Shaun’s List of Recommended Adventure Games

Hello everybody, I’ve got some more recommendations for you. This time I’m going to be recommending some of my favorite adventure games that I’ve played over the years. I’ll be starting with 10 games and will update the article with more at a later date. The games are in no specific order and are added as they come to mind.

1. Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers – Space Quest IV is widely considered to be the best in the Space Quest series and I agree with that sentiment. The game features an excellent time travel themed story that takes Roger to various time periods in his future. The true Space Quest IV timeline isn’t actually revealed in this game.

Space Quest IV was also the turning point in the series in terms of artwork being the first to utilize a 256 color template. It was the first in the series to utilize full mouse controls and was also one of the very first games to ever use motion capture technology too. The game also featured Gary Owens (Voice of Space Ghost) as the narrator to the story.

2. The Last Door Series – The Last Door series of point and click adventures began their lives as free releases but were later enhanced in their Collector’s Editions on Steam. Both games in the series are absolutely fantastic and are among my all-time favorites. They’re heavily inspired by the works of both H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe.

The first season of the series focuses on a man named Jeremiah Devitt as he goes in search of his former classmates after he finds out that his friend had hung himself. The story quickly descends into madness, dealing with cults and eldritch beings.

The second season follows a doctor named John Wakefield who begins searching for his missing patient, Jeremiah Devitt. His story is just as demented as the first game and it too delves into madness. This season is a bit longer than the first season and tells an excellent story.

I highly recommend both of them, they’re amazing adventures.

3. Full Throttle Remastered Full Throttle is a game that I’d been wanting to play ever since I first learned about it. I finally got to play it with this remaster and while I didn’t get the chance to play the original, I feel this is definitive version to play.

The game follows a biker named Ben Throttle who is framed for the murder of an elderly motorcycle manufacturer named Malcolm Corley. The game features some great humor, full-motion video, action sequences, a star studded cast including, Roy Conrad, Mark Hamill, Hamilton Camp, and Kath Soucie. It was one of the very few LucasArts games to use licensed music (By The Gone Jackals). The game was also the first LucasArts

The remastered version includes all new hand-drawn and 3D art, enhanced audio, improved controls and developer commentary.

4. Tales From The Borderlands – Truth be told, I’m actually not a big fan of the mainline Borderlands franchise and when I went into Tales From The Borderlands, I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to like it. I was 100% wrong about that too because it was absolutely hilarious throughout.

The game is an episodic adventure game set in the Borderlands universe and was created by Telltale Games. It features 2 playable main characters, Rhys and Fiona, their stories intertwine with each other and they eventually team up to unlock a vault. The story is absolutely hilarious and as well as absolutely bonkers. If you love to laugh I highly recommend playing it.

5. Oxenfree – Oxenfree is a game that I’d had my eye on for some time prior to it’s release. I’m a humongous fan of any game (Or book) relating to the supernatural so this was something I was pretty excited about.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from classic teen movies or coming of age stories. It does a great job at portraying this as well and the choices you make have an impact on how the story ends. The story was excellent throughout and it had a great cast of characters to boot.

Update 1 (November 22, 2017)

1. Day of the Tentacle Remastered – Day of the Tentacle Remastered is another excellent remaster of a classic LucasArts game by Double Fine Productions.

The game features an absolutely hilarious story that follows a nerd named Bernard, a crazy medical student named Laverne and a roadie named Hoagie. The game’s story is inspired by time travel and the history of The United States of America. The game’s sense of humor is superb and had me laughing out loud numerous times throughout. This fact makes the game incredibly easy to recommend.

The remaster features new hand painted/high resolution art, remastered audio, a new and improved UI/control system, commentary provided by the original creators and a fully playable version of Maniac Mansion.

2. SOMA – SOMA was easily one of my favorite games to have come out in 2015. It’s a first person horror adventure game that takes place in a large underwater facility in the future. Humanity has died and with the help of a woman turned AI, you set out on a journey to send the last remnants of humanity into space. You’ll have to watch out though because there’s an evil creature stalking the facility that will try to hamper your movements and prevent you from reaching your objective. It’s also quite the philosophical story and the twist ending was absolutely nuts. This game remains a favorite of mine and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

3. Toonstruck – Toonstruck is another classic adventure game that I really enjoyed. The game follows a man named Drew Blanc who is transported to the cartoon world that he created. He is sent on a journey to stop an evil character named Count Nefarious from destroying the world. The game also featured a start studded cast including Christopher Lloyd, Ben Stein, Dan Castellaneta Dom Deluise, and Tim Curry.