About Us

Hello everybody and welcome to End World Gaming! My name is Shaun Meyers and I’m the writer for this website. I first started writing reviews for another website that I created called Universal Gaming Reviews in 2012. I worked on UGR for 4 years until August 2016 when I decided to take a long break from writing reviews to focus more on my YouTube channel.

After quite a few months I started get the urge to start writing reviews and this is where End World Gaming came into existence. The name I originally wanted to use for this website was The Indieverse but alas, the domain was already taken and the name End World Gaming took its place.

End World Gaming is going to be the culmination of all that I learned working on UGR. I’ll admit that UGR went far from smoothly due to my trial and error which wound up causing many issues in the process. This time however, I know what I’m doing and I’ll be using that knowledge to heavily improve this website.

I’m also utilizing a heavily improved writing style over the one that I used on UGR as well to add more personality to them. I’ll admit that my old reviews read more like a school assignment and with some help from my friend I’ve improved a great deal.

I look forward to bringing you many reviews moving forward and I hope that you enjoy your time here as well.