8 ranks in charm you can say humanity will gain
respect when it earns it.

If you have at least 7 ranks in intimidate you can remark that the way
to gain the respect of the galaxy is to do so through military prowess.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon {SDQ006}
After doing plenty of side-quests, or after one of the post Citadel
story missions, talk to Garrus in the Normandy. He’ll tell you about one
Dr. Saleon, whom he is eager to find. Head to the Kepler Verge, Herschel
System. Board the MSV Fedele and make your way through the ship. One of
the games’ few enemies will be onboard, named ‘Test Subjects’. Kill
them and head into the back of the ship. When you find Dr. Saleon.. or
Dr. Heart, as it may be, conduct the conversation as you see fit. The
good Doctor ends up dead, and Garrus learns a lesson.. good or bad.
There’s plenty of looting to be done in this room before you leave.

Investigate Facility {SDQ007}
You can get this assignment in Feros, while exploring the Exo-Geni
building. (See the Feros section of the walkthrough for more
information.) This assignment will be replaced by UNC: ExoGeni Facility
when you scan the planet Nodacrux in the Vostok System of the Maroon
Sea Cluster. It will be completed under the UNC: ExoGeni Facility
heading below.

Investigate Samples {SDQ008}
You can get this assignment in Feros, while exploring the Exo-Geni
building. (See the Feros section of the walkthrough for more
information.) It turns into UNC: Colony of the Dead while performing
the assignment, and will be covered under that heading below.

Tali and the Geth {SDQ009}
That data you found after finishing UNC: Geth Incursions are of some
interest to Tali. After finding it, the next convo with her will concern
that data. You really have two choices here, give her the data, or don’t.
You get a measly amount of paragon for giving her the data, and a measly
amount of renegade for denying her.

Paragon +1
Renegade +2

UNC: Asari Diplomacy {SDQ010}
After completing one of the story missions you may get a transmission
from a Nassana Dantius, who will ask you to meet her in the Embassy
Lounge on the Presidium level of the Citadel. I rarely get her message,
however, as I typically do all the sidequests possible before hitting
any of the major story missions.

On the planet Sharjila in the Artemis Tau Cluster, Macedon System,
head to the north to find a ‘Stronghold.’ Unfortunately everything in
the galaxy except Shepard is immune to environmental hazards, so you’ll
have to kill the forces outside. Head inside and kill the pirates and
the ‘Asari slaver.’ Go upstairs and search the computer to find out that
the Asari, posthumously named Dahlia Dantius is related to a diplomat on
the Citadel named Nassana. You can just tell her, gaining a few paragon
or renegade points, but as always the best route it to use charm or
intimidate. This gets you more credits, and the Armali Council license.
For some reason, you don’t seem to get any paragon/renegade for using
charm/intimidate in this situation. Oh well.

If you have at least 3 ranks in charm, you can convince Nassana to
give you a little something extra.

If you have at least 4 ranks in intimidate, you can bully Nassana to
shell out the goods.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

UNC: Besieged Base {SDQ011}
If you have a full Paragon meter, you’ll be contacted by Admiral Hackett
upon entering a new solar system. He’ll tell you that some biotics have
drugged some researchers on a medical station and are using them as
human shields. Head over to the Hades Gamma cluster, the Cacus system,
and land on the planet Chohe. Head to the south-eastern corner of
the map to find the Science Base. Inside are a number of pain-in-the-ass
biotics who love to spam their powers and keep you on the ground.
Drugged-up scientist meander about the entire time, just begging to get
caught in the crossfire, which is exactly what you’re supposed to avoid.
Engaging in a fire-fight in the middle of the complex and having your
party shoot at will is certain to end in unwanted casualties, so leave
your party by the entrance and head inside the base. Shoot to get the
attention of the terrorists and run back to the tunnel connecting the
entrance/antechamber to the large central complex. The terrorists
should follow you down the tunnel, where you should have much less
trouble slaughtering them while avoiding your scientists. You may have
to do this several times to lure them all. Your biggest problem will be
biotics being thrown about and all the exploding devices lying about,
which serve no real purpose other than to kill the scientists milling
about. Once they’re all dead you’ll get a reward. Loot and leave. You’ll
get a glowing review from Hackett back on the Normandy if you manage to
save all the civilians, but other than that, I can’t say.

UNC: Cerberus {SDQ012}
After completing the assignment UNC: Missing Marines, head anywhere
from the Citadel, and Kahoku should contact you, prompting this quest.
Head to the Voyager Cluster, Yangtze System, and land on the planet
Binthu. You’ll have a number of ‘Research Bases’ marked on your map, one
to the north and slightly west, one to the east and slightly north, and
one to the south. Each one will have two turrets outside, a force of
various Cerberus troops inside, and some odd beasties, whom you will be
facing en masse during either Feros or Noveria. Eliminate all Cerberus
presence, and search the body of Kahoku when you find him. Once Binthu
lies silent, you’ll get another assignment.

UNC: Hades’ Dogs

UNC: Colony of the Dead {SDQ013}
This assignment is originally obtained in Feros, and is listed in your
journal as “Investigate Samples”. When you approach the ‘Civilian
Structure’ on Chasca, the assignment will update, and turn into
UNC: Colony of the Dead.

Head to the planet Chasca, in the Matano System of the Maroon Sea
Cluster. When on Chasca, drive the Mako to the south-west to find a
‘Civilian Structure’, upon nearing your journal should update to the
above assignment heading. Go inside the structure and kill all the husks
within. There’s a good bit of loot about, especially upstairs.

There’s another ‘Civilian Structure’ south-east of the northern-most
one, so head there next. Pretty much the same thing, too. Kill the
husks, loot, and leave.

Now head south-west some more to reach a ‘Science Facility’. Outside
you’ll find.. more husks to kill. Go inside and.. *sigh*.. you know
what’s going to be in here.. more husks. Kill them, head to the back,
loot, and activate the terminal. Cerberus will pay for this. Grr.. and
stuff.. You’re done.

UNC: Dead Scientists {SDQ014}
Travel to the Kepler Verge, Newton System. On the way you’ll receive
a transmission from Admiral Hackett, telling you about some dead
scientists. Accept the mission and land on planet Ontarom.

UNC: Dead Scientists//Find the Scientist

Primary- Aliens: Non-Sapient Creatures//Thresher Maws

Head to the south-east to find a ‘Science Station’, kill the mercenaries
outside and enter. Kill more mercenaries and make your way to the back.
You’ll come across a ‘Corporal Toombs’ threatening to shoot a scientist.
More dialogue options! You can shoot Toombs by picking the renegade
option both times, and this is the most obvious renegade solution. If
you try to get more information, you get the option to kill the
scientist yourself (intimidate) or to let Toombs kill him. If you choose
the paragon option twice (or try to go neutral) Toombs will kill the
scientist, and then himself. In any event, if Toombs kills the
scientist, he’ll kill himself. The best solutions lie in finding out
more information, then either taking the paragon or renegade option.

UNC: Dead Scientists//Report to Hackett

If you have at least 10 ranks in charm you can tell Toombs that he
isn’t like the scientists, and convince him not to sully his name by
becoming a murderer like them.

If you have at least 8 ranks in intimidate, you can shoot the
scientist yourself, and abuse your Spectre immunity a bit. This is by
far my favorite choice, and in the grand scheme of things, the most

(Since the game goes to a load screen after the conversation, it’s
hard for me to tell what points you actually get, but I’ll take my
best guess..)
Paragon +8 (Charm Toombs)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate Toombs)

UNC: Distress call {SDQ015}
When you scan the planet Metgos, in the Argos Rho Cluster, Hydra
Galaxy, you’ll receive a distress call from planetside. Be a good
Shepard and investigate. Head south-east to find the source. When you
get near it, you’ll get ambushed by get armatures, rocket drones,
and rocket troopers. This can be a bit much at earlier levels, but if
you’re tough, you can manage without the mako. Just make sure to
retreat and find a place to park that’s out of the line of fire. Once
they’re all gone, this assignment is over.

UNC: Espionage Probe {SDQ016}
Travel to the Voyager Cluster, Amazon System to get a transmission from
5th fleet’s Admiral Hackett. Accept to do this assignment and your
journal will update.

UNC: Espionage Probe

Land on Agebinium and head to the ‘Alliance Homing Beacon’, north-west
of center. Exit the Mako and head into the mineshaft. Continue down
until you find the bomb-get trapped in the tunnel with it-and have a
nice chat with an angry outlaw. Regardless what you do, the end results
are the same, leaving you in a mine with a nuke set to detonate in 10
seconds. All you can really do is disarm the thing yourself. You have
to play a slower version of the button-press mini-game and disable
three hardpoints, 10 presses per hardpoint. I didn’t know disarming
nukes was so easy! Anyhow, after that’s done, exit the mine to the
outside. Haliat and his goons are waiting at the bottom of a cliff, and
running in there is rough with a low-level poor-gear character. If you
have any points into sniper rifles, the task becomes almost childishly
easy. After they are dead, explore, and head back to the Normandy.

UNC: ExoGeni Facility {SDQ017}
This assignment is originally obtained in Feros, and is listed in your
journal as “Investigate Facility”. When you scan the planet Nodacrux in
the Vostok System of the Maroon Sea Cluster it will change to UNC:
ExoGeni Facility. When you scan the planet Nodacrux, you’ll get a
transmission from Joker telling you that the Normandy is picking up a
distress beacon from planetside. Land on Nodacrux and go to the ‘Science
Facility’ in the south-east. Instead of androgynous, characterless husks,
you’ll be fighting.. Thorian creepers.. *sigh*. Oh well, go in and kill
all the creepers. Go in one of the rooms in the back, and some ExoGeni
scientists will thank you for rescuing them. I might be playing a ‘bad’
Shepard, but she’s also a Shepard who likes to put bullets in the brains
of people that are bad. You know, like an anti-hero. They reveal they were
working on samples from the Thorian, and had devised a way to turn victims
into docile slaves. You have a number of ways to resolve this situation.
If you pick the paragon or neutral option, she tries to bribe you. Going
Paragon again will provoke a fight, and get you a healthy bonus to your
Paragon rating. If you take the Renegade option, you’ll get a good
bonus to your Renegade points. Of course, if you accept the bribe.. you’ll
get some cash. I can get credits anywhere, and if you allow yourself to
get bribed, you wont be able to loot the room. Simply put, you get more
money-and some alignment rating-if you kill them. Plus, people who turn
other people into plant-slaves deserves some shotgun love.

Paragon +8
Renegade +9

UNC: Geth Incursions {SDQ018}
One of the larger side-quests, aside from the affair with Cerberus,
head to the Armstrong Nebula to get a transmission from Hackett telling
you about Geth incursions. Each of the four systems in the Armstrong
Nebula (Gagarin, Hong, Vamshi, Tereshkova) are part of this assignment.
Having four planets with geth to kill makes this a fairly good source
of bonus experience. Go in whatever order you wish, I will go
alphabetically by system.

UNC: Geth Incursion//Eliminate Geth Outposts

First stop is Rayingri in the Gagarin System. When you land head south
and navigate up the mountains to the ‘Overrun Research Base.’ Inside
you’ll have plenty of husks to kill. When they die, the real geth
show up. Kill them too, loot, and leave. More geth are waiting outside.
Format them and leave the planet.

Next it’s time to head to the Hong System and land on planet Casbin.
In the north-west corner you’ll find an ‘Anomalous Signal’ which is
guarded by three geth armatures, and three geth turrets, each of which
is capable of killing a moderately well-equipped and leveled Shepard
in one shot. If you want the extra experience, whittle them down a bit
with the Mako, then pop out and finish them off. The next geth position
is east of the center, conveniently listed as ‘Geth Outpost’ on your
map. Find a position in the hills and snipe the geth from their towers.
After the garrison is dead, a geth dropship will arrive and unload some
good old troopers for you to take pot-shots at. Destroy the dropship
to stop reinforcements, or take your time picking off geth until the
dropship leaves. Either way, when all the get are gone, you’re done

Next stop is the planet Antibaar in the Tereshkova System. Your prey
is in the north-east, and they mean business. Take position in the
hills where you can get cover from the geth, and snipe the bastards
thin. The Geth Colossus, on the other hand, is a pain. He’s going to
be hard to bring down with conventional weapons. Soften him up with
the Mako, and you’ll manage. Once all those geth are gone, a dropship
comes and lets loose some troopers, and a pair of geth prime. Suffice
to say you don’t want to be anywhere near the geth prime.. snipe all
the troopers, and wear the prime down with the mako before engaging
them. Once all that is over with, it’s time to head off to your fourth

Finally, there’s Maji. Go north and slightly west to find some geth
heavy turrets. Once again, if you soften them up with the Mako and
destroy them on foot, you’ll gain a good bit more experience. Destroy
them all and head to the geth outpost. Kill the geth in the towers.
When they’re all dead, a colossus will drop. Whack it and you’ll find..
there’s another outpost. Yay. You now have access to the Grissom System
in the Armstrong Nebula.

UNC: Geth Incursions//Eliminate Geth Bunker

Once on Solcrum head over to the east a bit. You’ll come across a
bunker guarded by three geth in towers, and two colossi. Destroy them,
and enter the complex. Don’t rush into the main room. You’re going to
want to use the door as cover. There are a number of geth stalkers,
destroyers, and a juggernaut inside. The stalkers should be your
first targets, since they’re the most aggressive. Just so long as you
don’t rush in and avoid the missiles the destroyers and juggernaut
shoot at you, you should be fine. In fact, this is probably the easiest
fight of this whole assignment. Loot the place, particularly to get
the info on the first floor-Tali will want this.

UNC: Tali and the Geth

Now for an asides. At this point in the game my Shepard is level 21
(I’ve not logged a single kill in the Mako) and I finally get my first
dose of mid-level gear. You’ll know it when you see it-guns that
out fire your old ones by 10-20 points in every category, that sort
of thing. To keep track on how the leveling process is going, check
the ‘my progress’ section later in the guide to see if you’re on track.

UNC: Hades’ Dogs {SDQ019}
Head to the Voyager Cluster, Columbia System, and land on planet
Nepheron. Head over to the south to find an ‘Underground Facility.’
Outside of the facility are snipers and anti-tank units.. rockets. Go
inside and kill all the Cerberus troops, investigate the terminal in
the back, and you’re done. When you get to the Normandy and go to
leave, you’ll be contacted by an agent of the Shadow Broker, who wants
copies of that Cerberus data you have. Of course, this is technically..
well, literally.. treason. You know, giving away information about
humanities rogue spec-ops group conducting illicit experiments in order
to create super soldiers? Anyway, it’s a purely paragon or renegade

UNC: Hostage {SDQ020}
Head to the Hades Cluster, Farinata System, and board the MSV Ontario.
This is going to be a biotic slug-out, so if you can, make sure your
armor is up to snuff with physics threshold and biotic resistance.. or
make sure your gun is good. I really don’t recommend this until you
start getting mid-level gear (see my level 21 Shepard, later in the

Go inside, and as soon as the shooting begins, you’ll get a 3:00
countdown before the hostage is shot. This shouldn’t matter too much,
as the biotics are rather aggressive. Either you’ll mop them up
fairly quickly, or they’ll kill you, either way, the timer shouldn’t
matter much. They LOVE to spam their biotics, and they can keep you
on the ground fairly continuously if you don’t have some protection.

Once you get to the Chairman, you’ll have a chat with the Biotic Leader.
You can choose to fight them right away (which gets your Chairman
killed) or you can try and be a nice guy (which still gets the Chairman
killed.) The only way to save the Chairman is to charm/intimidate the
biotic leader. Meh. What you say after the charm/intimidate doesn’t
really matter. The leader is actually fairly tough-he’s not an adept,
that’s for sure. He’ll use immunity, and does fair weapon damage.
That combined with his two biotic buddies knocking you down could be
bad news. If the shooting starts, back out of the room and take cover
by the door. Kill his two biotics, and he shouldn’t be too much
trouble alone. Don’t forget to loot around when the problem is

If you have at least 6 ranks in Charm, you can convince the leader
that the biotics need the Chairman.

If you have at least 5 ranks in Intimidate, you can convince the
leader that he’s making all biotics look at terrorists.

Paragon +2
Renegade +2
Paragon +8 (Charm the leader)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate the leader)

UNC: Hostile Takeover {SDQ021}
This old quest, from back in the Citadel, can be a bit of a pain. But
if you were up for the Geth Incursions, this should be cake. Head over
to the Gemini Sigma Cluster, Han System, and land on Mavigon. Head to
the south-east corner of the map to find a Syndicate Hideout. Destroy
the turrets and head inside. Destroy the crimelord, and you’re off to
another ice planet to find crimelord #2. Or #1. Hey, do ’em in whatever
order you wish.

Your next destination is the Hades Gamma Cluster, Dis System, to the
lovely iceberg of Klensal. Find the Syndicate Hideout and kill this
crimelord much like the last one.. or much like you WILL kill the NEXT
one. Now that they’re dead, Helena awaits.

Travel to the Horsehead Nebula Cluster, Fortuna System, and land on
Amaranthine. Head south from center to find an Engineering Outpost.
Go through the door to be put into a conversation with Helena. You
can go the renegade route and let her go for some credits, or you can
go paragon and try and arrest her. If you charm/intimidate her, she’ll
say some extra dialogue but still come to the conclusion that she’d
rather die than go to prison. You net more paragon/renegade for using
charm/intimidate, but the core decision remains the same. The options
are simple: arrest her, or take the bribe. Note that if you
charm/intimidate her, and then let her go, you can come back and loot
as you wish. Typically, I choose to fight Helena.

If you have at least 10 ranks in charm you can convince Helena that
her band has been tainted by their past activities.

If you have at least 7 ranks in intimidate, you can try to get Helena
to disband the group.. unsuccessfully, but it does net you a large
amount of renegade points.

Paragon +2 (arrest Helena)
Paragon +8 (charm Helena)
Renegade +9 (intimidate Helena)

UNC: Listening Post Alpha {SDQ022}
Head to the Styx cluster, Erebus system and land on Nepmos. When you get
near the Listening Post, you’ll have swarms of Rachni to compete with.
When you get a chance, talk to Lieutenant Durand. She’ll tell you a lot
of “I don’t knows”, but the key is, she needs the bases automated
defenses back up. Investigate the Generator, which will prompt you to
use the Mako to power up the turrets, under the proviso that you can’t
use the Mako while it’s charging. Who needs it anyway? Connect the Mako
to the generator and go bust some Rachni faces. When they are dead, talk
to Durand again to find the main source of the Rachni, at a ‘Rachni
Infested Mine’ to the west. when you get there, leave the Mako and enter
the mine. Kill all the Rachni inside until a pop-up notifies you that
you’ve slain the Rachni on Nepmos. Do some looting around here, you
might just get something nice. I happened to get a suit of Colossus X
light armor in these mines. In any case, the assignment is over.

UNC: Listening Post Theta {SDQ023}
After Noveria, head to the Styx cluster, Archeron system and land on
Altahe. Head south from the center of the map to find the ‘Listening
Post’. Exterminate the Rachni inside and out and search the terminal
in the back of the post to discover the location of the last supply
drop the post received.

UNC: Listening Post Alpha

UNC: Lost Freighter {SDQ024}
Travel to the Gemini Sigma Cluster, Ming System. Locate the MS
Worthington and board the sucker. Inside you’ll have to go through a
room that has booby traps. After that, head into the Crew Quarters and
listen to a recording. Next check out the Cockpit for another
recording, and finally stop off in the Medical Bay. After listening to
the last recording, you’ll get attack by a biotic lady. Put her down,
unplug her man, and leave.

UNC: Lost Module {SDQ025}
Head to the Attican Beta Cluster, Hercules System to get contacted by
Admiral Hackett. He wants you to recover a downed spy probe before the
geth reach it. Head on over to Eletania and get to business. You can
find your probe to the east, however, the data you’re after seems to
have be stolen by some indigenous monkey creatures. Fun. Head south
to find the first colony of monkeys. If you kill any, you’ll get a
bonus to your renegade score (one time bonus). If you decide to not be
the cause of the Eletania Monkey Scourge just search them instead. The
colony you’re looking for is north and slightly to the east. Head up
inside the mine and search the monkeys in one of the lower tunnels to
get the module. If you didn’t kill a single monkey, you’ll get a nice
paragon bonus. After you get the data some geth will ambush you. Note
that there’s absolutely nothing that prevents you from going through
the quest as a monkey friend, gaining the Paragon bonus, and as soon
as you have that module, dusting off a monkey for the Renegade bonus
as well. It’s good to be complex.

Check out the Eletania Glitch in the Alignment section of this FAQ
{CHR046} for info on how to max out your Paragon meter on this quest.
Or be a snooty purist and ignore the opportunity.

Paragon +6
Renegade +4

UNC: Major Kyle *Incomplete* {SDQ026}
When you enter the Hawking Eta, Century System, you’ll get a
transmission from everybody’s favorite Alliance taskmaster-Admiral
Hackett. Apparently your CO from Torfan has gone cultist and Hackett
believes he has murdered some Alliance officials. Head to the moon
Presrop to investigate.

UNC: Major Kyle//Investigate Major Kyle’s Compound

Go up to the large structure, where a door jockey will talk with you.
Telling him you served with Kyle in Torfan is one way to go if you’re
trying to avoid (or at least delay) a fire fight. If you mention that
‘Alliance officers are dead’ you’ll get a chance to charm/intimidate.
If you want the straight-forward method, say whatever you wish to the
guard, hack your way in, kill everybody around, and unlock the bunker
with a terminal on the first floor. Note that if you get them to
unlock the bunker, you can go inside the compound and loot it. Just
make sure not to shoot anything.

If you have at least 3 ranks in charm, you can convince the guard to
let you in.

If you have at least 5 ranks in intimidate, you can threaten the door

Paragon +2 (charm the door guard)
Renegade +2 (intimidate the door guard)

UNC: Major Kyle//Talk to the Major

Now head into the bunker across the way. If you started a fire-fight in
the compound, you’ll have hostiles here, too. Make your way to the back
to have a chat with Kyle. The only way to peacefully resolve this quest
is to have a high enough charm/intimidate to get Kyle to do the right
thing. Otherwise it ends with Shepard putting a bullet in Kyle’s head..
which in most cases I think is the best way for a quest to end. Still,
you get more points if you charm/intimidate. You can always
charm/intimidate and then pick renegade responses to kill Kyle (and
his followers) anyway.

If you have at least 7 ranks in charm, you can convince Kyle that his
followers will suffer if he doesn’t give himself up.

If you have at least 8 ranks in intimidate you can threaten to kill all
of his followers if he doesn’t cooperate.

Paragon +8 (Charm Kyle)
Renegade +9 (Intimidate Kyle)
Paragon +2 (Kill Kyle//Paragon)
Renegade +2 (Kill Kyle//Renegade)

UNC: Missing Marines {SDQ027}
Head to the planet Edolus in the Artemis Tau Cluster, Sparta System.
Go north to find the distress beacon, as well as an alliance
transport that was sacked by a thresher maw. Destroy the thresher maw,
examine the marine, and report the bad news to Kahoku. He’ll head off
to go ‘do his part.’

UNC: Missing Marines//Speak to Kahoku

UNC: Missing Survey Team {SDQ028}
Head to the Hades Gamma, Antaeus System and land on the planet Trebin.
Just north of center you’ll find a Research Base. Search the computer
in one of the trailers (not forgetting to loot!) for some information.
Head into the excavation site and kill the husks inside.

UNC: Privateers {SDQ029}
After getting this assignment from Garoth in the Citadel Tower, head
to the Horse Head Nebula, Strenuus System, and scan the MSV Majesty,
and land on planet Xawin. Head to the north-east corner of the map
to find a ‘Mercenary Base.’ Kill the snipers and turrets outside,
then kill all the baddies inside. Be careful, as there are a number of
Krogans amongst them that can be pretty strong. Go upstairs into the
back room and check the terminal for a codex, and search the body to
discover that it is of one Captain Willem. No happy ending for Garoth.
Depending on how you tell him, you stand to gain some paragon or

UNC: Privateers//Talk to Garoth

Paragon +2
Renegade +2

Secondary- Ships and Vehicles//Space Combat: General Tactics

UNC: Rogue VI {SDQ030}
On your way to the Grissom System (see the assignment UNC: Geth
Incursion) you’ll be contacted by.. you guessed it, Admiral Hackett. He
wants you to head to luna and manually disable a military VI that has
gone rogue. This mission unlocks an entire talent tree for Shepard, so
it’s a little worth doing.

Head over to the Local Cluster, Sol System, to get to good ‘ol Earth.
Make sure you check out our home planet for a codex, and swing by Mars
for another, then land on Luna.

Primary- Humanity and the Systems Alliance//Earth
Secondary- Aliens: Extinct Races//Protheans: Mars Ruins

There are some groups of turrets hanging around the map (one to the
east, one to the south west, and one group to the west around the
‘Alliance Training Ground.’) that should be killed. By now my Shepard
is strong enough to just get out and circle-strafe until they die. And
remember, you get twice the experience.. more even.. if you kill them
out of the Mako.

Anyway, you have three bunkers which to explore. Do so in any order,
the assignment isn’t done until all the VI Conduits are destroyed. The
conduits are located in the back, you’ll have to fight your way through
some drones to get at them. The assault drones are nothing, but the
rocket drones can be a pain, especially when they cluster up and get
aggressive. Be sure to search the ‘Data Port’ in one of the bunkers.
When you destroy the third and final set of drones you’ll get a
message that says you’ve achieved a ‘specialization class.’ This
replaces your ‘career’ talent tree, such as soldier, and is in
every way beneficial. As a soldier I have two options: Shock Trooper
or Commando. Shock Trooper increases health, damage protection,
Immunity or Barrier, and Adrenaline Rush. All of which are absolutely
great improvements. On the other hand, Commando increases my damage
with all weapons, Immunity, Marksman, and Assassination. Frankly, I’m
going to choose Adrenaline Rush (which make me able to use ALL my
abilities more often) over Marksman (which sucks considering, I already
have an Assault Rifle) and Assassination.. it might be nice, but with
Shepard imminently becoming a tank, I shouldn’t have to rely on my
sniper rifles as much any more. I suppose if you’re an infiltrator,
Commando would be nice, since it makes your pistols nearly as good as
assault rifles.. but for me, I’m going with Shock Trooper. Anyway,
you now have twelve ranks of your specialty class (instead of six)
your seventh rank gives you a good bonus to either damage or damage
reduction. So make sure to get up to at least rank 7, as there aren’t
too many talents out there that will be a better buy.

Secondary- Ships and Locations//Vehicles: Combat Drones

UNC: The Negotiation {SDQ031}
When you have a maxed out Renegade meter, Admiral Hackett should
contact you. He’ll ask you to negotiate with a raider named Darius.
Given your track record, the Alliance is essentially sending you down
to kill the man, since obviously (due to your Renegade level) peaceful
negotiations and following the rules aren’t your forte. Head over to
the Hades Gamma cluster, Plutus System, and land on the planet Nonuel.
Head to the North-east and enter the ‘Warlord’s Outpost’. Inside you’ll
encounter Lord Darius. If you let him speak, he’ll tell you the Alliance
funded him so he could take over the region. If you pick Renegade
dialogue options, you’ll end up in a fire fight soon enough. However,
if you pick all the Paragon options and swallow your pride, you can
resolve the matter without a fight, as unholy as that outcome would be.
If you don’t kill Darius, Hackett will honor your treaty, but you can
get him to spill the beans about the fact that the whole meeting was
a set-up, and that you were really supposed to kill Darius. Admiral
Hackett is a Renegade, too! Groovy.

Wrex: Family Armor {SDQ032}
You should really do this before heading to Virmire. Go to the Argos
Rho cluster, Phoenix System and land on Tuntau. In the south-west
corner of the map you’ll find a ‘Hidden Structure’. Go inside, and Wrex
will inform you about the guy here (if he’s in your party.) Apparently
Wrex wants his armor back.

Wrex: Family Armor

Go through the door, kill everybody, head upstairs, grab the armor,
and you’re done. This will allow you to get through a conversation with
Wrex later in the game without having to rely on charm/intimidate.

| |
| Galactic Locations |
| {GLC001} |
Below I have listed all the galactic locations in Mass Effect, organized
by cluster and system. Underneath that heading I have information
detailing any planets, comets, ships, or whatnot that have some interest
to the player.. Basically if it can be landed on, boarded, or scanned
for resources. These intra-system objects are listed by their proximity
to the star (planets on the first orbital ring will be listed first.)
Planets that can be landed on or ships that can be boarded will have
an asterisk (*) before the name. The descriptive text is mainly there
to point out enemies, and to mirror (with brevity) the quests. Note
that I might call Rare Elements Rare Earths, and vise-versa, because
the game itself refers to them by the two different names. Same with
Prothean Data Discs/Disks. I’ve tried to streamline behind what the
quest section says, but if I missed a few, you know what I mean.

| Argos Rho: Hydra |
*Metgos (Level 2 Heat Hazard)
When selected, you’ll get a distress call from a party on Metgos. Head
south-east to find the source. It’s actually a geth trap. Smite the
geth and explore.

Crashed Probe ->>> North-west of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> South-west of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South-east of center.
Turian Insignia ->>> North-east of center.
Canrum Survey: Turian Insignia
Syba Survey: Gas Deposit
| Argos Rho: Phoenix |
Patashi Survey: Rare Earth
Carbonaceous Asteroid Survey: Prothean Data Disc
On Tuntau you can start the assignment “Wrex: Family Armor” by heading
to the ‘Hidden Structure’ in the lower right corner of the map. Kill a
bunch of pirates, loot the place, and get Wrex his armor back.

Crashed Probe ->>> North-west corner.
Heavy Metal ->>> North of center
Light Metal ->>> West of center.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>> North-east corner.
Vebinok Survey: Light Metal
| Armstrong Nebula: Gagarin |
Junthor Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
Just south of center you’ll find the geth you’re looking for, in the
‘Overrun Research Base’. Kill them, head back outside and kill the geth
who show up.

Crashed Probe ->>> East and slightly north of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> North and slightly east of center.
League of One Medallion: South-west corner.
Rare Earth ->>> South-east of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South-west of center.
Antirumgon Survey: Light Metal
| Armstrong Nebula: Grissom |
Benda Survey: League of One Medallion
Zaherux Survey: Light Metal
Head to the east to find the geth you’re after. Kill them, go inside
the bunker, and kill the geth in there, too.

Crashed Probe ->>> South of center.
Light Metal ->>> South-east of center.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>> South-west of center.
Rare Earth ->>> North of center.
Rare Earth ->>> North-east of center.
Rocky Asteroid Survey: Rare Earth
| Armstrong Nebula: Hong |
There are geth in the north-west corner for you to destroy, and geth to
the east. The geth presence in the north-west is centered around an
‘Anomalous Signal’, whose guardians represent a significant challenge
even for the Mako. In the west, you’ve got a number of ground troops
that are better picked off on foot than by the Mako. Once those two
spots are dead and the planet is searched, you’re gold.

Crashed Probe ->>> East and slightly north of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> Just north of center.
Rare Earth ->>> East and slightly south of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South-west from center.
Salarian ID Tags ->>> West of center.
Matar Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
Treagir Survey: Light Metal
| Armstrong Nebula: Tereshkova |
Carbonaceous Asteroid Survey: League of One Medallion
There are some anomalies to the west that are guarded by a Thresher
Maw, if you’re in the mood for some squealin’, circle-strafin’, and
experience gainin’. Anyway, the geth you want are to the north-east.
Again, sniping is your friend. After you’ve killed enough geth,
reinforcements will show up, led by a geth prime. You’ll be glad
you’re out of reach from this guy.

Crashed Probe ->>> North-west of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> South-west of center.
Light Metal ->>> South-east corner.
Light Metal ->>> Just north-west of center.
Prothean Data Disc ->>> West of Center.
Patamalrus Survey: Heavy Metal
Thegeuse Survey: Heavy Metal
| Armstrong Nebula: Vamshi |
North and slightly west of center you’ll find the path leading to the
geth outpost, naturally lined with turrets. Destroy them, and head to
the outpost. De-geth it, and explore.

Crashed Probe ->>> South-east corner.
Light Metal ->>> Just north of center.
Light Metal ->>> Just south-east of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South and slightly west of center.
Turian Insignia ->>> South and slightly east of center.
Pregel Survey: Turian Insignia
| Artemis Tau: Athens |
Proteus Survey: Gas Deposit
Circe Survey: Gas Deposit
Pharos Survey: Turian Insignia
| Artemis Tau: Knossos |
Metallic Asteroid Survey: Heavy Metal
*Therum (See Liara’s Dig Site in the main walkthrough)

Archanes Survey: Gas Deposit
| Artemis Tau: Macedon |
*Sharjila (Level 1 Pressure Hazard)
Just north of center is a ‘Stronghold’ surrounded by a number of
enemies. Kill them, and the ones inside, and download the information
about Nassana from the terminal.

Light Metal ->>> South and slightly west of center.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>> West and slightly north of center.
Rare Earth ->>> North and west of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South-west corner.
Porolan Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
Metallic Asteroid Survey: Light Metal
Fargeluse Survey: Gas Deposit
| Artemis Tau: Sparta |
Asteroid Cluster Survey: Prothean Data Disc
Head north to find the distress beacon-and a thresher maw. Kill it and
examine one of the marines to discover that these are Rear Admiral
Kahoku’s boys.

Crashed Probe ->>> East and slightly south of center.
Light Metal ->>> South-east of center
Heavy Metal ->>> South of center.
Rare Element ->>> South-west of center.
Salarian ID Tags ->>> North-east of center.
Ontamalca Survey: Gas Deposit
Alsages Survey: Rare Earth
| Attican Beta: Hercules |
Syided Survey: League of One Medallion
*Eletania (Level 1 Toxin Hazard)
You can find your lost probe to the east. Afterwards, it’s time to
hunt for monkeys. Head to the colony north and slightly east of center
and enter the mine. Search the monkeys, fight you way through some
geth ambushers, and leave. Head over to the south-west corner to find
an ‘Anomaly’. If you got the gift from Sha’ira, you can use it now to
find out a little more about Prothean-human history.

Crashed Probe ->>> North and slightly west of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> East and slightly south of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> West of center.
Zatorus Survey: Heavy Metal
| Attican Beta: Theseus |
*Feros (See Feros in the main walkthrough)
Sharring Survey: Prothean Data Disc
Quana Survey: Light Metal
| Exodus cluster: Utopia |
No points of interest.
| Gemini Sigma: Han |
Paravin Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
*Mavigon (Level 1 Cold Hazard)
Okay, your real goal on this planet is to waste the crimelord here. In
the south-eastern corner of the map you’ll find the Syndicate Hideout.
Enter, kill, loot, leave. Note that you’ll get bonus XP if you kill
the turrets out of the Mako.

Crashed Probe ->>> South-western corner.
Heavy Metal ->>> Just north of center.
League of One Medallion ->>> Just east of center.
Light Metal ->>> North-east corner.
Patatanlis Survey: Light Metal
| Gemini Sigma: Ming |
*MS Worthington Board
Go around looting. When you get into the large central room, you’ll find
that various objects have been rigged to explode if you get too close.
Shoot them to blow them up without getting too close.. they don’t do
much damage anyway. Go search the Crew Quarters first, then the
Cockpit, and finally the Medical Bay. After reading the last log, Julia
will attack. Put the deranged biotic down, and shut off Jacob’s life
support. Head back to the Normandy.
Parag Survey: Light Metal
Altanorch Survey: League of One Medallion
| Hades Gamma: Antaeus |
Edmos Survey: Gas Deposit
Ploba Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
There are a number of baddies near a crashed probe near the middle-left
of the map. You can find the transmitter that is causing Exo-Geni’s
probes to crash in the top left corner of the map. The assignment
“UNC: Missing Survey Team” can be completed by searching the Research
Base (just north of center) and examining a computer for more
information. Now head north to the Excavation Site and exterminate the
husks within. Search the planet and head back to the Normandy. Be
careful near the Turian Wreckage, as there is a Thresher Maw nearby.

Rare Earth ->>> Just south-west of center.
Rare Earth ->>> Just east of Excavation Site.
Turian Insignia ->>> Right side of map, south of center.
Vemal Survey: Rare Earth
| Hades Gamma: Dis |
Nearrum Survey: Light Metal
One of Helena Blake’s accomplices is on this planet. These guys must
like the snow, eh? Anyway, head over to the ‘Syndicate Hideout’ and
exterminate him.

Crashed Probe ->>> South-east of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> East of ‘Syndicate Hideout.’
League of One Medallion ->>> South of center.
Light Metal ->>> East of center.
Metallic Asteroid Survey: Light Metal
Raysha Survey: Turian Insignia
| Hades Gamma: Cacus |
Zayarter Survey: Heavy Metal
If you have a full Paragon meter, you’ll get the incentive to head to
this planet. To the west, north-west are a group of mercenaries with
heavy weapons and a corpse nearby. There’s also a Thresher Maw by the
Heavy Metal deposit in the south. In the north-east you’ll find a shack
with no less than three Matriarch’s Writings in various containers. The
base you’re looking for is in the south-east, however. Kill as many
terrorists as you can without shooting researchers.

Crashed Probe ->>>> South-west corner.
Heavy Metal ->>>> South of center.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>>> North-east of center.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>>> North-east of center.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>>> North-east of center.
Rare Earth ->>>> North-west of center.
Faringor Survey: Rare Earth
| Hades Gamma: Farinata |
Rocky Asteroid Survey: Light Metal
*MSV Ontario
Board the Ontario, and take out the Biotics. Deal with the leader,
diplomatically, or ammomatically, and loot.
Juntauma Survey: Prothean Data Disc
Nepneu Survey: Rare Earth

| Hades Gamma: Plutus |
Mingito Survey: Rare Earth
Clocrolis Survey: Rare Earth
*Nonuel (Level 1 Heat Hazard)
In the north-western corner of the map you’ll find a Light Metal
deposit guarded by a Thresher Maw, just outside of the operational
area. The fact that there’s a Level 1 Heat Hazard doesn’t make marking
the resource or killing the Thresher Maw any easier. Darius’s
stronghold is in the north-east.

Crashed Probe ->>>> West of center.
League of One Medallion ->>>> South-west of center.
Light Metal ->>>> North-western corner.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>>> South-west of center.
Rare Earth ->>>> North-east of center, near the Warlord’s Outpost.

| Hawking Eta: Century |
Head over to the ‘Biotic Compound’ south-west of center and deal with
Major Kyle and his gang. When searching the planet, beware the Thresher
Maw to the north-east. Just south and east of center are a group of
hostile mercenaries for your killing pleasure. Lots of experience points
on Presrop. There’s also an ‘Abandoned Mining Camp north and slightly
east of center that has some looties.

Crashed Probe ->>> West of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South-east of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> South-west of center, by Biotic Compound.
Turian Insignia ->>> Slightly north-west of center.
Metallic Asteroid Survey: Heavy Metal
Canctra Survey: Light Metal
Tharopto Survey: League of One Medallion
| Horse Head Nebula: Fortuna |
Maganlis Survey: Turian Insignia
Therumlon Survey: Rare Earth
Helena Blake awaits you to the south, after you’ve dealt with her
accomplices. Deal with her as well and explore.

Crashed Probe ->>> west of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> North and slightly west of center.
Rare Earth ->>> East and slightly north of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South-east of center.
Turian Insignia ->>> Just south-west of center.

| Horse Head Nebula: Pax |
*Noveria (See Noveria in the main walkthrough)
Veles Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
| Horse Head Nebula: Strenuus |
Yunthorl Survey: League of One Medallion
Antitarra Survey: Gas Deposit
MSV Majesty
*Xawin (Level 1 Cold Hazard)
Scan the MSV Majesty to get the ability to land on Xawin. In the north
eastern corner there is another geth ambush waiting for you. You’ll
find a ‘Mercenary Base’ in the north west, replete with turrets and
snipers outside that must be demolished. Kill everything inside and
find the body of Captain Willem. Be careful near the crashed probe,
as a thresher maw lurks nearby.

Crashed Probe ->>> South-west of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> North of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> South-east corner.
Light Metal ->>> North-east of center.
Turian Insignia ->>> Just south of center.
| Kepler Verge: Herschel |
*MSV Fedele
Destroy the ‘Test Subjects’ and head to the south-eastern room. Once
your confrontation with the good doctor is over, leave.
Rocky Asteroid Survey: Heavy Metal
| Kepler Verge: Newton |
Head to the south-west to discover an underground facility. Kill the
mercenaries outside, enter, and kill some more mercenaries. Resolve the
conflict with Toombs and the scientist one way or another.

Crashed Probe ->>> South-west of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> South-west corner.
Heavy Metal ->>> South-east corner.
Turian Insignia ->>> Just north and slightly east of center.
Klencory Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
Juncro Survey: Gas Deposit
| Local Cluster: Sol |
Land on the planet and head west to find the ‘Alliance Training Ground.’
Kill the turrets and empty the three bunkers. There are also more
turrets to the south-west and east that can be harvested for bonus

Crashed Probe ->>> North-west of center
| Maroon Sea Cluster: Caspian |
*MSV Cornucopia
Board the ship and head into the crate-filled cargo area, which is
crawling with husks. Kill them and head into the crew quarters for loot,
and finish by heading into the cockpit and reading the captains log.
Clotanca Survey: Heavy Metal
Farnuri Survey: Heavy Metal
Antida Survey: Turian Insignia
| Maroon Sea Cluster: Matano |
You have three areas of interest on Chasca, the two ‘Civilian
Structures’ and the ‘Science Facility’, all of which are located in the
south-western corner of the map. Go get ’em.

Escape Pod ->>> South and west of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> North of center.
Light Metal ->>> Just south of center.
Prothean Data Disc ->>> South-east of center.
Rare Earth ->>> Far north of center.
Metallic Asteroid Survey: Heavy Metal
Rocky Asteroid Survey: Prothean Data Disc
Supay Survey: Light Metal
| Maroon Sea Cluster: Vostok |
You’ll get a message from Joker when you scan this planet, telling you
the Normandy picked up a distress signal. To the north-west you’ll find
some Thorian creepers and a trailer with some loot. For the assignment,
you’ll find a Science Facility to the south east. Blast some Thorian
creepers, enter the complex, kill, and loot.

Engine Debris ->>> East of center
Heavy Metal ->>> West and slightly north of center.
Light Metal ->>> South and slightly west of center.
Turian Insignia ->>> North-east corner.
Metallic Asteroid Survey: Heavy Metal
Pataiton Survey: Matriarch’s Writings
| Pangaea Expanse: Refuge |
*Ilos (See Ilos in the main walkthrough)
| Sentry Omega: Hoc |
*Virmire (See Virmire in the main walkthrough)
| Serpent Nebula: Widow |
This is where everybody’s favorite Citadel is. The many, many
assignments you can take on are covered in the walkthrough or the
side quests sections above.
| Styx Theta: Acheron |
You can land on Altahe after Noveria, but I tend to put it off for
later. There are the common lootables around, but the main attractions
are the hive clusters. There’s one just south-east of center, each of
which will consist of several hives, and each of those is protected by
some Rachni warriors, and typically one brood warrior, a big Rachni
that can use biotics. Take ’em out one at a time and you’ll be fine.
South of center you’ll find a ‘Listening Post’ which is surrounded by
hives. Go give it a bit of exploration love and search the terminals
in the back.

Crashed Probe ->>> North and east of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> South and west of center.
Matriarch’s Writings ->>> South of center.
Rare Earth ->>> North and west of center.
Carbonaceous Asteroid Survey: Turian Insignia
Grosalgen Survey: Light Metal
| Styx Theta: Erebus |
You’ll land on Nepmos ideally after getting an assignment to come here
while exploring Alathe. Go to the Listening Post and kill Rachni until
there are no more to kill. Your assignment will upgrade after talking
to Durand, and you’ll get more bugs to kill to the west at the
‘Rachni Infested Mine’.

Crashed Probe ->>> South west corner.
Heavy Metal ->>> South east of center.
League of One Medallion ->>> West of center.
Light Metal ->>> South west of center.
Rare Earth ->>>> North eastern corner, near the Mining Camp.
Quaji Survey: Heavy Metal
Wermani Survey: Prothean Data Disc
| Voyager Cluster: Amazon |
The main thing to do here is find the missing nuke, which can be found
in a mineshaft north-west of center. Find the nuke in the mine and
meet one of Shepard’s many fans, a Batarians named Haliat. Disarm the
nuke, leave the mine, kill Haliat, and finish exploring the planet as

Light Metal ->>> South-west of center.
Light Metal ->>> North-west corner.
Rare Earth ->>> South of center.
Turian Insignia ->>> North-east of center.
Sonedma Survey: Rare Earth
Sybin Survey: Turian Insignia
Tremar Survey: Gas Deposit
| Voyager Cluster: Columbia |
Besides the obvious ‘Underground Facility’ of Cerberus’ that needs
destroying, there’s a thresher maw guarding a trailer with some loot
in the south-west. Oh, and do destroy the Cerberus presence, by the way.

Crashed Probe ->>> South and slightly east of center.
Heavy Metal ->>> East of center.
Light Metal ->>> South and east of center.
Rare Earth ->>> North and slightly east of center.
Salarian ID Tags ->>> Just west of center.
Ontaheter Survey: Rare Earth
Gromar Survey: League of One Medallion
| Voyager Cluster: Yangtze |
There are three ‘Research Bases’ on Binthu that need to be destroyed.

Crashed Probe ->>> West of center
Heavy Metal ->>> North of center.
Prothean Data Disc ->>> South of center.
Rare Earth ->>> South-east of center.
Dregir Survey: Light Metal
Alrumter Survey: Prothean Data Disc
Patajiri Survey: Rare Earth

| |
| Miscellaneous |
| {MSC001} |
In this section I will record the progress of my Shepard when I feel it
is significant, just to give you an idea of how I played through the
game. This is entirely for reference, and since the drops are
luck-based, don’t fret if you’ve got worse gear.. and obviously, you’ll
be happy as a clam if you have better, right? I didn’t include any info
for before level 20, as you really don’t have all that much variation
in the gear you get until you start to level. When you get weapons and
upgrades that are level III and IV, you know you’re going to get new
gear soon..

Level 21 Shepard (my level after completing UNC: Rogue VI) {MSC002}

Pistols 0/12
Shotguns 0/12
Assault Rifles 8/12
Sniper Rifles 3/12
Combat Armor 7/12
First Aid 0/12
Assault Training 8/12
Fitness 12/12
Lift 1/12
Soldier 1/12
Charm 1/12
Intimidate 2/12
Spectre Training 1/12
Unspent 8

Health 312
Creds 238735

Weapons Raptor IV Striker IV
Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Damage 198 152
Shots Before Overheat 49 1.5
Accuracy Rating 31 59

Armor Onyx IV
Heavy Armor
Damage Protection: 39
Shields: 126
Tech/Biotic Protection 0

Level 37 Shepard (my level after completing Artemis Tau) {MSC003}

Pistols 0/12
Shotguns 0/12
Assault Rifles 8/12
Sniper Rifles 3/12
Combat Armor 8/12
First Aid 0/12
Assault Training 12/12
Fitness 12/12
Lift 12/12
Shock Trooper 12/12
Charm 2/12
Intimidate 2/12
Spectre Training 1/12
Unspent 11

Health 555
Creds 1431522

Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Damage 336 278
Shots Before Overheat 63 1.8
Accuracy Rating 75 85

Armor Onyx IV
Heavy Armor
Damage Protection: 39
Shields: 126
Tech/Biotic Protection 0

Level 43 Shepard (my level after completing Feros) {MSC004}

Pistols 0/12
Shotguns 0/12
Assault Rifles 8/12
Sniper Rifles 3/12
Combat Armor 8/12
First Aid 0/12
Assault Training 12/12
Fitness 12/12
Lift 12/12
Shock Trooper 12/12
Charm 3/12
Intimidate 3/12
Spectre Training 1/12
Unspent 17

Health 617
Creds 1182527

Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Damage 336 278
Shots Before Overheat 63 1.8
Accuracy Rating 75 85

Armor Colossus IX
Heavy Armor
Damage Protection: 78
Shields: 420
Tech/Biotic Protection 16

Level 48 Shepard (my level after completing Noveria) {MSC005}

Pistols 0/12
Shotguns 0/12
Assault Rifles 8/12
Sniper Rifles 3/12
Combat Armor 8/12
First Aid 0/12
Assault Training 12/12
Fitness 12/12
Lift 12/12
Shock Trooper 12/12
Charm 3/12
Intimidate 3/12
Spectre Training 1/12
Unspent 22

Health 671
Creds 5492343

Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Damage 336 278
Shots Before Overheat 63 1.8
Accuracy Rating 75 85

Armor Colossus IX
Heavy Armor
Damage Protection: 78
Shields: 420
Tech/Biotic Protection 16

Level 50 Shepard (my level heading to Ilos) {MSC006}

Pistols 0/12
Shotguns 0/12
Assault Rifles 12/12
Sniper Rifles 3/12
Combat Armor 12/12
First Aid 0/12
Assault Training 12/12
Fitness 12/12
Lift 12/12
Shock Trooper 12/12
Charm 3/12
Intimidate 3/12
Spectre Training 1/12
Unspent 16

Health 732
Creds 6597091

Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Damage 384 336
Shots Before Overheat 77 2
Accuracy Rating 77 86

Armor Colossus X
Heavy Armor
Damage Protection: 79
Shields: 450
Tech/Biotic Protection 18

Level 60 Shepard (after beating the game on Hardcore & Insanity){MSC007}

Pistols 4/12
Shotguns 2/12
Assault Rifles 12/12
Sniper Rifles 12/12
Combat Armor 12/12
First Aid 0/12
Assault Training 12/12
Fitness 12/12
Lift 12/12
Shock Trooper 12/12
Charm 12/12
Intimidate 12/12
Spectre Training 12/12
Unspent 0

Health 860
Creds 9999999

Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Damage 384 336
Shots Before Overheat 77 2
Accuracy Rating 77 86

Armor Colossus X
Heavy Armor
Damage Protection: 79
Shields: 450
Tech/Biotic Protection 18

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