Hello everyone, Shaun Meyers  here to share my thoughts on Star Wars: Racer Revenge by LucasArts. I didn’t receive a copy of the game so this review is for fun/practice. This was also a review that I wrote on Universal Gaming Reviews, updated with my better writing style.

Star Wars Racer Revenge is the sequel to Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer and features fast paced racing, similar in style to the F-Zero franchise. The game takes place 8 years after the first game with Sebulba wanting revenge on Anakin Skywalker for his defeat in the first game.

The game features 3 different game modes including single play,  a mode where you race a single unlocked course. Single play also allows you to choose the number of laps you wish to race ranging from 1-25 laps (25 Laps is way too many). You can also choose the number of opponents that you wish to go against, up to 8. There is also a practice and time trial option in single play allowing you to do a practice run or race for the fastest time.

VS mode allows you to play against other players in a split-screen race. Tournament mode is where the main part of the game takes place and takes you through 13 courses across various cup events.  Throughout your career you will be able to upgrade your character’s pod by using Trugats to buy upgrades including acceleration, top speed, repair, cooling and handling.

There are a lot of characters for you to choose from including, Star Wars Episode 2 Anakin Skywalker, Occo Ninebar, Shrivel Braitrand, Aldar Beedo, Ben Quadrinaros (A favorite of mine), Dud Bolt, Teemto Pagalies, and Ody Mandrel are playable from the start. There are also unlockable characters in the game including Clegg Holdfast, Gasgano, Knire Dark, Mars Guo and Scorch Zanales and numerous other weirdly named characters. There are 5 special characters to unlock as well including Darth Maul, Young Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader, these are unlocked by completing special conditions in the game.

The game is now available as a PS2 on PS4 title as well and while this review covers the original PS2 release, I’ll update it to include information about the PS4 release too. The PS4 release includes Share Play, Remote Play and 1080p rendering. Link to the PS4 version included below.

Overall, Star Wars Racer Revenge is one of my favorite racing games for the PS2 and I wound up spending many hours playing it against my younger brothers (Utterly destroying them too lol). If you’re a fan of fast paced racing games like F-Zero then this game is definitely worth checking out. It’s fun and the course design is quite good as well. It was also released on the PS4 so it’s now available for play on modern systems. It’s also compatible with the PCSX2 emulator too if that’s more your fancy.

Thanks for reading the review folks, and I’ll be back with another one soon, until then, happy gaming folks.

Shaun Meyers out!

Star Wars Racer Revenge












Features of Interest

  • Lots of Racers (18 Total)
  • Very Fun High Speed Racing
  • You can Destroy Your Opponents, Literally
  • Decent Amount of Replayability

Worth Mentioning

  • Sound Could be Better

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