The Witcher Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
Walkthrough Credit: Haeravon

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| Prologue |
| |
| Defending Kaer Morhen |
| |
One must admit, the game doesn’t start too promisingly for Geralt.
Chased through the woods and ultimately dragged to Kaer Morhen on a
shoddy cart by people he no longer knows, it’s an intro that just begs
explanation. You’ll be introduced to the various characters inhabiting
Kaer Morhen, including your fellow Witchers Vesemir, Lambert, Eskel,
the prospective Witcher, Leo, and the sorceress, Triss. Life isn’t
easy, however, not even for Witchers, and before too much exposition
can occur a band of human bandits attacks. And so it begins..

Kaer Morhen, Exterior
Sequence of Events: {WLK000}
1) Assault on Kaer Morhen
2) No Mere Bandits
3) Combos and Coup-de-Graces
4) Combat Styles
5) The Upper Courtyard
6) Into the Citadel
7) Dodging and Group Style
8) Learning the Aard
9) Two Ways to Lose
10) The Frightener
11) Savolla

1) Grab the Rusty Sword from the training dummy and promptly use it to
smite some Salamandra Bandits. Too much isn’t expected of Geralt as this
instant, and whatever your proficiency with the sword, you can rely on
your allies to pick up the slack. Once the bandits are dead some more
talking will ensue.
2) Follow your companions until they reach a gate for more dialogue and
a cutscene. Apparently, despite seeming like pissant bandits at first,
they’ve come with a mage named Savolla and his pet monster-a Frightener
which provides the muscle the bandits clearly lack. Behind you, more
Salamandra Bandits led by an unknown Sorcerer and a notorious murderer
named the Professor casually walk into the un-guarded citadel. Even
without your memories, your allies are confident enough to send you-
alone-up to the upper courtyard to secure passage for them while they
hold off the more immediate threats of Salamandra, Savolla, and the
3) Now begins the games’ combat tutorial. Follow the enemies and kill
them, and as you go the game will introduce you to its combo system.
Every attack after the first your ‘attack’ icon will turn into a
flaming sword, prompting you to wait for that moment to attack again.
It’s reminiscent of the timed-combo system in Summoner.. as I imagine
it would be utilized if it were a PC game, and not a PS2 game. Right
now there’s not too much use for the combos aside from the fact that
it keeps your enemies off guard and largely incapable of responding to
your assaults. Later on, however, higher combos will deal considerably
more damage. The game will also introduce you to coup-de-graces, by
which Geralt and kill a stunned or prone enemy in a single attack. The
game is fairly generous with them now, but once the tutorial is over,
you’ll pretty much only get to enjoy these brutal finishers when the
Aard sign is used.
4) Keep following the enemies. In all honesty this party is pretty
self-explanatory, and there’s little chance of losing all of Geralt’s
250 Vitality to mere bandits. The next lesson is the all-important
combat styles. Essentially, use the strong style to kill heavily
armored opponents and use the fast style to kill agile opponents. If
you find that the enemy is dodging or parrying too many attacks, you
need to switch to the fast style. Note that changing your style will
interrupt whatever combo you might be performing, so pick the right
style before you start swinging.
5) After cutting your way through the enemies up on the battlements
you’ll come across several enemies armed with ranged weapons which you
cannot reach. Run past them to the stairs, where a cutscene will ensue.
Once you’re back in control of Geralt, proceed to cut your way through
the enemies in the upper courtyard. Ignore the ‘Siege Cauldrons’ and
‘Bells’ for now, but be sure to loot the barrel along the walls of the
citadel. Work your way down to the gate opposite the doors to the
citadel, kill all the Salamandra Bandits, and activate the ‘Winch’.
6) After the cutscene you’ll be sent on another mission-to explore the
citadel and try and prevent the Salamandra Bandits from obtaining the
Witcher’s mutagens within. In addition to the Witcher with amnesia,
they’ll send Leo, the understudy, while the real Witchers guard the
courtyard with Triss. I suppose when you’re this short-handed, there
really are no good options. You’ll be given two potions-Thunderbolt and
Swallow. The former increases your damage output, but takes away your
ability to dodge and parry. In the rest of the game, this potion is
only really useful against enemies that are difficult to dodge and
parry anyways. Swallow is less of a mixed blessing, Vitality
regeneration is always good. It might be a good idea to talk to
everybody for a bit of background, but as for useful information.. they
won’t tell you anything I haven’t. Drink your potions and enter the

Kaer Morhen, Citadel
7) Leo will babble for a bit about his progress as a Witcher’s
apprentice. I suppose striking even a distracted Witcher is something of
a feat for a normal human. Continue on and smite some Salamandra
Bandits. The game will helpfully tell you about dodging, something
which won’t really come in handy for a while. Continue and you’ll
encounter a rather large group of Salamandra Bandits, and the game will
prompt you to use the group style-a real life saver, and Geralt’s only
real way of providing crowd control with his sword. Loot any dead
Salamanders that can be looted, and a barrel near the kitchen door
before following Leo to some stairs.

Kaer Morhen, Witcher’s Laboratory
8) Head into a new area and watch a cutscene. The mysterious sorcerer
leading the assault on Kaer Morhen will taunt the Professor’s waning
bravado before creating a magical barrier that impedes our progress-
and causes a partial cave-in that blocks the stairs back up. Leo
implores you to learn the Aard sign, which will clear the debris.
Follow Leo to the ‘Circle of Whispering Stones’, looting a crate along
the way, and another within the room containing the elemental circle.
Click on the circle to learn the Aard sign-a telekinetic blast which
is probably the best sign in the game. Head back to the blocked stairs
and right-click on the debris (while standing fairly close) to clear
the way.

Kaer Morhen, Exterior
9) Once done you’ll automatically return to the courtyard. Triss is
needed to take down the mysterious sorcerer’s magical barrier, but
Savolla and his Frightener return to cause a dilemma-and your first
real choice in the game. Accompany Triss, or fight the Frightener.
The Frightener itself is worth more experience, but for heading into the
citadel you’ll get 2000 quest experience that you won’t get from the
Frightener, making the citadel more lucrative in both experience and
loot. Your decision will have a minor impact on the next chapter, but
it’s not too monumental one way or the other. Step #10 will cover the
Frightener, and Step #11 will cover the Citadel. Either way, you get a
Tawny Owl potion to help with your upcoming fight. My neutral Geralt
will decide to fight the Frightener-he is, after all, a Witcher, and
Witchers fight monsters. The other two ‘moral’ Witchers are more
pragmatic. Evil is evil, and the laboratory must be defended.
10) If you decide to fight the Frightener, you’ll be joined by all your
Witcher buddies. Start out by eliminating the Salamandra Bandits
running around, as they’ll get in your way, and try to avoid engaging
the Frightener for now-it can’t be effectively hurt, and it-unlike most
everything else in the Prologue-is capable of taking Geralt down,
especially if it knocks him down. Once the Salamanders are dead, go to
the two ‘Siege Cauldrons’ and hit them with Aard to get them
reverberating. Once both of them are vibrating, go ring the ‘Bell’. All
this noise will harm the Frightener, and leave it vulnerable to more
abuse. Head into melee combat with it and use the Strong Style to deal
as much damage as possible before it recovers. Repeat as necessary until
it dies. Once it falls, Triss will teleport back to the courtyard,
injured, and inform the Witchers that she underestimated the sorcerer
currently ransacking the laboratory.

Kaer Morhen, Citadel
11) After Triss is done talking head up into the larger room to
trigger another cutscene. Despite Savolla’s bluffs, Triss is confident
that the mage is mostly spent. Triss will run off to deal with the
barrier, while Savolla will conjure a magic circle around you, himself,
and his goons. Some rather inappropriate music will start up to let you
know that this is, indeed, a boss battle. Kill the four Bandits first,
as they make Savolla invulnerable while they’re alive. Savolla will,
for his part, hit you with a fire spell that can cause inceneration if
you’re unlucky and use an electrical nova that is considerably less
threatening. Once the Bandits are dead, Savolla can be injured, but
after taking a few combos he’ll teleport somewhere else. Use the Strong
Style and keep up the pressure, and hit him with Aard whenever he
appears-provided you have the Endurance. It’s not impossible to stun
him and leave him prime for a coup-de-grace, but more likely you’ll
have to hack him to death. When he dies he’ll leave behind a Sapphire,
Goose Fat, Flint, Saltpeter, and 10 Orens. Head over to the Laboratory,
and en-route you’ll find an injured Triss, who apparently underestimated
the Sorcerer currently ransacking the laboratory.

(For defeating Savolla and reaching the laboratory)
EXP 2000

| |
| A Potion for Triss |
| |
No matter what you did earlier, the end results are the same. Triss has
been wounded, the Witcher’s mutagens have been stolen, and Leo was
killed by the Professor. Vesemir will chat for a bit, and the game will
introduce you to meditation, during which you can create potions, bombs,
and oils, level up, or just pass time. Right now the game requires that
we meditate, so we might as well spend our talents while we’re at it.
No matter what course you took, whether you fought Savolla or the
Frightener, you’ve got enough experience to reach level one, which gives
us three bronze talents to spend. At this point in the game, I buy the
first two ranks of Intelligence, and then get Herbalism. This ensures
that as soon as Chapter 1 starts, I can begin picking herbs. I’ll
admit, it’s a complusion of mine.

Kaer Morhen, Laboratory
Sequence of Events: {WLK001}
1) Vesemir’s Decision
2) Kitchen
3) We Don’t Need Prisoners
4) The Armory
5) Vesemir’s Lesson
6) A Potion for Triss
7) The Best Bed in Kaer Morhen
8) Lessons from Lambert and Eskel
9) Abandoning Kaer Morhen

1) Once you’re done meditating talk to Vesemir, who is now ready to
tell you what needs to be done. Kaer Morhen serves no purpose now, as
everything of value has been stolen. We need to hunt down the bandits
who robbed us, and avenge Leo’s death. First, however, we need to
concoct a potion for Triss-a sorceress who is ironically allergic to
magic. Head upstairs and see Lambert, who will tell you to head
upstairs to find some Calcium Equum and some White Gull-the former
being a component we need for the potion, and the latter being a base-
itself a potion which is used to make other potions.
2) Head through the kitchen door, where you can grab a variety of food.
Also, you can meditate at any time at the fire. Head west to find some
stairs going up. There will be a few Salamandra Bandits lurking around,
but nothing threatening. Head up the stairs until you find a door
leading to the upper floor.

Kaer Morhen, Citadel Upper Floor
3) In this area you’ll find a handful of Salamandra Bandits lurking
around, waiting to be disposed of. Murder the push-overs and thoroughly
search the level, as loot abounds. In the Evening Hall you’ll find a
crate that contains-among other things-Calcium Equum and a book called
‘The Frightener’. This is our first encounter with books, so a brief
description is necessary. Whenever you find books, scrolls, pamphlets,
or some other reading material, be sure to read it. This can give you
quests, recipes for potions, bombs, and oils, or journal entries which
will allow you to find more loot on monsters or harvest plants for
alchemical ingredients. Very useful stuff.
4) In the armory you’ll find some crates with alternate weapons in them,
in this case, a Temerian Iron Dagger and an Axe, which will just take up
space in Geralt’s inventory. On the plus side, however, they can be sold
or stashed in Chapter 1, so you might as well take them. Honestly, I
never tend to use anything other than swords, but it’s nice that so many
different weapons were included for the sake of variety. Another crate
contains White Gull and a book, ‘Monstrum, or a Portrayal of Witchers’.
5) Head back downstairs and report to Lambert, who tells you that you’ll
further need the claw of a mighty beast, and some Celandine. After
telling you this, he refers you back to Vesemir. You might as well talk
to Eskel as well, although he only tells backstory, it’s still
interesting stuff. Vesemir for his part will just give you Celandine
when you talk to him, and he’ll teach you the ‘Flaying’ ability and
tell you to go skin the Frightener for the component you need to make
the potion for Triss. Vesemir will also give you some modest equipment,
so you’re not stuck wearing a shirt and fighting with a Rusty
Sword. Now you at least look like a Witcher. The Red Meteorite and
Frightener’s Vision scroll are also worthy of appreciation.

Note: On meteorite and runes, these items (Blue Meteorite, Red
Meteorite, and Yellow Meteorite) upgrade Steel Swords (Earth Rune,
Moon Rune, and Sun Rune) and Silver Swords, respectively. All you need
is a sword, three pieces of meteorite or three runes, and a blacksmith
willing and able to forge your sword. You can mix and match different
types of meteorites and runes to get different results. Forging costs
money, on top of whatever runes and weapons you also have to provide.
Frankly, I just don’t find it worth the effort. You’ll find a great
Steel Sword in Chapter 2, and as for Silver Swords.. well, I just tend
to make do. You’ll find the different mixes and matches of this weaponry
in the Item List, so you can see just what every combination can do,
should you be interested in making one of these weapons.
6) So, head outside and search the Frightener’s remains for a
Frightener’s Claw and a Frightener’s Eye. Once you’ve obtained them,
head back inside and meditate near the fireplace. Click the Alchemy
menu and click on the ‘Potion for Triss’ option and the game will
automatically allocate the appropriate ingredients into slots. It
won’t always be this easy, however. Sure, the game will always move
the right components for the potion you’ve selected, but it won’t
necessarily put the most common ingredients in, which can be wasteful.
After all, why use Quicksilver for a potion when you can just use
Drowner Brain Tissue? Another note about alchemy is the fact that the
computer will not bother to take into account secondary elements, so
if you want to create a potion with secondary benefits, you’ll need to
do that yourself, too. Anyways, you can only mess this one up if you
try, have the computer do it and it’ll mix the Calcium Equum, Celandine,
Frightener Claw, and White Gull to make.. a potion for Triss.

Note: You can make the ‘Frightener’s Vision’ potion in the next chapter
when you obtain the proper ingredients, which will score you another
Bronze Talent. You’ll need an ingredient with Vitriol, an ingredient
with Rebis, an ingredient with Quebrith, and of course, the Frightener’s

Kaer Morhen, Triss’ Room
7) Head up to Triss’ Room and do the gentlemanly thing-loot the room.
After you’ve searched around, talk to Triss. Now you’ll get a hint on
giving gifts. Click on the gift icon in the conversation screen and
double-click on the ‘Potion for Triss’ in your quest items. Triss will
recover in record time and chat with Geralt for a bit. You can now
obtain your first sex card from Triss, if you’re so inclined.. and I
can’t see a reason why anybody wouldn’t be.. unless you have an intense
hatred for Triss. In any event, to persue Triss romantically, pick the
first dialogue option twice. Once that’s done you can talk to Triss a
bit more. Don’t go meet with Vesemir yet, as there’s still a few things
to do in Kaer Morhen. Instead, tell Triss that you “need to do

(For providing a Potion for Triss)
EXP 1000
8) Return to the upper level of the Citadel and talk to Lambert and
Eskel. The former will describe the combat styles a little more, giving
them a little context for the game world, rather than just leaving them
as gameplay devices. The latter will offer to give you a tutorial in
fist-fighting.. which in this case means boxing with you and allowing
you to figure it out for yourself. Of course, if you get snippy with
Eskel he won’t bother giving you a second chance, and since you get
experience for beating him, you might as well give it a go. And no,
it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

(For boxing with Eskel)
EXP 1000
9) Before you go talk to Triss or Vesemir and continue on with the
game, you would be well-served by heading downstairs and leveling up
again. It’ll help during the next chapter when the difficult ramps up.
This time I buy Strength (levels one and two) and Regeneration, which
should help out considerably at the beginning of Chapter 1. When that’s
done talk to Vesemir and tell him to proceed with the funeral, or talk
to Shani and tell her “We shouldn’t keep Vesemir waiting.” Either way,
the Prologue ends, and Chapter 1 begins.

(For attending Leo’s funeral and abandoning Kaer Morhen)
EXP 4000

| Chapter 1 |
| |
| The Outskirts of Vizima |
| |
The Witchers have scattered to the four winds to search for the
bandits who stole their mutagens and killed Leo. Hopefully they fled to
a conspicuous location along the cardinal directions. Geralt’s
destination is Vizima, the capital city of Temeria, whose king, Foltest,
owes Geralt a favor after he saved his daughter, princess Adda, from her
curse. Remember the intro movie?

Nothing is ever simple for Geralt, however, as the city is currently
under quarantine due to an outbreak of the Catriona plague. Worse still,
the outskirts of Vizima is plagued by a terrible Beast, whose Barghests
we are about to become all too familiar with..

Outskirts of Vizima
Sequence of Events: {WLK002}
1) Barghest Attack
2) Speaking with Shani
3) First Things First
4) Stashing Loot
5) Boxing
6) Tome of Fear and Loathing, Volume I
7) Sleeping it Off
8) Crinfrid Oil
9) Enroute to the Reverend
10) An Old Debt
11) Easing the Pain
12) People of the Outskirts
13) Speaking to Strangers
14) The Reverend’s Ring
15) Exploring the Village
16) Racists
17) Mistrusting Mikul
18) Ghoul Bait
19) The Igni Sign
20) Grinding Dogs and Drowners

1) This chapter starts with a fight, so don’t get too complacent during
the cutscenes. You’ll have to deal with four Barghests as soon as you
gain control of Geralt again, and although you’ll initially have help,
don’t expect them to last too long.. and be careful not to attack your
allies. Even though the Mercenaries suck at dealing with Barghests, they
can sure as hell cause Geralt enough trouble. Just switch to the Group
Style and you shouldn’t have any trouble taking the Barghests down. When
most of them are dead, deal with any stragglers by switching to the
Fast Style.

(For fighting off the Barghests assaulting the Country Inn)
EXP 500
2) Once they’re dead, the redhead in green we saw earlier will talk to
us, and the now-orphaned boy who escaped the Barghests will start
glowing and uttering the prophecy of Itlina. As mysterious as that is,
his outburst of magical energy seems to have driven off the Beast.. for
now. Shani-the redhead-will tell us that the Reverend, the community
leader here, might know about some men with Salamander badges.. and he
might be worth talking to about the Beast. Seems kind of like a monster
Witchers should deal with, doesn’t it? Continue talking to Shani and
she’ll tell you a bit about herself, Alvin (the creepy magical boy),
and Salamander activity in the outskirts.
3) Now you’re free to go do whatever you wish, and for the first time in
the game it’s starting to feel like an RPG. You have plenty of quests to
persue in a fairly non-linear fashion, you can grind, you can run around
and loot, or you can just talk to NPCs. Sounds fun, right? If it seems
like you’ve been thrown head-first into a game which has suddenly
expanded into a directionless monster.. well, then you’re not alone, but
fortunately for you, you were wise enough to get a FAQ, right? The first
thing I like to do when I get to a new area is find the biggest monsters
and kill them-repeatedly. That’s right, the good old grind. No, it’s not
necessary, but since quests give static experience, and monsters give
less experience each level, it’s a good idea to grind first, then
complete quests. Before we begin grinding, however, there are a few
things we must do first.
4) Head into the Country Inn, and ignore the Notice Board for now. Yes,
we’ll get to it eventually, but for now it’ll start quests we don’t
need to start yet. Inside the Inn, talk to Innkeeper Olaf, who after a
rather unfriendly introduction will finally speak with you. Ignore him
for now and instead click on chest to the left of the text options to
bring up the storage screen. This is where you can-and should-store all
the crap you’re carrying which you do not need to walk around with..
which is pretty much everything.
5) Once everything is stored, head over to the corner of the Inn where
boxing matches are being held. Not only is there loot to be stored,
but you can engage in some boxing matches. I prefer to wait before I
fight Fat Fred, but that still leaves two Fist Fighters and a Wimpy
Fist Fighter for me to box with. Most boxers will go up to at least
double their inital wager, and for this collection of thugs it means
we can score 50 Orens each visit. It’s going to be one of the few ways
to earn money until we start doing quests, so get used to it.

Note: You typically have to wait 24 hours before you can box again.
It’s obvious that at first the other boxers are too injured to fight
again immediately after losing, but after a while they have full life,
which makes it tricky to tell when you can box them again. The game
doesn’t do us any favors, either, when it makes them talk as if you can
box them again-but after paying up the bet, they decline to box you and
steal your money! This is certainly a glitch, so either save before you
start a new round of boxing, or be sure to have waited long enough. I
don’t recall this problem occuring before the latest patch, but I’m no
expert. Or am I? Well, either way, I don’t know, but you’ve been
6) Once you’re done fighting, go talk to a ‘Drunkard’ who should be
sitting around one of the tables. When the beer mug icon appears to the
left of his text options, click it to start a drinking contest with him.
There are quite a few characters you can drink with in this game, and
some are pretty heavy hitters. For this guy, however, just be sure to
have some Kaedwenian Stout or Viziman Champion in your inventory.
Whenever possible, you should ensure that you use weak alcohol when you
try to out-drink somebody, to avoid passing out yourself.. and to cut
down on costs. After downing five mugs of Viziman Champion, he’ll
concede defeat and give you ‘The Tome of Fear and Loathing, volume I.’
This book would have cost you 250 Orens if you have to buy it at an
7) Now that we’ve stashed our loot, fought for some Orens, and got
drunk for a book, it’s time to rest. Either pay Innkeeper Olaf five
Orens to sleep, or head outside and attempt to mooch off somebody else’s
fireplace, if one’s lit. If not, you can always use some Flint to start
a fire up. Rest and distribute more talents. Everybody should be level
three, closing on level four right now. This time I pick Monster Lore,
in the Intelligence tree, Strong Steel (level 2), and Stun, in the
Aard tree.. all for a very specific endeavor upon which I am about to
embark. Rest until the afternoon.
8) Once you wake up, head over to the Dwarven Blacksmith who is lurking
to the north of the gate. Listen to him rant about discrimination and
when he’s done whining, ask him about weapons and he’ll offer to sell
you some oil for 35 Orens. At that price, it’s a steal, and it’ll not
just give you some oil, it’ll give you the recipe so you can make it
at will.
9) Head out the gate of the palisade around the Country Inn. It’s time
to go see the Reverend.. and loot abandoned houses along the way. There
are two major routes to the Reverend’s House, either by going north
from the Country Inn, or by going west. In order to complete some minor
encounters along the way, take the western route-past the Royal
Huntsman, rather than past Abigail’s Hut. Search at your own
disgression along the way. Note that, for future reference, the
directions I give are in relation to the mini-map on the top right of
your screen-which is itself aligned with the map you can bring up by
hitting the ‘m’ key. North is up, south is down, west is left, and east
is right, just pay attention to the direction the little arrow
representing Geralt is facing.
10) Along the way you might find a ‘Traveller’ who will recognize you if
you talk to him. Recognizing you as the legendary Witcher Geralt who
helped him out in the past, he decides to repay you for services
rendered. It’s a nice-and unexpected-way to score 100 Orens from a
11) Near some of the houses along the way (or perhaps in town) you’ll
find a ‘Beggar’, an old lady who will ask you to provide a White Gull
Potion so her dying grandson can expire less painfully. If you provide
one she’ll give you an ‘Eternal Fire Signet Ring’ she stole from the
Reverend-who refused to help. This is an item we’ll obtain at less cost
to ourselves later, but hey, it’s always nice to make note of
12) Also along the way you might encounter a blonde ‘Peasant Woman’ with
a green and yellow top. You’ll know it’s the right lady because she’ll
greet you with “Greetings, handsome traveler.” Give her some Tulips
(which can be found in one of the houses, or obtained from a
‘Townswoman’ wearing white by giving her some other flowers) and she’ll
ask if you find her fetching. Suggest that you find a nook somewhere to
get the ‘People of the Outskirts’ sex card. If you’re having trouble
finding flowers, the Viziman Herbalist near the Country Inn sells
Daisies (10 Orens) and Orchids (50 Orens) which might work to get you
some Tulips from the Townswoman in white. Or if all that’s too much for
you, Declan Leuvaarden, a merchant staying at the Country Inn (find him
during the day, usually around noon) will just sell you some Tulips
(20 Orens).
13) Lastly, along the way you can find an ‘Old Woman’ who insists she
doesn’t talk to strangers. What she really means is that she doesn’t
talk to strangers unless they pay her about 20 Orens, first. She’ll
only tell you one thing, either she’ll tell you about a random herb,
I’ve seen Hellebore Petals, Sewant Mushrooms, Celandine, Verbena, and
Beggartick Blossoms come up, or she’ll tell you a story about plagues
and cannibalism. Frankly, you’ll get all these herbs from other sources,
most of them can be obtained by reading the book ‘Field Plants’, and
the last two mentioned won’t even come up until Chapter 2. Still, if
you want to bribe some info out of her, here you go. Note that you can
do this multiple times, after leaving the area anyways. She seems to
give you new plants every time, even plants that you won’t encounter
until Chapter 3 or later.
14) Finally, when you reach the outskirts of the..outskirts village,
you’ll be harassed by some Village Militia, who ultimately decide that
you’re not worth messing with. Continue past them to find the Reverend,
who is most likely outside of the Chapel. He’s not too friendly, and he
tells you that to earn his trust you’ll need to light to fires at the
five ‘Eternal Fire Shrines’ around the outskirts. Of course, this has to
be done at night while it’s most dangerous.. but we’re not here to do
his stupid quests. Pick dialogue option #1 and he’ll tell you to solve
the problems of Mikul, Haren, and Odo, three prominent residents of the
outskirts before he’ll tell you more about Salamandra. To prove that he
sent you, he’ll give you the ‘Eternal Fire Signet Ring’, which is what
we came for. Equip it now and prepare to do some more running around.
15) Since we’re at this village, we might as well loot it, too. There
are several books to find, but more importantly there are some ‘Old
Townswomen’ who complain about not having any food. Give them some and
they’ll tell you old stories-one tells you about a Miller’s daughter
killing herself and becoming a Drowned Dead, another tells you about
Barghests, a third will tell you about Fleders, and a fourth will tell
you about Werewolves, and gives you journal information about Werewolf
Fur. What morbid people. On the other hand, if you talk to a
‘Townswoman’ clad in white she’ll ask for some flowers. Give her some
and she’ll give you Tulips in return, and tell you about some
Salamanders lying in wait for you. Lastly, talk to a Stall-Keeper and
she’ll tell you about another Witcher who talked to Reverened, which
the Reverend himself talked about. You can also buy food from her, if
you’re so inclined.
16) We’re done with the village for now, so head north east past the
Stall-Keeper and head down to the riverside. There are more houses to
loot, but most importantly you’ll find Zoltan Chivay, who is being
harassed by several human racists. Getting close (and I use the word
‘close’ here very loosely) will start the quest ‘Racists’, one of the
few quests I do before grinding-to clear the way for said grinding
runs. Get close to the encounter and a human will question your intent,
or wait around and a fight will start. If you’re playing a strictly
neutral Witcher, you might want to sit this one out.. but since it
doesn’t affect any quests and is solely beneficial to help Zoltan out,
I always jump in. After the racists are dead, Zoltan will talk to you
(and be understandably upset if you just sat back and watched), where
he’ll reveal that he’s yet another old friend of yours. The two hot
redheads I could understand, but a Dwarf? Anyways, exhaust all of
Zoltan’s dialogue options and he’ll leave. He’ll stay at the Country
Inn for the rest of the Chapter, and we’ll have more to do with him
later, but for now, let him leave.

(For helping Zoltan Chivay fight off the racists)
EXP 2000
17) Loot the bodies for some Dice Boxes, which will start the quest
‘A Game of Dice’. You can also pick up a Rusty Sword, if you missed
your old one. Loot the rest of this fishing village, just avoid talking
to Haren Brogg for now.. although don’t be afraid to loot his house.
Continue north east along the river bank until you reach a bridge.
Cross the bridge to reach the Merchants’ Gate, outside of which you’ll
find Mikul. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that there’s a quarantine in
effect and that only folks with passes are allowed in. He’s not too
bright, and before he really gets chatty he demands proof that the
Reverend sent you. So show him the ring you were given (if you have it
equipped you can click on the ‘hand’ icon to the left of the dialogue
options) to get him to open up. Pick dialogue option #1 and he’ll tell
you that he was supposed to kill some ‘dead’uns’ in the crypt down the
road. Offer to kill the undead for 200 Orens and he’ll give you a key,
which will open the door to the crypt.

18) From the Merchants’ gate, cross the bridge again and continue down
the road to the east, again, looting houses as you go. Eventually you
will come to a fork in the road near an ‘Eternal Fire Shrine’. From this
shrine (which should be marked on your map with an obvious red circle)
head along the eastern road until you reach the Crypt Entrance. Save
your game and head inside. Once inside you’ll get a custcene showing the
body of a dead girl, who obviously poisoned herself. The troublesome
Ghouls Mikul was supposed to kill were drawn to her corpse. The game
also helpfully tells you to drink a Cat Potion.. which we’ll do when we
come back here to full explore this place, but until then, setting the
gamma up to 2.00 in the options/video options menu will work fine for
now. Anyways, grab the Glass Vial off the floor before you do anything
19) Head deeper into the Crypt until you stumble upon a Ghoul. Ghouls
are fairly tough at this point in the game, but a single Ghoul isn’t
much of a threat. Get used to fighting it, then continue to the east
until you reach some branching tunnels. Very carefully head into the
room to the north. Once you’re inside enough, three Ghouls will pop out
and attack you. Run back to the entrance and hopefully you’ll lose some
of them-three Ghouls can be a hell of a fight at this level. If not,
with a little luck your Aard sign will stun one of them, which you can
then coup-de-grace. Two Ghouls shouldn’t be too much trouble, but three
at once are lethal. Use the Strong Style (you won’t deal enough damage
with the Group Style to defeat them, most likely) and use Aard whenever
they group up. With some tactics, a little luck, and patience you should
be able to win this fight, even at level three. And if you fail, try,
try again-after all, you saved, right? In the room where the three
Ghouls spawned you’ll find a corpse with some goodies worth looting, but
best of all is the ‘Circle of Inner Fire’. Activate it the learn the
Igni sign. It’s a handy sign, but for our present purposes, we’ll use it
to rest between grinding runs without needing to use any Flint, or
without having to pay the Innkeeper five Orens to rest.

(For killing the Ghouls in the Crypt)
EXP 1000
20) Finally, after all that work we can begin to grind. If you didn’t
talk to Vesna Hood in the Country Inn (and hence don’t have her in
your Journal under the Characters section) her quest ‘She’s No Early
Bird’ won’t start. How do I grind? I typically run circuts around the
map at night, killing Barghests and Drowners (near the river) and the
occassional Ghoul lurking around. If there’s more than three enemies,
use the Group Style, against Barghests and Drowners use the Fast
Style, and against Ghouls use the Strong Style. After I’ve done a full
circut, I try to rest near the Country Inn. If I have enough time I’ll
go box before resting to bring in some extra Orens. Just don’t stay
out too long or else the area will become safe during the day-which
means you can’t use your Igni sign to start fires. If that’s the case,
you’ll have to run around hoping to bum a fire off of others, or you’ll
have to light one yourself with some Flint, or you’ll have to pay the
Innkeeper to rest. To make these runs extra worthwhile, you might
consider buying the book ‘Field Plants’ from the Viziman Herbalist
who stays outside the Country Inn. It’s 200 Orens, but if you start
collecting the herbs growing around (Celandine, Berbercane, Balisse,
Hellebore) you can stock up quite a horde while grinding. It’ll come
in handy later. Also, keep some of the Barghest Skulls you’ll find, as
they’ll be needed in an upcoming quest, as well as in a quest much
later. I tend to grind until I’m about level six or so, after which
point Barghests just aren’t giving enough experience anymore. Sure, you
can still focus on the Drowners near the river, but it’s more tedious,
and really, just not worth the time. As I level up, I buy ranks in
Dexterity (levels one and two), Fast Steel (level two) and Group Steel
(level two) to make my leveling easier. After that I bring Igni and
Aard up to level two, then I focus on the damage boosting talents within
the combat style trees.

Note that this leveling session is pretty optional. I suggest getting a
few levels just running around killing things-Geralt is pretty
vulnerable right now, and a level or two wouldn’t take too long, and
would go a long way. If you can’t be bothered, the fight at the end of
the chapter will be harder, but if you’re willing to invest in Specter
Oil, a Swallow Potion, and a Willow Potion, you’ll be fine.

| |
| Questing the Country Inn |
| |
It might take a while, but when I’m level six, I’m done grinding. My
intermitent boxing has left me with 500 Orens (after purchasing the book
‘Field Plants’, too), and I have over a hundred Barghest Skulls, Death
Dust, Beast Fangs, Ectoplasm, Drowner Brains, and I have picked plenty
of Celandine, Hellebore Petals, Balisse Fruit, White Myrtle Petals, and
Berbercane Fruit. Needless to say, as far as alchemy is concerned, I’m
set for a while. On that note, it’s time to start questing in Chapter 1.
From now until the end of Chapter 1 this will actually resemble a
somewhat composed FAQ. You know, doing things in a sensible sequential
order, starting, persuing, and completing quests, and all that fun
stuff. I rest outside the Country Inn until morning, and we’ll start
from there.

Country Inn, Exterior
Sequence of Events: {WLK003}
1) Viziman Herbalist
2) Notice Boards, Chapter 1
3) Dwarven Dice
4) Antiquary
5) Talking to Vesna Hood
6) Declan’s Job
7) Miscelleny in the Tavern
8) Fistfighting Fat Fred
9) Dwarven Drinking

1) Lets talk about some of the characters that we’ve been ignoring for
a while. First, you can find a Viziman Herbalist hanging out near the
Country Inn. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the plague and other
useless information. He will, however, sell you various alchemical
ingredients (at a monstrous mark-up), but more imporantly he’ll sell
flowers (if you still need to give them to the white-clad lady for some
Tulips), and he also sells two books-Field Plants, and Subterranean
Plants. The former is immensely useful in this chapter.
2) Now head over to the Notice Board and grab the notices-along with
the ‘Arrest Warrant’. Read the three notices to get the following
quests: ‘The Barghest Contract’, ‘The Drowner Contract’, and ‘The Ghoul
Contract’. We’ve completed all three of these quests by now-at least
you should have killed enough Barghests, Drowners, and Ghouls by now-we
just need to turn them in. Reading the Arrest Warrant starts the quest
‘Wanted’. Anyways, head on into the Country Inn.

Country Inn
3) If this is the first time you’ve entered the Country Inn since
helping Zoltan, he’ll talk to you. Ask him about the dice you found and
he’ll offer to play a game with you. Play a game with him (and hopefully
win), and talk to Zoltan again when the conversation ends and ask about
playing the game for serious money, which will start the quest
‘Dice Poker: The Novice’, and allow you to play with Odo, Haren, and
Mikul. It’ll give us something more to do when we go to help with their
problems, and save us some trouble running back and forth.

(For defeating one Novice player)
EXP 100
4) Sitting around one of the tables during the day you’ll find an
Antiquary. What’s an Antiquary? Normally I’d think it meant a dealer in
art or something, but in the Witcher, it means a book seller. I usually
make a point of buying every book each Antiquary has, which means a
lot of boxing.. The good news is, at least we’ve obtained some of his
more expensive books from other sources.
5) Talk to Vesna Hood, the local day-time bar wench. She doesn’t have
too much to say, but just talking to her gets you her Journal entry,
which will allow the quest ‘She’s No Early Bird’ to start. You can also
buy various alcohol from her, should you need to outdrink somebody or
make a potion.
6) By now you should be able to find a merchant named Declan Leuvaarden
somewhere in the bar. Unlike most of the folks here, he’s got a job for
you, a paying job, at that. He wants you to explore a cave near the
city walls and rescue his friend-or failing that, provide him with a
decent burial. Accept his offer to start the quest ‘Dead Hand of the
Past’. This is one we’ll save for later. You can also buy jewelry from
Leuvaarden, which is mostly worthless right now. He also sells Flint
(we have the Igni sign, so who cares?), Mettina Rose (if you don’t have
any, get one, but we should have found a bottle of this by now), and
Tulips (if you still need to seduce the green-and-yellow-clad lady to
obtain the ‘People of the Outskirts’ sex card.)
7) Now for the less noteworthy folks. You can talk to Shani again to
find out that Alvin-whom had been in her care-she sent to go stay with
Abigail, the local witch. Who knows better how to handle a mage than
another mage, right? Near one of the tables you’ll find a Gambler, who
talks about an unlucky hunter. You can play very, very, very low-stakes
Poker with him. There’s also a Bard you can chat up, who knows of
some ‘Geralt of Rivia’, whom you resemble. If you pay him five Orens
he’ll sing a rather awful little song-but you’ll get a Journal entry
about Dandelion, presumably a much better bard. Lastly, you can chat up
the Innkeeper. For five Orens he’ll tell you about the plague and the
always ineffective religious response to it, but it’s really just a
waste of money.
8) Since all that’s out of the way, lets go deal with Fat Fred. Talk to
him and put up 25 Orens to get him to fight. He’s stronger than the
other fistfighters, but he’ll still fall to the same tactics we’ve been
using to abuse the others. When you win you’ll get a choice of prizes,
money-which turns out to be 100 Orens, which we could win in two rounds
of boxing the lesser fighters, a ring-which turns out to be a Gold
Diamond Ring (sells for 120 Orens) or vodka and chaser, which means two
bottles of Zerrikanian Spirit, a loaf of bread, a mutton leg, and
cheese. All the prizes suck, as Zerrikanian Spirit isn’t so potent as
to be worth notice. I tend to take the ring, which is worth the most,
and keep it for a rainy day. Now that Fat Fred has been beaten, we’ll
need to wait until Chapter 2 to continue with this quest.

Note: I’m not sure why, but I’ve had my boxers glitch on me before.
I’ve never had it occur here, and I don’t remember it occuring at all
in earlier versions of the Witcher.. but I could be wrong. Starting at
the Hairy Bear, the next tavern in the game, I’ve occassionally had
an NPC boxer get killed while doing the background boxing they tend to
do. They’ll randomly die, disappear, and Geralt will get some
experience. This glitchiness can affect you-and other boxers, too.
After it happens the first time, there’s a chance that participating
boxers will get killed-sometimes after a single punch! This even applies
to Geralt-that’s right, I’ve had a game over screen pop up after getting
hit once in a boxing match. I haven’t had this happen in the New
Narakort (Chapter 3’s tavern), but it has happened in the Country Inn in
Chapter 4. I don’t know what causes it, but it’s something to keep an
eye on.

(For defeating Fat Fred)
EXP 2000
Orens 100
Item Zerrikanian Spirit x2
Mutton Leg
Item Gold Diamond Ring
9) We’re almost done with the bar, there’s only one thing left to do. I
stash my loot earned from Fat Fred and withdraw ten mugs of Kaedwenian
Stount. Talk to Zoltan and engage him in a drinking contest. Down seven
mugs and Zoltan will admit defeat, and present you with a Diamond for
winning (worth 60 Orens). I keep it as a momento. Now that we’re
trashed again, find somewhere to rest and sleep until midnight. I’ll
admit, I didn’t bother to look for a place to crash, being still fairly
early, I just went to the Innkeeper and paid five Orens.

| |
| Questing the Outskirts |
| |
Now that we’ve collected a fair number of quests in and around the
Country Inn (and completed a few) it’s time to start finishing off some
of the more important quests in the chapter-and that means heading into
town. We’ll do several runs of the village ‘loop’, as I like to call it,
and when we’re done, we’ll be ready to plough headlong into the terminal
quests for this chapter.

Country Inn, Exterior
Sequence of Events: {WLK004}
1) Witcher’s Work?
2) Saving Vesna Hood
3) Escorting Vesna Hood
4) Vesna’s Gratitude
5) Haren Brogg’s Job
6) Drowners, Squirrels, and Hawkers
7) Salamandra Ambush
8) Kalkstein’s Contract
9) Moaning Mikul
10) Abigail’s Contract
11) Stashing and Stocking
12) Royal Huntsman
13) The Reverend’s Contract
14) More Work from Haren Brogg
15) Haunting the Mill
16) Recovering Declan’s Friend
17) Nadir
18) Bounties and Candles
19) Impotent Rituals
20) Ozzrel
21) Odo’s Garden
22) Sleeping it Off
23) A Decent Burial
24) Nature of the Beast
25) King of the Wild Hunt
26) Declan’s Reward

1) Once Geralt wakes up-fresh and sober-leave the Country Inn and take
the road north to find Vesna Hood being bothered by some ‘Bandits’.
If you’re playing a ‘consummate’ Witcher-or a neutral one, as the case
may be-you’ll realize that this incident really has nothing to do with
you, nor your profession. Still, it’s hard not to step in, given the
circumstances. Regardless of how you feel about politics later on, it’s
hard to play a Geralt that would leave somebody in this predicament-
especially a pretty lady. As far as gameplay goes, if you don’t step in,
Vesna’s dead. No quest, no experience, no sex card. So, presented with
morality and an unrewarding alternative, I always help out poor Vesna.
2) Approach Vesna and her ‘friends’ and they’ll tactfully tell you to
shove off. Threaten them and a fight will ensue. Despite acting tough,
they’ll all die from two combos of the Group Style. When they’re dead,
Vesna will ask you to escort her home, seeing as how unsafe the world
clearly is for a bar-wench in the Outskirts. Again, it has nothing to
do with Witchering-save for the fact that you’ll be protecting somebody
from monsters.. wait, that DOES sound like Witcher’s work. And of
course, you get experience for helping her. I see no reason to refuse
her, so accept. Save your game now, in case something goes wrong
during the escort.

(For rescuing Vesna from the Bandits)
EXP 500
3) Take the western path to town, past the Royal Huntsman. Stay close
to Vesna so you can protect her-she’s got more health than a normal
Townsperson (at least, she shouldn’t die in two-or-three hits) but she
still has virtually no chance of fending for herself. She makes it
difficult by staying a screen away from you most of the time. Just take
it slow. When you reach the second ‘Eternal Fire Shrine’ along the road
two Barghests will appear and attack. Dispatch them and Vesna and Geralt
will have some very short dialogue. At the third ‘Eternal Fire Shrine’
you’ll encounter another group of Barghests-this time three of them. You
know, it seems like these shrines are doing the exact opposite of what
they’re supposed to be doing. A religion whose militant branch fights
monsters has shrines that draws Barghests! It’s like a religion that
adores poverty having its own country and private bank! Wait..
4) Anyways, you’re almost there now. In fact, make a dash for her house
(which is conveniently the first house of the village strip approaching
from this direction) and wait near the door. When Vesna catches up she
will chat with you, asking how she can repay you. Pick the first option
to ask for a date, or the second option to be a boner and leave without
getting a reward. If you pick the first option she’ll tell you to meet
her by the Mill at dusk tomorrow-and bring some wine. If you pick the
second option.. well, nothing happens, she just leaves.

(For escorting Vesna safely home)
EXP 1000

Haren Brogg’s House
5) Now, lets do some things along the way back. Head down to the
riverside and enter Haren Brogg’s House. Talk to him and present the
ring the Reverend gave you to get him to open up. Ask him about dice
and get him to play. Beat him in a match to secure yourself your second
Novice victory. When that’s done, ask him what he sells, and be sure
to buy the Blue Meteorite off of him if you have the 300 Orens. Lastly,
ask about Witcher’s work and he’ll tell you about some Drowners that
come out of the river and threaten his goods. This starts the quest
‘Strangers in the Night’, which we’ll conclude shortly. Note that once
you have gained Haren’s trust (by showing him the Reverend’s ring) you
can rest here, free of charge.

(For defeating a second Novice player)
EXP 100
6) After you’re done talking to Haren, head outside and continue east,
as if you were heading to the Merchants’ Bridge.. which you are, just
not yet. Along the way you’ll be attacked by numerous Drowners. Kill
about eight of them and the quest will update. Don’t dread the numbers,
eight sounds like a lot, but you’ll probably only have to deal with
three or four at a time, tops. Once their dead an elf-a member of the
Scoia’tael-will show up and demand that you hand over the goods-or
rather, allow them to take what belongs to them. Apparently Haren is a
Hawker, a merchant who illegally sells goods to nonhuman rebels.
Regardless of whether I intend to favor nonhumans or humans later, I
tend to refuse to hand over the goods. Not really for any moral reason-
giving aid to partisans or letting them starve-either way, people are
going to die-but because letting those goods go with the non-humans gets
an NPC in the next chapter killed (see the note below for guaranteed-
but useful-spoilers). Granted, not a hugely important NPC, but still. On
the other hand, my consumate Witcher doesn’t care what happens to
Haren’s goods now that the Drowners are dead, and gladly pockets the
extra 200 Orens the Scoia’tael will give you for letting them take the
goods. If you refuse them, you’ll have to fight the Scoia’tael leader,
a Dwarf, and two Elven archers, which is a sadly easy fight. Use Fast
Style on the leader and the archers, and Strong Style one the Dwarf.
Either way, report to Haren when you’re done for your reward.

(For killing the Drowners near Haren’s goods)
EXP 500

(For allowing the Scoia’tael to take the goods)
Orens 200

(For reporting your success to Haren Brogg)
EXP 3500
Orens 200

Note: Depending on how you resolve ‘Strangers in the Night’, the NPC
Coleman in the next chapter might suffer from an assassination-induced
case of deathitude. He’s a Fisstech dealer, and an all-around slimy
individual, but he does have a quest attached to him. If you kill the
Scoia-tael here, Coleman won’t be troubled later, but if you don’t,
he’ll get assassinated. No big deal, either way, especially as I don’t
intend to be overly kind to him, myself. Just be sure to deal with
Coleman and his minor quest ‘The Rat’ before you go visit detective
Raymond and set in motion the quest ‘The Crown Witness’. It’ll make
more sense later, and if you just follow my guide like a good little
minion, you’ll be fine.
7) During our stay in the Country Inn earlier, you might have noticed
that a man named ‘Kalkstein’ was at the tavern when we first reach
Chapter 1, but no longer can be found there. Head to the Merchants’
Bridge, where we met Mikul earlier. There you’ll find Kalkstein trying-
unsuccessfully-to gain entry into Vizima. Talk to him and you’ll be
interrupted by Salamandra assailants. If you fought the Frightener, this
group will include a ‘Mutated Hound’-signs that the fact Geralt delayed
in reaching the laboratory allowed Salamandra to steal more than they
otherwise would have, and have since progressed with their stolen
mutations. If you went with Triss you’ll only fight some regular
Salamandra bandits. I must admit, this fight is more interesting if you
attacked the Frightener earlier. Use the Strong Style to dispose of the
Mutated Hound and the Mage that comes with it-hopefully you’ll get lucky
and be able to stun the Mage with Aard. If it’s just normal Salamandra
thugs, the Group Style works just fine to kill most of them. When you’re
done Kalkstein and Mikul will both comment.
8) Once that threat has been dealt with, talk to Kalkstein, who will
babble on about alchemy, and be just a bit too forward with Geralt.
Give him his Ghoul Blood to finish that quest. He might be absentminded
and annoying, but it’s hard to hate NPCs who reward you well.

(For bringing Kalkstein three vials of Ghoul Blood)
EXP 3000
Orens 100
9) Now talk to Mikul and ask him about dice. Get him to play with you,
and then challenge him to a round of Dice Poker. Beat him, and finish
the final leg of the ‘Dice Poker: The Novice’ quest, then tell him
about the crypt. Mikul seems distraught about the dead girl, whom he
calls ‘his Ilsa’. The reason we did these quests in this order is
because Mikul will now just whine about Ilsa. We’re done with him,

(For defeating a third Novice player)
EXP 100

(For becoming a Novice at Dice Poker)
EXP 500

(For telling Mikul about the Ghouls)
EXP 3000
Orens 200

Abigail’s Hut
10) Now head back to the Country Inn, and along the way pay Abigail a
visit. She’ll tell you about the man outside her hut at the beginning
of the chapter, who apparently was a bit too forward with her. Talk to
her again and exhaust her dialogue options. She’ll offer to sell you
the recipe to Specter Oil for thirty Orens. Considering what we’re up
against, it’s a good investment. You can also ask her about Alvin, for
what good that does us. Turn in ten Barghest Skulls to complete the
quest ‘The Barghest Contract’, and then see what Abigail has for sale.
She’s got several books, various alcohols, greases, and powders (the
bases required to create potions, oils, and bombs), and a Red Ribbon,
which repels Drowners. The latter is an uncommon item, but you can just
wait until the next chapter to purchase it, if you wish. Drowners will
cease being a threat shortly, no matter their numbers, but they’re still
annoying enough that having an item that just makes them run away might
come in handy. Needless to say, if you have any alchemical needs,
Abigail is the one to see-although she’ll rip you off if you’re buying
completed potions or oils, or if you buy any Alchemical Ingredients.
Consider buying some alcohol and some grease, then leave.

(For bringing Abigail ten Barghest Skulls)
EXP 2000
Orens 100
Items Mandrake Root x2
11) Return to the Country Inn and stash the loot you’ve gained. I take
out a bottle of Mettina Rose or Toussaint Red, and any three strong
Alcohols-that’s right, it’s almost time to make some Potions. If you
want to be a little ahead, grab some grease, too. It should be morning
now, or at least nearly so. If not, it doesn’t really matter, it’s
time to take our second lap around the Outskirts, which mostly just
sets up tonight’s activities.
12) Leave the Country Inn and head along the western path to town. Along
the way, stop and talk to the Royal Huntsman. He’ll tell you about two
unique monsters-a Drowned Dead near the old Mill, and an Alghoul that
haunts the crypts. This doesn’t offically start any quests, but it
should give you a good idea what I intend to do tonight.. Anyways, you
can also talk to him about his trade.. and find out that Witchers get
screwed on bounties.
13) Continue to town and talk to the Reverend (if it’s still early, you
may have to go into his house to find him). Feel free to talk to him
about everything now-we’re not grinding, we’re questing. The most
important thing to do here is give him the Drowner Brain Tissue we have
to complete the quest ‘The Drowner Contract’.

(For bringing the Reverend three Drowner Brain Tissues)
EXP 2000
Orens 100
14) Return to Haren Brogg’s House. Talk to him and accept another quest,
this time he wants you to deliver a question to a man named Coleman in
Vizima-no questions asked. Accepting starts the quest ‘Hot Potato’.
What we really came here for, however, is his free resting. I click on
the Alchemy tab and create two Cat potions and a Swallow potion. I don’t
really worry about secondary ingredients at this point, as we just don’t
have a versatile enough selection of ingredients to try and make
ingredient-dominant potions. If you brought some grease, consider making
some Specter Oil. Finally, if you really want to be ahead of the game
and to play things as safe as possible, make a Wive’s Tears Potion,
consisting of one measure of Rebic, Quebrith, and Aether (Cadaverine,
Balisse Fruit, and Hellebore Petals are common ingredients that work
fine for this potion). When that’s done, meditate until dusk.
15) When you wake up, leave Haren’s House and cross the Maribor Gate
Bridge (the bridge opposite the town) and go down the stairs at the
far end of the bridge to reach the Mill. Outside you should find Vesna
Hood. Give her the wine and watch a very amusing cutscene, after which
you’ll obtain Vesna’s sex card.

16) When you’re done frolicking, return to the Maribor Gate Bridge and
go down some stairs on the opposite side of the bridge (to the west)
and continue along the river bank until you find a ‘Cave Entrance’.
Geralt comments on the bones outside of the cave, and he’s right-nothing
friendly waits for us within. You don’t really need a Cat potion to
navigate the cave, but it’ll help. Inside you’ll find Echinops-plant
monsters that emerge from the ground and attack. They’re strong at
this point in the game, and can attack at a range, but we’re not weak
Witchers anymore. Use the Strong Style and Igni whenever possible. If
you’re lucky, you’ll manage to incinerate them, which will deal a great
deal of damage. Take it slow, and try to fight as few Echinops as
possible. They have one weakness-they can’t move. If you’re getting
beaten up try to find some cover and allow yourself to heal. At the
far western end of the cavern you’ll find a Sated Echinops, which is
stronger than normal, but by no means unbeatable. Use Igni on it and
smite it-hopefully with as few Echinops fighting you as possible. When
all Echinops are dead, search some remains near the Sated Echinops to
find some Human Remains. This is what’s left of Leuvaarden’s friend.

(For recovering the remains of Leuvaarden’s friend)
EXP 500
17) When you have the remains leave the cave and head east past the
Mill. It should now be night-time, and ahead of you should be a group of
Drowners led by a unique Drowned Dead named ‘Nadir’. Try to avoid
engaging too many enemies at once, as Nadir is honestly pretty strong.
It can do upwards of fifty damage per hit, which is no joke. If you’re
lucky, however, one good Aard can knock Nadir prone and leave it open
for a coup-de-grace. If that’s not working, whittle it down with the
Fast Style. Once it’s dead, search Nadir’s remains for the Drowned
Dead’s Head.
18) Now, lets kill two birds with several candles. We have the remains
of Leuvaarden’s friend, but in order to continue with the quest we’ll
need to light the flames of each of the five Eternal Fire Shrines. Since
we also need to head back to the Royal Huntsman to cash in on Nadir’s
head, we might as well light as many of the shrines as we can. Go back
through the village and light the shrine opposite the Chapel, then light
the two along the path leading to the Royal Huntsman. Finally light the
fourth Shrine near the Royal Huntsman before turning the trophy in. Note
that after placing the first ‘Holy Flame’ in an Eternal Fire Shrine, a
Barghest will appear to challenge you at the second shrine you approach.
At the third shrine you’ll have to fight two Barghests, and so on. This
is why we didn’t bother with this quest while we were escorting Vesna-
we surely didn’t need more trouble while escorting a vulnerable bar

(For giving Nadir’s Head to the Royal Huntsman)
EXP 1000
Orens 200
19) Once you’ve lit the four shrines and have turned in Nadir’s head to
the Royal Huntsman, take the northern road away from the Country Inn
(past Abigail’s Hut) until you reach the fifth and final Eternal Fire
Shrine. Once here you’ll be challenged by a pair of Barghests, and a
few more will spawn after placing the ‘Holy Flame’, but it’s nothing
you can’t handle. Once done, return to the Crypt where we found Ilsa’s

20) No turning up the gamma this time, you need a Cat potion to safely
explore the depths of this crypt. So chug a potion and continue east
from the entrance, past the bodies of two dead guards and into some new
tunnels. On the way, it might be a good idea to use the Place of Power
before the dead guards. Perform the ‘Ritual of Magic’ and enjoy a 100%
boost to sign intensity for five hours, which is more than long enough
to clear this Crypt. Take the first left and use the Aard sign to
destroy the wall to the north west to access a room with a trunk that
contains fourty Orens, Stammelford’s Dust, Goose Fat, and Quicksilver
Solution. In the first room on the right you’ll find a body with twelve
Orens on it. Continue down the main tunnel until it forks again, and
once again take a left, use Aard to knock down a wall to the north west.
Beyond are a pair of Ghouls who can be easily dispatched with our
boosted Aard sign. Wait for your Endurance to replenish and head back
to the main tunnel and continue until you find another wall that needs
to be knocked down. Beyond this last wall is the unique Alghoul, Ozzrel,
which like Nadir is pretty damn strong. Not only does it do a fair
amount of melee damage, but it can knock you down. On our side, however,
we have an empowered Aard, which can likely stun Ozzrel and give us the
cheap win via a coup-de-grace. When Ozzrel is dead, loot its body for
the Alghoul Head, then loot the room it was guarding. There’s a trunk
with thirty Orens inside, and another trunk containing a Ham Sandwich,
Suet, Stammelford’s Dust, a Chicken Leg, a piece of Flint, a Torch,
a Red Meteorite, and seventy Orens. There’s nothing shabby about that

Odo’s House
21) Return to the Royal Huntsman and claim your due reward for disposing
of Ozzrel. Now we’re done with most of the side quests in this chapter,
but there’s still one more thing I’d like to do before returning to the
Country Inn and resting. Head down the road as if you were returning to
the Country Inn, but instead of entering the palisade, head south to
reach Odo’s House. Talk to Odo and in addition to making you show him
the Reverend’s ring, he’ll make you drink with him.. since spies don’t
drink, you see. At least he’s kind enough to provide the liquor. He’ll
also play Dice Poker with you, if you haven’t defeated three opponents
yet. Since you’re following this guide, however, I’ll assume you have.
Ask him what task he needs done and he’ll tell you that some blood-
thirsty vegetation has grown from his garden. We’ve face Echinops
before, so this shouldn’t be a problem.. except for the fact that Odo
forces you to drink while you negotiate prices. Once you settle on
100 Orens he’ll send you outside-quite drunk-to deal with the plants.
If you made a Wive’s Tears Potion earlier, drink it now and cure your
drunkenness so you can fight safely.. or be lazy like I tend to be and
just tough it out. Immediately grab your sword and run to the gate of
his property so only one of the Echinops can strike at you. When it’s a
one-on-one fight, use the Igni sign and the Fast Style (usually you’d
use the Strong Style, but being drunk you’re more likely to hit with the
Fast Style). Once the first plant is dead, wait until your Endurance
recovers before attacking the second, and repeat the same process. Note
that the Echinops earlier spawned due to the presence of a corpse
(Leuvaarden’s friend), and also note that Geralt comments on the armor
in Odo’s house-armor that apparently belonged to Odo’s brother, who is
nowhere to be seen. Why would Odo’s brother have left his armor-his
livelihood as a soldier-in a house occupied by his brother? It doesn’t
really matter at this point. Return to Odo and collect your reward.

(For giving Ozzrel’s Head to the Royal Huntsman)
EXP 1000
Orens 200

(For killing the Echinops in Odo’s garden)
EXP 4000
Orens 100
22) Once you leave Odo’s House you’ll see Odo’s dog howling at
something. Honestly, the dog is probably just trying to call attention
to Odo’s garden.. the developers really, really, want you to suspect
something is wrong with Odo’s yard. We get it, guys, that’s not Odo’s
armor, and the Echinops are symptomatic of dead bodies being buried.
After leaving Odo’s yard you’ll probably get attacked by some Barghests,
including a cameo by the Beast. This has doubtlessly happened before,
and you know by now that when the Beast arrives, you’ll have to fend off
several Barghests. This can be tricky because of the.. ah.. drunkeness,
but stick to the Fast Style (as the Group Style can be unreliable when
drunk) and you should be able to overpower the Barghests. Of course, if
you drank a Wive’s Tears potion earlier, you’re fine. Also, you can just
rest at Odo’s House after clearing out the Echinops, free of charge.
Now just rest at any fireplace nearby until morning. With the loot we
got from Ozzrel’s lair, you should make some Specter Oil now, if you
haven’t already.

Country Inn
23) Return to the Country Inn and tell Leuvaarden about his friend. In
a rare case of sloppiness on Geralt’s part, he forgets that the deal was
to rescue Leuvaarden’s friend or provide for a ‘decent’ burial. Instead
of getting our pay, he insists that we accomplish the latter, first. In
this case ‘decent’ means we need to inter his remains in the crypt
underneath the chapel in town. Seems all signs are pointing to the
24) Go and speak to the old nutter and tell him about your successful
candle-lighting. He’ll naturally blame the ineffecacy of his ritual on
the potency of the Beast-not the inadequacy of his god, and blame
Abigail for the existence of the Beast. Geralt plays the more neutral
angle and suggests that they speak to the witch before assuming anything
sinister. The Reverend will agree and offer to pay you 200 Orens, should
you discover the Beast’s origins. You can also tell the Reverend about
your other successes, namely those of dealing with Haren, Mikul, and
Odo’s problems. He seems genuinely impressed, but before he’ll tell you
anything about Salamandra he insists you exterminate the Beast.

(For returning to the Reverend after lighting all five shrines)
EXP 500

25) Now talk to the Reverend again and ask to bury Leuvaarden’s friend
in the Chapel. He’ll offer you a crumbling sarcophagus, since you were
nice enough to light the Eternal Fires. Given the state of Leuvaarden’s
friend, it doesn’t really matter that the accommodations are shabby.
Head into-and loot-the Chapel before heading downstairs. Put the
remains into the sarcophagus and you’ll be bothered by the ‘King of the
Wild Hunt’ a rather corny-looking wraith that has been hounded Geralt.
He’ll speak of prophecies unfulfilled, and other typicial nonesense. The
only way to avoid a fight here is to deny that destiny exists, and call
the wraith’s bluff by promising to ‘give him what I have, but do not
expect.’ Of course, everybody knows better than to make impetuous
promises to a crafty specter, and I don’t really want to avoid a fight,
in any case. With any other response the ghost will conjure up the
apparation of Leo, who accuses us causing the death of others-since
death cannot catch us, it satiates itself on those around us. After
speaking, Leo’s ghost attacks. Use the Strong Style and Leo will prove
easy to dispatch-he might have been promising, but he was no Witcher.
When he dies, loot him for a piece of Red Meteorite.

Note: With the meteorite pieces we’ve found so far, we can create a
Meteorite Sword, which is significantly stronger than our Witcher’s
Steel Sword. It is, however, expensive, and honestly, we’ll find a
better sword for free in the next chapter. Good things come to those
who wait.

(For interring the remains of Leuvaarden’s friend in the Chapel)
EXP 500
26) Once that’s done, return to the Country Inn and report to Declan.
Again, remember that he wakes late and goes to bed earlier, so try to
find him around noon. Talk to him and get your well-deserved reward.
Now we’re ready to head into the final phases of this Chapter, so we’d
best prepare while we can. If you want to play it safe, make some more
Swallow Potions.. but as long as you have one you should be fine. To
be really well prepared, create a Willow Potion-it’s easy to make, and
can be created out of cheap Temerian Rye (or some similar quality
alcohol). Mix one measure of Quebrith and two measures of Aether
together (use Balisse Fruit and two Hellebore Petals to make a Potion
that is Rubedo-dominant.) In fact, make two while you’re at it.

(For reporting to Leuvaarden after burying his friend)
EXP 1000
Orens 200

| |
| The Monsters of the Outskirts |
| |
Now it’s time to discover the nature of the beast, and to uncover the
real monsters stalking this community. These quests lead us headlong
into the climax for this chapter, and once started, there’s really no
point in turning back. Make sure you’ve got all your loot stashed, all
your potions prepared, and generally, ensure that you’re ready to go.
It might be wise to make a safety save here, just in case you don’t
like how something played out, or in case you later want to make more
potions, stash some loot, and so on. You’re the only one who is going to
regret it later if you don’t.

Abigail’s Hut
Sequence of Events: {WLK005}
1) Born of Sin
2) Saving Shani
3) Sacking the Salamandra Base
4) Rapists and Murderers
5) Abigail’s Plea
6) The Lesser of Two Evils
7) Battling the Beast
8) Letter of Safe Conduct
9) Entering Vizima

1) Now that you’re prepared, return to Abigail’s Hut and talk to her
about the Beast. She confesses that the Beast is beyond her, but Alvin,
the little dork we rescued at the beginning of the chapter, might be
able to divine the Beast’s origin. To make a potion that will allow
Abigail to get this information out of Alvin, however, we need to bring
her five White Myrtle Petals. If you haven’t been keeping up with your
books, here’s where the game demands that you do so. Pay Abigail 200
Orens for the book ‘Field Plants’, or, if you’ve been following this
FAQ you should already have it-and the White Myrtle Petals. If not,
they’re all over the place, just go outside and search for them. Once
done, return and she’ll take some time to brew the Potion. Leave and
return and she’ll have it done. Alvin will do his job admirably-enough
so that Geralt decides to pull the plug on the divination when it starts
to sound like a possession, rather than a divination. After ending the
spell, Abigail will give us ‘Berengar’s notes on the Beast’. Now it’s
time to return to the Reverend, but who’s willing to wager he won’t
like what we found?

Note: After talking to the Reverend, all of the activities in and around
the Country Inn are no longer possible. Be sure to box, complete all
quests, and stash/retreive loot as necessary before you talk to the

Country Inn
2) Return to the Reverend, who will seem to accept what Geralt has to
say rather stoicly. Even better, he’ll pay you, and tell you about
Salamandra. Apparently they’ve taken over the tavern, and you need to
get a key to their hideout from the Innkeeper. Ignore the fact that the
more prominent villagers have been harboring Salamandra for now, and
head over to the Country Inn. Inside you’ll find that the Innkeeper has
been murdered, but more importantly, Shani is being harassed by a band
of ‘Troublemakers’. Don’t people in this village have anything better to
do than try and rape women? Anyways, head over there. For this
encounter, you don’t have a choice, you’re going to pick a fight and
rescue Shani. Use the Group Style and you shouldn’t have too much
trouble putting them down. Once they’re dead Shani will chat with you.
Grab the Key off the Innkeeper and loot the bodies of the slain before
leaving the Country Inn.

(For telling the Reverend about the origins of the Beast)
EXP 500

(For killing the troublemakers at the Country Inn and rescuing Shani)
EXP 500

Salamandra Hideout
3) It’s time to deal with the Salamanders in the outskirts. Head past
the Royal Huntsman and go down the path that leads to the southern cave.
Near a house you’ll find two Salamandra Lackies, who will demand tribute
in the form of children. Not having any in his pockets, Geralts instead
decides to pick a fight. Use the Strong Style to take them down and
loot their bodies. Switch to the Group Style and enter the house they
were guarding. Inside you’ll get attacked by four Salamanders. The
Group Style will kill off the weaker ones quite quickly, then switch
to the Strong Style and finish off the heavier two, including the
Salamandra Boss. Loot and allow yourself to recover any lost Vitality
and Endurance before going down the trapdoor in the corner. Before
Geralt complies he makes a note about the frustratingly familiar goods
in the Salamandra abode-apparently Haren isn’t just a Hawker, he trades
with Salamandra, too.

4) If you fought the Frightener in the Prologue, the cave will contain
some equipment stolen from Kaer Morhen. If not, it’ll just contain the
Salamanders and their abducted children-including Alvin. Somebody has
some explaining to do, but we’ll get to that later. Move forward and the
Salamandra Boss will chat with Geralt and inform him that he’s working
for rapists and murders, and spills the beans on Odo’s fratricide. The
conversation appropriately ends in a fight, and if you repeat the
tactics used upstairs you’ll be fine. Once they’re dead Alvin will talk
to you and tell you that the Reverend sent him into the clutches of the
Salamanders. Apparently his idea of dealing with the Beast didn’t
include getting the villagers to repent for their sins. Alvin also
suggests that we break down a nearby wall with the Aard sign. First,
loot the dead, the crates, the coffers.. just about anything that can
be interacted with. You’ll score two Books of the Tawny Owl and a chunk
of Blue Meteorite.

(For killing the Salamanders in the cave and rescuing Alvin)
EXP 500
5) Go find Alvin and smash the wall near him, then continue down the
newly opened corridor to find Abigail brewing something. Geralt’s
initial accustations are confirmed when Abigail outright admits that
she’s casting a spell against the Villagers, but in her own defense,
the Villagers have gathered outside the cave, forming an angry mob eager
to murder her in a vain attempt to blame others for their crimes. She
now gives you the whole story, Mikul raped Ilsa, who killed herself.
Odo murdered his brother. Haren sold a Squirrel to the guards for gold.
And the honest Reverend banished his daughter for getting pregnant. And
of course, he led this mob of rapists and murders against Abigail and
sold Alvin to Salamandra. Abigail benefited from their misdeeds, but
who’s the greater criminal, the one who supplies the means for mischief,
or those who have the desire to seek out and use those means? She
attempts to seduce Geralt and prove her innocence. My emotional Geralt
has no trouble siding with Abigail, but the consummate Witcher knows
well enough to avoid a desperate witch. Either obtain Abigail’s Sex
Card or not, then head outside. Honestly, there’s no reason not to
obtain it-just because you allow yourself to be seduced here doesn’t
mean you can’t side with the villagers shortly.
6) Once outside the Villagers have gathered, and the worst of the
perpetrators-Odo, Haren, and the Reverend, will spin their tales in such
ways as to blame Abigail for their crimes. It’s really quite a stretch
to believe that all their actions were under the duress of magical
compulsion, but the consummate Geralt has no desire to get involved in
politics. On the other hand, these savages, murderers, liars, rapists,
and thieves, have already managed to conjure one supernatural evil by
their actions. Should they be allowed to live to conjure another? No
matter what Witcher I play, it’s difficult for me to side with the
Villagers. Geralt’s no paladin, but at the end of the day he doesn’t
like being screwed over, and while politics later in the game seem
safely outside the bounds of the Witcher, this kind of evil is the sort
of thing that should be stopped. If you side with the Villagers, Geralt
will get Abigail and leave her to her fate. If you stick up for Abigail
and condemn the Villagers, Geralt will threaten the townsfolk and
escort Abigail away. If you help the Villagers, they’ll aid you in your
fight against the Beast, if you save Abigail, she’ll help you instead.
Only my neutral Witcher leaves Abigail at the mercy of the mob.

Note: If you let Abigail die here, a few things will be changed in
Chapter 4.. namely, Abigail will not be there, and the quest ‘The Heat
of the Day’ will be effected.
7) After deciding Geralt goes to confront the Beast, which shows up
presumable either because the sinners have been exposed, or because
Abigail was killed, and another atrocity drew its ire. Tactics vary
slightly depending on who you sided with earlier. If you sided with the
Villagers, go right after the Beast and use the Strong Style to take it
down. The Villagers should distract the rest of the Barghests. If you
sided with Abigail, run to defend her by killing the Barghests near her
with the Group Style. After they’re dead, focus on the Beast. Abigail
will heal you during the fight, provided she isn’t knocked out by the
Barghests or Beast. Either way, with the Potions and Oils we have,
killing the Beast should be a breeze. The Beast can inflict Stun and
Pain, but with Willow, we don’t have to fear the worst of its attacks.

(For slaying the beast)
EXP 2500
8) When the Beast dies, the Villagers will show up and attack you (if
you sided with Abigail.) Kill them and loot them for gold and the
‘Letter of Safe Conduct’ we need to enter Vizima. If you sided with the
Villagers, the Reverend will thank you for defeating the Beast, and pay
you 300 Orens and give you the ‘Letter of Safe Conduct’. Or you could
attack him and kill him for the money and the ‘Letter of Safe Conduct’.
If you let him live, Geralt warns him not to squander his second chance,
and chastises him for selling the children to Salamandra. Be sure to
loot the Beast before you go to obtain the ingredient ‘Trace of the
Beyond’. In any event, head back to the Country Inn to get Shani. It’s
time to leave the Outskirts for good.

Note: In the next chapter, be sure to mix up a ‘Hellhound’s Soul’
potion, consisting of the following ingredients: Vitriol/Rebis/Rebis,
and the ‘Trace of the Beyond’. This will get you a Silver Talent to
9) Talk to Shani and Geralt will tell her how the Beast was created,
and express his disdain for the outskirts. With Shani following us, all
we need to do is make our way to Vizima and talk to Mikul, who is near
the Miller’s Gate. Mikul will apologize, and Geralt misconstrue’s
Mikul’s apology as a sign of repentence. When we get to the gate, it
becomes clear that Mikul set us up, and nothing more. Chapter 1 ends
with us surrendering ourselves at the gates of Vizima. If only we knew
that to gain entry into Vizima all we had to do is get arrested..

(For entering Vizima)
EXP 3000

| Chapter 2 |
| |
| Grinding Chapter 2 |
| |
As this chapter starts we’ll be exposed to corrupt guards, whiney
thieves, fat jail bullies, and a despicable miscarriage of justice.
After the Professor walks free, find the Elven Convict in the corner and
play Dice Poker with him.. or just enter the screen for it and exit.
After winning, losing, or backing out Vincent-the captain of the guard-
will offer the prisoners a pardon for exterminating a Cockatrice
stalking the sewers.

Vizima, Dungeon
Sequence of Events: {WLK006}
1) Miscarriage of Justice
2) A Brother in Arms
3) Killing the Cockatrice
4) Assassins in the Sewers
5) Stashing our Loot
6) Reclaims What’s Ours
7) Con Man’s Caper
8) Grinding Graviers

1) Unfortunately our fat friend has decided to volunteer, under the
delusion that he can defeat such a monster with his hands. Vincent
decides that letting us fight it out is more humane than first-come-
first-served, so talk to the ‘Muscleman’ and fistfight him. If you
somehow manage to lose, talk to Vincent Meis, who will suggest that-
since so much time has passed-you should go check out what happened as
the honored runner-up. Either way, you’re given the Witcher’s Silver
Sword and some Potions.

(For defeating the Muscleman in a fist fight)
EXP 500

Vizima, Sewers
2) Geralt will expertly skewer a Drowner to introduce us to the sewers
of Vizima. Wee. Shortly into the sewers we’ll be bothered by a Knight of
the Flaming Rose named Siegfried, who will display impressive knowledge
of the Cockatrice, and is in general a pretty cool guy. He’ll offer to
team up to dispatch the Cockatrice, and your decision will have very
minor impact later on in this chapter. Practically, however, he’ll
distract enemies and make your job easier.
3) Take Siegfried along or not, and explore the Sewers as much-or as
little-as you wish. It’s not too important right now, and you can’t
really stash anything you find yet. You’ll have to fight Drowners and
the odd Ghoul along the way, but if anything they’re easier than ever
now that we have a proper monster-slaying sword. The location of the
‘Cockatrice Lair’ is already marked on your map, so make your way there.
Along the way you’ll find the dead Muscleman if you lost the fight
against him, although all he offers up is a Rusty Sword. When you reach
the Cockatrice’s Lair the beast will pop up via a cutscene and attempt
to ambush you. Use the Fast Silver Style and it shouldn’t really be able
to respond effectively. Despite what the game warns, I’ve never been the
subject of an enemies’ coup-de-grace, but if you’re alone and it knocks
you down it can deal a good bit of damage to you.

(For killing the Cockatrice)
EXP 1000
4) Once it’s dead, loot it for its head, a trophy for which we’ll be
rewarded by Vincent Meis, and the ‘Maal’kad Sephirah’, which is part of
another quest, later in this chapter. Siegfried will compliment your
skill and offer to show you a way out of the sewers, so follow him.
When you near the exit a pair of Salamandra Assassins will show up and
attack. Dispatch them and Siegfried will talk to you about the
unexpected assassination attempt. Few enough people knew we would be in
the sewers, and Siegfried will refer us to a detective he knows in town
who might help us figure out who is informing Salamandra of our
movements. With that Siegfried will give us the key to the sewers and

(For defeating the Salamandra Assassins)
EXP 500
5) Now it’s time to go find the Hairy Bear Inn, where we can store our
crap. I’d rather do this before we go recover our loot simply so I won’t
have to return to the Dungeon more times than necessary. You can find
the Hairy Bear Inn along the south-western corner of the Temple Quarter
map. If you didn’t read my tips before the beginning of the walkthrough,
I’ll reiterate some pertinent advice: Your map is an invaluable tool for
getting around. Not only does it show where things are in relation to
each other, but most of the important buildings, places, and characters
are already marked! For even more precise direction-following, hold
down the left mouse button over an area and a text bubble will pop up
and show you the name of the location. When I tell you to go to
Peddler Street, Roper Street, Merchant Street, Little Mahakam, or the
Slums, I’m not just making up names for things-it’s all there on your
map, and if I feel it’s a pretty obvious location, I’m not giving
detailed directions for it. Intimate knowledge of the map wasn’t
necessary in Chapter 1, since the entire location was just a big loop
anyways and all the locations were distinct, but in a city with
multiple districts, it might be worthwhile to know that the hospital is
in the middle of the area, the slums are to the south-west, the dike is
to the west, the non-human district is to the north, the dungeon is to
the south-east, and the merchants line up on merchant street-to the
north-east. Notice how your map comes with a little compass? Wonder of
wonders-they want you to be able to find things!

Anyways, it’s the beginning of a new chapter, so the first thing I want
to do here is grind, and everything I do is with that immediate goal in
mind. So don’t talk to people, start up quests, or go exploring yet. Of
course, you shouldn’t be afraid to loot containers you see around town,
and boxing for some extra cash is also recommended from time to time.
The good news? Our preparations for grinding take much less time in
Chapter 2 than they did in Chapter 1.
6) Stash your loot, head back to the Dungeon and talk to Jethro to get
your pardon. Now open the bars and loot the ‘Depository’ for your
confiscated equipment. If you’re astute you’ll notice that the package
we were supposed to deliver to Coleman is gone. You may be tempted to
talk to Jethro about the package, or Vincent about the Cockatrice
reward, but we can save that for later.

(For reporting to Jethro and obtaining your pardon.. and your gear)
EXP 1500
7) Go store your newly reclaimed loot (or what’s left of it, anyways)
and head into the sewers. Kill whatever Drowners are nearby, then rest
at a Fireplace until 7:00 in the morning. Once done, head back to the
Temple Quarter to find a ‘Con Man’ near the entrance to the Sewers.
Talk to him and he’ll ask you to retreive an heirloom ring of his from
a nearby crypt, and provide you with a key that will give you access.
You get to keep all the other loot you find, and he gets the ring, which
will allow him to claim his inheritence, pretty fair, right? Of course,
you know he’s full of shit because of his name, but that doesn’t matter.

8) Agree to help him, obtain the key, and head back into the sewers.
Go through the bars right near the exit to the Temple Quarter and enter
the Crypt. Inside you can find groups of Graviers-essentially third-tier
Ghouls (above Alghouls and Ghouls). They can knock you down, which is
annoying, and really, it’s just something you’ll have to endure for now.
They also deal pretty good damage and have lots of health. Three of
them wander around down here, along with random Ghouls that’ll spawn
from time to time. Turn your gamma up to 2.00 in the video options menu
so you can navigate the darkness-it’s hideous as all hell, but it works,
and it saves you the bother and expense of using Cat Potions. You’ll get
over 200 experience per Gravier, so leveling is actually pretty quick-if
a tad dangerous-at first. Try to avoid fighting all three at once, and
if you kill two of them and get pretty beaten up, just rest and ignore
the third. There’s a fireplace down here and everything, so you don’t
even need to return to town. Kill all three Graviers (if possible), then
return to the fireplace, rest an hour, and kill them again. Every day
or so I return to the Hairy Bear and box some more to obtain 90 Orens-
you’re going to need money in this Chapter.. doing this also gives me
the opportunity to stash the hordes of Gravier Bones I’ll be finding
while I’m grinding. Use the Strong Silver style and grind Graviers until
you’re level 15-this will put you ahead of the curve in terms of power,
and with some Silver Talents, your Geralt will easily be able to handle
the rest of the Chapter. And because of static questing, he’ll only get
stronger as the Chapter goes on.

While leveling, I first spend my Bronze Talents on strengthening the
Strong Silver Style, since it is what we’re using to kill these
Graviers, after all. Once you hit level 15 you’ll start getting Silver
Talents. I immediately purchase Strength (levels 3 and 4), which will
make Geralt significantly stronger. If you plan to level up past 15th
level, you might want to consider getting Intelligence (level 3)
so you can purchase Ingredient Extraction. It’s not a necessary
purchase, but it does speed up your rate of ingredient accumulation. Of
course, you could just kill more and scavenge more, but it’s your time.
When-during the questing and killing that will occupy us for most of
this chapter-you level up past level 15, consider some of the more
useful Strength-tree talents, like Vigor, Stone Skin, and Aggression.
Finally, there’s Dexterity (levels 3 and 4), which won’t make you quite
as much stronger as Strength did, but the bonuses to Dodge, Parry, and
Attack will help. Past level 20, I prefer to focus on the Aard and Igni
signs (levels 3 and 4) before I bother with Endurance and Intelligence
(levels 3 and 4). Being able to deal a large amount of fire damage to
groups of Graviers and Ghouls with the Igni sign can make fights go
faster-especially if they get Incenerated. After all that, consider
spending some Bronze Talents on the secondary talents within the Group
Steel and Group Silver trees, like Precise Hit, Critical Hit, Trip, and
Knockdown. After all, except for the odd strong monster we’ll encounter
in this chapter (like Wyverns), most of the dangerous encounters
involve multiple, lesser, foes. For variety, with my neutral Witcher, I
decided to focus more on signs. After Strength (levels 3 and 4) I
purchased Endurance (levels 3 and 4), Intelligence (levels 3 and 4) and
Igni, rather than Aggression, Stone Skin, and Vigor. So long as you get
Strength (levels 3 and 4) and use up your Bronze Talents strengthening
your styles, you’ll do fine.

Again, this is another optional grinding session, but as always, if you
don’t bother with it, you may actually struggle with some fights during
the chapter. Any group of humans can be dangerous to a low-level Geralt,
and you might find my simple ‘use the Group Steel Style’ advice to be
insufficient to emerge victorious. Some people use potions to augment
their Geralt.. I just prefer to grind. You should at least hit level 15,
to boost your Strength with a Silver Talent. If you do this, you’ll be
in good shape at the end of the chapter. As for fighting groups of
armed assailants.. Swallow is always useful, but boosting with Wolf or
Blizzard might be a good idea, too, as well as coating your blade with
Crinfrid Oil.

| |
| Questing the Slums |
| |
Once you’re done leveling to your hearts’ content, it’ll be time to
start tentatively questing in Chapter 2. It’s a big city, so to give
this guide a sense of direction and focus, we’ll start out by questing
in the Slums. Just like Chapter 1, we’ll head to our local Tavern, chat
around, gain quests, beat people up, play some dice, flirt with wenches,
and then head off to complete said quests. Our main priority right now,
however, is to finish the quest ‘Hot Potato’, and generally do
everything we can do with Coleman-he may not be long for this world,
depending on how you handled ‘Strangers in the Night’ in Chapter 1.

Sequence of Events: {WLK007}
1) Heirloom Heist
2) Eric’s Unfinished Errand
3) Looting the Lionhead Lair
4) Con Man’s Confession
5) Pardon and Payment
6) Tight-lipped Jethro
7) Temple District Merchants
8) Chapter 2 Blacksmiths
9) Siegfried’s Post
10) Gabbing with Gossip
11) Drunken Oldies
12) Carmen’s Request
13) A Haunted House
14) Nobodies in the Hairy Bear
15) Conrad’s Vintage
16) Catching Up with Zoltan
17) Bruys the Bouncer
18) Beating Up Butter Bean
19) Coleman’s Confiscated Contraband
20) The Messenger’s Master
21) Calling Out the White Wolf
22) Well-Stocked Wraiths
23) Gravier Guardians
24) No Jink, No Drink
25) Language Lessons
26) Enemies in the Night
27) Mutt Murder
28) Resucing Little Girls
29) Salamander Slum Slaughter
30) Gratitude
31) Smells Like..
32) Dike Access
33) ..A Rat
34) Bad for Business
35) Dealing with the Detective
36) Vincent’s Exoneration

1) Before leaving the Crypt, loot the crate in the room in the north-
eastern corner of the map (the same room where the Fireplace can be
found). You’ll get a small experience reward for looting the crate, but
better awaits when you return to the Temple Quarter and talk to the
Con Man again.

(For recovering the ring from the Crypt)
EXP 500

2) First, however, it might be worthwhile to search the Sewers, now
that we’re operating under our own time, that is. If you’ve already
done so, great, but what you need to make sure to find is a Knight’s
Corpse. You’ll find it down a small side-tunnel at the opposite end of
the tunnel that leads up to the Temple Quarter. On his body is a Key
and a ‘Letter for Knight Eric’. The latter allows you to enter the
‘Cultist’s Crypt’, and the former give you an indication of what you’ll
find there. After grinding, and with our Steel Sword back, we can
handle the cultists within with no real difficulty. Just keep in mind,
you’ll need a Cat potion to excavate the Cultists’ lair. There’s also
another little lair here, guarded by a pair of Thugs, but we can’t
access it in this chapter.

Lionhead Cultist’s Crypt
3) After preparing (and using) a Cat Potion, you can feel free to
explore the cultist’s crypt. While it’s not necessary to do so now,
it’s also not necessary to refrain. If you want the smug satisfaction of
knowing that the Sewers have been cleared before moving on to Vizima-
well, then you have all the excuse you need to explore this crypt.
Inside you’ll find several groups of Lionhead Spider Cultists, some
armed with Axes, some armed with Temerian Iron Daggers, and a handful
armed with Two-Handed Morning Stars-all easily disposed with the Group
Steel Style. They guard two major sources of treasure-the first is a
Trunk in the central room which contains 50 Orens, Stammelford’s
Dust, a Gold and Diamond Necklace, a Gold Diamond Ring, a Diamond, and
a King and Queen Bomb. The second is another Trunk in the room with the
‘Circle of Lifeless Air’ which contains.. well, a whole bunch of
alchemical ingredients. There’s a ‘Circle of Lifeless Air’ and a
‘Circle of Elements’, the former boosts your Aard Sign +50%, and the
latter boosts your Igni Sign +50%, allowing you to further decimate
the Lionhead Spider Cultists with any sign you please. When all is said
and done, it’s a fine haul of loot.

Temple Quarter
4) Head back to the sewers and rest outside the Crypt until 7:00 A.M.
Once that’s done, fight your way to the Temple Quarter and talk to the
Con Man. Keep everything but the ring, and he’ll let slip that he’s
a thief, and that the goods you retrieved were stolen. Regardless, we
get a nice experience reward. Sometimes crime does pay.

(For returning the ring to the Con Artist)
EXP 4000

5) Before we run off to the Slums, lets go report back to Vincent and
get this ugly Cockatrice head off our belts. Talk to Vincent and he’ll
tell you about some ‘bloodthirsty vegetation’ killing people in the
swamp-more paying Witcher’s work. He’ll also kindly take that Cockatrice
off our hands and give us Orens for the work. Talk to him again and
he’ll reward you for exterminating three monsters-that’s right folks,
monster hunts have benchmark rewards.. very good ones, in fact, so be
sure to hunt down all the beasties in the game (which you’ll do if you
follow this FAQ.) This time he hands you a Svarog Rune Stone. Ask him
about the Salamandra investigation while we’re here and he’ll tell you
to avoid the Warehouses in the Slums at midnight-which is of course
little more than an opportunity for us to ignore him and do just the
opposite. It advances the quest ‘Suspect: Vincent Meis’, and it’ll
provide a decent way for us to end this Sequence of Events later.

Note: The ‘Suspect’ quests are somewhat of a nightmare from my
perspective, and they really make it difficult to manage an ideal
chronological order walkthrough around them. There are many bits of
evidence to gain, and they can be done in quite a few different orders.
Short story, your goal with these quests is to gather as much evidence
about the person indicated as possible. As far as the Walkthrough is
concerned, it’s easier to just lump alot of these together into one
Step when it’s convenient (for example, I pretty much start the quest
‘Suspect: Thaler’ in [WLK009], Step #1, and end by Step #3, which
condenses things quite a bit. Most ‘Suspect’ quests aren’t this neat,
however, and you’ll pick up bits and scraps of information over many,
many Steps. Follow this walkthrough word-for-word and you should get
them all, or look at the Quests Section of the FAQ to learn all the
bits of information you need to exonerate somebody. And like I mention
in the Tips Section, talk to everybody! You never know when a random
mercenary, dwarf, or thug will give you some useful information that
advances one of these quests. And also note the ‘invisible’ experience
you’ll gain as you gather evidence. It’s too much of a hassle on my
part to record it all-and I blame the game, it’s just not consistent
with what gives experience and what doesn’t. Just something to keep in
mind. Last but not least, when you’re dealing with a ‘Suspect’ case
and talking to somebody, you might have to bring the issue up more than
once to resolve it-often their own testimony will give you evidence
that can prove them innocent. And do not play ‘bad cop’ with Geralt,
you won’t scare a testimony out of anybody, you’ll just piss the person
off, and you could complete the quest unsatisfactorily. Play nice with
them, believe them at every turn, and don’t make enemies if you don’t
have to.

(For giving Vincent the Cockatrices’ head)
EXP 3000
Orens 400
6) Again, while we’re here you might as well talk to Jethro and ask
about the Professor’s release. He’ll reveal that the money for the
Professor’s ‘bail’ was transfered from a Dwarven bank in this quarter.
This starts the quest ‘Suspect: Vivaldi’, which we’ll ignore for some
time. Ask him about his sneezing habit, and he’ll refer you to
Coleman at the Hairy Bear for some Fisstech. If you inquire about the
bounty on the Professor’s head, he’ll reveal that it wasn’t the crown
that paid for the bounty-it was a private individual whose
representative can be found at the Hairy Bear. This updates the quest
‘Wanted’. Finally, ask him about your missing package and it’ll become
obvious where it went and what it was. This updates the quest
‘Hot Potato’. If Jethro starts mumbling nonesense about stopping a
cavalry charge, just leave the Dungeon and return to get him to start
talking again.

Temple Quarter
7) Now to familiarize ourselves with the Temple District before we
actively start questing in the Slums. Leave the Dungeon area (marked as
the ‘Guardhouse’ on your map) and take a right. Head up past the
Hospital and take another right to find Merchant Street. Here you’ll
find a Dwarven Antiquary who will sell you all sorts of good books, a
Peasant Trader who will sell you food of dubious origins, a Peddler
who sells flowers, jewelry, and garments, and an Herbalist who sells
a few books, flowers, and alchemical ingredients. The first thing you
should notice is that it’s going to require a small fortune for you to
get all those books. The second thing, you can give the Herbalist a
Red Shawl as a gift and she’ll tell you where she gathers her herbs.
8) As for blacksmiths, you have two options. First, there’s a blacksmith
in ‘Little Mahakam’, and then there’s an Order blacksmith right across
from the stairs leading to the Slums. One will trade with you, depending
upon which faction-the nonhumans (Scoia’tael) and the humans (Order of
the Flaming Rose) trusts you at the moment. Either way, they both sell the
same loot; two pieces of Blue Meteorite, some weapons we don’t need,
and an ‘Excellent Leather Jacket’, which is an improvement over what
you’re wearing now. It’s also one of the two other suits of armor in
the game, and since the next suit of armor can’t be obtained until
Chapter 5.. it’s worth picking up at some point. The only problem is
that it costs a whopping 5,000 Orens. No matter how you slice it, that’s
alot of boxing and poker. If you want to switch which merchant favors
you, you’ll get a chance to do so later, depending on how you resolve
the quest ‘Force Recon’.
9) Anyways, that’s it for the Merchants, now for random folks worth
talking to. Your old buddy Siegfried can be found, either near the
Dike (if you allowed him to join you) or near the Hospital (his
punishment post if you didn’t let him join you.) Approach him and he’ll
allow you to access one place or the other for free-otherwise the guards
will have to be bribed to gain access. You’ll also get to see a neat
little cutscene. Wee.
10) Walking around town is a lady named ‘Gossip’. Talk to her repeatedly
and exhaust every dialogue option and Geralt will reveal his identity.
The lady will excitedly ask for some gift or another to show her friends
(she’s called a Gossip, after all). Give her some Red Women’s Gloves
(which can be purchased from the Peddler for 100 Orens, or found in the
Hospital, if you’re willing to wait) and she’ll decide that she needs to
see more of the ‘White Wolf’, thus granting you the ‘Poor Townsfolk’
Sex Card.
11) Finally for the random folks, there’s an ‘Old Woman’ wandering
about who will talk to you for a bit, before insisting that her throat
is too dry. She’ll accept alcohol readily enough, but no matter how
much of your booze she guzzles, she’s never sated. I don’t know what’s
up with this, either she’s not getting what she wants (although she
does take your alcohol, regardless) or she’s just a conniving old bitch
trying to scam you out of beer. I’m assuming the latter until somebody
proves otherwise.
12) Now head down into the Slums. The first figure that should strike
you as interesting is Carmen. Talk to her, and she’ll flirt with Geralt
a bit before backing off. Ask if she has any work for you, and she’ll
give you the quest ‘Working Girls. It’s not much of a job for a Witcher,
but the money will help. Carmen also plays poker at the Novice level,
if you still need to defeat three Novice players, or just if you want to
score some Orens.

Thug’s House
13) Go to the unmarked house across from the Warehouse. It’s on the
north-facing end of the same building block as the Hairy Bear. Inside
you’ll find a Thug who’ll give you a job if you talk to him. Seeing your
obvious prowess, he offers to tell you about a haunted house. You clear
the house, and split the loot with him 50/50. Agree to get the quest
‘A Ghost Story’.

The Hairy Bear Inn
14) It’s finally time to head over to the Hairy Bear Inn. You may as
well search the notice board while you’re here. Doing so will start
the quests ‘The Alghoul Contract’, ‘The Dogcatcher of Vizima’, ‘The
Drowned Dead Contract’, ‘The Echinops Contract’, and ‘The Wolf
Contract’. Inside you’ll find the typical bar features-an Innkeeper who
will store your loot, a Waitress who will flirt with you-but will
ultimately only peddle beer, and a two-bit Gambler who plays strictly
low stakes poker. There’s also a Boozer who will drink with you, but no
prize is forthcoming, so save the seven beverages it takes to win for a
real opponent.
15) Now for the interesting folks. Talk to a man named Conrad, who will
be drinking during the day. He’ll wine about the quality of the alcohol
here, and ask if you’ll do a job for him. Accept and he’ll give you
the quest ‘A Most Uncommon Wine’ ask where this house is to get it
marked on your map. You can also drink with him-if you provide some
wine, but like the Boozer above, he offers no reward.
16) While you’re here, talk to your old friend Zoltan Chivay. You can
get philosophical with him, if you want to hear some Dwarven wisdom.
More importantly, ask him about work to start the quest ‘Safe Haven’.
Tell him about your dice poker successes (if you’ve completed Dice
Poker: The Novice) and he’ll tell you that you’ll need to beat four
Professional players to become a Professional yourself. Lastly, ask him
about Vivaldi’s bank and he’ll tell you that Vivaldi no longer actually
owns the bank. It won’t update the quest ‘Suspect: Vivaldi’, but it’s
useful to know, nonetheless.
17) Talking about Dwarves, you can find Munro Bruys nearby. He’s another
old friend of yours, but he’s not quite as prominent of a pal as Zoltan
is/was. Talk to him about dice poker and he’ll admit to being a
Professional, and will offer to play you at any time. This officially
starts the quest, ‘Dice Poker: The Professional’ and completes the quest
‘Dice Poker: The Novice’. Even though you can’t find two Professional
players in Chapter 2, you might as well play Munro Bruys.
18) While we’re in this corner of the bar, lets do some boxing. Beat up
all the lesser boxers and earn yourself some money (you should have been
doing this already), and challenge Butter Bean. This time you can get
150 Orens, two Bottles of Mandrake Cordial, or a Golden Necklace.
Honestly, the 150 Orens is probably the most valuable reward, but it
seems like a shame to grab Orens when you can just box twice for more.

(For defeating Butter Bean)
EXP 4000
Orens 150
Item Mandrake Cordial x2
Item Golden Necklace
19) Now it’s time to deal with Coleman. Head into the back to find him-
he’ll usually be drinking with Ramsmeat. First, ask him about Witcher’s
work to get the quest ‘The Rat’. Next, tell him about the parcel that
vanished up Jethro’s nose. The best option is to tell him the guards
took it-he’ll forgive you, and you’ll get some nice experience out of
the deal. If you’re confrontational, he’ll send some thugs after you.
After you kill them, he’ll make peace. You can also ask him about the
Salamandra sign, which will get you a journal entry about Ramsmeat, but
it’ll also piss Coleman off for a little while. You can also drink with
Coleman, but unless you want to hear him sing, there’s no point. You
could also talk to Ramsmeat, but he doesn’t really have anything
interesting to say right now.

(For telling Coleman about the package)
EXP 2500


(For telling Coleman about the package and compensating him 100 Orens)
EXP 1500


(For killing Coleman’s thugs)
EXP 2000
20) Go find the ‘Messenger’ near the bar. Don’t bother trying to bribe
him, just ask to drink with him. Five bottles of cheap beer later and
he’ll be ready to talk. Ask him about work, and he’ll tell you that he
works for Leuvaarden, our old friend from the outskirts. Seems like
we’ll have to pay him a visit for more than just Drowners. This updates
the quest ‘Wanted’. There’s still a lot to do before midnight, so talk
to the Innkeeper, shell out five Orens, and sleep off the insobriety.

(For getting the Messenger to reveal his boss)
EXP 500

Abandoned House
21) Once done, leave the Hairy Bear and head to the ‘Abandoned House’ in
the north-western part of the Slums. Once inside, we’ll discover that
this haunted house was no more than a ruse to lure adventurers. Our
friendly Thug apparently has a mind to rob us, although Geralt wisely
critiques their choice of victims. Use the Group Steel Style to easily
smite them. When they’re all dead, you’ll get a small experience reward.
Loot the lead Thug for a Key, then talk to the Half-Elf, another victim
of theirs, it seems. She’ll struggle to thank you, but ultimately she’ll
just invite you to visit her home later so she can give you a proper

(For killing the Thugs)
EXP 500

(For saving the Half-Elf)
EXP 2000

Well-Stocked Cellar
22) All in good time. Leave the house-and the Slums-and enter a house
west of ‘Detective Raymond’s House’. It’ll be marked on your map as a
‘Well-Stocked Cellar’. On the first level you’ll be assaulted by a pair
of Wraiths. Normally, they could be problematic, but at our level, we
should be too strong to be affected by their sonic attack. Use the
Fast Silver Style to dispose of them, updating the quest ‘The Rat’.

(For killing the Wraiths)
EXP 500
23) Now, if you took a beating upstairs, wait for your Vitality to
recover a bit before heading downstairs, and have the Group Silver
Style ready. Four Graviers await, and for a lesser Witcher, this might
be a problem. We, however, have been grinding four Graviers for about
seven levels or so now, so it should be no big threat. Soften them with
Igni, then smite them with the Group Silver Style. When done, grab the
three bottles of ‘Very Old Wine’ from the cellar and leave.

(For acquiring the wine)
EXP 500
24) Return to the Hairy Bear, where you should find Conrad waiting-at
least, if it’s after 17:00. Tell him that you were successful, and he’ll
give you the good news that he drank all of his money away. He seems to
think that somehow he’s still entitled to one of the bottles. Give him
his booze, or better yet, tell him that he doesn’t get any wine if you
don’t get any Orens. You can sell each bottle for 80 Orens, for a grand
total of 240 Orens, if you so desire.

(For reporting to Conrad after recovering the wine)
EXP 1500
25) If there’s still time before night, head over to the Half-Elf’s
house. It’s the isolated building north of the Hospital, separated from
the rest of the nonhuman district by a wall. Find your Half-Elven lady
inside and talk to her. She’ll try to teach you the Elven language.
Humor her, and you should set up getting the Sex Card ‘Half-Elves’. If
you still have time left before nightfall after all that, go find
somewhere to rest until night.
26) Now, to briefly discuss some of the enemies you may find in Vizima.
Near the Cemetary (south center of the map) you may encounter some
Ghouls. Fleders (a type of Vampiric undead) rarely spawn in the slums
outside of the Hairy Bear, in the garden outside of the Hospital, and
in a dead-end alley in the nonhuman district (north-west of the
Blacksmith). More usefully, however, several assassins spawn in the
nonhuman district. Not only do they carry some useful loot, but they
drop weapons that can be sold. Best of all, they’ll drop Fisstech.
Getting some here beats having to make some, or worse yet, buy it. All
of these encounters only occur at night.
27) Of course, since it’s dangerous out, you can attack things at
night-this is the time to start randomly killing Dogs and collecting
their juicy, juicy Tallow for the quest ‘The Dogcatcher of Vizma’. Don’t
bother hunting them intentionally, it’s a while before I bother to turn
this one in, but throughout your travels in Vizima by night, just keep
your eye out for pooches to pummel.

(For collecting six units of Dog Tallow)
EXP 500
28) Now lets go save Carmen’s ‘little girls’. Their locations are marked
on your map-there’s one in front of the Hospital, another in the middle
of Little Mahakam, between Vivaldi’s and Kalkstein’s, and the last is
just off Merchant Street. Here’s how it works, we approach, and exchange
mean words with a group of Assassins. They get mad, we kill them with
our Steel Sword, we loot them, and we go on to the next group. Some of
them drop interesting weapons, so it might be worth your while to store
what you find after each fight.. if you’re into collecting weapons, that
is. Make sure you keep all the Salamander Pins you find in your

(For saving the three prostitutes)
EXP 500

29) Head over to the Warehouse-it shouldn’t really matter what time it
is, so long as it’s night-time and around midnightish (it was 1:30 one
of the times when I did this.) Inside you’ll find Vincent dealing with
a group of Salamanders. Either play along with Vincent’s ruse or not,
either way, a fight is inevitable (although Vincent is much more
friendly the next time you talk if you play along). Dispatch the
Salamanders with the Group Steel Style, then loot for what meager
possessions they’ll leave behind. Don’t bother talking to Vincent just
yet, either, since we don’t have enough evidence to condemn or exonerate
him. Now that our nocturnal activities are over, lets return to Carmen,
where we can rest and claim our reward.

Eager Thighs Brothel
30) You can find Carmen at the Eager Thighs Brothel-during the day she
stands outside, and at night she’s inside sweeping. Pay her a visit and
tell her you completed her task. as a reward, you’ll get some decent
experience and your choice of either 200 Orens, or the gratitude of the
prostitutes. If you choose the gratitude, you can hire any prostitute in
the city by just providing them flowers (a significant discount). Or,
if you get the 200 Orens.. well, money is always nice too. If you want
the Sex Card ‘Prostitutes’ you’ll either have to pay a prostitute, and
they cost anywhere between 140 and 340 Orens, depending on their mood.
Just keep propositioning them until their price is something you’re
willing to pay. If you get the 200 Orens, there’s a chance to obtain
the Sex Card and still end with a profit, but chances are we still have
some flowers in our inventory from Chapter 1, which will allow us to get
the Sex Card for free. In any event, once you’re done here talk to
Carmen, who will allow you to rest. Meditate until noon so we can
finish up the quests we’ve started in the Hairy Bear.

(For reporting to Carmen after rescuing the prostitutes)
EXP 1500
Orens 200

Hairy Bear Inn
31) Go talk to the Innkeeper and ask where Coleman is. The Innkeeper
seems amused-but not surprised-that Coleman ran off after your job
with him. He’ll tell you to go look for him by the dike. He’ll also ask
you to go find out what Coleman is up to. Apparently we’re not the only
ones Coleman has crossed.

The Dike
32) Time to go visit the Dike, the gate to which can be found to the
north west, down the road upon which ‘Detective Raymond’s House’ lies,
quaintly named ‘Harbor Street’. If you let Siegfried hunt the Cockatrice
with you, you’ll be able to pass freely to the Dike. On the other hand,
if you didn’t, you’ll have to bribe the guards to get past.
33) Once you make it to the Dike you’ll find Coleman singing to the
guard. When he realizes that he’s been spotted, he’ll tell you that he’s
been helping Vincent dismantle the Salamandra organization, and he’ll
beg you not to turn him in. The decision is, in my opinion, fairly easy.
Coleman is a pretty useless NPC by any stretch of the imagination, the
only thing he’s good for is buying and selling Fisstech. Since many
Assassins drop Fisstech in Chapter 2, you should be able to get all the
Fisstech you need.. and Fisstech doesn’t sell for nearly enough to make
Coleman a worthwhile vendor The 500 Orens you’ll get from the Innkeeper
is more than worth the trade-off.. . If you let the Scoia’tael walk away
with Haren’s goods in Chapter 1 you have even more incentive to turn
Coleman in, as his aforementioned uselessness as an NPC is about to be
exacerbated by a slight case of death. All in all, it’s more rewarding
to just turn Coleman in. If it seems like you’re hurting an enemy of
your enemy-again, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as Coleman isn’t
long for this world, and him squealing to the guards is just as harmful
to the established criminal underworld resisting Salamandra’s incursion
as it is to Salamandra itself.

(For finding Coleman on the dike)
EXP 500
Orens 100

(For turning Coleman in to the Innkeeper)
EXP 1500
Orens 500


(For lying to the Innkeeper about Coleman)
EXP 1500

Note: Be sure to return to the Innkeeper at the Hairy Bear to collect
on Coleman before you go visit detective Raymond, in Step #35. After you
have talked to Raymond and set the appropriate quests in motion.. well,
you know how it is, quest triggers, events, a Coleman ends up dead, and
the Innkeeper has no more reason to pay you for ousting a dead snitch..
unless, of course, you killed the Scoia’tael in Chapter 1.. in which
case, there duration for snitching on coleman is a lot more generous.
34) While we’re here, we might as well talk to Leuvaarden. Ask him
about the creatures and he’ll offer up 400 Orens for you to get rid of
them. More than a fair price to exterminate some Drowners! Ask him about
Salamandra, and he’ll tell you to bring him three Salamander Pins to
prove you’re on the same side.. pins that you should already have in
your inventory. Offer them up and he’ll pay you 200 Orens per pin!
That’s 600 Orens! He’ll admit that he wants Salamandra gone, stating
that they’re ‘bad for business, but other than confessing that he’d
enjoy hearing of Azar Javed’s demise (and that of Salamandra as a whole)
he doesn’t have too much more to say.

Detective Raymond’s House
35) After all that, it’s finally time to talk to the detective. Head
back to the Temple Quarter and continue up Harbor Street until you find
his house. Talk to him and ask him about Salamandra. When he asks you
what your interest in the organization is, throw out the name Azar
Javed and he’ll contribute to your investigation for free (if you’re
elusive with him, he’ll charge 100 Orens.) You’ll learn about the
extent of Salamandra’s power in the city, and talking to Raymond starts
the quests ‘The Crown Witness’ and ‘Vizima Confidential’. At the end
of the conversation, Raymond will inform you that he thinks you’re being
followed. Geralt opts to make his would-be assailants wait until
midnight. When he leaves, you’ll hear Azar Javed and the Professor
talking-showing that Geralt’s caution was indeed very wise. Eventually
the powers-that-be leave, and when only the henchmen are left Geralt
makes his entrance. Use the Group Steel Style to take these assassins
down without too much trouble.

Note that your medallion-if set to detect magic-actually responds near
Raymond’s House. Normally it only activated near Triss or Places of
Power. Interesting..
36) Now we have all the evidence we need to exonerate Vincent Meis. Go
talk to him and tell him that you have irrefutable proof that he’s not
connected to Salamandra. In return, Vincent will tell us that Azar Javed
is trying to take over the Fisstech trade, and that the sorcerer is an
addict, himself. He’ll also give you the ‘City Guard Signet Ring’, which
we can use to get into the Hospital (if you haven’t already bribed the
guard, or if Siegfried hadn’t let us pass already.) Asking Vincent about
the Salamander prisoner is a dead end, which leaves us with one option..

(For proving that Vincent Meis is innocent)
EXP 4500
Item City Guard Signet Ring

| |
| Questing the Temple Quarter |
| |
If you let the Scoia’tael take Haren’s goods last chapter, Coleman is as
good as dead the next time you enter the Hairy Bear-assassinated by
Squirrels using some nasty weapons. In any event, we’ve done quite a
few quests, and have explored the Slums rather thoroughly. Most of all,
we’ve proven that Vincent Meis is innocent. Still, we’ve been neglecting
the obvious signs pointing at Thaler-we still haven’t looked into where
he got that Silver Sword, after all. Also, there’s the Salamander
Prisoner. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, we need to go talk to
Jethro-and we should bring some Fisstech with us.. as a peace offering,
you understand. Also grab some weak alcohol. If we can’t solve a problem
with our swords, chances are we can solve it with dru.. er.. diplomacy.

Sequence of Events: {WLK008}
1) Greasing the Guard
2) Meeting Mysterious Men
3) Thaler’s Exoneration
4) The Gambler’s Story
5) Berengar’s Belongings
6) The Gardener’s Story
7) Reunited with Shani
8) Silencing the Witness
9) Grouchy Grandma
10) Shani’s Story
11) Regrouping with Raymond
12) Kalkstein’s Task
13) Vivaldi in Shambles
14) Vivaldi in Shackles
15) Vivaldi’s Exoneration
16) A True Silver Sword
17) Things Thugs Say..
18) Ramsmeat’s Exoneration
19) 101 Uses for Dead Dogs
20) Hildegard’s Harrassment
21) The Prophet’s Ring
22) Squelching Slanderous Spirits
23) Hildegard the Hold-Out
24) The Second Sephirah
25) Rescuing Raymond
26) Raymond’s Lead
27) Autopsy Advice
28) Read to Succeed
29) Moving the Corpse
30) The Cemetery Key
31) Azar Unveiled
32) Trio of Sephirot
33) Dealing with the Doppleganger
34) Setting the Trap
35) Baiting the Trap
36) Searching the Cemetery
37) Discovering the Detective
38) BYOB
39) Party People
40) Reminiscing
41) Gabbin’ with the Gravedigger
42) Declan’s Exoneration
43) The Ferryman’s Fare

1) Head over to the Dungeon and ask Jethro about the Salamander
prisoner. He’ll outright ask for some powder in exchange for
information. You should have acquired some Fisstech by now, either from
Assassins that wander the nonhuman district at night, or from other
Salamandra stooges. If not, you can buy some from Coleman (if he’s
still alive) for 100 Orens, or better yet, you can make some through the
magical goodness of Alchemy (see the Potions section of the FAQ for the
recipe). If you had to choose, making the stuff yourself is probably
cheaper than buying it from Coleman. Once you have some Fisstech, give
it to Jethro and ask him about the Silver Sword to start the quest
‘Suspect: Thaler’. Then ask him about the prisoner and he’ll tell you
that he can be found in the Hospital.

(For bribing Jethro with Fisstech)
EXP 500
2) Lets ignore the prisoner for now, as that’s a little deeper into the
plot than I care to bother with. Instead, lets go talk to Thaler, our
meeting has been long overdue. His house is nearby, just east of the
Hospital. If he’s not in his house, he’s out wandering the streets
somewhere-he should certainly be home by nightfall, however. If you want
to finish up the ‘Suspect: Thaler’ quest, it’s pretty easy to do. Any
time after 21:00 you might run into a ‘Mysterious Man’ standing just
outside of-or inside of-Thaler’s House. Talk to him and he’ll run away,
but you’ll get some evidence of Thaler’s extensive list of contacts.

Thaler’s House
3) Head into Thaler’s House and chat with him. You can listen to him
gloat about being untouchable, and you can buy some books off of him
(both of which are pretty useful), as well as a piece of Blue Meteorite.
As for business, however, he’s not as tight-lipped about what he knows as
other folks. He’ll tell you that the Silver Sword didn’t belong to
Berengar, but will drop the name Coleman as the middleman he bought
Berengar’s gear from (never fret, if Coleman is dead, he wasn’t too
helpful anyways.) He’ll also say that Berengar was working for
Kalkstein. As for the sword, he’ll tell you that he won it from a
gambler at the Hairy Bear. Asking him about Salamandra will update the
quest ‘Suspect: Thaler’ but it doesn’t really provide any leads. Once
you’re done talking business, challenge him to a game of dice. If you
win, you’ve defeated your second Professional player. Last but not
least, drink with him. This is why you brought weak alcohol, and you’ll
have to down eight mugs to put Thaler away. For winning he’ll give you
the book ‘Shadow People, or the Story of His Majesty’s Secret Service’.
Fortunately, you can leave and re-enter Thaler’s House and rest here,
to sleep off the hangover. Depending on what evidence you’ve gathered
and what order you select conversation topics, you might have to talk
to Thaler several times to complete ‘Suspect: Thaler’. This is
especially true because Thaler himself gives some evidence you need to
exonerate him. If he gets pissy with you and starts saying “Not now.”
just leave his house and re-enter to get him talking again. Once you
complete the quest ‘Suspect: Thaler’ the quest ‘What Lies Beneath’

(For asking Thaler about the Witcher’s Sword)
EXP 100

(For finding out where Thaler acquired the Silver Sword)
EXP 350

(For proving that Thaler is innocent)
EXP 2500

(For defeating a second Professional player)
EXP 200

4) After talking to Thaler, we have plenty to do. Why not start by
returning to the Hairy Bear and questioning that Gambler? He’s rather
forthcoming with the information, and flat-out tells you that he won it
from the Gardener at the Hospital.

(For finding out where the Gambler acquired the Silver Sword)
EXP 250
5) While you’re at the Hairy Bear, if it’s late enough talk to Ramsmeat
and ask him what he knows of Berengar. After all, whatever Coleman
knew, his boss certainly knew-and more. He’ll tell you that the items
were found by the Brickmakers in the swamp, who sold the gear to

(For asking Ramsmeat about Berengar’s equipment)
EXP 3500
6) So, head over to the Hospital and talk to the Gardener. If you ask
about his mercenary days, you’ll have to placate him with some food
before he’ll chat. You can also trade some food for roses. If you don’t
have any, trade some useless food for Red Roses-they’ll come in handy
later. If you ask him about the Silver Sword he’ll tell you that he
obtained it from a fallen Witcher named Coen at the Battle of Brenna.
He’ll suggest you talk to Shani, who also knew Coen. Finally, you can
play dice with him, if you want some spare change, or if you still need
to beat some Novice opponents.

(For finding out where the Gardener acquired the Silver Sword)
EXP 250

Saint Lebioda’s Hospital
7) Despite my best attempts at procrastination, it’s time to check out
the Hospital now-we need to move the chains on the quests ‘Vizima
Confidential’ and ‘The Crown Witness’. We can only do this at night,
but the place bears exploration during the day, anyways. First, however,
you have to get in, which involves snubbing Siegfried at the beginning
of the Chapter, or bribing a guard. Or, since we already got the ‘City
Guard Signet Ring’, you could just flash that and save some Orens.
Inside you’ll find that there’s stuff to loot, a ‘Novice Nun’ to talk
to, and of course, Shani. Talk to her to start the quest ‘Old Friend of
Mine’. She’ll be a little more chatty at work than she is walking to or
from. About the Prisoner, she’ll suggest coming back at night, as that’s
the only time you’ll get to talk to him. Ask how you can help her and
she’ll tell you to get five units of Celandine-a plant extract that
helps retard the progress of the plague. After Chapter 1, you should
have plenty just sitting in your alchemy pouch waiting to be used. Give
her some to update the quest ‘Old Friend of Mine’. You can ask for a
monster anatomy lesson in return, but I can’t imagine why anybody would
need information on a Drowned Dead at this point in the game.

(For giving Shani five doses of Celadine)
EXP 500
8) Talk to Shani again and, wonder of wonders, you can rest here! Wait
until night-time and when you wake up, go bother the Prisoner. The
Guards will stop you, forcing you to bribe them to gain access to the
Prisoner. 10 Orens later, the Prisoner will cough out the name
‘Kalkstein’ before a group of thugs will attack, courtesy of Ramsmeat.
Kill them and leave the Hospital.

Shani’s House
9) Before we bug Kalkstein and Vivaldi-two folks that have as of yet
proven immune to our scrutiny-lets go visit Shani at her house. You can
find her house in the north-eastern section of the Temple Quarter, near
the ‘Gate to Royal Castle’, just north of where the merchants gather on
Merchant Street in the daytime. Once you enter you’ll encounter one of
the most amusing-yet least important-NPCs in PC gaming. ‘Grandma’ will
approach you every time you enter the house and randomly chat with you,
usually trying to get you to give her some gift or another. Fail to
fork what she wants over and she’ll throw a tantrum and kick you out.
Sometimes she’ll just be in a bad mood an kick you out. And if you’re
the slightest bit drunk (even if you got drunk drinking with her!)
she’ll kick you out. Other times, she’ll be ambiguous and kick you out,
or she’ll be ambiguous and let you stay. Then again, she can be sweet as
pie and leave you alone. There’s a way to get her to leave you alone-
which we’ll discuss shortly-but I wanted you to experience the random
terror of this old lady before we bypass her crazy. If she kicks you
out, just re-enter and try again until she lets you pass. While you’re
here, try to grab ‘Grandma’s Cordial’ and ‘Grandma’s Pickles and Lard’.
It’ll save you some trouble at the end of the Chapter.
10) Once upstairs talk to Shani. You can listen to her whine about the
Battle of Brenna (a significant part of Temerian history which you
should be acquainted with by now), but what we’re really here for is
information about Witcher Coen. She will-at length-refer you to Zoltan
Chivay, who has an eye for swords.

(For talking to Shani and learning more about Coen’s sword)
EXP 250

Detective Raymond’s House
11) Now, being night-time, we can probably find Zoltan Chivay at
Vivaldi’s House, but it’ll much more productive if we visit Raymond
first. So head over to Raymond’s House and tell him about your meeting
with the Prisoner. He’ll tell you the obvious-that we need to keep an
eye on Kalkstein and Ramsmeat, although both seem unlikely suspects.
Kalkstein seems more interested in advancing the field of alchemy than
hiring out his services-a truly useless intellectual, through and
through. Ramsmeat, on the other hand, is Salamandra’s competition in
the Fisstech market. Still, Raymond suggests that we earn Kalkstein’s
trust, do a job for him, and learn his secrets. Fortunately, Kalkstein
seemed a little too friendly with Witchers in our first encounter, so
it shouldn’t be much trouble working with him. This completes the
quest ‘The Crown Witness’, updates ‘Vizima Confidential’, and starts
the quests ‘Suspect: Kalkstein’ and ‘Suspect: Ramsmeat’. Now lets go
pay Kalkstein a visit, to get his quests rolling-it’ll also make our
visit with Vivaldi more interesting, if we attacked the Scoia’tael in
Chapter 1.

(For telling Raymond about the Prisoner’s words and Ramsmeat’s attack)
EXP 3000

Kalkstein’s House
12) Enter Kalkstein’s House and talk to him. He’ll start to tell you
about a job before he gets lost in thought. Ask him about it to spur
his memory and the quest ‘A Mysterious Tower’ will start. The highlight
of this quest? You’ll get 1000 Orens for helping Kalkstein out, which is
a tremendous reward by any standards. First, however, you’ll need to
find two books for him, named “Ain Soph Aur”, and “The Secret Gates”.
You can talk to Kalkstein about Salamandra, if you wish, but you don’t
have enough evidence to make a decision right now. All you’ll learn is
that the wounded Salamander at the Hospital was hired by Kalkstein-and
Kalkstein swears he had no clue that the rogue was part of a secret
organization. Fair enough. To find out where we can get “The Secret
Gates” or “Ain Soph Aur” we could talk to the Dwarven Antiquary, but
insider information: Vivaldi owns them, so lets just skip the middleman.

Vivaldi’s House
13) Finally, it’s time to pay Vivaldi a visit. While you’re here, talk
to random Dwarves wandering around and one might tell you that Vivaldi
is a person of interest around here. This updates the quest ‘Suspect:
Vivaldi’. Head inside Vivaldi’s House and you’ll notice that this is
definately not the home of a wealthy, political affluent banker. Talk to
him, and you’ll find that-like everybody who has been the subject of
racism (real or imagined)-he can’t help but project his prediction of
racism upon every ‘human’ he meets. Anyways, ask him about “The Secret
Gates” and he’ll initially refuse to sell them, but will capitulate and
sell you “The Secret Gates” for 100 Orens, and “Ain Soph Aur” for 300
Orens. There’s a cheaper (read: free) way to get the latter later, if
you’re feeling frugal.

(For reading “The Secret Gates” and “Ain Soph Aur”)
EXP 500
14) Or.. If you killed the Scoia’tael in Chapter 1, Vivaldi should be
arrested now, for being assocaited with Scoia’tael. Yeah, racism sucks,
but in this case, it’s helpful for you. Head over to the Dungeon and
talk to Jethro. Offer to bail Vivaldi out and fork over 200 Orens. To
show his gratitude, Vivaldi will give you “The Secret Gates” and
“Ain Soph Aur” for free.

(For reading “The Secret Gates” and “Ain Soph Aur”)
EXP 500
15) Either way, talk to him about Salamandra and-with the evidence we
have collected-you should be able to exonerate him. He’ll tell you a
bit about Azar Javed if you’re polite with him. Like every truly
dangerous person in the world, he’s a college drop-out.. I wonder if
HIS college wasted his time and money by forcing him to meet a foreign
language requirement that had absolutely nothing to do with his overall
degree? Anyways.. black magic, dangerous renegade, personal issues aired
by the FAQ-writer, yada-yada. Vivaldi is innocent.

(For proving that Vivaldi is innocent)
EXP 3000
16) Now if you’re lucky, you can find Zoltan Chivay in Vivaldi’s House.
If not, you’ll have to go to the Hairy Bear, or wander around town until
you find him. In any event, when you do find the elusive little runt,
ask about your Silver Sword. He’ll tell you a little more than you’d
really ever care to know about it-including one thing-it is indeed a
genuine Witcher’s Silver Sword. Thanks Coen. This completes the quest
“Memory of a Blade”. You’ll also get an ‘Earth Rune’ for your trouble.

(For learning where your Silver Sword came from)
EXP 1000
Item Earth Rune
17) If you wasted your time going to the Hairy Bear looking for Zoltan,
good news-it wasn’t a waste of time. It’s our next destination. It’s
time to settle up with Ramsmeat, see. On your way there, talk to
whatever Thugs are wandering around. If none are around, you might have
to rest up-the Brothel makes a good enough place to sleep until noon,
or use the Igni sign on the fireplace outside of the Hairy Bear. Either
way, talk to enough Thugs and one will rather rudely remark that he
hopes you end up like Berengar. Good to know.

Ramsmeat’s House/Hairy Bear Inn
18) Rest until noon and head over to the Hairy Bear-after hearing what
the Thugs have to say-and talk to Ramsmeat. Ask him about Salamandra,
and pick options #2 (to ask him more about Salamandra, after he
threatens you) and #2 again (pointing out that his henchmen get shifty.
He’ll tell you that he-and his henchers-don’t like Salamandra. Geralt
will follow up by asking him about Berengar. Avoid provoking him and
he’ll spill the beans-Berengar was working with Salamandra, and so
Ramsmeat was keeping tabs on him. Both Berengar-and an agent Ramsmeat
sent after Berengar-vanished into the swamp. You’ll get a nice bit of
experience for getting this much information. Talk to Ramsmeat again and
proclaim him innocent. This will clear the air with Ramsmeat-the crew he
sent over to the Hospital were there to rescue the Prisoner-one of
Ramsmeat’s boys, not a Salamander. Since Berengar-a Witcher-was working
with Salamandra earlier, he assumed you did, too. Hence the outward
hostility. Now that things are in the clear and you both are on the
same side, he’ll reveal some more about Azar Javed. Namely that the
mage, though ‘civilized’ by schooling and Temerian society, has a taste
for women-and a fetish for fire. This explains why Salamandra was
causing Carmen and her girls trouble earlier. It appears the Fisstech
trade isn’t the only business Azar Javed wants to take control over.

Note: If you can’t find Ramsmeat at the Hairy Bear, he’ll almost
certainly be at his house. You’ll have to bribe one of the Bouncers
outside 20 Orens, however.

(For proving that Ramsmeat is innocent)
EXP 2500
19) We hardly ever do anything in this guide for one reason-I usually
try to by sly (lazy) and knock several things out at once. So lets go
pay the Gravedigger a visit. He hangs out in the south-eastern corner
of the Temple Quarter, near the gate to ‘Vizima’s Cemetery’. Talk to him
and turn in your six jugs of Dog Tallow. He uses Dog Tallow on the
caskets? Really? There has to be a cheaper way to do this.. or he really
has it in for dogs.

(For giving the Dog Tallow to the Gravedigger)
EXP 2000
Orens 100
20) When that’s done, you’ll notice a lady named ‘Hildegard Zollstock’.
She’s only around the gates to the Cemetary near noon-what a way to
speak to Ramsmeat and pick up a new quest over here at the same time!
She’ll whine about her husband haunting her and Geralt will make a sorry
attempt at humor. She’ll elaborate that her husband haunts her at night,
but worst of all, his ghost is spreading nasty rumors about her. You can
get her to promise you 200 Orens for ridding her of this embarassment.
21) Before we wait until nightfall to find this ghost, lets do one more
thing around town-we’re actually running short on things to do! Find
the ‘Bootblack’ who stands around during the day by the stairs just
north of Raymond’s House. Talk to him and pay him two Orens for a
shoeshine. Ask him about various things for backstory, but be sure to
say #6 “You don’t talk like a shoeshine.” last (except for #7 and #8,
of course) and he’ll refuse to elaborate on his past. Leave the area by
entering a location (Raymond’s perhaps?) and talk to him again. You can
now offer him a gift. If you give him the book you won from Thaler in
the drinking contest “Shadow People, or the History of His Majesty’s
Secret Service” he’ll give you ‘The Prophet Lebioda’s Signet Ring’,
which he claims is revered by the elderly. Now we have a sure-fire way
to get past ‘Grandma’ at Shani’s House.. which will be useful later on.
Make sure you’ve read the book before you give it away.
22) Once you’re done, waste time, grab weapons from houses and sell
them, box, place dice, whatever. Failing that, just rest until night.
When you’re ready head over to the Cemetery Gate to find a Wraith
wandering around. Talk to it and listen to some of the interesting
things it has to say about its widow. To kill it, select the Silver
Sword-Fast Silver Style-and initiate combat with it. It should die
easily enough.

(For killing the Widow’s wraith)
EXP 500
23) Return to the Cemetery Gates at noon and report your success to
Hildegard. She’ll reluctantly hand over the gold you’re due-but only
after fussing a bit about depriving a widow of her pittance. Now, before
we tread off into the Swamp Forest head over to Kalkstein with
“The Secret Gates” and “Ain Soph Aur”-unless, of course, you plan to get
the latter for free in the Swamp Forest (see [WLK010], Step #24.) For
the sake of continuity, however, it’s more convenient to assume that you
have obtained these already-talked to Kalkstein-and then traveled to the
Swamp Forest.

(For returning to Hildegard and demanding your fair pay)
EXP 2000
Orens 200

Kalkstein’s House
24) Travel to Kalkstein’s House and tell him about the information
you’ve gained from “The Secret Gates” and “Ain Soph Aur”. You’ll find
out that you need to find ten Sephirah Stones (plural Sephirot) and
place them in Obelisks scattered throughout the Swamp Forest. We
already have the ‘Maal’Kad Sephirah’ (which we obtained when we slew
the Cockatrice) and Kalkstein will give us the ‘Chocc’Mah Sephirah’ to
help us on our way. This updates the qeusts ‘A Mysterious Tower’ and
‘Vizima Confidential’.

Raymond’s House
25) Return to Raymond with the news and you’ll discover that he’s under
attack by a group of Salamanders. Slay them (Group Steel Style) and
Raymond will tell you that he was only a small step away from solving
the case. He seems rather shaken up (understandably so), but who did
he think he was messing with? He’ll give you his list of suspects-most
of which we’ve exonerated by now-and decide to lay low for a while. This
updates the quest ‘Vizima Confidential’ and starts the quest ‘Suspect:
Leuvaarden’. Of course, we’ve already found evidence for Leuvaarden’s
innocence by now, so there’s really little to do as far as ‘Vizima
Confidential’ is concered. Loot the Assassins and leave. If you have
your medallion set to detect magic, note that it goes crazy while
you’re near Raymond now..

(For saving Raymond from the Salamandra Assassins)
EXP 1500
26) Leave Raymond’s House only to have a child come up and tell you
that Raymond needs to meet with you again. Normally you’d have to go
bother with all the ‘Suspect’ quests now, giving this a more proper
sense of timing-but since we already solved most of the ‘Suspect’
quests all in one go.. Anyways, head back in and talk to Raymond. He’ll
tell you that the Prisoner was moved from the Hospital recently-and
didn’t survive the transfer. He cites natural causes, but suspects
foul play. The only way to know for sure is to recover the body from
the Gravedigger and perform an autopsy. This starts the quest ‘Anatomy
of a Crime’ and updates ‘Vizima Confidential’ again.

Shani’s House
27) Now, successfully conducting an anatomy is no simple matter-even in
the Witcher. Geralt is admittably better at the butcher’s work than he
is at anything that could be called a scientific pursuit. If we rush in
to this, we’ll likely end up missing vital clues, so we need to consult
a few experts for advice on how to conduct a professional autopsy.
Perhaps a doctor would know more? Bonus points if it’s a female,
red-headed doctor. Head over to Shani’s House at night and talk to her
about it. She’ll lay out your immediate goals quite clearly-read any
books on the subject that you can get your hands on, and talk to Vincent
Meis. Chances are he’s handled an autopsy or two. Rest until morning and
head out.
28) Since we’re nearby, talk to the Antiquary and purchase from him the
following books; ‘Forensic Medicine’ (150 Orens) and ‘Zerrikanian
Insects and other Vermin’ (110 Orens). These are by far the most
relevent pieces of information we’ll need to get a good result from this
29) Skip Vincent Meis for now and go talk to our friendly neighborhood
Gravedigger, instead. Ask him about getting into the Cemetery to start
the quest ‘A Gravedigger’s Gratitude’. We’ll need to get Vincent’s
permission to enter the Cemetery, or we’ll need to clear the
Gravedigger’s debts with Thaler. Now ask about moving that corpse and
he will demand some Dwarven alcohol for the favor. Your mind should
instantly jump to Kaedwenian Stout, the cheapest solution, but the
Gravedigger will turn his nose up at it. Instead give him a bottle of
Mahakaman Mead and he’ll promise to drop the corpse off by evening.

(For giving the Gravedigger some Dwarven alcohol)
EXP 500
30) Now go talk to either Vincent Meis or Thaler. Since we’ve completed
both ‘Supsect’ quests for them, either one will gladly help us out. You
could even go to both, if you wanted to help the Gravedigger out and
follow the law-but there’s no reward for excessive questiness. Go tell
the Gravedigger of the completion of his request(s) and he’ll give you
the Key to the Cemetery. You’ll also get the scroll ‘Petri’s Philter
Formula’, which teaches you how to create a potion that intensifies all
your Signs.

(For gaining access to the Cemetery)
Item Petri’s Philter Formula

Saint Lebioda’s Hospital
31) We’ll deal with the Graveyard shortly-first, lets take care of this
autopsy business. Find somewhere to rest until night, by now you should
have enough buddies in town to find somewhere to sleep with ease. To
kill two birds with one stone, bring a piece of fruit with you. When
you’re ready to cut someone up-for science, this time-head over to the
Hospital. Inside you’ll find Shani. Talk to her to start the autopsy.
Now, there are multiple ways to do this autopsy-and most of them will
give you the wrong answer. If you’ve read ‘Forensic Medicine’ and
‘Zerrikanian Insects and other Vermin’, however, you have a chance at
getting the right results. First pick dialogue option #3 to suggest that
the bone marrow has been sucked out, indicating that scavenging undead
caused the external trauma, not the actual murder. Pick option #3 again
to point out that the neck muscles and palms look tense. This will
prompt Shani to look for internal signs, which leads quickly to poison.
Choose dialogue option #1 to dismiss the idea as being too obvious. This
prompts Shani to go for the last resort-opening the skull. Inside you’ll
find the larval forms of Zerrikanian Tsetse flies-which you may have
heard about if you shared some food with the Gardener outside at some
point. Geralt will do a good job explaining the story up until now, so
I need not bother. This updates the quests ‘What Lies Beneath’, ‘Vizima
Confidential’, ‘Suspect: Kalkstein’, ‘Old Friend of Mine’, and completes
the quest ‘Anatomy of a Crime’. Azar Javed underestimated Geralt, and
it’s going to cost him.

(For completing a successful autopsy and discovering the killer)
EXP 3500
32) Before you leave go to the Altar of Melitele and put a piece of
fruit on it. In return you’ll obtain no fewer than three Sephirah-the
‘Oth Sephirah’, the ‘Ghe’Vrath Sephirah’, and the ‘Veen’Ah Sephirah’.
Why so many from one place? Maybe they ran out of ideas, or perhaps
they wanted to show that Melitele does have some power? I guess it
doesn’t make any more sense for a Cockatrice to have one, does it?

Raymond’s House
33) Head over to Raymond’s House and tell him about the autopsy. Geralt
makes up a story about botching the autopsy-probably trying to make
himself look foolish to play into Azar’s expectations. Leave and come
back to talk to him again and he’ll tell you that he figured out the
case-Kalkstein and Ramsmeat were working together. Since Azar wants
these two dead, we can assume that we should try our best to do the
opposite. Now, there are a few things you can do here, I’ll discuss
something you should not do-but that’s interesting nonetheless. Talk to
him and ask him about the commander of the Royal Guards to get a story
different from the one we heard Raymond telling us ealier-just
confirming what we already know. If you pick dialgoue option #2 you can
call Azar’s bluff, or more interestingly, you can have a candid little
conversation with ‘Azar’, even getting Azar-as-Raymond to ‘pretend’ to
be Azar so you can practice your confrontation with him. It’s a cool
scene, to be sure, if you want to nerd out on it. Be careful, however,
as you can push the scenario too far and actually get the controntation-
you-think-you-want-but-don’t. If you provoke Azar, he’ll attack you, and
call upon squads of ‘Salamandra Executioners’ to take you down. Granted,
with our grinding my Geralt (level 20) could dispatch the Salamanders by
the dozen, but every little hit stacks up, and eventually I went for the
coup-de-grace by using Aard on Azar-only to have him cutscene-kill me.
It’s best if you stop your little game with him by playing dumb and
fingering Kalkstein as the perfect person for ‘Azar’ to impersonate.
Tell Azar-as-Raymond that you’re ready for Ramsmeat. He’ll implore you
to kill him-the leader of Salamandra’s forces. With that, leave.

Note: If you get too free with your words, the quest ‘What Lies Beneath’
will update, essentially telling you to watch your ass. If you talk to
Azar-as-Raymond at all, the quest ‘Vizima Confidential’ will update.

(For chatting with Azar)
EXP 600 (multiple values totaling this amount)
34) Now go pay a visit to Ramsmeat, either at his house or in the Hairy
Bear, wherever he’s lurking. Tell him about Azar’s attempt to get you
to kill him, and request that he lie low for a while. He’ll point out
the obvious danger in fighting Azar alone. To that end, lets talk to
Kalkstein. First, tell Kalkstein that he’s innocent to complete
‘Suspect: Kalkstein’. For this we’ll learn that Azar practices fire
magic-something inherently incompatible with order, and hence, something
that an intellectual like Kalkstein cannot tolerate. Tell Kalkstein that
Azar is posing as Raymond and he’ll tell you to set up an ambush
somewhere magically unstable and surrounded by the element opposed to
fire-near the tower in the Swamp Forest. This completes ‘What Lies

(For proving that Kalkstein is innocent)
EXP 3000

(For discovering an appropriate place to make a stand against Azar)
EXP 2500
35) Return to Azar-as-Raymond and tell him that Ramsmeat is dead. Geralt
will ask his friend ‘Raymond’ to come to the Swamp Tower with him, where
together they can head off Azar and Kalkstein, who have been defanged
now that Ramsmeat is dead. Azar-as-Raymond bites, and gives you the
‘Keth’Aar’ Sephirah to help you access the tower. There’s only a few
more things left to do before we head off to the Swamp Forest.

Vizima’s Cemetery
36) Now that it’s night, head over to the Cemetery. We should finish
this area up, if for no better reason than for experience and to
resolve the quest ‘A Gravedigger’s Gratitude’. Nobody likes failed
quests in their journal, right? Inside you can find various plants
like Celandine and Crows Eye, some loot, and of course undead-at least
at night-including Drowners, Drowned Dead, Ghouls, and Alghouls. When
you’re done looting and killing in the exterior, head inside a Crypt
along the northern edge of the Cemetery.

Vizima’s Cemetery – Crypt
37) Inside you’ll find plenty of undead, including Ghouls, Alghouls,
Graviers, and Fleders.. but you will also find plenty of loot, so it’s
worth it. Better yet, if you don’t want to brew up a Cat Potion you can
just turn the gamma up again, it’s not too dark in here. Once you’re
done looting and killing, there is a wall you can knock down with the
Aard Sign. Enter the tunnel opposite the exit and take a left to find
it. Beyond you’ll find plenty of undead to kill, but most importantly,
you’ll find Raymond’s body. Examining it will update pretty much
every active main-story quest in the chapter-especially if you haven’t
completed ‘Anatomy of a Crime-including the ‘Suspect’ quests, ‘What
Lies Beneath’, ‘Vizima Confidential’ and ‘Anatomy of the Crime’. If you
have already completed ‘Anatomy of a Crime’ (like this guide suggests)
you’ll get more modest results.

(For discovering the body of Raymond)
EXP 500

Shani’s House
38) Lets take a break from conspiracies and power-plays and visit Shani
at her house. Talk to her and she’ll mention that she’s trying to get
you and Dandelion together to reminisce. She happens to be missing the
most important supplement for such gatherings, however-the booze. She
needs you to obtain some Cherry Spirit Cordial for Dandelion, Mettina
Rose for her.. and something for you, too.. which in this case means
Temerian Rye. Head over to the Hairy Bear Inn and buy or retrieve the
required alcohol and return to Shani. She tells you to bring a friend.

(For giving the party alcohol to Shani)
EXP 500
39) Now, there are three people we can bring-and two of them are rather
silly choices, but they fit into the three Witcher builds.. well enough.
First, there’s Siegfried, who can accompany a Witcher if you plan to
side with the Order. Second, there’s Zoltan Chivay, who can accompany
you if you plan to side with the nonhumans. Lastly, you can pay Carmen
100 Orens to come with you. Granted, Carmen makes no sense to bring
with you-unless you want to antagonize Shani-and Zoltan is by far the
best choice, since he gets along with everybody there. I’m making too
big of a deal out of this and over schematizing things, so just bring
whoever you want. It’s also a good idea if you have the food from
downstairs, and bring some Red Roses along for good measure.
40) With a guest due to arrive, return to Shani’s House. Grandma will
complain about the debauchery upstairs, and complain about Dandelion’s
reputation and the results she fears will occur in nine months. Head
upstairs to ‘chaperone’ them, and talk to Dandelion while you’re there.
You’ll discover that he’s another one of your past friends who saw your
death. Talk to Dandelion again and he’ll pose to you a sort of moral
dilemma, and you should respond accordingly. Is every supernatural
monster deserving of death? Ponder it for now, it’ll come up later.
Talk to people and eventually you’ll end up having to go downstairs to
get something from Grandma. Since you’re somewhat drunk by now, it’s a
good idea to already have looted her house. If you have the ‘Prophet
Lebioda’s Signet Ring’ on you don’t have to worry about it, however.
Return with what you’ve been sent to fetch and the party will proceed
in due course to its ultimate conclusion-varying depending upon who
you brought with you. Once it’s over talk to Shani and give her some
Red Roses. In return, you’ll get her Sex Card.

(For having a party with some friends)
EXP 2000
41) Talk to Shani and rest until morning. Now that the quest ‘Old Friend
of Mine’ is completed, lets finish up ‘A Gravedigger’s Gratitude’. Talk
to the Gravedigger and tell him what you discovered. I have no clue why,
but Geralt feels oddly compelled to tell every peasant in the city about
Azar-as-Raymond. Isn’t he worried that somebody with loose lips will
allow the fact that Geralt knows about Azar to get back to him? Anyways,
get your experience and head to the Dike-that’s right, it’s finally
time to head to the Swamp Forest. Before you go, you might want to grab
a Honeycomb-it can be given to a character in the Swamp Forest in
exchange for some juicy knowledge. It’s also a good idea for you to make
sure you’ve read pretty much every book available to you by now. You’re
going to want to be able to loot those Wyverns, Echinops, and other
critters that inhabit the Swamp Forest.

(For telling the Gravedigger of your discovery)
EXP 1000

The Dike
42) Return to the Dike after our long absence and talk to Leuvaarden.
A lot has changed, but we still need to exonerate him. Present your
evidence and you’ll learn another bit of information about Azar Javed
and his machinations-Redanian politics might be involved. Apparently,
Declan belongs to a secret organization as well-Temeria is rife with
them, it seems-that seeks to dismantle Salamandra. Unlike most of the
other ‘Suspects’ Leuvaarden gives you 500 Orens for your time-no matter
what we’re doing, we always seem to leave Leuvaarden quite a bit richer.
A richer Witcher? I kill myself. Ask him about the Sephirot and he’ll
admit to possessing one. Unfortunately, he’ll take 500 Orens from you
for the stone. With the addition of the Tipperath Sephirah we have seven
of the ten Sephirot.

(For proving that Declan Leuvaarden is innocent)
EXP 2500
Orens 500
43) Go find the Ferryman and talk to him. You’ll need to fork over five
Orens to get him to take you to the other side. It’s time to head to
the Swamp Forest and leave Vizima behind.

| |
| Questing the Swamp Forest |
| |
We have three major objectives now-to complete various monster hunt
quests, like the ones we got off the notice boards and ‘Bloodthirsty
Vegetation’, to deal with Azar Javed, and of course, to settle any new
quests that may pop up while we’re exploring. Dealing with Azar Javed
ends this chapter, so we’d better do everything else before we bother
with that. To that end, we’re going to avoid the tower in the swamp
like the plague. Then there’s the quest ‘Force Recon’, which introduces
you to the struggle between the Order of the Flaming Rose and the
Scoia’tael and the two antagonists leading either side-Siegfried and
Yaevinn, respectively.

Swamp Forest
Sequence of Events: {WLK009}
1) Drowners by the Docks
2) A Run-Down of the Swamp Forest
3) Pruning Coccacidium
4) Exploring with Gramps
5) Ba Ba Ba..
6) Vaska’s Request
7) The Clay Pits
8) The Lightning Rod
9) Preparing for the Swamp Cave
10) Clearing the Swamp Cave
11) The Lumberjack’s Discount
12) Beggartick Business
13) Druid Discourse
14) The Birds and the Bees with Morenn
15) Yaevinn’s Letter
16) Wyvern Island
17) Reporting to Vaska
18) Vivaldi or Vincent?
19) Alghoul Assault
20) Flower Fairness
21) Yaevinn’s Ambition
22) Racism is a Double-Edged Sword
23) Picking Sides
24) To Kill a Cannibal
25) Clearing the Way
26) A Peaceful Solution
27) Summon the Thunder
28) Starting the Sentry
29) Sephirot and Obelisks
30) Springing the Trap

1) As soon as you get off the boat talk to the Ferryman, who will tell
you that somebody named ‘Yaren Bolt’ has a job for you. Nearby there’s
a bounty hunter named Jean-Pierre, who will tell you about some human
named Leo Bonhart who was supposedly skilled enough to dispatch
Witchers. No Leo we ever met was quite so impressive, and he had the
benefit of training from Witchers. While you’re here, if you want to
use Igni on the nearby Fireplace and rest until night, you can kill the
Drowners near the Dock for Leuvaarden. If it’s already late, you’ll
probably end up having to fight them off anyways, just to get by. Either
way, kill the annoying non-threats and return to Leuvaarden at your

(For killing the Drowners by the dock)
EXP 500

(For reporting your success to Leuvaarden)
EXP 2000
Orens 400
2) Now, before we get into exploring the Swamp Forest in depth, I
figure I had better mention some of the features here. In the south-
eastern corner are the Docks-where we presently stand. To the north
is a Brickmaker’s Village, and to the west are some Clay Pits.
West-and-south of the Clay Pits is a Cave, near which are Echinops.
Further west you’ll find a Lumberjack Camp (where you can find Yaren
Bolt.) North of the Lumberjacks, in the north-western corner of the map
is a Druid Grove, which contains a few interesting characters, and near
which you can find Wolves to hunt. South-East of the Druid Grove is a
Golem Clearing, and east of that is our Mage’s Tower. North-east of
the Druid Grove is a clearing where you can find Wyverns-by far the
most difficult normal monster we’ve yet encountered. In the north-
eastern corner of the map is Gramp’s Hut, and south of it is the
Brickmaker’s Village. That’s more or less how I plan to explore this
area, coming full circle. In most areas where specific enemies aren’t
mentioned, you can expect to find Bloedzuigers, Drowers, and Drowned
Dead. There are also plenty of plants to harvest around. I’ll put the
reward for the monster hunt and fetch quests when they’ve likely been
fulfilled and expect you to return to town to claim the reward on your
own time.. or you could just wait until the quest ‘Worth its Weight
in Gold’ forces us to return to town. Since there’s so many Drowned
Dead around, you’re likely to complete ‘The Drowned Dead Contract’
just wandering around, so its rewards are noted here. Oh, and lest I
leave anything out, there’s a ‘Nosy Dog’ that will follow you around
for a while.. I don’t know what purpose this mutt has, but he tends to
become monster food fairly quickly in my game.

(For collecting ten Drowned Dead Tongues)
EXP 500

(For giving Siegfried the Drowned Dead Tongues)
EXP 2000
Orens 150
3) Before you do anything else, head to the north-west until you find
a unique Archespore named ‘Coccacidium’. This critter can be downright
unpleasant, especially if you get poisoned by it-an unlucky Geralt can
lose half of his life to is poison alone (over time) and that’s with a
leveled Geralt. Use the Igni Sign and the Strong Silver Style to take it
down. The good news? It gives you over 2,000 experience at any
reasonable level in this chapter, and more rewards are forthcoming from
Vincent if you bring back its head.

(For bringing the Archespore Head to Vincent Meis)
EXP 3000
Orens 400
4) Near the Docks you’ll spot an old man named ‘Gramps’. Talk to him and
ask for work and he’ll ask you to escort him to the shrine for his
prayers. Might as well accept, for the experience and all. If you want
to milk this quest for as much dialogue and experience as possible, take
Gramps to the following sites around the Swamp Forest; the Clay Pits,
Three Islands (take him near the Oth Obelisk, north of the Clay Pits),
the Swamp Cave, the Druid Grove, and the Mages’ Tower. He’ll talk about
the Vodyanoi and the crazy Brickmakers who worship them near the Clay
Pits, he’ll give you two recipes* at Three Islands, he’ll talk about the
treasures of a dead Vran warrior in a cave and the pack of Wolves that
inhabit it near the Swamp Cave, he’ll talk about Places of Power and the
types of rituals that can be performed at them near the Druid Grove, and
finally, he’ll mention the Sentry Golem and the Sephirot and Obelisks,
near the Mage’s Tower. respectively. The reason we hunted Coccacidium
earlier was to prevent having that critter show up while we were
escorting Gramps.. even though Gramps can’t die, it’s just one more
nuisance we don’t need. Once you reach the shrine he’ll tell you about a
Circle of Elements guarded by the Druids (in the north-western corner of
the level) and he’ll mention another Witcher who was haunting the swamps.
Our missing Berengar, perhaps?

(For taking Gramps to the Clay Pits)
EXP 200

(For taking Gramps to Three Islands)
EXP 200

(For taking Gramps to the Swamp Cave)
EXP 200

(For taking Gramps to the Druid Grove)
EXP 200

(For taking Gramps to the Mage’s Tower)
EXP 200

(For escorting Gramps safely to the Shrine of Melitele)
EXP 1500

*The two recipes he’ll give you are for the King and Queen bomb
(Rebis/Rebis/Aether), and the Maribor Forest potion (Rebis/Aether/
Quebrith). Just hearing about them from Gramps is enough to get their
entries in your journal.

Note: Do not actually enter the Swamp Cave while escorting Gramps, as
it can cause the quest to freeze. Gramps will return back to the docks,
and will repeat his dialogue concerning the cave. Worst of all, he will
not follow you anymore. So.. no area transitions while escorting Gramps.
5) Lets backtrack to the Docks and head up to the Brickmaker’s Village
to see what they might know. Like always, talk to everybody, you never
ba ba ba… know who has something to say and who doesn’t. Talk to the
‘Old Brickmaker’ to get a brief rundown of the Swamp. In one of the
houses there’s a female Brickmaker who’ll offer to teach you how to
recognize swamp plants for 50 Orens. She will, however, also accept a
Honeycomb instead, or a Shawl. The former is by far the cheapest way to
get her information, which is useful, especially if you haven’t been
keeping up on your book reading. Above all else, there’s plenty to
loot in and around the houses.

Vaska’s House
6) Like the Old Brickmaker said, the Eldress is the one you need to see,
so enter Vaska’s House and talk to Vaska. Ask about monster problems
and she’ll tell you that some critters have made nests in the clay pits
where they make bricks. She’ll offer you 50 Orens to clear out the
beasts, which Geralt identifies as Drowners. Accept to start the quest
‘Clay Pits’. Ask about Berengar and she’ll tell you that he was indeed
around, probably working for Kalkstein. They found his gear in the
Clay Pits-and it didn’t look like he parted with it peacefully. This
updates ‘Berengar’s Secret’. Finally ask her about the Mage’s Tower to
get a fairy tale about the builder, but more importantly, she’ll tell
you about the Golem guardian-the Sentry-which apparently needs to be
reactivated before we can enter the tower. She’ll give us the ‘Tower
Tarot Card’ and the quest ‘The Sentry’ begins. A most productive
conversation, indeed.
7) Once you’re done talking to Vaska head to the south west to find the
Clay Pit. Outside you’ll find a ‘Little Boy’ who babbles about the
‘Water Lords’ if you talk to him, but mostly he’s there to get in your
way when the Drowners attack. There’s about ten of them, give or take.
Kill them and the quest ‘Clay Pits’ will update. Before heading off to
the Brickmaker’s Village explore the south-western corner of the Clay
Pits to find a pair of Mutilated Corpses. Search them to come to the
conclusion that Berengar is dead, updating the quest ‘Berengar’s
Secret’. Now return to Vaska to claim your reward for clearing out the
Clay Pits. She’ll stiff you on the Orens, but instead she’ll fork over
the ‘Kezath Sephirah’, a good enough substitution by any standards.

(For clearing the Clay Pits of Drowners)
EXP 500

(For reporting to Vaska after clearing out the Clay Pits)
EXP 2000
Item Kezath Sephirah
8)Now, I know it’s a bummer, but lets return to Vizima to talk to
Kalkstein. Before you go, make sure you’ve gathered enough Drowned Dead
Tongues to complete the quest ‘The Drowned Dead Contract’. We’re going
back to town anyways, and if you complete the quest now, you won’t have
to worry about messing it up later. Anyways, Kalkstein will tell you
that to awaken the Golem we need a lightning rod, which a smith can
forge for us. Head over to whichever smithy will service you-either the
Dwarves in Little Mahakam, or to the Order blacksmith and ask them to
forge you a lightning rod (this time you’ll need to talk to the
smith/armorer, not the trader/merchant). Agree to pay 50 Orens upon
completion of the rod, leave the area, re-enter, and claim your
lightning rod.

(For having a lightning rod forged)
EXP 500

Note: If you don’t want to pay the 5 Orens to travel back to Vizima,
you can always use a Place of Power to teleport back to Kalkstein’s
lab. Of course, it’s a one way trip, so you’ll always have to pay to
get back.
9) Our next goal in the Swamp Forest is to explore the Swamp Cave, which
lies to the west of the Docks, along the southern edge of the area.
Before we explore, however, ensure you have a Cat Potion ready. You can
buy alcohol from Vaska, and if you return there during the day you’ll
find her leading prayer services to the ‘Water Lords’. Regardless of
their troglodyte worship, talk to Vaska and ask her about a job to start
the quest ‘A Lost Lamb’. Oh, and of course, be sure to buy some alcohol
if you desire. We now have all sorts of reasons to venture to the Druid
Grove.. in time.

Swamp Cave
10) Now head over to the Swamp Cave, west of the Clay Pits-Geralt will
comment on it to let you know that it’s there. It’s along the southern
path that leads to the Clay Pits, up, over, and around the Oth Obelisk,
past the Shrine of Melitele, and finally south to reach our Cave. You
may encounter Echinops near the Swamp Cave or along the way-they seem
to enjoy lurking along this southern path. If so, all the better, as it
completes another quest for us. Drink a Cat Potion or turn up the gamma
and head inside. Within, you’ll find plenty of Wolves-which we can
skin to complete ‘The Wolf Contract’. Also, in the northern chamber
you’ll find a Wraith which is guarding ‘Vran’s Sarcophagus’. Dispatch
it (Fast Silver Style) and loot the corpse for some loot including the
‘Y’Esath Sephirah’. Nearby is a ‘Circle of Hanging Stones’ which you
can activate to obtain the Quen Sign.

(For collecting three Echinops Rootstocks)
EXP 500

(For giving the Gardener the Echinops’ Rootstocks)
EXP 2000
Orens 100
11) When you’re done exploring the cave, leave and head to the north-
west.. or you could just follow the trail. Either way, you should reach
the Lumberjack Camp, marked on your map as merely a ‘Clearing’. Talk to
one of the Lumberjacks and he’ll tell you his kids have fallen sick,
but if he doesn’t secure enough money from the logging season, they’ll
starve. His solution? You buy some crap off of him, and he gets to go
home to stay with his kids. Even if you’re a materialist, this is a good
trade. He originally wants 200 Orens, but you can talk him down to 150.
In return, you’ll get a piece of Red Meteorite (worth 300 Orens), a jug
of Sodden Mead (10 Orens), and a Silver Ring (80 Orens). He’ll also
throw in a recipe for Wive’s Tears.. which is invaluable, unless you
have a super awesome FAQ that tells you how to make it anyways.
12) Talk to Yaren Bolt and ask about the various activities of the
lumberjacks. Best of all, ask him for work and he’ll give you the quest
‘Flowers and Gold’, which requires you to pick five Beggartick flowers,
located primarily in the north-eastern corner of the Swamp Forest,
near the Nonhuman Camp. You can learn more about the Beggartick plant
by talking to folks around the swamp, which you might as well do, seeing
as how it gets you experience.
13) Rest until morning-if it’s night out-and head to the Druid Grove.
The lazy Druids won’t talk to you at night. Talk to the random Druids
wandering around to talk to them about various things, including
Beggartick Blossoms and the missing Brickmaker boy. They deny that
any boy was abducted, saying that a child would get in the way. To the
ludicrous claim that the Druids are trying to turn the child into a
Dryad.. the Druid will invite you to ask the Dryad about it in person.
All in good time. You can purchase some books from the Elder Druid, and
he’s the guy we need to talk to in order to get a storm started, but
we’ll start that up later. Before we deal with any of the named
characters go touch the Circle of Unwanted Power to obtain the Yrden
Sign. Despite the name, I can’t imagine why anybody wouldn’t want the

(For asking the Druids about the Beggartick Blossom)
EXP 100
14) Now that we’ve talked to the unnamed folk, lets talk to Morenn.
What is it with people here and double nn’s? Maybe it’s just because
I’m crude and speak English, but it’s completely unnecesseary. Oh wait..
Anyways, talk to Moren-nuh, who has a lot to say about Dryads. I guess
she’d be an expert, right? Ask her about the missing boy, and Geralt
will-as usual-persue the conversation along lines that lead towards
perversion. He might be sterile, but that doesn’t mean he’s not frisky.
Maybe it’s the glowing green nipples? Oh.. for you censored folks..
maybe it’s the, uh.. uncanny hair that hangs just low enough to cover
her shame and keep your eyeballs from bleeding? But I digress. She’ll
ask for a Wolf Pelt as proof of Geralt’s prowess. Since we just
exterminated a pack of wolves in the Swamp Cave, you should be able to
provide her with one. If not, there are several Wolves north of the
Druid Grove. Regardless, furnish her with a pelt and she’ll complicate
matters by getting cold feet. Apparently, Dryads are Catholic-no sex
without procreation. Geralt, however, is more therapeutic about the
whole matter. Pick option #2 to insinuate the intimacy without
procreation can be good, then pick option #2 again. Morenn will
concede and see your point.. and I’ll avoid any crude and vulgar double
entendre. Anyhow, spend the day with Morenn to obtain the ‘Dryads’ Sex

(For talking to the Druids about the missing boy)
EXP 500

Note: When Morenn asks for a Wolf Pelt, do not enter the gift screen
unless you actually have a pelt to give her. If you give her nothing, or
give her the wrong thing, I’m not entirely sure how to get that offer
back. If you want to ensure that you obtain Morenn’s Sex Card, have a
Wolf Pelt in your inventory and ready to go before you talk to her about
the missing Brickmaker boy.
15) There’s also an elf named Yaevinn wandering around. Be sure to have
completed the quest ‘The Drowned Dead Contract’ before you talk to
Yaevinn. He’s one of the local leaders of the Scoia’tael around Vizima,
and if you ask him for work you’ll start the quest ‘Worth its Weight in
Gold’. He wants you to deliver a letter to the Dwarf Vivaldi in Vizima,
which we’ll get to after we finish our circut of the Swamp Forest.
16) Head to the north-east until you find an island shaped like a
question mark-affectionately known as ‘Wyvern Island’. Wyverns are
probably the most difficult non-unique enemy in this chapter, and you
would be wise to approach them with caution. While a level 20 Geralt
could probably kill three at once if he had to (with astute use of the
Aard Sign and a little luck), it’s better if you don’t force such luck.
Try and lure them away one at a time, and be wary, as more will spawn
when you approach the island. Use the Fast Silver Style on them, and
if you’re dealing with more than one, use Aard and attempt to score a
coup-de-grace. Once they’re all dead, loot the Messenger’s Corpse to
find a ‘Blood-Stained Letter’ which sheds some light on Leuvaarden’s
allegience as far as Salamandra is concerned. This would matter if the
‘Suspect’ quests were still active, or in particular, if I didn’t tend
to advanced ‘Wanted’ before coming here. Best of all, you’ll find the
sword Harvall, which is far superior to the standard Witcher’s Steel
Sword you’ve been using-it’s even stronger than a Meteorite Sword,
hence why we never bought one.
17) Now is a good time to head back to town, stash loot, and deliver
Yaevinn’s Letter. First stop by the Brickmaker’s Village and talk to
Vaska about the missing Brickmaker boy. Tell her that the Druids don’t
have him for a small quest reward. Unfortunately, that’s all we can do
with this quest for now. Also, if you talk to one of the Brickmakers
you can learn more about the Beggartick Blossom-which is always a good
thing. Once you’re done around the Brickmaker’s Village, head over to
the Docks and pay to go back to Vizima.

(For asking the Brickmakers about the Beggartick Blossom)
EXP 100

(For telling Vaska the Druids don’t have the missing boy)
EXP 500
18) Go pay Vivaldi a visit and hand him Yaevinn’s Letter.. Or
alternatively you could pay Vincent Meis a visit and turn the letter
over to the proper authorities for a meagre reward. Decide which you’d
rather do depending on who you wish to side with-if you want to help out
the nonhumans, give the letter to Vivaldi. If you want to get on the
good side of the authorities, give it to Vincent. If you’re neutral..
I just deliver the letter as a favor to Yaevinn, without any implicit
political goals in mind. Don’t forget to pick up the letter from Vivaldi
before going back.

(For giving Yaevinn’s Letter to Vincent Meis)
EXP 500
Orens 25


(For giving Yaevinn’s Letter to Vivaldi)
EXP 500
19) Return to the Swamp Forest and head back to the Druid Grove to find
Yaevinn.. only to realize he’s not there. Talk to a Druid and he’ll
inform you that Yaevinn went to go hang out with some other Elves in
the area. Although the Druid can’t tell you where he is, your quest
marker will, if you bother to have the quest tracked. In any event,
there are a few things left to do in between the Druid Grove and the
Nonhuman Camp, so don’t worry too much about getting there just yet.
North-east of the Druid Grove you’ll find the ‘Chocc’Mah Obelisk’, and
east and slightly south of that you’ll find the ‘Kezath Obelisk’. Near
this last Obelisk is a Fireplace near two corpses. If it’s night-time,
you’ll find several Ghouls and Alghouls-the latter being a stronger form
of Ghoul (although not as strong as the Graviers we fought at the
beginning of the chapter). If not.. rest at the Fireplace until it is.
This is a great place to get the Alghoul Marrow you need for ‘The
Alghoul Contract’. Loot the corpses too, for some extra goodies.

(For collecting the marrow of three Alghouls)
EXP 500

(For giving Kalkstein the Alghoul Marrow)
EXP 2000
Orens 150
20) To the east of the ‘Kezath Obelisk’ you’ll find a ‘Collapsed Tower’.
Don’t worry, it’s not the one we’re avoiding. The only thing unique
about this tower is that plenty of Beggartick grows around it. Harvest
the five blossoms and take them to the Ferryman to gain the monetary
reward for the quest. Afterwards, you can give Yaren his fair share-
which loses you some Orens, but gains you some experience, or you can
keep the whole reward, which pisses Yaren off for a while. If you stiff
him, he supposedly pays you less during the quest ‘A Long Way Home’,
but I’ve never failed to get the full reward for that quest, regardless
of whether I share the profits in ‘Flowers and Gold.’ Speaking of which,
while you’re here rest a bit and talk to Yaren again. By now he’ll have
calmed down if you stiffed him, and generally be ready to give you more
work. Apparently some monsters and Vodyanoi-the ‘Water Lords’ the
Brickmakers worship-are getting in the way of their supplies. Yaren
needs you to deal with both. We’ll put this quest on the back-burner
for now.

(For giving five Beggartick Blossoms to the Ferryman)
EXP 500
Orens 400

(For giving Yaren his share of the profits)
EXP 1500
Orens -200


(For refusing to give Yaren his share)
EXP 1000
21) Now we’re ready to deal with Yaevinn. Continue east past the
‘Collapsed Tower’, near which you found the Beggartick Blossoms. You’ll
also find a Scoia’tael Scout who guards the bridge leading to the island
upon which the Nonhuman Camp is situated. Note that there are a few more
nonhumans walking around then there were last time.. Talk to Yaevinn and
he’ll admit to organizing a training camp, and whatever he’s up to, we
can assume it’s not good for the humans of Vizima and its environs.
Pick dialogue option #3 and he’ll lay out his goals rather plainly-he
plans to attack Vizima, and soon. Continue along this line and Yaevinn
will ask which side you choose to be on. Your answer here doesn’t
matter, actions will determine you allegience, not words. It will,
however, clearly illustrate the three sides Geralt can choose. He can
side with nonhumans-creatures he feels no connection to as a mutant. He
can side with the humans (and by extension, the Order of the Flaming
Rose) since, as Geralt puts it, his job is to slay monsters-moral
monsters, or monsters with ‘tentacles and scales’. Then there’s the
neutral response-Geralt will be on his own side. Hence the three Witcher
‘builds’ this FAQ is based around. Just something to consider for the
very near future. Give Yaevinn his letter, or tell him that you failed
to deliver to finish up ‘Worth its Weight in Gold.’ Yaevinn will
respond accordingly.

(For telling Yaevinn you failed to deliver the letter)
EXP 1000


(For giving Yaevinn Vivaldi’s reply)
EXP 1500
22) Before you begin ‘Force Recon’ talk to a female elf simply named
‘Scoia’tael’ at the Nonhuman Camp. Most of the time she’ll just insult
you (although at night she’ll just tell you to come back tomorrow).
Once in a while, she’ll bother to talk to you, however. She spends the
time insulting you, claiming that you can’t identify Faeinnewedd. If you
pick option #2, she’ll give you the book ‘Lara’s Gift’. If you tell that
you’ve picked Faeinnewedd, she’ll demand to see some. Show her, and you
can change her perspective on humans-albeit slightly.
23) Remember the paragraph above when I told you to ponder the direction
in which to take your Geralt, because it’ll come up in the very near
future? Yeah, that means now. You have two choices-either go talk to
Yaevinn, or go talk to Siegfried. We know where the former is, but you
can find the latter in the camp just south of the Druid Grove.
Regardless of which one you speak to, the story is the same-some
Hawkers are supposed to meet the Scoia’tael at the Golem Cemetery.
If you side with the Scoia’tael, you’re supposed to meet these Hawkers,
if you side with the Order, you’re supposed to find and kill them, and
their nonhuman customers. Pick your side and you’ll be assigned a squad
to lead to the Golem Cemetery. When you arrive, you’ll be attacked
by the opposing side. This fight can be kind of rough if you didn’t
level up earlier, so having potions handy might not be a bad idea. If
you leveled up like I did at the beginning of the chapter.. well, with
Harvall and a level 20ish Geralt, these guys can’t do much. Use your
styles depending on the situation, both sides will have archers and
melee combatants. This fight always seems easier when fighting for the
Order, but it’s probably just due to the fact that the heavily armored
humans present more of an obstacle. My Geralts polarize politically on
who they side with, since the reward is the same. Neutral Geralt sides
with the Order, since he ignored the Scoia’tael earlier (during the
quest ‘Strangers in the Night’), he had been on good terms with the
nonhuman blacksmithy. No longer. But now he can purchase new loot from
the Order blacksmith. Regardless of who you side with, return when you
are victorious to gain a decent reward. Siegfried/Yaevinn will also
tell you that Berengar is alive-although he is in the hands of
Salamandra. This updates the quest ‘Berengar’s Secret’ once more.

(For speaking to Siegfried after routing the Scoia’tael)
EXP 3500
Orens 200


(For speaking to Yaevinn after routing the Order)
EXP 3500
Orens 200

Note: After you complete (or really, I should say after you start)
‘Force Recon’ the opposing side’s leader-either Siegfried or Yaevinn-
will not be available for the rest of the Chapter. Be sure to have
completed ‘Worth its Weight in Gold’ and ‘The Drowned Dead Contract’
before starting ‘Force Recon’. Also, whomever you side with in this
mission will favor you, and the other side will be less friendly. Or in
other words, who you side with will determine which blacksmith will
trade with you for the rest of this chapter, and in the start of
Chapter 3.

Gramp’s Hut
24) After all that, it’s finally time to pay Gramps a visit. Head back
to the Nonhuman Camp and go south along some bridges. When the bridges
end, turn east until you find Gramps House (alternatively you can head
north from the Brickmaker’s Village). Either way you get there, head
into Gramp’ Hut and loot it-this is where you can obtain a copy of
‘Ain Soph Aur’ for free, if you’ve been really, really frugal. When you
approach the table and see what Gramps is eating the quest ‘The
Cannibal’ will start. It’s pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it? The
game has Geralt (and the quest log) react the same way regardless of
whether you’ve completed ‘A Pilgrimage’ earlier-as if there’s any
question as to who the cannibal is. Talk to Gramps and he’ll openly
admit to being a cannibal-he apparently has no qualms about, although
he does have standards-he never kills children. He really doesn’t help
himself out as he talks, but you can spare him as you wish. Of the three
paths, only the neutral Geralt will consider keeping him alive-as he’s
a rather indiscriminate feeder. The neutral Geralt has to ponder,
however. Gramps might be monstrous, but he’s not technically a monster.
It’s not a Witcher’s job to hunt down every criminal and murderer-no
matter how heinous. Then again, it’s being murderous man-eaters that
make the monsters Geralt hunts worthy of extermination. In the end, I
kill Gramps regardless. If you spare him, you’ll get a Blade Coating
recipe-but you can always just look it up below to get it, or get it
later. In the end, he’s just expendable, and it’s more rewarding to
kill him. Threaten to do him in and Gramps will bolt outside. Follow him
outside, draw your Steel Sword (Harvall is ideal by now) and go down the
narrower path to the south. Immediately after clearing Gramps’ Hut
you’ll see that Gramps has company-five Echinops and an Archespor-which
is probably too much trouble to deal with all at once. Immediately run
down the path away from the house and the monsters. Gramps should see-
and follow you. This allows you to cut down Gramps while staying out of
the range of the Echinops and Archespores. Kill Gramps and then attack
the rest of the monsters. This is another fight which shouldn’t be too
hard if you leveled, but if you didn’t could require the use of potions.
Make extensive use of the Igni Sign to burn down the plants, and chop
them up with the Strong Silver Style. This is, of course, a great spot
to score Echinops Rootstocks, if you still need any.

(For discovering who the cannibal is)
EXP 500

(For sparing Gramps)
EXP 1000
Item Formula for Hanged Man’s Venom

(For killing the cannibal)
EXP 4000
25) Now it’s time to deal with Yaren’s monster problem. Although it’s
tempting to talk to Vaska since she’s closer, save the Vodyanoi
discussion until after the mosnters are cleared out-it tends to make
the quest markers fickle. First, kill a trio of Bloedzuigers near the
Swamp Cave. Next, smite three Drowners east of the Altar of Melitele.
Lastly, mulch a pair of Echinops east of the Drowners. You’ll gain a
tid-bit of experience for eliminating each group, and a slightly smaller
reward for destroying all three totaling 500 experience-plus whatever
the monster give.

(For killing the Bloedzuigers)
EXP 100

(For killing the Drowners)
EXP 100

(For killing the Echinops)
EXP 100

(For clearing out all the monsters)
EXP 200

Note: Before starting this quest, ensure your large weapon slot is free.
You’ll need to transport Yaren’s Axe to the Vodyanoi Altar to get the
most out of this quest. After you start this quest do not go back to
Vizima. If you waste too much time some of the Lumberjacks will be
killed by the monsters in the swamp (even if you already killed them)
and you’ll fail this quest.. and of course, by wasting too much time
they mean traveling to Vizima, you seem to be able to mess around
within the confines of the Swamp Forst as much as you wish.
26) Go talk to Vaska after the monsters are dead. You can just kill the
Vodyanoi, but it’s slightly more rewarding to take the peaceful route,
so lets do that. Vaska will tell you about the Vodyanoi, how they
communicate with them, and how to appease them. To obtain safe passage
from the Vodyanoi, the lumberjacks will have to demonstrate peaceful
intent and humility-both can be served by having Yaren Bolt offer up
his axe as a sacrifice at the Vodyanoi Altar near the Clay Pits. Talk
to Yaren and get him to agree to give up his axe, then place it on the
altar. Rest until midnight and return to the altar and grab the
Vodyanoi Amulet from it. With the Amulet, return to Yaren Bolt to
claim your reward.

(For killing the Vodyanoi near the altar)
EXP 500


(For obtaining the Vodyanoi Amulet)
EXP 1000

(For dealing with the monsters and Vodyanoi)
EXP 1000
Orens 400

Note: Despite what the game guide says, I recieved 400 Orens from Yaren
Bolt even after screwing him out of the reward in the quest ‘Flowers and
27) Go complete whatever side-quests have yet to be completed. It’s time
to plunge head-long towards the end of the chapter. Rest until daytime
and return to the Druid Grove. Talk to the Elder Druid and ask about
conjuring up a storm. He’s modest, but capable, although the storm you
need will cost you 500 Orens. I think it’s fair to say you’ve wasted
more money helping Kalkstein out than this quest reward is worth..
anyways, the Elder Druid will tell you several things before you run
off. First, there are three Pylons near the Golem. If you activate all
three you can call down lightning-just be careful not to hit yourself.
Second, he blatantly tells you to bring potions with you. If you didn’t
level up earlier, this is a good suggestion.
28) Head over to the Golem Cemetery and drink whatever potions you
might need-Swallow is recommended for low-level characters. At level 25,
however, I’m fairly confident in my strength. Activate the Golem to have
Geralt place the lightning rod. Predictably, lightning strikes and the
Golem reanimates.. and it doesn’t look too friendly. You can damage it
somewhat with the Strong Steel Style.. but even at my level I was only
doing between 2-5 damage per hit. Igni fares a little better, doing
about 30 damage per cast (Igni Level 3). What the game wants you to do,
however, is to activate the three Pylons to call down lightning, which
will strike anything within the ‘triangle’ formed by the Pylons. This
includes Geralt, and a single lightning strike can deal about 350 damage
to him-more than enough to kill an unleveled Witcher. Do this several
times and the Golem will fall. Note that there is an element of
timeliness involved-if you take too long to activate all three Pylons,
you’ll have to try again. Once it’s dead, grab the ‘Neh’Tza Sephirah’
from it, as well as the ‘Golem’s Obsidian Heart’. This completes the
quest ‘The Sentry’, updates the quest ‘A Mysterious Tower’, and starts

Note: Mix up a ‘Golem’s Pith’ potion with the following ingredients:
Vitriol/Aether/Quebrith/Hydragenum, and the ‘Golem’s Obsidian Heart’.
Consuming it will get you the ‘Rising Moon’ talent.

(For slaying the Golem)
EXP 2000

(For obtaining the Sephirot)
EXP 100 (per Sephirah)
29) Now that we possess all ten Sephirot and our trap is set, there’s
not much to do but put the Sephirah in the Obelisks scattered through-
out the Swamp Forest. If you’ve been placing them as you explored, just
as well, if not, head to the Obelisks still on your map, place the
Sephirah in the Obelisks with the same name.. you really can’t mess this
up. Ideally you’ll end with the recently acquired ‘Neh’Tza Sephirah’,
near the Mage’s Tower. Once done, proceed to the aforementioned tower.

(For placing the Sephirah into their Obelisks)
EXP 100 (per Sephirah)

Mages’ Tower
30) Talk the Azar-as-Raymond and he’ll implore you to enter the tower
before the murderous Kalkstein can appear. Right.. Geralt will display a
little innuendo, then head inside. Loot the tower to obtain the ‘Tower
Mages’ Book, and while you’re here, activate the ‘Gate of Water’ to
learn the Axii Sign. Once done, head back out and Geralt will confront
Azar, finally coming face-to-face with no illusions. Naturally, a
fight ensues, and to buy himself time Azar conjures magical flames to
hide behind and summons an Ifrit-a weak fire critter that can cause
pain. Use the Fast Silver Style to kill it, after which Azar will gate
in the Professor and they’ll both attack. If you’re lower level, use
potions to help you out-Willow will prevent you from being stunned, and
Swallow will boost your Vitality regeneration during the fight. Even if
you didn’t grind, if you’re near level 20 by now, you shouldn’t have too
much trouble with them on the normal difficulty setting. Use the Strong
Steel Style and pummel them until one is low on health, at which point
they’ll flee.

(For defeating Azar and the Professor)
EXP 2500

| Chapter 3 |
| |
| Grinding Chapter 3 |
| |
Azar and the Professor both barely escaped our grasp, but we sent them
running. After recovering from the Professor’s assault we’ll find
ourselves in Triss’ care-after getting an update about the escalation
of the fighting between the Order and the Scoia’tael. Triss talks
ominously with a figure in the mirror and mentions things we shouldn’t
hear-but do. If you were hoping for some kind of resolution to the last
chapter, you’re surely sorely disappointed.

All is not lost, however, as we have access to a new quarter of Vizima,
and if that weren’t enough, there’s new things to see, people to talk
to, quests to do, and stuff to loot in all the old areas, too. The
first thing I intend to do, however, is grind, which can be done with
less fuss in this chapter than in any previous chapter, and this time
we’re hunting Cockatrice. Although they’re a bit more dangerous than
the Graviers were last Chapter, our Strong Silver Style should serve
us well. Best of all, they’re worth many times more experience-at level
25 they’ll be giving an even 700 experience per kill.. which is about
three times more than a Gravier would give.

Another goal of ours in this chapter is to obtain a sizable fortune-we
still can buy that Excellent Leather Jacket (which will set us back
5,000 Orens), and we’ll have to cover the typical new-chapter expenses-
bribes, books, gifts, and other pocket-emptiers. Fortunately, we’re
getting paid more than ever for most jobs (both monster hunts will get
us 600 Orens each, and Kalkstein still owes us a whopping 1000 Orens).
Also, we’ll be fighting more Salamanders in this chapter than
previously, and they always drop weapons-some of which sell very well-
if you’re willing to drag them back to a blacksmith. If that’s not
enough, boxing at the New Narakort can be pretty lucrative-there are two
Tough Fist Fighters who will bet up to 50 Orens a fight, and two Fist
Fighters who will bet up to 20 Orens. That’s a potential 140 Orens per
visit. I’ll leave the specifics of money gathering up to you-with notes
provided whenever a particularly profitable situation is at hand.

Triss’ House
Sequence of Events: {WLK010}
1) Recuperating with Triss
2) Teleporting to the Tower
3) The Wyvern and the Wolf
4) Crushing Cockatrices

1) Triss will come over and make sure Geralt’s got his strength back in
a most pleasant way. Afterwards, she’ll tell you that-because of your
reactions while unconscious-she decided to read your mind to see what
was going on. She’ll suggest that you establish your personality more
firmly by taking a stance on local politics. She’ll also babble on about
magical auras, something which she wants you to investigate, and a
banquet which will attract high-rollers, which we really should
attend. Then there’s the matter of martial law restricting movement in
the Trade Quarter, and.. long story short, we’ve got a whole new quarter
of Vizima to explore, and more things to do-even though we haven’t
exactly resolved everything we started earlier. Such is life. Talking to
Triss starts ‘A Posh Reception’, ‘Identity’, ‘All the Kings Men’, and
‘The Source’-a new batch of quests for a new chapter.

Mage’s Tower
2) Of course, our first goal is to grind. Grinding is good, and in this
chapter we’ll make our Geralt even more stupendously strong. In Triss’
House you’ll find a Teleporter, with which you can return to the Mages’
Tower in the Swamp Forest (you can also go to Kalkstein’s House, but
there’s not really any point.) Teleport to the Swamp Forest and ignore
Kalkstein for now-he owes us a lot of money, and talking to him will
complete ‘A Mysterious Tower’, but we might as well save that stable
experience reward for after grinding, right?

Swamp Forest
3) You’ll notice the Swamp Forest has changed. Insectoid critters called
Kikimores roam about in packs, and Kikimore Warriors are imposingly
large-but not terribly dangerous. You might be excited to see the great
experience they give-but they’re small game. At night you’ll be more
likely to encounter Archespores than you were in Chapter 2, and where
the Alghouls were last chapter you can now encounter Cemetaurs.
Ultimately you’ll want to head to the Swamp Cave-that’s where we’ll be
hunting this chapter, but some obstacles are in your way. Namely, on
Wyvern Island you’ll find that the old Wyverns have been replaced by
‘Royal Wyverns’, led by a unique beastie named Moa. Below that, near the
Fireplace where we hunted Alghouls last chapter, you’ll find a pack of
Wolves led by another critter named Voref. Since we want to add that
stable experience onto our leveling gains, you’d have to try and steer
between the two.. or you could just head east to Gramps’ House, and take
the long way down to the Brickmaker’s Village, then head west to the
Swamp Cave. Then again, considering the experience you’ll get from the
Cockatrices is so good, jumping the gun and killing one of the beasties
might just be worth the time-saver. Voref is painfully easy, gives no
noteworthy experience (at least, not from killing) and is by far the
more annoying of the two. Just don’t kill both before turning one in-you
can only carry one trophy at a time.

Swamp Cave
4) Regardless of how you get there, inside the Swamp Cave you’ll find a
diminished supply of Wolves being decimated by an encroaching pack of
Cockatrices. The Wolves are just a nuisance-you’re hunting Ornithosaurs.
Each Cockatrice gives 825 experience, and even adjusted for your level,
they’re still giving you more experience per kill than the next most
rewarding creature (Kikimore Warriors) in this chapter-before the latter
is even adjusted. If you were modest last chapter and grinded Graviers
until you were level 15, you should have at least reached level 20 by
the end of Chapter 2. If so, you’ll be getting around 700 experience per
Cockatrice, and even if you wanted to level up until you were level 50,
you’d still be earning 575 experience per Cockatrice upon reaching your
goal. Best of all, there can be as many as ten Cockatrices in this cave
at once-although you should only have to deal with three or four at a
time. Of course, there could be as few as five or six, depending upon
how diligently you hunt them, and how much time you wait between runs.
Frankly put, you can get some great experience very quickly, and really,
your imagination is the only limit to how high you can level.. but
keep in mind, there’s an even better grinding spot in Chapter 4.

When you hit level 30 you’ll start earning Gold Talents, with which you
should immediately purchase Strength (Level 5), Dexterity (Level 5),
Fast Silver Styles, and anything else you think might speed up your
grinding. To this end, I whole-heartedly suggest getting a decent Igni-
while still being diverse. If you get Intelligence (Level 5) and
Endurance (Level 5), Intensity, Mental Endurance, Added Endurance,
and Added Efficiency for Igni, you can destroy groups of Cockatrices in
two castings-which will take up less than half of your Endurance. I
prefer the sword, but really, there’s no faster way to obilerate a group
of Cockatrices. Even if you scoff at ‘wasting’ so many Gold Talents on
Signs, if you spread your points amongst the top-tier Intelligence and
Endurance talents you’ll be devastating with all Signs-that’s the
beauty of diversification, and why it comes so highly recommended.

Decide what you absolutely must have-whether you want to turn
yourself into a melee meat grinder, power up your Signs, or whatever
else strikes your fancy-and purchase those talents. To make a strong
Witcher, I suggest you hit at least level 35, which isn’t nearly as
painful as it sounds.. it’ll get you a handful of wonderful, wonderful
gold talents, which will significantly boost your power.

Our grind this time works like so-enter the cave, kill the Cockatrices,
and whatever Wolves remain to annoying you-and leave. The Cockatrices
don’t respawn as fast as the Graviers, and there’s no Fireplace inside
the Swamp Cave, so after killing the Cockatrices head outside and rest
at the nearby Fireplace for twenty-four hours. You’ll probably be
harassed by Drowners, Bloedzuigers, Drowned Dead, and Kikimores outside,
and Wolves will spawn in the cave somewhat regularly, all of which will
bother you and generally waste your time. If you set your rest schedule
so that you wake in the morning, you’ll have to face less swamp
monsters in between runs, which is a good thing. As an added bonus, if
you’re diligent in looting your enemies, you can obtain a number of
alchemical ingredients-Beast Liver and Sewant Mushrooms, in particular,
have Rubedo as a secondary ingredient, which will allow you to make
potions that speed up Vitality regeneration.

Of course, as you collect loot and fill up your inventory you’ll need
to travel back to town to drop stuff off. The cheapest way back to town
is via the Teleporter in the Mage’s Tower. If you leave Triss’ House
you’ll have a minor encounter with the guard (see Step #3 in the next
part of the walkthrough) which updates ‘All the King’s Men.’ So long as
you don’t talk to anybody, you won’t start any quests out of order.
Stash your loot at the New Narakort, box once in a while, and all that
fun stuff. If you want to ensure you don’t run into anything new, you
can always teleport to Kalkstein’s Laboratory and store your loot at the
Hairy Bear. Do yourself a favor and grab some Fool’s Parsley while you
grind-one plant of it is located on the island north of the Swamp Cave,
which is easily obtained between runs. Get yourself at least five units
of it, as we’ll need some in a quest later.

| |
| The Bleinheim Brothers and Everything in Between |
| |
When you’re done leveling to your hearts’ content, it’s time to proceed
as usual. I want to avoid doing anything overly important as far as the
main story is concerned for a while and tackle side quests. Of course,
that’s not entirely possible, since Geralt can’t seem to sneeze without
drawing Salamanders to him. We’ll deal with some minor Salamandra
operations and extensively re-explore the old areas from last Chapter,
namely the Temple Quarter, the Dike, and the Swamp Forest.

Swamp Forest
Sequence of Events: {WLK011}
1) Whomping the Wolf
2) Kalkstein’s Reward
3) Martial Law
4) More Monster Rewards
5) The Marketplace
6) Trade Quarter Notice Board
7) Wasting the Wyvern
8) Enslaved
9) Carmen’s Cure
10) Liberating the Swamp Cave
11) Another Heirloom
12) Liberating the Lumberjack Camp
13) To Banish the Beast..
14) Liberating the Collapsed Tower
15) Freedom
16) One-Man Army
17) The Hierophant’s Herb
18) Ambushing Salamandra
19) Returning the Ring
20) Re-Looting the Temple Quarter
21) The Dwarven Dentist
22) Medic’s Mission
23) Medic Impressed
24) Powder Problems
25) Asking Angus
26) A Thorn in Salamandra’s Side
27) Exploring the Hideout
28) Exterminating the Hideout
29) Just in Time to be Late
30) Trade Quarter Sewers
31) More Work from Yaevinn
32) Siegfried Cemetery Suspicions
33) An Uncommon Ghoul
34) Punishing the Guilty
35) Protecting the Innocent
36) Siegfried’s Reward
37) Butchering Bleinheim
38) Ren’s Tale of Terror
39) Battling the Bruxa
40) Jethro’s Reward

1) Since we’re already here in the Swamp Forest, we might as well deal
with the two monster hunts in this chapter. Voref-a unique Wolf-is
north-west of the Mage’s Tower, and Moa is a Royal Wyvern on Wyvern
Island. Be sure to only kill one at a time, as Geralt can only carry
around one trophy. Kill whichever one you find the most annoying (I
always kill Voref just to get it out of the way during my grinding
sessions here) and head back to the Mage’s Tower.

Mage’s Tower
2) While we’re here, talk to Kalkstein to claim your reward for getting
him access to the tower, and finish up the quest ‘A Mysterious Tower’.
That gold will help out shortly. You can also talk to Kalkstein about
his research to discover that he’s apparently on the verge of
discovering that all things are made of atoms. Groovy. Activate the
Teleporter in the tower and travel back to Triss’ Laboratory. Once
there, exit out into the Trade Quarter.

(For talking to Kalkstein after granting him access to the Mage’s Tower)
EXP 2000
Orens 1000

Vizima, Trade Quarter
3) When you leave Triss’ House you’ll immediately be confronted by a
Guard Officer who demands to see your pass. Although of little
consequence, it does update the quest ‘All the Kings Men’, so it’s
worth mentioning.
4) From Triss’ House head south east until you come to an intersection
past the ‘Workshop’. From there, head south until you find the Royal
Huntsman. Talk to your old buddy from the Outskirts to find that there
are two monsters lurking around, a Wolf and a Wyvern. Big surprise. Turn
in Voref’s head to gain a surprisingly large reward. A new standard of
rewards for a new chapter, eh? Talk to the Royal Huntsman again to get
another reward-a Perun Runestone-for slaying a total of five monsters.

Note: To get the Royal Huntsman to give you your well earned-reward for
brutally murdering five beasties, you may have to leave the area and
return.. enter any house, another district, whatever. Just get a loading
screen and talk to him again.

(For bringing the Wolf’s Head to the Royal Huntsman)
EXP 5000
Orens 600
5) Now, I don’t want to explore the Trade Quarter yet, but before we
return to the Swamp Forest there’s one place we should check out-the
Marketplace. It’s surrounded by buildings south-east of Triss’ House,
and it can be easily identified by the swarm of green circles denoting
the various merchants. Speaking of which, there’s a Bookseller who will
swallow vast amounts of your Orens if you buy the new books he sells.
There’s also an Arms Dealer who sells new weapons you don’t need, a
Booze Merchant who doesn’t sell any alcohol, a Zerrikanian Trader who
sells alchemical ingredients, food, drinks, flowers, and a few books, an
Alchemist who sells a wide variety of alchemical ingredients and books,
a Blacksmith who will trade with you if you give him a precious stone
(any sort will do, but there’s no need to waste your resources, since
he doesn’t do anything that the blacksmiths in the Temple Quarter don’t
do), and several Merchants who sell gems, jewelry, clothes, and flowers.
There’s also a Merchant who will brazenly threaten you on behalf of
Salamandra. Brave guy. I’ll leave it up to you what to buy, but being
able to gather ingredients from Kikimores will come in handy.
6) And of course, since we’re here we might as well grab the Notices off
the Notice Board by the New Narakort, which is south-west of the
Marketplace. We’ll complete these jobs as we interact with the quest-
givers, but you might want to collect the Notices now so you’ll know
what you need beforehand. Many of the contracts can be fulfilled by
killing critters in the Swamp Forest, and we should have incidentally
completed more than a few before we’ve actually started the quests.
Telling you about them now puts the burden of collecting the components
required on you, although as a nice FAQ-writer, I’ll tell you to collect
Archespore Juice in the Swamp Forest at night, Wyvern Meat can be
obtained from the Royal Wyverns and Wyverns on Wyvern Island, Kikimore
Workers can be found in the Swamp Forest as well, and we should already
have obtained plenty Cockatrice Feathers from grinding.
7) After shopping as much or as little as you’d like, return to the
Swamp Forest and dispatch Moa. The Royal Wyverns that surround her can
be tough if you get too many on you at once, but if you’re patient you
can lure them away so you’ll have to fight them singly or in pairs. As
for Moa herself.. she’s no stronger than the rest of the Royal Wyverns.
Kill her and take her head, but don’t bother returning yet. We’ve got
some Salamanders to deal with before we go back to Vizima. Head over to
the Brickmaker’s Village.
8) Talk to Vaska to learn that new trouble has beset the Brickmakers-
this time more interesting to Geralt than just some Drowners. Men with
Salamander Badges have driven off the Lumberjacks and have been forcing
Brickmakers they capture to gather herbs. They are led by an evil man
named Roland Bleinheim. Our job? Find the enslaved Brickmakers, drive
off the Salamanders, and save the day. But first..
9) Head south to the Docks to find Carmen, of all people. Given Carmen’s
profession, she can’t be out here for the work-there just isn’t any
worth mentioning. Since she’s a pretty lady, and she’s obviously got
something to say, talk to her and she’ll tell you that her man is a
Werewolf. She came here to get a cure from the local Druids, but her
chances of making it through the swamp-and more importantly, its
monsters-are slim. Be a good gentleman and Witcher and offer to talk to
the Druids for her. This will start the quest aptly named ‘Beauty and
the Beast’. It is, for once, a job entirely suited to Geralt’s

Note: If you’re playing a hard-line, consummate Witcher (the ‘neutral’
Geralt as far as this guide is concerned) and think that the only
good lycanthrope is a dead lycanthrope, you might not want to start
this quest at all. If you plan to ‘cure’ Carmen’s lover with death,
there is no way you can complete this quest.. and having a ghastly red
mark in your quest-log.. it’s just incomprehensible! On the plus side,
killing the Werewolf is the only way you can obtain the ‘Werewolf Fur’
reagent, and hence, the only way you can make the ‘Werewolf’s Wrath’
potion.. and hence-hence, the only way you can obtain the ‘Predator’

Swamp Cave
10) Now to kill two birds with one stone-we’ll head over to the Druid
Grove, stopping at various locations inhabited by Salamanders along the
way. First stop is the Swamp Cave in which we spent so much time
productively turning Geralt into an unstoppable killing machine.. er..
more of one. Inside the Swamp Cave you’ll find an Overseer and several
of his attendents, who are laughably weak. Dispose of them and
afterwards a Brickmaker will tell you that some of his fellows are being
held at the Lumberjack’s Camp. There’s also a ‘Boy’ in the cave that you
should talk to, and when you do Geralt will recognize him as the missing
Brickmaker kid we’ve been looking for. Instead of being captured by
Druids or Dyrads, he was apparently an early Salamandra abductee. Geralt
will tire of his mindless cult ramblings, but at least we found him, eh?

(For finding the lost Brickmaker boy)
EXP 500

(For freeing the Brickmakers in the Swamp Cave)
EXP 1000
11) Leave the Swamp Cave and head north, north-east to find a small
island north-west of the Altar of Melitele. It’s distinct because it’s
absolutely swarming with Bloedzuigers. Kill them, and loot a corpse on
the island to find a ‘Family Ring’, amidst other goodies. It’s a new
chapter, so you should know a few things by now-there’s new people to
sleep with, new people to box, new people to play poker with, and a new
character who has lost a ring you need to gather. We’re doing this quest
backwards-getting the ring before we get the quest to get the ring-but
it all works out in the end, and cuts down on the running around we have
to do. The experience listed below is technically incorrect-you won’t
actually get this experience yet (you have to start the quest to get
the experience for getting the ring as part of the quest) but since it’s
fresh in our minds, I’ll record it here. You’ll get it when the quest
actually starts. Honest.

(For recovering the Family Ring)
EXP 500
12) Now it’s time to deal with more Salamanders. Head south-west to the
Lumberjack’s Camp to find that, while the Lumberjacks have indeed been
displaced, there are plenty of guilty Salamanders about. Same deal as
before, several ‘Overseer’s Helpers’ and an ‘Overseer’ need to be slain,
which is cake. Afterwards, a Brickmaker will chat with you and tell you
that the Salamanders are based in the old Nonhuman camp.. which you
probably already noticed running around between grind sessions.

(For freeing the Brickmakers in the Lumberjack’s Camp)
EXP 1000
13) Before we eradicate the last group of Salamanders in the swamp, go
to the Druid Grove and talk to the Hierophant. Not surprisingly, he
seems to remember Geralt, too. Everybody knew Geralt! You can get him to
whine about pollution and defend his defense of the Scoia’tael by
picking dialogue option #3, and you can find out that he plays poker at
a professional level by picking dialogue option #2. Most importantly,
ask the Hierophant about cures for lycanthropy, and after he chastises
you for not knowing them yourself, he’ll make three suggestions, which
we’ll follow in order; have a shirt made of Fool’s Parsley (which we
should have already gathered), get an alchemist to craft a cure, or..
true love.

(For defeating three Professional players)
EXP 200
14) After enduring the gambling Druid’s hippy crap, it’s time to kill
some politically dissident drug dealers. See? The Witcher isn’t a
fantasy game-it’s a commentary on modern society-except for the Druid
part. Anyways, head over to the Collapsed Tower, which is east of the
Druid Grove to find the third and final group of Brickmakers. Once the
Salamanders are dead, one Brickmaker will uselessly tell you that one
group is being kept in the Swamp Cave, and that Salamandra was forcing
them to manufacture Fisstech. Why Geralt is surprised after Chapter 2 is
beyond me.

(For freeing the Brickmakers near the Collapsed Tower)
EXP 1000
15) Now that the Salamanders are dead and the Brickmakers are liberated,
return to Vaska for your reward. She’ll give you a book for your
trouble.. and after dealing with the Bookseller in Vizima, we know how
valuable those can be. As for tackling the Salamandra base, she’ll
refer you to the Hierophant, who may be willing to help us in our
endeavor. Be sure to talk about the missing boy while you’re here and
finish ‘A Lost Lamb’.

(For reporting to Vaska after freeing all the Brickmakers)
EXP 3000
Item Hymns of Madness and Despair

(For telling Vaska you found the missing boy)
EXP 2000
16) We were warned earlier that we’d need an army to storm the
Salamandra camp. If that’s the case, Geralt is clearly an army. Storming
the camp is actually easier than the route the game wants you to take,
which is to complete the quest ‘Diplomacy and Hunting’ by the letter.
It is, however, more rewarding to complete the quest. The Salamanders
in the camp can be easily dispatched by luring them one or two at a
time away from the rest of the camp, then slaughtering them. You can
then take their gear and sell it (Illegal Swords sell for 70 Orens
each.) Or, if you don’t care to painstakingly carry swords back to town,
you can set up a Yrden Sign on the bridge and lure the Salamanders unto
it. It’s a natural bottle-neck, and despite their numbers, you’ll only
have to fight one or two at a time (although the Salamandra Mage might
summon an Ifrit to harass you, it’s not a serious threat). So long as
you don’t kill Roland Bleinheim, there’s no problem.. although to this
end, it’s easier to just do the quest first, then clear out the
stragglers at the Salamandra camp.
17) Head over to the Druid Grove again and talk to the Hierophant. He’ll
ask you to gather a Psilocybe for him, from which he can brew a potion
to entice the Salamanders. This ingredient is found in the Swamp Cave,
in the furthest room where we spent plenty of time killing Cockatrices.
If you got it earlier during your runs, great. If not, go grab it now.
On the plus side you’ll get to kill more Cockatrices. Bring it back to
the Hierophant and he’ll elect to set out when you’re ready. Be
prepared. If you don’t have an uber Geralt, brew up some potions like
Swallow, Blizzard, Wolf, and Petri’s Philter, depending on what sort of
leveling scheme you’ve pursued.

(For convincing the Hierophant to help you ambush Salamandra)
EXP 1000
18) Tell the Hierophant when you’re ready and follow him south to the
ambush spot. He walks painfully slow, stay a good distance away from
him, and when he stops save the game. This way if anything goes awry
you don’t have to follow his slow ass again. When ready, approach him
and he’ll warn you-belatedly-that you had better be ready. After the
conversation is over, the Salamanders will show up, and since Geralt is
near, they don’t even bother chatting with the Hierophant. They come in
two groups, and accompanying them are a pair of Kikimore Warriors-which
more or less serve as tanks for this fight, and break up your tactics.
On your side you have the Hierophant (who sucks in combat, but can heal
you) and some Wyverns. With a 35th-level Geralt, this fight is cake,
just blast them with a high-powered Igni a few times to reduce their
numbers, and cut up the survivors. If you’re lower-leveled, drink your
potions before approaching the Hierophant at the ambush site, and use
the Group Steel Style with Harvall to reduce the number of Salamanders.
Ignore the Kikimores since they’ll be difficult to kill without
switching to the Silver Sword, and the crowd of Salamanders are just
more dangerous. When the Salamanders are dead (or at least severely
reduced) switch to the Silver Sword and use the Strong Silver Style to
kill the Kikimores. After the slaughter is over, loot Roland’s body
(which can be rather difficult to find) for the ‘Scroll of Werewolf’s
Wrath’, a ‘Royal Letter of Safe Conduct’, and an ‘Encrypted Message.’
Talk to the Hierophant again and tell him that the job’s over to
complete ‘Diplomacy and Hunting’. This also updates the long-running
quest ‘Witcher’s Secrets’. These documents don’t hold any signifigance
for us now, but they’ll streamline a few quests later on. The Letter of
Safe Conduct should be especially worrisome for Geralt, as it just
stinks of political intrigue. At best they have a very good forger, or
at worst Salamandra is in league with the as-of-yet absent king.

(For killing Roland Bleinheim)
EXP 4000

Vizima, Dike
19) It’s time to return to Vizima-and I prefer to head to the Dike and
work my way back through the Temple District. If you’re incredibly cheap
you can teleport to Kalkstein’s Laboratory and walk-or you could just
take the ferry. Ferryman’s got to eat too, right? Once there, talk to
the ‘Desperate Merchant’ and inquire about his curiosity. He’ll
ultimately ask you to recover a Family Ring that was lost in the Swamp
Forest-which we already did. Hand over the ring to resolve this quest,
nice and painless like. Note that at night the Dike is all but
abandoned, so make your trip here during the day.

(For returning the Family Ring to the Desperate Merchant)
EXP 2000
Orens 100

Vizima, Temple Quarter
20) Put your loot-detecting goggles on and head to the Temple Quarter.
There’s all kinds of new things to loot-pretty much every container is
refilled, so searching all the buildings again comes highly recommended.
Sure, most of it’s junk, but it could be your junk. In general, however,
it’s not as busy in this chapter as it was in the last one. Most of the
recurring characters don’t have much to say right now, and we’ll leave
Siegfried alone for now and deal with his quest later.
21) What does that leave us, then? During the day we can find a new
figure on Merchant Street, a Dwarven dentist named ‘Zahin Schmartz’.
Talk to him and he’ll ask you to find him rare teeth-monster teeth work,
but he prefers ‘teeth with a story’. This starts the quest ‘Won’t Hurt a
Bit’. Here’s how it works-you find some tooth, jaw, or fang, and you
bring it to the Dwarf for some Orens and experience. Just look at the
rewards in the ‘Quests’ section of the guide for the various things you
can give him. We should already have a few of them-a Barghest Skull from
Chapter 1, Beast Fangs we obtained in vast quantities while grinding,
and by now we’ve certainly fought a Fleder or two. If you went by the
Fireplace near the Collapsed Tower in the Swamp Forest, chances are you
happened upon a Cemetaur and obtained a Cemetaur Jaw. This is, of course,
assuming you’ve kept up with your reading and can actually obtain these
components from enemies. If not, then you really need to visit the
Antiquary in the Temple Quarter and the Book Seller in the Trade
Quarter. It’s a little late in the game not to have journal entries for
most monsters. I’ll list new things to give Zahin as we find them
later, and leave the delivery up to you.

(For giving the dentist Beast Fangs)
EXP 1000
Orens 50

(For giving the dentist a Barghest Skull)
EXP 1000
Orens 50

(For giving the dentist Fleder Fangs)
EXP 1000
Orens 100

(For giving the dentist a Cemetaur Jaw)
EXP 1000
Orens 150
22) If it’s near 12:00, head over to the Hospital, outside of which
you’ll find a ‘Distressed Nurse’. Talk to her, and she’ll complain about
her Grandmother, who is acting strange, and warding folks away from the
cellar. Geralt will offer to look into it for 50 Orens, and because of
Shani’s recommendation, she’ll trust Geralt. This starts the quest
‘Medic in Distress’.
23) If you bug the old lady now, you’ll probably just get thrown out.
Never fear, however, as this Grandma isn’t as potent of an obstacle
as the Grandma who attempted in vain to preserve Shani’s chastity. She
actually sleeps at night, so pay Vivaldi a visit, or Shani in the
Hospital and rest until midnight. Now that all respectable folks are
asleep, head into the house south from the ‘Gate to Royal Castle’ on
the southern end of Merchant Street. Once inside, loot, then head into
the cellar where you’ll find a Fleder. Slay it and leave-if you talk to
Grandma before you go, she’ll accuse you of murdering her son and
unceremoniously kick you out. Ah well. Next noon find the ‘Distressed
Medic’ again outside of the Hospital and tell her what happened. She’ll
pay the agreed upon pittance, and everybody leaves a little happier.
Except perhaps Grandma. Oh, and the Fleder.

(For killing the Fleder in the cellar)
EXP 500

(For reporting to the medic)
EXP 2000
Orens 50

24) Before we head off to the Trade Quarter, lets step on Salamandra’s
toes some more. This quest is related to the quests we did in the
Swamps-it involves weakening Salamandra’s grip on the local drug trade.
Talk to Jethro and he’ll try to bully Geralt into doing his job for him.
Geralt-perhaps emboldened by gaining some levels, reuiniting with a
powerful political friend in Triss, or because he just doesn’t have the
patience to deal with the petty corruption of the city guards anymore-
refuses until Jethro wisely chooses a more amicable approach. Jethro
doesn’t like Salamandra being in control of the drug trade-perhaps it
makes his habits too expensive, and puts him under the sphere of
Salamandran influence. Either way, he’s getting squeezed and wants to
set you loose against their operations. You get to kill some
Salamanders and foil more of their schemes, and he gets to sleep easier
at night knowing his pocket is heavier. The ‘evidence’ he wants you to
confiscate for him is certainly a bonus. If you have the Archespore
Juice with you, you might as well turn it in and complete ‘The
Archespore Contract’.

(For bringing Jethro three units of Archespore Juice)
EXP 5000
Orens 200
25) To find out more information we’ll need to put some pressure on a
local dealer named ‘Angus’. So lets return to the Slums, our favorite
pit of disease and depravity. While we’re here, we might as well talk to
Carmen to update ‘Beauty and the Beast’. It doesn’t meaningfully advance
the quest, but it will save us the trouble of doing it later. Angus
hangs out near the Hairy Bear during daytime. If you’re rough with him,
or you tell him the wrong contact he’ll run off. If you tell him that
Kalkstein told you he sells Fisstech, he’ll offer to put you directly in
contact with his suppliers for 1500 Orens. That’s no typo, and it’s an
ludicrous amount of money to pay for an object that can be obtained
with a little violence. Provoke him and follow him home-he’ll lead you
to the house north of the Hospital. Once inside, he decides to get rid
of you in a more bloody fashion. He’s a wimpy drug-dealer, you’re a
genetically mutated Witcher with untold amounts of training and
experience. This isn’t a fight. Kill him and loot him for ‘The Letter of
Recommendation’ and ‘Angus’ Key’. One less drug-dealer in Vizima, and
Geralt keeps 1500 Orens.

(For obtaining a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ from Angus)
EXP 1000

26) Read the ‘Letter of Recommendation’ and it’ll point towards the
Sewers as the location of the Salamander base. Where else? Head to the
Sewers and spelunk your way to the ‘Transfer Point’ on the map, which
is north-east of the Gravier Crypt. Outside are two moronic bandits who
will demand a password if you mention Angus-obviously his ‘Letter of
Recommendation’ isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Good thing you
didn’t pay for it, right? Give them the correct password, “Thorn” if
you don’t want the Salamanders within to be immediately hostile.

(For giving the Bandits the correct password)
EXP 500

Salamandra Hideout
27) Now, if you gave the Bandits outside the correct password, Geralt
will bluff his way past an Assassin. This lets you freely roam this area
without being interrupted. Practically this allows you to loot to your
heart’s content before you actually get to business. While you’re
exploring you’ll run across the ‘Chief Chemist’, a Dwarf who unwillingly
oversees the Fisstech production. Pick dialogup option #1 to be kind to
him and he’ll give you a scroll of Petri’s Philter in return. When
you’re ready to get bloody, loot the crate in the room marked
‘Salamandra Den’ to provoke the Salamanders, or just draw a weapon and
attack somebody, if you don’t like how deep into the complex the former
option puts you.
28) There are plenty of Salamanders down here, but fortunately they’re
mostly low-quality combatants. Many of them died after two bursts of
Igni-if you already completed ‘Diplomacy and Hunting’ you shouldn’t have
much trouble here. If you’re lower-leveled, a Swallow Potion might help,
and beyond that, just use the appropriate sword style for the situation
and you’ll be fine. If you’re eager to earn some Orens, each Assassin
carries two Temerian Steel Swords and a Temerian Steel Dagger, which if
collected can be sold for a total of 100 Orens. Granted, this involves a
lot of running through the sewers, but it’s worth noting. In addition
to their weapons, the Assassins also carry a variety of food, alcohol,
greases, powders, and weapon upgrades that are worth picking up.
29) In the room marked ‘Salamandra Den’ you’ll find the information
you’re looking for inside a crate. Grab the Key and the ‘Letter from
Gellert Bleinheim’ and leave the Salamandra Hideout. As you go you’ll
notice that members of the guard show up to secure the place-and kill
the Dwarven Chief Chemist (but leave the human Chemists alone). More
evidence of racism, or cutting the head off the serpent? Either way,
once you reach the Sewers Jethro will reward you, and Geralt will
respond typically tempermentally. This ends ‘Following the Thread’ and
begins ‘The Viziman Connection’.

(For obtaining the ‘Letter from Gellert Bleinheim’)
EXP 500

(For clearing out the Salamandra Hideout)
EXP 3000
Orens 100

30) Now is as good a time as any to explore the newly opened Trade
Quarter Sewers. There are a few corpses and barrels to loot.. and
Drowners to kill.. always Drowners to kill. There’s also an exit to
the Trade Quarter, which is handy. The most interesting area, however,
are the Elven Ruins. They’re part of the ‘Echoes of Yesterday’ quest
that Yaevinn will give us, but there’s no harm in exploring it now.
There are two Elven corpses to loot for minor gains, and two Trunks with
more goodies in them. The ruins are guarded by lesser Vampires (Fleders,
Alps) and some Necrophages, but this shouldn’t be seen as an
inconvenience-looking at it optimistically, it’s a way to obtain new
teeth to sell to Zahin Schmartz. There’s even a new teleporter nearby,
for easy access to and from this location. Just be sure to activate it,
and you can come and go as you please. This is also another location
where we can earn some money, as the Alchemist in the Marketplace will
buy each Alp Fang for 5 Orens. If you have the ‘Ingredient Extraction’
talent you can obtain 10 Orens per Alp. Only one spawns at a time,
but it will respawn every time you rest-and there’s a Fireplace right
in the same room. As a bonus, they occassionally drop Naezen Salts,
which sell for 8 Orens. Near the entrance to the Elven Ruins you’ll
almost always find a Fleder, whose fangs sell for 10 Orens each. So,
rest, kill the Vampires, and when you’ve got enough fangs, sell them
for some decent cash.

(For giving the dentist Alp Fangs)
EXP 1000
Orens 150

Swamp Forest
31) When you’ve killed as many Alps as you wish (at least one to appease
Zahin) we can finally go do Yaevinn’s quest. Or start it, at least. We
avoided this earlier so we could kill undead in the Elven Ruins. Once
you start ‘Echoes of Yesterday’ the normal undead that spawn there will
be replaced by critters related to the quest. Use the nearby teleporter
and use it to return to the Swamp Forest. Head to the Druid Grove and
talk to Yaevinn. He’ll shed some light on his past interactions with
humans, and ask some political questions of his own. Ask if he has a
job for you and he’ll ask you to go see what happened to one of his
squads he had operating in Vizima’s sewers. He’ll also tell you the
Elven version of the Lara Dorren story.

Vizima, Trade Quarter
32) Return to the Swamp Tower and teleport to Kalkstein’s Laboratory-we
could go right back to the sewers, but we’ll pick up (and complete)
another quest along the way. Also, Yaevinn’s quest expects you to enter
from the Sewers, so that’s what we’ll do. Once back in the Temple
Quarter head to Siegfried’s Post and talk to Siegfried. Ask him what
he’s doing here and he’ll ask you to look into the disappearances in the
Cemetery, promising pay-besides the Order’s gratitude, that is. This
starts the quest ‘Six Feet Under.’

Note: According to the game guide, you cannot complete ‘Echoes of
Yesterday’ if you start ‘Six Feet Under’, and vice-versa. It’s wrong.
The only way you can botch these quests is if you complete one after
finishing ‘A Posh Reception’, since this sets ‘Gold Rush’ in motion. If
we do them both now, we’ll have absolutely no problems.

Vizima, Cemetery
33) There’s no reason not to go to the Cemetery now and give it a look-
see. Right in front of you you’ll find a Man’s Corpse, which Geralt will
identify as the work of Ghouls. Head to the pond in the south-eastern
corner of the Cemetery to find a Woman’s Corpse, which was most
certainly not slain by Ghouls. Now head to the Chapel Ruins in the
middle of the area to find a unique Ghoul named Vetala. Approach it and
it will talk to you, of all things. While it can’t hide it’s nature or
its diet, it will deny killing any living people. If you pick a fight
with it, Geralt will pin it as the culprit, and killing Vetala will
end the quest.. however, it’s not the correct solution, and only my
neutral Geralt is set on killing this Ghoul, regardless of its guilt.
Get Vetala to tell you who the real culprits are and it’ll tell you that
Elves rob graves and kill anybody who gets in their way. The Ghouls
leave them alone because of the food they bring. If you killed Vetala,
skip to Step #36 for your reward.

(For killing Vetala)
EXP 2000
34) Head over to the Crypt and sure enough, you’ll find a group of
Scoia’tael loitering about. They might be savages who murder innocents,
feed them to monsters, and loot graves, but they’re not foolish enough
to want to fight a Witcher. They’ll pose Geralt with a conundrum-they
left people down in the Crypt, in the dark, with Ghouls. If you chase
after them, the innocents will die at the hands of the monsters, but
if you save the people, the Scoia’tael will go free. In the end, I
always choose to let the Scoia’tael go, whether I plan to side with the
Order or the Scoia’tael later. You’ll get a better reward for saving the
people in the Crypt, and after all, Witchers were created to protect
people from monsters-that should come first. Nonetheless if you kill the
Scoia’tael, skip to Step #36 for your reward.

(For killing the Scoia’tael)
EXP 2000

35) Ignore the Scoia’tael and enter the Crypt. Head east, down the
tunnel opposite the entrance, and keep going until you reach the
furthest room, where you’ll find an Alghoul and some Ghouls about to..
harass.. some peasants. Kill the monsters and one of the women will
thank you for saving them before running off. Now it’s time to go see
Siegfried for our reward.

(For saving the innocents)
EXP 2000

Vizima, Trade Quarter
36) Report back to Siegfried, and he’ll respond differently depending on
your report. If you killed Vetala, he seems indifferent. If you let the
innocents die, he’ll be disappointed and dock your pay. If you saved
the innocents, he’ll be almost beside himself with giddy joy and
admiration (as giddy as Siegfried gets, anyways). For being ‘like a true
knight’ and performing the highest service, you’ll get a bonus. Now lets
head back into the Sewers and hunt down Bleinheim.. he’s not too far
away from the Temple Quarter entrance..

(For solving the Cemetery problem by killing Vetala)
EXP 2500
Orens 200

(For solving the Cemetery problem by killing the Scoai’tael)
EXP 3500
Orens 100

(For solving the Cemetery problem by saving the innocents)
EXP 4500
Orens 400

37) To reach the Transfer Point where we’ll find Gellart, go south as
far as you can down the tunnel with the Temple Quarter exit along the
northern end, then take a connecting tunnel to the east. You’ll get a
cutscene showing your prey, after which they will head towards you.
Dispatch Gellart and his Salamander goons and search the second
Bleinheim’s body for another Royal Letter of Safe Conduct, and the
‘Key to Salamandra Code’.

(For killing Gellart Bleinheim)
EXP 1000
38) Now that we’re back in the Sewers, lets finish up Yaevinn’s little
task. Head to the Elven Ruins in the Sewers to find a Dwarf named Ren
Grouver out front with a couple of Elves. When you approach he’ll
converse with you, and tell you that some monster destroyed most of his
squad. Head down into the ruins to find a Bruxa, victorious over a fresh
kill. This thing is nothing more than a beefy Alp, and at a decent
level it should go down without causing too much trouble.

(For slaying the Bruxa)
EXP 2000
39) Immediately after the Bruxa dies, Ren will thank you for the task.
Yaevinn will then teleport into the area via the teleporter (which will
go dormant from now until after ‘Gold Rush’ is complete.) He’ll talk to
you, reward you, and then promptly tell you to forget what you saw here.
There are no artifacts to be found, so the Scoia’tael must need this
location for another purpose. I’m sure we’ll find out why soon enough.

(For talking to Yaevinn after killing the Bruxa)
EXP 4500
Orens 300
40) We have both an encoded document and the cipher for the code. We’ve
destroyed two related (pun intended) cells of Salamandra’s drug ring,
and have killed the Bleinheim brothers. We’ll butcher the entire
Bleinheim brood at this rate! All that’s left to do is talk to Jethro
and claim our reward. Geralt parts with one last threat, and we’re out
of leads.

(For reporting to Jethro after killing Gellart Bleinheim)
EXP 4000
Orens 200

| |
| Questing the Trade Quarter |
| |
We’ve smashed Salamandra’s drug trade, helped out Siegfried and Yaevinn,
and did almost everything we could possibly do without entering the
Trade Quarter. So now it’s time to explore the new area of the city,
rub elbows with VIPs, play politics at a much higher level than Geralt
probably ever intended, and take a stand on the struggle between the
Order and the Scoia’tael. Before any of that, however, we’ll chat with
peasants, explore, and start-and resolve-some secondary quests before
we get too deep.

Trade Quarter
Sequence of Events: {WLK012}
1) Ever more Exploration..
2) Book Beneficiary
3) Casual Adultery
4) Big-Mouthed Butcher
5) Wool-Trader’s Words
6) Gabbin’ with Guards
7) Courtesan Card
8) A Royal Conspiracy
9) Alchemical Argument
10) Feathers and Frolicking
11) Drinks for Stories
12) The Worried Waitress
13) A Friendly Innkeeper?
14) Assaulting Andrew
15) Patrick’s Problem
16) Dandelion’s Dilemma
17) A Flusterd Father
18) Reasoning with Rozalind
19) Rockin’ the New Narakort
20) Night in the Trade Quarter
21) Win-Win
22) The Gambling Den
23) Rubbing Elbows with Royalty
24) Boozing up Blunt
25) The Many Faces of Thaler
26) Visiting Velerad
27) Innuendo with Adda
28) Inquiring into Adda’s Appetite
29) Stealthy as a Mule
30) A Miracle Steak
31) Adda’s Infatuation
32) Declan’s Plan
33) Thaler’s Accusation
34) Thaler’s Evidence
35) Cracking the Code
36) Bank Robbery
37) Accompanied or Alone
38) Negotiate or Fight
39) Yaevinn’s Ultimatum
40) Into the Sewers

1) Before we rush off to do anything questy, lets take care of some
minor encounters. Exploration is the name of the game, and there’s
plenty of loot to be had in this quarter, and plenty of people to talk
to. Although many of the upper-class citizens are unfriendly, there are
still a few random encounters worth experiencing. And of course, now
that we’re back in the Trade Quarter we might as well drop off that
Wyvern Head we’ve been carrying around..

(For bringing the ‘Head of a Female Wyvern’ to the Royal Huntsman)
EXP 5000
Orens 600
2) A ‘Townsman’ will outright give you the book ‘Physiologus’ if you
talk to him-to aid you in clearing out the monsters plaguing the land
and to settle a debt with Leuvaarden. Score. Leuvaarden pays off even
when we’re not working for him!
3) One ‘Townswoman’ will tease Geralt, and ultimately prove that she’s
immune to his so-called charms. On the other hand, a ‘Noblewoman’ will
seem quite postively disposed towards Geralt’s ruggedness. She’ll ask
for a piece of a monster if you keep selecting dialogue option #1. Give
her a Kikimore Claw in order to obtain the Sex Card ‘Merchants’.
4) As for peddlers, we’ve discussed the Marketplace in detail, but along
the wall you’ll find a few vendors worth talking to. There’s an
optimistic Fishmonger and an absolutely hilarious Butcher. The latter
has quite a bit to say-mostly negative-about politics, prominent
figures in the city, and of Geralt’s bed-time reputation. You should
especially ask about the courtiers to learn that-according to the
Butcher-Foltest is incestuous and spoiled Adda into becoming a rotten
whore, Velerad is an incompotent drunk, de Wett is a Nilfgaardian
knight of the Order who is constantly in the company of Adda-and all
that implies, Jacques, the Grandmaster of the Order of the Flaming Rose
is a racist, and Triss is the biggest whore in Temeria.. after Adda.
It’s interesting backstory, at least.
5) In the Marketplace there’s a Wool Trader. If you talk to him, he
won’t sell you any clothing, but he’ll suggest that he knows some
secrets worth hearing. Pay him 25 Orens and he’ll tell you that Foltest
is meeting with King Radovid, either discussing the trade war, or
discussing marrying off Adda.
6) A few guards have something to say as well-generally the bigger,
platemail wearing guards. One will seem to recognize you, and tell you
to mind the law. Another will implore you to kill the monsters that
roam the city.
7) A higher class of citizen means a higher class of whore. If you want
the ‘Courtesan’ Sex Card it seems like you’ll have to pay hundreds of
Orens to get it. The cost can be cut down somewhat by presenting the
‘House of the Night Signet Ring’, but even so, it’s still expensive.
There is an alternative, however. If you give a Courtesan any gem stone,
even a rather unexpensive piece of Amber, you’ll get their card. Sex and
savings rarely go together, but it’s sweet when they do.

8) Once you’re done talking to people outdoors, it’s time to head over
to the Workshop west of Triss’ House. Inside, talk to a Townsman and
question him about the factory-and particularly its clientelle. Geralt,
with his magic powers of deduction will realize that the weapons being
produced in this factory are being sold to a faction within the royal
court. Obviously there’s some political strife brewing.
9) Talk to the Alchemist in the room and ask him about Zerrikanian
masters and he’ll offer to swap a book with you for a piece of Red
Meteorite. It’s mostly a lateral swap, and since you can obtain the
book ‘Zerrikanian Alchemy’ from many book merchants, yet red ore is
finite, you should probably just hang onto the ore. Pick dialogue option
#1 until you get the option to mention Kalkstein. After this, he’ll
try and tear down Kalkstein’s book, ‘Metamorphoses’. If you’ve read it,
you can refute his arguments.. or if you’re reading along, pick options
#2, #1, and #2 and the Alchemist will see his error. Afterwards he’ll
ask you a question he’s certain will baffle you. Pick dialogue options
#2 or #3 to get a positive response. For discoursing in Alchemy with
him he’ll give you the books ‘Secrets of the Southern Masters’ and
‘Samum.’ Not bad for a bit of chatter, eh?

Town Hall
10) Lets pay a visit to Town Hall while we’re running around. It’s
surprisingly uninteresting considering it’s one of the centers of
Viziman government. You can turn in your Cockatrice Feathers to the
Scribe in the back. When done, head upstairs to find numerous Clerks-
many of which will flirt with Geralt. Call them naughty, and they’ll
eventually ask for a gift. Give them a Diamond and you’ll get their
Sex Card.

(For giving the Scribe five Cockatrice Feathers)
EXP 5000
Orens 200

New Narakort
11) Now that we’ve given the area’s less important people and locations
a good visit, it’s finally time to (officially) visit the New Narakort.
Nothing moves until we get ‘A Posh Reception’ over with, after all.
Inside you can find a ‘Townswoman’ who will trade tales for a mug of
beer or a glass of milk (she means Cow’s Milk). What she asks for will
determine what tale she’ll tell, but it’s always a folk-tale about some
monster or another.
12) Talking to the Waitress can be worth your while as well. Most of the
time she won’t say anything useful. Once she’ll gab on about her hideous
witch of a grandmother, which she thinks Geralt would have gotten along
with, for some reason. Another time she’ll complain about spilling sauce
on a patron’s gloves. Offer to help her out by either paying for
replacement gloves (100 Orens) or by giving her Red Woman’s Gloves. They
cost about the same, but if you have some lying around, you might as
well just give them over. In return, she’ll give you some Wive’s Tears
13) The Innkeeper is actually courteous-something we haven’t seen in
the entire game, until now. He’ll refuse to talk about Leuvaarden’s
party upstairs, but for a measly 233 Orens he’ll open up about the
Salamanders who visit, and give you the password to their underground
lair. This pertains to the quest ‘Following the Thread’, which seems to
have wanted us to bleed Orens at every possible turn. Fortunately, we
no longer need this password. If you’ve got it (and you should) turn in
your Wyvern Meat for a decent reward.

(For giving the Innkeeper three portions of Wyvern Meat)
EXP 5000
Orens 200
14) And of course, there’s the boxing. It might seem a little out of
place for an establishment like this, but in the day before electricity,
folks had to amuse themselves.. by punching each other in the face. Now
we do that on television. Anyways, the new quest fighter is Andrew
Gablodda, a former professional boxer whose career lasted until he
fought another boxer named the Lion. Pay up 200 Orens to fight him and
win. Your prize this time is actually rather interesting. Don’t be
tempted by the gold, instead you can obtain a chunk of Red Meteorite,
or an Earth Rune, depending on what you’d rather upgrade, your Steel
Sword, or Silver Sword (respectively). Since we’ve got a handful of
Red Meteorite, and only one Earth Rune, I pick the latter. Either way,
you’ll get a Svarog Rune Stone along with it. Much better than the 300
Orens you’d get if you asked for cash.

(For defeating Andrew Gablodda)
EXP 5000
Orens 300
Item Red Meteorite and Svarog Rune Stone
Item Earth Rune and Svarog Rune Stone
15) As for characters of obvious interest, there are two that can be
found in the New Narakort-Patrick de Weyze and Dandelion. First up is
Patrick de Weyze, who will ask you to investigate his sister-a beautiful
blue-eyed girl who Patrick thinks is a Vampire.. or at least a Vampire’s
thrall. This starts ‘Blue Eyes’, a quest that appears to suit Geralts
appetites and profession just fine. Patrick will also bad-mouth
Siegfried, if you ask about him. We’ll do this quest after ‘A Posh
16) Next up is Dandelion, our vagabond bard-friend has troubles. It
seems that he misplaced his lute, without which he won’t be able to make
sweet, sweet music. Ask him about his lute and you’ll learn a little
more backstory, including some foreshadowing about a character who will
be appearing later-the Elf Toruviel. Pour six mugs of cheap beer down
his throat and he’ll reveal-sheepishly-what happened to make this bard
misplace such a cherished device. Apparently he got caught giving a
local merchant’s daughter some ‘music lessons’, and although he’s coy
about it, he means lessons of a somewhat naked variety. This starts the
quest ‘Dandelion’s Lute’. We’ll do this now, since unlike the Patrick
quest, there’s not a cheaper solution we can obtain later.. and
because Dandelion is our old buddy.

Merchant’s House
17) Exit the New Narakort and head east to find the house marked
‘Dandelion’s Lute’. Inside you’ll find a very angry dad, who will leave
us with two ways to get past him. First, you can bribe him. 50 Orens
for ‘pain and suffering’ as he puts it. That restitution price makes
his daughter cheaper than any whore or courtesan in the game thus far.
But we’ve no need to throw Orens at him to satisfy his primitive anger
over the fact that his daughter used her body to perform a natural
function. Instead, expend all the meagre dialogue options and he’ll
insult Geralt one too many times. Geralt answers the threats of Hobbs
Pankiera with his fists. Win the fistfight and Hobbs will concede to
Geralt’s superior strength.
18) Head upstairs and approach Rozalind Pankiera to have her initiate
dialogue with you. She’s an easily bored girl, it seems, especially
since she’s been kept in her room since the Dandelion debacle-which
she’ll tell you about using heavy-and obvious-innuendo. And by easily
bored, I mean she’s a man-eater who takes a shine to Geralt almost
immediately. It doesn’t matter what you say, you can always obtain the
lute, but to get to know Rozalind in a more intimate matter, tell her
that if she gives up the lute it’ll show that she doesn’t care about
Dandelion-that she dumped him, not the other way around. She’ll respond
positively to the idea-either encourage her, or tell her she’s going
just a bit outside the realm of believability. If you do the latter, ask
if you can do anything to cheer her up. Either way, you’ll end up with
her talking about a Witcher’s magical touch. Offer to show her to obtain
the ‘Townsfolk’ Sex Card.

(For obtaining Dandelion’s Lute)
EXP 1500
19) All that’s left to do now is reunite Dandelion with his Lute. Return
to the New Narakort and give it to him for a nice experience reward.
He’ll invite you to witness his performance, which occurs after 20:00.
This just so happens to coincide with when ‘A Posh Reception’ starts.
Two birds with one stone? You can now play dice with Dandelion, but
there’s no real point. Even though Dandelion is a Sharper, he will not
bestow any quest progress upon you for playing him in this chapter..
also, he seems to lose his desire to play anymore after giving his
concert. Rest up until night-time, then exit the inn and return to
witness Dandelion’s ‘concert’. Wee.

(For reuniting Dandelion and his lute)
EXP 5000

Trade Quarter
20) Now that it’s night-time, lets go explore the Trade Quarter. It’s a
more dangerous place at night, that’s for certain. Kikimores and
Salamanders stalk the streets-and for some reason the two don’t seem to
be at odds.. certainly not a good sign. At least Kikimores are worth
some experience, and Salamanders drop weapons that can be sold for
modest gains.
21) Wander the streets until you find a ‘Flaming Rose Militia Sergeant’.
He hangs out near the barricade north of Town Hall. When you approach
he’ll initiate conversation and will bust your balls about having a
pass, and inform you that your current pass allows you to enter Vizima-
not to wander around after curfew. Thanks, Triss. Even with 5,000+ Orens
I didn’t have enough to bribe him, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s not
worth bothering with. Offer to kill any Kikimore you come across in
return for a pass. The knight will realize it’s a win-win and

Gambling Den
22) Along the alley along the southern wall of the district you’ll find
a Gambling Den.. At night, anyways, it’s empty during the day. Inside
you can find Koster, and if you talk to him you’ll start ‘Dice Poker:
The Sharper’. Of course, if you haven’t already become a Professional,
he won’t play with you.. and since we haven’t done ‘A Posh Reception’
yet, you’re not a Professional. If you talk to the Bar Wench who runs
the place you can try to find out who owns it-but you’ll only piss her
off if you mention Salamandra. You can’t do much here now, but I figured
I’d mention it, and let you go deal with Koster when you are able.

Note: Later in the chapter, a.. dominance issue will need to be settled
between Shani and Triss. Without giving away too much-and because to do
so would be irrelevent-if you prefer Shani over Triss, make sure you
become a professional poker player in this chapter, and play Koster as a
Sharper. Triss-lovers are advised to do the same, but they’ve got more
people to play against in Chapter 4 than the Shani-lovers will.

(For defeating one Sharper)
EXP 400
23) Now it’s finally time to stop screwing around and go to this party
we’ve been avoiding. Before you go, grab some strong alcohol from the
Waitress or from your stash and concoct a Wive’s Tears potion. Rubbing
elbows with VIPs always means drinking is involved. Head on upstairs to
find pretty much everybody who is anybody in Vizima. Talk to Triss
first and she’ll encourage you to mingle-as well as to stop sulking.
Before we can get into the messy politics, we need to talk to everybody
of interest. Leuvaarden, Adda, Velerad, and Thaler all need to be
spoken to. After you’ve talked to everybody and glutted your journal
full of new entries Triss will leave you to your own devices.
24) First thing to do is ‘talk’ to Erkyn Blunt. Under normal
circumstances one would find his conversation boring, but Geralt doesn’t
seem to mind the silence. Drink with him and down three bottles of
strong alcohol to get him to speak. He’ll reveal that Thaler hired him
to be there, rather than Thaler being his mouthpiece, as he claims.
He’ll ask you not to reveal Thaler’s plans, and will give you the ‘House
of the Night Signet Ring.’ We already learned from Shani that Thaler is
the head of Foltest’s secret police. He must be up to something at this
25) Now talk to Thaler, who is obviously playing a different persona now
than his ‘Fence’ role in the Temple Quarter. Geralt speaks straight, and
Thaler will respond in kind, and warn Geralt that there’s trouble
coming, and when it does, Geralt must choose one side or the other-there
is no room for neutrality. Thaler is, of course, refering to the
intrigue within the royal court itself (the two factions we found hints
of at the Workshop) but it’s more than that-there’s also the racial
troubles brewing, which is a semi-related, yet distinct conflict in its
own right. He’s not just plying the tired ‘you’re either with us, or
against us’ routine, either. His observations are quite astute-our
friends, Triss, Shani, Zoltan, Dandelion, Seigfried, among others, will
fall on various sides of these struggles. Not to mention Salamandra’s
obvious political maneuverings. We’re involved whether we like it or
not, and clinging to our neutrality might be a good idea to stay out of
trouble-but it’s likely to cause more harm than good when we’re already
in trouble. It’s as the saying goes, no answer is worse than no answer.
You can get information from Thaler about Leuvaarden-who heads a trans-
national collection of merchants, bankers, and other high-rollers. He
warns us not to trust Triss quite as much as we do, and tells us that
de Wett is a Nilfgaardian with dick-envy that serves as Adda’s stooge.
Geralt points out that Adda might have her own game going, and Thaler
responds that Adda might be another’s pawn, as well. Whatever the case,
his opinion on de Wett seems fair enough, in my opinion. Ask about
Thaler himself, and he’ll be surprisingly direct, and retort by
questioning your vendetta with Salamandra. My neutral Geralt responds
by saying his grievances with Salamandra are personal-the other two
Geralts respond by saying ‘both’. This answer does have some bearing on
Geralt’s identity, and suitably it updates the quest ‘Identity’.

(For talking to Thaler about your personal and political motivations)
EXP 2000
26) Talk to Velerad. Geralt will question the status of Adda’s curse,
which honestly seems to be more dormant than dispelled. Velerad won’t
say much about the issue-he’s obviously not as close to Adda as
Foltest’s right-hand man should be. He will, however, say that he thinks
Adda needs a good lay. Whether he means she needs to get knocked up to
put a proper heir in the picture, or whether he’s saying somebody needs
to fuck the crazy out of her is anybody’s guess. Given the opinions of
the Vizimans we’ve talked to around the Trade Quarter, the answer is
probably both.
27) We can now talk to Adda again, who is apparently in the mood to
talk. She’ll send her poodle away on an obviously meaningless errand to
allow us to talk freely. She’ll start out by comparing politics to sex,
and it’s obvious she’s just angling for our disposition on both topics.
It’s a rather interesting conversation, no matter how you respond. It’ll
ultimately boil down to Geralt inquiring about Foltest’s politics, at
which point Adda will become pointedly bored and ask you to fetch her
favorite meal.
28) Talk to Velerad and ask what meal the Princess enjoys. He’ll demand
a stronger drink before speaking. Give him some strong alcohol and he’ll
tell you that Adda’s childhood left her with a taste for raw meat.. one
of it’s many, obviously lingering effects. He also informs you that
Thaler’s agents scour the country looking for the source of this
delicacy. Now talk to Thaler, who, as a spy and somebody generally in-
the-know might know what Adda’s appetite calls for. He’ll tell you to
obtain a letter from an adjoining room and he’ll reveal what Adda
29) Head into the room near the stairs and loot a chest to obtain a
‘Mysterious Letter’. When you do, a ‘Wealthy Merchant’ will barge in and
demand to know what you’re doing in here. When the privy excuse doesn’t
fly, Geralt can either say he’s looking for superior booze, at which he
will be prompted to share some.. although you can just exit out of the
gift screen without giving anything and the Merchant will walk off. Or,
you could just threaten to mutilate him horribly, which scares him off.
Read the note before you return to Thaler to learn more politics you
probably shouldn’t. When you hand the letter over, Thaler will reveal
that Adda enjoys a slab of rare Catoblepas steak. Rare in both senses of
the word.

(For finding out Adda’s favorite dish)
EXP 500
30) We’ll need a miracle to score some Catoblepas here.. fortunately, we
know Triss. Talk to her and ask her to conjure up some Catoblepas, and
she’ll grudgingly agree. Wait a moment, and after seeing Triss magic up
some food, talk to her again. She’ll derisively and crudely joke before
giving you the steak.

(For getting Triss to conjure up some Catoblepas)
EXP 500
31) Present the meal to Princess Adda and she’ll gleefully invite you to
meet with her in several minutes. Follow her to the room where you
scored the ‘Mysterious Document’ for Thaler, and talk to Adda. There’s
no second-guessing what she wants from Geralt, and in all honesty, her
unwholesome eagerness almost drives me to turn her down. However, my
desire to have a more complete journal ultimately compels me to
acquiesce. She’s somewhat more feral than either Shani or Triss, and
the game can’t help but foreshadow her nature by showing how Geralt’s
amulet reacts to the princess.. which Adda wisely tears off.

(For discussing “politics” with Adda)
EXP 1000
32) Afterwards you’ll run into Triss again, who will tell you that
Declan wants to speak with you. Return to the room where the high-
rollers originally congregated and talk to Leuvaarden. Geralt is
uncharacteristically snippy with Leuvaarden, and for no good reason, it
seems. Perhaps all this socializing has put him in a foul mood? He’ll
ask you to help disrupt Salamandra by hitting them where it hurts-their
Fisstech business. This ends the quest ‘A Posh Reception’ and begins
‘Lock and Key’. We’ll also recieve the book ‘Scroll of white Raffard’s
Decoction’, a potent healing potion. Since we’ve already stopped
Salamandra’s drug trade (Declan’s information clearly isn’t up to snuff)
we can progress ‘Lock and Key’ further by simply talking to Declan

(For scheming with Declan Leuvaarden)
EXP 3000

Trade Quarter
33) To get Declan talking again, however, we need to leave the Inn and
return.. which is just as well, as there’s something outside for us to
do. Leave the Inn and you’ll see Thaler confronted by de Wett and a
number of guards. Count de Wett has produced an edict from Foltest that
strips Thaler of his position. Thaler contends that the letter is a
forgery. We have no room for neutrality here-this won’t resolve until
we resolve it. Since neutrality is out the window, we have two choices-
side with Thaler, a dubious figure but genuine secret agent who has
helped us in the past and whom we are certain is not part of Salamandra,
or de Wett, a racist in cahoots with Adda whom we know despises us. If
you have a partial stroke and side with de Wett, Thaler will fight back
against the overwhelming odds arrayed against him. Afterwards, Count
de Wett will tell you to forget what you saw here-hardly the response of
an innocent man who was legitimately upholding the King’s edict. If you
side with Thaler, de Wett wisely chooses not to press the issue. Geralt
tells Thaler to lie low for a while, but Thaler insists he has some
information for Geralt. He’ll be waiting in the New Narakort.. which is
fortunate, since we intend to return there, shortly. As in now. Either
way you resolve the matter, it updates the quest ‘All the King’s Men.’

(For resolving the issue between Count de Wett and Thaler)
EXP 500

New Narakort
34) Return to the New Narakort and have a chat with Thaler, who will
show you proof that he was placed in charge of Vizima during the absence
of Foltest. Velerad might be responsible for running the day-to-day
affairs of the city, but Thaler is clearly in charge of the more
important-and less visible-business. The absence of the King’s signature
on the recent royal edicts paints them as forgeries. Somebody is making
a power play. Somebody who has de Wett in their pocket. Also keep in
mind the ‘Royal Letters of Safe Conduct’ both the Bleinheim brothers
had. Thaler is against Salamandra, and whomever has been forging these
documents is giving safe conduct to Salamandra. The enemy of our enemy
might not be our friend, but the friend of our enemy may just be our
enemy.. ‘All the King’s Men’ is updated again, and we’re free to pursue
other matters.

(For discovering the true depth of Thaler’s role in Viziman politics)
EXP 1500
35) Head upstairs and talk to Leuvaarden again, who is finally willing
to listen to you. Give him the ‘Key to Salamandra Code’ and the
‘Encrypted Message’ we recieved from the Bleinheim brothers. Leuvaarden
tells us it’ll take a day to decipher, during which time, we’ll be
rather busy, ourselves..

(For giving Leuvaarden the notes obtained from the Bleinheim brothers)
EXP 500

Trade Quarter
36) Return to the Trade Quarter and run around until a Child runs up and
tells you that the bank is being robbed, and that Velerad requested a
Witcher. Head over to the bank and approach Velerad, who will initiate
dialogue. He’ll tell you that the bank is being robbed by the
Scoia’tael, and that Siegfried is leading the assaut. It’s another fight
between the Order and the Scoia’tael, and Geralt is caught in the
middle.. and again there’s no room for neutrality. You can’t just walk
away and let them settle matters themselves (the only possible neutral
option) you’ll either have to help the Scoia’tael or the Order. You’re
not yet being forced to pick one side or another, but if you help one,
you cannot side with the other later on in the story. After this quest,
you’ll have two options-neutrality, or to side with the group you helped
here. It’s the biggest decision we’ve made so far in this game.. or
rather, it’s the biggest decision we can make where there’s no wrong

The time has now come to pick your friend, and by extension, your stance
on politics in general. So lets review. It’s obvious from Geralt’s past
that he’s a rather unconventional guy. He’s got a thing for Sorceresses,
for starters (and women in general), but he’s also had a Vampire friend,
and several Dwarven friends. He’s associated with Elves before, but as
of now we only have our turbulent relationship with Yaevinn, and
apparently a past meeting with some Toruviel lady. Geralt’s friends,
however, are a diverse bunch, and many of them have very close relations
with nonhumans, which threaten to complicate things for us. Siegfried is
an upstanding and noble character who isn’t pretentious, overbearing,
or arrogant. He is self-sacrificing, hard-working, and loyal, and he is
keenly devoted to protecting the innocent-from monsters, or from Elves.
On the downside, his Order can be overzealous, and de Wett belongs to
the same Order. De Wett is everything negative that Siegfried is not,
and a racist and bigot to boot, and almost certainly involved-at least
through his insatiable stoogery-in the political strife that is aiding
Salamandra. The Scoia’tael, on the other hand, are rabid freedom
fighters who are willing to engage is murder, robbery, and terrorism
to obtain their ends. They’ve commited atrocities that almost place them
on the same level as Salamandra, even if they do supposedly have nobler
goals. It’s another typically complicated decision. Like in reality, in
the world of the Witcher there is almost no black and white, only shades
of gray.
37) Before you decide who to side with, you need to choose your
approach. If you decide to assist Siegfried, you’ll have to go in to
the bank and tell your friend to pull out. You’ll then go around back to
City Hall, and take the back door to the Bank. If you go alone, Velerad
will give you a key to an adjacent Warehouse that connects to Town Hall,
which is supposedly haunted. Indeed, it’s infested with Fleders, but
it’s a good opportunity to score some loot and Fleder Fangs. This seems
like a bigger decision than it really is, hence why I’m not covering it
in more detail. The big decisions are made when you reach the Town
Hall, where both routes will lead. Neutral Geralt goes through the
Warehouse-Witchers work alone, as does my Scoia’tael-aligned Geralt-it
would certainly complicate reaching Yaevinn with Siegfried in tow. My
Order-aligned Geralt, however, goes into the bank. More for the novelty
of helping out Siegfried than any other reason.

Town Hall/Vivaldi & Sons Bank
38) If you came with Siegfried, an Elf will ask if you came to negotiate
once you enter Town Hall. Siegfried will resent any attempts to
negiotiate with terrorists, and will abandon you if you try. Don’t
worry, however, Siegfried and the Order aren’t adamant about this as
long as you come down on their side in the end. On the other hand, if
you attack the Scoia’tael at any point, you’ll end up siding with the
Order. Do not kill any Scoia’tael if you wish to side with them. If you
came alone or if you chose to negotiate earlier you’ll find Ren Grouver
in the Bank, who will tell you to go downstairs and see Yaevinn if you
want to negotiate. If you chose to fight earlier, you’ll have to fight
here, too. Of course, you could always decide to attack at this
junction, if you wish.

39) Head down to the Vault to meet Yaevinn. If you haven’t attacked any
Scoia’tael yet, Yaevinn will try to lure you to his side-or to at least
help him. If you attacked any Scoia’tael earlier, you’ll get a somewhat
more hostile response from Yaevinn. If you have to fight the Scoia’tael,
Siegfried will show up and help you put them down. If you side with
the Scoia’tael, Yaevinn will ask you to help them kill some monsters
in the tunnels behind them and make good their escape. It’s obvious what
my Order-aligned and Scoia’tael-aligned Witchers do, but as for my
neutral Geralt.. he ultimately decides to help the Scoia’tael here. If
he helps the Order, he’ll have to kill people. If he helps the
Scoia’tael, it is as Yaevinn says-nobody else needs to die-he’ll just
have to fight off some Kikimores. Isn’t that what a Witcher is supposed
to do, anyways? Save people by killing monsters?

(For picking a side)
EXP 7000

Note: If you decide to assist Siegfried and enter Town Hall with him,
then decide to ditch him and negotiate with the Scoia’tael, and
ultimately end up turning Yaevinn down and siding with with Order you
will only recieve 6,500 Experience, instead of 7,000. Call it a penalty
for flip-flopping.

40) Either way you go, you’ll end up in the Sewers-either chasing
Yaevinn (if you sided with the Order) or helping clear out Kikimores for
the Scoia’tael. If it’s the former, you’ll have to fight groups of
rather potent Scoia’tael. They can actually do some damage to a weaker
Geralt, so Swallow might not be a bad idea if you’re level-shy. On the
other hand, if you’re dealing with Kikimores you’ll have plenty of
backup, and Kikimores are rather mundane by now. If you want to score
a Ceremonial Sword of Deithwen, but are too cheap to buy one, just
let one of the Scoia’tael die fighting and loot the body later. Of
course, if you’re hostile to the Scoia’tael, you can just pick one up
after killing its owner. Once the tunnel is clear of enemies, either go
talk to Velerad (if you sided with the Order) or (if you sided with the
Scoia’tael) Yaevinn will talk to you. Either way, this quest ends.

(For talking to Velerad or Yaevinn)
EXP 3000

| |
| Revelations |
| |
After that party at the New Narakort, we’ve unveiled more of the
political structure of Temeria. There’s now no doubting that a faction
within the royal court is aiding Salamandra, although who, exactly, is
involved and why they are aligned with Salamandra remains a mystery.
We’ve also burnt bridges with either the Scoia’tael or the Order. The
further you walk, the deeper it gets. We’ve explored the Trade Quarter
in detail, and have completed most of the side quests left in this
Chapter. There’s still some dice to throw, and a brothel to
investigate sure, but uncovering more of the schism within the royal
court, hunting down Salamandra, and helping Triss out are our primary

Sequence of Events: {WLK013}
1) Dice and Bounties
2) A Friend of a Friend
3) Exploring the Blue-Eyed Lass
4) Updating Patrick
5) Good Witcher, Bad Rewards
6) Caught in the Middle
7) Setting the Sensors
8) Updating Identity
9) Love Triangle
10) One Happy Family..
11) Dandelion on Duty
12) Saving Alvin. Again.
13) Hell Hath No Fury..
14) Guy Talk
15) Bonding with Alvin
16) Password Fiasco
17) Witchers and Ladders
18) Breaking Contact
19) Reflection of Royalty
20) The Witcher and the Werewolf
21) Superhero Hideout
22) Fool’s Parsley
23) A Virgin’s Tear
24) True Love
25) Tracking the Telecommunicator
26) Monarch Behind the Mirror
27) Allies for the Assault
28) Calling in Favors
29) Vincent or Vengeance
30) Off to a Good Start
31) Linking Up
32) No One Man Army
33) Calling in the Cavalry
34) Last Line of Defense
35) Best Served Cold
36) Sniped by an Ant!
37) Crushing the Kikimore Queen
38) Coup-de-tected
39) One Last Kiss

1) After all that heavy-handed politics, it’s time to take a break from
intrigue and do some honest Witcher’s work. Now that ‘A Posh Reception’
is done, we can go find Velerad and turn in those bounties. Note that
he’ll be somewhat unhappy with us if we helped the Elves during ‘Gold
Rush’, and won’t play dice with us. Oh well, it’s a necessary evil-if
you don’t complete ‘Echoes of Yesterday’ and ‘Six Feet Under’ before
‘A Posh Reception’, you’ll be unable to complete one or the other. And
if you complete one (or both) before ‘A Posh Reception’ you’ll be
whisked away on ‘Gold Rush’ (tying up Velerad in the process). And of
course, you can’t talk to him before ‘A Posh Reception’.. damned if
you do, damned if you don’t. It’s no big deal, you can always play de
Wett for that last Professional match, if you wish, and there are
plenty of professionals in the next Chapter. You can find Velerad in
the Watchtower-the same Watchtower where de Wett spends his time, in
fact. De Wett is on the upper floor with the Order, while Velerad is on
the lower floor, with the guards. Turning in all those bounties will get
you a hefty 800 Orens and 20,000 Experience-very substantial boosts by
any reckoning.

(For giving Velerad three Fleder Fangs)
EXP 5000
Orens 250

(For giving Velerad twelve vials of Ghoul Blood)
EXP 5000
Orens 150

(For giving Velerad five Gravier Bones)
EXP 5000
Orens 200

(For giving Velerad ten Kikimore Claws)
EXP 5000
Orens 200

The House of the Queen of the Night
2) Now lets visit the House of the Queen of the Night and investigate
Patrick de Weyze’s sister. You can find this brothel west of Triss’
House. First loot around, then talk to the ‘Bodyguard’ by the stairs.
If you show him the ‘House of the Night Signet Ring’ he’ll let you pass,
but you could also just throw a lot of Orens at him. Head upstairs to
find the ‘Lady of the Night’ and her ‘Sisters of Mercy’. Our amulet
starts going crazy, letting us know that Patrick was probably right when
he suggested Vampires were involved with his sister. It’s not like they
are being terribly discreet. Talk to the Lady of the Night, who has
apparently been keeping track of you. Ask more about it to learn that
she was once the lover of Regis, our Vampire friend that Dandelion
mentioned. Other than that, she doesn’t have much interesting to say,
besides foreshadowing a decision you’ll have to make at the end of this
3) Return downstairs and talk to the ‘Blue-Eyed Lass’ and ask if she has
a brother. She’ll deny it, and the game will urge you to report to
Patrick-but it’s an unnecessary step. Proposition her, and she’ll ask
for a ‘donation’ of 500 Orens to the brothel. If you try to haggle,
she’ll raise the price to 750, and if you haggle some more, she’ll jack
it up to 1000. Alternatively, if you show her the ‘House of the Night
Signet Ring’ she’ll drop the price down to 300 Orens. Like all
courtesans, however, she fancies gems-which means a significant discount
for us. Give her a Sapphire and she’ll give you the Sex Card
‘Blue-Eyes’. If you talk to her afterwards, you can comment on her
scars, which Geralt apparently noticed during intercourse.

New Narakort
4) Return to the New Narakort and update Patrick. He’ll fervently deny
that his sister would stoop so low until you mention the scars. After
this, devoid of hope that it’s not his sister, he’ll blame the Vampires,
and ask you to free his sister from their spell.

(For telling Patrick of his sister’s new profession)
EXP 1500

The House of the Queen of the Night
5) Go back to the House of the Queen of the Night and head upstairs to
talk to the Lady of the Night. She’ll outright admit to being the
Vampire in question-but she’ll inform us that Patrick is an abusive
lout who was trying to sell his sister into the slavery we call an
‘arranged marriage’. She makes a convincing point-who wouldn’t want to
escape the bleak existence of a wife in a marriage-for-profit,
especially in exchange for the easy life of luxury and eternal youth?
You immediately have two options-let the Vampires go and enjoy the
pleasures of the House of the Night, or kill them. Killing them is by
far the least rewarding way to resolve this quest, and only my rather
rigid neutral Geralt chooses this route-killing monsters is his job,
after all. No exceptions. Well.. maybe a few exceptions.. Afterwards
talk to the Blue-Eyed Lass and she will run off. When we report to
Patrick he’ll refuse to pay up. Typical.

(For killing the Vampires and getting stiffed by Patrick)
EXP 2000
6) My Scoia’tael-and-Order-aligned Witchers, however, have a more
subjective view on the term ‘monster’. One views himself as a mutant and
sympathizes with nonhumans of all stripes, be they Dwarves, Elves, or
apparently Vampires. The other considers himself a human dedicated to
protecting humans from monsters, be they Drowners, Elves, or other
humans. They both agree to ignore the Vampires, which obtains them the
Sex Card, ‘Vampiress’. After our rather creepy encounter, Patrick will
burst in with his friends from the Order. A stand-off ensues, with
Geralt in the middle. We now have three choices-to side with the Order,
to side with the Vampires, or to side with neither, and have both turn
against us. If you side with the Order here, it just makes you look
like an indecisive fool. Patrick threatens you for hanging out with
Vampires, you get stiffed, and the Blue-Eyed Lass ends up back with her
abusive brother. If you decide to remain neutral, you’ll have to fight
both sides, and this can be quite a fight, considering the Vampires’
scream attack, and the sheer durability of Patrick’s Squires. Of
course, they’re just as willing to cut each other up if you run to the
far end of the room. This isn’t a very satisfying solution, either.
Although the moral monster and literal monsters are both dead, the
Blue-Eyed Lass isn’t happy, and Geralt is still an unpaid liar. Keeping
your word and siding with the Vampires, then, seems to be the best
policy. The Vampires might be monsters, sure, but they don’t kill
anybody, and don’t take anything that their customers aren’t willing
enough to provide. On the other hand, the brother is.. just a rotten
bastard, really. Both the Order-aligned Geralt and the Scoia’tael-
aligned Geralt are more interested in the morality of the issue. Even
though Patrick is a knight of the Order, he doesn’t exemplify any of the
qualities that makes it an organization worth supporting, and for the
same reason I wouldn’t help de Wett, I won’t help him. Tell him that his
sister is under no spell, and he’ll attack. Kill him, and the Lady of
the Night will do something that Patrick would never do-well, besides
that-she’ll pay you. Even if you’re just being practical, the best
reward comes from siding with the Vampires-although Geralt feels slimey
afterwards. Talk to the Blue-Eyed Lass near the stairs and she’ll make
things right by thanking Geralt-for his humanity.

(For killing both the Vampires and Patrick de Weyze)
EXP 3000

(For killing Patrick de Weyze)
EXP 5000
Orens 250
7) Well, that turned out more political than we thought it would-lets
go deal with those those stupid ‘Magic Sensors’ Triss gave us. We’ve
had them for too long-it’s time to put them around the city and help
Triss out. Surely some light-hearted delivery-boy caliber work will
distract us from the monumental tasks before-and behind-us.. at the
very least we can be certain that, unlike in ‘Gold Rush’ we won’t be
forced to choose between two friends and earn the ire of the side we
don’t favor, right? By now you know enough about the city to put the
Sensors where they belong, without me having to hold your hand too much.
You’ll need to place the sensors in various ‘Reliefs’ throughout the
city. There’s one near the entrance to the Sewers in the Temple Quarter,
there’s another Relief on the exterior wall of the Chapel Ruins in the
Cemetery-near where we talked to Vetala earlier, and the last one is in
the Trade Quarter, on the Town Hall/Vivaldi & Sons Bank building, near
the entrance to the Bank.

Triss’ House
8) Once you’ve placed all the Magic Sensors, return to the Triss’ House
and talk to Triss. If you want to chat with her about your Identity, you
can do so, and tell her about the choice you made at the bank. As long
as you don’t tell her that you don’t know why you chose the way you did,
she’ll compare your decision to what the old Geralt would have chosen.
It updates the quest ‘Identity’, and is worth some experience, so you
might as well.

(For talking to Triss about your personal and political motivations)
EXP 2000

Note: Remember that Triss will be at the New Narakort at night, upstairs
somewhere in the vicinity of Leuvaarden. The next few steps will assume
that you’re talking to her at her house. Some more private matters she
will be unwilling to talk about in the New Narakort.
9) Now talk to Triss about the Magic Sensors. Triss tells us that as
soon as they were placed she was able to locate the source of the
anomaly-a boy named Alvin. That’s right, our Alvin from Chapter 1. It
seems that the source is a source. Triss tells us that to secure the
safety of Vizima, we need to recover Alvin from Saint Lebioda’s
Hospital. Of course, there’s a catch. Shani doesn’t want to let him go,
for whatever reason. Who wants to wager that this will get messy real
quick-like? At least Triss will give us a scroll ‘Formula for De Vries’
Extract’, which she says will help us against the critters that are
attracted to sources like Alvin.

Temple Quarter
10) Head over to the Temple Quarter, where you’ll be ambushed by a very
unhappy Shani. She really bares her fangs here, questioning your
relationship with Triss, and demanding that you leave Alvin in her care,
instead of turning him over to the machinations of a barren witch like
Triss. Did I say something about not having to choose sides and burn
bridges earlier? I lied. It should become abundantly evident that this
conflict isn’t so much about Alvin as it is about the love-triangle that
has apparently formed.. at least in the imaginations of these women.
Triss and Shani are more important than the other flings Geralt enjoys-
if for no other reason than for the fact that they knew Geralt prior to
his apparent death and subsequent amnesiac revival. In this whole
equation Alvin serves as the symbolic token of Geralt’s affection-and a
stand-in child for the one that Geralt could never create with Shani or
Triss. It doesn’t matter what you do-Geralt is going to piss off an old
friend (and making a redhead angry is never a good thing!)

If you have a personal preference for either one, go with that-it’s your
game and your Geralt, after all. As for the Geralts this guide revolves
around.. there are points and counterpoints for siding with either of
them. Clearly Triss is more familiar with the Witchers and the politics
at play in Vizima-and unlike Shani, she can offer more than just
superficial aid. Remember Kaer Morhen? She’s bled for Geralt already in
this game, while Shani seems to be more in danger from the association
than anything else. The downside, however, is that since Triss is
involved in the local politics, she’s certainly capable (and guilty)
of playing politics. Sure, she’s on the same side with us as far as
Salamandra is concerned, but we shouldn’t forget the mysterious friend
in the mirror we overheard her talking to at the beginning of the
chapter. Despite that, I find it very difficult to choose Shani. At the
end of the day, Triss is a mage, and Alvin probably needs to be under
scrutiny of a mage more than he needs a good mother-figure (if you’re
even willing to grant that Shani would make a better role-model than
Triss.) Considering what we’ve seen with Alvin so far, and from the
trouble loose mages can cause in general, it just seems irresponsible to
leave Alvin with Shani. My Scoia’tael-aligned and Neutral Geralt both
opt to favor Triss, and my Order-aligned Geralt hands Alvin over to
Shani.. more for diversity than for any good reason. This choice will
effect how either lady responds to you from now on-obviously the
scorned party isn’t going to be pleased with Geralt. It’ll also effect
where Alvin ends up during Chapter 4, and it will influence a few
things in the epilogue, but nothing serious. It’s more a personal-story
choice than a gameplay one. Honest.

Note: As of the time of this writing, the Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition
has recently been released-and there is still no Shani in the sequel.
If continuity is an issue for you, keep in mind that Triss is in the
Witcher 2, and Shani is not. Just another reason to favor Triss over
Shani-why bother with a girl who won’t stick around? Or perhaps.. that’s
a reason to favor Shani. Fickle Geralt.

Saint Lebioda’s Hospital
11) But I’m getting ahead of myself.. pick your gal and head over to
Saint Lebioda’s Hospital, where you’ll find Dandelion, of all people.
He explains his presence with a typical tale of debauchery, and explains
that Alvin was just whisked away against his will. Fortunately, however,
Dandelion outdid himself-he was able to stop leering at nurses long
enough to see where they took Alvin. The only catch? We have to take
Dandelion with us. He senses an imminent ass-whupping, courtesy of
Geralt, and like any good bard, he wants to witness it. Good story
material and all that.

Kidnapper’s Hideout
12) Follow Dandelion out the hospital and he’ll lead you into the
nonhuman district, to a building across from the house next to the
Blacksmith. One which we’ve previously been unable to enter, but have
certainly seen Assassins exit from. Geralt succeeds in convincing
Dandelion to stay out of the way, after which all there is to do is
enter the building. Inside you’ll find four Assassins that need to be
introduced to Geralt’s sword. After they’re dead, Alvin (who has seen
us fight at least three times by now) will talk to you. Dandelion
follows him shortly, and when Geralt hears more enemies approaching
will tell Dandelion to take the boy to safety. Direct Dandelion to take
Alvin to either Triss or Shani. After he leaves, more Assassins will
show up. They might be more diverse this time, but they’re still
terribly under-powered. Slaughter them, loot, then leave.

(For saving Alvin from the kidnappers)
EXP 1000
13) Now head to the house of the lady you told Dandelion to take Alvin
to. Talk to Shani/Triss, and she’ll tell you to go tell Triss/Shani
about your decision with Alvin. That’s right, now that they’ve ‘won’,
they want you to go tell the scorned gal about it. Geralt is
understandably reluctant, but to progress the quest it’s got to be done.
Tell the scorned girl about your choice and endure their anger. Then
head back to the Alvin-gifted girl and talk to them. They want you to
give them a ring as a show of affection.. although they try to play it
cool. This is, in fact, extraneous to the quest itself, which is over
regardless of what you do next.. but since we’ve cut loose either Shani
or Triss, we might as well make the most of what we’ve got left.

(For delivering Alvin to Shani or Triss)
EXP 4000
14) As is clear from Geralt’s words (not to mention from the journal
entry about the quest ‘The Source’) Geralt has some reservations about
the whole affair. Thankfully Dandelion shows up to check on the
situation, and his keen bardic sense detects the woman troubles Geralt
is having. Being a good friend, he decides that the only solution is to
head to the New Narakort/Hairy Bear and get drunk (depending on whether
you picked Triss or Shani, respectively) with Zoltan while trying to
give Geralt relationship advice. Geralt is wisely unconvinced that
either a man-whore of a bard or a scruffy Dwarven mercenary are good
sources of wisdom on the subject, but off he goes. A lengthy sequence of
talking will follow, where Geralt is asked about whether he wants a
family, and general speculation about the unpredictibility of womenfolk.
It ends with Dandelion trying to convince Geralt that a trip to the
local whorehouse will clear everything up. It’s mostly just good fun,
so do what you will, and answer as you please, and when the guy-time is
over, you’ll be at your lady’s house. Talk to her to get scolded if you
wish-this seems more and more like a relationship every second!-and
sleep off the ill-effects of your revelries.
15) It’s time to solidify our relationship with our chosen lady, and
either way the same thing is expected by you. Sure, they asked for a
ring to show your commitment-but they both want you to build up a
relationship with Alvin first. How does this work? Well, talk to Alvin
and he’ll make an inane statement, request, or complaint. Leave the
house and return and talk to Alvin again to get him to say something
new. Do this over and over again until Shani/Triss is impressed. Note
that it doesn’t seem to be as simple as witnessing everything Alvin has
to say-for example, while playing the over-indulgant ‘parent’ Triss kept
telling me I was spoiling the boy. The solution? When he repeated
himself, I picked another option, and Triss was satisfied. So when he
repeats himself, respond differently-it seems that your lady is looking
for unique responses. You’ll know you’ve appeased Triss/Shani when
they change the way they respond. When satisfied, Triss will say “You’re
so good with Alvin.” and Shani will say “I’m happy you and Alvin get
along. He treats you like a father, you know?” Once they’re saying this,
give Triss a Silver Ruby Ring or give Shani a Silver Amber Ring,
and you’ll get their second Sex Card. Below is a crude list of the
various things Alvin will say, for reference. Once you’ve obtained the
Sex Card, you’re done appeasing Shani/Triss.


“I want a puppy.”

“She doesn’t let me eat sweets!”

“Geralt, teach me to swordfight.”

“I don’t want to attend Oxerfurt University. And Shani said..”

“Shani and I played pick-up sticks today! I won!”


“I want a puppy.”

“She doesn’t let me eat sweets!”

“Geralt, teach me to swordfight.”

“Triss has made me look at stupid pictures!”

“Triss said it wasn’t a nice shed anyway…”

New Narakort
16) Now lets return to Leuvaarden, who certainly must be done
deciphering those documents by now. Ask him what he learned, and he’ll
tell you that the documents disclosed the last Salamandra base in the
Merchant Quarter. The bad news? It’s beyond the supervised zone, and
hence off-limits. Fortunately, however, we have a friend in the guards
who will help us out. We need to go around the Trade Quarter and talk
to various ‘Guard Officers’ (big guys in plate armor). Give the correct
one the password ‘The lily has yet to be engulfed by fire.” to which
he’ll respond “Three lillies make one.” The problem here is that we have
no way to tell which officer is the correct one. So go bug random
‘Guard Officers’ until you get the correct one. At least it’s amusing
when Geralt approaches the wrong one. You’ll be told to meet in the
sewers at midnight. By now, we’re used to this kind of thing.

(For giving the password to the correct ‘Guard Officer’.)
EXP 500

17) Enter the Sewers via the entrance in the Trade Quarter and rest
until midnight-if it’s not already close. The meeting point is on the
opposite end of the tunnel from the door leading to the Trade Quarter.
When you approach the Guard Officer and his Guardsmen, they’ll set up
a ladder and warn you that the Salamanders are vigilant. Head up the
ladder to reach the area beyond the Supervised Zone.

Salamander Hideout
18) Head north to reach the Salamandra Hideout.. it’s really the only
place you can go right now. Inside you’ll see a group of Salamanders
trying to use a scrying mirror to contact somebody. It seems that
Salamandra is having difficulties, and are requesting funds from an
outside source. They are disappointed, however, when the figure they’ve
conjured turns them down, citing disgust with some of their endeavors-
namely the Fisstech trade and their research into mutations. You’ll
be overheard shortly, and will have to fight a trio of potent Salamandra
Officers and a Salamandra Mage-potions might come in handy if you’re
having trouble.
19) Once the Salamanders are dead head over to ‘Hartmann’s Mirror’ and
talk to the figure projected therein, Radovid the Stern, King of
Redania. He’ll confess to contemplating using Salamandra as a political
tool in the past, but has changed his mind. Geralt isn’t very polite,
and Radovid isn’t very helpful, but he will mention Adda. This updates
‘All the King’s Men’. Grab the ‘Seeing Stone’ nearby to update the quest
‘Lock and Key’. Head into the cellar and slaughter some low-quality
Salamanders, then loot, and leave the building.

(For snatching the Seeing Stone)
EXP 500
20) Outside, Geralt will see a group of Salamanders worth slaying. He’ll
dispatch one who separates from the pack to take a piss, but he finds
that the others have been mauled by a Werewolf. The Werewolf spares some
peasant who just happens to show up at the wrong time, then Geralt and
the Werewolf engage in a little cat-and-mouse.. or Witcher and
Werewolf.. it’s hard to determine who’s the predator and who’s the prey
in this situation. After a rather lengthy cutscene, the Werewolf will
talk to Geralt, revealing itself to be none other than Captain Vincent.
This explains his disappearances at night-he’s off playing vigilante
supercop.. fantasy medieval style. Carmen and Vincent, huh? Anyways,
you’re left with two choices here-either you can spare Vincent, a
monster who is using his curse to harm criminals, or you can take the
hardline Witcher’s stance-monsters are monsters and deserve to die. As
far as this FAQ is concerned, my Geralt takes the same stance on Vincent
as he did on the Vampires in the brothel earlier. My Order-aligned and
Scoia’tael-aligned Geralts spare Vincent, but my neutral Geralt picks a
fight. Either way, the quests ‘Identity’, ‘Lock and Key’, and ‘Beauty
and the Beast’ are updated. If you kill Vincent, you’ll fail the quest
‘Beauty and the Beast’, obviously, and you’ll also deny yourself some
help later on. On the plus side, however, you’ll get Werewolf’s Fur,
with which you can create the potion ‘Werewolf’s Wrath’. If you drink
said potion you’ll learn the ‘Predator’ talent. What an evil game,
forcing you to choose between earning a talent and failing a quest.

(For sparing Vincent)
EXP 2500

(For killing Vincent)
EXP 1500

(For taking a stance on monsters, and thus solidifying your identity)
EXP 1000

Old Forge
21) Head into the Old Forge, where Geralt will become uneasy, and
will suggest (to himself, apparently) that he check the cellar. Once
down there he’ll find the lair of Vincent the Werewolf. It’s no
exaggeration that Vincent considers himself a crime-fighting superhero.
There are all manners of weapons, armor, and miscellany down here-but
only a single barrel to loot. Ah well, head through the trap-door to
the Sewers.

Eager Thighs Brothel
22) Now, before we bother with this Seeing Stone we should see to every
little unfinished bit of business in Vizima, as turning it in sets us
heading towards the end of this chapter. Thankfully, we have little left
to do-if you’ve been following this guide, we just need to deal with
Vincent’s lycanthropy. Head over to the Eager Thighs Brothel and talk to
Carmen. When Geralt reveals that he knows who the Werewolf is, she’ll
beg you not to kill him. You can learn Carmen’s real name, if you wish
(I’m not sure why this now comes up as a dialogue option.. but it’s
Hela, if you care) but more importantly you can tell her about the first
potential cure. Geralt tells her to make a shirt made of Fool’s Parsley,
and if you have some on you, you can go ahead and give it to her now.
Leave and return and ask her how it went. Not surprisingly, a stupid
shirt wasn’t enough. Time for plan B.

(For attempting to cure Vincent with a shirt of Fool’s Parsley)
EXP 1500
23) Travel to Kalkstein’s House and use the teleporter downstairs to
travel to the Swamp Tower, where you can talk to the alchemist. Ask him
to make a potion to cure lycanthropy. He’d normally refuse, but since
you’re all awesome and stuff, he’ll agree. Leave the tower and return
and the potion will be done in record time.. minus one vital ingredient,
the tear of a virgin. That Kalkstein assumed this ‘maiden’ we need the
potion for is a virgin is rather amusing, given her actual occupation,
but to be fair Geralt was vague when describing what he needed it for.
Now, to find a virgin.. we know that none of Geralt’s close friends
(especially any female acquaintances) are virgins.. Still, there have
to be some out there, and fortunately, there are. In the Temple Quarter
you can get a Nurse from the Hospital to contribute, and Siegfried (if
he’s still on speaking terms with you after the bank heist.) In the
Trade Quarter a Townswoman walking the streets will claim to be a
virgin, as will a female Brickmaker. It might take a few tries, and
some of these self-proclaimed virgins seem rather dubious, but once you
have your tear, return to Carmen. Give her the potion, then leave the
brothel-or enter another building-return, and talk to her again. Seems
that this was a bust, too (nobody in this damn game is a virgin!). Time
for the final, even laughable, attempt.

(For attempting to cure Vincent with a potion)
EXP 1500
24) Talk to Carmen again and mention that love can turn beasts into men.
Carmen will air some of her relationship problems with Vincent. Have
Geralt tell Carmen to tell Vincent she loves him. Instead, she’ll ask
you to go talk to him. Given how Geralt handled things with Triss and
Shani, he’s probably the last person who should be doing this.. but
what can you do? Head over to Vincent’s typical haunt-near or within the
Dungeon-and chat him up. Once you’re done talking, return to Carmen,
who will happily report that not only are things better between her and
Vincent, but he seems to be cured of his affliction. Will wonders never
cease? A Witcher with a kid, and a Werewolf cured by love.

(For curing Vincent with true love)
EXP 3000

Triss’ House
25) Now lets deal with this Seeing Stone and finish up Chapter 3. Head
over to Triss’ House and ask her about the stone. Apparently it’s some
kind of telecommunicator, which may have left a trace we can follow to
Salamandra’s headquarters. Triss will suggest that we talk to Leuvaarden
about it. Talk to Triss again and she’ll elaborate more about the stone,
and tell you that she was able to trace a communication to a house in
the Trade Quarter. Lets deal with that first, shall we?

(For showing Triss the Seeing Stone)
EXP 2500

Radovid’s Hideout
26) Head to the house marked on your map as the ‘Magic Trace’. It’s
along the northern end of the Marketplace. Inside you’ll find-of all
people-Radovid the Stern. We already learned that Geralt isn’t much more
personable when faced with nobility, but Radovid has interesting things
to say about Triss-another person warning us not to trust the sorceress,
and ‘Foltest’s’ edicts, which he confirms are frauds. Thaler is-if he
wasn’t before-completely justified, and Foltest never declared martial
law. Lastly, he’ll ask for your opinion of Adda-whom he claims to be
interested in marrying, what with the political benefits that would come
from their union (which he’ll bother to enumerate.) If he only knew..
Anyways, once your little chat with Radovid is over with, it’s time to
pay Declan a visit at the New Narakort.

(For talking with royalty)
EXP 500

New Narakort
27) Before we talk to Declan, I must again reiterate-make sure you’re
done with this chapter. Store excess loot. Make potions. All that fun
stuff. Mandatory warning aside, head upstairs and talk to Declan, who
will inform you they’ve found out more about Salamandra. He wants to
storm the Salamandra headquarters, but this is no simple affair. Their
power and influence are greater than Leuvaarden had thought, and it
seems we’ll need a force of our own with which to attack. The army and
the guard won’t do a thing-whomever is issuing the royal edicts and has
sided with Salamandra is effectively keeping the organs of the state
paralyzed as far as Salamandra is concerned. That means it’s up to us
to recruit either the Scoia’tael or the Order to help us. One of them
owes us a favor, and the other.. well, isn’t an option any more. So
begins the terminal quest of Chapter 3, ‘The Unforgiven’.
28) Head to the Temple Quarter and talk to either Siegfried or Yaevinn-
whomever you sided with during ‘Gold Rush’ and ask for their help in
destroying Salamandra. Siegfried can be found at his post, and Yaevinn
is hiding out at Vivaldi’s House, and whichever one you helped during
‘Gold Rush’ will return the favor, here. Now that this little errand
is out of the way, return to Triss’ House and tell her you’ve found some
allies. She’ll respond by suggesting that you carry on with the plan-
but even she will warn you to finish up any business you have in Vizima.
Last warning.

(For enlisting aid against Salamandra)
EXP 500

New Narakort
29) Return to the New Narakort. What happens when you arrive is
determined by what action you took regarding Vincent earlier. Long
story short-a fight breaks out. If Vincent is still alive, he’ll be
here to assist you against a group of rather potent Salamanders-either
as a Werewolf, or simply as himself. Whatever your disposition towards
the guy, you can’t say that he lacks for courage. If you killed Vincent
earlier, his men will be out for blood, and will attack-assisted by a
Salamandra Mage. I must admit, the fight against Vincent’s Guards is
fairly rough, even for a Geralt that had over 800 Vitality at the time
(those Halberds hurt, and letting that Salamandra Mage sit back and
blast you is not a good idea.) If you can get to the mage, take him out
quickly with the Strong Style, otherwise use the Group Style on the
Masked Warriors or the guards, whichever you face. It’s a battle that
can be very worthy of a potion. After it’s done, watch a little
illustrated narrative about the whole Vincent matter, then head

Salamandra Base
30) Once upstairs you’ll meet your fellow conspirators-Triss, Declan,
and either Seigfried or Yaevinn. They’ll bicker shortly over the
details of the impending assault.. until Count de Wett shows up and
decides the issue for them. The attack begins now, and Triss performs
a risky teleportation to get us out of trouble. Two points to think
about now. First, in Kaer Morhen, Savolla was almost impotent against
a relatively weak Geralt after using a teleportation spell, so one has
to wonder how much help Triss will be. Second, how did de Wett know
where we were, and what we were doing? An anonymous tip seems unlikely,
and the only toes we’ve stepped on so far have been Salamandra’s..
Anyhow, Geralt will appear-alone-in a tunnel. He’ll complain about
Triss, but there’s little to do but carry on. So much for mister
“Witchers work alone.”
31) Head to the east, where you’ll find a group of Salamanders in a
cavern, beyond some roots. Blast the roots with Aard, then proceed to
slaughter the low-quality enemies. After slaughtering and looting the
hapless Salamanders, loot the room and continue up a tunnel to the
north. You’ll eventually stumble across Yaevinn or Siegfried, who tells
us that Triss stayed behind to deal with de Wett, and that we need to
activate a portal to let our allies in. Fortunately, we have a way to
do this, but unfortunately, this means fighting a mage. By now, it’s
something Geralt should be used to-consider it practice for if you ever
come across Azar again. Oh, and apparently Triss was able to filch some
of the information we uncovered in the Swamp Tower off of us. Peachy.
32) Turn west to look into a large cavern. You can see plenty of
Salamanders ahead, and the group near the curtain of lightning in the
distance consists of some low-quality Salamanders, two mages, and some
Commanders. It’s quite possible to take them on and win, and beyond them
lies the real prizes-the Professor and Azar Javed. Unfortunately, this
entire area is just here to show us that Salamandra does indeed have an
army, and that one Witcher cannot defeat them all. It’s not as cheap as
the insta-kill that Azar did if we called him out while impersonating
Raymond last chapter, it’s more like the Crisis Core cheapness-throw
infinite hordes of enemies at you until you die or get bored enough to
let them kill you. Note also that there’s ‘Alvaro’s Portal’ a safe
distance between you and the Salamanders. This is the portal we’re
supposed to activate to summon our allies. If you look to the north,
along the north-eastern edge of the chamber you’ll find a lone
Salamandra Mage who guards the Stone of Power we need. Kill him, and
grab the Stone of Power. You can also read the book ‘Prohibita, list of
forbidden artefacts, Ars Magica’ on the stand nearby, if you want to
know more about Alvaro’s Portal and the Stone of Power. Finally, loot
the nearby crate for its various goodies, including a Sun Rune.

(For activating Alvaro’s Portal with the Stone of Power)
EXP 2500
33) Head over to Alvaro’s Portal with the Stone of Power in your
inventory, and activate it. Once done, some allies will show up, and
you can assault the Salamanders guarding Azar and the Professor. When
the magical barrier around the two is gone, head up to them and Azar
will start talking, rambling on about some grand plan. Literally, this
is what he calls it. He complains about Foltest, Adda, Nilfgaard, and
the Lodge of Sorceresses, and of course claims that Salamandra isn’t
evil. Endure his disappointingly cliche speech of grandoise delusion
and conversation will thankfully yield to conflict. Azar claims to
have learned better than to underestimate us, and prepares to crush
Geralt with some spell or another-only to find that Geralt is (much to
Geralt’s own surprise) utterly immune to it. Alzur’s Shield-some magic
we found in the Swamp Tower that was taken from us by Triss-preserved
Geralt. Azar wisely remembers what happened last time he decided to
melee with Geralt, and flees, leaving the Professor behind. When we
recover from Azar’s foiled spell assault, our ally will check on us.
It seems that whatever happened, we are on the right side of a magical
barrier that now prevents our allies from reaching us. Just as well, we
have a date long overdue with the Professor, and these affairs are best
resolved alone.
34) Go down a tunnel along the north western side of the room and follow
it until you enter a room with the Professor. If you’re at all uncertain
about fighting him, drink some potions and continue forward. As you
enter the chamber, some rocks will fall, conveniently blocking our way
back, and some Salamanders will attack-the Professor’s last line of
defense. Note how Alzur’s Shield continues to work its magic by zapping
our attackers. Nice.
35) Approach the Professor and he’ll have some words for you-last words,
as it were. He persists in calling you an abberation and a freak, and
complains that you’re trying to prevent the creation of new Witchers-
obviously referring to some of Salamandra’s plans with the stolen
mutagens. If you indulge him, he’ll reveal the supposed flaw of
Witchers-they have emotions. According to the Professor, we should be
mindless, emotionless, monster-slayers. The Professor’s slip about the
creation of new Witchers, and his ideaology of what a Witcher should be
raises a worrisome question-what would happen if Salamandra were able to
create their own Witchers? Mindless super-soldiers, as it were. Enough
conjecture, however. After his speech the Professor attacks. If you
were worried about him.. well, you were wrong to be. He’ll die fairly
quickly, obviously not having improved much since the swamp. He does
summon some Kikimore Warriors to defend him, but just ingore them and
go after the Professor. When you’ve put him down, a cutscene will

(For defeating the Professor)
EXP 1500

Note: According to the official manual he’ll be capable of using some
spells if you botched the confrontation with Azar at the end of
Chapter 2. I didn’t, you didn’t, and it simply requires me to fail or
inadequately complete too many quests in Chapter 2 to bother with.
Remember how I said I wasn’t putting in alternative solutions if they
were wrong ones? This falls under that category.
36) The Professor will beg for mercy, and when Geralt casually
dispatches a wounded Salamander, he realizes his number is up next.
He’ll attempt to shoot Geralt with a hand-crossbow, only to witness that
true Witchers CAN parry bolts in flight. In desperation, he’ll shoot
some nearby equipment and cause an explosion. When the dust settles, a
superhuman regenerating mutant recovers faster than a douche with
stupid glasses. Geralt heads over to dispatch the Professor, but a
Kikimore Queen springs out of the ground and beats Geralt to the punch.
That’s right, an ant sniped our Professor!
37) Save your game before continuing on. You noticed those giant eggs,
right? Queenie will get mad when we try to make a break for it, and
she doesn’t fight fair. Here’s how things work-you’re going to make a
mad dash to the east, and the Kikimore Queen is going to chase you. If
she catches you, you are really going to wish she hadn’t. She might not
one-hit-kill you, but she can easily do over 800 points of damage a
hit, which means she might as well kill you. Interestingly enough, Quen
might protect you from a hit, but since it goes away if you use a sign
or attack, it’s not really useful here. Get the Aard sign ready, and
head across the large chamber to the east. When you’re near the small
tunnel, a cutscene will show the Kikimore Queen emerging to defend the
nest, and Geralt will comment on the supports holding up the tunnel
walls and ceiling. The idea is to get past the supports, blast them with
Aard, and hence buy yourself some time to make it to the next pillars.
Don’t get all worked up, take this methodically, move past each set of
supports then blast them. Ignore the other Kikimores in the way-they’ll
just get you killed if you bother swinging at them (and you could run
out of Stamina if you bother to use Igni on them too much). Instead,
just double tap the movement button in their direction (with your sword
out) to jump over-or-around them. Destroy three sets of supports on your
way to a cavern full of support beams. This is where this encounter
really gets assy. You need to knock out some of the supports and bring
the roof down to crush the Kikimore Queen. As soon as you get into this
room go around and blast.. say.. three support beams. Then you need to
run to the tunnel to the west. You know the ceiling is coming down if
you see it covered in a coat of white dust. The only problem is, there’s
no real indication if you’ve hit a support or not, and if you have, if
you’ve hit enough. Added onto that, if you destroy them too fast and
don’t get into the tunnel quick enough, you’ll be crushed by the
collapse, too. On the other hand, if you’re too conservative or
cautious, you could retreat to the corridor too early or without
collapsing enough supports, and the Queen will follow and kill you.
38) With that ordeal over with, there’s only one thing left to do-search
the Kikimore Queen. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that it might
have gobbled some important things off the Professor? Anyways, search
it to find ‘The Professor’s Letter, Ready to Send’, an interesting note
that not only has the Professor berating Azar, but mentions Alvin-
obviously an important part of Salamandra’s plans, and the agent sent
after him-Berengar. You’ll also find a Scroll of Kikimore’s Ire, the
Kikimore Queen’s Nerve (to be used in creating said Kikimore’s Ire
potion), The Book of the Wolverine, and the Professor’s Report, which
discusses Salamandra’s alliance with Adda (and their subsequent
displeasure at her incompotence) and their use of the stolen mutagens to
control the Kikimores (if you were wondering why Kikimores and
Salamanders seemed to be getting along so well.. except for the Queen,
apparently.) There’s no longer any need to wonder why de Wett showed up
at the New Narakort, and the rival faction in court that has been
issuing phoney edicts and working with Salamandra is-as you probably
expected-Adda. Although Adda’s coup was predictable, it doesn’t make it
any less inconvenient for us. Nothing left to do now but head up to
the surface and do what we must.

Note: Next chapter, mix up a ‘Kikimore’s Ire’ potion with the following
ingredients: Vitriol/Quebrith/Hydragenum/Vermillion and the Kikimore
Queen’s Nerve. Consuming it will get you the ‘Mutation’ ability.
39) Once you surface you’ll be greeted by a squad of guards led by
none other than Adda. Sure, Geralt can parry bolts in flight, but unless
he can parry several at once, this might be a problem. Adda questions
Geralt about what he knows, and obviously it seems she prefers that he
would know less than he did. Geralt, however, is in no mood to play
meek, and spills the beans. Adda sentences him to death, but agrees to
fulfill Geralt’s last request-a kiss from Adda. Triss, watching Geralt
remotely decides to deprive him of this pleasure and whisks him away.

(For killing the Kikimore Queen and thwarting Salamandra and Adda)
EXP 5000

| Chapter 4 |
| |
| Murky Waters |
| |
Another chapter, another post-chapter recap, without which I’m sure all
my little fishies would be lost. (If you all knew Roman history, you’d
realize how utterly inappropriate that is..) In any event, it’s a new
chapter, but the formula should be familiar. The events of the last
chapter ended violently, and Geralt found himself rather abruptly
transported to a new area. We’ve burnt a bridge as far as the Order-
Scoia’tael conflict goes and we’ve found out that Salamandra is in
cahoots with Adda.. Or rather, in all likelyhood Adda is being used by
Salamandra to further their political aspirations in Temeria. Either
way, we’ve got a young, impetuous, and frankly bestial princess who
wants us dead. So much for that famous Witcher’s neutrality. If
anything, this scenario has to be the last thing Geralt wanted.

If that’s not enough, however, we’ve also found out that Alvin-the
source-child from Chapter 1-is pratically overflowing with Elder Blood.
Salamandra hasn’t failed to notice this, and has tried to abduct him
on two occassions-although fortunately thus far they’ve only managed to
set a handful of guards against us to contend our possession of Alvin.
Unfortunately, the two main women in Geralt’s life have decided to use
Alvin as the trophy in their Geralt tug-of-war. Another bridge was
burned last chapter, as we had to send Alvin (not only a dangerous
Source we need to protect, but a token of our favor) to either Triss or
Shani. The loser is none too happy, and the winner views us as some
distorted family unit.

Considering that our ability to act in Vizima has been frustrated, we
have no other recourse but to wait out the storm, as it were-hurricane
Adda. When Foltest returns we should have the ability to counter Adda,
as surely the king will be keen to put down his daughter’s coup. Until
then, we’ll do what our journal advises-we take a break, lie low, and
wait for things to calm down in Vizima. Of course, how much do you want
to bet that things will get messy in this quiet back-water?

Sequence of Events: {WLK014}
1) Yearning
2) The Vodyanoi Priest
3) Gullible Geralt and Green Girls
4) Circles, Trunks, and Boats
5) Mhm
6) Zephyr’s Lakeside Gang
7) The Elven Cave
8) Enroute to the Lakeside Crypt
9) Two Witchers, ten Vampiresses
10) Chatting with Berengar
11) Murky Waters
12) Alina’s House
13) Adam’s House
14) Blacksmith’s House
15) Baker’s House
16) Celina’s House/Village Chief’s House
17) The Blacksmith’s Son
18) Peasant Encounters
19) Looting Around, and a Prized Cow
20) Celina’s Proposal
21) Murky Waters Notice Board
22) Dealing with Dandelion
23) Dear Triss/Shani..
24) Tales Two Innkeepers Tell
25) The Rock
26) Julian
27) Absent Alvin
28) Elven Eats
29) Zephyr’s Island Gang
30) Lady of the Lake
31) Basilisks and Wyverns
32) No Friend of Fate
33) Alvin and the Gambling Ghost
34) Alvin and the Stray Dog
35) Futility, Family, Fate
36) Zephyr’s Riverside Gang
37) Alvin: On Witchers
38) Absent Alina
39) Damned Griggs!
40) Healer’s Hut

1) The chapter starts by showing you some yokels gawking at a submerged
city. Geralt will unceremoniously fall from the sky thanks to another
bit of expert teleportation from Triss. When he rises, he’ll immediately
be bothered by a nosy blonde girl who knows everything. You can ask her
about your current location-the village of Murky Waters.. the place
mentioned in the Professor’s writings (good job, Triss!). She’ll also
talk about a love.. square.. between Alina, Celina, Adam, and Julian.
It’ll come up again.. and again.. trust me. You can also ask about the
city, and she’ll continue on about the fish people, some ‘Lady’, and
silly adults and their constant ‘yearning’. Once you’re done talking to
her, the ‘Resolute Girl’ will walk away, and Geralt will be left with
more than a little unfinished political business we can’t do anything
about in Vizima, and a whole new area to explore.
2) First things first, head across a bridge to the north-west to find
a rather large statue carved into a cliff. Nearby is an altar and a
Vodyanoi Priest. Previous experience would encourage us not to expect
too much, and sure enough, as soon as we talk to the critter, it
garbles at us in its incomprehensible language. Surprisingly, however,
it switches to our langauge. Before it gets too chatty, however, it
wants us to pay tribute to its pretty statue. Do so (everybody knows
Geralt has no problem bending a knee to a pretty lady) and it’ll have
more dialogue options. Ask for work and it will-as most people seem to-
have a task for us. Apparently the Vodyanoi aren’t getting along well
with the nearby humans, and a Witcher was hired to resolve the issue..
in a decidedly unfriendly way. Fortunately, this Witcher is a
procrastinator, and is instead busily slaying critters in a nearby
crypt. To find out more about the matter, it seems like we’ll need to
hunt this Witcher down. This is but one of many ways to start the quest
‘Ripples’, one of the main quests for this chapter.

Note: The Vodyanoi Priest will be chased off by Dagon worshippers-other
Vodyanoi-as you advance quests during this chapter. The game makes it
seem like this is a random event, but as far as I can tell, it’s not.
You’ll need to advance the quest ‘Alvin’ to be able to advance
‘Ripples’, and the Vodyanoi Priest will not show up again until you’re
actually able to advance ‘Ripples’. He’ll be back when we need him,
and that’s all we need to care about.
3) Head back across the bridge and explore to the south to find a Naiad
hanging out between the island and the mainland shore. Looks a lot like
our friend Morenn from the Swamp Forest, doesn’t it? Talk to her and
she’ll tell you that she lost a precious necklace while swimming-stolen,
apparently, by a Drowner named Zephyr. To lure Zephyr out, you’ll need
to provoke him by killing enough of his Drowner friends. She can’t
offer us much of a reward, but you know what? Naked green ladies don’t
have to. They are reward enough in themselves. You think I’m strange?
Sure, I’ll accept that, but when aliens invade earth, I’ll be the one
scoring hot green alien chicks, and you’ll be the ones lifting heavy
things. Anyways, this starts the quest ‘Old Habits Die Hard’, and we’ll
need to terminate three groups of Drowners-one group near the river,
one near the village, and one on an island.
4) Continue south to reach the mainland. If you head east from here,
along the shore, you’ll find a fireplace near a ‘Circle of Waning
Magic’. Keep heading east, past the circle, and you’ll eventually find
a trunk containing some goodies. To the west you’ll find the boat you
need to cross to ‘Black Tern Island’. For some reason, Geralt has a
twinge of morality, and decides he should ask the boats’ owner before
sailing off with it.

Fisher King’s Hut
5) Head across a bridge and search the western side of the hut to find
the door. Handy things, those doors. Enter the house and talk to the
Fisher King (it should still be night, if so, he’ll be in his bed, if
not, he’ll be outside, near his boat.) He’s not very talkative.. but
he will communicate well enough to allow Geralt to borrow his boat
whenever we wish. Also, if you haven’t started the quest ‘Ripples’,
he will allude to the fact that the Vodyanoi and the peasants of
Murky Waters aren’t getting along.. which merely invites you to talk to
one side or the other. Loot his hut for some goodies and leave.
6) Continue to the west, along the shore, to find the area marked on
your local map as ‘Lakeside – naiad’s bathing spot’. Here you’ll find
the first group of Drowners you need to trounce to provoke Zephyr.
Merrily do so. Killing Drowners should need no explanation at this point
in the game. Once they’re dead the quest will update. Head south up a
hill to find a cave guarded by a lone Elf-provided he wasn’t stupid
enough to get killed by Drowners. He has nothing of interest to say to
us, but a dark cave is always worth exploring.

Elven Cave
7) What better to inhabit an Elven Cave than Elves? Nothing, of course,
that’s what makes it an Elven cave! Unfortunately the Elves within are
not in good shape. Talk to Toruviel, the same Elf who gave Dandelion
his lute-and who was probably somebody pre-amnesia Geralt would have
called a friend. Ask about your past and she’ll explain that you had
previously made her doubt her hatred of humanity-a fact that might be
amusing now, considering how Geralt often refuses to accept that he
still counts as a human (a consideration that many humans themselves
seem all too willing to grant.) Ask how you can help this sorry,
suffering bunch of Elves and she’ll give you twenty Orens, and request
that you visit the nearby village to buy bread-an endeavor that the
Elves themselves failed at. This starts the quest ‘Daily Bread’. You
can also find the elf Chireadan here, another sad-sack who failed at
assimilation with humanity. He did, however, pick up quite a skill at
dice poker in his tavern-owning days, and is a Sharper. No Elf is too
poor and hungry to lose Orens at a game of dice, apparently. Lastly,
there’s an ‘Elven Craftsman’ here, who is not important just yet.

(For defeating two Sharpers)
EXP 400
8) Leave the cave and backtrack to the east, past the Fisher King’s
Hut, and follow a road to the south. I use the term ‘road’ here fairly
loosely, at spots, but if you check your local map, you’ll see what I
mean. Along the way you’ll find some Wyverns feasting on a corpse (if
you follow the peasants who were watching the underwater city when you
arrived here, they’d have casually walked by these two man-eaters. Brave
folk.) Kill them and loot the corpse. Keep following the road until it
forks-one path going east, the other continuing south. Take the eastern
path to reach the Crypt. The entrance to the Crypt will be guarded by
some Fleders, if it’s still night. Loot a corpse north of the road
leading to the Crypt, then enter the Crypt.

Crypt at Lakeside
9) Immediately upon entering the crypt, Geralt will point out the man
standing ahead as Berengar. Funny how he can so readily identify
somebody he has never met.. then again, what other Witcher could it be?
Walk forward to talk to him-Berengar can be summed up in two words-
inferiority complex. We’ll mix chatting with our long-lost Berengar with
fighting off various mid-to-high level undead-Bruxae, Alps, and Wraiths.
After the first bit of chatter, fight off three Alps and a Bruxa, then
follow Berengar deeper into the crypt-he clearly doesn’t care to wait
to entertain your questions. Catch up to him again, he’ll chat-and be a
bit more aggressive this time-before more undead show up. This time
you’ll be entertaining a trio of Alps. Pursue Berengar a third and
final time. He’ll allude to Salamandra before a Wraith and three Alps
interrupt you. Dispatch them and he’ll agree to chat-back outside.
Before you go, loot a trunk to the east, two sarcophagi and a mutilated
corpse in the last room you and Berengar were in, and a crate in a room
south of the stairs that exit the crypt. One of these sarcophagi
contained a ‘Piece of Armor’. It’s a quest item, it’s important, and it
will be mentioned shortly in the game. Note that completing this Step
began and significantly updated the quest ‘The Paths of Destiny’ and
‘Berengar’s Secret’.

(For helping Berengar fight off the first wave of undead)
EXP 500

(For helping Berengar fight off the second wave of undead)
EXP 1000

(For helping Berengar fight off the third wave of undead)
EXP 2000
10) Leave the crypt and follow Berengar to his campsite, which is along
the road leading to Murky Waters. Combining his quips now and before,
it’s evident that Berengar is less than satisfied with his life of
becoming a Witcher. Perhaps it’s being a perpetual outcast, or perhaps
it’s the sterility.. either way, Berengar obviously would have prefered
to remain mundane, and capable of reproducing-nothing like having the
possibility of living vicariously through the next generation if you
yourself are a fuck up. And that’s exactly what Berengar is. If we take
Vesemir’s account seriously, Berengar ran away from Kaer Morhen
repeatedly until finally completing his training. Becoming a Witcher
isn’t a simple process, so the thought that anybody could ‘force’ him to
become one seems a little absurd. The diet, the trial, the mutation..
these aren’t things that can be achieved with thumbscrews, they have a
low enough rate of success on willing participants. Then again, who
knows? Maybe Witchers are less than honest about their methods. Our
history with Berengar, however, has been one of a Witcher-apologist.
How many times have we had our own progress impeded by Beregar’s
clumsy diplomacy and lack of follow-through? His dealings with the
people in the outskirts of Vizima tainted their opinion of Witchers,
and it was Geralt who ultimately had to take out the Beast-a contract
that Berengar skipped out on. Then he stumbled his way through Vizima,
his complicity with Salamandra caused us to be burdened with suspicions,
particularly from Ramsmeat. Ask about the conflict he’s currently
ignoring, and he’ll simply hand off the quest to resolve the differences
between the humans of Murky Waters and the Vodyanoi. This will update
‘Ripples’. Ask him about the armor he was looking for, and he’ll hand
this quest over to you, too. This starts the quest ‘Armor’, where we’ll
be looking for some light, durable armor that offered increased
protection, while still being light enough to allow a Witcher to fight.
We’ll need to talk to the blacksmith in Murky Waters and the
Elven Craftsman in the Elven Cave to advance this quest. Finally, ask
about your faulty technique and Berengar will reveal you leave yourself
open in combat-the lingering symptom of formerly having a crushed leg.
After this, Berengar will no longer be talkative-your journal eludes to
the fact that we’ll need to give him time (read: do other things) until
he feels like talking.. one question should be playing around in your
head; how, exactly, did Berengar get away from Salamandra? A group that
has gained political favor with Adda, made a serious attempt at taking
control of the Viziman underworld, and with apparent ease robbed the
Witchers of Kaer Morhen somehow can’t apprehend an under-achiever like
Berengar? Whatever, we’ve waited long enough, it’s time to head into
Murky Waters. Follow the road south to cross from the Lakeside to
Murky Waters.

11) As soon as you cross from Lakeside to the outskirts of Murky Waters
you’ll run into Dandelion. He’ll babble about how much he loves this
area, the people (especially impressionable country women-folk), the
upcoming marriage between Alina and Julian, and he’ll inform us that
Alvin-our Alvin-is here.. or rather, he’s at Alina’s House. Why did we
think leaving him with Triss would make him safer? Oh right, the whole
sorceress thing.. next time we should try to find a compotent sorceress.
This starts the quest ‘Alvin’. Hey, not every quest can have a catchy
name. We might as well head to the village and check up on the boy-
plus this will streamline a few more events. Gotta love being efficient.
Immediately to the east you’ll find another, smaller road heading to the
village of Murky Waters itself. Head there, and check your local map,
which will have changed to focus on the village, rather than the entire
outskirts. Alina’s house is the south-eastern most house.

Alina’s House
12) Enter Alina’s House and you’ll find yourself talking to the freckled
bride-to-be. Oooh.. a unique face, she must be important. She’ll ask
about Witchers, chat about her marriage, and talk about Alvin. The
latter is evidently a source of some friction between the not-yet-
married couple, as Alina wants to adopt Alvin, but Julian, typically,
wants to start his own family. Don’t let the suffering of existing
children get in the way of your desires to bring more children into the
world. How is this even a topic? I thought Triss was using Alvin as a
trophy to show off that she’s in a ‘relationship’ with Geralt? He’s our
unwanted adoptee, dammit! Finally she’ll ask you to check up on her
fiance and her sister, Celina. This starts the quest ‘The Heat of the
Day’. Chat with Alvin, who will be sleeping nearby if it’s still night-
time, and he’ll say some.. rather disturbing things. Seems we need to
talk to folk around here, lest their racism rub off on Alvin even more.
Talk to Alina and ask her about Alvin’s behavior to learn that he was
also talking about some morbid story-ghosts bound by unrequited love.
The boy isn’t just creepy, he’s cliche. Talk to Alvin some more and
he’ll be more talkative. He’ll tell you about how he got here, and you
can also tell him to stop playing “Kill the elf”, if your Geralt
believes in that sort of thing. Loot and leave.

Adam’s House
13) Outside you’ll run into Adam, Alina’s beloved. Apparently a fiance
isn’t enough, she needs a lover, too. You can ask him about the progress
of his rather awful poem (although almost every poem sounds awful to me)
and about local elves to learn that despite being wounded and starving,
the Elves apparently have too much pride to accept aid and food.. you
know, the things that would stop them from being ‘wounded and starving’.
You can also ask about the impending marriage of his lover to another,
which he dismisses as a trivial obstruction, and one not likely to stop
their wanton fornication. Since he’ll run off after talking about the
Elves or the wedding, I feel this is an invitation to explore his house,
finish the other diagloue option off, and loot the place.

Blacksmith’s House
14) And.. while we’re in town, we might as well just visit everybody.
Enter the Blacksmith’s House to find him and his wife-in seperate beds,
I might add. Talk to the Blacksmith’s wife first. She’s a nice lady,
who will give you Pork if you ask about her cooking. She also has a bit
of a problem. Her husband has recently come into the possession of a
Succubus, of all things, and she understandably is tired of his
philandering. She’ll ask you to bring her nine handfuls of ‘shimmering
dust’ collected from Noonwraiths out in the fields, in return, we’ll
get a book. She had me sold with the Pork. Talk to her husband, and
he’ll have a counter-offer for you. Bring him nine handfuls of ‘shadow
dust’ obtained from local Devourers so he can quiet the Succubus down
and rouse her again when his wife’s annoyance has passed (and
presumably, when Geralt himself has left the area, preventing her from
hiring any more Witchers.) It doesn’t really matter what you choose-
the book you’ll get ‘Plants of Barren Lands’ you should have already
purchased, while the Blacksmith’s offer of Red Meteorite, which we’ve
long neglected, and 500 Orens, which we can get by boxing, is no more
compelling. Admittably, keeping a Succubus around as a screw-toy is
probably not the safest move, and the neutral Geralt is all for helping
the Blacksmith’s wife.. the other two, however.. eh.. Witcher’s who
slept with vampiresses really can’t throw stones. Talk to the Blacksmith
at length to learn that he has a variety of skills, including the hobby
of attempting to build a flying machine. Try inventing the ICE first,
buddy. Most importantly, ask him about the legend of Raven, and he’ll
babble about the properties of the armor, before he gets around to
suggesting a useful course of action. Since most of the armor needs to
be rebuilt, we’ll need to find pieces of similar armor that can be
used to recreate Raven’s armor-he suggests looting the crypts of
knights. Good news! We already did that. Because we’re super awesome.

Baker’s House
15) Now head to the Baker’s House, which can be found north of Alina’s
House. Talk to the Baker and ask about his ‘secret ingredients’ and
he’ll tell you he needs some ‘White Honey’ to make his secret recipe.
If you give him a White Honey potion (Vitriol, Rebis, Aether), he’ll
give you.. a Sugar Doll, in return. Wonderful. He’ll then waste your
time whining about giving up the Sugar Doll. What a moron. Ask about
the bread and he’ll tell you that five loaves cost twenty-five Orens.
Buy the five loaves of bread to make Toruviel happy (and you’ll get to
be happy in return!).. or note that the Baker keeps four loaves of
bread in the nearby Wardrobe. Also, you can just grab any bread you
might have stored in your stash.. it doesn’t matter where the bread
comes from, a rare lack of pickiness from the Elves this time.

Celina’s House/Village Chief’s House
16) We might as well mention these houses.. is it cheap to group them
up? Yes and no. Both have a bit of loot in them, but nothing to get
excited over. We’re really looking for Tobias Hoffman, the village
chief. At night, he’ll often be sleeping at Celina’s House, during the
day, he tends to be in the Village Chief’s House. He’ll tell you about
some monster hunts in the area (apparently we’re looking for a fish-man
and a mother-in-law) which we won’t complete for a while, but his most
important function right now is as a professional dice poker player..
should you need to get another professional win under your belt. If you
are already a professional before you talk to him, he won’t offer to
play you. As for Celina, the only reason to seek her out is if you want
to give her a ring later.. see Step #20.
17) During the day you can find the Blacksmith outside, with his
son. The Blacksmith’s son will sell you weapons, runes, and other
goodies. Gwalhir is a pretty good steel sword, that’s a clear upgrade
over Harvall-although it’ll set you back 3000 Orens. We’re nearing the
end of the game, and should be expecting to find some of the best
weapons available.. still, if you’re a loot horder, you can pick up
Gwalhir and the Mahakaman Rune Dagger, as well as three Sun Runes,
three pieces of Blue Meteorite, an Earth Stone, and a piece of Red
18) And of course, random peasants will sometimes be rather talkative:

An ‘Old Peasant’ will talk about the Vodyanoi.

Another ‘Old Peasant’ will complain about Nightwraiths.

An ‘Old Peasant Woman’ will offer to chat about Vampires if you give
her some food. Do so, and she’ll babble a bit.

An ‘Old Peasant Woman’ will complain about the drought and mention some
plants she grows. Giver her ‘something sweet’ (Honeycomb works) and
she’ll tell you about Verbana. You can also bribe her to tell you.. but
it costs quite a bit of Orens.

An ‘Old Peasant Woman’ with a head-dress will (apparently at Dandelion’s
behest) tell you about some plants-Ginatia, Berbercane, and Honeysuckle.

An ‘Old Peasant Woman’ with a head-dress will ask if you know where she
can get a Shawl for her soon-to-be-married daughter. If you give her
one, she’ll give you the recipe for White Honey she recently stole
from the Baker. Heh.

A ‘Peasant Woman’ will talk about seeing a Rusalka by the lake, and
telling Berengar about it-only to have him reveal it to be a Bruxa.
She’ll then tell you some myths about Bruxas. Geralt is sarcastic, as

A ‘Peasant Woman’ will ask if you have any perfume, and will pay you
100 Orens for some.

A ‘Peasant Woman’ will babble about a poisoned relative in Vizima.

A ‘Peasant Woman’ will outright proposition you when you talk to her.
Give her a Sugar Doll and she’ll give you her Sex Card.

A ‘Boy’ will question Geralt about some of Alvin’s claims.

Finally, another ‘Peasant’ will complain about Noonwraiths. The
Noonwraith-whiner will give you a Grindstone if you go out and kill some
Noonwraiths in the fields and return to talk to him.

Note: Try to do the most important of these early on, as some encounters
seem to stop occuring after you progress the main quests of this chapter
far enough (‘Alvin’, ‘Ripples’, and ‘The Heat of the Day’). In
particular, the ‘Old Peasant Women’ with head-dresses stop occuring at
all, and the Sex Card encounter may not trigger later in the chapter.
You have been warned.
19) It’s finally time to head over to the Inn, and deal with.. various
people. Before you go, however, note that there’s plenty of containers
to loot, and random houses where you can find the odd bit of food,
alochol, and books. You can also loot Celina’s House and the Village
Chief’s House, although if you find Tobias, in either of the two houses,
don’t bother talking to him. You can also have an.. enlightening
conversation with.. the Cow Guard.. about the.. Cow.. Ah, cows..
hamburgers that have not yet found their true purpose in life..
20) Return to the road leading to the Lakeside and follow it south. When
it forks to the south-west, take the fork to reach the local Inn. I
know, your inventory is probably overflowing with crap by now, but we
got here eventually, right? Outside you’ll see Julian and Celina
arguing. When Julian walks off, approach Celina and she’ll initiate
dialogue in order to bitch about her sister getting everything-typical
sibling stuff. Ask about the wedding and it’ll be pretty obvious that
she doesn’t think her sister deserves Julian, and in a bout of bother,
she’ll offer herself to you if you merely provide her a ring capable of
one-upping her sister’s. Fortunately, she’s not being picky-any ring
will do, regardless of its value. Hand over the ring and she’ll give you
her Sex Card. This clear disfunctionality makes Geralt question the
people Alvin is staying with-a bunch of jealous racists might not
provide a suitable upbringing for what could potentially become a
powerful mage. Geralt wisely resolves to ask Dandelion about these
21) Before you head into the inn, examine the Notice Board outside to
start the quests ‘The Alp Contract’, ‘The Basilisk Contract’, ‘The
Devourer Contract’, ‘The Giant Centipede Contract’, and finally, ‘The
Royal Wyvern Contract’. We should have found plenty of Alp Fangs when we
were clearing the Lakeside Crypt with Berengar, and the Basilisk and
Wyvern Egg contracts can both be finished when we head over to Black
Tern Island. Devourers (Stong Silver Style) and Giant Centipedes (Strong
Silver Style) wander the outskirts and fields, and the former can be
killed off while you’re helping the Blacksmith continue with his
affair, if you chose that path. I’ll list the rewards here, and let you
turn them in at your leisure.. although I’ll be certain to note when you
come across such beasts.. in case you have short-term memory problems.

(For turning in five Alp Fangs to Tobias Hoffman)
EXP 5000
Orens 250

(For turning in three Basilisk Hides to Julian)
EXP 5000
Orens 250

(For turning in four Citinous Carapaces to the Elven Craftsman)
EXP 5000
Orens 250

(For turning in ten Devourer Teeth to Abigail/the Healer)
EXP 5000
Orens 150

(For turning in three Wyvern Eggs to Innkeper)
EXP 5000
Orens 250

Country Inn
22) That’s right, it’s another Country Inn. Lets hope the Innkeepers
here fare better than the last one, eh? With our current quest-progress,
Dandelion will bother us when we enter and give us a letter from our
lover (either Triss or Shani) and a Dimeritium Amulet we’re supposed to
give Alvin. Sure. While we’re dealing with Dandelion, chat him up. He’ll
ask you about the turmoil in Vizima, and my Witcher responds in kind-the
Scoia’tael aligned Geralt has no trouble killing humans, the Order-
aligned Geralt has no trouble killing bad humans, and the neutral Geralt
insists he only kills humans in self-defense. No matter how you answer,
it updates the quest ‘Identity’. Also, if you’ve defeated four
Professional poker players, you can ask the seemingly innocent quest
“How do you like the country?” This prompts him to play poker with you-
and this time, if you beat him, you’ll get progress towards becoming a
Sharper. This should be your third Sharper-if it’s not, never fear,
there is one more Sharper in this chapter to play (see the note below).
If Dandelion is your third Sharper, congrats, you’re now one of the best
poker players in Temeria.

(For defeating three Sharpers)
EXP 400

(For becoming a Sharper)
EXP 1500

Note: In the ruins along the southern end of the village area you’ll
find the ‘Gambling Ghost’, a Sharper poker player. He’ll appear if you
investigate the ‘skeleton’ in the middle of the ruins at night (he
won’t appear during the day). We’ll be heading there during the quest
‘Alvin’.. at least if you sided with Triss last chapter. If you need
another Sharper win, however, feel free to head there any time. Just
keep in mind that if you kill the Gambling Ghost, you will not be able
to play poker with it anymore.. obviously. See Step #33 for more
23) As an aside, if you leave the Country Inn and return, you’ll be able
to talk to Dandelion again and get his help in composing a letter to
Triss/Shani. Say whatever you feel is appropriate, then ask Dandelion
how to send you letter. He’ll suggest you speak to the Fisher King. Do
so, and he’ll.. well.. I suppose he agrees to deliver it. Geralt sure
seems to think so, but he apparently is better at translating “mmmm”
than I am.
24) Talk to the female Innkeeper and she’ll tell you about the sunken
city, Tobias Hoffman, the vodyanoi, and the village’s prize-winning cow.
It doesn’t get much stranger than rating animals, folks. Except tractor
shows, but I’m pretty sure those two are related anyways. Talk to the
male Innkeeper and he’ll tell you a story about a princess-sorceress-
witcheress.. and he’ll also babble uselessly about the wedding, the
mayor, and he’ll make a jest about how everybody seems to have a quest-
and a potent reward-for wandering, overly inquistive heroes. At least
the game is self-aware, eh? You can store stuff by talking to the male
Innkeeper, but note that he wants seven Orens for a place to rest.. the
lady Innkeeper only requires five. It’s that old Geralt-charm again.

Note: To get the male Innkeeper to allow you access to your storage, you
have the select the dialogue option “One thing.” It’s.. odd, but
whatever. I’m sure you’d have found it out clicking his dialgoue options
25) Don’t be sated with idle chatter, however, there’s boxing to do!
And we can finally fight Professional Fist Fighters-nobody is going to
spit on 100 Orens per match, are they? Alas, they’re still not able to
beat down a mutant with superior reflexes, strength, and regeneration,
but at least we’re becoming famous in the boxing world. You can duke it
out with one Profession Fist Fighter, two Tough Fist Fighters, and if
it’s still worth your while, one Fist Fighter-that’s 220 Orens. The
quest fighter here is The Rock, and if price is any indicator, he
requires a wager of 500 Orens to box. Smack him around and he’ll tell
you that one more fight awaits-we need to head into the Swamp Cemetery
to find some ‘nameless one’.. the guy from Planescape? We’re in trouble
now, he can’t die either! It’ll be an amnesiac retard-fight! I’ll let
you all make that sentence politically correct in your minds, I can’t be
bothered. Anyways as usual the gold seems to be the worst of the three
rewards-especially when we can make 220 Orens per day boxing. Between
the Meteorite and the Rune, however, it’s a tough choice.. not because
they’re so awesome, we’ve been using Harvall and ignoring meteorite
swords for over half the game by now, and since we’re approaching the
end, you can be we’re going to find even stronger swords.. it’s a
tough choice just because it’s hard to care about either, at this point.

(For defeating The Rock)
EXP 5000
Orens 500
Item Yellow Meteorite
Item Moon Rune
26) While we’re around, we might as well talk to Julian, who seems to
sleep an awful lot near the boxers. He’ll talk briefly about his
upcoming wedding to Alina-the mayor’s daughter-and not-so-briefly
about his grandfather’s business relationship with a Witcher. As of
now, however, we cannot complete ‘The Basilisk Contract’ nor can we
update ‘Ripples’ as his wedding has him too busy to bother with such
trivial affairs. We can, however buy a variety of gifts and books from
him, and he is a professional dice poker player. He’s got a few
interesting books-namely ‘Disenchanting a Striga’ which will update
our journal entries on Geralt and Adda, and ‘The Double Cross of Alzur’,
which will give us a beastiary entry on Skullheads-enemies that will
become more important next chapter. Of course, you’ll be able to get
both books for free in the next chapter, so don’t feel compelled to buy
them early. Also ask him about Alvin, and he’ll insist that Alvin needs
caretakers who are more knowledgable about magic.. sensible, this guy.
We’re now done with the Country Inn.
27) Now return to Alina’s House and talk to the silly girl. Tell her
that she has nothing to be worried about as far as Julian-Celina go and
Alina will try to play it cool. Ask about Alvin and she’ll tell you
where to look for him, which varies depending on whether Triss or
Shani was your favored lover in the previous chapter. If it was Triss,
she’ll tell you to seek Alvin out in some ruins near the village. If
it was Shani he’ll be near the riverbank. Why? If you left him with
Shani, he’ll have developed a taste for rivers-which he picked up due to
his proximity to the Dike. If you left him with Triss he’ll enjoy ruins
becaUse.. he arbitarily decided he likes ruins and wants to be an
explorer? Ah, kids.
28) Now the logical thing to do would be to go hunt for Alvin, but this
guide isn’t about being logical-it’s about completionism. Since
advancing the quest ‘Alvin’ causes other quests to advance, lets clear
out some side-quests while everything is calm. Calmish. First, lets
go help those poor, impoverished Elves. Return to the Elven Cave and
give Toruviel her bread. If you’re cheap and only give her four loaves
for her money you’ll lose out 1000 experience.. and the difference in
one loaf of bread really makes a difference on her disposition towards
humanity. Next talk to the Elven Craftsman, who will tell you more about
Raven’s armor-more specifically, its enchantments. The armor won’t just
need reforging, apparently it’ll also need re-enchanting.. although the
thought of singing armor.. just sounds annoying. Anyways, you’re told
to go find another tomb. Apparently we’ll need to scavenge everything
if we’re to recreate this armor. Finally, talk to the ‘Elven Woman’
walking around and give her some food. She’ll abuse you for your
charity, even as Geralt attempts to be reasonable. When all is said and
done, you’ll end up with her Sex Card.. I suppose it’s her way of
saying ‘thanks’ without having to actually say it. You can also feed
other Elves in the cave to learn about Mandrake Roots and Han Fibre-
just keep in mind that they want meat (and fish apparently doesn’t
count). If you don’t want to spend any money, Wyvern Meat will do the
trick nicely.

(For giving Toruviel four loaves of bread)
EXP 7000


(For giving Toruviel five loaves of bread)
EXP 8000

Black Tern Island
29) It’s finally time to head to Black Tern Island. Go near the Fisher
King’s Hut and find his boat, which you can now take, if you asked for
permission. From the small island you arrive at, head across some
shallows to the north and dispatch a group of Drowners-Zephyr’s island-
bound buddies.
30) Continue north until you find the Lady of the Lake. Yeah, I know
it’s terribly cliche to all of us of English-descent, but hey, in Poland
it might be novel. Talk to her and, surprise, she knows who you are.
Apparently a mermaid has been talking to other aquatic ladies about us..
Ask about restoring your memory, and she’ll ask if you believe in
destiny.. answer in whatever way best suits your Geralt and it’ll update
the quest ‘Identity’ again. If you ask about her extinct knights, she’ll
tell you about the legend of the Holy Grail, and refer you to a hermit,
who can tell you more. Tell her she looks pensive and she’ll ask you to
speak to Berengar-allowing us to progress the quest ‘The Paths of
Destiny’. Finally, ask if you can do anything for her, and she’ll tell
you to reconcile the humans of Murky Waters and the Vodyanoi, which
updates the quest ‘Ripples’. You can now advance this quest along the
neutral path of reconciliation, but Julian will still insist that he’s
too busy with wedding preparations to persue the matter.
31) While we’re here, head south-west from the Lady of the Lake to find
a pack of Basilisks guarding a ‘Circle of the Last Drop’ and two trunks.
The one to the north contains a Moon Rune and 64 Orens, while the one
to the south contains some Candy, two units of Stammelford’s Dust, some
Nilfgaardian Lemon, and 16 Orens. Best of all, search the Basilisks to
get their hide, which will make Julian a happy man, and us richer.. and
hence happier. Explore the eastern side of the island to find Wyverns
and Royal Wyverns, the latter of which will drop us the Wyvern Eggs
the Innkeeper wants. We’ve done all I care to do here now, time to
return back to the mainland.
32) Head south along the road towards Murky Waters, but stop along the
way to talk to Berengar, like the nice, wet, naked lady told us to. Tell
him about the Lady of the Lake, and Berengar will respond by allowing
us to take the whole destiny thing and play hero. Are you surprised?
You shouldn’t be. He’ll also reveal that he was full of shit earlier-
he sold Witcher secrets to Salamandra willingly. Return to the Lady of
the Lake and tell her about Berengar’s response, and she’ll state the
obvious-that her vision pertained to you, and she’ll promise to aid you,
in time. Now is a great time to complete whatever contracts you may have
unfulfilled and turn them in. When you’re done, we’ll have little else
to do but to go find Alvin, where ever he may be. If you sided with
Triss in the last chapter, see Step #33, if you sided with Shani, see
step #34.

Note: Regardless of which path you must take, the southern-end of the
outskirts is a great place to find Devourers and Giant Centipedes..
although the former will only appear at night.

(For helping clarify the Lady of the Lake’s vision)
EXP 1000
33) If you gave the boy to Triss last chapter, you’ll find him near
some ruins along the southern edge of the map, in between the ‘Collapsed
Bridge’ and the ‘Passage to Fields’. In this case, he’ll be accompanied
by a ‘Gambling Ghost’, a lonely spirit Alvin conjured. This same spirit
professes to be harmless-he only wants somebody to play dice with. On
that note, he offers to play dice over Alvin-winner takes the boy. You
should definately play him if you need to get another Sharper player
under you belt, because-as unlikely as it is-the Gambling Ghost is our
third Sharper in this chapter. If you win, the Gambling Ghost goes away.
What an honorable ghost! If you lose, Geralt obviously can’t afford to
capitulate-a fight ensues. If you kill the Gambling Ghost, he’ll drop
200 Orens and a Diamond.. he’ll also stop respawning, and hence, playing
poker. There’s also a pretty juicy basket outside the ruins with a
variety of goodies inside.
34) From Alina’s House head south out a gate, and proceed along the
riverbank. If you sided with Shani last chapter, you’ll find Alvin and..
his dog.. precariously close to where the third group of Zephyr’s
Drowners are. All is fine, however, because as you approach a Devourer
will show up and attack Alvin.. but the Drowners will safely excuse
themselves. Slay the Devourer and Alvin will talk to you.
35) No matter who you sided with last chapter, Geralt will berate
himself for trying to be what he’s not. A Witcher can’t be a father, and
to even try isn’t fair to Shani/Triss and Alvin. Alvin will freak out
and start mumbling in his Elven prophecy voice. He’ll eventually calm
down, however, and Geralt hands off the Dimeritium Necklace, for what
good it will do. When Geralt was trying to foist Alvin off onto Alina
and Julian, Alvin mentioned a dream he had-one that did note bode well
for Alina. Geralt advises himself in his journal that he should warn
Julian-and so I advise you to do the same. But first..
36) Since we’re up here and all, we might as well head to the river and
deal with the third pack of Zephyr’s Drowners. If you sided with Shani
last chapter, the Drowners will have vanished, so as to not complicate
your cutscenes with Alvin. Head back to Alina’s House (any area
transition will do) and return to the riverbank to get them to respawn.
Kill the last group of Drowners (one Igni should do the trick) and
Zephyr will show himself. He’s pretty tough-for a Drowner-and that just
means he’ll take a few hits before dying. Kill him and loot him. He’ll
drop random Drowner bits, a Silk Scarf, a Silver Ring, and a Turquiose

Note: Your journal often refer to Zephyr as a Drowned Dead, but when you
loot him, he’ll drop Drowner Brain Tissue-not a Drowned Dead Tongue.

(For killing Zephyr)
EXp 2000
37) Now for some notes on Alvin. Since we’ve progressed the quest
‘Alvin’ to this point, the annoying little brat will start bothering
us when we venture into the Lakeside and the Fields. At this phase,
he’ll ask about becoming a Witcher. In response, Geralt has the
following options:

“We never get sick, but that costs us. And then there’s pain… Would
you like to hurt badly?”

“It’s not true that witchers are never afraid. Besides, none remain who
can complete the mutation…”

“Wouldn’t you rather be a knight?”

The only reason this is noteworthy is because it updates the quest
‘Alvin’ and affects his viewpoints later on. My Scoia’tael Geralt picks
option #1, my neutral Geralt picks option #2, and my Order Geralt picks
option #3. He’ll also bug you on subesequent visits-complaining about
his dreams of Alina, and then by just being a clingy pest. You can also
bug Berengar, who will talk a bit more. He confirms what we already
know-that Salamandra wants Alvin, and that Berengar was sent here to get
him. He states that he has no intention of taking Alvin, that he just
wants enough Orens to get out of here.

(For telling Alvin about Witchers)
EXP 1000
38) Finally, go talk to Julian, who will be standing outside of the Inn,
for a change. He’ll tell you that Alina went for a walk in the fields,
and has been missing since. He’ll ask you to help him-and as a nice
guy, agree. Now that his fiance is missing, you can pursue the quest
‘Ripples’ fully. As explained earlier, you have three choices-you can
side with the Vodyanoi, you can side with the humans of Murky Waters,
or you can work for the Lady of the Lake and reconcile both sides.
Since the completion of this quest is one of the main quests that will
trigger the end of this chapter, we’ll put it off in favor of
completing ‘The Heat of the Day’ first. It’ll give us an excuse to
search the fields and complete whatever side quests still need doing.
39) Speaking of side-quests.. Pretty much everything we’ve done up until
now could be accomplished at night-time, without having to set a single
step into the fields.. Both are changing. Rest until morning (10:00
should do it) and head over to the Collapsed Bridge south of Murky
Waters. You should find Pat and Mason Harn. The former has dreams of
archery contests in Vizima, while the latter.. well, he has need of a
Witcher, of course. It’s his life’s work to reconstruct this bridge-a
calling from the river spirits. There’s only one small problem-a band
of Griggs are sabotaging his work. Strike a deal-he’ll offer 400 Orens,
two books, or the archery services of his son. Eh.. sure. If you’re
feeling frisky, head west along the southern boundary of the area to
find a lootable corpse near a pond. It will yield a variety of
treasures.. including an Earth Rune.

Healer’s Hut
40) Now that we finally have an excuse, lets check out the Healer’s Hut.
Inside is an old lady who wants the Devourer Teeth.. and she also sells
books, ingredients, alcohol, greases, and powders. If you didn’t get her
killed in Chapter 1, instead of an old anonymous witch, you’ll find
Abigail. She’ll play mischeivous, but she’s really trying to turn over a
new leaf. Instead of selling poisons to her neighbors, she instead
peddles in more benign, cow-friendly crafts. See? What you do does have
consequences. Anyways, tell her about the Mason’s problem and.. well,
she’ll pretty much tell you everything you need to know. A rival tribe
of Griggs living in the field stole a treasure from the Griggs living
near the village-a Cat Harness, of all things. We need to enter the
in the fields and recover it.. which should placate Harn’s Griggs.
And with that, we’ve pretty much run out of things to do here. Time to
venture merrily to the fields.

| |
| Sororicide, Deicide, Genocide |
| |
Alright, for this section of the walk through we’re going to explore the
fields, finish ‘The Heat of the Day’, then finish any and all side-
quests in Chapter 4 before finally finishing ‘Ripples’. After that..
we’ll let ourselves get swept back up into politics, and back to Vizima.

Sequence of Events: {WLK015}
1) Enemies in the Fields
2) Harvall #2
3) Noonwraith, Nightwraith
4) Wedding’s Over
5) Outside Help
6) Overview of the Fields
7) The First Shard
8) Teyu, and the Second Shard
9) Hermit’s Hut, and the Third Shard
10) The Hunter, Hunted
11) The Lakeside Road, and the Fourth Shard
12) Ureus
13) Stealing the Cat Harness
14) The Fifth Shard
15) Alvin: On His Powers
16) Fixing the Mirror
17) Mirror, Mirror..
18) More Outside Help
19) Appeasing the Griggs
20) Suicidal Salvation
21) Post-Mortem Poetry
22) Saving Celina, and Julian’s Reward
23) Naiad’s Necklace
24) Before We Go..
25) Ripples
26) Julian’s Path
27) The Vodyanoi Priest’s Path
28) The Lady of the Lake’s Path
29) Skinny Dipping
30) Destroying Dagon
31) Rippling Reward
32) Aerondight
33) Berengar’s Confession
34) White Rayla
35) Asking for Aid
36) Alvin: On Elves
37) Treating with Toruviel
38) Decision
39) Consequence
40) Back to Vizima

1) No sense putting it off any longer, it’s time to travel to the
fields. There’s an exit south of the Country Inn. We know a few things
about what we’re looking for-Alina wandered into the fields to pick
raspberries, and Alvin’s visions have her wandering around in sunlight.
Of course, we could find a missing girl at any time of day.. but
something tells you it won’t be that simple, right? (That something is
either your intution, or me, whichever you prefer.) During the day you
can find Wyverns and Noonwraiths (Fast Silver Style) here, which will
allow us to gather all the Shimmering Dust we need for the Blacksmith’s
Wife. At night you’ll find Devourers and.. more Wyverns. Point is,
you’ll be able to complete ‘Temptation’ either way you wish, and
‘The Devourer Contract’ by exploring the fields.. so their rewards will
be recorded below and left for you to turn in at your leisure.

(For giving nine units of Shadow Dust to the Blacksmith)
EXP 8000
Gold 500
Item Red Meteorite


(For giving nine units of Shimmering Dust to the Blacksmith’s Wife)
EXP 8000
Item Plants of Barren Lands
2) Before we do anything momentous, first we need to collect something.
After entering the fields, do not leave until you have completed this
Step. Travel south along the eastern edge of the map until you come
across some trees (north of the ‘Small Farm on the local map). You’ll
find some Wyverns roaming about, and in their midst, an over-grown and
long-abandoned camp. Nearby are two ‘mangled corpses’, and on the ground
you’ll find another ‘Harvall’ sword. If you enter the fields, then leave
before grabbing this sword, it’ll disappear.. like all weapons in this
game are prone to doing. Now, lets get down to business..
3) Head to the middle of the area to find the ‘Raspberry Patch’. When
you approach (if it’s day-time) you should trigger a cutscene where a
familiar-looking Noonwraith approaches Geralt. Alina-the-Noonwraith will
babble about raspberries, her wedding, and other nonsense. When Geralt
tries to tell her that she’s dead, she’ll attack. Put down Alina, and
when you go to leave, you’ll witness Adam chasing down and murdering
Celina, whom he blames for murdering Alina. Celina will rise as a
Nightwraith (these girls seem to have an uncanny disposition for
becoming wraiths, it seems) and talk to you. She’ll have the audacity to
whine about her fate-cursed by her own foul murder.
4) That’s all fine and dandy. Head back to Murky Waters to continue
this quest. When you return to the village outskirts you’ll run into
Adam, who pretty much sums everything up. Alina was killed by Celina
(accidently), and Adam killed Celina. Return to the Country Inn and talk
to Julian, who takes the news rather stoicly. He’ll offer to pay you to
deal with the threat Alina now represents, and when Geralt mentions
Celina’s death, Julian will question that, too. You can either tell him
the truth (that Adam killed Celina) or play dumb. If you tattle on Adam,
he’ll be arrested and placed under house arrest. If you play dumb, he
obviously won’t be arrested.. instead, he’ll hang out at a fireplace
north of the Raspberry Patch in the fields.
5) Now, we’re actually a bit out of Geralt’s area of expertise here-
that amnesia thing can be a real chore sometimes. We’ll need to talk to
various people who might know how to deal with the situation. The
following folks have the information we seek-Berengar, Dandelion, the
Healer/Abigail, the Hermit (a character in the fields we have yet to
meet) and the Lady of the Lake. Berengar is aggravating to deal with as
always, but he arguably gives some of the best advice-we need to find a
magic mirror that Alina had obtained in life-Nehalennia’s Mirror-a
proverbial prophetic mirror. The characters in the game think themselves
overly clever by putting these mirrors into two categories-the
courteous, and the smashed.. I, however, just think of the magic mirror
in Shrek being threatened.. anyways, Alina’s mirror was apparently not
one of the nice ones, and ended up smashed. Showing her ghost the
mirror-an item she was familiar with in life-is a step on the road to
getting rid of her, as we need to get her to realize that she is, in
fact, Alina. Then we need to get her to understand that she’s dead..
which involves either reaching her through the arts, or by having
another deader tell her that she’s dead.. but I’m getting ahead. What
this immediately means is that we’re going to have to search the fields
for the pieces of the mirror.. which might sound tedious, but from a
FAQ-writer’s perspective, it gives us all a perfect excuse to explore
the fields in detail.. and since you’ll be collecting crap along the
way, nobody can call the exploration arbitrary.
6) So, head back to the fields (and make sure it’s during the day!),
which we’re finally going to explore in detail. I’ll assume you’re
entering from the village, not the Lakeside. We’ll explore in the most
logical fashion.. or rather, by heading around the edge of the map
clock-wise. But first, a brief description of the major points of
interest. In the middle of the map is the Crypt, where we have a
‘mother-in-law’ to hunt and a stolen.. Cat-Harness to recover. To the
north of the Crypt is the ‘Ruined Mill’. South-east is a ‘Small Farm’,
more south and less east is a ‘Druid’s Circle’, and near the southern
border of the map is the ‘Hermit’s Hut.
7) Remember the overgrown campsite with the mangled corpses and the
Harvall Sword from Step #2? Go back there. From here we’ll start our
circuit. Keep heading south to find the ‘Small Farm’.. and ‘small’ here
is probably too generous. You should encounter the ‘Midday Bride’ again.
Kill her and loot her for a ‘Shard of Alina’s Mirror’. You’ll also find
a fireplace and a lootable corpse near the ‘farm’.
8) Continue south until your way is blocked, then turn west and and
follow a small body of water to the west. Along the way you should
run across a Vodyanoi named Teyu, and some fellow Dagon Worshippers.
By now, these critters are pathetically weak. Smite them and take Teyu’s
head. I’ll put the quest reward here and leave it to you to turn it in..
just be sure to do so before you enter the Crypt. From here, head south
to find a ‘Druid Lantern’, near which you’ll find the ‘Midday Bride’
again. you know the routine, kill it and loot it for another ‘Shard of
Alina’s Mirror’.

(For bringing the Teyu’s Head to Tobias Hoffman)
EXP 7000
Orens 800

Hermit’s Hut
9) Head west, past a ‘Circle of the Walking Fire’ until you reach the
Hermit’s Hut. Along the fence to the west you’ll find the ‘Midday
Bride’ again, and when you’ve killed her, a third ‘Shard of Alina’s
Mirror’. You can also find some Barrows near the hut, which contain
Mandrake Roots. But really, why visit the Hermit’s Hut if we’re not
going to talk to the Hermit? He’ll be outside during the day, or inside
at night.. how sensible! He sells a huge variety of bomb/oil/potion
recipes, and books.. most of which we should have (in the latter case)
or you shouldn’t need (in the former case.) The only interesting thing
here for you might be the ‘Dagon Sap’ scroll.. but we’ll be getting it
for free soon enough. He’s also a professional-level dice poker player,
if you need another win under your belt. He’s also got a lot to say-
pick “Can I ask you something?” to see a full variety of topics. Ask
about the kurgans to learn more about the Lady of the Lake’s past
champions-from great knights to humble innkeepers, ask about the Lady of
the Lake herself, the legend(s) of the Holy Grail, and the Lady’s
skepticism over the search for said Holy Grail. Finally, he’s got a job
for you. He wants you to drive off the Wild Hunt, the king of which is
trying to lure away the souls of his buried knights. In exchange for
this boon, he’ll offer you a book on vampires (Vampires: Facts and
Myths), the ownership of a hut, or a ‘Wreath of Immortelles’. If you ask
him about the wreath, he’ll just vaguely reply “You might find it
useful…” What a jerk. No wonder he’s a hermit.

Note: The Hermit sells a scroll named ‘Formula for Petri’s Philter’,
which teaches you how to concoct the ‘Petri’s Philter’ potion. Remember
finding the scroll ‘Petri’s Philter Formula’ earlier? They both do the
same thing, although the ‘Formula for Petri’s Philter’ one will not be
listed as read even if you already read ‘Petri’s Philter Formula’. If
you already know the potion recipe (or just don’t care, because you have
my super-awesome guide), there’s no reason to buy this alternate
version. A mistake made by the developers? Clearly. Keep it in mind in
case somebody stops you on the street and asks you a trivia question
about the Witcher. It could happen, and then who would look smart? You
10) You know what? I feel frisky. Lets go do this quest now, since it’s
current and close. Rest at the nearby fireplace until night-time and
head back to the ‘Druid’s Circle’, where you’ll find a trio of Wraiths.
They woke up on the wrong side of the afterlife, and don’t want to be
friends. Kill them, and three more Wraiths will show up-accompanied by
the King of the Wild Hunt. He’s a pain in the ass, as he’ll parry every
attack you direct at him (and given Geralt’s tendency to strike at
exactly the target you don’t want him to attack, he’ll be even more
bothersome than he should be.) He’ll deal a good bit of damage, and is
utterly untouchable. You can banish him by activating the ‘Druid
Lantern’ near the totem and burning up a Mandrake Root, but if you’re
tough enough, you can just fight around him. After the three Wraiths
with the King of the Wild Hunt are dead, three more appear. Defeat
these final three, and the King of the Wild Hunt will vanish.. if he
wasn’t already banished. I should also note that there’s a ‘Shrine of
the Walking Fire’ nearby, if you’re partial to signs. It’ll give you a
nice boost to your Igni sign, and make blasting the Wraiths back into
the afterlife something of a trivial affair. Return to the Hermit’s
Hut, rest until morning, then talk to the Hermit. You can choose three
rewards-first, the book ‘Vampires: Facts and Myths’, which we should
already heave. Second, the ownership of a hut. The hut contains a
few lootable, where you can find a Rattle (an item that repels Giant
Centipedes) and the book ‘The Rivian Pogram’ which we should already
have found at Triss’s House last chapter. It also contains a fireplace,
which I was never able to actually rest at, and despite what the Hermit
says, it contains no storage. Screw the hut, Geralt isn’t the type of
guy to settle down anyways. The third option is vague, but trust me,
it’s the best of the choices.. if for no other reason than because the
other two choices suck. Regardless of what reward you choose, he’ll give
you a ‘Pouch of Salt’, which repels Wraiths.

(For driving off nine Wraiths)
EXP 1500

(For expelling the Wild Hunt)
EXP 5000
Item Pouch of Salt (always)
Item Vampires: Facts and Myths
Item Wreath of Immortelles
Home ownership
11) Now continue west along the southern boundary of the area, then
north along the western boundary. Loot a corpse along the way (just
south of the western ‘ridge’ on the local map) and eventually you’ll
hit the road leading to the Lakeside area. Note that the ‘road’ only
exists on the local map.. but the path I’m talking about should be
pretty clear, considering it’s a narrow route of passable land leading
east-west to the Lakeside area. Kill another ‘Midday Bride’ and loot
the fourth ‘Shard of Alina’s Mirror’. Our next target is the Crypt,
which is east and slightly south of here.. or south and slightly east
from the Raspberry Patch.. however you want to find it. Be sure to
return to Tobias Hoffman with Teyu’s Head, if you haven’t already.
Wouldn’t want to leave behind any trophies, now would we?

Crypt in the Fields
12) Another day, another crypt.. drink a Cat potion and explore. As soon
as you enter you’ll need to dispatch a Cemetaur.. no big deal at this
point in the game. Use the Aard sign to blast down a shabby wall to the
east, then dispatch a group of Alps. A crypt full of undead, who could
have guessed? Continue into the room to the south, and up a rubble-ramp
along the southern side of the room to reach a corridor along the
southern edge of the map. The key word here is ‘south’, if you didn’t
guess. Along the way you’ll find all kinds of Ghoul-type monsters,
Ghouls, Alghouls, Graviers, and Cemetaurs. There’s another destroyable
wall to the south (there’s that word again!) beyond which lies Ureus.
At this point in the game, it took only a single Aard to set the
hapless Cemetaur up for a coup’de’grace. I love Aard, and it loves me.
Loot a nearby trunk and backtrack to the first wall we knocked down..
again, I’ll leave it up to you to turn this trophy in.

Note: The guide that comes with the game claims you can further the
quest ‘Armor’ by finding ‘Notes of an elven minstrel’ in a sarcophagi
in these crypts. This is not true, as there simply are no sarcophagi
to loot. However, in the room containing the ‘Circle of Barren Lands’
you can sometimes glimpse the red name-tag of a Bruxa beyond one of
the walls. Perhaps part of this dungeon was cut at some point?

(For bringing the Cemetaur Head to Tobias Hoffman)
EXP 7000
Orens 800
13) Head north until you reach a four-way branch in the tunnels. If you
head south you’ll find an empty room. If you head north you’ll.. find
another four-way. The room to the west holds a lootable corpse, and in
the room to the north you can find a ‘Circle of the Barren Lands’. Back
at the first four-way, if you head east you’ll reach a room containing
a trunk, and the Grigg’s Santon. Loot the latter to obtain the mighty
Cat Harness.

(For obtaining the Cat Harness)
EXP 2000
14) Now it’s time to recover the last piece of Alina’s Mirror. Head over
to the ‘Ruined Mill’ and, by taking advantage of a combination of
stairs and wooden ramps, reach the roof. Here you’ll find the ‘Midday
Bride’ again, who holds the fifth and final ‘Shard of Alina’s Mirror’.
There’s also a lootable corpse to the east of the mill.. once the
next little annoyance is dealt with.

(For obtaining all the parts of Alina’s Mirror)
EXP 2000
15) Of course, nothing is ever easy. After you grab the fifth shard,
Alvin will show up, and complain to Geralt about how people mistreat
him. It’s again up to Geralt to shape Alvin’s outlook by responding:

“Destiny isn’t everything. We are masters of our own fate.”

“Your visions are a gift, not a curse. It’s up to you to use them for

“Keep your gift a secret. The lives of the gifted are rarely easy.”

Again, I vary my responses to suit the various Geralts I’m playing.
The Scoia-tael-aligned Geralt advises the third option, while the Order-
aligned Geralt picks the second option. My neutral Geralt picks the

(For giving Alvin advice about his gift)
EXP 1000
16) It’s time to get this mirror fixed, and there are two people who
can do the job. First, there’s the Elven Craftsman in the Lakeside area,
and then there’s the Blacksmith, in Murky Waters. Both will do the job
for 100 Orens. The official guide invites you to take the forging time
as an opportunity to complete some side-quests.. this is so much bunk.
Just go into any new area and return, and your mirror will be ready.
The perk about traveling to the Lakeside area and letting the Elven
Craftsman do it is.. we can travel to the Lakeside area from the
fields, and hence we’ll have a shakey excuse to explore the thus-far
neglected western edge of the Lakeside area. From the fields to the
Elven Cave you’ll find a corpse to loot, and a basket near the lake..
whichever you choose.
17) Get the mirror fixed, and with ‘Alina’s Broken Mirror’ in your
inventory, head back to the fields. Find the ‘Midday Bride’ at the
Raspberry Patch and talk to it. Alina’s personality will indeed come
out, but (as Berengar predicted) will not realize that she’s dead.
Alvin will come up and state the obvious, then pester Geralt. Geralt
will again resolve to consult others who may be more in-the-know than

(For exposing the Midday Bride to Alina’s Mirror)
EXP 2000
18) Your choices are more limited this time-either visit the Lady of the
Lake or the Healer/Abigail. I suggest the latter, due to simple
proximity.. and because we’re about to deal with the former shortly
anyways. No need to rush that Sex Card, kids. Also, if we talk to the
Healer/Abigail we can advance ‘Small Problems’ by telling her we have
the Cat Harness. We’ll be told to put the Cat Harness in the Santon near
the bridge, wait a day, then see if the Griggs accepted the gift. If
so, they’ll have left us a gift in exchange, which we need to give to
Harn, so the Griggs will recognize him has a friend and leave him alone.
As for the quest ‘The Heat of the Day’ our actions back in Chapter 1 are
going to come back to haunt us. If we let Abigail die, we’ll be told we
can’t put Alina’s spirit at rest ‘innocent blood’ on our hands, and all
that. We’ll be left with one option-another dead person will have to
tell Alina that she’s dead. Otherwise, if we’re not playing with a
guilty Geralt, we can get Dandelion to assist us-apparently spirits are
vulnerable to good, old-fashioned, poetry. If you let Abigail die in
Chapter 1, see Step #20. If not, see Step #21.
19) But before you bother with Alina and that nonsense, lets finish off
‘Small Problems’. Head over to the ‘Collapsed Bridge’, then search for
the Santon to the north-east. Hand over the Cat Harness and-despite what
the Healer/Abigail said-you’ll immediately get a return gift-a Four-Leaf
Clover. Take it to Mason Harn for your reward.. You can pick a book
(Spectres, Wraiths, and the Damned), the services of the Mason’s son,
Pat, or 400 Orens. All these rewards suck so hard, I have no opinion
of what you should pick.

(For giving the Cat Harness to the Griggs of Murky Waters)
EXP 2000

(For giving Mason Harn the Four-Leaf Clover)
EXP 4000
Orens 400
Item Spectres, Wraiths, and the Damned
Pat’s Services as an Archer
20) You let Abigail die, you’re a bad person, you have blood on your
hands. Anyways, that doesn’t mean you can’t complete this quest, and it
doesn’t mean you didn’t get her Sex Card.. so it’s not all that bad.
If you told Julian that Adam killed Celina, you’ll need to head over to
the Country Inn and talk to Julian, who will hand over the key to Adam’s
House readily enough. Head over to Adam’s House and ask him if he’d
like to help Alina. The answer is obvious, and Adam will run off eagerly
to help her.. and you should follow to prevent Adam from doing anything
stupid (the game’s words, not mine.. well, now they’re technically mine,
too..) If you didn’t squeal on Adam.. well, he’ll already be in the
fields, so either way, at this phase, head to the fields and find Adam
at the fireplace north of the Raspberry Patch. He’ll call himself a
failure, and Geralt will for some reason try to stop Adam from doing the
obvious. Alina shows up and Adam convinces her that she’s dead, and when
Alina demands vengeance, Adam tells her ‘mission accomplished’.. except
unlike some American presidents, he does so after actually getting the
job done. The two ghosts think they are terribly romantic, Geralt
complains about said romance, then you’ll get a cutscene where Geralt
doubts his witcher neutrality. Considering how things ended up, perhaps
we should have saved Abigail? Of course, how would we know that our
refusal to save Abigail would result in suicide, and subsequently, ghost
romance? Be sure to loot Adam’s body for a rather generous number of
Orens-unless you’re too proud to pocket his 850 Orens. Skip to Step #22
for your reward.
21) Head over to the Country Inn and talk to Dandelion. Dandelion,
always faithful, will readily agree to compose something.. as odd of an
event as it is. Geralt warns Dandelion not to be funny, and not to
provoke the Noonwraith, then tells Dandelion to meet him in the fields
at sunset. Head over to the fields and find a spot to rest-the game is
actually fairly strict on the timing here. The fireplace north of the
Raspberry Patch (where Adam sulks) is fine for this purpose. Rest until
dusk, then head over to the Raspberry Patch and wait for Dandelion, who
will show up shortly. Talk to him when he arrives, and Dandelion will
sheepishly ask for more time. Geralt tells him to improvise, and Alina
will interrupt and settle the matter. Dandelion, ever treacherous
Dandelion, decides that by ‘improvise’ Geralt meant he should devise a
two-voice poem, and force Geralt to do some of the work. Dandelion will
start to be all bard-like, and you’ll have to fill in the blanks when
prompted. Failure just means Dandelion will apologize on Geralt’s
behalf and insult him. The two correct answers are ‘The deceased’ and
‘A ghost’. Once complete, Alina will complain that she cannot rest
until she is avenged. This prompts Celina to show up, with impeccible
timing. She shows off that she is, in fact, quite dead, and Alina is
already avenged. The sisters then make up, Geralt reflects on the role
of witchers, and this time he defines it broadly-Witcher’s don’t just
kill monsters, they solve human problems-a true recipe for political
meddling if I ever heard one, and a huge reason our neutral Geralt
didn’t take this path. By the way, the image of Dandelion performing
between the two wraith-sisters is one of my favorite images from this
game. Rejoice that you know more about my tastes, and see the next
Step for your reward.
22) Return to the Country Inn and tell Julian about what happened. He’ll
give you a reward which is-frankly-pathetic for the amount of work
you’ve done. Ah well. There’s one more thing to do with this business,
even if it is off the books. Return to the fields after talking to
Julian and completing ‘The Head of the Day’ and search for Celina, the
Nightwraith. She could be wandering around just about anywhere, so
search well. When you find her, talk to her and offer to help. She’ll
notice that you have the ‘Wreath of Imortelles, and you can give it to
her to put her at peace. At the very least, it’ll get the item out of
our inventory. Now that the quest ‘The Heat of the Day’ is complete, we
really just need to complete ‘Ripples’, which we’ll get to shortly.

(For helping Alina find peace via Adam’s suicide)
EXP 4000
Orens 400

(For helping Alina find peace via Dandelion’s song)
EXP 6000
Orens 400
23) First, lets give that Naiad her stupid necklace back. She can be
found in the Lakeside area, and will have migrated east of where you
first met her-near the ‘Circle of Waning Magic’. When you give her the
necklace, she’ll offer you one of three rewards-a book on the Vodyanoi
(A Description of the Vodyanoi or the Fishpeople), an Earth Rune, or
free healing whenever you need it.. Of course, we should already have
the book, and the free healing is.. well, it’s easier to just rest at
any fireplace, than it is to bother running all the way back here to
heal.. or you could just wait, you doubtlessly have decent vitality
regeneration by now.. That really just leaves the Earth Rune, which
isn’t much of a prize either. Ah well. On the plus side, she’ll give you
a Red Ribbon, regardless.

(For returning the Turquiose Necklace to the Naiad)
EXP 6000
Item Red Ribbon (always)
Item A Descrition of Vodyanoi or the Fishpeople
Item Earth Rune
24) Before we head off to complete ‘Ripples’, there’s one more thing we
should make a note of. Chapter 5 is, well, it’s supposed to be the
terminal chapter of the game, and some of our normal hobbies-dice poker
playing, fist fighting, and enjoying the infinite storage capacity of
our multi-dimensional stash will be somewhat limited. Before heading off
to Chapter 5 (which is what completing ‘Ripples’ will lead you to do)
have a few things ready. First, of course, be sure to have completed
everything that can be done in Chapter 4, you won’t be coming back.
Second, have at least one Devourer Tooth in your inventory, as we can
give it to Zahin Schmartz (the dentist) as part of ‘Wont Hurt a Bit’.
There are no Devourers in Chapter 5, and very limited stash access, so
you’ll just need to keep it on-hand. Finally, have about 2000 Orens-
this shouldn’t be a problem, as Chapter 4 isn’t very expensive, and the
two trophy quests give 800 Orens each. We’ll need the money to play the
greatest dice poker player in the land. No, he’s not quite that
expensive to play, but if he’s got a good hand, he can raise the bet by
up to 600 Orens per round.. and you don’t want to have to forfeit just
because you can’t match his ante!
25) It’s finally time to finish off ‘Ripples’, and there are three
ways to complete the quest. I’ll include all three, despite the fact
that the rewards are in no way equal. I suggest siding with the Lady of
the Lake, as she gives what is by far a better reward than what Julian
or the Vodyanoi Priest will give. Either way, you’re going to end up on
Black Tern Island again, and while you’re there, be sure to talk to the
Lady of the Lake before you fight Dagon and complete ‘Ripples’ if you
want to gain her Sex Card (Step #29). During ‘Ripples’, if you want to
side with Julian see Step #26, if you want to side with the Vodyanoi
Priest see Step #27, and if you want to side with the Lady of the Lake
see Step #28. The fight with Dagon is covered in Step #28, and the
rewards can be found in Step #31.
26) Ask Julian about taking up the contract from Berengar, and he’ll
tell you about some humans looters who were massacred by Vodyanoi.
Apparently some of the fish-men worship Dagon, a blood-thirsty god.
Our mission? Head to Black Tern Island and kill the Vodyanoi cultists
who guard the Altar of Dagon-which is on the north-eastern corner of the
island. Enter the shrine and kill the Vodyanoi there to provoke Dagon.
27) If you want to side with the Vodyanoi, go to the Lakeside and head
to the shrine where you found him way back in Step #1. As you approach
the ‘Resolute Girl’ will bother you and tell you that the ‘funny
fishman’ has returned. Talk to the Vodyanoi Priest, and he’ll have a
solution-abduct the prize-winning cow (which Dagon covets) and kill it
on his altar to lure him there.. then kill Dagon. You can’t expect a
Vodyanoi to tell you to sacrifice other Vodyanoi, can you? Although
Julian (and undoubtably, most of the peasants in Murky Waters) surely
think that the life of a cow is more valuable than the lives of sentient
fish-folk. To lure the stupid mammal, you’ll need Dried Fruit and Nuts.
If you’ve been good and followed my advice, you should have stored
plenty of it by now.. if not, the Baker sells some for twenty-five
Orens each. Head over to the village of Murky Waters and ‘talk’ to the
cow. Give it a gift of Dried Fruits and Nuts and listen as Geralt tries
his best soothing call.. Now head back to the Lakeside area and board
the Fisher King’s boat-don’t worry about the stupid cow actually
following you out of the village, it’ll show up when you arrive at the
Lakeside. Head to Black Tern Island and head to the Altar of Dagon-
which is on the north-eastern corner of the island. Enter the shrine
and kill the cow to provoke Dagon.
28) Now, if you want to side with the Lady of the Lake and reconcile
both sides, talk to both Julian and the Vodyanoi Priest. Both sides need
to give a gift to the Lady of the Lake, and what you have is really a
guessing game-which is painless, since you have somebody telling you
exactly what to get. Have the Vodyanoi Priest give up his (its?) golden
bracelet, and convince Julian to fork over his alabaster figure. Now
return to Black Tern Island and talk to the Lady of the Lake, who will
confirm that these are, indeed, the gifts she wanted. In exchange she’ll
give you ‘The Lady of the Lake’s Ruby’, her enchanted blood, with which
we’ll challenge Dagon to a duel. Head to the Altar of Dagon-which is on
the north-eastern corner of the island. Enter the shrine and place ‘The
Lady of the Lake’s Ruby’ on one of the ‘Altars of Dagon’ to provoke

(For giving the Lady of the Lake the correct gifts)
EXP 2000
29) Because it’s convenient to mention it here, and because everybody
will have to go past the Lady of the Lake to complete ‘Ripples’, we’ll
talk about getting the Lady of the Lake’s Sex Card here. By talking to
the Hermit earlier, we learned that the Lady of the Lake is not fond of
the whole Holy Grail thing-she’s a lonely deity that has had too many of
her brave knights run off and get themselves killed over baubles. Talk
to the Lady of the Lake and pick the dialogue option “M’Lady! I have had
a revelation and wish to embark on a mission.” She’ll respond “Geralt,
I’m warning you…”. Pick the option “A jest”, and the two will begin
flirting. When Geralt drops the flowery crap and tells her she has a
nice ass, he’ll get her Sex Card. You can talk to her again afterwards
and ask about her favoring the Fisher King. She’ll allude to his
prowess, insults Geralt’s and Geralt will backtrack. On that note, it’s
time to go pay Dagon a visit.
30) You’ll get a cutscene showing Dagon’s approach. The fight with
Dagon is laughably easy-don’t bother with Dagon at all, instead, target
whatever Vodyanoi come with him. He does paltry damage, and suffers
every time you kill some of his servants. Be sure to loot Dagon for
‘Dagon Secretions’ and a Sun Rune.

(For slaying Dagon)
EXP 2000
31) Now to cash-in on our hard work. Return to Julian and he’ll reward
you with a Huge Diamond. It sells for 300 Orens.. and really is a
pathetic reward when you see what else you might have obtained. Return
to the Vodyanoi Priest and he’ll reward you with a Cermonial Sword of
Deithwen.. It’s a weapon that was out-dated before it ever was
obtainable. By now, we’ve found some (and probably have already sold
some!) Still, like the diamond Julian would give, it’s worth 300 Orens.
Return to the Lady of the Lake and she’ll reward you by helping you
regain some of your former abilities-in this case, it means giving you
a free Silver Talent to spend. Two thousand more experience and a free
Silver Talent? Yes please.

(For killing Dagon for Julian)
EXP 5000
Items Huge Diamond


(For killing Dagon for the Vodyanoi Priest)
EXP 5000
Items Ceremonial Sword of Deithwen


(For killing Dagon for the Lady of the Lake)
EXP 5000
Misc +1 Silver Talent

Note: If you sided with the Lady of the Lake and want to hear the
Fisher King talk, speak to him after killing Dagon, but before talking
to the Lady of the Lake. Geralt will insult him and the Fisher King
will respond.
32) Finally, the Lady of the Lake makes good on her earlier promise to
give you aid.. and in a big way! If you’ve completed ‘The Heat of the
Day’, ‘Ripples’, and talked to Berengar for the Lady of the Lake during
‘The Paths of Destiny’ she’ll reward you with knighthood, and the silver
sword ‘Aerondight’. It gives a +60% bonus to damage, +10% bonus to
attack, and a +50% critical chance to inflict Pain, Blinding,
Incineration, and Precise Hit. Needless to say, it’s very, very nice
sword, and certainly and upgrading over anything you may have been
using. This updates the quests ‘Alvin’, and ‘The Paths of Destiny’.

Note: If you want to keep your old Silver Sword, you’ll need to store
it in your stash-ideally before you talk to whomever you want to
complete ‘Ripples’ for, but after defeating Dagon.

(For being knighted by the Lady of the Lake)
EXP 3000
Item Aerondight
33) Head back to your boat. Along the way you’ll be accosted by
Berengar-how he got here without a boat is worth pondering. He’ll admit
to everything he did with Salamandra, most of which is reiteration by
now, and invites Geralt to judge him. Despite his hostility, he betrays
himself by confessing his crimes and subjecting himself to Geralt’s
scrutiny. If you call Berengar a traitor, Berengar will attack. Put him
down with the fast steel style and loot his corpse for the scroll
‘Dagon Sap’, Berengar’s Letter, the Book of the Full Moon, some
Quicksilver Solution, and 866 Orens. So ends ‘Paths of Destiny’, and
the quest ‘Berengar’s Secret’ updates. On the other hand, if you try to
sympathize with him, he’ll hand over Berengar’s Letter, the scroll
‘Dagon Sap’, and the Book of the Full Moon’. You’ll also get a quest
reward, and, as we should expect by now, characters we keep alive have a
habit of showing up later. In the end, both my Scoia’tael and neutral
Geralts spare Berengar-the former because he’s a fellow freak, and the
latter because.. well, witcher’s aren’t supposed to fight, and he
generally refuses to murder things that aren’t monsters. For the sake
of variety, however, the Order-aligned Geralt kills Berengar here. He’s
far more concerned with morality and guilt than the neutral Geralt, and
he has no reason to value Berengar’s ‘otherness’.

Note: If you have the ingredients, now might not be a bad time to
concoct the ‘Dagon Sap’ potion (Rebis/Aether/Hydragenum/Vermillion and
Dagon Secretions.) Consuming it will get you the ‘True Grit’ talent.

(For sparing Berengar)
EXP 2000
34) Take the boat back to the mainland and you’ll be accosted by a
creature called ‘White Rayla’. She’s a rather over-zealous bitch that
has been sent here to deal with Toruviel and her Elven unit. Even with
my Order-aligned Geralt, I can’t help but find this person unpleasant.
She’ll helpfully inform you that the Scoia’tael have turned Vizima into
a warzone (Yaevinn’s been busy since we left!) and that Toruviel’s band
of Elves have taken hostages in the village of Murky Waters. Don’t be
content to simply label White Rayla a racist, however, as she informs
Geralt that the peasants here are guilty of treason for feeding the
Elves. To be fair, Rayla is a mercenary-not a monk-and by her admission
she kills non-humans for revenge.. but the fact that the Order sullies
itself by dealing with such people just makes it look worse. To prevent
an all-out massacre of both humans and non-humans, Geralt offers to go
speak to Toruviel. This starts the quest ‘Free Elves’.
35) Head to the village area. Near the area transition from the
Lakeside area to Murky Waters, you’ll be accosted by an Order Footman if
you sided with the Order during ‘Gold Rush’ last chapter. He’ll invite
you to continue helping the Order, and try and convince you to view the
situation with typically dangerous moral relativity-just pretend the
Elves here are like any other monsters threatening humans. For the
Order-aligned Geralt, he’s preaching to the choir. Once you cross into
Murky Waters, you’ll again be pestered by Dandelion, who will inform
you that Alvin is one of the hostages. Nothing is ever simple, is it?
Head into Murky Waters and find the Scoia’tael near Celina’s House.
If you sided with the Scoia’tael during the quest ‘Gold Rush’ last
chapter, you’ll be approached by a ‘Scoia’tael leader’, who will
implore Geralt to get involved in the fight. He’s not quite as bad as
White Rayla, but his insistence that Toruviel has ‘no right’ to avoid
deeper immersion in this conflict is grating enough, in its own right..
also the Scoia’tael will be much better equipped. Vivaldi’s gold clearly
went towards warfare, rather than welfare.
36) Keep heading through the throng of Scoia’tael and their hostages
until Alvin pesters you. Apparently he can ‘hear’ what the Elves are
thinking, and he doesn’t like it one bit. He’ll ask Geralt another
question, this time about Elves, and Geralt can respond in one of
three ways:

“They’re fighting for their freedom, for an ideal. Humans have them up
against the wall and they see no other way…”

“The Elves refuse to concede that the world has changed. They cannot win
but they still fight. It’s their sad, desperate attempt at halting

“They’ve lost their lofty, beautiful veneer. One can clearly see the
deep hatred they hold for humans.”

It’s a pretty easy choice, and by now my Geralts are touting their
party lines. The Scoia’tael-aligned Geralt picks option #1, the Order-
aligned Geralt picks option #3, and the neutral Geralt picks option

(For explaining the actions of the Scoia’tael to Alvin)
EXP 1000
37) Talk to Toruviel, who will be wandering about. She’ll reveal that
she resorted to holding the children hostage because adults didn’t
prevent Rayla’s aggression-just typical stake-raising during warfare,
at it’s best. Depending on how you acted earlier in the game, you’ll
get various options-first, she’ll flat-out refuse to let Alvin go, so
we can just ignore that. If you’ve been Order-friendly, you can try to
convince her to surrender in return for a ‘fair’ trial. If you’ve been
Scoia-tael friendly, you can try to convince her to let the hostages go.
In the former case, she’ll respond unfavorably-and smartly so. In the
latter case, she’ll agree to let the prisoners go and reveal that she
just wishes to escape.. which seems like the best option for all sides.
Either way, we need to talk to Dandelion to determine how to act.

Note: The official guide says that if you sided with the Scoia’tael in
Chapter 2 (I assume that would mean during the quest ‘Force Recon’)
Toruviel will agree to let the hostages go. I’m willing to chalk this
up to a simple typo. What happened during ‘Gold Rush’ determines how
Toruviel responds-not ‘Force Recon’.
38) You’ll find Dandelion skulking near the northern side of Celina’s
House. Tell him that everything is going to hell, and you’ll eventually
get two choices-and Dandelion will even be kind enough to inform you
that this is a pivotal moment. You can side with whomever you sided
with during ‘Gold Rush’, or take Alvin and run off.. and become the
enemy of both sides (this is what passes for neutrality at this point.)
My decisions are pretty straight-forward, whomever I sided with during
‘Gold Rush’, I side with again.. except for my neutral Geralt, who
decides to just take Alvin and let the two factions bloody each other

(For making a major political decision)
EXP 3000
39) Whatever choice you make, Geralt wisely talks to Toruviel and asks
her to let Alvin go.. and for some reason, it works this time. Intending
to clear Alvin from the board before the upcoming fight, Geralt goes to
lead Alvin away.. when the Order bungles everything by attacking. Humans
in chainmail are pretty sneaky, it seems, but a fight inevitably breaks
out, and Alvin-under duress-teleports away. So much for that amulet.
When the cutscene ends, Geralt will be left to deal with whatever his
politics have left him-if you’re playing neutral, feel free to run from
the whole scene entirely. Kill whomever you wish, then loot as you
please. It’s interesting to note that no matter who you ‘decide’ to side
with, everything plays out the same way-even if you don’t lift a single
finger to help one side or the other, every member of the organization
somehow knows-intuitively-what you said to Dandelion in private.
40) Return to the Lakeside area and head to where the Fisher King’s boat
is. You can find White Rayla along the way, on the beach north of the
Fisher King’s Hut. She’ll reveal that the adjutant striped her of her
command (by presenting a letter from Siegfried, no less) which led to
the mess. I guess we can’t really fault her for this one.. Anyways,
talk to Dandelion-if you’ve read Berengar’s Letter you can talk to
Dandelion about it-but ultimately, you’ll end up heading off to Vizima.
Time for the final chapter to begin.

(For returning to Vizima)
EXP 12000

| Chapter 5 |
| |
| Vizima in Flames |
| |
Our (almost) final post-chapter recap. Don’t worry, you’re almost done!
Lets run down our laundry list: Alvin is gone, having vanished when the
battle of Murky Waters broke out. Salamandra has be located in the city
of Vizima, and now that we know where to strike, we can finally attempt
to settle the score with Azar Javed. The city itself, however, is up in
flames due to the conflict between the Scoia’tael and the Order.. we
are certainly not through dealing with the politics of the two factions.
Even if we decided to remain neutral, we’ll at least have both sides
hostile towards us as we go about our business, and of course, if we
sided with the Scoia’tael or the Order, you can bet we’ll have to deal
with our friends beseeching us for aid. Last but certainly not least,
Adda still wants us dead. How she (and Salamandra, for that matter)
are responding to the fighting has yet to be seen, and of course,
whether such devastation will prove enough to lure Foltest back to the
city is also of interest. There’s still alot of work to be done, to be
sure, but at least we have something to look forward to, we haven’t been
guaranteed thus far-some resolution.

This chapter is unlike any other-it’s fairly short, especially compared
to Chapters 2 and 3, anyways. Also, given the weight of our quests and
the variability of the reactions of the NPCs it’s just easier to split
this chapter up by whichever Geralt we happen to be playing.. even if
it means repeating myself a bit. Keep an eye on the ‘Sequence of Events’
to see what steps pertain to which Geralts.

Steps that refer to the Scoia’tael-aligned Geralt will have the heading
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCOIA’TAEL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< above them.

Steps that refer to the Order-aligned Geral will have the heading
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ORDER<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< above them.

Steps that refer to the Neutral Geralt will have the heading
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEUTRAL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< above them.

It’s not my favorite solution to the complexity of this chapter, but it
is the simplest-the branching Steps will begin when we leave the
Castle, and end when we leave Old Vizima.. or functionally, to cover the
quests ‘Hope Burns Bright’, ‘The Flame that Cleanses’, and ‘Under a
Fiery Sky’. Steps without a heading should be assumed to apply to all
the possible Geralts.

Sequence of Events: {WLK016}
1) Last Chance to Stash
2) Dandelion Detained
3) Radovid and Carmen
4) Zoltan’s Update
5) To Old Vizima
6) A King’s Command
7) Talking to Triss
8) Velerad and Count de Wett
9) Costly Cousins
10) Dice Poker Legend
11) Notes on Old Vizima


12) Escorting the Nurses
13) The Hospital
14) Mutant on the Tower
15) Kalkstein’s Checklist
16) Defending the Hospital
17) Escaping Old Vizima


18) Escorting White Rayla
19) The Hospital
20) The Old Forge
21) Mutant on the Tower
22) Defending the Hospital
23) Rescuing White Rayla
24) A Moment of Rest
25) Assaulting the Barricades


26) Escorting Zoltan
27) Finding the Refugees
28) The Hospital
29) The Old Forge
30) Mutant on the Tower
31) Defending the Hospital
32) Rescuing Toruviel
33) Tiger-Style!
34) Assaulting the Barricades

1) When you arrive, Dandelion will chat with you, generally being
unnerved by the violence. He also serves an important function, for
once. You can access your stash via him, and since he’s not going to be
with us for very long, we should take advantage of him now. Drop off
*EVERYTHING* which is not important-the only things you should have in
your satchel are potions and strong alcohol-in your alchemy sack, get
rid of all the ingredients that are not common and useful.. Potions
will be very, very useful in this chapter, in a way they haven’t really
been on the normal difficulty thus far. Below is a list of pointers-
given to you by somebody who knows what lies ahead.. and isn’t that the
point of following a FAQ?

Bring ten bottles of strong alcohol with you.. less if you already have
potions of Cat, Blizzard, Wolverine, Wolf and White Raffard’s Decoction.
You will, of course, need to make some White Gull to serve as the base
for your stronger potions, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
If you have any Silk Scarves, Red Shawls, Rubies, or Fool’s Parsley,
bring them with you, too, as they can all be traded for potions later.
You have no further use for them, so you might as well bring them along
to trade for potions, which you will have a use for.
2) Head up to the shore, and along the way you’ll be bothered by good
old Vincent.. or a ‘Guard Captain’, if you.. ah.. allowed him to perish
in Chapter 3. If it’s Vincent, he’ll state that Dandelion is needed by
King Radovid, if it’s the Guard Captain, Dandelion will be arrested for
being a foreign spy-either way, Dandelion will not be coming with you
to Old Vizima. You haven’t lost his services yet, however.
3) Ignore the nearby planks leading to the shore and instead follow the
docks to the north and cross to the shore there. Here you’ll find
Radovid and Carmen.. Radovid will ask about your goals, and Carmen will
either be amiable, or angry, depending on whether you’ve killed Vincent
or not. It’s altogether trivial.
4) Now head to the southern shore, where your old pal Zoltan Chivay will
talk to you and explain what’s going on. Apparently the Order instigated
the riot by killing nonhuman women and children-and with such
provocation Yaevinn had little trouble getting most of the nonhuman
population to join him. More importantly, Shani has started up a clinic
in Old Vizima. This starts one of three quests, depending on your
politics. If you sided with the Scoia’tael, the quest ‘Hope Burns
Bright’ begins. If you sided with the Order ‘The Flame that Cleanses’
begins. Finally, neutral characters will have the quest ‘Under a Fiery
Sky’ begin. If you’ve sided with the Scoia’tael, Zoltan will offer to
come with you, if you’ve sided with the Order, he’ll be rather abusive..
allergic to bastards.. priceless..
5) Head up to the bridge connecting Old Vizima to the Temple Quarter.
Depending on who you sided with, you’ll have to deal with hostile
Scoia’tael rebels, Order zealots, or both. Don’t bother trying to kill
them all-they keep coming, and they don’t really drop anything
worthwhile-not that you could make use of it if they did, anyways. Head
to the gate to Old Vizima and leave the Dike behind-forever. Once you
leave, you’re done stashing things for the rest of Chapter 5.

6) Watch a cutscene showing King Foltest taking an ill-advised tour of
the battlefield that is his city. He’ll be saved by the Grand Master of
the Order of the Flaming Rose-apparently an armored knight, but also a
mage of some power. Foltest refuses to put his military power in the
hands of the racist Order, and when Geralt shows up, Foltest will
command that he be brought with him. You’ll be whisked away to the
Castle, where he’ll tell you that he wants you to lift the curse that
has once again caused Adda to become a Striga. They’ll also talk a bit
of politics, based upon Geralt’s decisions thus far. When the
conversation is over, you’ll be left to chat with Triss, Velerad, and
Count de Wett about removing Adda’s curse. This starts the quest
‘Her Highness the Striga’.
7) Talk to Triss first.. she’ll be less than happy if you didn’t give
Alvin over to her in Chapter 3, and ironically states that Alvin would
never have vanished had you given him to her (of course, that’s not
true.) If you gave Alvin to Triss in Chapter 3, however, she’ll be a
bit more friendly. You can declare your hokey love for her, or tell her
things can’t work out. Finally, if you’ve been neutral thus far, you can
ask about Raven’s Armor you’re trying to recreate. Whatever the case,
ask about the Striga problem and she’ll suggest that somebody recast the
curse.. or otherwise managed to counter your original work. Being
neutral and getting a lead on Raven’s armor will update the quest
8) Next talk to Velerad and de Wett. Neither are terribly interesting,
(and thankfully not as variable as Triss was in her responses.) Velerad
will try and strong-arm you, and suggest that the Striga was seen in
Old Vizima. De Wett will be less combative now, and will suggest that
if you killed Adda (rather than lifting her curse) interested parties
would be rather generous.. and he doesn’t seem fond of Foltest, either.
When the cat’s away, the mice will play.. Once you’re done talking to
the three of them, a Chamberlain will show up and tell you to meet the
king in his chambers..
9) But first, talk to a lady named Antoinette. She’ll babble a bit
before she gets to business-her cousins have fled, for reasons she’s
vague about, and she wants you to deliver some aid to them (in this
case, she means money). She’ll give you 900 Orens to distribute, and
suggest you find them in caves within the Swamp Cemetery. This starts
the quest ‘Mud and Velvet’. Don’t be tempted to say that you don’t
meddle in politics, either. You can get a badass sword from this quest,
so it wouldn’t be wise to decline.
10) Head through a doorway to the north-east and go down a swanky
hallway to reach some stairs leading to Foltest’s Chambers. Talk to the
king and the two of you will babble on about Adda and Salamandra before
Foltest decides to get more personal by talking about your relationship
with Triss/Shani. Your response will update ‘Identity’. Lastly, before
Foltest lets you go he’ll sheepishly ask if you’ll play dice poker with
him. Despite his claims of not getting to play very often due to the
squeamishness of his opponents, he’s the best player in the land.. but
you only get one chance to play him. Defeat him, and you’ll be the
best poker player around.. and you’ll finally finish off ‘A Game of
Dice’. The bets are a minimum of 50 Orens, and can go as high as 400,
and if he’s got a good hand (or if you do, for that matter) you can
ante up to 600 Orens each round.. Needless to say, this can get pricey,
and you were earlier advised to have at least 2000 Orens to fund this

(For realizing how you truly feel about Triss/Shani)
EXP 3000

(For becoming a Dice Poker legend)
EXP 3000
11) When you’re done with Foltest, talk to the Chamberlain and head off
to Vizima. This is where our paths split for the rest of this Sequence.
If you’re playing a neutral Geralt, see Steps #12-17. If your Geralt is
aligned with the Order, see Steps #18-25. Finally, Scoia’tael-aligned
Geralts should skip to Steps #26-34. As for our methodology-we’ll be
skipping everything that’s not essential to making it through Old
Vizima, in an effort to reunite the guide under a common goal more
quickly. After leaving for the first time, it’ll become easier to
explore, and with access to the Swamp Cemetery, we’ll be able to
complete all the quests in Old Vizima. Also, don’t bother with looting
until the next Sequence-if indeed you must bother with it at all. We
shouldn’t need most of what we find (although extra strong alcohol might
come in handy, for potion-making), we can’t store anything we find, and
most of it’s not worth selling in any event. If you must loot, do so
when you return after entering the Swamp Cemetery-it’ll be quieter, and


Old Vizima
12) Head down the stairs from where you find yourself after the
cutscene and you’ll run into two ‘Nurses from Old Vizima’. They’ll tell
you about Shani and Geralt will helpfully offer to escort them to her
Hospital. War wages all around us, the Order and the Scoia’tael have
adopted that wonderful life-quenching rule that ‘if you’re not with us,
you’re against us’, and it show-everybody wants a piece of neutral
Geralt. In the case of these naughty nurses here, it’s not so bad, but
with emotional rebel nonhumans and zealous Order knights, it can be a
bit of a bother. Don’t bother fighting unless you need to clear off
hostiles to enter a building or otherwise get around them-they’ll
respawn endlessly, and you’ll need precious little of what they drop.
Travel south until you reach the Hospital in the middle of the area.

13) When you arrive at the Hospital, the two nurses will thank you and
you’ll find yourself inside the Hospital. They talk further and elude to
thanking you more properly-once Shani is gone. Shani then comes up, and
reacts to Geralt variably, depending on whether she’s his sweetheart or
not. Finally, a guard shows up and tells Geralt that the Striga has been
seen near the tallest tower in Old Vizima. This updates the quests ‘Her
Highness the Striga’, and ‘The Flame that Cleanses’.
14) It’s time to find our Striga. Head south until you find Kalkstein’s
Laboratory, then turn north to find an alley populated by some Temerian
soldiers. Trigger a cutscene near the base of the tower and fight off
the Mutant that drops down using the Fast Steel Style. Kalkstein will
show up after the battle and will show too much interest in the thing..
as is usual for Kalkstein. He’ll call it a mutant, and make the obvious-
and unsettling-comparison to Geralt. It seems Salamandra is getting
better with its mutations, and they’re getting awfully close to creating
Witchers. He’ll also share a rumor that points out an old church in the
Swamp Cemetery as our Striga’s likely lair, and he’ll give us the book
‘Striga’s Urge’, in case we dispatch the Striga. This updates the quests
‘Her Highness the Striga’, ‘Under a Fiery Sky’, and ‘Sweet Revenge’.

Kalkstein’s Laboratory
15) Follow Kalkstein back to his house and talk to him there-or talk to
him along the way, whichever. Ask about the armor, and he’ll tell you
what you need to reforge it-in this case, being neutral and all, you’ll
start the quest ‘A Magic Formula’ and update ‘Armor.
16) Return to the Hospital, where Shani will bother Geralt. They’ll be
interrupted by a squad of Scoia’tael rebels who burst in, and as usual,
they ignore our obvious badassness and try and kill everybody. Put them
down, then talk to Shani again, who will complain about the immorality
of the Scoia’tael. Now that we’ve repulsed one band of Scoia’tael
fanatics, everything is going to be awesome, forever.. at least, it
would be if you weren’t neutral. Now the Order will break in, and
ignoring the dead Scoia’tael around will for some reason assume they
can do better. Put them down, too, and Shani will be understandably
exasperated-she’s trying to save the lives of both sides, and both sides
want nothing more than to kill her-paradoxically to prevent her from
saving lives. Neutrality is a bitch. Loot the dead if you wish, then
follow Shani out back, it’s time to escort her to the Swamp Cemetery,
where hopefully there will be less politics.. or at least, politics we
won’t mind getting involved in.

(For saving the hospital from the Order)
EXP 3000

(For saving the hospital from the Scoia’tael)
EXP 3000
17) Shani will complain as soon as you head outside that the alley we
need to sneak through is crawling with Necrophages-Ghouls, Alghouls,
Graviers, and Cemetaurs, that sort of thing. Kill the first group, which
consists of Ghouls and Alghouls, then Shani will comment on their
numbers, and Geralt will offer a perfectly reasonable explanation.
Continue north-west, blast some debris blocking the way, and exterminate
a second group of Necrophages-a more diverse group this time, as it
includes Graviers. After they’re dead, Shani will suggest finding
another way. Geralt, our neutral, consummate Witcher, declares he’d
rather face undead than get involved in someone else’s fight. And his
response has some merit-this is what a Witcher was meant to do, not
charge barricades or get involved with somebody’s childish politics.
Blast some more debris and fight yet another group of Necrophages-this
one consisting soley of Graviers and Cemetaurs. Shani will complain some
more, Geralt responds. Another bunch of crap blocks your way to the
south-blast it and deal with a fourth-and final-group of undead,
consisting of Ghouls, Alghouls, and Garkains. When the undead are-
redead, you’ll escape Old Vizima, and get to see a cutscene of White
Rayla getting assassinated.

(For breaking through to the Swamp Cemetery)
EXP 8000


Old Vizima
18) Head down the stairs from where you find yourself after the
cutscene and you’ll run into White Rayla. She’ll gloat about getting
Toruviel killed before she challenges you to a friendly game of
‘kill the nonhumans’ while you two head towards the Hospital-where
Siegfried awaits. Since you’re allied with the Order, the Order soldiers
will not be hostile, but there’s precious little reason to bother
killing Scoia’tael, as both sides are endlessly reinforced. Travel south
until you reach the Hospital in the middle of the area.

19) When you arrive at the Hospital, White Rayla will tell Geralt about
how to find out more about Raven’s Armor, after declaring the Elf-
killing endeavors a tie. A wounded Siegfriend in some swanky armor will
whine, and Geralt will berate him for not staying away from berserking
dwarves. Then Shani comes and either bitches at you, or is friendly,
depending on whether you gave her Alvin in Chapter 3. Finally, a guard
shows up and tells Geralt that the Striga has been seen near the tallest
tower in Old Vizima. This updates the quests ‘Armor’, ‘Her Highness the
Striga’, and ‘The Flame that Cleanses’.

Old Forge
20) Exit the Hospital and head to the Old Forge, which is south of the
Hospital. Inside you’ll find your good old friend, the Order armorer
from Chapters 2 and 3. Talk to him and ask him about Raven’s armor, and
he’ll run down a checklist of things you’ll need. This starts the quest
‘Saint Gregory’s Litany’ and updates ‘Armor’. You can also rest here,
and shop, for what that’s worth.

(For learning more about Raven’s Armor)
EXP 1000
21) Now it’s time to find our Striga. Head south until you find
Kalkstein’s Laboratory, then turn north to find an alley populated by
some Temerian soldiers. Trigger a cutscene near the base of the tower
and fight off the Mutant that drops down using the Fast Steel Style.
Kalkstein will show up after the battle and will show too much interest
in the thing.. as is usual for Kalkstein. He’ll call it a mutant, and
make the obvious-and unsettling-comparison to Geralt. It seems
Salamandra is getting better with its mutations, and they’re getting
awfully close to creating Witchers. He’ll also share a rumor that points
out an old church in the Swamp Cemetery as our Striga’s likely lair,
and he’ll give us the book ‘Striga’s Urge’, in case we dispatch the
Striga. This updates the quests ‘Her Highness the Striga’, ‘The Flame
that Cleanses’, and ‘Sweet Revenge’.

(For destroying the Mutant)
EXP 3000
22) Return to the Hospital, where Shani will bother Geralt. They’ll be
interrupted by a squad of Scoia’tael rebels who burst in, and as usual,
they ignore our obvious badassness and try and kill everybody. Put them
down, then talk to Shani again, who will complain about the immorality
of the Scoia’tael. Now that we’ve repulsed one band of Scoia’tael
fanatics, everything is going to be awesome, forever. If you gave Alvin
to Shani in Chapter 3, it’ll be time to talk about your relationship.
Say whatever you want, like Triss earlier, you can either declare your
love for her, or tell her it’s a dream.

(For saving the hospital from the Scoia’tael)
EXP 3000

Order’s Command Post
23) Head outside and you’ll find White Rayla, who has caught the
attention of some Elves.. and given the disposition of both sides, it’s
not friendly attention. Fight off the Elves and White Rayla will invite
you to the Order’s Command Post, to the west. Inside, you’ll be pestered
by an Order commander, who wants you to help the Order take the
barricades from the Scoia’tael, lest the nonhumans take control over
Old Vizima. Sure, in time. Pick dialogue option #1 to opt to talk to
White Rayla, first. When you get a chance to respond to her, pick any
option, then when you get the choice to pick “I know other ways to
tame you…” or “You’re mad.” pick the first option to get White Rayla’s
Sex Card.

(For saving White Rayla and meeting up at the Order Command Post)
EXP 4000
24) You’ll be given the chance to rest now, which honestly is pretty
unnecessary on the normal difficulty. Rest, prepare potions, level up,
or don’t, then head outside. Siegfried will approach and tell you that
Rayla is trapped at the barricades, and suggest that you flank them.
What, you didn’t think you’d get out of driving the Scoia’tael from
Old Vizima, did you?
25) Take the road leading south-west from the Hospital to reach the
barricade-opposite the Dike. Dispatch the Scoia’tael rebels you find and
jead south until you reach the blocked door leading to the Solitary
Tower, then turn west and blast some debris with the Aard sign to clear
the way. Take the new path you’ve opened and travel between the burning
ruins, kill another band of Scoia’tael, Siegfried will encourage you to
keep doing what you’re already doing, then you’ll meet up with White
Rayla. When you reach some more debris blocking your way, blast it with
Aard and slaughter a final group of Scoia’tael. When they’re all dead,
watch White Rayla get shot down before you and Siegfried move on to the
Swamp Forest. This completes the quest ‘The Flame that Cleanses’.

(For breaking through to the Swamp Cemetery)
EXP 8000


Old Vizima
26) Head down the stairs from where you find yourself after the
cutscene and you’ll run into Zoltan Chivay. Time to make good on your
promise at the Dike to help out refugees.. and since we have no real
leads on where, exactly, our Strigacess is, we might as well help
Zoltan. The Scoia’tael will be fighting the Order here, but since you’re
buddy-buddy with the nonhumans, the Scoia’tael won’t be hostile-and will
do a fair job of keeping the hostile Order troops occupied. Just as
well, their loot still sucks, and both sides are endless, so ignore
27) Travel south until you reach the Hospital in the middle of the area,
then go east a short ways and head north up an alley with the
‘Scoia’tael Hideout’ at the southern end. At the northern end of the
alley, Zoltan will complain when the refugees are nowhere to be found.
Dwarven cursing reveals them, however, and you’ll be joined by some
Old Dwarves and Young Elves. Return to the Old Well to the south, then
go east into the next alley to find the second refugee group. Zoltan
roars to attract the refugees, and Geralt rightly mocks him. Now head
to the Hospital.

28) When you arrive at the Hospital, Zoltan will tell Geralt about how
to find out more about Raven’s Armor. Then Shani comes and, if you’re
like my Geralt here, bitches at him. Finally, a guard shows up and tells
Geralt that the Striga has been seen near the tallest tower in Old
Vizima. This updates the quests ‘Armor’, ‘Her Highness the Striga’, and
‘Hope Burns Bright’. Ignore the urge to talk to the nurses and the urge
to loot for now, we’ll get to it in time.

Old Forge
29) Exit the Hospital. If you head north you’ll find the Scoia’tael
quartermaster, who will be selling you weapons, runes, and other junk you
don’t need anymore. Where you You really want to go is to the Old Forge,
which is south of the Hospital. Inside you’ll find your good old friend,
the dwarven blacksmith from Chapters 2 and 3. Talk to him and ask him
about Raven’s armor, and he’ll run down a checklist of things you’ll
need. This starts the quest ‘A Gnomish Device’ and updates ‘Armor’. You
can also rest here, and shop, for what that’s worth.

(For learning more about Raven’s Armor)
EXP 1000
30) Now it’s time to find our Striga. Head south until you find
Kalkstein’s Laboratory, then turn north to find an alley populated by
some Temerian soldiers. Trigger a cutscene near the base of the tower
and fight off the Mutant that drops down using the Fast Steel Style.
Kalkstein will show up after the battle and will show too much interest
in the thing.. as is usual for Kalkstein. He’ll call it a mutant, and
make the obvious-and unsettling-comparison to Geralt. It seems
Salamandra is getting better with its mutations, and they’re getting
awfully close to creating Witchers. He’ll also share a rumor that points
out an old church in the Swamp Cemetery as our Striga’s likely lair,
and he’ll give us the book ‘Striga’s Urge’, in case we dispatch the
Striga. This updates the quests ‘Her Highness the Striga’, ‘Hope Burns
Bright’, and ‘Sweet Revenge’.

(For destroying the Mutant)
EXP 3000
31) Return to the Hospital, where Shani will bother Geralt. They’ll be
interrupted by a squad of Order soldiers who burst in, and as usual,
they ignore our obvious badassness and try and kill everybody. Put them
down, then talk to Shani again, who will complain about the immorality
of the Order. Now that we’ve repulsed one band of Order fanatics,
everything is going to be awesome, forever. If you gave Alvin to Shani
in Chapter 3, it’ll be time to talk about your relationship. Say
whatever you want, like Triss earlier, you can either declare your love
for her, or tell her it’s a dream.

(For saving the hospital from the Order)
EXP 3000

Scoai’tael Hideout
32) Leave the hospital and you’ll run into Toruviel, who is being
accosted by a half-dozen Order goons. Put them down and she’ll invite
you to come talk to her in private. Follow her to the Scoia’tael
Hideout, where you’ll be bothered by an Elf asking you to help take
the barricades from White Rayla-doing so will ensure the Scoia’tael’s
victory in Old Vizima. Pick option #1 to talk to Toruviel, and when she
states she couldn’t leave her brethren here to die, pick any option.
It’ll end in a sexual proposition, and if you pick option #1, you’ll
get Toruviel’s Sex Card. Picking option #1 “I see…” when talking to
Toruviel is pretty funny.. no time’s a bad time for some lovin’ if you
are Geralt.

(For saving Toruviel and meeting up at the Scoia’tael Hideout)
EXP 5000
33) You’ll be given the chance to rest now, which honestly is pretty
unnecessary on the normal difficulty. Rest, prepare potions, level up,
or don’t, then head outside. Zoltan will chat with you, and reveal the
galvanizing effect your help at Murky Waters has had on Toruviel, and in
return, what effect she’s had on Yaevinn. Watch a cutscene where Geralt
defends his stance, then, with a roar, it’s time to charge the
barricades, tiger-style.
34) Take the road leading south-west from the Hospital to reach the
barricade-opposite the Dike. Dispatch the Order troops you find, and
Zoltan will reveal that Toruviel is on ‘the left flank’. Head to the
north next to the Order’s Command Post, then west between a pair of
burning houses. Blast some rubble with the Aard sign, then dispatch
another group of Order goons. Afterwards Toruviel will reunite with you
and tell you the plan-we do the wet work, while Yaevinn carries out
some plan or another. Continue between some more burning buildings to
the south-east, blast some debris to the north, then attack a horde
of Order soldiers. Remember, this is strategy we’re employing.. a
strategy so ingenius, a moron could have come up with it! Chop the Order
enemies into bite-sized bits of Orderling, then continue until you
trigger a cutscene where White Rayla will be shot down. At least we
didn’t have to get our hands dirty, eh? You’ll shortly find yourself
in the Swamp Cemetery, and the quest ‘Hope Burns Bright’ will end.

(For breaking through to the Swamp Cemetery)
EXP 9000

| |
| Questing the Swamp Cemetery |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK017}
1) Meeting the Grand Master
2) Aftermath in the Old Quarter
3) Nurses in Need
4) Things to See, People to Do
5) The Final Notice Board
6) Notes on the Swamp Cemetery
7) Lesser Folk in the Druid’s Cave
8) The Cousins Three
9) First Refugee Cave
10) To Raven’s Crypt
11) Repeatative Dungeons
12) Southern Looting
13) Remains of Raven’s Armor
14) Second Refugee Cave
15) World Champion
16) Obtaining the Magic Formula
17) The Old Mine
18) Obtaining the Gnomish Device
19) Vesper
20) Lilly and the Two Swords Rewards
21) To the Striga’s Crypt
22) Obtaining the Notes of an Elven Minstrel
23) Obtaining St. Gregory’s Litany
24) Slaying Adda
25) Saving Adda
26) Resolution and Evidence
27) A Royal Reward
28) Completing Quests
29) Collection Complete
30) Raven’s Armor, Rebuilt

Swamp Cemetery
1) Celebrations must be short, as although you’ve broken out of Old
Vizima, a horde of monsters lie ahead. A Swamp Cemetery.. what the hell
were these Temerians thinking? Could there be a greater recipe for
monster-breeding than that? Kill the Bloedzuigers (Igni works wonders,
folks) and charge an Archespore. By the time you kill one, the
Grand Master of the Order will show up and dispatch the remaining foes
for you. The Grand Master will then chat with Geralt, and will prove as
vague as you might expect any important NPC to be by now. Just note that
he seems to know you-and your stances-quite well, and that he refers to
some grand plan the Order has. After the conversation, your traveling
partner (Shani, Siegfried, or Zoltan) will leave, and you’ll be free to
roam about as you please. With a whole new area and finally some room
to boldy explore new ground.. lets return to Old Vizima, which can now
be properly explored.

(For chatting with the Grand Master)
EXP 3000
2) The fighting will be over, one way or another. If you sided with
anybody, that faction will be in charge of Old Vizima.. and plenty of
wounded members of that faction will be lying around. If you remained
neutral, you’ll find both wounded Order knights and Scoia’tael rebels
lying around, and Temerian Soldiers will be the sole standing fighting
force. Feel free to loot houses at your whim, although few have anything
truly useful in them. Go shopping by talking to Kalkstein, whomever is
in charge of the Old Forge, or one of the quartermasters (if you’re
aligned with any faction), or with a fence that has set up shop north-
west of the hospital (if you stayed neutral).
3) Even Chapter 5 isn’t immune to having a host of random NPCs asking
for handouts. I won’t bother to list them, as they don’t really give
you anything worthwhile. If you talk to them, and give them what they
want, they’ll tell you about various monsters-Cemetaurs, Ifrits, and
Garkains. They’ll ask for various things-Nurses and Paramedics will
ask for ingredients (Winestones, Honeysuckle, and Naezan Salts) or
completed potions-Swallow and White Raffard’s Decoction. Peasants will
be more practical, asking for money and food.
4) Before we return to the Swamp Cemetery, I’ll just make a note of a
few people/places of interest. First, we have the Executioner’s Tower,
north of the exit to the Swamp Cemetery. Inside you’ll find everybody’s
favorite dentist, Zahin Schmartz. Near the path leading to the Swamp
Cemetery, you’ll find Captain Jean-Pierre, to whom we’ll turn the quest
‘Mud and Velvet’ into when we finish it.. or finish parts of it, as the
case may be. If you have managed to remain neutral all this time, you
have one final stop. Head into the Hospital, go upstairs, and talk to
the ‘Nurses from Old Vizima’ you escorted earlier. Now that Shani is
gone, they’ll give you their Sex Card.
Finally, in front of the Hospital you’ll find our final Notice Board,
from which we’ll get the following quests; ‘The Bloedzuiger Contract’,
‘The Bruxa Contract’, ‘The Cemetaur Contract’, ‘The Garkain Contract’,
and ‘The Wraith Contract’. Like last chapter, I’ll record the rewards
here, tell you when we find the monsters we’re hunting. Bloezuigers can
be found in the Swamp Cemetery. Bruxa populate the island in the Swamp
Cemetery upon which the Striga’s Crypt is located (at night, surrounding
Lilly, a unique Bruxa.) Cemetaurs can be found in Old Vizima, near
Kalkstein’s Laboratory, and during your escape from Old Vizima if you
were neutral as part of the quest ‘Under a Fiery Sky’. You can find
more of them in some of the Ancient Crypts you can reach via the
Wayfarer Stones in the Swamp Cemetery. Garkains, like Bruxa, can also
be found at night on the island holding the Striga’s Crypt, near
Vesper, a unique Garkain. Finally, Wraiths can be found in Raven’s
Crypt, and a group can also be found on the island holding the Striga’s
Crypt. Now well-armed with plenty of tasks, return to the Swamp Cemetery
at peace that you’ve done everything you need to do in Old Vizima for

(For turning in ten units of Bloedzuiger Blood to the Eldest Druid)
EXP 7000
Orens 200

(For turning in six units of Bruxa Blood to Captain Jean-Pierre)
EXP 7000
Orens 300

(For turning in five Cemetaur Jaws to the Desperate Father)
EXP 7000
Orens 250

(For turning in two portions of Garkain Saliva to Kalkstein)
EXP 7000
Orens 250

(For turning in four portions of Death Dust to Kalkstein)
EXP 7000
Orens 300
5) Anyways, head back to the Swamp Cemetery.. there are quests to get
(and complete) here, and other quests that must be completed here, yet
turned in to characters back in Old Vizima-you know, the typical fetch-
quest crap. The enemies here are pretty classic swamp critters-
Bloedzuigers, Drowners, and Drowned Dead, which is fine, because they’ll
give us plenty of ingredients to make potions with, should you somehow
be deficient. The enemies here aren’t really dangerous anymore, but
they make up for it by being numerous, and it’s unlikely that you’ll
get to go anywhere without having to put down a half-dozen Drowners.
We’ll explore every area here, for the sake of completionism, and
because between the three Geralts, you’ll need to go everywhere.. and
I don’t feel like splitting up the guide again. For example, if you
haven’t sided with the Scoia’tael, you don’t have any real reason to
enter the Old Mine. Regardless, we’ll hit the Striga’s Crypt last..
you know, saving the most important endeavors for last?

Druid’s Cave
6) The first logical step would be to head to the Druid’s Cave.. if you
were neutral, you’ve already had to lead Shani there.. and this last
little step will pretty much mend the earlier split in the guide. Here
you’ll find your buddy from Old Vizima (Shani or Zoltan, anyways,
Siegfried is off being a tool), but more importantly, you’ll find
several Druids. If it’s not night-time, the Elder Druids will sell you
junk, and trade with you-if you give them various things, they’ll reward
you, as follows:

Women’s Apparel, Shawl = Blizzard Potion x3
Women’s Apparel, Silk Scarf = Cat Potion x3
Women’s Apparel, Red Shawl = Thunderbolt Potion x3

Precious Stones, Amber = Willow Potion x3
Precious Stones, Diamond = De Vries’ Extract x3
Precious Stones, Ruby = White Raffard’s Decoction x3
Precious Stones, Sapphire = Full Moon Potion x3

Fool’s Parsley = Swallow Potion x1

White Roses = White Honey x3

Needless to say, this is a pretty handy way to stock up on potions if
you have too much crap lying around in your inventory, and want to put
it to good use. The Fool’s Parsley for Swallow is an especially good
deal-even though we’ve probably outgrown Swallow Potions as a serious
defensive method, they’re still handy, and at the price of one
ingredient, it’s hard to resist getting a few. The Blizzard Potions
and White Raffard’s Decoctions are the best of the bunch, and Cat will
come in handy, as well. Keep in mind that they will only trade with you
once each visit, before they just start floating-text rambling. Leave
and return, and they’ll trade some more. Rinse, wash, repeat until you
have traded as much as you care to.
7) The Eldest Druid (he’s pulling rank on those Elder Druids, young
punks!) will take your Bloedzuiger Blood, if you have enough. The Royal
Huntsman also hides out here, but since both our trophy monsters
reside on the island where we’ll find our Striga’s lair, we’ll be
avoiding them for now. If you gave Alvin to Shani in Chapter 3, AND
remained neutral, it’ll be time to talk to Shani about your
relationship. Say whatever you want, like Triss earlier, you can either
declare your love for her, or tell her it’s a dream. Finally, there’s
Cousin Corbin, one of the three cousins of Antoinette we need to turn
the money over to.. and now this quest bears a bit of explanation.
8) The cousins three are hiding in three areas in the Swamp Cemetery-
one is in the Druid’s Cave, and two others are in the two Refugees’
Caves. When you talk to them, you can give each of them 300 Orens, get
some experience, and everybody is happy. If, however, you want a
somewhat more potent reward for this quest, you can return to Old
Vizima and talk to Captain Jean-Pierre after giving the gold to at
least one of the three cousins. You can, of course, give the money to
all three and lie about it to the good captain, but it’s 300 Orens
versus 1000 experience.. granted Orens aren’t too useful anymore, but
1000 experience is paltry, as well. Anyways, tell him that you gave the
money to less than three of the cousins, and he’ll give you a variable
reward depending on how many you gave the money to. The most important
thing to note, however, is the fact that he’ll demand the remaining
money back. If you give him the money back, you get a lesser reward..
and it’s just generally not worth doing. If you refuse, however, he
will gleefully attack you.. and lets be honest here, he’s a mean
motherfucker, one of the only humanoid melee combatants that stand a
chance against Geralt in a fair fight. Seriously, he hits very hard, and
you should prepare if you plan to take him on-peppering him with Igni
before engaging is not a bad idea. Heh.. or with a high-level Aard sign
and a little luck, you can stun him and go for the coup’de’grace. When
he dies, you’ll discover why. He’ll drop a Mahakaman Rune Sihill-the
strongest steel sword in the game. Don’t get too excited, though, as
there are two other ways to get one.. but it’s still a nice reward. Just
keep in mind that you need get your reward for ‘The Bruxa Contract’ from
him, first. I’m mentioning the quest now so you can plan on how you want
to complete ‘Mud and Velvet’ early, but in practice, we won’t complete
this quest until we return to Old Vizima to complete ‘Armor’.

(For giving Corbin his gold)
EXP 1000
Orens -300

(For giving one of the three cousins Antionette’s gold)
EXP 4000
Item Samum Bomb x1

(For giving two of the three cousins Antionette’s gold)
EXP 5000
Item Devil’s Puffball x2

(For giving the three cousins Antionette’s gold)
EXP 6000
Item Dragon’s Dream Bomb x3

Refugees’ Cave
9) From the Druid’s Cave, head east to find our first Refugees’ Cave.
I’ll assume by now you can follow the map well enough without requiring
me to actually hold your hand through this area.. which is good if you
can, because I’m not going to do it for you. The only person of interest
in this cave is Cousin Buse. Give him his gold (or not) and leave. That
wasn’t too hard, was it?

(For giving Buse his gold)
EXP 1000
Orens -300

Raven’s Crypt
10) From the Refugees’ Cave, head south-west to find the island where
the Striga’s Crypt resides. Don’t worry, we’re not exploring it yet, but
you can find a trunk full of goodies to loot, and I’d be remiss in not
pointing it out. Remiss, I tell you! From the trunk head east, and hug
the northern boundary of the area until you find Raven’s Crypt. If you
are near an aquaduct, you’re too far south, if you see the area
transition to the Old Manor, you’re too far to the east. When you find
the crypt, be forewarned, you’ll probably want to make some Cat so you
can, you know, see in the darkness? This crypt is filled with it.
11) Once inside the crypt, blast some rubble to the east to reveal a
trapped Treasure Seeker. He’ll at least confirm that this is Raven’s
Crypt. Wee. Blast some more rubble to the north and south to clear the
paths. If you head to the south, you’ll find a room full of Wraiths
(handy, if you need some Death Dust for ‘The Wraith Contract’). Up the
stairs to the east you’ll find a chest hidden in a niche, there’s
another chest sitting out in the open, and a third along the western
wall. Explore the southern end of the room to find a ramp leading to a
tunnel.. is this reminding you of the crypt in the fields from last
chapter, where we fought Ureus? Ah well, at least it’s not as
repeatitive as Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2.. Anyways, in this tunnel
you’ll find a small horde of Fleders. Kill them and loot an old chest
in the hallway, and search a room to the south-east where you’ll find
two old chests and a sarcophagus. In this sarcophagus you’ll find a
Meteorite Sword, and a Piece of Armor.. should you have failed to pick
it up last chapter.
12) Return to the fireplace near the entrance and head north. Continue
until you reach a four-way path. This intersection will be populated by
Fleders and Wraiths. Crush them and loot a crate. Now, where to go, what
do to? If you head south you’ll find a room occupied by a handful of
Wraiths, with a pair of lootable crypts. Continue south and you’ll
find a Circle of the Inner Fire.. and a lootable corpse and coffer in
the room.
13) Backtrack to the four-way and head east to find a room containing
a Circle of Rolling Rocks. Put down another squad of Wraiths for fun.
Eh, that’s not quite a paragraph, so backtrack again and head north.
Blast some more ruins with Aard and continue to find Raven’s Tomb. Kill
the Basilisk guarding the tomb, and whatever Fleders and Wraiths decided
to play, then loot the tomb. It contains a Book of the Full Moon, and
the ‘Remains of Raven’s Armor’. Note that if you look into the
sarcophagus, you’ll see Raven’s remains-the twin swords on the skeleton
are a dead give-away.

(For recovering the remains of Raven’s armor)
EXP 1000

Refugees’ Cave
14) From Raven’s Crypt head south past a ruined aquaduct, then follow
the island upon which the Striga’s Crypt lies to the west to find the
second-and southern-Refugees’ Cave. Inside, head south to find Cousin
Ramerot, our third and final cousin.

(For giving Ramerot his gold)
EXP 1000
Orens -300
15) Head to the north to find Zdenek.. our unnamed champion boxer, who
is perhaps not quite as unnamed as he was made out to be. The Nameless
One can rest easily. Talk to him and he’ll make matters easy on us by
refusing to do anything other than fight. He’s really not any tougher
than anybody else we’ve boxed, and when he goes down, Geralt will
complain about his bogus ‘undefeated’ status. Zdenek will clarify-he’s
never been beaten twice, and claims the ability to challenge anybody
to a rematch. Rest up for about a day and talk to Zdenek again, who
should be rested enough by then to fight. Beat him down again, and this
time he’ll lose a tooth for his trouble, and concede that Geralt is,
in fact, the greatest fist fighter in the land.

(For becoming the world’s best fist fighter)
EXP 11000
Item Famous Fist Fighter’s Tooth

Ancient Crypt
16) Now, unless you’re neutral, and want to advance ‘Armor’ and ‘A Magic
Formula’ there’s no reason to do this next part.. but it’s still extra
loot and experience, and I’m not splitting the guide again, so either
follow along, brave souls, or skip to Step #17. In the north-eastern
corner of the cavern you’ll find a Wayfarer’s Stone. Cast the following
sequence of signs on the stone-Aard, Igni, Aard-and you’ll be teleported
in the Ancient Crypt. Groovy. Kill some Alghouls when you arrive, then
head south into a tunnel, then turn west until you reach a four-way. To
the north you’ll find a band of Basilisks guarding a trunk full of
ingredients. To the west you’ll find a room that’s barren, save for some
Cemetaurs. To the south you’ll find a room guarded by a pair of Fleders.
Once they’re dead, loot the Agnes of Glanville’s Trunk to obtain a Moon
Rune, some ingredients, and a Magic Formula. Return to the Wayfarer’s
Stone and cast the inverse of the sign sequence you cast last time to
teleport back.

(For obtaining a Magic Formula)
EXP 9000

Old Mine
17) Get the joke? Good. If not, what’s racecar spelled backwards?
Anyways, leave the Refugees’ Cave and travel to the west to find the
Old Mine. We don’t need to go here unless we sided with the Scoia’tael
and want to advance ‘Armor’ and complete ‘A Gnomish Device’. If you
hate playing games any more than you absolutely have to, skip to
Step #18. Immediately inside you’ll find Kikimores and a lootable
corpse near a fireplace. Head north into a large chamber and dispatch
some more Kikimores and a few Fleders. Loot a chest to the west, then
find another Wayfarer’s Stone to the south.

Ancient Crypt
18) Cast the following sequence of signs on the Wayfarer’s Stone-
Igni-Igni-Aard-to teleport again. In this Ancient Crypt you’ll find
Alps, Bruxa, Cemetaurs, and Wraiths. Head down a tunnel to the west and
kill all the undead that oppose you. The last room contains a Dwarven
Trunk within which you’ll find three jugs of Dwarven Spirit, and a
‘Bifunctional Fiber and Alloy Recirculator’.. or the Gnomish device
we’re looking for.

(For obtaining the Gnomish device)
EXP 9000
19) It’s now time to head to the island in the center of the map, upon
which the Striga’s Crypt is built. Rest until night inside one of the
many nearby caves. We’re doing this for several reasons. First, the
two unique monsters we can hunt for their lovely, lovely, profitable
heads only come out at night. Lazy vampires! The reason we rested before
we reached the island, rather than at the much more reasonable-seeming
fireplace on the island itself is, in fact, because of these beasts.
They’re fairly close to each other, and we much endeavor to only kill
one of them at a time. Go to the northern shore of the island (just
west of where we found our trunk in Step #10), and head past a gate,
up a hill to the south. You’ll find a pack of Garkains near a rather
prominent, if gnarly, tree. Vesper is lurking around here, although he
might take his sweet time to show up. Kill him, take his head, and turn
it in to the Royal Huntsman for a pretty hefty reward.

(For bringing the Garkain Head to the Royal Huntsman)
EXP 10000
Orens 1000
20) Return to the island again, and continue past where you slew Vesper
to find Lilly, a unique Bruxa who hangs out with about a half-dozen
other Bruxa near the Circle of Mute Thunder. Kill her, and drag her head
to the Royal Huntsman, too. You get experience, and a reward. Hooray.
Talk to the Royal Huntsman again, however, and he’ll reward you for
killing ten tropy monsters. He’d like to give you more gold, but, damn
his luck, he’s short on funds. Instead, he’ll offer to give you one of
two swords, either the silver sword ‘Moonblade’, which has no status
effects, but deals a whopping +100% damage. Whether it’s better than
Aerondight is really up for debate, but you can only carry one, so
choose what you’d prefer most-brute damage, or status effects. The steel
sword, on the other hand, is easily the best steel sword in the game.
the Mahakaman Rune Sihill deals +100% damage, and penetrates an
opponents armor. I’ll take that over Gwalhir any day. If you’re
conflicted over which of the two swords to choose, however, that’s
easy. You can get up to three Mahakaman Rune Sihill swords (this being
one of them), but this is your only opportunity to get Moonblade.

(For bringing the Bruxa Head to the Royal Huntsman)
EXP 10000
Orens 1000
21) Now it’s time to head to the Striga’s Crypt. Head past the Circle of
Mute Thunder, down into some swampland between the islands, and over to
a fireplace occupied by a Desperate Father. He’ll ask if you’ve seen
his son (which of course, we have not) and then relate to you a tale of
the Striga, which he has personally seen in action. Spooky. You can also
turn in ‘The Cemetaur Contract’ if you’re done with it. When the old
man is done talking, speak to Velerad, nearby. He’s apparently here to
‘check up on us’. Foltest’s trust only goes so far, it seems, and we’ll
be reminded we’re not just here to take care of the Striga-we’re looking
to see who Foltest can blame for the relapse. Fun. Don’t worry about
preparations, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem at all. If anything,
make sure you have a Cat potion ready-it gets dark down in these Crypts.

Striga Crypt
22) When you enter the crypt, turn around and Velerad will inform you
that he’s been ordered to lock you in until you’ve succeeded, or failed.
How lovely. From the entry chamber, head east to a four-way split in the
tunnels, then continue east. Head into the first room to the north and
loot a sarcophagus to claim the ‘Notes of an Elven Minstrel’. For most
of us, this means we’re ready to turn in ‘Armor’.. just as soon as we
are done with this damn Striga. Don’t worry Order-followers, you’ll be
ready to complete this quest, too, before we leave. Continue to the
east, then go into a room to the south to discover a fireplace, a
corpse that can be looted for some Yellow Meteorite, and our final
Wayfarer’s Stone. See Order guys?

(For obtaining the ‘Notes of an Elven Minstrel’)
EXP 1000

(For obtaining all the ingredients needed to repair Raven’s armor)
EXP 1000

Ancient Crypt
23) Again, unless you’re Order-aligned, and wish to advance ‘Armor’ and
complete ‘St. Gregory’s Litany’, you have no real reason to enter this
Wayfarer’s Stone. Cast the following sequence of signs on the stone-
Aard, Aard, Igni-to teleport to another Ancient Crypt. Not too many
foes in here, just head east down a tunnel, into a room, then go up a
ramp to the north to find a room containing a Basilisk, and ‘St.
Gregory’s Tomb’. Loot the latter for a Vodon Rune Stone, and
‘St. Gregory’s Litany.’

(For obtaining the Saint Gregory’s Litany)
EXP 9000
24) Okay, enough messing around. Return to the Wayfarer’s Stone and
teleport back, then backtrack to the four-way and head south. Rest at
the nearby fireplace if it’s not night (it should be). And head into
the room further south. Our dear Adda won’t take long to appear. There
are two ways to deal with the Striga, although I’d almost rather not
mention the brute-force approach.. and really, only my neutral Witcher
even considers it, and even then, only for consistency. After all, he
killed a Werewolf, why not a Striga? If you fight the Striga, use the
Strong Silver Style (or Fast Silver, if it’s dodging too much). The
Striga will do a fair bit of damage, and can cause Blinding, Knockdown,
and Pain, which will further complicate things. Use the Aard to knock
the Striga down to get some free hits, or Igni to deal some damage, and
it’ll die soon enough.
25) If, on the other hand, you like being a somewhat more successful
Witcher like the old Geralt clearly was, you’ll do what he did.. eh..
except less flashy crap. To dispel the curse, you’ll have to survive a
night with Adda-and doing this in any sort of an aggressive way is
clearly not going to work. Thankfully, a simple solution exists. The
sarcophagus in the room is a sufficient barrier to protect you from
Adda-all you need to do is waste time, run around the sarcophagus, and
stay away from Adda. It’s absurdly easy and simple, as the Striga just
can’t catch Geralt if you are actually paying attention to the game
while you play. There are five candles on the sarcophagus, which will
be lit up at the beginning of the encounter, and they exist only to
serve as handy-dandy reminders of how much time is remaining. Survive
until all the candles go out, and victory is yours. This process takes
about five minutes, real time (including the cutscenes showing the
candles going out). Yes. I timed it.
26) If you survived the Striga, Adda will reappear-tuckered out from a
night of trying to chew on Geralt. Sexual innuendo implied. Talk to her
and she’ll be much nicer now than she was last time we met. When Geralt
asks about Salamandra, she’ll try and play the dumb, and blame the
Professor and his wicked, wicked, promises, warping her fragile little
mind. She will point out a nearby sarcophagus, however, and react
somewhat poorly when she thinks about the people she’s killed. Maybe
everything will work out after all? Even if you killed her, grab the
evidence from the sarcophagus-Ostrit’s Journal. You can also loot a
nearby trunk for more loot.

Note: If you killed the Striga, you might as well concoct the ‘Striga’s
Urge’ potion (Vitriol/Aether/Hydragenum and a Striga Heart.) Drinking it
will get you an additional Bronze and Silver Talent.
27) Head outside and talk to Velerad, who will reward you as is
appropriate for your actions. If you saved Adda, you’ll be given the
sword D’yaebl. Whether it’s better than Harvall from Chapter 2 or not
is up to you, I call it a wash, and it’s far inferior to some of the
swords we’ve been able to get by now. If you killed the Striga, Velerad
will be mildly disappointed, and suggest that you should have just
killed it years ago. Either way, it he’ll pass on a message from
Foltest. If we want to cure the disease, we need to go to the Old Manor.
The disease, is, of course, code for Salamandra.

(For saving Adda)
EXP 3000
Item D’yaebl

(For killing Adda)
EXP 2000
28) We’ve neutralized the Striga, obtained what is possibly the best
silver sword in the game or obtained what is definitely the best steel
sword. Our chosen faction has taken control of Old Vizima.. or the
Temerian army has, if we chose neither side. It’s been pretty busy.
Still, we have a few things left to do. Return to Old Vizima and turn
in whatever contracts you still have left, and handle ‘Mud and Velvet’
however you think is best. If you didn’t get the Mahakaman Rune Sihill
from the Royal Huntsman, or Captain Jean-Pierre, you’ve still got one
more chance to get it.

Executioner’s Tower
29) North of the breach in the wall leading to the Swamp Cemetery,
you’ll find the Executioner’s Tower. If you were neutral, you ran right
past it during your initial escape from Old Vizima. If not, blast some
rubble, make your way to the northern wall, and run up some planks to
reach the tower. Downstairs you’ll find Zahin Schmartz, everybody’s
favorite dentist. You can turn in your last two teeth-Devourer Teeth,
and the Famous Fist Fighter’s Tooth that Zdenek donated. If you’ve
donated all the teeth-all the ones you’ll find in Chapter 3 (Alp Fangs,
Beast Fangs, a Barghest Skull, Fleder Fangs, a Cemetaur Jaw) and the
missing two teeth from this chapter (Devourer Teeth and a Famous Fist
Fighter’s Tooth) you’ll complete his connection. He’ll reward you with
additional experience, and a Mahakaman Rune Sihill. You’ve had three
chances to get one-there’s no excuse for being stuck with a lesser
sword, now.

(For giving the dentist Devourer Fangs)
EXP 1000
Orens 125

(For giving the dentist the Famous Fist Fighter’s Tooth)
EXP 1000
Orens 250

(For completing the dentist’s collection)
EXP 2000
Item Mahakaman Rune Sihill
30) Finally, head to the Old Forge (if you are allied with the Order or
the Scoia’tael) or head to Kalkstein’s Laboratory (if you are neutral).
Talk to the appropriate craftsperson and have them recreate Raven’s
Armor. They’ll ask you to give them a day-but we know what that means.
Leave and return, and your armor will be ready. Collect your swanky
new armor to complete this quest. It’s almost sad, getting rid of the
armor we’ve worn for most of the game.. but there’s no denying that this
armor is far, far superior to anything we could have been wearing
previously. It has two small weapon slots, three potions slots, and
potent enchantments varying on who crafted it for us, as follows:

| Raven’s Armor |
| Damage Received -20% |
| Vitality +75 |
| Endurance +15 |
| Endurance Regeneration +5% |
| All Resistance +25% |

| Raven’s Armor of the Elves |
| Damage Received -20% |
| Sign Intensity +10% |
| Endurance +25 |
| Endurance Regeneration +10% |

| Raven’s Armor of the Order |
| Damage Received -30% |
| Damage +10% |
| Vitality +150 |
| Vitality Regeneration +10% |

Anyways, we’re now done in Old Vizima and in the Swamp Cemetery. We’re
also done doing any trivial quests for the rest of the game. It’s all
straight-forward, linear story from here on out. Go through the Swamp
Cemetery to reach the exit to the Old Manor along the eastern edge of
the map.

(For having Raven’s Armor recreated)
EXP 9000

(For obtaining Raven’s Armor)
EXP 5000

| |
| Old Manor |
| |
Sequence of Events: {WLK018}
1) Killing the Count
2) Final Preparation
3) Mutant Rayla
4) Slaughtering Salamanders
5) Mutants Outside the Old Manor
6) Last Minute Looting
7) An Allied Affair
8) Into the Catacombs
9) Exploring the Catacombs
10) Killing the Koshchay
11) To Azar’s Laboratory
12) Showdown with Azar Javed
13) Mastermind, Unvieled

Old Manor, Exterior
1) Immediately ahead you’ll find Count de Wett and some of his aides.
He’ll chat with you as you approach, first asking if you killed the
Striga. When he stumbles, he’ll spill the beans-he has been working with
Salamandra the whole time, and it was he who caused Adda to become a
Striga again.. it seems fairly safe to say that it was probably De
Wett that influenced Adda to join with Salamandra earlier. When Geralt
refuses to side with him, the Count and his minions will attack. With
your spiffy new swords and armor, it should be a simple matter to
dispatch the sad little Count and his knights. Loot his body to obtain
the book ‘Experiment Notes’ which will detail the creatures we’re about
to face.. be sure to read it now.

(For learning who caused Adda to become a Striga again)
EXP 3000
2) There are all kinds of critters here-the typical Drowners, Drowned
Dead, and Bloedzuigers, as well as some Vodyanoi. If you need to harvest
any more ingredients for potion-making, do so now. Head east, then north
to find a distinctive tree on your local map (not your minimap). East of
this tree is a campfire, near which is a corpse that can be looted for
all kinds of goodies. This is nothing short of a gift from the
developers-they might as well have been saying “here’s some crap, in
case you’re under-prepared!” Loot our wealthy corpse for Zerrikanian
Mix, some Alchemists’ Powder, two untis of Diamond Dust, Soldier’s
Hooch, Dried Fruit, Bottled Water, an Earth Stone, some Flint, two
bottles of Temerian Rye, a Torch, and 50 Orens. If you haven’t already,
take advantage of the nearby fireplace to prepate up 10 Blizzard
potions, 10 White Raffard’s Decoctions, and at least one Wolverine
potion. You might be tempted to create some White Honey potions, but
you’ll have plenty of chances to rest before every major fight-simply
put, if you need to take so many healing potions that you’re in danger
of ramping your toxicity too high, you’re just not fighting well enough.
For the meantime, drinking a humble Swallow Potion should be enough to
easily get you through all the fights leading up to the bigger, more
potion-intensive fights.
3) Once you’re all rested and ready to go, head south, then east, up a
ramp. Kill any ‘Masked Warriors’ you might find in your path, and
eventually you’ll come across Azar Javed and Mutant Rayla. Javed will
taunt Geralt shortly, before sending Mutant Rayla to attack us. She’s
nowhere near as dangerous as Captain Jean-Pierre was, although she is
fairly fast and can inflict pain and blinding. Take her out with the
Fast Steel Style. When she dies, loot her for two vials of White
Raffard’s Decoction, some Alchemists’ Powder, random food, and 42 Orens.
4) Continue north and smite another Masked Warrior, and an Armored Hound
(Strong Silver Style). Continue uphill, smiting Salamanders until you
reach a gate, where opposition will stiffen. Masked Warriors, Armored
Hounds, and Salamandra Mages await. Take out the latter quickly (a few
blasts of Igni should do it) then destroy the former in melee.
5) Once this opposition is defeated your chosen allies will show up in
the courtyard of the Old Manor, and will be attacked by a host of
mutants. My Scoia’tael-aligned Geralt is joined by Yaevinn and some
Scoia’tael, my Order-aligned Geralt will welcome the company of
Seigfried and some Order knights, and my neutral Geralt will find Triss
leading Temerian soldiers. Your enemies are Mutants (like the one we
fought in Old Vizima), Mutant Assassins (somewhat stronger mutants), and
Greater Mutants.. the ‘greater’ in this case is dubious. Use the Strong
Steel Style on the former, and the Fast Steel Style on the latter. When
they’re all dead, you’ll chat with your ally. Ask about the “situation
in Vizima” first to get an update.
6) Before talking to your ally again, go loot some barrels along the
eastern side of the front of the manor, and a trunk along the western
side. The latter, in particular, contains another Moon Rune and piece of
Yellow Meteorite. By now, if Meteorite Swords or Rune Swords still
interest you, you went seriously astray at some point during the guide.
If you’re really a loot-monger, you can go down a natural ramp to the
east to reach the waterfront. Near a boat along the southern shore you
can score two more barrels.. it’s also worth noting the Place of Power
nearby, if you’re overly fond of signs.
7) Talk to your companion again and talk about gaining access to the
Salamandra Hideout in the Old Manor. Your means of entry varies
depending on who you sided with earlier.. Either way, follow your
companion wherever they lead you, fend off a mutant assault, then
proceed alone into the depths.

(For breaching the Salamandra Hideout in the Old Manor)
EXP 3000

8) You’ll appear in different locations depending upon your politics..
you know, that happens when you take different routes. If you sided with
Yaevinn you’ll find yourself at a dead-end in the north-eastern corner
of the level. If you sided with the Order, you’ll enter in the south.
Finally, if you remained neutral you’ll start out in crypt to the
north-west. Neutral Geralt will initially have to fend off some undead,
including Bruxa, Cemetaurs, Garkains, and Wraiths, but the other two
are more or less safe.
9) Now, chalk it up however you’d like-I’m being lazy, I don’t want to
split the guide, I have long-FAQ-fatigue (undiagnosed, of course), but
I’m not going to hold your hand through this dungeon-don’t worry, you’ll
be fine. There’s precious little worth looting, and the enemies are all
things you’ve seen before-Armored Hounds, Greater Mutants, Mutants,
and Mutant Assassins. Ultimately, you want to end up in a room in the
south-western corner of the map. You’ll know when you’re there, because
you’ll have to pass through a cage door. To get here, Order-aligned
Geralt just needs to head north a bit, and ignore the tunnels leading
east, which are blocked for him (but not for Socia’tael and neutral
Geralts). Neutral Geralt heads east through the crypt, then through a
door to the south (the northern door is locked for him, and the
Scoia’tael-aligned Geralt). Turn west, then go down a tunnel to the
south to reach the caged doors. Scoia’tael-aligned Geralt just heads
across a natural bridge to the east, then turns south until he reaches
his door-destination.
10) Drink up a Blizzard potion and a Wolverine potion before you go
through the cage door. Once through, Azar Javed will appear, taunt
Geralt, and summon a Koshchay-a badass crab-like creature that will
probably maul you in a fair fight. With our potions, however, we should
be able to reliably hit it with the Strong Silver Style (if it’s not
working, Fast Silver Style will have to suffice.) Keep an eye on your
health-however. With Wolverine and Blizzard, we can go toe-to-toe with
it and probably win, but it will still deal horrendous damage, and can
inflict bleeding and pain. If it’s too much pressure on you, hit it
with an Aard sign to knock it down and give you time to knock back
a White Raffard’s Decoction. If for some reason you’re still not doing
well, note the pillars in the middle of the room-you can run around them
and play keep away from the Koshchay. Igni can also do a bit of damage,
but the real winner here is the Strong Silver Style. When it falls, loot
its corpse for a Koshchey Heart.
11) Now, depending on how well you came out of the Koshchay fight, you
should either rest (if your potion effects are about to expire, your
toxicity is high, or your health is low). Or, if you’re still fairly
well off, head off to confront Azard Javed. Fireplaces can be found near
where Scoia’tael-aligned and Order-aligned Geralt arrived-in the north-
western and south-western corners of the map, respectively. If you sided
with the Order, you still have most of the Catacombs to explore, as the
Laboratory you are trying to reach is in the south-eastern corner of the
map. The simple route east along the southern edge of the map is blocked
(but not for Scoia’tael-aligned and neutral Geralt). Order-aligned
Geralt must head through another cage door, travel north, then turn
east. Go through a door leading into the Crypt, then through another
door to the north, and continue until you reach a cage door. Neutral and
Scoia-tael-aligned Geralt simple go through a cage door to the south,
then down a tunnel to the east to find another cage door.

Note: If you rest here, you might as well create the Koschay’s Core
Potion (Aether/Hydragenum/Hydragenum and the Koshchay’s Heart.) Drinking
it will get you an additional Gold Talent.
12) Go through the cage door and you’ll be confronted by Azar Javed
again. He’ll threaten you, then summon a pair of Greater Brothers-big
ass armored mutants that die easily enough with the application of the
Strong Steel Style. Kill them, and he’ll teleport you into his lab for
the final showdown. He’ll say some rather mean things about your lover,
but Geralt will refuse to buy into his bluff. Azar Javed isn’t much of
a mage-he’ll fight with two over-sized flaming maces, with which he’ll
commonly cause knockdown and blinding. He doesn’t do nearly as much
damage as the Koschay, however, and if you have a Blizzard Potion
active, there’s just not much he can do to you. If you killed Berengar
last chapter and took his amulet, it’ll release its magic during this
fight-a little device Berengar got for himself to ensure his safety
from Salamandra, it seems. If you spared Berengar, he’ll show up to
help you fight Azar Javed. As said earlier, he’ll inflict Blinding and
Knockdown, but a potioned-up Geralt aggressively apply the Strong Steel
Style probably won’t be too threatened by Azar Javed. When he falls,
loot his body for the books ‘Koshchay’s Core’, and ‘Greater Brothers’.
Also loot Berengar, if he showed up and subsequently died in combat
with Javed. He’ll leave behind a Cat Potion, a White Raffard’s
Decoction, and 22 Orens.

(For killing Azar Javed)
EXP 3000
13) Azar Javed is dead, there’s nothing left to do but search the lab.
Examine the mirror and the Grand Master himself will appear in the
mirror, asking for more mutant reinforcements. Geralt will approach the
mirror menacingly, and promise to pay a visit to the Grand Master-very
soon. Geralt will then shatter the mirror with the Aard sign. You’ll
appear outside, where you’ll get to chat with your ally. Siegfried will
not like hearing that the Order of the Flaming Rose and Salamandra
might as well be the same thing-one a legitimate (if racist) front and
the other a criminal organization-two arms of the same monster. Either
way, your allies suggest you find a boat to take you back to Vizima, so
you can warn King Foltest. This boat can be found north-east of the Old
Manor, by the waterfront.. just follow your companion and you’ll get
there. Talk to your ally on the dock and and ask about the boat to go
over to the other side.

(For discovering the mastermind of Salamandra)
EXP 6000

| Epilogue |
| |
| A Seed That Will Not Sprout, But Burst Into Flames |
| |
Don’t be confused by the title, this might as well be Chapter 6. Sure,
most of the questing, meaningful NPC interaction, and loot-gathering
is done, and we’re certainly not going to be making Geralt any stronger.
You might level up a bit, but if you’re like me, these levels are all
above 50, and have no talents to go with them. You’re not getting any
stronger swords, or any of that. This is pure story resolution. But
don’t let that fool you into complacency, some rough battles lie ahead,
and while much of this chapter has a ‘resolution gallery’ feel to it,
we’re also genuinely dealing with the Grand Master. If our goals were
to unravel Salamandra, recover the Witcher’s secrets stolen from Kaer
Morhen, and learn the whys of the conspiracy, this is where we’ll do it.

Watch a cutscene showing the Grand Master dealing with the outcome of
the battle. Count de Wett is dead, and Geralt has foiled his scheme to
bring shame upon Foltest via Adda and her affliction-one way or another.
The Grand Master recognizes Geralt as the one major obstacle that needs
to be removed-and will send some mutants to take care of the problem.

Temple Quarter
Sequence of Events: {WLK019}
1) The King’s Favor
2) Reporting to Foltest
3) Last Stash
4) The Order Encounter
5) Resolution Gallery
6) Back to the Temple Quarter
7) The Scoia’tael Encounter
8) Back to the Sewers..
9) Preparation
10) Fighting the Zeugl
11) To the Cloister

1) When you arrive by boat Dandelion will chat with you, gushing with
bardly silliness about the momentous time in which we live. Your ally
will also interject. Siegfried will insist that good knights of the
Order still exist, and we should talk to King Foltest to do some damage
control before the whole Order is ruined. Yaevinn espies this as a
wonderful time to make an alliance with the king, after all, his
Scoia’tael control Old Vizima.. and besides, he’ll need to be on
friendly terms with the king if he’s to make it out of the Temple
Quarter safely. Triss for her part, just hurries Dandelion along.
The quest ‘The Ashes of Vizima’ begins.
2) Talk to King Foltest, who is in the midst of discussing future
politics with Radovid. Good news! You get to deal with more politics,
and tell Foltest the fate of his daughter! Or maybe that’s not such
good news, depending. If you sided with the Order, Geralt will stand
up for him and his fellow knights who aren’t corrupt bastards. Foltest
will tone down the scope of his Order purge and name Siegfried as the
new Grand Master of the soon-to-be-reformed Order of the Flaming Rose.
If you sided with the Scoia’tael, Geralt will lay all the blame at the
feet of the Order, and Foltest and Yaevinn will come to a pathetic
truce-partial amnesty and a temporary blind eye while Yaevinn escapes?
Well, it doesn’t look like the nonhuman issue is really going to improve
much. If you remained neutral, Triss will wrangle for a position in
Foltest’s court-The Lodge of Sorceresses was once banished from Temeria,
but Triss-riding on Geralt’s success effectively reconciled the
two sides. Finally, if you slew Adda, Foltest will not be happy.. more
resigned. Radovid, on the other hand, will be quite angry. If you saved
Adda, however, the two northern kingdoms will unite, and everybody will
live happily ever after.. unless, of course, you play the Witcher 2.
But I digress, the Grand Master is a wanted man, by all sides still
standing. Geralt will protest about not being an assassin.. before
realizing that he intends to kill him anyways, and accepts to do so
for 8000 Orens. What’s better than revenge? Getting rich while getting
revenge. This completes the quest ‘Her Highness the Striga’, and updates
‘The Ashes of Vizima’ and ‘Witchers’ Secrets’.

(For telling Foltest you killed Adda)
EXp 8000

(For telling Foltest you saved Adda)
EXP 11000
3) Head west to find Dandelion, who will babble poetry. This is your
last chance to visit your stash in the entire game.. as long as you
have your potions, swords, and armor, however, you’re fine. You really
don’t need anything else. If you think you might need more potions, by
all means, grab more alcohol or ingredients, but if you made the potions
I suggested in Chapter 5, you should still have plenty. Note that your
companion from the Old Manor will accompany you through much of the
Epilogue-Triss, if you are neutral, Siegfried, if you are Order-
aligned, and Yaevinn, if you are Scoia-tael-aligned.
4) Past Dandelion, head north along the road behind St. Lebioda’s
Hospital. When you reach the east-west road leading to the market, you
will run into some knights of the Order and some mutants. This
encounter varies, depending upon your politics. If you sided with the
Order, Siegfried will express some doubts about fighting his brothers,
but these doubts prove shallow. After the fight, Siegfried will condemn
the Grand Master, resolved in his desire to put him down. If you were
neutral, or sided with the Scoia’tael, Siegfried will be leading this
group of knights and mutants. If you sided with the Scoia’tael, a
fight is inevitable. If you were neutral, you can talk Siegfried out of
a fight, or not. Pick a fight by picking option #1, and avoid one by
picking option #2.

5) After dealing with that encounter, head west to find a refugee, who
will invite you into a nearby house. Head inside and you’ll find plenty
of old friends and enemies, all gathered here, against all probability.
It’s just the game’s way of showing you a bit of resolution for some
third-rate NPCs. You’ll find the Resolute Girl from Murky Waters, a
Novice Nun, who will tell you about Carmen and Vincent (or Carmen
herself, if you killed Vincent. Turns out Carmen was the disowned
daughter of the Reverend, from the Outskirts in Chapter 1. The Hermit
from the fields outside of Murky Waters is also here, and he’ll tell
you about the Wild Hunt. Vaska will be here, spouting her swamp
nonesense, as will Golan Vivaldi, who will respond variously depending
on how ‘Gold Rush’ went. Last and least, the Reverend himself will be
here, if you didn’t kill in him Chapter 1. Finally, talk to the refugee
who invited you in, and he’ll tell you about a way to reach other
houses through the basement. Wee. Loot a barrel for some alcohol, then
head downstairs.

6) In the cellar, you’ll find Vetala, if you let him live. Loot a crate
which contains some alcohol, Alchemist’s Powder, the book ‘Zeugl Vigor’,
and a Key, among other goodies. It also contains the book ‘Ithlinne’s
Prophecy’, which littered much of the rest of the game. Why mention it?
Because of the upcoming story events. You’ll notice these final two
walkthrough sections are named after lines of the prophecy. It’s me,
synergizing with the game, and adding atmosphere. You know you like it.
When you’re done looting, go through the door into another cellar.
Exterminate some undead (a Bruxa and two wraiths) and go up some
stairs to reach another house. Loot another crate if you must have some
Flint, then talk to the resident madman, who will tell you to go out
the window.
7) Who’s more mad, a madman, or somebody who follows a madman’s advice?
The answer is obvious-he is. It’s his name! Or perhaps it’s legitimately
his name, with some unfortunate spelling. Back out in the streets you’ll
get to enjoy another politically variable encounter. If you sided with
the Scoia’tael, you’ll encounter some Temerian soldiers, who merely
update you on the fighting. Well, isn’t that simple? If you sided with
the Order or remained neutral, however, you’ll encounter Yaevinn leading
a band of Scoia’tael rebels. If you sided with the Order.. well, lets
just say Yaevinn won’t be nice, and needs to be put down. If you
remained neutral, Yaevinn will still blame you for Toruviel’s death, but
Geralt will get a chance to respond. Picking option #1 will result in a
fight, and picking option #2 will avoid one. By now we have to realize
that bringing balls into a conversation is sure to end in violence..
ah.. us males.. why are we so insecure? Right, because balls look
absurd, and we’re self-conscious of that fact. If there somehow happens
to be a female reading this FAQ, disregard that statement. It’s a
sensitive man-secret.
8) Head west to encounter a group of mutants. Kill them, and if you’re
neutral, Triss will speak to you. Apparently the only way to the
monastery is through the sewers. Not so bad, we’ve crawled around down
there when we were much less well-equipped. Unfortunately, Ultros.. I
mean, a Zeugl.. has made its home down there. Good thing we’re
professional monster-slayers, what with all the monsters that just
happen to fall in our path, eh? If you sided with the Scoia’tael or the
Order, a wounded knight will give you a key to the sewers and warn you
of the Zeugl. Continue west until further progress is impeded by flaming
debris, then head into a house.

9) Loot a crate and rest at a fireplace if you must-I can’t imagine why
you’d need to, with the paltry opposition we’ve been facing. Still,
here’s you chance if you need to brew up any potions. For this fight,
Swallow will come in handy, as it’s likely to be a lengthy engagement.
Blizzard, however, should be avoided, as we can only attack our enemy at
certain times, and with the slow-down effect of Blizzard, we’d just end
up standing around waiting for opportunities to attack.

10) When you’re ready, head downstairs to reach the Sewers. Head south
and open a cage door. Any experienced RPGer will see the large room
ahead and sigh. Boss fight is imminent. Enter the room (after giving
your ally some stellar advice on fighting a Zeugl) and some tentacles
will rise to block your way back. This fight is simple-cut down several
of the Zeugl’s tentacles and when the head pops up, attack that. When
the head dies, you win. And I’m serious, that stupid Zeugl looks like
Ultros from Final Fantasy VI. I suppose it doesn’t help that they’re both
stupid squid-creatures, does it? Ah, but now I’m showing my age..
If you’re well-leveled and well-equipped, tentacles should fall to the
Strong Silver Style in one attack. Four tentacles will provoke the head
to emerge, and if you pull off a four-hit combo on the head each time,
it should only take four appearances of the head (the head probably
won’t sit around long enough for you to complete a full five-hit combo.)
Use the Strong Silver Style on the head, and if the tentacles are
advantageously clustered, you can be frisky and go for the Group Silver
Style. The only thing you need to worry about is Geralt getting stun-
locked by the tentacles, but they do incidental damage, and Swallow
should be enough to keep Geralt more or less untouched through the
fight. Loot the Zeugl head for Zeugl Venom-our last mutagen-and the
Zeugl tentacles that kept us in this room for.. Orens? Miserly
tentacles. Continue east, then turn north to find a fireplace, near
which is a body loaded with alcohol and rare ingredients.

Note: Now is a fine time to rest up and prepare a Zeugl Vigor potion
(Rebis/Aether/Aether and Zeugl Venom) which will give you one Silver
Talent, and one Gold Talent. Nice.
11) When you return to the surface, you’ll find a group of religitards
praying. A cutscene will occur, your ally will comment, and Geralt
will respond. I have to agree with Yaevinn here-leave it to the faithful
to pray while the world burns around them. It is funny, however, that
Geralt defends faith when it’s insulted by Yaevinn, but admits to being
an atheist when asked by Siegfried to pray. He’s just being
confrontational, is all. Head up some stairs to the west, then travel
along the road to the south. Kill a pair of Greater Brothers, and any
other resistance that might stand between you and your objective.
Finally, reach the Cloister and open the gates. Geralt will make up a
bogus errand for Triss to go off on, while Siegfried and Yaevinn will
both conveniently get injured. Looks like you’re going to have to fight
the Grand Master alone.

| |
| The Time of the White Frost and the White Light |
| |

Order of the Flaming Rose
Sequence of Events: {WLK020}
1) Confronting the Grand Master
2) The Ice Plains
3) Geralt’s Will
4) Encountering Abigail
5) The Grand Master: On His Gift
6) King of the Wild Hunt
7) Reunited with White Rayla
8) The Grand Master: On Nonhumans
9) Faction Friends Revenge
10) An Illusion of Alvin
11) The Grand Master: On Witchers
12) Adda’s Whim
13) Final Preprations
14) The Five Mutants
15) Showdown with the Grand Master
16) Defying the Wild Hunt
17) Something Ends, Something Begins

1) Ahead of you are two knights who are blocking your way. Approach
and a fight ensues. Search them for a key (both carry one) and unlock
the nearby door leading to the ‘Grand Master’s Chambers. Beyond you’ll
see an ideallic banquet, the Grand Master admires an infant-it’s almost
as bogus and cheesy as a political campaign commercial. Geralt informs
the Grand Master that women and children won’t prevent him from
fighting, and the Grand Master spills the beans-Ithlinne’s prophecy is
unfolding, and the Grand Master dreams of the ice age that will destroy
humanity. Jacques de Aldersberg fancies himself a comic-book villain,
the savior of humanity-by any means necessary. When negotiations fail
(Geralt becomes pushy and obstinant) the Grand Master will teleport
them both away.

Note: There’s a glorious bug here that makes the following encounters
much, easier.. not that they’re terribly hard, but still. If you drink
a potion (or many potions, for that matter!) before entering the ‘Grand
Master’s Chambers’ when you are teleported to the Ice Plains their
durations will have increased by many, many hours. There is a fireplace
in the room where you kill the two knights where you can concoct any
such potions you might need-Swallow, Wolf, Wolverine, Blizzard, Petri’s
Philter.. they’re all good choices. However, playing through the next
part with a constant Blizzard effect can be somewhat disorienting. As
for being a big-fat cheater.. well, that’s your issue, not mine. It’s
really unnecessary, as our Geralt should be more than strong enough to
handle the next Steps. Still, having a Wolverine potion with a duration
of 70 hours, and a Blizzard potion with a duration of 40 hours is pretty

Ice Plains
2) You’ll find yourself in an icy cave, after the Grand Master’s
teleportation. Head over to him and he’ll speak some more, and invite
you to follow him outside, where he’ll explain. He didn’t take you
somewhere else, he took you into the future. Merely behold the ice-
encased towers of Vizima, the ‘White Frost’ of Ithlinne’s prophecy has
come. The Grand Master will explain himself-the Order was created to
save humanity. Geralt will have none of it, and when negotiations break
down the Grand Master will again teleport away-far away-and summon some
Omens of Fire to pester you. Dispatch them like the over-glorified
Ifrits that they are.
3) Continue to the north-east and your lover will appear. She’ll explain
this place more fully than Jacques did-it’s an image born of his fears
and foresight-perhaps not a where OR a when, but a what-if. Of course,
Geralt’s will has some pull here, too, hence Shani/Triss showing up.
They’ll resolve to help you out, and in this regard, Triss is superior
to Shani, as she’ll give you the ‘Lightning Storm’ ability, which will
give you chance of causing lightning damage to enemies as you fight.
Continue north-east and you’ll encounter some Skullheads-brutes that
deal respectable damage, but can be chopped down with the Strong Silver
Style. They shouldn’t seriously pose much of a threat. This would be a
good time to note the blizzard that follows you. It exists to.. ah..
‘discourage’ you from back-tracking. Not that there’s any point in doing
so, but just be forewarned that running too far into the blizzard will
result in a game-over. Geralt is immune to diseases, not to cold.
4) Now that we have a linear path ahead of us, I can just say ‘go
forward’ instead of expecting you to have to follow directions! Yay!
Ease for the FAQ-writer. Continue FORWARD and dispatch any more
Skullheads you encounter until you find Abigail on an ice bridge.
She’ll comment on your past actions, and mention the Skullheads-what
humans have apparently devolved into in this little fantasy of Jacques’.
If you saved her from the mob in Chapter 1, she’ll give you a Swallow
potion, and a Tawny Owl potion. If you let the mob kill her she’ll end
up attacking you. When she falls, a pack of Barghests will appear. By
this point in the game, they’re just fodder. Kill them all and move on.
5) Continue in the magic direction until you find some large ice shards
that contain Skullheads. Kill the three that emerge, then continue
into a cave, where the Grand Master awaits again. His words to you will
vary depending on what advice you gave Alvin pertaining to his ‘gift’
during the quest ‘Alvin’ in Chapter 4.
6) Travel through the cave and put down a Wild Hunt Wraith when it
appears. Shortly thereafter, big daddy ‘King of the Wild Hunt’ will
show up and tell Geralt he can’t stop the inevitable, before he summons
a group of Wild Hunt Wraiths to pester us. Kill them and continue on
until you escape the cave.
7) As you near the cave exit, you’ll get another politically variable
encounter. If you sided with the Order, White Rayla will appear, and
she’ll admit to being happy to see you-you know, even with that whole
killing her thing. Pick option #1 and she’ll offer to fight at your
side. Pick option #2 and she’ll grant you the ‘Soulcatcher’ ability,
which ‘Restores Vitality with each opponent killed.’ Honestly, I’d go
with the ability any day. I hate AI companions. If you sided with the
Scoia’tael, Toruviel will appear. When you get the chance to respond to
her, pick option #1 and she’ll grant you the ‘Fiery Swords’ ability,
which deals ‘Additional fire damage’, pick option #2 and she’ll join
you. Again, ability beats company. If you remained neutral Celina the
Nightwraith will show up. When you get the chance to respond pick
option #1 and she’ll give you the ‘Soulcatcher’ ability, same as White
Rayla, pick option #2 and she’ll aid you in battle.
8) Keep going uphill, killing Skullheads and Wild Hunt Wraiths as you go
up the side of a mountain. Eventually you’ll run into the Grand Master
again. This time his response depend on what you told Alvin about
Elves when he was captured by the Scoia’tael in Chapter 4, during the
quest ‘Free Elves’.
9) Advance uphill and kill some Mutants along the way. Eventually you
will encounter one of your former faction-aligned friends. If you sided
with the Order, you’ll meet Yaevinn, who will resort to violence. If
you sided with the Scoia’tael, you’ll have to deal with an equally
hostile Siegfried. If you remained neutral you’ll have to fight both
of them.
10) Nothing to do but move forward. Kill a Mutant Assassin and advance
until you meet Alvin. Your lover will exclaim, but Geralt realizes that
it’s only an illusion. Alvin will depart without incident.
11) Further on you’ll have your final peaceful encounter with the
Grand Master, and like earlier, his response will echo what you told
Alvin earlier. This time, the Grand Master has made use of the advice
you gave Alvin when he asked about Witchers.
12) Dispatch three more Mutant Assassins that have the poor fortune of
being in your way and in time you’ll run into Adda. She’ll comment on
the narrow gap that divides humans and monsters-a subject she knows only
too well-and if you saved her in Chapter 5, she’ll decide she wants to
help you.. and by help you, she means turn into a Striga and maul
things. If you killed her in Chapter 5 Count de Wett will show up, and
will profess to be the embodiment of your hatred for monsters.. and will
decide to help you in battle. Regardless of who wins, there’s going to
be one less monster. If you killed Adda but didn’t kill Vincent, Vincent
will appear, and aid you as a Werewolf.
13) Head across a flimsy looking natural bridge, and it will
predictably collapse.. it’s just the game’s way of saying you can’t go
back anymore. And here I thought the blizzard hounding us was enough..
Anyways, you’ll have to deal with some Greater Brothers, and two Order
Commanders. If you’re wondering why you keep getting afflicted with
Blinding, Pain, Knockdown, it’s because of Adda-not your enemies.
Apparently her attacks discriminate damage, but not status effects. Note
that if you have Triss’ ‘Lightning Storm’ ability it’ll target Adda,
too. Apparently the status-effect hatred goes both ways. Kill your foes
and your lover will tell you that you must do this last part alone-the
Grand Master will not allow anybody else into the heart of his vision.
One has to wonder why he allowed anybody else in here at all.. anyways.
Geralt will reveal a convention of this game to be bogus by meditating
without the aid of a fireplace. So much for needing a fire to meditate,
you liar. Eh, still, it’s nice they gave us one final chance to rest,
heal, and prepare. Be sure to have some White Raffard’s Decoctions,
Blizzard Potions, and perhaps some Wolf and Wolverine, if you’re the
melee type, or some Petri’s Philter and Tawny Owl if you’re the sign-
using type.

Note: You’ll lose your potion effects here, regardless of their
duration, but you’ll keep any abilities you’ve picked up along the way.
Drink more potions if you need them, but you can’t cheat your way
through the final fight.
14) Now for the big final fight. You’ll speak with Jacques de Aldersberg
one final time. He’ll reveal his plans-he stole the mutagens to make
superhuman knights. Not, as he claims, to carve an empire for himself,
but to safeguard humanity during its long sojourn across the icy
wastelands. Witchers are too few, and too full of doubts and emotions to
have served his purpose. It doesn’t matter what you say-and your options
are limited-this ends in a fight. And that’s just as well, we didn’t
just play this much game to have a philosophical debate. You heard me,
Mass Effect 3. Anyways, no reconciliation is possible. Geralt attacks,
and Jacques teleports away, but summons five Mutants to fight in his
stead. Round one of this fight is simple-kill the five Mutants. The
official guide makes this fight out to be hard “The final battle is
difficult… in fact, very difficult. You need to use all your
abilities, drink the appropriate potions and pray for survival. The
first wave of opponents is a group of super-fast mutants. You cannot
let them surround you or else you will die in a split-second…”
Please. They’re no stronger than the Mutants we’ve been butchering,
and granted, five-on-one are odds we’ve rarely faced with Mutants, but
that doesn’t make this fight difficult. Group Steel Style will kill
them with ease.. as will a few blasts from a high-powered Igni sign.
Three blasts, in fact, was all it took to dispatch them all. No potions,
no buffs, no sweat.
15) After they die, Jacques will show up with more Omens of Fire. My
advice? Ignore them, use the Strong Steel Style, and focus solely on
Jacques. As the Omens of Fire advance, they’ll constrict the battlefield
with a magical barrier, and can cause Knockdown, but the Grand Master
himself has few tricks up his sleeve. He can hit you with his shield to
cause Knockdown, and he’s surprisingly resistant to magic (for reasons
we’ll discover shortly). If his Omens of Fire are being a bother, switch
to the group style and take them out.
16) When you’ve inflicted enough damage, the King of the Wild Hunt will
show up and strike down the Grand Master, then turn to accost Geralt.
He’s again demeaning and cryptic, and points out all of the death and
destruction that follows Geralt in his wake, ennumerating all of our
‘crimes’ as we hunted down Salamandra. He’ll claim us to be his greatest
champion before finally getting to the point-he wants the soul of
Jacques de Aldersberg. If you acquiesce the spectre will merely declare
the soul of Jacques de Aldersberg-whom you knew by another name-to be
his, and let you finish your messy business. If you refuse, you’ll have
to fight the King of the Wild Hunt-and this time, he can be beaten.
He’s been a pain in the ass all game, and I see no reason why he should
get to avoid a thrashing when everybody else who crossed Geralt didn’t.
Ignore whatever Wild Hunt Wraiths he summons and focus on him-abuse him
with the Strong Silver Style, and he should be smote in short order.
All that’s remains to be done is to finish off the prostrate Grand
17) When you’re done chasing off the King of the Wild Hunt and slaying
Jacques de Aldersberg, you’ll appear back in the Order of the Flaming
Rose cloister-bothered by Dandelion. He’ll explain the outcome of the
battle, your side won (or Foltest bled both sides before victoriously
taking control of matters with his fresh Temerian army, if you were
neutral), and the Grand Master is dead. Loot the body of Jacques de
Aldersberg to discover a familiar Dimeritium Amulet, and the ‘Secrets
Stolen from Kaer Morhen’. This finally ends the quest ‘Witcher’s
Secrets’, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, gives another huge
smack-in-the-face hint about the Grand Master’s true identity. Head
over to the door that exits the cloister, and Dandelion will sum things
up.. and ask what you intend to do next. Answer however you wish, and
Dandelion will comment on your answer. Watch the ending cutscene you’ve
earned, then watch the ending cinematic that sets up the sequel:

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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