Hellenica Review

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers here to share my thoughts on my experience with Hellenica by The Dragonloft. I received a copy of the game from the developers for video and review purposes but like all of my reviews, this has no effect on my opinion of the game.

Hellenica is a tactical JRPG in an alternative history Greece where they’ve discovered steam power after fighting back Persia. Persia is regaining strength with their new god-king Artaxerxes and it’s up to Artemis’ Arktos, Diona to defeat him.

The game features branching storylines allowing you to choose where you wish to go next and the story takes place over the course of 9 days and each day offers different paths for you to take after conversing with each of the characters. The path you take also determines where your next battle will be.

I will admit that the story is a bit all over the place and the areas don’t really transition into each other very well. It’s like, one minute you’re in Egypt then BAM you’re already in a Pyramid out at sea and you’re sitting there thinking “Well I guess we’re here now…”

The game’s combat system is fairly simplistic as well so if you were expecting a lot of depth like classic tactical RPG’s, you won’t find it here. Each character has their own set of abilities but there are no items in this game so you can’t heal or revive them if they take damage or die. Some characters do have healing abilities but the best ones are limited to that character so while you can heal small amounts you’ll wind up losing that health again because the enemies hit pretty hard. The game also has collision and fall damage so if you hit a character hard enough you can knock them off ledges or into other characters (including your own) and they’ll take damage.

Graphics wise the artwork for the story segments is quite gorgeous but you may wind up a bit disappointed with the battle scenes which are 2D, pixelated, and with disappointing animations. Water isn’t even animated, which makes water areas feel very strange – especially when you come across a waterfall that looks more like a pillar of blue textures meant to look like a waterfall.

There are also some skills that you can purchase for the characters in your party but as you’re limited to a couple slots once you find a skill that you like, the other skills become redundant.

Overall, Hellenica has a pretty cool setting but it’s ultimately let down by some lackluster gameplay and poor story transitions. It might interest some people out there but in truth, there are far better tactical RPG’s that you could play so I can’t recommend this one.

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Features of Interest

  • Unique Setting
  • Interesting Characters
  • Good Character Art

Worth Mentioning

  • Poor Gameplay Graphics
  • Simplistic Combat
  • Story is All Over The Place

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