Ice Age Part 1

Chapter 1

Our story begins on a snowy night in upstate New York, 1942. A middle-aged man named Henry Oswald is snoozing away in his small one bedroom house. Henry is a skinny man of about 6ft tall, and he’s never been one to believe in aliens but he’s about to get a rude awakening of the third kind.

The hour is 3 AM EST and Henry is awoken by a strange whirring noise and a blinding yellow light streaming in through his bedroom window. Grudgingly, he climbs out of bed, and as he is about to look out his window to see what the source of he noise is, the lights suddenly disappear and the whirring stops. He peers out the window only to find snowflakes dancing through the air and complete silence. Cursing to himself, he begins making his way back to his bed when a loud pop is heard from the living room and then, the sound of his old radio playing softly in the background.

Now who could have turned that radio on” as he peered out of his bedroom and into the living room, he began to wonder if it might be a burglar. With that in mind, he opened his closet, grabbed an old baseball bat and slowly made his way towards the living room.

When he arrived he found nobody but the old radio playing one of his favorite radio shows. He was beginning to get a little irritated but he turned off the radio and began walking back to his room. Not even 2 feet away from the radio the radio kicks on again, but this time, instead of hearing his song, he heard static, but there was something there, A signal. It sounded like Morse code but he wasn’t completely sure and as soon as the signal stopped, the whirring began anew and this time it was a deafening roar. Henry quickly put his hands over his ears but it was no use.

The blinding lights soon followed and beneath him his entire house had begun shaking and he struggled to keep his balance. Determined to find out what the cause of this whole ordeal was he raced to the front door, unbolted it and as he opened the door and peered out he was bathed in light from head to toe and suddenly he felt increasingly tired. He rubbed his eyes but soon, he found himself in a deep sleep.

Chapter 2

Henry found himself in a rather dizzying state. He couldn’t rightly tell if he were dreaming but what he could discern was the fact that he was falling. He was falling in an endless black void and he wasn’t sure for how long. It felt like an eternity but as he peered into the blackness he saw a faint light far beneath him, and it was inching closer by the second. He began worrying for his safety because he would surely die if he hit the ground at this speed. He tried to slow himself down but to no avail and as the ground drew closer and closer, he let out a scream and he slammed into the ground with darkness overtaking him once again.

When he woke he was in a lot of pain but amazingly, he had no broken bones or serious injuries. He slowly got to his feet, his bones aching and cracking as he got up, proceeding to dust himself off, then he looked around. The world was black, and the only light that shone was from a street light outside a two stall bathroom. He called out in the hopes that someone would hear him but all he got in return was his own echo. With little options left, he began making his way towards the bathroom. As he got closer something caught his eye. Blood.

There was a trail of blood leading into the men’s room. At this moment he felt a chill run down his spine but he was once a private investigator and it was his duty to find out what had happened here. He checked his jacket for his trusty .38 but it was missing, and after contemplating his situation and what he should do he finally decided that gun or no, he had to investigate this crime scene. He walked towards the entrance of the bathroom, and as he drew closer to the entrance, he began hearing distinct noises coming from within, noises that sounded like a butcher chopping meat.

Henry knew this could mean only one thing, the perp was still inside, and it was up to him to take him down. He sidled the wall leading into the bathroom in the hopes that he’d catch the perp off guard. He knew they had a weapon, a butcher knife from the sounds of things, but he wasn’t afraid. When he reached the end of the wall, he peered inside and he saw a black haired woman covered head to toe in thick red blood, with a butcher knife held high above her head. Then, the butcher knife slammed into a slab of meat that was sitting on her cutting board above the sink. Blood trickled through the slits in the cutting board and while some of it hit the sink, most of it dripped to the floor where it had formed a large puddle around her feet.

Henry quickly pulled his head from the entrance and stood there against the wall for some time. He was shaking, he had no weapon and the perp had one mean looking knife. He let out a low sigh and darted into the room, badge in hand.

Henry could see loose shanks of meat and limbs littering the bathroom floor. It was difficult to discern if it were human or some animal in the low light but he didn’t care, he had a job to do. He held up his badge and ordered the woman to set down the butcher knife and give herself up. He was visibly shaking and he wasn’t hiding it well. The woman just stared at him, silently, blood dripping from her long hair. She turned to him and put on a large, evil looking smile which he could barely see through the hair covering her face.

Then, the light began to flicker and with each one the woman was that much closer to him. Henry looked behind him but the door to the bathroom had disappeared leaving him trapped. He attempted to stand his ground but his shaking made his feet loose and then he accidentally slipped on the blood covered floor and fell on his back, his badge launching from his hands, landing a few feet away.

The woman stood above him now and she began laughing as he lay on the ground beneath her. It was an utterly insane and blood curdling laugh. Henry attempted to get some traction so he might get away but the blood was too slippery and he made no progress. The woman kneeled down slightly, put her finger to her lips, shhhh, and she swung the butcher knife and drove it deep into Henry’s neck, taking his head clean off. In his last moments of consciousness he saw the blood covered woman pick up his head and she gave him a blood soaked kiss and then, everything went black.

Chapter 3

Henry woke drenched in sweat, yelling NO! Henry panicked and gave himself a pat down for the ages but as his vision, and sanity, returned he realized that he was fine but very cold. He found himself in yet another dark place and he wasn’t too fond of dark places after his last ordeal, but The bathroom was gone at least, so too was the woman and he was fine, no knife wound, no blood. He let out a sigh of relief and got to his feet.

Henry didn’t recognize the place he had woken but it was in ruins around him. It was bitterly cold as well, much colder than it should have been for late winter. He searched his jacket and he was relieved to find his trusty .38 in it’s holster, he felt like he was going to need it, wherever he was. He took it out to check the ammunition and there were 6 bullets loaded. He closed the chamber and placed it back into his holster. The gun gave him great comfort knowing that he had the protection but he knew it was going to be a finite resource if he didn’t find more ammunition. After collecting his thoughts for a minute or two, he began searching the immediate area for anything useful.

His search didn’t turn up much in the pitch black room, but he was lucky enough to find a working flashlight nearby, and an old shovel which he decided to use as a weapon since he wouldn’t always be able to rely on his gun. Somehow, it felt as if these things had been left here for him to find when he woke up but wasn’t sure who, or what, would have left them there.

It didn’t take him long to find the exit with the help of the flashlight but as he left the building he realized the darkness wasn’t because there were no lights in the building, he realized it was because thick, dark clouds were blocking out the sun’s light. Henry’s instincts told him that there was something very wrong and he was determined to discover what happened and why he was seemingly the only survivor.

There was snow covering the ground as far as the eye could see and Henry was thankful that he still had his suit on or he probably would have died from hypothermia back in the room he woke up in. He looked around his immediate surroundings to get a bearing on where he was. In the distance he thought he could make out what looked like a city but it was still miles away from where he currently was. Henry warmed up his hands a little then proceeded down the snow covered road.

He began wondering if there were any survivors left in the world besides him. Maybe some folks managed to get into hiding before all this had occurred. He didn’t know, but he was hopeful that there would be other people, it’d be a lonely existence if there wasn’t.

As he walked down the lonely road, snow began falling to the ground, then he began hearing the crunching of snow ahead of him. Was it people? He wondered, or was it something else? He didn’t take any chances, he lifted his shovel in defense and carried on slowly to avoid alerting whoever was ahead of him. It wasn’t helping that the crunching of the snow beneath his shoes could have given his position away just as easily as whatever lay ahead. Thankfully, It didn’t take him long to come upon the source of the noise. It wasn’t like anything Henry had ever seen in his life. Maybe in the sci-fi comics he used to read, but this was real life, and creatures like this aren’t supposed to exist. It looked human but it was far from it. It was like a human alien hybrid, it had a fairly large head with large beady eyes, but it was wired with weird technology and It moved slower than a turtle.

He wasn’t sure what it was but he knew that it was no friend of his because as soon as it saw him it’s big eyes began glowing red and it started lurching toward him. Henry knew it meant him harm so he swung his shovel as hard as he could into the creature’s stomach but the shovel bounced back, the recoil stinging Henry’s hands in the process. That didn’t work, Henry muttered to himself and then tried hitting it in the legs, then the arms. Still, the shovel bounced back each time, hurting his hands in the process.

Henry’s hands were throbbing furiously but the creature was moving so slow that he didn’t really have to try in order to keep away from it. He assumed it had to do with the ice and snow, it must have created a super hard shell around their bodies but at the same time it slowed their movement to a crawl. The shovel itself wasn’t a very effective weapon either but it was all that he had, besides his trusty .38, but he didn’t want to waste the bullets.

Henry was trying to think of ways to combat the creature but then it dawned on him. There was one area of the creature’s body that he hadn’t tried hitting yet, the head! So, he lifted the shovel in an arch over his head and quickly swung the edge of the shovel down upon the creature’s skull crushing it like a watermelon with green blood, bits of brain and mechanical pieces flung everywhere, including on Henry himself.

Henry looked at his now green suit and sighed. This suit cost me a fortune, he muttered angrily. He picked up some snow and proceeded to clean whatever he could off his suit.

Once he was mildly satisfied with his cleanliness, he looked down at the creature then to the city in the distance. “It’s going to be a hell of a journey isn’t it… Well, no time like the present to get going.” He then set off down the road towards a city he didn’t recognize, not knowing what may lie in store for him. What he would find would be far worse than anything Henry could have ever imagined.

End Part 1

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