Space Quest 2 Walkthrough by Tricky

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here with another walkthrough feature by Tricky. This time I’m sharing a walkthrough for Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge by Sierra.

Disclaimer: I received permission from Tricky to feature their walkthroughs on my website. All credit for the walkthrough belongs with Tricky, I’m just featuring it here.

If you’d like to view an HTML version of this walkthrough, be sure to check out Tricky’s website here:

                ___________      .__        __                  
                \__    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \  |/ ___\|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \/  \  \___|    < \___  |\___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|  |__|\___  >__|_ \/ ____/____  >
                                         \/     \/\/         \/
Walkthrough for Space Quest ][ - Vohaul's Revenge 
This is a TXT conversion of a FAQ originally written in HTML. 
For the HTML version (for which you are always guaranteed to have the 
newest version) please visit 
FAQ Index 

* Intro section *
     Introduction ................................ INT0000000000

* Walkthrough *
     Xenon Oribital Station 4 .................... WLK0000000000
     Jungle ...................................... WLK0000000001
     Little Aliens ............................... WLK0000000002
     Caves ....................................... WLK0000000003
     Vohaul's Fortress ........................... WLK0000000004
     The grand finale ............................ WLK0000000005

* Backgrounds *
     Inventory Items ............................. BCK0000000000
     Deaths ...................................... BCK0000000001

* Ending Stuff *
     Copyright ................................... END0000000000
     Contacting me ............................... END0000000001
Welcome to Space Quest ][. A very old adventure game by Sierra. 
It was one of the last games to be created with the AGI interpreter that 
Sierra has been using for years. The game should therefore work perfectly 
with ScummVM, and the DOS version also works fine with DosBox. 
When it comes to obtaining this game legally, please note that if you can 
find it for free, then you're probably dealign with an illegal version. 
Abandonware is not a legal concept, so if you find this game downloadable 
on an abandonware site, I deem it very likely you'll have a pirated copy. 
I must warn you also about the fact that Sierra was infamous for their 
nummerous amounts of deaths or situations in which the game will never be 
finishable. This game is one of the worst when it comes to that 
I shall warn you as much as I can for any of such situations whenever they 
can happen. And of course, there's the death list at the bottom of this 
This game can be devided in chapters (though not officially nummered as 
such), at the start of each new chapter I'll note what you MUST have done 
or have in your inventory as you will be unable to finish the game 
In usage of this FAQ 
*:> This way I'll note you are in a new location 
    = And this way I'll summarize what to do 
Xenon Oribital Station 4 
*:> Space 
     You start the game outside sweeping the decks of XOS4. You'll lose 
    your broom, but don't even think about getting after it as you'll only 
    get yourself killed in the process. 
    = You can walk over the wall and ceiling (this is space after all), so 
      make your way to the ceiling 
    = Step onto the hatch in the ceiling 
*:> Airlock 
    = Go to your cloths 
    = Go to the locker 
    = GET ALL (you'll get an order form, supporter, dialect translator and 
      a puzzle) 
    = Exit West 
*:> Great Hall 
     Upon entering this room, you'll be scolded by the boss. After he 
    = Step onto the elevator path 
    = Step in the tube 
*:> Shuttle Bay 
    = Enter the spaceship 
You'll get kidnapped now. Sit out the scenario until you crash on an alien 
You'll wake up in a jungle, and you gotta survive here. This is harder then 
you think as nearly all plants and animals here, will eat you alive if you 
give them the chance to. 
You must have at this point 
    = Order form 
    = Supporter 
    = Dialect translator 
    = Puzzle 
*:> Crash Site 
    = Search the guy you crashed upon to find a keycard. Do it now, this is 
      your one and only chance to do so and you'll be unable to finish the 
      game without it. 
    = Exit North 
*:> Big tree 
    = Don't climb the big tree or you'll die. 
    = Hide behind the big tree and stay there until Vohaul's guard has 
      appeared and left. 
    = Exit East 
*:> Trap 
    = You see an alien creature trapped. 
    = Exit West x2 
     (If you do not free this poor alien, you will be unable to finish the 
    game. So make sure you do it). 
*:> Spores 
    = GET SPORE (watch out not to get too close, as the spores are very 
    = Exit North 
*:> Slime beast maze 
    = Make your way through the maze to the bush in the back. Watch uut as 
      soon as you touch any trail the slime monster will eat you. (best is 
      to set the game in the slowest speed setting) 
    = Get the berries from the bush (GET BERRIES) 
    = Make your way back. 
    = Exit south and go back to the big tree 
*:> Big Tree 
    = Make your way to the upper layer 
    = Exit West 
*:> Mailbox 
    = Exit East x2 
*:> Entrance swamp 
    = Enter the water 
    = East 
*:> Swamp 
    = Move east and sooner or later a monster tries to eat you, but as the 
      berries make you taste bad, the monster will spit you out, and thus 
      you survive. 
    = Walk around until you sink in the water (behind the east tree 
*:> Underwater cave 
    = Make your way west and exit west 
*:> Game Room 
    = Go to the cave coming out of the water 
    = GET GEM 
    = Go back into the water 
    = Swim all the way back 
*:> Swamp 
    = Exit East x2 
*:> Gorge 
    = Go to the tree at the gorge 
    = CLIMB TREE (it will break and form a bridge) 
    = Exit East 
*:> Woods 
    = Before you move on, make sure you got the spores, or you're bound to 
    = Keep going west until you step in a trap 
*:> Hunter's camp   
    = TALK HUNTER (x2) (He'll come to you) 
    = THROW SPORES (If you didn't speak to the hunter twice, he'll be out 
      of reach, meaning you cannot finish the game any more) 
    = GET KEYS 
    = OPEN CAGE 
    = Go to the rock with a rope 
    = GET ROPE 
    = Exit North 
*:> Edge 
    = Exit West x2  
     (If you stick around too long in this place some guards of Vohaul's 
    will appear and kill you) 
*:> Gorge 
    = GET ON LOG 
*:> Monster gap   
    = Go to the end of the rope 
    = SWING 
    = Now (this is terrible, so save a lot) wait awhile until you think you 
      can make the jump to the cave and then press F6. This is pretty 
      precise so expect a lot of failed attempts leading into your death. 
    = Enter the cave 
Little Aliens 
Before you move on make sure you have: 
    = Supporter 
    = Glowing Gem 
    = Whistle 
    = Dialect translator 
    = Keycard 
    = Puzzle 
If you miss any of these, you cannot finish the game anymore, nor can you 
get back to claim them, so in other words you're doomed. You must also have 
saved the trapped alien before, or you'll be doomed as well. 
*:> Dark Cave 
    = Step into the dark 
    = USE GEM 
    = Exit West 
*:> Valley 
    = Two little aliens appear demanding you to follow them 
    = Before you do: GET GEM (you lost it in your fall) 
    = Exit south 
*:> "Village" 
    = Hear out the shaman who will thank you for saving one of his tribe 
    = SAY THE WORD (the aliens will move the rock) 
    = Exit downstairs. 
Before you move on make sure you have: 
    = Supporter 
    = Glowing Gem 
    = Whistle 
    = Keycard 
    = Puzzle  
If you miss any of these, you cannot finish the game anymore, nor can you 
get back to claim them, so in other words you're doomed. 
You are down in a dark cave and you cannot see anything at all. 
*:> Dark Caves 
     I'm just gonna point you the quickest way out. Please note if you take 
    too long a monster in this cave will eat you alive, so be quick. 
    = Down 
    = Right 
    = 1st way down 
    = 1st way right 
    = 1st way down 
    = 1st way right 
    = 1st way down 
    = 2nd way left 
    = 2nd way down 
    = 1st way right 
    = All the way right until you reach the exit 
*:> Underground lake 
    = Go into the lake 
    = Exit East 
*:> Stream 
    = Follow the stream 
    = Take the road on the EAST side (right) 
*:> Whirlpool 
    = Just allow yourself to be taken by the whrilpool and you'll get into 
      a jungle... again. 
*:> Fountain 
    = Exit East 
*:> Rock 
    = THROW PUZZLE (as soon as the monster approaches you. Best way to go 
      is to type the command before the monster appears and not to hit 
      enter until the monster actually goes to you). 
    = Go to the hole the monster made 
    = GET ROCK 
    = Exit North 
*:> Entrance Base 
    = Go to the door of the base 
*:> Pad 
*:> Spaceship 
    = Now wait until you are in space 
    = Use the up button to push the throttle to move forward 
Eventually Vohaul will appear on your screen and take over the control of 
your ship and send it straight to his fortress 
Vohaul's Fortress 
No way back.  
Fortunately, there's nothing that needs to be done before getting here 
which would make you otherwise get stuck. 
None of the items you currently have are required to finish the game as you 
all used them before and you don't need to use them again. 
Now note, everything is against you. There are a lot of robots here that 
kill you on sight. Oh yeah, if you ever get yourself kissed, load an older 
savegame as you're doomed if that happens. 
*:> Bay 
    = Exit East   
*:> = Enter the elevator   
    = FIVE 
*:> 5th floor 
     WARNING! The kissing monster is here. If it ever kisses you, you can 
    no longer finish the game (as you'll later in the game get yourself ill 
    and die). 
    = exit East x2 
    = Go through the door you just opened to find yourself in a janitorial 
    = GET OVERALLS (you'll toss them away and something falls out of it) 
    = Exit West x2 (Never go east as that will get you to meet the kissing 
*:> = Enter the elevator 
    = FOUR 
*:> 4th floor 
     WARNING! When the cleaning robot comes, run away and hide in either an 
    open closet or the elevator. If it touches you you're dead. When it 
    leaves,  you're safe to return to your original spot. 
    = Exit East 
*:> = Go to the button at the "Men's" door 
    = Enter the restroom 
*:> Restroom 
    = Open the 2nd cubicle from the right (OPEN DOOR) 
    = GET PAPER 
    = Exit south 
*:> 4th floor   
    = Exit East 
*:> = Press button 
    = Enter the closet 
    = Exit West x2 
*:> = Step in the elevator   
    = TRHEE 
*:> 3rd floor  
    = Exit East x3 
    = Enter the closet 
    = Go back to the elevator 
*:> = ONE 
*:> Bay 
    = Go back to the ship 
    = Exit South 
*:> Acid Trap 
    = Type "STICK PLUNGER ON BARRIER" but don't hit enter yet. 
    = Try to walk both east or right and you'll get yourself trapped 
    = An acid trap opens under your feet. Wait awhile until you really 
      cannot get out any more 
    = Now hit enter to get yourself saved. (If you do this too soon, you'll 
      sooner or later release grip due to exhaustion getting yourself still 
    = Wait until the acid pit closes 
    = STAND 
     The trap will open up again 
     The sprinklers will start to work killing the killer robots in this 
    = Exit East x2 
*:> Vohaul's room 
    = Try to approach Vohaul and he'll shrink you and put you in a glass. 
*:> Glass 
*:> Inside Vohaul's life support system 
    = Go to the vent 
    = CLIMB (oddly enough "CLIMB VENT" is not understood). 
*:> Glass 
    = Exit West 
*:> Computer 
    = TYPE ENLARGE (yeah that word "TYPE" is required) 
    = Exit East 
*:> Glass 
    = Stand in the beam and you'll be in Volhaul's room at normal size 
*:> Vohaul's room 
    = (If you want you can search Vohaul to find the latters SHSR. It's 
      unclear what this means). 
    = Make your way upstairs 
*:> Tube corridor 
    = WEAR MASK 
    = Follow the tube (when it breaks your mask protects you) and exit the 
      tube at the end 
The grand finale 
Vohaul is dead, but you now need to escape. There is a time limit, and if 
you exceed it you'll die. If you get followed by a robot, just walk away in 
the other direction and if you keep following the way you'll eventually get 
back where you are. This FAQ assumes this all goes correct in one go, but 
you never know. 
Oh yeah, you may want to turn off the sound as the alarm won't stop for the 
remainder of the game. 
*:> Corridor 
    = Type "PRESS BUTTON" but don't hit enter yet 
    = Exit West until you see some doors and a killer droid 
*:> Escape pods 
     I hope this goes one in one go. 
    = Go to the closest door 
    = Hit enter to open the door to the pod 
    = The killer droid will now follow you, exit East 
*:> = Keep exitting East until you are back at this very spot 
*:> = Go to the pod you opened 
    = ENTER POD 
*:> Escape Pod 
    = LOOK 
The game ends here. 
I know this is a bit of an odd ending, but this is really the end. 
I can tell you that in Space Quest III you'll still be in this pod and 
there you'll see how this voyage will end. 
In other words, see you back in Space Quest III. 
Inventory Items 
Item:> Order form 
       = Found: In your locker in XOS4 
       =  Used: Order a whistle 
Item:> Supporter 
       = Found: In your locker in XOS4 
       =  Used: Use as a sling. All you need is some ammunition. 
Item:> Dialect Translator 
       = Found: In your locker in XOS4 
       =  Used: Understand alien speech 
Item:> Puzzle 
       = Found: In your locker in XOS4 
       =  Used: Confuse an alien monster 
Item:> Spore 
       = Found: Jungle, west of the big tree. Watch out not to break them 
                as you approach them as this will hurt you. 
       =  Used: Knock out the hunter who wants to barbecue you. 
Item:> Berries 
       = Found: Past the slime maze 
       =  Used: Gives you a bad taste so that the monster living in the 
                swamp doesn't like you any more. 
Item:> Glowing Gem 
       = Found: In the cave under the swamp 
       =  Used: Light your path in dark caves. 
Item:> Cage Key 
       = Found: Steal from the hunter after you passed him out 
       =  Used: Free yourself from the hunter's cave 
Item:> Waste Basket 
       = Found: Closet 5th floor Volhaul's Fortress 
       =  Used: You need it for your "fire trap" 
Item:> Lighter 
       = Found: Closet 5th floor Volhaul's Fortress 
       =  Used: You need it for your "fire trap" 
Item:> Toilet paper 
       = Found: Restroom (where esel) on 4th floor Vohaul's Fortress 
       =  Used: You need it for your "Fire Trap" 
Item:> Plunger 
       = Found: Closet on the third floor 
       =  Used: Get out of the acid trap 
Item:> Oxygen Mask 
       = Found: In the tube after Vohaul died 
       =  Used: Wear it because when the tube breaks you'll suffocate if 
                you don't 
DIE:> Try to follow your broom at the start of the game will get you lost 
      in space... forever 
DIE:> Getting too close to the mushrooms east of the place where you crash 
      into the jungle will get you eaten alive by them 
DIE:> Climb the big tree north of the crash site and you'll be a good meal 
      to some hungry insects. 
DIE:> Get stuck in the maze and after that eaten by the monster guarding it 
DIE:> Eaten by the swamp monster. If you are not rubbed in berries you're 
      dead (if you are rubbed the monster will spit you out as you taste 
DIE:> When underwater too long in the swamp you'll drown 
DIE:> Fallen into the gorge 
DIE:> Barbecued by the hunter 
DIE:> Shot by a flying patrol of Vohaul's 
DIE:> Grabbed by the monster in the gorge 
DIE:> Eaten by the monster that lives in the dark cave below the alien's 
DIE:> Taken the wrong turn in the underground stream will make you fall 
      down a waterfall and get you killed. 
DIE:> Not throwing the puzzle to the monster you summoned with your whistle 
      will get you killed 
DIE:> Walked of the platform in Volhaul's Fortress 
DIE:> Getting kissed by the kissing monster will lateron in the game get 
      you killed 
DIE:> Walking too close to the cellls in the corridors can get you killed 
      if there's something in it 
DIE:> Crushed by the sweeping robot 
DIE:> Fallen into the acid of the acid trap 
DIE:> If you try to approach Vohaul's terminal without killing him first, 
      he will kill you with his fist! 
DIE:> If you type REDUCE in stead of ENLARGE, you'll become too small to 
DIE:> If you fall of the platform in Vohaul's room you're dead 
DIE:> Glass break when you are in the glass tube, not wearing your oxygen 
      mask will make you'll die of asphixiation 
DIE:> Killed by the killer droid in one of the corridors 
DIE:> Exceeded the time limit after you reach the Grand Finale 
DIE:> Exceeded the time limit in the escape pod 
This FAQ has been written and been copyrighted by Jeroen P. Broks aka 
It has been licensed as:  
Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International 
Contacting me 
First and most of all, DON'T try to e-mail me. E-mail addresses shown in 
public are always only shown because some websites require me to and which 
are as a result of that overflooded with spam and therefore never dug 
through. In other words, your mail will very likely NEVER be seen at all! 
Some websites have an internal personal message system. GameFAQs has that 
system for example. Problem is I only visit GameFAQs to host my FAQs 
because they are the biggest medium for FAQs and when I got nothing to 
upload, you'll hardly see me there, so your messages there will also very 
likely not reach me at all. When you see this FAQ on sites other than my 
own or GameFAQs, it's very likely I don't even know it's hosted there, and 
due to the Creative Commons license, hey I don't even have to know 🙂 
So, if you have any questions or remarks regarding my FAQs, please go to my 
own FAQ site at: and make your comment or your question 
right there. When you post there, I will always know immediately and very 
likely I will answer in only a few days, if you are lucky even the same 
Oh yeah not to sound arrogant or anything, but I'll give you a glimpse of 
some mails/comments/spam I received in the past on my FAQs and those are 
the kind of messages that will most likely not get answered. Here I give 
you my reply at forehand! 
*:> Not to be rude but you know NOTHING about this game? 
    = Not to be rude, but you write NOTHING I have to know about this game. 
    = I also need you to know that most games I wrote FAQs on have been 
      played over and over about 20 times or more, and games I played less, 
      will very likely get a FAQ update after another 10 or 20 
      playthroughs. How many FAQ writers can say the same? (No, I'm not 
      being arrogant. I'm just an idiot for doing that, but I like doing 
      that) 😛 
*:> You did not cover even half you should cover 
    = Then give me the other half 
*:> Me gustan tus FAQs 
    = Yo no comprendo 
    = In other words only send your mails in English or Dutch. Those are 
      the only two languages I know good enough to have a conversation in. 
*:> Fix your English 
    = Be glad I write in English. If I spoke my own language you may not be 
      able to understand me, at all. 
*:> Hey idiot, fix your FAQ! 
    = Hey idiot, fix your manners! 
*:> I got the best viagra for sale 
    = If I would ever need that stuff you will NOT be the one I'd buy it 
*:> Your stories about how copyrights work are incorrect 
    = Obviously unlike you, I've read all proper documentation about that 
      subject and even spoken with the guys who actually deal with stuff 
      for a living. I'm not claiming to be an expert but I told you what I 
      know and also what I needed to know for my other activities outside 
      of FAQ writing. 
    = Perhaps this is interesting: 
      (This is the UK version of the document, but copyright is an 
      internationally set up phenomenon, and the core of the copyright 
      rules are the same in all countries in which the copyrights are part 
      of the law). 
*:> You SUCK in levelling up (I often hear that about my RPG FAQs) 
    = You need to cheat your way through a game by grinding? 
*:> I simply LOVE your FAQs. Thanks a lot. 
    = You're welcome. I'm glad they were helpful 😉 
 -- == END OF DOCUMENT == --

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