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Don’t Open The Doors Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on Don’t Open The Doors by Anton Riot. I received a copy of the game through Keymailer, but as with all of my reviews this has no effect on whether or not I enjoyed the game or not.

Don’t Open The Doors is a claymation styled, action adventure game with an entertaining sense of humor. The game was created using over 8,000 photos and you can feel the amount of work that went into the game.

Don’t Open The Doors follows the story of a yellow, clay-man who is a recruit in the Doors Guards. After being tricked by the others into going into a dungeon that would mean certain death, he decides to find a way to destroy the Doors. The Doors are gateways to dungeons where you spend time solving puzzles and avoiding traps. Doors also house monsters and allow the monsters entry into the world.

The game world is filled willed a wide range of strange creatures, plants and people. And the majority of the people that you meet are sarcastic and some of what they say is very weird and confusing at times but also amusing. You’ll also find that enemies and sometimes even the plants and animals will talk. A bug might say, “Please don’t squash me!” but I do so anyway because I’m just that evil.

I will admit that the combat system can be a bit wonky at times as it doesn’t interact with the 360° camera movement very well. So, if you have an enemy to the northeast of you, you might wind up attacking to the east instead. This also occurred when using a controller so the fighting controls can be a bit finicky at times. I have noticed that it works better if you don’t use the control stick while attacking because it’ll auto aim at enemies for you. Manual aim is where the above problem kicks in.

There are various shop keepers located throughout the world who sell items like pumpkin bombs, diamond armor and compote. Armor allows you to take more damage from enemies, pumpkin bombs allow you to destroy pumpkins that block paths, and compote can be used to heal your character in sticky situations. You can also locate pills found throughout the world.

In certain dungeons you may find a book at the end which will allow you to visit a strange realm with a single person there. This person will teach you a special skill of your choice for the book that you carry. Skills range from the ability to use ranged weapons to combination attacks. Skills are required to perform many of the game’s actions so it’s a good idea to explore every door you come across.

Overall, Don’t Open The Doors! is a pretty entertaining game if you enjoy sarcastic humor and clay-mation, but it’s not the best action adventure game out there. I’m in the middle of my recommend/don’t recommend spectrum on this one as well folks. I’d recommend checking it out if it sounds interesting, but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my review, and I’ll be back with another one soon. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give the review and my videos a share if you enjoy them as well.

Happy gaming folks! – Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!


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Features of Interest

  • Unique Claymation Graphics
  • Great Humor
  • Unique Setting

Worth Mentioning

  • Combat Can Be A Bit Clunky
  • Some Spelling/Grammar Mistakes

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