UGREEN USB Audio Adapter Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on a piece of audio hardware that I purchased recently. It’s a USB sound card by UGREEN and this will be my very first hardware review but hopefully not the last.

Disclaimer: I purchased the hardware on Amazon so I didn’t receive this one for free.

When I initially purchased this sound adapter, my original goal was to use it to upgrade the audio on my PS4. I’d been using my monitor’s onboard speaker hookup with my 2.1 speaker system and I wasn’t happy with the audio quality my monitor produced. My speakers are Boytone BT-210FB and I’ve owned them for quite a few years now.

I had high expectations from the USB device because UGREEN is one of the few companies that I trust when it comes to audio cables. I was quite surprised that it wound up exceeding my expectations by quite a bit.

The USB sound card features a stereo output and up to 16 bit/48k hz audio. Don’t let these seemingly low standards fool you though, the audio quality is superb. The audio it produces is incredibly clear which is really quite surprising for a stereo output. It also has a very good balance between the highs, mediums and lows, none of them sound too low or two high. It also has some deep bass too which is certainly a huge improvement over my monitor’s audio quality.

When I was initially testing the device out, I also hooked it up to my PC to see how it would compare to my Audigy FX sound card and to my great surprise it sounds a great deal better. This was quite surprising as I’d owned the Audigy sound card for quite a few years and the clearness from the UGREEN sound card blew it out of the water.

I tested it using many different sources of sound. The first was through various types of rock music (I’m a huge rock music fan). The music came through crystal clear and unlike my Audigy sound card, the UGREEN one balanced the bass with everything else in the audio. For a long time I could never get my Audigy card to produce decent bass but this UGREEN one does the job swimmingly.

I also tested it in various types of games on both my PS4 and PC. It obviously sounded better on PC since you could change various settings in the sound settings window but it’s no slouch on the PS4 either. You can hear everything incredibly clearly, especially if you turn up the audio really loud, it sounds incredible when you hear the wind blowing or various things in the background with ease.

The device requires no drivers either, it’s simply plug and play which is a huge plus when it comes to initial installation. It’s also compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS’s and can be used on Laptops, Desktops and PS4’s. Unfortunately it’s not compatible with an XBOX One, Switch or older consoles.

You’ll be very surprised to know that the product is also dirt cheap. It cost only $8.99 on Amazon making it a very easy recommendation if you’re strapped for cash but are looking for something to replace a faulty sound card or just want clearer audio like myself.

Overall, I’m very happy with this product and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It suits my needs perfectly and I’m quite pleased with the audio quality as well. If you’re in the market for a USB audio device then I highly recommend this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review folks! I’ll be back with a new hardware review soon, until then, happy gamin folks!

Shaun Meyers out!

UGREEN USB Audio Adapter


Product Quality


Audio Quality


Cost/Quality Ratio




Device Features


Features of Interest

  • Excellent Build Quality. It's Plastic But Doesn't Feel Flimsy or Cheap. It's Also Very Lightweight
  • Sounds Superb. Incredibly Clear and a Great Balance Between Highs, Mediums and Lows. Also Good Bass Capability Too
  • Very Cheap, Won't Break the Bank and It's Quality Makes It A Worthwhile Purchase
  • Great Compatability for Computers but Lacking In Console Compatability
  • Works Great With Both A Headset And Speaker Systems

Worth Mentioning

  • The USB Cable Hookup Is On The Short Side But It's A Lot Better than The USB Being Connected Directly to the Device
  • A Bit Lacking in Features. No Volume Control, Only Supports16 Bit/48k Stereo Audio
  • Only Supports Mono TRS Microphones. TS and TRRS Unsupported

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