Super Battleship (SNES) Review

Hello once again everybody, Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here to share my thoughts on Super Battleship by Synergistic Software and Mindscape Software. I didn’t receive a copy of the game for review so this is review is for fun/practice. It’s also an old Throwback Thursdays article that I wrote on my old site Universal Gaming Reviews. Now with an upgraded writing style and numerous fixes.

Super Battleship is a ship themed strategy game based on the classic board game.  The game doesn’t have much, if any, back story and there is little story to be found, even in the main portion of the game. The game does make up for the lack of story with its addicting and fairly challenging turn based strategy elements.

There are two ways to play Super Battleship, the first utilizes a turn based strategy style setup. In this mode you move your ships around the fairly open level in order to defeat an enemy fleet of ships. The first game mode also features a bunch of missions that you’ll need to complete and by completing them you unlock level codes which you can use to return to said level. There is no save ability in the game so once you shut the game off you’re back to square one. Each mission you complete varies in difficulty and by completing a mission you unlock access to the next one down. There are 16 missions total in the game to complete.

I will admit that the game can be a bit slow-paced at times but the really fun part is the ability to control your ship’s guns during battle.  Ship to ship battles take place in real-time and you’ll need to aim your guns up or down based on how far away the enemy ship is. The objective during a battle is the sink your enemy’s ship before they sink yours. I usually take out the enemy’s guns first then their engines. After those two are down I simply unleash hell upon them. Depending on the ship you’re controlling you’ll have various types of weapons at your disposal. This includes your gun batteries, rockets, torpedoes and depth charges. You’ll need to be careful though because your ships have a limited supply of ammo and if you run out, your ship will be defenseless.  If your ship gets damaged you can assign crewmen to repair your key systems.

To resupply you will need to capture enemy bases on land and firing upon said base will capture it for your side. The game features both radar and sonar, using radar will help you locate enemy ships when they aren’t in range and with sonar you can locate submarines that may be hiding underwater.

The second game mode is Classic Mode which plays just like classic board game. You place your ships on a grid like map and then guess where the enemy has placed their ships. It’s a pretty straight forward game mode and I’ll admit that I rarely played that mode when I was younger because the best part of the game is the turn based strategy game mode.

Overall, out of all the Battleship related games and products that have been made, this game remains my favorite. It’s turn based strategy game mode is incredibly fun and getting to lay waste to enemy ships is a blast, literally. The game may lack a story but it makes up for it by having some very solid gameplay and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better Battleship themed game. If you enjoy turn based strategy games and can get by the fact that it’s old, you’ll find a very solid strategy game.

Thanks for reading the review folks and I’ll be back with my next review soon, until then, happy gaming everyone.

-Shaun Meyers out!

Super Battleship












Features of Interest

  • 16 Missions
  • Really Fun Turn Based Strategy Gameplay
  • Ability to Rain Hell Upon Enemy Ships Yourself
  • Decent Replayability

Worth Mentioning

  • It's Pretty Dated In Both Graphics and Sound
  • No Story Whatsoever
  • No Save Ability

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