Space Quest 1 Walkthrough

Space Quest 1 Walkthrough

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here with a new walkthrough feature. In this walkthrough, created by Tricky, we’re playing through the entirety of Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter by Sierra.

Disclaimer: I received permission from Tricky to feature their walkthroughs on my website. All credit for the walkthrough belongs with Tricky, I’m just featuring it here.

If you’d like to view an HTML version of this walkthrough, be sure to check out Tricky’s website here:

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Walkthrough for Space Quest Chapter I – The Sarien Encounter

FAQ Index

  • Intro section *
    Introduction ………………………….. INT0000000000
    Using this FAQ ………………………… INT0000000001
    One warning at forehand! ……………….. INT0000000002

  • Walkthrough *
    Arcada ……………………………….. WLK0000000000
    Kerona Desert …………………………. WLK0000000001
    Kerona Cave …………………………… WLK0000000002
    Ulence Flats ………………………….. WLK0000000003
    Outside Sarien Ship ……………………. WLK0000000004
    Sarien Ship …………………………… WLK0000000005

  • Backgrounds *
    Inventory Items ……………………….. BCK0000000000
    Deaths ……………………………….. BCK0000000001

  • Ending Stuff *
    Copyright …………………………….. END0000000000
    Contacting me …………………………. END0000000001



Welcome to my walkthrough through Space Quest I.
Please note this FAQ was written on the original version from 1986, however
as the changes with the VGA remake from 1991 are minimal it was possible
for me to note those in this FAQ.
This is an old game, it may be hard to get (on the legal way). I know there
are thousands of abandonware sites offering the game, claiming it’s legal
due to its old age, however, trust me that is a lie. The copyrights will
expire 70 years after the date of the game’s initial release. For the
original version of the game that would mean it would turn public domain in
2056. When it comes to the remake I’d normally say 2061 due to this but
that depends if a judge decides whether the remake is the same game or an
entirely new product. I’ll admit I’m not sure about that one.
In other words: TECHNICALLY: you CAN download the game from abandonware
sites, but LEGALLY you cannot.
Don’t be confused by anything such downloads sites say about things being
different than I stated here. Downloading from such sites does mean your
copy counts as pirated.
If you know a place where the game can still be obtained legally let me
know. If I can confirm the legimity of that place I will link to it in this
The original game (for DOS) is confirmed to work in both DosBOX and
With ScummVM I expect no trouble with the AMIGA, Mac or other versions.
(When writing this FAQ I played the DOS version using ScummVM).


Using this FAQ

As I said, the setup is based on the ORIGINAL version. In the original
version you had to use the arrow to move around and all special actions
must be typed.
A room can look like this:
:> Strange Dark Room
= Walk to the light switch
= Go to the table
Make sure you take the marble to the east as well

*:> When I start a line this way, you are in a new location. Mostly I’ll
name the room to give you a bit of an indication of what it looks like
= And at every point
= I make this way
= I denote a new action

The latter may not apply to the remake, but I think this translate to the
remake as well.
Every time I start a line with “* REMAKE *” it is about something that only
applies in the VGA remake.
If you are in doubt if you are playing the original or the remake. Well in
the original you have to give the protagonist a name, in the remake he’ll
always be called “Roger Wilco” (this name was introduced since Space Quest
In the remake you’ll also see an insect shaped spaceship attack your ship.
In the original you won’t see anything like that.


One warning at forehand!

Sierra Adventures have been infamous for their countless ways in which you
can die, and this game is no exception (I’ll even lists all death
possibilities I know of in this FAQ, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there
were more).
Sierra was also infamous for their errors you can never fix, rendering game
completion impossible.
Well, to be honest, this game was originally created before LucasArts came
up with their no-death-and-no-way-you-can-make-the-game-impossible policy
which would set the standard for all adventure games to come, and Sierra
took a long time to understand this was the way to go. But as I said
before, this game was from the time BEFORE all that came into place.
Lucky for you and for me, this game can be divided in chapters, and I’ll
cut this FAQ into the same chapters.
At the start of every chapter I’ll note all must-have items, so if you miss
any of them, go get them if you can or reload an old savegame.
I also recommend to make a new savegame slot at the start of every new
chapter, at the end of every new chapter, and use one slot to save
progression in general.
The original game does only allow 12 savegames when you use the actual
engine (in VMs like DosBox), in ScummVM you have no limit, and I recommend
you make USE of that!
I also must say, some parts can be time-limited, meaning you will die if
you take to long to get out of the place you are. Frustrating, I know, but
alas it’s how this game works.



You have only 15 minutes to clear this first chapter.
When the Sariens find you aboard the Arcada they’ll kill you on the spot.
The game warns you for this with the remark “You think you hear footsteps”.
If you see that message look for a place to hide or quickly leave the room
and come back.
*:> Exit West
*:> Cartridge Room
= Keyword: ASTRAL BODY
= Wait until the receiver returns
= * REMAKE * In the VGA remake this is part of the copy protection. Try
to leave the room and a wounded guy will come in. In his dying breath
he mumbles some words. In the game manual the code tied to that word
can be found to retrieve the cartridge
= Exit West x2

= Exit East

*:> = Use the elevator to go down
= Exit east

*:> Use the elevator
*:> Big Hall – West
= In the original version I deem it very likely you’ll hear footsteps
now, if that happens, wait until the Sarien appears and leaves before
leaving the elevator
= Exit East
*:> Big Hall – Control Room
= Go to the big console
= Exit East
= * REMAKE * To get to this one more exit east and the panel to open
the bay door button can be found there.

*:> Airlock
= Go to the two doors
= Go to the console

*:> Shuttle bay
= Go to the console
= PRESS BUTTON (and the pod appears (in the remake the pod is there by

*:> Inside Pod
= Now wait awhile and eventually you’l crash on the planet of Kerona


Kerona Desert

Well, you crashed in a desert. Well you’ll be spending about 80% of this
game on this planet, so I hope you like it.
And item that you MUST have before getting here is the “Gadget”. If you
don’t have it, don’t play on as finishing the game will be impossible.
Optionally you may want to have the Cartridge, but the game can be finished
without it.
What you must know before leaving your pod is that there’s a monster named
Grell in the desert. If you walk to far away from the locations you have to
be it will eat you. It is also said that if you wonder around too long
you’ll be eaten by Grell too, however, I’ve never been able to confirm the
I shall also tell you that the Sariens have noticed that somebody escaped
the Arcada with a pod, and as a result they send a robot droid looking like
a spider after you. As soon as you touch it you’re dead so avoid it at all
During this chapter you’ll have to battle Orat. In this chapter I’ll
describe the most obvious way by making it explode with the Dehydred water,
but if you are pretty good with the game’s controls you can alternately
also lure the spider droid to Orat and then the droid will kill Orat and
itself for you. Both solutions lead you to be able to obtain the Orat part
which you need to complete this chapter.
Well, let’s go!
*:> Inside Pod

*:> Desert
= Go to the pod
= GET GLASS (if the computer says you can’t see it, move to the front
of the pod).
= Exit East

*:> * REMAKE * The layout in the remake differs a slight bit from the
original so try to keep it up. Make sure that you pick up a piece of a
plant. In the replay it’s very important (in the original the plant was
an item forgotten by the Devs).
= Exit East
*:> Exit North
*:> = Well in the original version, you find a plant here. Get it if you
want, but you won’t score points and you won’t need it. I said it
before, the devs appear to have forgotten about it.
= Exit North
*:> Exit East
*:> Exit South
*:> = OPEN KIT (You’ll get a Xenon Army Knife and a can of Dehydred water)
= Enter the cave

*:> Orat’s Cave
= Leave the cave

*:> Desert
= Exit South
*:> The pass begins here.
= Get yourself on the pass and follow it until you get on the bridge

*:> Bridge
= By now the spider droid should be following you around. If you are
patient enough, you can wait until it’s on the right position under
the bridge and “PUSH ROCK” to destroy it. This is optional.
= Exit West
(NOTE: You should have noticed that the bridge will crack each time
you walk over it. After 5 times you’ll fall through it and die).
*:> Follow the pass until you reach the dead end
*:> Stand between the two pillars and you’ll sink into the ground


Kerona Cave

Check if you have the next inventory items. If you miss ANY of these,
reload an old savegame or you won’t be able to finish the game…. EVER!
*:> Gadget
*:> Orat Part
*:> Glass
*:> * REMAKE * Xenon Army Knife
*:> * REMAKE * Plant
*:> Optionally you may want to have the cartridge, but you can live without
Also, I also hope you didn’t turn on the gadget already, if you did, also
load a savegame from the moment BEFORE you did. You must do this at the
last possible time.
This cave is a short, yet dangerous part, so let’s move on.
*:> Entance
= Exit West

*:> Grill room
= Push yourself against the back wall and get past the grill in order
not to get caught.
= * REMAKE * In the remake you must throw the plant to the monster
under the grill and it will get stuck enabling you to pass
= Hit the door you just opened.

*:> Pool
= Just leave this room on the norht side

*:> Laser Beams
= Get as close to the laser beam as you can, but DON’T MAKE IT TOUCH
= Follow the path and exit to the next room

*:> Drops
= This is an awful place, and (if you ask me) not something you should
see in an adventure game. Cross this room, but avoid the drops, as
soon as the drops touch you, you’ll be dead. If you score points you
know you made it.
= Go to the next room

*:> Pass above grill
= Go to the next room

*:> Holographic Head
= If you turned on the gadget, the head will speak understandable
English, if not, you’ll get to see “EJWJFWJFOWJROWHIOUAEIOYHUIDAD”
and be kicked out of the cave.
= When it asks for the Orat Part: DROP ORAT PART
= Step into the gateway that opens

*:> Power Room
= An alien will appear and explain a few things to you. Hear him out
until he leaves (I assume it’s a “he”, as I really don’t know).
= OPTIONAL: Go to the monitor and INSERT CARTRIDGE and read the
important stuff on the screen. The code at the end is very important
(if you missed the cartridge, skip this, as you can finish the game
without doing this if you know the code).
= OPTIONAL: GET CARTRIDGE (this of course only counts if you inserted
it in the first place)

*:> Skimmer flying
This is an arcade minigame (which has always been a trademark in the
entire series).
Best is to set the game to the slowest speed, as that will make things
Just avoid all rocks and eventually you’ll reach Ulence Flats.

Every time you get hit by a rock the game will increase the damage
These levels are
= Minor
= Moderate
= Serious
= Critical
If you get hit again when the damage level is “Critical” you’ll be
dead. I recommend to save on the way.
I also need to note when moving left and you press left again, you
stop moving left and the save goes for right. That also works with
normal walking and is a basic feature of AGI so all games written in
that engine work that way.

If you are playing the replay, good, then skip this part!


Ulence Flats

The good news is, in the original version none of the items you can
currently have are required in later portions of the game so this is a good
point to save.
If you are playing the remake, you MUST have the Xenon Army Knife.
*:> Outside Bar
= GET SKIMMER KEY (if you don’t do that, your skimmer will get stolen
and then you cannot finish the game any more)
= A man will appear and offer 30 buckazoids for the skimmer. Say “NO”
(If you say “Yes” you cannot finish the game any more)
= Now enter the bar and come back outside and the man will appear again
offering you 30 buckazoids plus a jetpack. Now say “YES” (or you
won’t be able to finish the game anymore)
= Enter the bar

*:> Bar
= Stand at the bar
= When the bartender asks you what you want say “BEER”
= Do this three times and you’ll overhear a conversation in which
sector “HH” is mentioned, an imporant hint for later. In the remake
version they can call two letters for the sector. You need to write
them down if so, as in the remake they are part of the copy
protection you’ll encounter to get away from this area.
= No go play with the slot machine.

*:> Slot Machine
Welcome to the slot machine of death.
= One cherry wins x1
= Two cherries wins x3
= Three chreiies wind x5
= Three diamonds wins x20
= Three Eyes wins x10
= Three skulls means DEATH!
So save your game, make your bet. Save if you win, restore if you lose
(or die) and keep on playing until you got 250 buckazoids and then the
machine will explode.
*:> Bar
= Leave

*:> Outside Bar
= Exit North

*:> East
*:> Outside Droids-B-Us
= Enter the store

*:> Droids-B-Us
= Go to the droid to the right up the stairs
= * REMAKE * You will get a menu in which you have the pick a droid.
Buy the navigational droid and you’ll automatically get it from the
pick up corner.

*:> Walk to the entrance of the bar (don’t enter)
*:> From here Exit West
*:> Space Ship Vendor
= Make sure the vendor notices you, and exit north (he’ll follow you)

*:> Parked Space Ship
= Go to the big ship here
= HH
= * REMAKE * In the remake the droid will ask for a copy protection
code. The people in the bar, mentioned a section, check your manual
to find the corresponding code.


Outside Sarien Ship

You MUST have the jetpack at this point or you are doomed. In the remake
you must also have the Xenon Army Knife.
*:> Ship

*:> Door
= Go to the door


Sarien Ship

The good news is, in the original version none of the items you can
currently have are required in later portions of the game so this is a good
point to save.
If you are playing the remake, you MUST have the Xenon Army Knife.
*:> Entrance room
= Wait until a robot comes out and pass through the door (make sure you
are not it its way)

*:> Trunk room
= Stand right of the trunk
= PUT JETPACK IN TRUNK (in the remake you can skip this)
*:> Vents
*:> Exit Upstairs
*:> = Take the sideway
(This method won’t work in the remake)

*:> Laundry room
= (If you got here in the trunk: OPEN TRUNK)
= A sarien will appear and turn the machine on. That is supposed to
happen, so don’t worry
= OPEN MACHINE (Good, you’re disguised as a Sarien now)
= GET ID (in the original it’s in your own clothes and this command
will make you have it. In the remake it’s in the washing machine)
= Exit East

*:> Corridor
You’ll very likely meet some Sariens now, but your disguise protects
you against suspicion, so they won’t hurt you. You can even talk to
them, but it won’t do that much good.
= Enter the left elevator

*:> Exit West
*:> = Enter the elevator
= Exit East x3

*:> Arsenal
Read well before you act or the robot will kill you.
= While the robot is away: GET GRENADE
= Move to the front of the desk BEFORE the droid returns and wait for
it to return
= Accept the pulsary
If you didn’t get the grenade, you are stuck and then reload a
= Exit West

*:> Bridge
= Stand exactly above the guard
= Exit West x2

*:> Elevator
= When you approach the elevator you will lose your mask exposing you
as a human. Now all Sariens you’ll meet will kill you, but as you are
armed you can fire back and kill them. Droids cannot be killed so if
you find any, leave the area you are in and come back hoping it’s
= Use the elevator
= Exit East x2

*:> Star Generator
= SEARCH GUARD (You’ll get a remove controll)
= Go to the Star Generator
= Code: 6858 (Now you have 15 minutes to finish the game)
= Exit West

*:> Corridor
= Hit the Elevator
*:> Hit the other elevator
*:> Escape bay



Inventory Items

Item:> KeyCard
= Found: Found on a dead man in the Arcada
= Used: Passage to the Arcada Airlock

Item:> Gadget
= Found: Found in a cabinet on the Arcada
= Used: What you don’t know when you take it, is that this is an
automated translation device. When you meet the people on
Kerona you’ll need this or you won’t understand their
language. Missing this item renders the game impossible to

Item:> Cartridge
= Found: Found in the cartridge room of the Arcade
= Used: You can use it in the skimmer room on Kerona to read a log
revealing the destruction code of the Star Generator (6858,
which were at the time of the game’s release the last four
digits of Sierra’s Customer Service Phone Number).

Item:> Survival Kit
= Found: In the escape pod. You can take it after you crashed on
= Used: Contains the Dehydred Water and the Xenon Army Knife

Item:> Dehydred Water
= Found: In the surival kit
= Used: This is just hydrogen. Throw it to Orat and he’ll explode

Item:> Xenon Army Knife
= Found: In the surival kit
= Used: You can use it to get in the vent in the Sarien ship.

Item:> Plant
= Found: In the Kerona Desert
= Used: In the original version this has not function at all, as
the Devs forgot about it. In the remake you need it to get
past the monster under the grating in the caves.

Item:> Orat Part
= Found: Kill Orat
= Used: Give it to the holographic head as proof you killed Orat.

Item:> Rock
= Found: Entrance Kerona Cave
= Used: Open the door, past the “grill monster”

Item:> Skimmer key
= Found: Remove from skimmer after you arrive in Ulence Flats
= Used: You don’t need the key itself, but not taking it will
result into your skimmer getting stolen and then you cannot
finish the game any more

Item:> Beer
= Found: Ordered in the bar in Ulence Flats
= Used: Drink it!

Item:> Jetpack
= Found: Trickiest item to find, really. Reject the offer of 30
buckazoids for your skimmer. When you come back to your
skimmer later the guy will offer 30 buckazoids plus a
= Used: Get from your ship into the Sarien Ship

Item:> Buckazoids
= Found: Given fro your skimmer
= Used: Money

Item:> ID
= Found: In your clothes when you are wearing the Sarien Disguise
(in the remake it’ll be in the washing machine
= Used: Get a pulsary

Item:> Grenade
= Found: Steal from the Sarien Arsenal while the droid is getting
your pulsary
= Used: Use on the Sarien guarding the Star Generator

Item:> Pulsary
= Found: Get from the Sarien Arsenal
= Used: Kill the Sariens

Item:> Remote Control
= Found: Search the guard of the Star Generator once you’ve knocked
him out with a grenade
= Used: Turn off the force field of the Star Generator



DIE:> Killed by the Sariens on board the Arcada
DIE:> Exceeded time limit for completing the Arcada
DIE:> Passing through the airlock without a spacesuit will kill you
DIE:> Neglecting to press the autonav button will lead you to miss Kerona
and be lost in space forever
DIE:> If you press the “Don’t Touch” button you’ll land into the crocodile
pool around the Daventry Royal Castle from King’s Quest I
DIE:> Eaten by Grell
DIE:> Destroid by the Sarien Spider Droid
DIE:> Killed by Orat
DIE:> Fallen of the pass in the Kerona Desert
DIE:> Fallen through the bridge in the Kerona Desert
DIE:> Taken by the beast under the grill in Kerona Cave
DIE:> Killed by the laser beams
DIE:> Touced by the drops in the Kerona Cave
DIE:> Fallen down off the pass either in the desert or the cave
DIE:> Crash you skimmer
DIE:> Hit three skulls at the slot machine
DIE:> A robber in Ulence Flats may offer you a deal to get you some
transportation. When you go with him he’ll kill you.
DIE:> Buying the wrong ship at the space ship vendor in Ulence Flats can be
DIE:> If you shoot the pulsary twice in the arsenal or if the robot
discovers you stole a grenade, it will kill you
DIE:> If the Sariens see you onboard their ship and you are not properly
disguised they kill you
DIE:> Sarien Droids will kill you if you are not disguised
DIE:> When you don’t get off the Sarien Ship in time after making the Star
Generator Self Destruct you are (of course) dead.
DIE:> Fall into the slide of the Sarien escape pod



This FAQ has been written and been copyrighted by Jeroen P. Broks aka
It has been licensed as:
Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International


Contacting me

First and most of all, DON’T try to e-mail me. E-mail addresses shown in
public are always only shown because some websites require me to and which
are as a result of that overflooded with spam and therefore never dug
through. In other words, your mail will very likely NEVER be seen at all!
Some websites have an internal personal message system. GameFAQs has that
system for example. Problem is I only visit GameFAQs to host my FAQs
because they are the biggest medium for FAQs and when I got nothing to
upload, you’ll hardly see me there, so your messages there will also very
likely not reach me at all. When you see this FAQ on sites other than my
own or GameFAQs, it’s very likely I don’t even know it’s hosted there, and
due to the Creative Commons license, hey I don’t even have to know 🙂
So, if you have any questions or remarks regarding my FAQs, please go to my
own FAQ site at: and make your comment or your question
right there. When you post there, I will always know immediately and very
likely I will answer in only a few days, if you are lucky even the same
Oh yeah not to sound arrogant or anything, but I’ll give you a glimpse of
some mails/comments/spam I received in the past on my FAQs and those are
the kind of messages that will most likely not get answered. Here I give
you my reply at forehand!
*:> Not to be rude but you know NOTHING about this game?
= Not to be rude, but you write NOTHING I have to know about this game.

= I also need you to know that most games I wrote FAQs on have been
played over and over about 20 times or more, and games I played less,
will very likely get a FAQ update after another 10 or 20
playthroughs. How many FAQ writers can say the same? (No, I’m not
being arrogant. I’m just an idiot for doing that, but I like doing
that) 😛

*:> You did not cover even half you should cover
= Then give me the other half

*:> Me gustan tus FAQs
= Yo no comprendo
= In other words only send your mails in English or Dutch. Those are
the only two languages I know good enough to have a conversation in.

*:> Fix your English
= Be glad I write in English. If I spoke my own language you may not be
able to understand me, at all.

*:> Hey idiot, fix your FAQ!
= Hey idiot, fix your manners!

*:> I got the best viagra for sale
= If I would ever need that stuff you will NOT be the one I’d buy it

*:> Your stories about how copyrights work are incorrect
= Obviously unlike you, I’ve read all proper documentation about that
subject and even spoken with the guys who actually deal with stuff
for a living. I’m not claiming to be an expert but I told you what I
know and also what I needed to know for my other activities outside
of FAQ writing.
= Perhaps this is interesting:
(This is the UK version of the document, but copyright is an
internationally set up phenomenon, and the core of the copyright
rules are the same in all countries in which the copyrights are part
of the law).

*:> You SUCK in levelling up (I often hear that about my RPG FAQs)
= You need to cheat your way through a game by grinding?

*:> I simply LOVE your FAQs. Thanks a lot.
= You’re welcome. I’m glad they were helpful 😉


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